Call, Text and Email Them All Until They Cry, Buy or Die | The 2020 New Rules of Calling Your Leads and Cold-Calling

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The founders of,, and America’s #1 business coach Clay Clark break-down the 2020 new rules for calling your leads and cold-calling.

NOTES: “I have been listening to your podcast for some time now.  I hear you talk about cold calling, which I do.  My question for you is, to leave a voicemail or to not? I personally cold call interior designers which are mostly sole proprietor type businesses. As it turns out most don’t subscribe to answering their phones on a regular basis.  I will say that I have left voicemails mostly with follow up calls with no luck of actually talking to most of them. And have never ever have had a call back. I’m sure some of it comes down to me and how may I sound on the voicemail (talking too fast, maybe saying Uum too much ect.).Im am working on that.  But still is it beneficial to leave one or just keep calling until I get a live person? Any advice would be much appreciated!!” 

2020 Practical Rules for Cold-Calling:

  1. Text Message Killed Voicemails (Video Killed the Radio Star)
  2. People Don’t Answer Numbers They Don’t Know
  3. WUPHF – 
    1. Text
    2. Call
    3. Email
  4. Call Them All Until They Cry Buy or Die


What is the Most Affordable Kind of Business to Start?

“If someone were looking to start a business:

  1. Which businesses are best to start? I would think a service business with low capital costs and repeat customers, like a grooming lounge. Others?
  2. Which businesses are most “searchable”? By that I mean, for which services do most people find businesses on google. For example, I would be more likely to google “nearest coffee shop” but a babysitter would rely more on word of mouth.” – Dr. Tim 

Concept #1 – Find a problem that you can solve that people are willing to pay for.

Concept #2 – How to Get Rich:

  1. Do something nobody else is willing to do (crime scene cleanup, carpet cleaning, cleaning houses, cutting hair etc.)
  2. Do something amazing that nobody else can do (Colton Dixon, Lebron James, Ryan Tedder, etc.) 
  3. Do something vastly better than your competition – 3 x (in 3 years) – 4 x (in 2.5 years) – 10 x – 2 x

Ask Clay Anything – 

  1. How is it possible to install HTTPS encryption to the site, as it is not explained in the book. – As during call with Julea` she told me to ask it here so as Clay could meticulously explain it. 
  2. Meta keywords are words that should be in the HTML on the page to tell the search engine about the page? But if it is a true, how the search engine understand what are keywords essentially? Or you type it in specific column with definition :”Meta keywords”
    1. Install the YOAST Plug-in
    2. HTML Sitemap – 
    3. XML Sitemap – Extensible Markup Language is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. 
  3. 1000 words per page. I got that every page on the site should have it, but, maybe a silly question, I cannot fully grasp where to write these words on the site? 
  4. In the book there is mentioned that you buy your permalink (or as far as I understand domain) on and don’t create it on your own, yes?
  5. In the BOOM Book it was written that you should you use Lucky orange instead of Google analytics (in Russia we have Yandex metrics- some kind of copycat from the very famous company). But why?
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