Buying and Selling Distressed Properties with Bucky Cordray

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Are you looking to start a business model focused on helping and working with distressed real estate sellers? Bucky Cordray shares with you the ins and outs of the distressed real estate industry.

Bucky is the highest and most reviewed home buyer in Tulsa and he is known as the “We Buy Houses Now Tulsa” guy

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes!! Bucky Cordray, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show, how are you sir?!
  2. Well Bucky for the listeners out there that are not super familiar with you and what you do…can you share with us what you do for a living?
  3. Bucky, like with any industry, your industry is filled with people that do it the right way and people that don’t. I’d love for you to share your approach?
  4. If I’m out there listening and I am wanting to sell my house fast, what advice would you have for me?
  5. Bucky, for people who are wanting to get involved in your industry what advice would you have for them?
  6. What is the key to success in your industry?
  7. How did you originally get started in the industry?
  8. What do you like most about what you do?
  9. What is the most challenging aspect of what you do?
  10. How did you originally hear about us and me specifically?
  11. Having attended the conference, what did you like most about it and what were your biggest takeaways?
  12. What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?
  13. We fight that most successful entrepreneurs tend to have idiosyncrasies that are actually their superpowers…what idiosyncrasy do you have?
  14. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  15. What is a principle or concept that you teach people most that VERY FEW people actually ever apply?
  16. What are a couple of books that you believe that all of our listeners should read?
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Audio Transcription

Bucky Cordray Thrivetime Show

Our ideal buyer is a seller that’s faced with a distressed situation, so they’re typically had a job transfer that took them out of state. Got it. They are typically somebody that had inundated with medical bills. They’re getting behind on their mortgages or maybe it’s a property that they inherited and they have no idea what to do with it and they just really just want to unload it.

Oh boy. time here. We are interviewing a thriver out there by the name of Bucky. Now lucky bookie is, I’ve only met one Bucky who DJ-ed for me back in the day. My company DJ he was a magician on the side, as well as a disc jockey and a great valued member of the team and then I, ‘m meeting this other Bucky, Bucky [inaudible]. Same guy. Now, Bucky, I believe we first, how did you first come in contact with the conferences? Where did that, that, that, uh, interaction start so clear? That first started when I got my last haircut at elephant, the room. Oh really? Oh Hey, have you heard of thrive time? I’m like, no. So I jumped into the podcast, found out there was a local event here in Tulsa and I showed up at the conference and, well, you know, how long ago was that Becky?

That was back in June and I attended last year. This year. Yes. So what’s interesting is at the elephant in the room, um, we are, we are high-end men’s grooming lounge, so it’s kinda like a country club meets hair and it’s appointment based. And so we try to get you in right on time. And, and, um, it’s membership model and we find that our members, Z by and large are doctors, dentists, lawyers, entrepreneurs. Not always, not exclusively, but we find a high percentage of our customers are self employed or really, really are. They have two jobs, but we find there’s a lot of hustlers that go there, a lot of hardworking guys, uh, who are expecting more. I would say we’re kind of like the Lexus of hair is kind of how I look at it. I get that. And so everybody who we’ve had as an elephant in the room, customer seriously, everyone who’s dealt in the room, customer who’s attended the conference is always like a zoo.

I got perfect match, a perfect target for what we do, you know, coaching businesses, conferences, that kind of thing. Love very entrepreneurial people, very capitalistic worldview. And so Bucky, I, I meet this guy at the workshop and um, there’s a lot of people, gosh, there’s a lot of people. I met Z back in the day when I used to travel and speak yes. Who say I do real estate. And not always, but see, I’m going to say probably 80% of the time when someone says they do real estate, it’s some sort of scam mockery. You think really? They’re just 80% it’s like a real tour or they’re not a buy 80% this is what I see. They’ll say, well, I uh, I do no money down. What I do is I’ll help you no money down, make money through real estate. And you’re like, Oh, see you’re a real estate coach.

Oh, okay. 30 houses. Have you bought, have you sold? It’s usually somewhere between zero and nine or they have a license but they don’t sell anything. No, it’s rare that a man actually does what Bucky does. So when we first started talking to Bucky, um, I was impressed with the video testimonials of real people that he’s really helped in the Tulsa area. Okay. So I would like for you to explain who your ideal and likely buyers are because I’ve explained who my ideal and likely buyers are. We worked with diligent doers, the people that know what they want at a life. People who are diligent, people who are consistent, people who know what they want, who are willing to and mature enough to make the trade offs needed. Please explain what person is your ideal and likely buyer over there at your business, uh, for our listeners.

All right, thanks clay. Yes, our ideal buyer is a seller that’s faced with a distress situation. So they’ve typically had a job transfer that took them out of state. Got it. They are typically somebody that has inundated with medical bills. They’re getting behind on their mortgages, or maybe it’s a property that they inherited and they have no idea what to do with it and they’re just really just want to unload it. So somebody who has a piece of real estate, Chet, who needs to unload it. If you’re listening right now and you have a piece of real estate and you want to unload it, get rid of it, sell it, cash out. Um, what’s your website again? It’s top dollar home., top dollar home offers. So let’s, let’s do a scenario Z. Let’s, let’s Z let’s, let’s pretend that you and I are buddies. We’re good buddies.

We’re college buddies, right? And uh, you have a house that’s a $300,000 house and you said college buddy live with me. You could be my roommate guy. And so now you bought the house. I’m paying half of your pay in half. Right. That’s fair. And then we’ve lived together for five or six years. Oh wow. Okay. And one night we’re playing risk. Yes. You like risk by that. Absolutely shocked it to Alaska. So it’s like 2:00 AM and you say we have to play the game to completion. We play the game to complete the game. You’re and I’m like, I’m dozing off, you know, cause I go to bed, you’re just hunker down and I’ll try. You’re just swelling like until you know me, I go to bed at like 9:00 AM and I wake up at PM or 9:00 PM and I wake up at 3:00 AM I go to bed 9:00 PM and wake up at three.

What time do you like to go to bed? I made the exact opposite of you. I like to go to bed three if it get up. No, I know, but seriously we almost have the, yeah, we both almost have the exact opposite schedules. I’m in kinda of 11 to 12 at night. Kind of go to bed and get up between seven and eight. What happens to me around 10:00 PM you’ve seen it. You look, the average person who’s like about four o’clock in the morning was like, ah. So imagine this scenario where we’re buddies, more buddies. And I’m going, I got to go to bed, dude. It’s like nine o’clock dude. Seriously, I got to go to bed. It’s not. It’s nine Oh three the my bedtime. And you’re like, are you kidding me? We just started risk. We got a place now it’s midnight now it’s 2:00 AM.

And I’m like, dude, I have to get up at an hour. And you and there’s other things that have been festering. Yeah. Oh, now you’re like lifted to five years. If you’re not gonna play the end of this game of risk, then you should just, you’re risking a lot, buddy. You’re out. You should move out. And now you know, we’ve each had 18 beers. You kicked me out. So now you’re like, Frick, I’m distressed, I’m distressed. I don’t have a renter to pay the rent. I’m, I’m in trouble. Or the situation didn’t play risk. Risk game. I play one on one risk play by myself, I’ll pay my away. So anyway, so what happens is is people get divorced. What, what, what are the most common situations where people are actually in a distressed real estate situation? Unfortunately it’s divorce and then an inherited pop guys.

Those, those are the two biggest areas that people are faced with. So somebody inherits a property, what does, what does that look like? What does that, so it’s usually multiple family members fighting over what each of them think the property’s worth. I hate that by the way, because this happened a lot. It has and it’s sad. I hate that. I mean it’s sad when you see families getting ripped apart over thousands of dollars. I mean maybe not. I plan to leaving my kids a quarter and then figuring out, figuring out how five the other five of them want to split it. That’s my plan. Whether it be a nickel piece. I know. Yeah. That’s what I want though. Until they can, will they open it up and sell tons of books in a quarter? Cause I see people fight over money. Oh I have personal. Here’s how you keep them from fighting over it though clay is you designated via via wheel and the parent or the person who died, educate and didn’t tell the kids.

They should’ve said, listen, we’re going to sell the property for this and it’s going to be divided this way and that’s what’s going to happen. They’ve already gotten a real estate agent and they’ve already set the value. They’ve already set the price to some degree and they’ve already said to or, or here’s the guy you’re going to use. They’re going to set the value and sell it. Then divide it how you’re older than me and you have been around wealthy people longer than I have, so I will defer to you on this. I’m just saying for my 38 year old perspective thus far, I have yet to see somebody who has got an inheritance that didn’t cause friction or they didn’t just blow it on something stupid you so far. Now eventually, eventually I’m going to meet somebody and it’s going to be a different reality.

But I see a lot of fighting going on and so with a wheel could stop the fighting. But I think I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I guess I haven’t met a lot of people where somebody thoughtfully made a will. Yeah. And it’s really more complicated than that. Do you have a wheel and then a trust? And so you don’t want it. If you, if you have gotten some wealth and you play, you’re gonna have a lot of wealth to deal with one of these days with your children. So you just want to set up a trust and they’d get maybe so much of it when they join us, she’s does this exactly so much when they turn this age so much and they turn this age so much, if they do this, that they, you find something that’s important in your lives. And if they do that, that they get this, you and my wife are both ruining my dreams of leaving my kids a quarter.

You could still, you could still vicariously through your trust. Raise your children properly when you’re dad. I want them to give him a call or sell a house or whatever you need to do. So I was of going off track a little bit, but no, no, we’re on track. This is the track. We’re on this, this is the trend, the track of this. So Bucky, so now I’m distressed. I’m in some scenario, I just lost the game of risks. I quit early. My partner, my roommate kicks me out again. Something happened and now is it emotional? It’s very emotional. I mean that’s the, that’s the, when we deal with sellers, they are in a very emotional state. And what and what again, what’s your website again? Top dollar home so people go to the website, they call you. What does the process look like then?

Cause I, I feel like somebody out there mainly me thinks that this is a scam. So you know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen these scamming real estate people talk to me about it. What happens next? So here’s the process. When they call us or book an appointment with us, we’ll go out on site and take a walk through your property. The difference is is we will actually tell you what your property could be worth with our ARV program meeting after repair value. Let’s say that the home is a $300,000 house. Z is distressed now he’s a young man. He’s a 25 year old man. He was his roommate of five years, is kicked out 10 years, whatever. And so now he’s distressed. What kind of money can we get from you quickly? How fast? So first off we’d like to peel back the layers and see what his situation is.

We have three options when we meet with you guys. What are they? So I mean it could be that. Let’s see how bad the house was if it, I mean if it was two college buddies, you guys still have parties place get nosy, keeps his room nice, but I’m just you making this scenario real. He keeps his area nice. But his roommate is he centric and Z doesn’t visit his roommate downstairs in the basement because his roommate is he centric and he’s decided, he’s like, I’m just tired of your Jack ass hurry. I will visit you. It is a three story house. It’s three stories you can picture. It’s kind of a Yale Z one 81st and Yale kind of hilly area, you know. And the Z lives up on the second floor and then Z the floor. You walk in the first floor, no one really.

It’s just kind of living room. Yeah. And then in the walkout basement where his friend has ripped out the ceiling tiles and he’s painted everything black. He’s put Barnwood up and Z, he’s put, he has used [inaudible]. He’s used a screw gun hypothetically to put up cords, patch cables everywhere and motivational Pope posters. Um, those are probably sounds a lot like you. It’s me. Yeah. So he’s probably devalued it in some capacity. How much money could he get maybe from you and how fast? So the problem with his situation is it’s going to take a lot of repairs for us to bring it up to market value. So we want to walk him through the cost of those repairs. So he has multiple options. He could say, Hey, if I want to take 20 grand and fix us back up to retail value, got it. Then I could get this much money out of it. Right. Option two, option two would be able to give him an option to either stay in the home

or we have other creative solutions where we can take the property back from him and get more asking price than he would for a low ball cash offer. And what does it mean to take it back so we can do creative financing, meaning that we can actually take a, take the property over and rerun it back to him if he wants to stay in the property. Okay. Okay. So there’s, there’s like eight different paths we can take if the person wants to stay in the house or they don’t want to sell it.

So somebody who doesn’t have any money right now and lived in the house for a long time, you’re saying, Hey, you could stay in your house, we’ll start making the payments for you. Maybe. Um, but then we essentially own the house. Correct. And then maybe five years from now we can sell it or a year from now or

he could buy it back from us. Just depending on the situation, whether he wants to stay there, where they wants to move on, we want to help them in whatever situation they’re in.

How fast can I get cash if I’m in a bad spot?

Ooh, I liked that. So oftentimes people are just done with the property they’re done with that cut that emotional tie to that property. Right. So we can offer a cash offer for them and we can close, you know, between seven and 14 days or whatever time frame they need to be on.

I’m not qualified to talk about divorce, but I can’t talk about split partnerships. I can go there. Split partnership Xena when you’re just like, I cannot stay. You know what I mean? When you get busted guy being an idiot, being a jerk, scrutiny, it’s screwed with you, whatever, and you’re just done. Oh yeah. And you’re done. When you’re done. I think when you’re done, you’re done. You’re done. And a lot of times the only thing linking you together is that house. And so that point, um, I feel like people are vulnerable where they could be taken advantage of. MaybeZ , one of the parties is like, I want to sell this thing super low just to piss you off. You know, you like it, I’m going to trash it.

Yeah. That, that’s a possibility. But I think a lot of those quick cash offers are going to be a lot of those inherited homes that, you know, it’s in another, you know, you live in Wisconsin and um, you know, you’re up there ice fishing and eating cheese and you know, Oh, having a hot, hot, hot dish. This is a great story. Right. It’s a great story. You’re out there with your buddies fan and you get the phone call that granny died. She left you this little house in Poteau, Oklahoma and you have no, you haven’t been

there in 20 years. Oh, just all go as the offer and just the other.

So how do you make money, Bucky? How do you make money?

So we make money three different ways. Either we’re buying the property outright, we’re fixing it up and selling it, or a lot of times we’ll lock down the property and cashflow with a creative financing offer that we offer them. What’s your best marketing tool in getting these leads? It’s all changed now with thrive. They’ve really changed our perspective. We’ve never went after the Google searches. I mean, the whole business industry has changed so much in the last five years. I mean, is this true? And that’s what blew me away with the conferences. I was really missing the boat. We were doing the old traditional mailers and all kinds of stuff,

just beating our heads against the wall. And yet we weren’t beating herself up on Google. Right. Something changed really dark and dramatically about 10 years ago. And this is what I have discovered. Um, I talked to a guy to Daisy, a sad story, a sad guy. He said he’s in his forties and he said you like to call a lot and I’m going, what? He says you like to call in a a, this is a guy who I’ve worked with for a long time. Um, I’m in Florida and the nice guy and we had was a good conversation. It was just a weird, it was weird cause he goes, you’re like the only person. Seriously, let’s do the only person I know that calls and I what he goes seriously you actually call I’ve, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve consultants is even when you have a medical practice, I mean you have different vendors you work with and he’s like, everybody communicates via email and texts.

There’s no relationship and you’re like the only vendor that I’ve paid for years that I actually talked to. And he goes, that’s why I’ve stuck with you for so I like you. But we had this really, it was a really interesting conversation on the way here today. I was like, excuse me again. He goes, you’re the only person who calls me and there’s something really weird and dark that happened. All of a sudden. It’s like very, people break it up via text, people quitting jobs via text. Pete, you know what I’m saying? See though where it’s like, it’s so now people go online to read reviews and see, you’ve got a couple of businesses where you’ve just been killing reviews recently and does it not impact revenue? It does, but it’s almost like, you know, here I had my optometry clinic for 25 years before that became a thing and it’s kind of like, you know, we’d had a good Julian of them if you know, if you, if it was a thing from back then, I can’t tell you a sad story that happened to me this Monday.

Yesterday I lost 1700 reviews for elephant in the room downtown. How’d you do that? A competitor reported me for fraud and it’s being investigated right now, but as this, but it’s like I pay my employees to go get reviews from our real customers. Just to ask them, you know, how was your haircut today? Would you leave a review? Sure. And that kind of crap has happened to multiple of my clients and I love that Google vets through reviews and I’m happy they do it. And then otherwise we wouldn’t use Google. Otherwise people would just be buying reviews on fiber and it would dilute the value of them. Sure. But isn’t it crazy? I mean we Z we’ve cut, I was doing the math in their day. We have four, you know, 4,000 members ish. We’ve cut haircuts for first time customers for over 80,000 demand in Tulsa.

That’s crazy. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Crazy. But I mean Google reviews weren’t a thing nine years ago when we opened our doors. I know that. I mean, I think it’s really the whole thing. I mean for you, for your business, man, people read reviews. Absolutely. Z. I’m going to pull up this video. I’m going to do a YouTube search for what phrase should people search for to find a business like yours that we buy houses now or buy? Yeah, we buy houses now. It’d be a good start. So I’m going to do on YouTube and search for we buy houses now and see, I want you to see this real quick. I’m not going to mention the name of the company here, but you’re going to see, um, this right here. Can I, can I play one of your videos jerky? Is that cool? I’m going to play his video first. Now this, this there, there he is. Ah, I’m going to cue it up. Let’s cue it up real quick here. This is a good, good. This is one of his real clients

attack and I’ve never [inaudible]

let me try it again.

Hi, I’m Natalie tack and I’ve known Bucky for a long time and I’ve always admired the way he works and um, his work ethic and his integrity.

That’s a, that’s a real, a real video though. That’s a real, a real car. It’s a real baby. It looks like a real baby. Yeah, it’s a real baby. So, but anyway, this is a real client of yours talking about a real experience and that’s great. But see, look at this guy. I want you to show you this one. This is the one I want you to say. Um, let me find him. Oh, come on. Buc-ee’s dominating. Look at him. He’s dominating the search engine results right now. Um, I want to find the guy. Oh, I know. If I can find him. Lucy, it’s a, we buy houses now. Maybe I put Tulsa. I put Tulsan and that’s how I do it. We buy houses. Tulsa. Um, let me find him. Oh, come on. Buc-ee’s killing it. Look at him. He’s killing the game here.

Um, I’m not, but look at that guy. This is the guy. This, I’ve met this man, this man. I’m not [inaudible] would you, would you, I’m just saying if you were going to, I’ve met this man. I’m just saying, if you were going to have somebody come to your house yes. And buy that house and I’ve met this guy, would you buy from a sketchy looking fella? No, I wouldn’t sell to or sell those sketches. Look and feel good. You sound a buggy. Bucky sharp dressed these sharp dressed man. But I’m serious though. Would that impact your decision? That guy was sure. I’ve met that guy that I met that guy because one of my clients at my house, no one of my clients got scammed by that guy cause he said he’ll do like a flip thing. So what you do is you give him 20 grand for like let’s say to buy a $200,000 house.

You put the 10 grand up and then he’ll use his creditZ , his bonafide credit. He will go buy the house for you and then he’ll bring you back a guaranteed double your money within six months. Well you know what he does, man, he takes that 20 GS. And what does he do? What does it, what does it G do with the 20 G’s? T C what do you think parties? Like a G that’s right. And dudes bawling. He shows up driving the nicest car, like a Maserati or whatever. And dude, I’m going, this is a really, really successful guy in Tulsa. And I’m like, you didn’t give the money money to the Maserati guy? And he says, no, I did. And I’m like, dude, dude, dude, that dude, it’s gone. You’re not getting that back. You, but just paid another Maserati payment. And when you’re dealing with a guy who’s got nothing to lose, what happens [inaudible] it can get ugly.

Whew. I mean, so again your industry has a lot of scam mockery around it. So I want to ask, I want to give the G the opportunity that I’m going to interrogate you as well. See what are questions that you would have as well as reminding into I think this whole industry of buying houses that are distressed and selling them. It is a real thing but there’s so many scammy flippers out there, home flipper, scammer people that it seems bogus to a lot of people. So I would like to ask some tough hard questions. I’ll go

first here. How did you get started in this industry? How so? Clay? I got it started back in 93 94 when my dad was buying rental properties, fixing them up. So I’ve, I’ve learned that at a carpenter GRI and then I bought my first property myself in college cash float with two of my rent or two of my friends that rented from me. And then I started using sweat equity to leverage that against the next house I bought and it just became an addiction.

And when you say, um, I have to make sure we’re getting this cash flow, can you please explain someone out there? Doesn’t know what cash flow means?

Yeah. So I went out and I was a college student. I purchased the house. I mean it was $20,000 house, $20,000 house. Nice. For a college kid. Absolutely no, 20 years ago. So what I did with that house, I had a mortgage payment, right. And a taxes and insurance payment. Got it. So I came up with my total monthly spin, which was, you know, $288 or something like that. Some minimal cause on that side of the property. I had two roommates that live with me paying me two 50 to $300 a month cheaper in any written town and put a hot tub and stuff out there. So they really enjoyed that.

Oh, you hot tub. Claire was there, is out there. If you were to buy right now in Tulsa, currently a $20,000 shack Shanti something, your payment would be $95 a month if you could get the financing for it and on a 30 year mortgage, given the current interest rates, you would not do a 30 year mortgage on a shower. But I’m just saying if you did, I’m just giving you the list, but these are real numbers. So two 88 so you charged them a couple hundred bucks each.

So I, you know, five 50 minus two 88 that was my cash flow. All right. And not counting the rent. I would normally have paid to live somewhere, right? Yeah. So now I’m a college student cashflow and a little bit living, rent free and earning equity in this property as I hired them or sweat equity from them too, to help me fix it up and which raised the value of the property. Yeah. From there I could take that equity in the property and go buy my next property.

Now Bucky, the thrive nation is dying to know this. How many person hot tub was it? Because with you three guys, I’m, I’m guessing I’m, if I were guessing and I’m, I’m a guesser guesser he, he’s one who guesses? I’m going to guess it was a six person hot show. Do three guys each get it? Extra slots, if you know what I mean.

That’s right. It was actually a five person hot tub. Oh Hey. Oh. Depending on the day, we would put this in the middle. Right, right. We put dish soap in it and fill up the whole deck full of bubbles. So

a hot tub overflows a foam party because before they came. Cool. Exactly. Oh my gosh. Bucky. All right. Now another hard hitting question. [inaudible] question. It’s just in from our home office shunt. So you’ve been building up your war chest and now you have multiple properties. You’d probably be hung on to. How, how do you denote whether the year, whenever, if someone says, Hey, I want my

grandmother left him in his home, I just want cash for it. But he’d just come and cut me a check for it. You know, buy, buy my buy this home. Alright. It’s down in wherever, doing whatever. What threshold or what, what, what template to use or filter to use where you say, Oh, this is a keeper, let’s turn it into a rental home and into the portfolio and move forward with it. Verse. No, let’s fix it up and flip it versus whatever. I mean, what, what, how do you assess that now?

So a lot of it depends on the zip codes and then within the neighborhood of those zip codes. Okay. So surfing, okay. So Tulsa is spread out, right? There’s multiple towns with inside the Tulsa County area. There’s areas where it makes a great cashflow for to keep as a rental. And there’s areas where, you know, in Midtown, you know, people want to buy their first home or they want to live close to downtown, but they would, you know, like a new house that’s fixed up or that an old house that’s new that’s been fixed in other words. So you have to look at those situations depending where the property is at, uh, the condition of it. Most cases it’s based upon the zip code and you know, what school district and you know, if it’ll cashflow enough for a rental or if it’s a better fix and flip. So we look at those situations.

Now you have to have, I didn’t mean to cut you off. No, no, I’ll come back. Okay. You guys think that those, like you have to establish financing if you want to get into this business. And this, this show is largely listened to by entrepreneurs, you know, so, um, I have a relationship with a couple of different bankers and this is how my relationship is. I keep a P and L of what’s going on. Um, and so, you know, like as an example, we’re getting more and more people starting to subscribe to the online school. So more and more people are finding it and they’re discovering, Hey, for 250 bucks I could attend a workshop and watch online videos. I think I’ll do that. So that’s becoming more and more of a, have a win center. But for awhile it was a lose. It was a lost center.

A elephant in the room is more of a wind center now, but for awhile it was a loss center, but you keep your balance sheet updated and then you go meet with your banker and you talk to them. And so, you know, I can, I could pretty much if I want, like I don’t know if I get, if I need access to three to 5 million bucks, I can usually make it happen. That’s kind of my threshold there. Um, I’m not going to ask you how much money you have need to have access to, but for you, for somebody out there, if you were teaching somebody who wanted to get involved, um, would you recommend that they start small or how did they get access if someone’s never bought a rental property before are bought it property, a cashflow property or a fixer upper or a flipper? And how would you recommend? The best way is for our listeners to establish some, some credit and to, and to kind of get themselves in a place where they can buy, uh, you know, something.

So there’s a, there’s a lot of different avenues to getting into real estate. So I mean the, the first thing, there’s plenty of information out there on the internet. I would stay away from the seminars that come to town. They, they blow smoke up and tell you that Hey, you know, you don’t have to have any money.

I think it’s borderline illegal what happened.

It is. And then all of a sudden, you know, you can see when the seminars come in town, the reflection, what happens in the market. All you see all these yellow signs all over town and everybody’s [inaudible]

can you please explain because people haven’t been, I don’t want to put, I don’t want to name a specific conference Z cause I don’t want to have a legal problem. But I do want to share, cause I’m just telling you I do care and I have been to these before and man I have dropped some coin cause I thought, you know, I’m a 22 year old guy and I thought 20 to this guy’s gonna teach me the secrets he’s looking for somebody like me. He’s only looking for five. He’s coming to Tulsa. He’s only looking for five people just like me. Just like you. He’s going to take 50 into a bootcamp to see if you have what it takes. And because he makes millions a week, he’s willing to take a pay cut to work with me for as little as $500 a day.

Take a pay cut so we can help you. So he’s going to help 500 peoples, many as as few as 500 people in a big conference for $19 but, but the, the 50 of us, we were selected, the 50 of us, we have been prequalified normally he takes 50 but he’s going to take 61 cause we had a big attendance and he’s going to put as little as $500 a day for two days. He is going to teach me how to get rich. And so I’m, and I, I wasn’t aware of how a calculator works, I don’t think, and I had young money. A young money’s where you’re making money and you’re not really sure how, and you’re a DJ and you’re, you’re people are happy and they’re clapping for you until you’re like, why’s your checks don’t bounce when you write one. Yes, I got young money.

And so I’m not doing the math. I go, this guy’s making $30,500 a day. There’s 61 I remember having that thought day two, I’m like, there’s 61 of us here. We all paid 500. You paid a thousand for both days. Homeboys paying, we want boys making $30,000 a day to teach me two days, 60 grand. And then at the end he goes, here’s the deal guys. We ran in a time. You guys were really, really a good audience and we want to partner with you. Can you explain what happens after that? Two days of sheer mockery. So basically after those two days, no, it’s what happens. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. And they hit you with three options or four options to buy into their VIP programs. And this is what’s crazy is, um, I was at a conference, I cannot, I just, I don’t wanna get myself in trouble, but I wanna be very real.

I was at a conference in Vegas and I was, Oh, I see. Have you ever done a paid speaking event? We’ve ever done that. And I know you if never I’ve spoke before, but I’ve, but I mean you’ve always kind of turned down things. It’s not really, you’ve never been drawn to it, but a lot I’ve just never been reimbursed for it. So I’ve not, when you said have I done a paid know, that’s all I’m asking. I’m just saying because, no. Okay. Cause cause they’re not, then I feel like I’ve got to do something that maybe I don’t want to, but I haven’t and I think every now and then it’s very, very seldom. But I never like decided to seek after that. If you wanted to, you could have done that. No, no, no. Yeah. I never did. But, so anyways, I’m in Vegas and this guy, um, and by the way, it’s in my bathroom and I have an arrow that points at it and it says never end up like this guy.

Cause it’d be so easy to be like this guy. So easy. So he does, he says, clay, your the can opener. Can’t open this. You’re going to be McCain opener in my anchor day one. Okay, so you’re going to speak, you’re going to come in your entrepreneur of the year, you’ll have a lot of credibility. Okay. Then the next speaker, a lot of credibility. Then I’m going to come in and what I need you to do, I need you to, to bona Phi and, and share about how my program has helped people. And I’ve got six people in this audience who I’ve paid and they are props and I’ve paid them. When I asked people to come and sign up for the program, they’re paid to come up and testify about the results. But they are coaches in my program. So they don’t pay fees this month as long as they testify.

And I’m like, have they had success? Oh no, no, no. Now here’s what’s cool is there’s two celebrities that are going to make an appearance, one of which has been on a major sit-com and he’s going to interrupt you. So we’re gonna be talking and then you’re going to hear a knock at the door. And when that knock happens, an NFL quarterback will come in and I need you to act surprised but don’t want it to throw you off cause I know you’re focused. So you talk about time management and he just going to come in and sit down and I’m going to come up and say, Hey, Hey, I’m so sorry. I’ve told you the wrong time. I’ll catch with the a minute. I’m going to come up on stage and I’ll do a little applause. And then your second talk, the sit-com guy will come up and this is going to happen with a four or five because they all live in Vegas.

And I’m like, how does that work? He’s like, Oh you pay him 10 grand? I’m like, so you pay him 10 grand to show? Yeah. They show up for 30 minutes. Now we have a dinner at my house the next day and we’ll have like six or seven a list. Celebrities at my house, all getting paid, five grand, eat for 15 minutes and then they’re going to sign stuff for people in these suckers. These poor people, all, they love this, they love it. And I’m going to clear why Clinton, here’s D, I’m going to give you a poll percentage. Okay, so you’re going to clear 5% of my bring in today. Now I can probably clear half million today. So, and I’m like, how do you sleep? Seriously? How do you sleep? He says, Oh, I sleep very well. I sleep very well. It’s actually a new mattress now and I’m serious.

And he has photos of him with celebrities and he’s thought of everything and he leases his house out there in Vegas. He’s dirty. And I’m going, dude, like you’re going to hell. On the first trip, I felt horrible. I called Vanessa poop. I called Benenson. I can’t speak, I can’t be a can opener. I said, I can’t do it. And she goes, I can’t even be an acre babe. You took money though, right? And I said, I can’t. So I told the judge, I said, Hey, I’m going to speak about time management. I am not in any way going to endorse you. And he’s like, well, you’re gonna refund me. And I’m like, that’s cool. But I, I, I saw that world. I saw that world and that world, that world exists. Does it not Bucky does and it, it’s all over real estate. I mean every dirty quarter there’s new new people coming into town offering these seminars and Z. I mean, you and I are on this show.

We always have bonafide guests. We don’t allow more on if you’ve had Wolfgang puck and John Maxwell and big people, can you explain why get rich quick never ceases to work as long as it’s always something you can sell to people. People that are well intentioned, good natured people. Why is there always a sucker out there? Because we hate that kind of thing. Everybody deep down inside, deep, deep, deep down inside everybody. Can I get some deep down inside music? I do. Let me cue it up here. Let me cue them. Get me a little deep, deep, deep, deep like that’s what I was going to hit.

Well, I’m turning this. I’m not sure if my, my, my, that’s a good one. I’ve got Joe working yet, right, and we’ve got to get the mic levels fixed buttons. There’s a lot of fixes we have to do here. Everybody down deep down and sexy looks at people that are super wealthy and says, sure, why not me? Why not meet today, today, today? Why not meet today right now and until I know any better, the best quick get rich you might know is to buy a lottery ticket ticket to Kentucky. Show me to go buy one.

That is, it’s that. It’s that ability to not, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Turn off of their head. The chance that it could be damaged, this opportunity. I mean they hear it, they hear that. They hear us say about all these, these scam conventions and then yet there’ll be driving three months from now and they’ll hear on the radio. It feels good to go. If they’ll hear on the radio and it will be like coping to your town. Only so many liberal from the reality TV show. You know the swimmer couple who’s flipped houses. Houses will be bigger periods. How about the YouTube commercials that are like, do you live in Tulsa? We’re looking for an investor like you and Tulsa. We’re looking at like Brooklyn for go get her. Like you don’t think about it. And then they sit down and go, Oh, maybe this is that one lottery ticket that’s going to win. Maybe you got one [inaudible] right. And it’s true. You ever won the lottery last month up in Pennsylvania? Bought that ticket. They wouldn’t have won. So let’s talk about this. I want to end the show here. Kind of a harsh, and you’ve got a quick ending. Um, Bucky, you’ve been to our conference. Absolutely clear. Contrast that to other conferences where upsells was, was it, did you like it? Did you not like it? What was it like?

So the biggest thing that I took away from your conference, it was a two day conference. It started on time. The value of the golden nuggets I could take away that I learned immediately and implement in my business. Right. And then the best part about it, like you mentioned, there was no upsells. It was just packful of just knowledge, great information, information I wasn’t even aware about. And I’m a pretty techie guy and I tried to stay up on top of everything, all the trends. Yeah. But I learned incredible a lot of men for information. Uh, in that two day coffee.

I think people at the end of day one are always like, here comes, here comes the up, sell it. In the end of day one, people feel like it’s coming. At the end of day two people are almost like reluctant to give me a high five or shake my hand cause they’re like, it’s coming. It’s coming. As they’re on the way out there. Like it’s still coming. It’s still coming. It doesn’t get a flyer on my car. Wait, you’ve hurt. Your car’s been March. Subjectively, if you look up the thrive time show conference, we now have the most reviews of any business workshop in the world. Um, and we have it on, where do we have to, we had six 29 as of this morning. Um, and um, it’s, it’s what’s interesting is on iTunes, we have over a thousand on YouTube, we have over a thousand people on video testifying about their experience too.

So in aggregate, in total, there’s well over 3000 when you look at all the different review sources. But what I just want to share is, um, and it’s, it doesn’t make it six 31 now six 31. Okay. It doesn’t make good economic sense for me and my wife sometimes questions my sanity, but we’re building a tribe of people that get it. Yes. And it’s a longer road. It’s a longer road. We turned down a lot more people. But if you wanna attend a conference, um, and you don’t want to get rich quick, you want to get rich sustainably, you don’t want to scam people. You want to offer real value to the marketplace. You want to solve real problems for real people. I’d encourage you to get out to our workshop and if you’re, if you are in a situation where you got to sell your house and it kind of sucks because you fought with your buddy who you’ve been friends with about risk and now you had to sell your house or you going through a divorce, or maybe you have a medical condition that sucks or you inherited a house or you know what you’ve gotten maybe a rental house that just tired of messing with being a landlord and you’d say, you know what, I’m just, turn this to cash and move on.

So check out our good friend. Just go to his website one time, check it out. Just go there. What’s the website again? It’s top dollar home clay top dollar home and just made him, I liked that top dollar home offer. So you’re getting the biggest ROI on an on marketing right now through what Avenue biggest ROI on, it’s basically from our creating the content and using Google reviews. It’s bringing us up so we’ve got reviews and use it in your own. Oh, that’s cool. Cool reviews. You don’t, you can if you guys are dominating that. So that’s good. And that’s, I mean, that’s been in the help of clay. We, that wasn’t an Avenue that we were using before. So what you learned at the conference and what you’ve learned becoming a thriver has propelled you. You’ve gone from X to Y and that jump is significant for you.

It has been. It’s, it’s completely changed our, our focus on the way we were marketing spending dollars anyway. I mean that’s the hardest thing as a business owner is where do I put my advertising dollars? Absolutely. A lot of times people tell me that I make them money by helping them stop buying things that don’t work and, and that that’s good too. We had a lady who came to a conference who’s spending eight grand a month on LinkedIn ads. I put lucky orange on her site, which monitors where traffic comes from. It just tells you specifically this is where they came from and we found there was like four clicks and I’m like, you’re paying eight grand a month for four clicks a month and it a click. Yeah. So we canceled that deal, took about three months to get out of the agreement, but then, um, she’s just killing it now with Google ad words and Facebook and retargeting and she’s a recruiter.

And let me just telling you, these are all examples. If you’re out there today and you feel stuck, go to thrive time, and book your attendance to our next in person workshop. Z. I appreciate you more than, you know, I got to go chase my wife around and you have big things to do. I thank you. I do. I have a brother has a birthday today. I really, Oh yeah. So I’ve got to go, um, um, spank him and happy birthday. Whoa. Hey, real quick, I have an audio clip of this, um, from last year and um, are you prepared for being a knife? Can I play it? I don’t think I can stop you. I haven’t learned yet how to stop you. So it was the audio of the birthday party last year and it got a little kind of tired. Kind of weird when you put on the robe and you came out with the robes and the hoods on in the candles and the incense. I’m going this little [inaudible]

the moment. It’s a serious moment. Thank you sir, ma’am. Another, I’m like, um, can I thank you sir.

These we have to watch. And how old did he turn? He turned 45 today. It’s 44 just let’s, it was bad. Yeah, that could be a lot. I felt bad and I felt the need. I, you told me, he said, please don’t share this with other people. And of course she did. And I know, I’m just asking the listener, it’s about 500,000 listeners, you know, so I just want everyone to promise, only share it with two people. Sure. Can we promise that? Just keep it, keep it tight, keep it tight. And now without any further ado, we’d like to end with the boom. Here we go.

Three, two, one.


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