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Want to know the best way to market your business online in four steps? Learn from business coach and Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark so your online business will be Thriving!

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1. Create National Looking Brand

NOTABLE QUOTABLE -“If you give someone a present, and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe that the gift has higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything– our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper.” – Michael Levine (PR Consultant of Choice for Michael Jackson, Nike, Pizza Hut, etc.)

2. Demographic Focused Facebook Ads – Focus on your ideal and likely buyers

3. Search Engine DominationSEO DOMINATION EQUATION 1. Most relevant original content 2. Most Google Canonical Compliance 3. Most High Quality Backlinks 4. Most Google Reviews 5. Mobile Compliance

NOTABLE QUOTABLE -“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.” – Marc Ostrofksy

4. Dream 100

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-Selling author of Ultimate Sales Machine)

Welcome into the man-cave on the Thrive Time Podcast. I’m so excited to be here with you today. My name is Josh Merrill, here with Tim Redmond and America’s number one business coach, Mr. Clay Clark. Clay, what are we talking about today on today’s show? We have a specific Thriver out there that asked a specific question. These questions relate to what is the best way to market my online business. So we’re super excited, Patrick, to answer your questions. We randomly select thousands of Thrivers all over the planet to answer your questions and luck has it, we’re answering your question tonight here. So Patrick, I’m excited to help you. Let’s go to the mailbag. “Hello. I am starting a speciality pet snack business here in the Northern Virginia area. Currently I have developed two products and awaiting official approval by the VDACS for a commercial feed license, label approval and to be able to legally sell my products. I currently make 1 pound packages of freshly frozen human grade food with protein, shredded beef, round tip, or shredded chicken thighs with vegetables, Carrots for chicken, string beans for rice, Hard boiled eggs, ground egg shells and olive oil. I sell them for about $13.99 to about $14.99 a pound with the option of saving 10% on an order by subscribing for biweekly or monthly deliveries. I have an online store and I am currently setting up and developing content for my social media sites and posting on local business pages to increase exposure. I am having a flyer designed to canvas local events, featuring dog shelters, dog parks, neighborhoods and local bulletin boards and asking friends if they know anyone who would be interested in buying this gourmet dog food. What’s another avenue that I should explore to reach clients, keep buyers and make my business successful? Any and all advice is appreciated.” Patrick, we’ve got some great advice for you. One, I’ve actually worked with an organic human grade dog food company in the past. Seriously, I’ve worked with an organic human grade animal food company in the past. I’ve done this. So I literally can tell you from first hand experience how to do this, but it’s hysterical. The only kind of industry that i’ve never worked in, that I wanted to work in the petting zoo industry. I had one guy that I got very close to working with this year, but it didn’t happen. I’m breaking it down in four steps. One, Patrick, you need to create national looking branding. Two, you’ve got to create demographic focused Facebook ads. Three, you’ve got to dominate search engines. Four, you have to understand and master the Dream 100.

So let’s get into the lets create a national looking brand. I’m going to read the notable quotable and business coach, Tim, is going to unpack it. So here we go. “If you give someone a present and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe that the gift has a higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. That’s not because the receiver of the box is a fool, but instead because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything: our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper.” That’s Micheal Levine. The PR consultant for Micheal Jackson, Nike, Pizza Hut, If you’re a subscriber to, you can watch his trainings. Tim, why is it so important that it looks national from the very beginning? Because you built a company from 2 people to 450 some odd people before you sold that thing for over 100 million dollars to Tax and Accounting software. Why does it matter look natural? It’s credibility. There’s so much noise out there, Clay. There’s so many people yelling to get everybody’s attention so you’ve got to look credible. I was just working with a client today and they’re in love with their logo and it’s hard to understand. There’s everything wrong with this logo, but he’s emotionally in love with it and it’s got a local look, it’s run down, it’s old, it’s past it’s time and it doesn’t look credible. You’ve got to create that brand that looks like it’s already a big deal. Isn’t that right, Clay? It’s so hard because I know that in the early stages of business, I got emotionally attached to logos that I drew, I got emotionally attached to ideas that I came up with, I was emotionally attached to ideas that girlfriends gave me, emotionally attached to things family gave me, but at the end of the day, the brand has to look national. The great thing for subscribers is the guy who worked with the team that developed the brand for Garth Brooks and huge companies, he works right in our office, so we can help you with that. You’ve got to get a national looking brand. It cannot look local.

Number 2, demographic focused Facebook ads. Bottom line, human grade pet food. They’re buying food that they can basically feed to a human but they’re feeding to a dog, what happens is, they need to have a little disposable: money. So you need to focus on people with enough disposable income to afford what you’re selling. Quit being ridiculous and saying, “I’m going to market to everybody. I’m going to market to anybody. I don’t want to discriminate.” A lot of people, it’s almost like you’re senile. You actually grow bigger by getting narrower. Ask yourself right now, does your brand look national, does it look world class or does it look local? Two, who is your ideal and likely buyer? As a business coach, I encourage you to answer these five questions. One, men or women? Choose is the majority product for men or for women. Two, where do they live? Three, incomes? How much money are they making. Four, zip code, what address do they live in? Five, what are products they already buy? Josh, back to you.

Number 3, search engine domination. You got to dominate that search engine. Google is always updating and they’re not updating in like a nefarious way, a tricky way. What they’re doing is they’re trying to keep scammers from scamming them. Bottom line, if you’re using google right now and you search for something and you find a site that misleads you or redirects you or is poorly formatted, over time, if every time you used google, you had a poor search result, you’d quit using google. So google has come up with this equation. I’m going to break it down here for you. It’s always changing, but I’m going to give you the five right now. One, it’s the site with the most original content. It’s original words, text that relate to it. The most relevant original content. Two, it’s the most google canonical compliant. Meaning you’re following the google website layout rules. Three, it’s the most high quality backlinks. Four, it’s the most google reviews. And five, it’s the most google compliant. This is how you win the search engine domination. One, most relevant google content. Two, most google canonical compliance. Three, most high quality backlinks. Four, most google reviews. Five, most mobile compliance. The most notable quotable here, I’m going to read to you guys. This is from Mark Ostrofsky. This is guy who wrote a book called “Get Rich Click”, which was endorsed by Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple. He says this, “Relevance is a search engines Holy Grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.” Tim, as a business coach, why is it so important a business owners know what specific term people are looking for and that they focus on the terms, even if they’re obscure, that people are searching for? If you don’t show up towards the top of page one, you’re invisible. If people type in certain search words, “I need a special men’s haircutting salon.” If I type that in, that’s what i am looking for and it’s very very specific. So if I’m not keen on those keywords, I’m not going to show up during those searches. As an example, if you google Tulsa Barbershops, you’ll notice that Elephant in the Room comes up very highly in the search. If you google Tulsa Fire breathers. But if you google that back in the day, I made DJ Connection top for that term just because I thought it was funny. I have different companies that I’m a part of and we want to be top in google for the terms we’re looking for. I used to own a bakery back in the day. We were top in google when you typed in Tulsa Wedding Cakes. But occasionally I would throw in search engine terms to hold the guys accountable just to make sure that they wrote the content that I asked them to do. So I put in Tulsa fire breathers and at a certain point in time, we were at the top. Now if you go to images right now, and you type in Tulsa fire breathers. Let’s do this. Let’s google Tulsa Cat Jugglers.

Let’s move on to point number 4 here. Point number 4. The final one is Dream 100. This is a concept was developed by Chet Holmes, the author of the Ultimate Sales Machine. The late great success author who was mentored personally by Charlie Munger. Who’s Charlie Munger? He’s the business parter of Warren Buffet. The man worth well over 1 billion dollars. He says this, “Best buyers buy more, they buy faster, and they buy more often than other buyers. These buyers are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the Dream clients.” Tim, as a business coach, why does the Dream 100 matter for any small business, especially our main man who is trying to grow this organic local pet food business. It’s so easy to get spread out; we got limited funds, we got limited time, limited energy and we can only advertise to so many people. So, if we can find our ideal clients, our ideal buyers, our most likely type of buyers and focus on them, knocking on their door nonstop. We can’t knock on a thousand doors, but we can knock on a hundred doors or twenty-five doors or fifteen doors. And so the idea of sales is that you’re going to get through these guys when you focus on that few. Focus on the fewest that are at the very heart of the dream 100. it’s so hard to do that because we want to go out there and mass market your product in front of everybody because you believe that the world needs what you’re offering. But at the end of the day, your ability to focus. It’s like what you said Tim. It actually seems counterintuitive, but when you focus, you actually begin to have more success. The sales magic. I always tell people this. When you focus, you will begin to experience the sales hocus pocus. You will begin to see the magic. The magic happens when you begin to do the sales counterintuitive. You focus on that narrow laser precision marking your ideal and likely buyers. So again, to recap, what you want to do is you want to focus on creating that national looking brand, you want to focus on the demographic Facebook ads, three, you want to make sure that you have that search engine domination focus, and four, you want to have that dream 100. I will say, Clay, that DJ Connection still owns Cat Jugglers. It takes up the first five entries. Hey it’s Thrive 15, we want to tell you all about it. Business coach, Clay, tell us all about Bottom line, is the world’s best business online education platform. I’m being serious. Is it better than Harvard? Absolutely. Is it better than Stanford? Absolutely? Is it better than Ted Talks? Absolutely? It’s practical, it’s actionable, it’s what you need to learn to start or grow a successful business. It includes exclusive access to in person workshops, the best practice downloadable, exclusive ask us anything business question hotline. I’m telling you it will change your life if you apply what you’re learning. It is it’s a game changer. If you have any questions for us, email us at [email protected]. We are all about helping your business to not just survive, but thrive. It’s what we’re all about. Hey guys, it’s your time to thrive.


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