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How do you find customers for your business? America’s number one business coach Clay Clark will help you find the customers you need in 4 steps.


4 Steps for Finding Customers for Your Business:

1. Define Your Ideal and Likely Buyers

2. Create a No-Brainer Offer

3. Create Sustainable Dream 100

4. Create a Sustainable Search Engine Plan

A. More Content

B. More Backlinks

C. Google Compliance

D. Mobile Compliant / Reviews

Welcome into the man-cave. Josh Merrill here with America’s number one business coach, Mr. Clay Clark. Today we’ve got 12 minutes of hot fury because we’re talking about what, Clay. We are going to be talking about the answer to Nathanial’s question. Who is Nathanial? Nathanial is a Thriver. He is somebody just like you who’s decided that he wants to do something massive with his life. And so what he’s decided to do is he’s done the first step and he said, “I am going to ask a question.” It always start with a question. And we’re going to answer that question. It’s going to be 12 minutes of fury. Nathanial, if you don’t get the answers that you’re seeking, email me at, subject: what is wrong with you? And I will help you find those answers. We’re here to help you, my friend. Let’s do it. Nathanial says, “I am working on making a photography business work. However, I am struggling in finding clients that are willing to pay. I have friends and family that assume that since I have a camera, I am willing to give my craft away for free. And I bring up the fact that I want to buy them for events and they basically laugh and try to guilt trip me into doing it for nothing. How do I overcome this and start actually making money at my craft?” First off all, I don’t know if Nathanial wants the real answers or he wants the politically correct answer. We’re on the real here. Alright Nathanial, here we go. We’ve got 4 steps. Get ready, buddy.

Step number 1 from the business coach on how to find customers for your business, you’ve got to define your ideal and likely buyers. You have to define your ideal and likely buyers and you’ve got to get away from everybody else. You have to define your ideal and likely buyers and get away from everybody else. I’m just telling you. Nathanial, I’m with you, bro, I started a photography company. I get it. You have a camera, “Hey bro, can you take a photo of my wife and I?”, “Hey bro, could you do our wedding?” Listen, you have got to get away from your non ideal and likely buyers. Get out to the bridal shows, Nathanial. Don’t go outside. Don’t talk to people you know. Go to bridal shows. Go to distant bridal shows. Go to bridal shows in different counties, in different states, different cities. Go on the I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give you the specific tools to go to right now. Go to Get an account right now. “It costs money though,” I know, do it. Two, go to Get yourself an account on Three, get in those wedding shows, those trade shows. “But I don’t have a booth.” Get in those trade shows. Fourth, get out to those bridal stores. The bridal stores, you know where the girls go to buy the dresses and the gowns, get in there. And the final thing, get out to the places that do catering and the venues. The venues and the caterers, get to those places. Go there, pass out your cards, say you’re willing to do your engagements for free and if I do your engagements for free, will you be willing to use me and pay me for your big event? Do the engagements for free for real and ideal and likely buyers and you will get real deals. Did you ever do senior pictures? Was that anything that you ever did? I didn’t like them. Was there a reason? Yeah, I think there’s this like a deal where you have this 18 year, 17 year ranges, and she’s like, “I’m ready to do my senior photos.” And they make a kind of seductive face. What do you do if you’re a photographer, you’re like a 35 year old grown person and you’re like “Okay, I’m ready for my photo.” I’m talking about my wife and her senior photo, but if you look at her, what is that face. I just can’t do it. Weddings are great for me, but if you want to do senior photos, you can. All I’m saying is you have to get in front of your ideal and likely buyers and get away from everybody else. Get in front  of the people that you want to sell to. And if you want to do senior photos, than you go to all of those schools. You go in there and you say “Hi. I would like to meet with the head of your PTA. Any student, I’ll do their senior photos for me and if they decide they want to buy the images, if they like them enough, I’ll donate 10% back to your student council or to your PTA.” And I did this with a photography company, a real deal story and she made over 1 million dollars of gross revenue by having done this with three schools simultaneously. True story. Maybe I should start doing senior photos. We have three major high schools in Tulsa, Union, Broken Arrow, Jenks and they all began referring her to all events. It wasn’t my idea, it was her idea. I’ve seen this, it works. But you’ve got to get away from everybody else. Get away from the haters, bro. 12 minutes of fury talking about how to find customers for your business.

Nathanial, number 2 from the business coach is you’ve got to create a no brainer offer. It’s got to be an offer where people literally, every time, they stop and say, “Holy cow.” Let me give it to you. Here’s the deal. My wedding photography business is so good. I believe in it so strongly, I want to do your engagements for free and if I do them for free and you like them and you decide to book with me, my wedding photography packages start as low as $1500, which is 30% less than anybody else. Oh and by the way, we do a two week turn around time. Oh and by the way, we do a guaranteed quality control. And oh by the way, we let you customize. But remember the big offer is I’m going to do your engagements for free and if you like them, when you buy them, it goes toward the cost of your package. Got a notable quotable here from Zig Ziglar. He says, “When you do more than you’re paid for, eventually, you’ll be paid for more than you do.” The point is, you have to go out there and over deliver, but don’t over deliver for non ideal and likely buyers. Quit over delivering for people who aren’t going to reciprocate. Quit doing that. I’ve done that and let me tell you, it is a soul sucking, life sucking, ambition killing deal when you’re working your butt off for someone that is not going to hire you later. Get out of there.

Number 3 from the business coach is you’ve got to create a sustainable dream 100. Get out there and make a list of your 100 ideal and likely buyers. I’m talking about the bridal stores, the caterers, the venues, the trade shows, the wedding websites. Put it on a whiteboard and commit to having a presence on all 100 and when you do that, money will come to you. It just works. In this business specifically, I know this business, I know the fitness business really well, I really really know the photography business, I know a lot of industries. I know the medical business, I’m just telling you, when you do that, you win, bro. Got a great notable quotable here. This is from Chet Holmes, best selling author of Ultimate Sales Machine. “Best buyers buy more, buy faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” So here’s the deal, the best buyers are going to buy more, they’re going to buy faster, they’re going to buy more often than other buyers. These people are your ideal clients. You have to have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients. You have to do it. You have to focus on them. So I would go every bridal show, I would go to every caterer, every venue, put them on the board, put them on the tablet. Make a list of all 100 and go to them say to them, “Listen, I am going to commit to dropping off free Krispy Kremes to every single one of these places with a little note that says, Because photography is a little more sweet at Nathanial’s photograph.” And you just keep dropping off those sweet. I’m talking about the ultra sweet. Drop off donuts that are so sweet that people start to go, “I’m gaining copious amounts of weight as a result of this man.” And you keep saying, because the photography is a little more sweet at Nathanial’s Photography. And if you beat that into the skull of all of your ideal and likely buyers, you my friend, are going to win. You have to focus on your ideal and likely buyers.

How to find customers for your business step number 4 from the business coach is create a sustainable search engine plan. We have unbelievable step by step world changing, life changing google optimization training available for you at It is totally available to you. It is $19 a month. You can get in there and watch those videos, but this is how you do it. This is the google optimization equation. One is you have to have more content than everybody else. Two, you have to have more backlinks than anybody else. Three, is you have to have a site that is google compliant. And four, you have to be mobile compliant and you have to have those reviews. If you don’t do this, you will not win. So you have to break it down into a daily schedule that’s doable. So everyday commit to writing, let’s say, 2 articles, 2 backlinks, and making sure that you get two reviews. If you do that every day and at the end of the year, bro, you’re going to be dominating. So if you google right now Tulsa men’s haircuts, you will notice that Elephant in the Room dominates. And why do we dominate? Because we’ve committed to these sustainable search engine plan. It wasn’t like I got excited and pulled an all nighter for a weekend. Everyday, we are just diligent, we’re realistic and we grind. That is how you do it, Mr. Josh. I’ve got a great notable quotable here from Lee Cockerell.  He says, “When you do hard things, life gets easier.” And that’s the thing here. We’re going to review the four. Josh, let’s review the four. Define your ideal and likely buyers, create a no brainer offer, create sustainable dream 100, and create sustainable search engine plan. You have to do it, my friend. You must commit to getting these four things done. If you get them done, you’re going to make a lot of money.

And Nathanial, check it out. You can come out here to a workshop. It is included in your membership. And you can shadow our wedding photographers. Last week, we did $58,000 of sales, right here in Tulsa and you could watch that happen right in front of your eyeballs. It’s a beautiful thing. Hey you out there listening if you’ve got a question for us, email us at [email protected]. Become a part of the world’s best business school. It’s Clay, tell us all about it. gives you the best business training, best business coaching experience possible. You get to ask us anything, exclusive access to in person workshops, proven templates, best practice downloadables, thousands of video trainings, podcasts. it’s so good, I’m crying. It’s too good, it’s amazing and it’s all real. It’s all true, I am living proof of it because I’m here right now and I’m alive. This is Josh Merrill with Clay Clark, America’s number one business coach, right across me. Thank you so much for listening to the Thrive Time Podcast. Thrivers, thrive on.


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