The Busy Work You Need to Stop Doing to Be Successful

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Do you find yourself stuck doing busy work and not getting important action items done during the day? If this is you tune in to the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay Clark will tell you want you need stop doing to be successful.

  • What is the busy work that I need to stop doing if I want to be successful?
    1. Learn to say “NO” to more things
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You have got to say NO to GROW” – Clay Clark
    2. Social Media
      1. BOOK: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products  
      2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day.”
    3. Debating with Employees
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.”- Colin Powell
    4. Explaining Your Values to Other People
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4
      2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Super Bowl 2015 inactives: Jonas Gray not playing for Patriots
    5. Attending Community Meetings
      1. Don’t attend community meetings that are not aligned with your goals or do not make your company money
      2. “Quit attending community meetings unless you have enough money to feed a village.”
    6. Checking Email
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-Do List
    7. Stop Setting Vague Goals
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12

Alright, coming up in a couple days about the philadelphia eagles was promised. I said if the patriots lost in super bowl I would do a show about the philadelphia, eagles I will say this: their quarterback foles, or he showed up he. He showed up. He delivered and I’m telling you if it don’t. Look this up real, quick, the passing yards in the super bowl. This is what I mean is I mean i, don’t want to exaggerate. I, don’t want to get it wrong. I want to be accurate here for you. If it’s the actual number nick foles I’d love it. If you could pull that up somehow shop and see what that is, total passing yeah total passing yards because I feel like he threw for what seemed like an endless amount of yards. It seem like 4 million I mean seriously felt like that. He could not be stopped. Maybe I can look at 373 yards and 3 touchdowns, tom i. Think tom was probably 400, something at 5, so I’m saying all those hearts for nothing I’m just saying is tom was playing out of his mind, but that falls. Can you talk about composure? You talk about standing there in the pocket is a backup quarterback in the biggest stage in the world in the nba finals, for the world series is multiple games and everyone turns into every game that guy I just in his bed. He threw like these moonbeam shots right over all pro cornerbacks and he just threw it in the perfect spot on a big shout out to you, but I will be doing a show, I believe it’ll, be there there’s a monday we’ll do it. Monday show all about the eagles and I’m tying it in to the soar like the eagles td, jakes book I purchased, the td jakes book and I finished reading it so I would have a good show ready to go if it relates to eagles, okay, so I’m tied it all in and I promise I will not be sarcastic, show big shout-out to the eagles and here’s one thing as former superstar intern and current client john town night. He brought up it on previous business conferences or podcast, something that you happen to mention you’re, going to wear a jersey or an eagles t-shirt.

I. Remember that, as well said to make sure hold you accountable to that. It’s it’s a step process will get a photo to him. Will text it out to you. It’s kind of like losing a religion, or so you don’t do too fast time show is what is the busy work that I need to stop doing if I want to be successful, I’m going to lay out the steps I like to get paul hood and eric chuck steak on this, and also like to get the our office shadow a young man by the name of harley who graduated from oral roberts, university, 23 years old and he’s working for mr. Tim, redmond and I’d like to get his take on it as well as social media? Do I need to stop doing if I want to be successful social media, that’s one to debating with employees if you’re the boss, at the context debating with people who work for you explaining your values to other people? Example:i am a judeo-christian. You are not let’s debate and find common ground, let’s coexist. The best thing to do is to avoid the conversation in business, yeah, I’m, a democrat or republican. Today, I saw it once and for all champs at her two people to baiting tweeted paper rock scissors, and we see that it was over part of it. I had the team do a paper rock scissors to figure out what the president obama or president trump is right and does best of 3 series in the trunk guy 100 cash and we moving on attending community meetings. Unless you have enough money for a village, don’t attend a community meeting like it’s. Your community than this is my rule. I tell me all the time you feel like you have enough money to feed a village. Do not attend a community meeting. The next is checking email, stop doing it. That’s a big one. Next one is setting goals, so we’ll start with you eric japan, or go back and forth between you and mr. Hood, because it’s literally we talk about this in past, shows and podcast. They design it to to get you addicted and want to come back and spend more time. So they have a little red signals that pop up and notifications everywhere, and so you just got to stay off of that crap, because it’s not making you any money, it’s not doing anything, it’s not making your business better. It’s not doing anything but wasting your time if you’re doing it during the middle of the day didn’t get off. Of that said, there is a book called hooked, how habit filming how habit-forming products are created, and it’s written by an author by the name of it and I r e y, a l, I read the book is powerful and explain to you how major social media platforms have tried to get you addicted. Don’t think that auto play feature on the youtube is by accident. Don’t think those social media notification of accident people want you to stay on social media all the time, ii move. If you want to be successful and stop doing busy work, paul hoodies, stop debating with employees I mean so you have declared these are the values and principles of hood cpas will be run by this.

Is your world view? This is how we’re decorating my office. This is how my decor is going to be done. This is how it’s going to sound. This is how it’s going to feel this is where we put the toilet paper. This is how many pins we use. This is what kind of pain we is. This is the software we use. This is the internal way we communicate and employees I want to use slack I like to do that, but I want to use basecamp I want to use a text system I prefer to sit over here. I, don’t like early morning meeting i, don’t want to read that book and I use a different kind of pain. I, see business owners debating with their staff all freaking day. Can you break it down for me sure you’re not at homes. In his book, the ultimate, sales machine talks about concentration is like any other muscle. The more you exercise at the more you protected the stronger it gets, and you know employees provide a a very valuable thing in a company. They help you leverage your time so that you don’t have to do everything, but you’ve got to make the decisions. The decisions made it’s made and so much time is wasted in got a minute meetings in and your boss. Can we talk about this that that you will blink in 8 hours is done buying? You got nothing done, so you have to be the leader of your ship, the captain of your ship and make the decisions and then just move forward. You have to do it in knowing that by the way, if that’s and low understand this, this, you must understand. Colin powell was asked. What is leadership? Look like he said. Leadership requires pissing people off before noon, everyday. So, let’s play it out. I have an office at thrive. The world rival headquarters, I have one at the 91st and yale I have one at the louise by louise at 65th and lynn lane I have an office at 17th and boston in a member of our team has told me, hey i, think our new location should be here and I have told them. I appreciate your feedback, but we’re not doing it and yet that person and ask me again on thursday and i, told him I appreciate your concern, but we’re not doing it and on friday it was brought up again and so now by the power invested in me.

By being the majority owner of an llc I have said you are not allowed to bring it up again, if you do I view it as insubordination and grounds for termination and I swear to you don’t test me, and these are the conversations that I have to have all the time we come back from the break. Harley is going to ask you some questions related to avoiding the busy work that you need to stop doing. If you want to be successful now, if you want to be successful, real fast I encourage you to go to thrive time show by the drive time, show thrivetime show., com click on the conference’s button and buy tickets for the february, 16th and 17th business conferences, no broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive15. Com business conferences world headquarters of time show alright tribe nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the prime time show on radio. My name is clyde clark and I have been sitting here on a mission. I really do believe that I’ve been sent here on a mission, I’m not, susan hyperbole. This is not me just saying things to say things. I really do believe that my vocation, my calling my gift my thing, my talent, my mantra, my mojo, everything within me. My entire motive is going on an ice rock wall, veneer miss, mrs. Venessa clark, my wife hates veneer. That’s why she likes you sick people in authentic things, and so we have a real stonewall and I’d would argue that for you, if you’re the listener, you need to peel back the layers of my life and to see whether I am a motif rei if I have the right motive, and so when we get questions or emailed to us the answer each question and it correctly intensely based upon the system, the doctors and I actually used to build 13 multimillion-dollar company i. Do not tell you what you want to hear. So the question that was emailed was:what is the busy work that I need to stop doing if I want to be successful and I could have? Given you a bs answer to the first answer, I said was stop sent stop getting on social media. The average american is wasted. Copious amounts of time on social media. I would like to put the facts on their chapter in the break, for the average american is wasting right now, right now, 5 hours a day watching tv in over two hours a day on social media get off that thing second debating with employees. Somebody out there you own a business, and what you do is you just you you don’t ever want to make people do what they want to do. Cuz you read that bs book that stupid, stupid, wretched soul, sucking vomit inducing book with little who has little nougats of corn in the vomit, so it feels like it’s relevant by simon sinek called the. Power of why so you got that little book called the power of why by simon sinek, and you will you do. Is you are trying to set up a false? It’s a false, paradigm I can’t even happen when you’re doing is you read the book the power of y until. You realize that the book of the book says how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

So what you’re doing is you read the book start with y how great leaders inspire everyone to take action and you’re feeling bad, because you can’t inspire everyone to take action, so what I was thinking about was thinking about god and how he allegedly created the planet has a friend that book genesis, a fine fine book called genesis with what means the beginning and I was I was thinking because god I feel like god as it’s as described in the bible that he, if he was omniscient everywhere, all-knowing omniscient, omnipresent he’s everywhere. You know omnipotent all-powerful feel like that. He could force people to do whatever he wanted to do. If you wanted to I mean you would think so, so he asked didn’t, say it and make them do it whenever he gets his choice. He said adam, please, do not eat from the tree of over there right and then it’ll leave was like hey. You know, I’m talking to a lizard that wasn’t weird. We had legs whatever. He says. Why? Don’t you just have a little, you know and she’s like okay, you’re, weird voice, isn’t disturbing at all. It seems kind of alluring, I guess I’ll, just like i, don’t have a bite from the apples, and so she runs over there with her naked self talking to adam and I’m like well. You know what she’s fine she’s divine and she turns around I like that, but hey it. So he says he’ll never know cuz he’s not everywhere everywhere the apple gets kicked the first two brothers cain and abel one of them killed the other one. You get it. It’s the first manager in the history of the bible aaron screwed up. He made golden calves at orgies. When moses went up to the mountain top point, is you can’t make everyone do everything if they refuse to do it, fire them and they deserve poverty?

Proverbs 10:4 state god blesses the hand of the diligent and he punishes the slack hand. You know that word punishes with the explain actually are being punished by god himself when you get fired for being a jackass. Do you understand that? And for you to get in the way of god’s punishment, you are actually trying to disagree with god. You just said:god is saying this person deserves to be fired. Play. I would argue, though, that by firing them you’re actually putting their interest first as well, because you’re not enabling them to continue that that attitude that that that low effort that non-compliant dylan just like when you discipline your kids, if you got to work or okay, you give him a shot and your created the opportunity for me you’re the one taking the risk for free. Return it for him and if they take it yay, if they don’t move on, maybe they’ll take it with somebody else. People who come to our thrive time show in person workshops and by the way we have right now. As of right. Now we have 9 tickets left nine tickets to go to thrive time. Show.Com, you can buy those tickets for just $99 a piece to go to thrivetime show.Com click on business conferences. You can buy them. We have 9 tickets left harley, explaining your values. How old are you 22, actually I thought you’re, 23 or 22 baby I’m going to ask you a question so I don’t want you to answer but I’m just going to ask you rhetorically and i. Want you to think about the answers? Okay, there we go. Is it right or wrong to be gay? Is it right or wrong to be homosexual?

Is it right or wrong to be married to a man and a woman simultaneously? Is it right or wrong for me and my wife to have another woman join us in our bed tonight? Is it wrong for my wife and I to have another man join us in our bed tonight? Is it wrong for me to take photos of naked people and send them to other people to attend my high school? Is it wrong to show up late? Is it right to show up late? Is it wrong to lie to my boss? Is it wrong to call in sick when I’m not sick? Is it wrong to lie about the number of words on my search engine articles? Is it wrong to not follow my sales script? Is it wrong to not say please and thank you? Is it wrong to open a door for women? Is it wrong to sleep in on a saturday and waste your day? Is it wrong? So now these are a lot of questions. So, if you own your own business someday, you have to stand for something or fall for anything so in our office without going super political. What are values that you see our team or myself exhibit on a daily basis? That’s probably not pop culture without going super political work, culture. Well, it’s a culture of excellence and as as I forget, who talks about a lot, but it’s a b and c player, steve jobs. It is a culture that doesn’t accept vrc players, it’s a lot of eight players and what steve jobs talks about and welch is that a players cannot stand being around b&c players. It is elitist. Is how I would describe our culture? It’s such an elitist. It is elitist, but it is comprised of people that were given a chance. So I don’t care. Who are what your resume says? I will, literally let you give a shot, give it a whirl. Try I will give you a chance, but let me tell you what I don’t know what happened in the super, bowl and i. Don’t know why malcolm gladwell was not allowed to play or malcolm. Butler nothing, but there was a lot of what I don’t know that he’s an author glad well, i, don’t know why he wasn’t allowed to play, but I do know that jonas gray, who was on the patriots years ago, set the record for the most yards in a game ever and then he wasn’t allowed to play there after, because he was late to a meeting.

So chapped I’d like to put the link to the show notes on there, so people can see that jonas gray story, but I just would say in your office. What are your values? What are your culture? What was your mission? What is your? What? What is that? What is your patina? What is your swag? What removes what’s your birth choose get those on the wall, so people can see them. State drive time, show weather radio on talk, radio 1170. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the movie back to the conversation. Is the drive time show on your radio and if you’re, just now tuning in were answering a question, it was just emailed into us from a driver. What is the busy work that I need to stop doing if I want to be successful and again, just to recap:i have no other motive than to help you be successful. I am telling you what needs to be said, not telling you what you want to hear that. What maybe maybe you do want to hear this, but some people don’t they would. Rather you say, example:i have stopped eating everything, but meat as I always do when I want to get in shape it. So people keep saying, are you you seem like you’ve lost it, yeah like 1.5 pounds and next week, I’ll lose 125 pounds and I’ll just keep losing weight because I’m waging war on sugar and I’ll just eat meat. Now I could debate with you for an hour and a half about all the different methods out there to lose weight. If you asked me, what is it was going to show daddy said, I want to lose weight, a hundred pounds of shelled one of my clients who, by the way, is not paying me for fitness help. It’s a little bonus text roman. He says I try to lose about 60 pounds how to beat up her. Do you have you go through times your life? We really obsessed with fitness as true as yes, I’ve done this before you. So if you were going to lose weight, I should just stop eating anything, but meat and drinks like just seriously need, but I’ve heard it affects my cholesterol. In xyz you go read those articles, you read those journals, I’ve already read those things, but right now just eat meat. He comes in the other day and he’s like. Do you recognize? Do you want to come to our business conferences? We were watching the video I like chubby know the kind of time we watched the video and his video over here that we shot 7 months ago in this video he’s literally down 60 pounds.

It’s amazing how he’s doing is just only eating meat. Sauce. I love me to click, clack weight loss program, medicine smoke, trying to smoke your way to send my working book. Title finally shows it’s okay, so you want to say no to more things, okay, to get off, that social media, stop doing social media 3 stop debating with employees if they don’t want to get the flu if they give a team meeting. Our team meeting starts at 6 a.M. On monday at 6 a.M. On tuesday coaches meeting. You don’t have it on friday. We don’t come to work and you know why, because I want my team to grind and then get the heck out of my office and go have the best weekend ever said every single weekend. I don’t have to deal with the freaking debate about work-life balance. I, don’t give two craps about work-life balance, because what does it even mean? What is it? I, don’t give somebody I’ve given employees off an entire week, cuz I felt like they needed work-life balance, and then they’ll tell me a year later, logo that we can head off. I didn’t get up till like noon everyday and I didn’t get anything done actually felt worse as a result of having no structure. So, let’s just work 4 days a week, you get off the 5th, and there are people who have told me in chiapas happens when one person or office who was super irritated, that we are off on fridays really and you know why they assumed. Maybe pay was going to get cut or they were expected to work more those 4 days or i. Don’t know both of those things: white hot, like a freaky like a hornet like a like a volcano I got to be that came out of a volcano which was a snake’s mouth. I said:here’s the deal! If you work thing is going to work, it’s not going to happen! Cuz I’m not going to be working! 15-hour days like that, lady said it just like that and I said I know you’re, not because the work day will start at this time and it this time, and they said okay and I said well I’m, not taking a pay cut, because I didn’t put a fake cut into the system. What you are going to do is you’re going to remember this moment and if you speak to me in that tone again, I swear I will fire you and I will pay that unemployment put a poster of you in the office, and everyone will know you were fired for being an ass elbow drop I mean from serious because I’m not going to debate that crap right now. The next thing is attending community meetings, I like to get paul hoods, take on its cuz there’s a big pressure out there, there’s value in it by the way to join the business conferences chamber. There’s big value in joining the church, there’s big value in joining a church, there’s big value in joining a church, subliminal message value in joining a church. You keep saying that because I am pro church. However, however, at the church, the pastor is very passionate about maybe 10 things to pastors like hey this week, we’re bringing coats to the church on wednesday night for the homeless.

Thursday night we got a potluck friday, we’ve got a movie night or watching a movie outside having a picnic saturday we on a saturday service. Those you know, my saturday service is always the best sunday. We have a great service sunday and the sunday and they’re trying to get you engaged I get it for your benefit, but eventually, you have to say no and I see entrepreneurs who are literally going to 325 community events a week, not getting anything done. They come into a meeting. I said I’m, sorry to get a chance to get my action items done. I say why is what I was going to church I went to a chamber thing. What did what the bixby in the tulsa there’s a ribbon cutting for some obscure business that will go out of business soon, that I had to keep go to and by the way there are introducing the new park to tulsi of the new park on riverside i. Couldn’t miss that and by the way, at my place, I worked out. They have a gathering, you don’t have a meet-up, they do and pinot’s palette I have to go to that and I just want to know. How do you find time to get things. I explained them paul that I don’t do any of those things about not attending community meetings until you have enough money to feed a village. Absolutely not I would deviate off that just a little bit in that I think and would cph.Com we teach our clients and ourselves to be deliberate. So if you’re going to a community meeting for-and you scheduled in, that’s how you have fun or that’s how you have fellowship for that’s your family time-that’s great, but going there if you’re going to go there for business and you need to have a go I’m going to get 5 contacts, I’m get 10 contacts agree with boobs cuz. You have a disproportionate focus on fitness i. Do I’m! Sorry! Is that a good thing or bad thing? It’s a thing that you love me. It doesn’t matter what I think about it, but you have a blender you’re carrying around what kind of blenders that thing that on real quick on their, what is it and I can turn it on what is it called a pro mix, pro max and you turned on right there. It is nice, nice and so and you’re in a fitness competition, physique bodybuilding show I am 50.

What’s your website, hood cpa,, the other website? I, don’t have that picture with your marriage, you’re obsessed with your business you’re obsessed with your boys, you’re obsessed with fitness. What are things you’re? Not obsessed with you can’t be obsessed with because you’re obsessed with those things well, I’m, not obsessed with tv out of your ass-was social media I’m, not obsessed with the family reunions. You do use social media, you do how to do those things, but you’re, not spending 4 hours when I want to go from point a to point z, and you know somebody say that then I want to be very deliberate in the this bodybuilding show the one that the reason I’m excited about it, because it has a purpose for me exercising has a purpose and a goal and its measuring, and you wouldn’t believe the analytics that were done to says. I go do this this this and this-and this is what’s going to happen. Structure gives you freedom structure, gives you freedom a mature enough to recognize that and most people fight it. They want freedom to make bad choices, but structure gives people freedom them so that I see entrepreneurs fighting that all the time chopped problem, because, as an aunt, where are you kind of do, have to have that go fly by the seat of your pants cuz. It’s part of who you are. You have to have that part of your personality or you’re, one of those cords to get the problems done in business. But if you just float around as a business owner, you’re not going to ever get any traction and you’re going to end up working for 35 years, not making any money and not having any time for him. Yeah I’ll. Add to that because, as a sales call guy for redmond growth, we’re calling but your contractors to see if they want to get some coaching help and when we talked with them a lot of their excuses. All you know, I don’t really have a schedule. We work with whenever people call us and try and come up with our customers exactly what I’m going to do. We come back I’m, going to explain to you about a story I had with a man in arkansas that impacted me dramatically in the lack of structure in his life. It was an incredible story, but before I get into that story before we come back, we’ve got about you listening about 2 minutes. Here we have time to do this, encourage you to go to thrive time, show.Com and read our reviews on thrive time. Show reviews choose to believe that I’m, a scammer, it’s a scam or worth scam videos and read those reviews. I want you to find the drive time show on itunes and you find the drive time from itunes and just leave us an objective review. You know tell us how we’re doing and after you leave us an objective review, email as proof that you did it your contact information to info at thrivetime, show.Com and then we’re going to send you two free business conferences tickets only have 9 tickets left. So if everybody doesn’t during this particular break, then I will be out what I want to meet. You I want to help you go to thrive timeshow.Com read the reviews widest part of being bible, get ready to enter the thrive time, show 3 2 1.

You know a lot of people that email us all the time info at thrive time show.Com and we just had an email that just came in hot here, chup chup be so hot, so question from the thriver, could you read? The question is coming hot. This is a short and quick question right here right to the point:how to minimize risk who’s too fast, how to minimize risk how to minimize risk? How do you minimize risk? Well, okay, I am going to go ahead and give you my 5 moves I would like for paul hood to pontificate about these move. I move to paul hood for the first time and then I would like for him to kind of pylon or give us his editorial. Okay on it. So here we go. This is this. Is this is going to be tough, for some people want? If you’re not have two jobs, have your work? An extra job have an extra source of income until your business makes you two times more than you needed to make so burn. The candle at both ends have two jobs have two jobs until because you want to run your business at a meta-level at as in level at a calm level at a peaceful level. You want to go to make decisions during your days, aren’t motivated by based on fear, and you take all the fear out of it. If you have enough money, so I’m going to start with steve when it’s steve currington’s take on this, but steve your mortgage guy, and if somebody tries to get a loan for a house, they really can’t afford. There’s a loan out there called a jumbo loan. Can you explain how a jumbo loan works roughly yes? So a jumbo loan is above what we would call the conforming loan limit. So it’s not typically alone that would be insured by fannie, mae or freddie mac, so like, for example, in oklahoma. That’s about for 60,000, almost a business conferences. People are above that there’s different rules that you have to put almost no money down in the by the most massive house possible. Let’s see what’s the biggest loan, you can give somebody under a compliant guideline, but no money down. You know what it’s it’s:income, dependent and I’ve done about 260,000, but some people, just people want to stretch what they can’t afford right and then all the sudden start making emotional decisions when it comes time to close-and you tell him hey the closings going to be-you know, $5,200, not $4,900. Just want you to know. You know or something like that. It’s like that to me:5100, not 5,000 for me last week that last week that I that I met and he had a file blowing up because sweet a call and he was late on-and he said this guy is really ticked because he’s bringing like a hundred bucks more the closing, then he expected and he’s not having any money in the bank home skillet right, move, 3 plan on bad things happening. You are going to have a miscarriage. My wife and I did twice. You were going to have a surgery.

My wife did twice you’re going to have what you think is skin cancer, on your forehead. I did once your employees are going to steal from you. I haven’t happened about every quarter, just to remind me that I’m alive I’m going to have an unexpected tax bill. We all do it’s opening right now, plan on bad things happening like i, said plan on it, four, don’t date, the person you’re not married to that I have been working on for a while I thought it was work on the person. I should not date a different one that I’m not married. What are the boundaries there? A dollar cost average investing so invest a consistent amount over a long gated. Of time, and so we got a lot of meat to break down here. So your income break that down okay. Well, first, you mind if I mention the two jobs the problem is, is in business in life there certain types of risk, different types of wrist. One of them is monetary risk and most businesses that fail clay fail because they run out of money and so people that don’t that are willing to or they jump off the deep end to quick run out of money in their business fail. Somebody miss understand that concept right there, cutting I think somebody saying run out of money. Doesn’t that what all businesses fail to understand. Every single week, I wrote a check for $2,000 into the company for almost 2 years, and you got to have the source to get that money and told scott try turn, 4, g’s, clan I took a tupac concert, 204 g’s becky, if you jump off, board gets get into your business full time. What are the provisions? Justin lot of this comes together. Like you said, bad things are going to happen. You got a plan, finacial e for bad things. That’s why you put 10% back of your income every day. Every week, every month before you spend you pay yourself. First, you put it back and you get that dollar cost averaging feature going, which at that talks to another different kind of risk late. You can have market risk volatility, risk and dollar cost averaging buying into investment. Then you get the advantage of the investment or high yeah we’re happy they’re high. If investment should load yeah we’re buying myself to do the bitcoin is going up in value,. Oh, my god I just lost 30% of its value. Listen buddy, step 1, see a therapist up to save some freaking money and commit the 10% of your check start with. 3% is going to go into the market and it doesn’t matter. Party goes up or down you’re, just being consistent because overtime as albert einstein, so eloquently wrote, and we have that they’re jumping on the show notes, albert einstein’s of the 7th or the 8th wonder of the world is the magic of compound interest work for you

The money for you good morning will work for you all the time, but you have to invest in played the psychological side of that that people spend what they get and I have yet play. Zero times have I had somebody that will commit to a pay themselves. First, a strategy that that say they miss the money. They psychologically somehow just their income and and their lifestyle, and they just don’t have the money, and so 2 things happened. One you going to get down the road going to be in the same place, but if you do, the savings are going to have six figure sitting in the bank in the next 10 years. So how to minimize risk I have two jobs:don’t quit your other job until your business making two times what you need to make to support you save 10% of your income 3 plan on bad things happening. My best friend died, I needed to take a day off and actually happened. He died. I had to go speak at his funeral had to take a day off hina my dad got a ls. You know true, turns out lou gehrig’s disease. You know it’s an expensive thing for my family and i. Remember we took him to waco texas to go to high school or union turns out it wasn’t pretty bad things happen. We had miscarriages, we’ve had the death, we don’t date. The person you’re not married to i, don’t know if someone needs to hear that, and maybe if I can hear any more of a nicer tonality that would help you take. The person got married to maybe it’s more for, like I’m a scottish like see if you’re a dollar cost average investing invested, consistent small amount over a long period of time, and you shall reap the benefits and rewards of compound interest. Now, as we were teaching about how to minimize risk, we have an email that came in from a thriving. So how do I optimize my happiness? Okay, we’re going to answer to. How do you optimize your happiness? We come back. What does it mean to optimize your happiness on a scale of 1 to 10? Ask yourself:how happy are you? Are you at and are you just absolutely are you like the mister rogers of your neighborhood, or are you like who was the grover that lives in the trash can and roll over oscar the grouch oscar, the grouch or mr. Rogers stages, radio get ready to enter the thrive time, show 3-2-1 all right. My facebook back to your new favorite radio show it says rob time show on your radio a place where we provide you the school without the bs.

And yes, my consistency should be how you judge me and yes, the feedback we have. The reviews should be how you judge me and yes, yes, the fruit is how you should judge me and yes, you should not trust a single thing. I say, and you should verify everything I say so. Ronald reagan once said trust but verify is the key to good management, trusting but verify it so I’m going to give you a lot of things during this show right now that I’m going to say to you cuz I question it was emailed to us as how do I optimize my happiness, I’m, going to give you a lot of specific things, and you are going to disagree with me and I’m, going to put show notes up here and I am i, encourage you to prove me wrong. Alright, so step number 1 how to optimize your happiness say no, two social media. We talked about earlier today, but say no to social media. Just say no, just just don’t do it until you have your to-do list done. No, okay, so don’t do sociate on the clay say no to social media is turn your smartphone off 80% of your day, three only only hang out with the five people that you most want to be like for do not spend your day unless you’re a pastor do not spend your day trying to convince people of your values. Just live your now. That being said, the question was how to optimize my happiness. I will put a link on the show notes to the psychology today study about smartphones, how they rob you of your joy, but I will anecdotally, explain to you and I want to get eric chuck steak on us. Social media to me is not a good thing, but I will explain to you why so I’m pulling up my social media as I most often do not do and I’m reading the reviews. So chad lawrence recently tagged me in a photo that I had here from my time at oral, roberts university. There is any tag me and I really really remember that time. My life is a fond memory, so that was a good memory that I just had cuz I have enjoyed the minis aspects of my time at or you even though I got kicked out. Pretty quick I did enjoy certain things now, pastor brian, just tagged or liked paulette paulette is doing his as the post was there’s big progress made on the new hood cpas claremore office. That right there was a positive memory or a positive experience for me, because I like paul hood i, like what he’s doing I like the growth that excite me to as I scroll down to the feed me and i, begin to look at the feet. I have a person here who I don’t like this person. Are you talk about? No, don’t say that i, don’t like the person i, don’t like the person and so seeing their social social media post. If I were to think about it would make me upset. Then I have another person who I just saw her post.

Why don’t like her either and i? Every time I see this person? It’s constantly a debate about why I have chosen to simplify my life and basically be an idiot for having faith this person every time I meet this person. They literally bring up to me that it’s like being so simple-minded. They ask me that question and I say what they go. I mean it must be nice, just sort of believing that all works out and it’s all part of god’s plan. But you don’t understand that. That’s like there’s many things that that’s we’re past. That right I mean. What’s it like like not even considering that evolution is right, I mean, what’s it like not even being open to the fact, the book that you guys wrote a thousand years ago wrong and filled with errors? What’s it like not even being open to the fact that, maybe that your husband and wife were meant for each other, maybe you know there’s other options. I just I mean it’s still. My joints I think about that crap and I might get out of here, so it would be like, and it’s just my knowledge and I’m done. It would be like being an elevator having a pleasant conversation with eric shop, and then you get into the elevator and you guys are having a great conversation. The elevator and a third party enters into the elevator holding a freshly skinned horse head. Wow. Take me to use that visual, because I want to make sure you get it. One I’ve never seen a freshly skin horse head, but it’s gross i, think of it from the godfather series, where he takes horse head and put in people’s bed right, but I mean it’s gross and it kills your joy cuz you’re going what is going on and I see people on social media posting things that are totally against my values and it gets my faith and against everything I stand for and that crap steals people’s joy. So stay off of social media. Keep your smart phone turned off 80% of the day, only hang out with 5 people that you want to be like the most and do not spend your day. Try to convince your people up your values. Just live! Your I got some tips for 4 how to interact with social media. Okay, what you got to do is turn off all notifications,. All of the notification are all of them. Do not have the little red bad, don’t have to do whatever turn it all off.

You can check email, notifications and then really fast, just until I see a friend or family member haven’t heard from in awhile kind of check out what they’re doing it’s like you don’t spend your day. Also, if somebody like clay was saying earlier, is posted a bunch of weird stuff I just ignore them, so they never show back up on my timeline again now, let’s go so that you know that i, don’t like you like to burn bridges and I’m a huge fan of burning bridges I really do endorse the strategy of burning bridges because they won’t follow up again, so I’ve tried to intentionally burn thousands of bridges throughout my life, and so, if you go to tulsa and you ask somebody what they think about me usually have a pretty harsh opinion either way, because I will go out of my way. What you’re saying it says on the wall right here burn bridges to create distance. That is what I do it twice on the wall? You should do you know like you unfriend them, but my super moves to block them farm. Then they can never see your stuff and then they’re like did you delete your facebook, no I deleted you when we come back from the break I’m going to paul hood talk about this, some more because I want to talk about the importance of the only hanging out with 5 people that you want to spend your time with the five people that you want to be most like. I want to I want to pick his brain on. How he’s been able to build a network throughout his life? By doing that kind of thing, maybe he doesn’t have 10 people or 10 or 15 or 20, but I want to get his take on that, but before we do that, paul you’re, giving away gift free for all of our listeners and chuck were giving away free business conferences tickets. After all of our listeners, how do I get the free book there? Bollywood clay you go to my website. Hood cpas. Com a little form to fill out there and and requesting it I’m, going to wait an hour of my time this time of the year, I’m working literally 7 days a week, but I’m willing to invest in you if you’re willing to invest in yourself and when you do that, when you come see me we’re going to give you a free book at warren, buffett’s the snowball book revolutionized the way you think business, that’s a lot of things in life. It’s a great book! It’s it’s very huge! Do she can use it to work out free, apparently, steve current doesn’t grasp the concept that book is free. What does that even mean,? First off the business conferences is coming up: february, 16th and 17th. We only have 9 tickets left. The tickets are normally $99 a piece piece: february, 16th and 17th at the business conferences riverwalk. How do I get the free tickets is google search. Thrive time show all right right in the google, then click stitcher or itunes link, whichever one open up in the application, then subscribe. Okay, open it up hit subscribe and then all you got to do is rate and review as hit the stars give us an in objective review and send that thing to a screenshot and send it with your contact information to info at thrive time, show.Com,



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