Business Coach | Why Recording Your Calls Will Change the Game in Your Sales – Ep. 159

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During this training, the world’s best business coach program shows you how recording your calls will change the game in your sales. Business Coach Clay Clark and Dr Z are answering more of your questions today! Get answers to all of your cash flow problems, Find out how to properly price your widgets, and why it is important to record all of your sales calls! This episode is jam packed with tons of knowledge bombs that you do not want to miss!

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Business coach | fulfilling a life of success businesses

Make your business and your life so successful more successful than you ever thought it could be on your own, you can be of the learn some specific systems some moves some really proven systems and processes that you can implement not only throughout your life but throughout the life of your business that will ensure that it is more successful than he ever thought possible, given that brings you this is also considered to be one of the top business coach Austin is Clay Clark he is the former US SB entrepreneur of the year, he is the father five children and is it just an all-around great business coach as well as a great mentor.

If I were you that is exactly who are be looking for, and you can find them right here through the Thrive Time Show business coaching program that is it is brought to you by not only clay but also the incredible successful outcome first and I can, yes we’re talking about arbors on the right here the two these guys are going to be combining to build and create some really incredible things affect over the years they’ve been able to create and build a combined 13 multimillion dollar businesses and bring through the Thrive Time Show business coaching program you the person opportunity to work with a business coach Austin will teach you and help you to implement these certain and specific systems and processes that are been used.

With the Thrive Time Show business coaching program you will not have to worry one bit if you’re going to be successful because it is practically guaranteed, and for less money than what you are currently paying to hire an employee and begin paying them $8.25 an hour you will have that business coach Austin teaching you and helping you with the implementation of raising capital tech-support online marketing branding customer services search engine optimization graphic designs and even management trainings.

If you’re looking for additional information about how we can help you then why don’t you go ahead and check out what we have to offer by visiting our website which is going to be on the you can find how to gain access even for free at this current moment to incredible online business school which gives you access to thousands of downloadable things as well as thousands of practical training videos full of the knowledge that you had only wished you were able to learning college.

But unfortunately you are not able to, now you went to business school you didn’t really learn anything practical and you just are in about like I would say around $100,000 in debt, well not anymore this is going to be a debt-free school you just pay month by month and it is very cheap to do so in fact as much before he can try to absolutely for free right now such a eight hour here and be sure to download your free version of the story here book as well as the boom book right here on


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