Calendar Optimization 101 | The Action Steps for Creating Time Freedom

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It requires hard work to start your own business and to create financial freedom, but it’s even more difficult still for most to create time freedom because of the tough emotional human-to-human conversations that must occur. Clay Clark lays out the action steps needed to create time freedom for business owners.

Big wins we are celebrating today!!!!

  1. The Thrivetime Show is now consistently in the top 100 business podcast on the iTunes charts
  2. Huge wins for Thrivetime Show clients
    1. The average GDP for the US economy is approximately 2.9% for Q4 of 2017
    2. The average Thrivetime Show Client is growing at 10-15 times the average company in the US.
  3. Kennon Rymer- we are going to show you how to achieve time freedom

How to create time freedom

  1. Create a new schedule
    1. Actually write in what your new schedule will look like on a calendar.
  2. Step 1 – Add the following items into your weekly schedule:
    1. Hold a weekly group interview
    2. Weekly staff meeting
    3. Block out time every week to view your finances
    4. Daily follow up with your team
      1. Add a video camera with audio – Nest or Arlo cameras
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive” Andy Grove (founder of Intel)
      3. Watch the video and give feedback to make sure the team knows you are watching.
  3. Step 2 – Install video cameras with 2 way audio everywhere!
  4. Step 3 – Install call recording –   
  5. Step 4 – Put GPS on ALL vehicles
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to another business coach edition of its lifetime, show on your radio and podcast download that we have many reasons to celebrate today, start with a wyndham again before we get into answering the questions from a listener by the name of kenan. Who is his office, is located in knoxville knoxville, so again, i, probably a guy who listen to the podcast more so than the radio show, but knoxville tennessee is where he’s going to be where you located he’s been doing business in the knoxville area, but I have 3 real quick wins. I want to celebrate with the with the thrive nation I took the word win in armageddon and you smash them together for a wyndham again in winnemucca I like it. So here are the three business coaching wins I want to. Alright, today, when number one, the thrive time shows, now consistently in the top 100 on itunes itunes charts, they have right now. I was reading the wall street journal article.

That talked about this, but there are hundreds of thousands of people that will start a podcast to four episodes and stop and there’s thousands of people that do podcasts every single day. So tens of thousands there are some estimates. 100000 min, there’s a lot. So what I would say that to you mr. business coach Listener? Is it I appreciate you? Thank you for helping us get into the top 1% of all podcasts on the planet and as we’re growing in the itunes charts, it becomes increasingly important for me to say thank you for finding the thrive time show on itunes and you’re, leaving us an objective review it. So, as always, if you leave us an objective review on itunes I will reciprocate by giving you a free ticket to our next in person thrive time show business conferences, but I want to say yay. You were building this for you and thank you for taking the time to share this with your business coach friends. I cannot begin to thank you again, just like I appreciate you for making this possible there. So many people out there that are benefiting from the show, and it wouldn’t happen if you guys weren’t, sharing this podcast with a friend.

So thank you for doing that. When number to win number to shop, I was looking at the gdp. You know what the gdp is. What like what it actually is, what the number is gross domestic product. Look at the the change, the rate of change for 2018. We put this up on the business coach screen here. I’ll put this up in this. The gdp gdp for the united states before this up here, gdp united states right now is most of the estimates are showing that were sitting there, the 2.9 with a trump economy. Some people are saying that were less than what you look at the official gross gross domestic product right now, except you can put that up here to see cuz of what I looked at yesterday. I was on fox news or show. 2.9% is the official growth rate right now are average business coach client we surveyed this month. We surveyed about three dozen client so36 of our clients that did I personally worked with our coaches are working with in our average client is growing at a rate of about 20% which. If we are growing at a 3% rate, as a country in our average client is growing at a 20% rate, that means we be growing at seven times.

The national rate for the march 2018, according to the bureau of economic analysis,, says 2.9% to .9% 15, clients specifically talk to them, and one of my clients work with full package. Media went from doing just under $5,000 a month of business 18 months ago. To this is their first month doing. $100,000 of sales in the month come on real estate, photography in the gun, from five thousand a month to $100,000 a month in 18 months, tip top k-9 is gone from one location to now having business coach locations in idaho locations in owasso locations in dallas. It’s just celebrate the winds of the diligent business coach clients and doors out there there’s a lot of people that they think are curious about how to have success, but then there’s another rare group that actually applies with their learning and i. Just want to celebrate the winds of our clients. Are there is exciting to see that chuck, the keystone got the key stone harbor, listeners about the keystone harbor folks. They basically took all of the business on the lake keystone lake that they’re on your next. It’s also, they had an awesome new fleet of rental boats at a slide boat, with two slides off the back in a deck the kids can play on jet skis floating restaurant floating bar and got so much going on out there that the guys there competition on the they came by the end of the summer nights at what are you guys doing?

We didn’t do any money and rentals this summer cuz. We came up with no brainers for them to try to help him cut get deal because nobody knew they were there. You know the name of the t-shirt guy in san diego. If you don’t it’s. Okay, oklahoma from the center of the universe, makes it kind of a convenient fun story, but we have people all over the world and they make t-shirts. I mean they’re they’re due t-shirts, they do embroidery. They do the great coming up break out creative right there in san diego said no I want to celebrate the business coach name of kenan reimer, no kennan raymer reached out to us because he wants to take his business to the next level and ken, and this one is for you were excited to help you.

So the question is you have a very successful company? Financially, your do great and I are going okay. Now that it’s I built my core business I want to build a scalable systems so that I can experience financial, freedom and time freedom. You already have got to the financial freedom part. Now you want the time for you and so I appreciate you being curious, I’m going to walk you through the steps. There’s eight steps I want to walk in and through i. Don’t want to get dr. John sibley’s. Take on this as well and before i. Do that can just give you a tapestry the background dr. John, sibley I saw you been at. How long have you been a chiropractor in tulsa over 25 years, and you grew an business coach organization called pinnacle correct, which coached hundreds of chiropractors hundreds of god, and you have been the chiropractor of choice for some of the big-name people on the planet, including wayne, gretzky punk, the best business coach hockey player in the history of the national hockey league amongst other celebrities, and you were the chiropractor of the year in 2000 in oklahoma. What year was that 2018 chelsea teen that feels like now?

Okay, so not only are you do you have a storical data, but your relevant right now so now we proceed so canton here on the steps, if you want to build a scalable business that creates time freedom and financial freedom for you in the area of home, remodeling and new construction. This is what you do. What you got to do it step number one? You got to create your new schedule. You have to sit down today. Do it today and actually get a calendar and write in what your new schedule is going to look like you have to dream. You have to conceive it before you can achieve. If you got to put it on paper, dr. Sibley, why? Why does canon or anybody out there who wants to optimize their life? Why do you actually have to put it into the business coach calendar? Because if it’s not written down, it does not get done preaching troop and there’s always one more patient that wants to be seen. Always one more deal one more opportunity and if you are not referring to her you’re going to want to say yes to everything, because that’s how we became successful is by saying yes, but now you got to have boundaries, so we got to do is get a crate that new repeatable schedule it in that schedule. There are five activities that I want to make sure you put in that schedule. What you got to have a weekly group interview.

I am passionate about this topic, dr. Robert zoellner. He has eight optometrist working for him on my partner at the auto auction. There are many mechanics working there. Many people doing the title work at the haircut business, there’s many employees that cut hair., there’s, hundreds and hundreds and the very, very, at the very base, basic level. The fuel in our business engine is the great people. We don’t have great people, nothing works. Why do we have to interview people every week? I know kittens not pushing back on this, but I’m sure you had some clients in the past that previously pushback. Why do you have to have a set time every single week to interview any new candidates? Well, first of all, people have business coach  life changes right. People, spouses move people decide they want to change, industries things or even to even to really awesome team members. Rights really good business coach person might have aspirations to move to a new town right and he married right and there’s the other people that aren’t your a players that you may be going to have to fire when you catch them doing weird things, and also, if you’re not doing his interview weekly every week, I talked about it a lot, but it’s just like sales. If you run out of anyone to do some work on their home until cannon does home remodeling is that right, I was correct, so if you don’t have any jobs lined up and all the sudden now you like today, I got to find a job to find a real crappy job in the same concept goes for hiring a team members and business coach employees.

You’ve got to be looking every week for those unicorn employees are looking for a job. That’s why every single week on this business podcast every single week, we can hear me talk about one of our show sponsors classic janitorial. These guys are they cleaning service of choice for google, for a dupont for dr. Roberts and associates for our company thrive time show new start for new starter, but yet every week they faithfully advertise on our podcast and every week they land new clients, and you know why cinema who’s listening today, you got to be consistent with your advertising, consistent with recruitment chuck. What’s the website and contact information for the classic clean classic janitorial, you can find a matv classic clean.Com, the classic clean.Com. We can call him at 918-671-2046. I won more times. You can write that down pull over if you’re, writing or something else don’t go crazy. What you want 671-2046, you guys are going to include a deep cleaning of your high traffic flooring area, so tile bell buff that stuff they’re going to shampoo that stuff there for most of the janitorial companies can charge up to $1,000 a month on top of your bill for and they’re going to get free. Would you not right, and so therefore, new business coach client, if you reach out to tell him drive time, show sent you they’re going to include that with your monthly package will be transcribed the listing for getting this? Yes, you said for all nude customers they’re going to come in, but that stuff it’s new and new customer.

What. Do you need to spend your time doing, I’m not going to spend my time cleaning bathrooms now I’m at what, if I had to but I’m, not going to get a design that scheduled put it on the schedule? Every week the group interview second I have a weekly business coach staff meeting. Every week you got to meet with your staff. Some people like to be with her staff daily butt. You’re silly. Why do you huddle with your team on a consistent basis? Why don’t you just let anarchy ensue? We have a staff meeting weekly because we plan and we have strategy and we want in fruit. So we have to keep everybody on the same team. We master. Oh, my gosh. You know we have goals. How are we every week you do this every week, what’s argo? How close are we to argo weird every week, but as a small business owner of this is it? This is not taught in business school. This is not the mets teach so can I’m just telling you have to have a weekly business coach staff meeting. The third thing you have to do every week. If you have a set time to weekly, look at your finances and your business I work is so many remodelers and homebuilders. What’s going on right now is the cost of plywood has literally almost doubled in oklahoma in the past 18 months, and so, if you look at those numbers that wasn’t a gradual increase by the way, all of a sudden, it just bam. Spiked and it’ll happen for a lot of your raw materials.

If you start a big new home construction project, a lot of times you get to the end of the project, the material cost is gone up so much without a lot of profit there and it sounds like you, do a great job of always getting your projects done on time and under budget I just want to make sure there’s enough profit there for you at the end. So you got a schedule weekly time to look at your accounting and your key performance indicators and it every single day as a construction person, you have to schedule daily, follow up with your team. We come back we’ll talk about the importance of daily follow-up calls with your team and construction and now back to the thrivetime shell, on top radio, 1170 drive nation, knoxville, tennessee ken, and what’s going on welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and your podcast download. This one is for you, you are a home builder. Remodeler, your company is profitable. You know what you’re doing you’ve created financial freedom, which is enviable for most people, you’ve achieved the american dream. You you have you own your own business. You have achieved financial business coach success, and now you want to create time. Freedom and I know that the fears gotta be you don’t, to create something then lose it right. I mean if you’re, if you’re self-employed, you’re, probably a little bit of a control freak.

You want to have success, so you manage everything yourself and now you don’t want to lose. You don’t lose touch with the projects as you grow in. This is why the next thing you need to put in your schedule is a daily follow-up call with your team. If you are a contractor, you definitely have to do this so I’m going to tell you the move that worked well for a lot of the construction clients. I work with and I would encourage you to do this. Step 1 chop the nest, camera system that you can buy at lowe’s, you can install those business coach cameras, are about $400 a piece and they have wi-fi verse. True that you can access from your phone. So what you’ll do? Is you require that all of your teammates at every job they go to? They set up a nest camera in the home, they’re working it? This is a powerful move. You tell the customer hate for quality control. We always put video cameras up in all the job sites, while we’re working and that way you as a customer can check in on your phone from work or anywhere. You want you to see. What’s going on and that’s pretty reassuring shop is a customer to know that you’re going to actually film the guys working it’s huge star. They know that you know not of their doing weird things in their house you’re not in there messing around wasting times, ups tracking number example.

Your package is in transit, it’s a very transparent, moving through technology straight also you’re, going to know cannon what your guys are doing. That’s the big deal, every single one of the construction people I worked with everyone and everyone I tell him to do this. Move first, I said:moo number one is install the cameras on the job site, not an existing home, but it’s new construction put the cameras on the job site before you tell the team so put it in there, and then you tell the business coach team guy starting monday I’m, going to be putting camera systems in and I’ll, be filming you guys working and the people that have tons of pushback and they’re upset and I don’t want you to do is go to the scammers in the ones were like. Oh great cool man doesn’t want to or not this game. We talked about this. All the time follow up a lot of people, I work with a lot of people. We work with that thrive time show they have this apprehension to do this type of follow-up. What I tell it all my clients is that listen you’re, a players are going to be excited about this follow-up. This is a chance for them to show you what they’re doing and getting stuff done said. The only the because he said I’m reading his notable quotable andy grove, the founder of intel, says only the paranoid survive right.

You have to absolutely believe that the people are scamming. You know this is where it gets fun and I want you to sit down and watch the video footage of the team and you’re going to discover in the world of construction. People typically are not at the job for at least half the time they say they are and you’re going to have to build a delegate, but you can’t abdicate abdication is where you give somebody an assignment, but you do not follow up right back in the day and the day of kings and queens royalty abdicated, the throne, it meant you gave the throne to somebody else and you left dr. Sibley. You run a tight ship there, it’s still be chiropractic. Okay, can you give baby? Can an example of something you business coach delegate in your office where you don’t do it yourself, but you do follow up to make sure it’s done properly. Well, one of the main things that I do is that I look at the people that made their appointments and the people that didn’t make their appointment. So I have my staff follow-up on the people that didn’t make their appointments and try to find out. What was the reason and our main business coachreason is they forgot and we have another time that they can get in on the same day they are nice, but you, you personally follow up on that. I personally, follow up on that and I make sure it’s done.

We follow up at noon and then we follow up again later. It’s called the pareto principle, but doctor said, was explaining the base. Do you want to spend your 80% of your time doing the things that nobody else can do 80 less than 80% of your time doing the 20% of the things that will move the needle the most? The pareto principle so kidding you need to really think about that and what is your highest and best use of a second step? You need to do after you design that calendar you put those items into the calendar. Is you need to get the video cameras installed everywhere in your office and on the job site so step to video cameras everywhere in your coach? Can give you the specific recommended camera systems but they’re, very, very, very inexpensive there wireless there wifi-connected in the in the in the quality of the image is ridiculously awesome. I mean it’s it’s powerful and they have to wait cameras now, which means that you can install the camera in the office. So you could be observing me if I work for you, the camera would be in the office, so you can watch what I’m doing all the time, but then there is a business coach speaker on it, so you can actually tell me to get back to work while on the beach in florida and I know many of our clients that do this and it is unbelievable. I had a client of ours who she put the camera system in. She goes to lunch to network. She is a network group of executive. They all get together in a picture. Taylor deals mastermind, the mastermind. She goes there and I said. Did you look at the camera?

She just put them in, and she said yes for everyone’s making six figures a year and she said clay. I cannot believe what happened. I said what happened to you? Literally, not a single member of my team worked at all when I was gone and they all complain about me when I was gone and all of them talked about their tips. They were using to fake the number of calls they were making. It say they talked about it. Just how many calls did you make it to go, see how they made like a 50 cause you, but i, don’t have to make a hundred calls a day to yeah. But if you hit this, if you hit the repeat number, it registers is another dial. So what you do village load in the ecology, auto dealer will just show it if you just hang up immediately if the person doesn’t get call, but it’s registered as a ring until I get all my calls done timothy before and she never checks, cuz she’s stupid, and this is what they said about now. Here’s what’s cool about this. Once you realize you have the bad business coach people on your team, you can replace them, but if you don’t know you can’t fix it. I’ve had this exact same thing happened with more than one client I want it. If this is you out, there just know that this is probably going to happen and don’t let it ruin your day, because those are the bad people on your team and you need to find this out. So when they’re talking about.

You just brush it off, don’t worry about it because they’re obviously losers. Absolutely it’s going to happen. The other third movie uninstall call recording cameras for the video recording of her easy to operate. You buy me clothes, but I for the car recording I’d recommend a company called clarity voice. It clarity clarity voice.Com. This works really well in the medical. The street and very well in any industry was like all volume because it shows a pie chart on the screen scoreboard. How many minutes each representative has been on the phone in comparison to the other business coach representatives, so it just shows you a bar graph of who’s, been on the phone and who hasn’t and can, and you can barge into the call from anywhere so which way from your phone right now. You could click a link and listen to what’s being said on the phone. Let me tell you what that’s going to cut down on all of the jackass 3, but if you want to delegate and you’re not going to use this technology, that’s going to involve you going to the office all the time and showing up at every job site.

These are game-changing technologies that move number for. You got to put a gps on all of the vehicles cuz. You have. Contractors are rolling around in your business coach work, trucks and you have to make sure they’re actually going to the job site and it was a general rule. They’re, probably not I promise we’re going to be teaching how to what is effective business coach construction and remodeling business stay 2


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