Call Scripting 101

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Have you ever wondered how to create a sales call script that your team can actually follow? During this best business coach training Clay teaches the specific steps that you need to take to write a sales scripts that work.

Call Scripting 101 –

  1. Rapport (Script out 5 questions) – Rule of conversational generosity. They talk 70% of the time and you talk 30%.
    1. 2 Goals
      1. Goal 1 – Make the other person like you
      2. Goal 2 – Make the other person trust you
  2. Needs (Script out 5 questions)
    1. By asking needs based questions the caller is telling you exactly what they want without realizing that they are telling you.  
    2. Goal of the needs is you have to find the problems that your ideal and likely has that you can solve.
    3. People buy for 2 reasons
      1. Eleviate a pain.
      2. Achieve a gain.
  3. Benefits (Script out 3 benefits)
    1. How you solve problems for your ideal and likely buyers supported by a fact.
    2. BOOK – Soft Selling in a Hard World: Plain Talk on the Art of Persuasion – Jerry Vass
  4. Close (Script out 5 closing questions)
  5. Isolate and Overcome Objections (Script out 5 questions)
  6. Create final formalized script
  7. Create documented best-practice recorded calls
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Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the challenge, but thrivetime best business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at thrive time show.Com need a marketing firm. Our business coach program offers better and faster results for half the cost of any other marketing firm, learn more at thrive time. Show.Com cost of any marketing firm by 50% seems like a large number. It seems like also a number like an unbelievable number like you can’t believe it and I’ll tell you how we do it. The marketing firm, the team that we have here at drivetime show.Com is not a team. We was symbol just for you, the customer, it’s the same team that we use for my businesses for doctors, these businesses, and so they already work for us full time. So we haven’t hired people uniquely just for you that our team, so you get to come, use our team of video ographer photographers web developers, copyright, graphic designers they’re all there for you all those different disciplines and one of the things that we do at our own businesses. As we answer phones, we have a call center because we at the call center is kind of like the nerve center for some of our businesses and so for coaching clients. We lot of times will partition out a few hours to prove the scripts for other people to test the scripts of other clients, and so you might have a script that you’ve written that you feel really really good about. But you don’t have the emotional fortitude needed to test it. I mean you might not have the emotional fortitude to test your own script. I mean the very thought of getting rejection and rejected repeatedly from people. So much for this is just too much to handle, so they don’t want to actually write a script and then make outbound calls using it. So we’ll actually test it for you. We do this for a lot of clients, but before we can test the script next mrt make calls on your behalf. We have to write a script so trip we’re going to go through the 8 steps to making an effective call script.

This is I’m excited about this, because we have a lot of mentors that have expertise in all types of business, fields clay and what I’ve learned from you and what I’ve watched you do as far as sales goes. This is like this is so valuable and it’s just free as a free, best business coach podcast. Listen to so buckle up. Okay, so here we go here is the first. The first step you got to write down five rapport-building questions, I’m, not talking about ideas, concepts or principles. You have to write down five specific rapport-building questions, so when the person immediately makes contact by the way sales is a contact, sport want to do make contact with the other party. You have to know specifically what to say, and if you go to the drive time show workshops we play you actual audio clip, so you can hear scripts in action, but we skipped out 5 or building question if it’s an inbound script. Okay, is example of a time if you answer the phone for any kind of company at all the first question you’re going to get or one of the first few questions you’re going to get from the person calling you is, how much do you charge? So what you do is you say thank you for calling the hub jim. This is the amazing clay clark. How can I make your day great and the good the caller says? Why would you guys charge and then he would say you know, that’s a great question. I’ll. Let me ask you:how did you first hear about us? One second question you’d say well i. We have a lot of different packages and so I make sure I find the right package for you. If all gyms did charge the same price. What are you really looking for out of the gym and rockwell? Don’t turn the same price. I. Probably look for I like to be clean.

Do you guys have a sauna? Do you guys have cleaned the city is open 24/7. You know stuff like that right and then you say:okay, okay and then let me ask you this:do you work out? I mean? Is it was like a daily thing, or is it maybe three times a week, I mean tell me your current fitness routine. They tell you that you’d say tell me what about your goals this year and you have that 5 rapport-building questioning report you’re having conversation you’re, letting the other person talk your person at the end of your rapport-building questions. There are two goals that you want to have. There are two goals of your rapport-building questions. Again, two goals of the rapport-building questions. Whatever one is for the person to like you. Do you want the other person other than the phone to like you, because they’d realize that you’re listening, which means that they need to be talkin 70% of the time? And you only get to talk 30% of the time, because the law of best business coach conversation of generosity states that you cannot talk more than 30% of the time. I. Don’t like that, roll? Okay, fine! You want a machine gun people. This is clay. I could help you yeah,. How much do you charge well play? We offer this offer that we offer click, so they must like you and they must trust. You and I can only happen as a result of you asking them thought-provoking questions and observing the conversational. The rule, conversational generosity with the other party talks 70% of the time that the second part is you have to establish their needs for the need. You want to scrap that at least five questions, and because we have luke owen’s with the hub gym on the show.

Today is a special cast. Look:what are the kinds of needs people have when they are looking for a gym, so amazing seem obvious amazing revolutionary. But what are the? What are some typical needs that people have when they’re looking for a new gym? Do you offer personal training? Are you open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Those sorts of questions. Do you have treadmills? Do you have a swimming pool, those type of things, and why is it important that you you, as the hub gym, are asking people these questions over the phone before you quote a price? Well, because you need to identify what their needs are to see if you’re a good fit for them, and and yes, you don’t waste your time, it’s a good fit for you. You want to be a good fit for us and one thing to do to find these needs at the point of these question. Is the person is telling you exactly what they want without them, realizing that they’re telling you that I know? If you don’t script, your calls. You can’t scale, because if you are the business owner and I bought easy and every every conversation, two different cuz you’re, my industry, every college, different, that’s cool, but the gold. The same system is every calls different. What you’re going to want to do is work like every hour of the day and make sure you answer every freaking phone call it. What you want to do is you want to find somebody who’s willing to shadow you as the best business coach for like 3 or 4 years, and it completely suck at their job why they learn through osmosis, because you are correct. If that’s what you choose to be leave the mindset that you’re the only freaking won the history of the plan that ever going to learn your system, then that’s the hell you’re going to die on what, when you do hard things like it easier home, skillet i, hear you say this I hear you say this is not bad students, there’s bad teachers, not bad questions, bad teachers and some people, we conquer all the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, who wants manage 40,000 employees and 1 million customers a week he wants said he wants said. This is what he said. He said when you do hard things. Life gets easier. You’ve got to sit down and write it I write a script. Writing write a script. It’s going to take you a long time ago. Look what is just come inside the studio, marshall morris celtics would of ate the business coach author extraordinaire with a pinstripe see if you can adjust his is microphone. Heights can get marshall on this segment.

I mean I cuz right now they make a reverse ladder. Do they make something that makes you shorter? You could smoke, you could smoke if you take up smoking, isn’t smoking a stunt? Your growth at some point, i, don’t know if that’s a thing, but we’re glad mike marshalls morris, mike nice and tell us we can hop on with us now. The third step is, you want to build a script out the benefits and you got to make sure that all of your benefits are supported by facts now getting going back to needs, but golden needs-based questions as to find a gap between where the perdida prospect, yes and where they want to be trouble. You got to find with the need. You have to find the problems that the ideal unlikely buyers have, and you have to go to show them how you can solve them again, but the goal of rapport is to make the other person like you, try to make the other person trust you. The best business coach goal that needs, though, is to find a gap between where the prospect is and where they want to be. If you’re not getting the doing this right, you got to find the problems that you can solve and check. My want to put that on the show. Not the goal of the needs is you have to find the problems that the ideal unlikely by your house that you can solve? You got to find the problems that you can. Salt you’ve got to find a gap between where they are where they want to be. If you just quote, prices you’re going to lose marshall need to help clients build scripts. All the time for expressed a bushing needs, walk us through where a lot of clients get this wrong. People only buy for two reasons they either by to alleviate the pain come on out or to achieve a game. These are the only two recent come on repeat it again:they to alleviate a pain or to achieve the game until you have to identify that for them, because they’re not maybe articulating that to you immediately once you get on to that call, so you got to ask him the questions to identify that for them. Marcel like what a time and just looking at a blank sheet of paper and I’m like i, just i, don’t even like an hour to start and I’m, just like it’s just like I’m so hard to start. What should you turn the paper inside on or how do you start so so this is what you got to do. You got to ask a question on a scale of 1 to 10. How happy are you with your current provider? Are you with your current lawn or you with your current overall look, your current jim to your all, the record of endorsing you have to ask a question on a scale of 1 to 10. How happy are you currently with whatever, whatever, with 10 being the highest? What I mean? How happy are you with your current fitness level? That’s right with something your current hair cutter, your current haircut on a scale of one to do it.

Now we move on to benefits, benefits. You have to supply three benefits, supported by a fact marshall. Why do you want what what is a benefit? What what it? What is? Okay, there’s a there’s, a very distinguished book called soft selling and a hard worker. Tell me again. What is soft selling in a hard world by jerry bass and socks off selling in a hard world by jerry, that the difference between a benefit in a feature is a feature, will describe your product or service with wisdom are doing a benefit of benefit in a feature. Feature describes, okay, it described whatever it is that you’re doing so all this car goes this fast or this widget spins. Let me try, let me see if I can do it is beautiful is beautiful is what a benefit is. That’s a benefit feature. This feature alta feature:can you describe it? It’s a statement of fact:ok of benefit, describes the value that the customer receives for having use your service guy in front of your store, sex cells and people will start to show up and large amount because they want his body. That’s all that’s a benefit and the fact that’s what that’s one of those. So you have to show the customer. How is it that you’re bridging the gap? How are you helping them solve the need? How are you helping them achieve the gain alleviate the pain? What is the benefit to the customer because they don’t care? Okay, the customer doesn’t care that it’s been that this be, but they do care about getting from point a to point z, faster problem for your ideal and likely buyer supported by a fact, yeah. You got to use the law of credibility now a lot of people were they get that wrong that they will say a swear. It’s like bill’s, blog, okay and bill’s blog. Isn’t that credible? Okay, it’s it’s my uncle bill and he doesn’t have a best business coach icredible background in fitness or selling cars. The benefits for somebody out there. That has like a siding company-let’s say some summers out there.

Listening weave lot of people in different markets are on the world who have reached out to us, have a siding company. They install siding for homes and maybe you’re one of those people and you’re, just trying to say hey. How do I write benefits for my business, or maybe you own, a gym like luke or maybe you’re, a cosmetic surgeon? We come back we’re going to break down how to specifically right benefits for a siding company. Writing a sales script as apps critical. If you want to descale your stuff, you want to stay small and you want to work all the time and you never want to have time for them, and you really don’t even need to listen, because all we’re talking about is how to build a scalable sales system. When we return it’s about time showing want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at thrivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. The people go wild when they know they can live in a van down by the river jump. If they want to beach property, my man podcast. They have i, never been to jenks oklahoma and there’s a great reason for that one. It’s an oklahoma to our the sod farm capital of the world. 3, there’s really not a lot that you would travel to oklahoma for, except for our in-person workshop. So let me tell you on the things that are to do when you get to tulsa. When you do get the tulsa, we have an outdoor three-story golf facility called the flying to eat within walking distance of our building. It’s like I said she like what a half a block away. It’s right next door to our best business coach building. Then we have the riverwalk dining. There’s nice restaurants right there, then, if you were across the river or you drive across the river, it takes like a mile or two miles away:there’s the largest casino and lodge across here. If there’s a great there’s, a great concert hall right there and there’s sod farms within 10 miles and that’s what we have for you and so thrive nation now.

We move on back into our conversation about how do I make a sales script. How do I do it? Well, if you’re just now tuning back in step, one you want to scriptown five questions:5 rapport-building questions example of a script that works. We would be happy to send one to you, but I think most people are more affected when they come to our actual in-person workshops and we role play with you there. So if you would like to receive such a a script, just email it to info at thrive time, show., will send it to you if you want to scrub top 5 needs-based questions. Third, you want to script out. Three benefits. Benefits are basically it’s where it’s a solution. That’s how you solve a best business coach problem and took want to put this on the show not to tell you solve problems for your ideal unlikely buyers, supported by a fact that would have been. If it is it’s how you solve problems for your ideal, unlikely buyers, supported by a fact how you solve problems for your ideal and likely buyers supported by facts, I’m going to give you three benefits if you own a gym in your listening. So if you, the hope gym, is in downtown broken arrow right there, a luke, that’s correct and I’m spitballing, because I’m not going to have this written down in front of me, but I’m going to go and give you an example there of what benefit for some descriptive look like if I was writing a script for the hub and I would document this and write it down.

But here we go I take based on what you told me:that’s the transition from the needs question to the benefit. They, based upon what you told me, I believe the hub would be a great fit and there’s three reasons why what we have the best pricing in broken arrow. In fact, our first month is just how much luke only $1 after that each month is only $29 and you can cancel at notice at the hub gym. We will get you the results, you’re looking for, in fact we have tons of before and after photos on our website. Are you in front of a computer? If you want to go to what.Com the hub, gym.Com gym.Com, you click on the testimonials button you can see before and after photos of great people. Just like you, sir. We offer cutting edge workout equipment and technology, which is why we schedule a free tour and your first month is only $1 I’d like to go to schedule a one-on-one consultation tour with you, and then you go to the clothes. That’s it everything I said was supported by a fact. The more so, let’s do the same thing for the thrive time show business coach program I’m in full, based upon what you told me. I believe that the thrive time show business coach program can help you in five ways. So you’ll go with the benefits of bored with the fact check will do a benefits where to buy fact, they’ll go to me we’ll go round and round round and around the horn. Here we go. Let’s go to benefits where to buy that we use the edutainment approach, so it is going to be entertaining and educational. So the journal of american psychology said that the cognitive load theory says that humans can’t engage with a piece of content. They can’t learn unless you’re enjoying it, while you’re actually learning until we make it fun and practical at the same time, so boring college experience. You have fun along the way and you won’t want to take a nail gun to your head at the same time. Cuz you’ll be remembering it enjoying it as a best business coach experiencing it because we teach differently.

What is a benefit of thriveTime show best business coach programs supported by facts of one of the things that a lot of the other in a business coaches are programs out there do is a they don’t support anything that they’re actually doing, and when we show you as there’s a proven system in it it it goes across. Industry right doesn’t matter from an auto auction to a coaching program to a thoroughbred horse ranch to a durable medical goods. We use the same hiring system, for example at every single business, and when you come down for a conference, you can actually see these systems in process. Let me just fly off a blasty blast of benefits, so there’s a benefit for you, one for less money that would cost you to hire even one employee for $8.25 our we give you the graphic designers, photographers video, ographer, search, optimizers, copywriters, branders everything you could possibly need to grow your business. In fact, if you paid someone $8.45 per hour for 40 hours a week, * 4.3 weeks, that would come out to $1,419, if you didn’t pay taxes and stew, keep you out of jail. I would encourage you to pay taxes. If you didn’t pay taxes, you would take on top of that typically 1.3. You can come out to it. $1,844.70 in our program cost less than that. The next benefit we have is that we meet with you every week. So you only have to take one hour out of your business to work on your business and the rest of the week. You can work in your business, so you, like it 1 hour week, out of your business work so well by the tulsa, oilers and barbie cookies and total lending concepts, and he would packard and maytag and o’reilly’s and ups. And if you go to drivetime.Com and click on testimonials, you can see david the head of ups canada talking about her system or you can see videos online of maytag university or you can read about us in forbes another example of people that they have a good time and it’s included with the one on one business coaching. In fact, we are the highest reviewed business coaching program on the planet.

We were 550 reviews on itunes its 5:40 today, 540 ish, wheel or 340 reviews on google. Let me have over 500 reviews on youtube youtube videos, marshall, it’s hard to fake youtube reviews yeah. It’s really hate hard to fake, all of them up there optimize with real best business coach people with real businesses with real website and now the next to final steps of making effective call script. You have to go ahead and script out. The five closing question example:if you just email us the info at thrivetime, show.Com the script out what to say to call to action to set the appointment, then step 5 script out all the objections that people ask. Could you get asked the same question over and over and over after you done that you want to create a final script format where it’s formalized? It’s done. It’s like this is the system. This is how it works. It’s going to work. This is what we use every single time. This is not a rough draft hear this. What we use her crate recorded best practice. Videos like where you can show people do in the process or audio recordings of over the phone sales, and that is how you make a sales script. We come back or talk about developing your story and why that matters as a self-employed person, who’s trying to sell things to your ideal and like levi’s


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