Called In Sick Because…(How to Manage People That Pretend to Be Sick and Dealing with Epic Growth)

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The Colaw Fitness founders join us to discuss how to manage people that pretend to be sick and dealing with epic growth.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1.Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream … A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

– Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple, the founder of NeXT and the former CEO of PIXAR) 

ACTION STEP: Identify your C players today and make a plan to replace them as soon as possible.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire A-players. You simply cannot afford to employ the B and C players who will plague your business with chronic lateness, life issues, missed deadlines and personal problems.” – CLAY CLARK

FUN FACT – “75% of employees are stealing from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” – CBS News / U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

FUN FACT – “85% of job applicants lie on resumes.” – Inc. Magazine – 


In an article published by NY Times Best-Selling Author Ken Blanchard, a large survey of 1,300 private-sector companies conducted by Proudfoot Consulting, found that on average only 59% of work time is productive.


An article published by the Harvard Business Review reported that more employees quit their jobs than were terminated, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 3-month research


In Newsweek’scover story entitled “iCrazy”, it was revealed that one-quarter of employees who use the internet during work visit porn sites. In fact, hits to porn sites are highest during office hours than at any other time of day.


In an annual Gallup poll survey, the surveyors found that 53% of employees are not engaged. This means they are not cognitively or emotionally connected to their work or workplace.” 

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Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

See on today’s show. I’m, I’m just a little bit, a little bit a little bit one. Well I’m a little bit curious to get your feedback on this topics. I think it’s going to blow your mind. Have you ever been just a little bit before cause you know, usually you’re at least shmedium bit maybe sometimes large. Okay. What I just said was entirely intellectually dishonest. I am very, very, very excited to get your take on this on Twitter. I want all the listeners out there who are aware of how Twitter works to look for the hashtag I called in sick because, Oh, this is a, a and Z I, this is how you get here. If you go, you can look at it there on your computer. Maybe Andrew can help you get there. It’s, I called in sick because that’s the hashtag on Twitter.

Andrew can help you find it. And this is a growing trend that is absolutely viral right now where people are posting on Twitter. The reason why they said they can’t come to work if it is not true. So they are posting the not true thing they said today to get to call in from ah, to get not go to work. So I’m gonna read them to you and then as I read them too, at any point when your head explodes, I would like for you to break down for me if you are shocked or so you’re kind of John Madden on the play by play. I’m just reading them to you. Okay, so here we go. Teacher version five kids sneezed in my face, two vomited, 20 coughed on me. 27 need to be reminded to flush and wash hands. This is a teacher, why they called in sick.

Okay. The next was I was too busy streaming this fan camp. The next one I got a bad case of the bread head. The next one was my pet bunny got mad. The next one was I was at the beach. The next one was, today’s been a great day because I called in sick. The next one was because calling into happy for people to F up seemed too on the nose. I don’t get it, what it says, because calling in to happy for people to F it up seem too on the nose. I broke the alarm clock. I developed our GS due to the patriarchy due to massive overexposure. I had a blank appointment. I was really sick, but I had to lie and I say it says to say that. So I said I had the flu because depression isn’t a real illness in our capitalistic production only machine.

I think that’s a good one where we should stop. I was sick but I had to lie and say I had the flu because depression isn’t a real illness in our capitalistic production only machine. Wow. could you, what are your, are you shocked by this dr Robert Zellner? No, I mean we, you know, we have studies that we can link to the show that show that. But when I had to go about three out of four people do not like where they work. So the cow, and if you don’t like where you work, you’re going to make excuses. You’re going to try to not go there. And that’s just the way it is. I mean, so Gallup reports that 70% of people hate, hate their jobs. Wow. 70% hate, hate. Now, if you hate your job and you’re listening to this show, but you, by the way, you picked the wrong show.

But if you do hate your job would encourage you to quit. But nothing’s worse than somebody who has the courage to, but not the courage to quit. So will you say that again? Wow. Nothing is worse than somebody who has the courage to bitch, but not the courage to quit. So I will do an example. There’s one of our former employees who is listening to the show right now and you know who you are because you’re having a good time right now on Reddit. And so I’d like to just call you out individually and you know who you are. I’m not gonna mention your name because you would only do that kind of thing, but I would not, I would just mention the situation, but you had mentioned my name and a Reddit thread and that’s fine, but this particular guy came to work, did a great job at the group interview.

Really nailed it. Great job, great job shadowing, going beyond great job shadowing. Sure. That’s why I went. Then he turns to Daisy. You know who you are by the way. He turns to Daisy and says, it’s just like this job is terrible. I mean, do you guys ever think you’re getting taken advantage of? And a Daisy said, no, I’ve been here three years. It’s my favorite job of all time. I make more than I’ve ever made at a job before. But clay mix, you read all these books and is he paying you for the books we have to read? She goes, no, there’s suggestions. You need to read these management books like winning Jack Welch if you want to become a manager, best book ever. If you want to become a manager, you have to read a management book and if you don’t, you don’t have to.

Right. Well does he pay you when you come in early? No, cause I don’t have to come in early, but I want to come in early so I can learn more. I don’t clock in. I’m just reading these books that I want to read. Right. But does he pay you extra when you shadow? I’ve chosen to shadow on my day off from time to time to learn new skills. Because I previously did not know these skills and now I know them. Yeah, but does any, did this with every person he could within like an eight hour span of being hired, what do you think you’ve drunk three hours in. Daisy says, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but this guy is complaining. It’s completely thrown. Just started. Yeah. And then another person came to me and another person came to me and another person came to me. So I went up to him and I said, Hey, I understand that you’ve told multiple people you don’t like to be here. He said, no, no. I like being here. I just think the culture needs to change.

Good luck. So I talked to the guy who previously was working at a dead end job because he is a dead end, and I said, so you can quit. He’s like, no, no, I don’t want to quit. I’m just telling you the culture needs to change. Yeah. Culture needs to change. I don’t understand this mindset now. Again, 85% of employees, I’m putting it on the today show notes. 85% of employees lie on their resumes. Oh yeah, it’s a thing. And 75% of employees are stealing from the workplace. According to the CBS news and us chamber report. I’m putting links to all of this. Yeah. 41% of employees, according to the New York times, are now spending their day not working. 41% of the average employee’s day is spent not working according to the New York times research published by Ken Blanchard and 1300 private sector companies. I wonder if that includes all the people that call in sick hashtag I called in sick because now I believe not the Harvard business review says this.

They re they reported this year that more people have quit a job than were fired. Okay. 25% of employees spend their day looking at adult content. 25% of employees looking at adult continent work every single day? No. There’s an article called I crazy. It’s a, it’s a put up by news week. It’s a, it’s the cover story. The reports that a quarter that one quarter of employees who use the internet during the Workday look at porn at work. One quarter I and the highest has have like a filter or something. Well, they have their own wifi now. The highest number of hits to porn sites is now during the work day. The highest number is during the Workday and Starbucks had to ban the website PornHub from its servers. A of small business owners don’t know how to do this. They had to ban it because that was the number one site that was visited during the Workday consistently.

Now, Gallup is showing that 53% of employees are not engaged and over 15% are actively disengaged, which means they’re actually trying to sabotage the business. So what I would like to do is we have real entrepreneurs on the show. We have a young man by the name of Nick here. It’s an I, C, H. Z. He manages people. The, the Z is silent in his name. It’s N, I, N. I, C, H. Z. If you can have a Z, Z is silent in the middle after it. So Nick, you, you manage people and we have a lot of great people at elephant in the room. But I want to tee up this unique opportunity for you to askZ any management question you have ever had or will ever have because you, dr Z are the number one manager I’ve ever seen. And you could say there’s a lot of things you do well.

There’s a lot of things you do what you do. You see, we could focus on marketing. We could focus on sales, we can focus, but you manage, you have somebody who on your team full time who manages your finances. Is that true, dr Z? Yes. But you manage that relationship. You make sure it gets done well. Sure. Yes. You don’t just abdicate. No, of course not. You have assistants that help you personal assistants with your daily needs, but you manage that relationship. Absolutely. You have qualified managers and partners who run companies for you, but you manage that relationship. Correct. I believe of everyone I’ve ever met. You are the number one manager I’ve ever met in the only rip I have on you. Got, I’ve interviewed a lot of successful people. The only reply have on you at all is that I might’ve Patriots fan.

The thing about is just, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a brain flaw. It’s not your fault. I was dropped and I was a child. So here’s the deal. The only, I’m the only sear critique I have about doctors’ Eleanor. I’ve never, I’ve never shared with the shared with this shared you with you about this on the show is that you started the wrong industry. I did because if you would’ve started a tech startup, then you could have scaled without having to actually interact with people and having as many employees cause optometry, you have to have real employees. Yes, you do interact with real patients and real glasses and at the auto auction you have to sell cars to real dealers and clean real cars are tangible things at the bank. You have to sell people on the concept of depositing money at your real bank that you’ve invested in.

I mean there’s a real things is a real thing. Yeah. If you would’ve made an app that could have scaled, then you would, Oh, just that. If I could have met, if I only critique, I would just say that you are an Epic failure by the standards. You’re not a silicone Valley guy, but seriously, with your management skills applied to a silicone Valley business, it would be $1 billion valuation. What did I start it off? It was so long ago, but there was, I don’t thing I’ll add you on the phone. You listen. Listen, you were born at the wrong time and for that I blame you. Did I miss you? I was dropped on my head when I was a child. The whole thing’s bad. So now Nick, you can ask dr Robert Zellner, a man who buy I’m net worth by success by any standard is doing well.

Any management question possible and I will just, I’m going to be like the referee. Yeah. So you’re going to serve it up to him cause he’s like a nice tennis kind of Wimbledon’s match. I got a Wimbledon match, but I’m like McEnroe and I’m not competing. I’m just mad at the racket Wimbledon because we’re both not all in white. We’ve got to be like the French open for the open open or is there a way out of his way or see man, we’re on clay. Well this looks like semen. So somebody is whacking a tennis ball back and forth. Gonna hit the question to Z. He hits it back and I’m going to be coming, Steffi Graf willing, I’ll kind of grunt and then I’ll do McEnroe things where I freak out occasionally to keep it interesting. Okay, so question number one, what do you have for doctors, you about managing people? All right, Z. So you’re ma, you’re managing a group of people and

It’s best to have a one-on-one or meeting at some point in time. And when is the best time, say a month, a week, a day? When do you get together with your team to help figure out like what needs to happen to change the atmosphere to change anything negative.

So there is something I’ve, I’ve picked up on that’s negative or you’re saying that I’ve already perceived something that needs to be changed immediately. Okay. If not sooner. Right? Whenever you see, whenever you shoot an arrow, and even at the beginning, if you’re just a degree off and you have to shoot it a long ways, by the time it gets to the target, it’s going to be off many, many degrees. So the quicker you can stop that arrow and get it realigned back onto the target. Same thing with the team that your, that your that’s underneath you that you’re managing. Yeah. Whenever you see some that Ascension, I remember, I remember back in the old school way we used to do it. This is the old school way. Okay.

Nice old school, old way. I was

1984. Okay. I was a camp counselor at camp Taka, Toca of Y YMCA camp at Fort Gibson. Okay. And I was in charge of the 10 year old boy cabin and so these kids came in from all different, you know, ethnic groups from all different socioeconomical groups. And so I had one boy show up and he had butlers unloading his, his trunks. Right. I had another boy showing up that, I mean he rode the bus and didn’t hardly bring any clothes. So anyway, we had the whole spectrum and it was a hot mess inside my cabin. And I thought I’ve got dissension right off the bat. I’m trying to manage this little group right here. So you know what? I loaded him up and did I loaded them up, marched him deep into the woods. We had a camp out. Nice. Oh yeah. And in that camp out, we had a lot of adversity.

We had a lot of potentials. I mean, we were out in the middle of nowhere. And this is the noise going on. You had a little campfire and when they were, I wouldn’t say scared, but they were on high alert, high alert, high alert. Take 10 year old boys tape, you know, city boys deep into the woods, right? I mean, I knew where we were. I knew we were safe, but I was going to tell them that. Right? Every little noise you’re hurt. I was like, Oh my gosh. That could be, no, it wouldn’t be. It’s a mountain lion. I don’t know what ties that what? Yeah. Oh yeah. Well no, we didn’t. That boy didn’t die last session. That was just a mall. You kids, Hey, he’s got the smores, he’s got the marshmallows. So anyway, what I found is that one of the ways you can bring a group together, let’s do adversity.

And so I’m not sure you can March your team out deep in the woods and scare them over making smores. But it is a move. And, and w when we came marching back, they were tighter. They were closer. We had a great rest of the two weeks. They learn how to work together as a team. They learned that you got to have their back to have his back and all that, all that just went out the window. I mean just came down to pure survival. And maybe sometimes when you have a group like that you get them down to pure survival of whatever, whatever they’re doing. You know, I can’t believe I haven’t had any John McEnroe yet cause I know he’s, these posted up

Real quick. I want to, I want to make sure that the listeners know if this is a serious issue that will fall to your, the question was two weeks hard enough for this whole hog and I’ve got an audio clip here of, of mr McEnroe who had a few comments I want to share. He just had a few things he wanted to share here. I know we couldn’t get through asking, you shall receive. Here we go.

It’s going to happen. It was Chuck Kim. Chuck always flies [inaudible]. You can’t be serious, man. You cannot be serious on the line. Blew clearly it. How can you possibly call that out? How many you can, he’s walking over. Everyone knows it’s in his whole stadium. Then you wrap that up fall because the ball was good size. Just getting warmed up on it. The very fact that that is a spread of chalk, as you can see when mr Mackie.

So really I’ve been doing a poor job. I need to do, let me try again here. Okay,

So our next question will be served up by Nick, spelled with a Z, but the, say you decided, what’s your next management question for doctors down and don’t make it weak

And where are we? Questions? Okay. Deal. Save, play. So you’ve got an entire team. Okay. You’re managing them, you’ve motivated them, and there’s that single laggard and they’re falling behind. Yeah. And they’re dragging the rest of the team back down. Yeah, right. Oh yeah. You’ve already talked to them. Hey, we gotta get this back up. You kinda just give them a little little pet, but it keeps happening over and over and over. Oh, what do you mean? Yeah. And they’re good, but you can’t, you don’t, can’t, you can’t get rid of them yet. You, they, you know, you one more chance. What do you,

What do you mean? What do you mean me? They’re good. They’re good. They’re good,

Bad. They’re just kind of sour, you know? Then what happens? What do you do with that person? Yeah. Are you tired of putting up with it?

When they’re good, they’re good. When they’re bad, you’re tired of putting up, getting, it’s getting tiring. It’s, what are you tired of putting up? A little tiring. It is. Let me tell you, this is all time. This is, this is how tiring it is. This is how,


Is that Stephanie graph?

I think you did her sound [inaudible].

Wow, that’s impressive. Is that, that’s a real


Oh shit. Look, you could get a little more energy. They say by, by pressing that diaphragm. And that’s how you do it by making the noise. [inaudible] And I’m sure colo fitness, they probably right. You guys probably do the same thing sometimes on a, on a move they can release a sound that can help get that last right made five kids


Right. I mean there is something about that now. Okay. Now back back to back to your question and here’s, here’s the bottom line. I get asked that question. Yeah, it’s one of the top 10 if not top five questions. I get asked all the time. All the time. It’s a pretty good dude. Pretty good gal. They’re spot on. You know sometimes Antonio Brown maybe. But if anyone’s going to be lagging, if anyone’s going to be fussed and if it was going to be complaining, if anybody is going to be late, if anybody’s going to be awkwardly early but they’re not early but they make a big deal. I mean that’s that person. It’s always that person on your team. Right? There we go. They’re there. They’ve got that spot locked down. Here we go. And the question I asked you as the manager of that team, right, right.

Are you done with their jackass? Re cause until you are, you’ll find a way to put up with it. Right. You’ll find a way to normalize it. You’ll find a way to even defend it because your other team members will look at you and say, where’s Jim? Where’s Carl? What you guys find is if you had a client, okay, so you had one of your employees right at your optometry clinic. Okay. Okay. And you’re S w if you work at the optometry clinic, my wife works for you for awhile. There you are in a room sometimes with a patient, a doctor would be and they’re going to do an exam and correct. Correct. During that process, if you had a doctor and you don’t, but if you did, if you had a doctor that chose to share their personal life issues. Yes. With every patient and it’s unsolicited.

So the patient says, how are you? And they say, I’m kind of going through a thing, a thing and it becomes very deep and heavy and they go on for five to six minutes. How long would you put up with that? Not very long. Like weeks, hours, minutes. Well, first of all, I have to find out about it, so it probably had already been going on for a little while. Maybe a week maybe. Yeah, because I mean, unless they did something wrong in the exam, you’ve got to understand, we have a lot of patients that come in that just want to talk back in the day. I mean that was what they want to do. They want to come in and they want to have someone to visit with. People back in the day used to talk. Do you remember before phones, kids write this down, people used to talk absolutely with words and with X and with actual speech, eye contact and their bodies were in the same place.

Yes. What the crap back to you sir. I just want to make sure your language, your language is a Wonderland, but they would, if that happened, I wouldn’t put up with a very long you, I’d first sit down with the business coaching moments, say [inaudible] on that and a lot of it would be because the time that they’re then wasting in the room because that is wasted time. What’s going on in your personal life has nothing to do with giving them a problem oriented eye exam on why are you here? What do we need to fix when we need to get done today? Right? It’s not about what my kids did last week and why I’m embarrassed by it. That’s, that has nothing to do with that. So it would be more of a time waste in a time sucked. And them having a personal conversation with somebody.

So what are the words that a man like Nick should say, should he sees a member of the team talking about personal disfunction to clients or somebody being dysfunction? What are the words that he should say as a young man goes back to going back to his original deal he’s got, he’s got a, a person who is not quite what he wants or not an I a player. So you have to, as Jack says in his book, winning you, you have to write all of your people, all your team members, all your employees, all the guys who are in charge of managing the team, right? So who’s your age? Who’s your B? Who’s your C if you have this person down as an a, then you’re not a very good right away. You’ve recently moved into the a category. You were a B plus for awhile.

Okay, there you go. Okay. I’ll tell you why. Cause he used to be just on time. Now he’s there. He’s always early, way early and he’s detailed. He takes notes 1818, right there used to be on the bank team. Say to, the worst thing that can happen with a C player is not that they’re just, you know, and that means every now and then they’re an a. Every now and then they’re probably an F. And that’s what you’re talking about, right? I mean, sometimes they’re like awesome or they’re like contributing or they’re like, wow, I’m glad you’re on the team today. You woke up on the right side of the bed today. Come on Billy, you go boy. Or the F as Billy gonna show up. Has anybody heard from him? Is he going to be here? And then he shows up in a bad attitude because his dog was sick and kept him up all night. He’s got, there’s always an excuse. There’s always a reason. Right, right. And so, and there’s always that. So I tell her there’s always a reason to be mad or upset. Everybody got audio right here. Choose be happy. I have audio of Billy here. I’ve got, he has reason to not be happy. Is that the dog? This is audio.

Absolutely. One second set.

Here we go. Watch the little like this smack and right now he’s starting to get it together. People feel like McEnroe’s got it together and he walks off cause he just talked to the umpire. He looks like he’s figuring it out. He’s looking calm here. Sympathies 100

The 1% with McEnroe, the Peter.

So he’s, he’s hitting the ball. He’s getting ready. So he waxed the ball. He’s getting ready.

Yeah. And now I think he’s going to do it again. [inaudible] Read of James because you like the referee. You’re not supposed to now. So now he’s walking up to the referee who’s exercising his right. He’s getting the referee out of his chair. Might say, I think the umpire on this court, we’ll have plenty of supporters. When he awarded a penalty, fine on that occasion

And see his whole career, he was always a moment away from freaking out, which is why he makes cameos and Sandler movies now. Right. Where he has fun with that. Sure. But he was always a moment away from losing it. Always just one second away. I think he lost it on several occasions. You’re talking about John McEnroe at least if it wasn’t, it was a very good acting. But I mean he was always right there on the verge of just losing,

Wait, wait, wait. Because I said nothing. We just cannot let it go. Can’t let it go.

This isn’t until, I’m just saying there’s certain people cannot let it go. We were all there at one point and the balance is we have to serve as haircuts. We’d probably, we have to provide haircuts for 4,000 people. Right. And we have to, and so the balance is you can’t really replace somebody until she, until you have someone better. And then ethically I believe that you shouldn’t replace somebody until you at least give him the opportunity to correct one time. I don’t think you’d have to initially write them up formally. It’s more of like, Hey, I know you did this, you know you did this multiple people, we know this, this has happened. Stop it. And I think you have, and I think Z does a great job of letting people know. But then in head, dr

Z, what do you do when you realize you cannot fire the person now because you don’t have a replacement but you know you need to but you can’t yet. So pragmatically you can’t fire them. What do you do? Cause you do, you do such such a great job of this movie.

Yeah. You put up with it and with a smile and then you hire, hire, hire and you get ready to replace them because sometimes what happens is, is that a, a C player, and I’ve seen this before, a C employee is what we’re talking about here, right? A C person on the team you’re managing however you want to, however you want to word it. What happens more times than not is they have a tendency to pull the team down where the a players have a harder time pulling those people up and that’s just the reality of life. I have seen it so many times. Yes, you want to think that the captain of your football team, in other words, what he’s going to pull aside, the guy that’s not showing up, not working out, not hitting the gym like he’s poets and going to business coach this kid up.

You want it to have no, you want it to happen. You think he’s got influence over him. He’s a cool kid. I mean all of these things. You’d think, okay, this guy has influence over these people. He goes to them and you know what they do, and I saw you late ones. I saw you not trying once. What do you, why are you busting my chops? You know, because you’re, Oh, you’re perfect. Oh, you’re perfect now you’re perfect. I know you’re not. I know your skeletons. And so it makes it difficult for any of your team members to have influence over them. And so that’s why I take a C we’ll pull down A’s and [inaudible]

More. So

Just too many.

Most like to meet the people that are handwriting. That’s intense.

If you have too many people moaning, pretty soon it just becomes normal. You hear this, it’s like, wow, when did that become acceptable? I don’t know. Can they just go?

So the reality is, I have a saying, it says people change. Seldom. Seldom. And usually what you have is what you’re going to get. And so the idea that people say this all the time, good people are hard to find. Good helps. Hard to find. Where can I find someone that’s an a a player? Well, two ways. You find them. One, find one working somewhere else and steal them. Yeah, that’s a move. Number two. Number two, you ready for this one? I’m ready. A players typically run with a player. So if you’ve got some eight fires, Ooh, Hey, you’ve got some friends, I’ll pay you a bonus if one of your buttons comes and stays here for 30 days and works for me. Hey, do you know some people that are around that are better? Good guys or good gals that are good work ethic? Yeah, but they don’t know anything about this industry. That’s okay. We can teach them some questions for you. Okay.

Oh Charles laws here on the, on the show and Robert Gamber hard to miss by the way. And I would like to get them both on the mix real quick. And then Nick, we’ll come back to in a minute. But let me tell you what’s happening with colon. It is, I can’t share too much. I can only share what is public knowledge on this, on this podcast, but we’ll just say they have thousands members and their businesses now doing, well, they started like three States. I believe you guys started out of $115,000 house, am I correct? $115,000 house. Okay. In Bartlesville Oklahoma. Yes. And they turned their house into a gym. They literally trained clients. How many hours a week, Charles, in your, in your house, a 25 out of 24 hours. Wherever. Any awkward moments. But seriously, was it, were there awkward moments? Yeah. Yeah. I mean there’s had to be some awkward moments.

Four to 10 at night. It was taking clients so well, my favorite was coming out of the bathroom and my road with my hair in a towel and there was someone at the bottom of my stairs doing calf raises. I said, we’re done. That’s probably [inaudible] you my cab sir. Got my sick. I have a funny story. That was probably me by the way, Vanessa. We used to have a house at 91st and Lynn lane and we had a took five and a half acre property over there and we office out of the house and we had a SkyBridge that connected the two parts of the house together, a SkyBridge. And we had somebody knocking at the door and Josh, we met clients via appointment only and I don’t know the whole story, but Josh was like trying to see if Vanessa was available.

She was like, Hey Vanessa, Hey Vanessa. And he’s, you know, but he doesn’t like knock. He just says, Hey Vanessa. And walks in and there she is. Just got out of the shower naked is can be thrill. The relationship changed. So Josh comes upstairs and he’s like, I, I’m like, what happened? He goes, I can’t speak about this. I need to go get some Charlie’s chicken. So he went to get some Charlie’s chicken hook. It was Josh. He was one of my top guys. And he’s an employee of yours? Yeah. And this just, this kind of cut you off at your house, into your house? Well, he was in my house and the son was knocking at the door and he was trying to be a proactive guy, kinda new on the team shirts. He runs downstairs. He’s like, Hey Vanessa, someone to the door. But he doesn’t think to like knock on the door first and just goes right into her bedroom when she’s, you know, and he’s just like, ah, I, and that kinda crap.

That particular situation happened one time, but that kind of crap would happen at the home. This is, these guys have gone through the threshold of hell. We’ve done stuff like that. And now you have three, you have three gyms, they’re big box gyms, but they’re kinda like the Chick-fil-A fitness. You’re opening up other gyms, you’re doing very well, thousands of customers, but Z between your ventures and the co laws, you probably have about, in my opinion, maybe three to four times as many employees that you’re dealing with based off the things you’ve invested in and the things that you own all outright than these guys. So there’s gotta be, I see three issues with management and Charles, you had, Amber can ask Z any question you want, but I see three issues with companies as they scale that are horrible and I would like to start with those.

Okay. Yeah. Really the horrible ones. One is when the people that got you there can’t take you to the next place at the thing. So when you have somebody who’s, let’s say great at sales and when you started at your house or out of your first gym in the strip center and now it’s clear they do not have the dragon energy, the focus, the fortitude, they don’t have the ability to do the next thing and they’re holding the whole team back. It’s kind of like you went to high with the guy, you were very good friends. You were on the football team together and now you’re in the NFL and he’s not. But he wants to be on the team and be a lineman and you say you try to be nice. You say, Bob, you say, Bob, here’s the deal. You are 207 pounds and five, nine and you’re not in shape and you can’t be alignment. And Bob says P Y and you say, because everyone’s 300 pounds and you’re not. And he goes, but I could do it. And you’re like, no, you can’t. And then you have two options. Either a, you let him play and he gets hit and injured and he hates you and resent you the rest of his life. Or B, you can tell him you’re removed from this position and he hates you for the rest of his life. Is there a way to deal with the situation without getting weird?

No, that’s what I think. I don’t think it is. And what you did have to be truthful and you know, people listen. A little little sidebar here. When you’re dealing with people and you’re dealing with an emotional thing that you know is either yes or no and it’s the opposite of what they want, don’t ghost them or be weird about it. Don’t give them the, I’m going to think about it when you know the answer. Don’t, I’ll get back to you on that and then ghost them. Don’t you know, I’m not sure. No, you’re sure. Be honest with them. People would rather have a moment of honesty when you say to them, dude, you don’t have to take to do that. That’s the truth. Now, if you want to do, you know, we can find some other place to plug you in or to do something with you.

What book do I read? What book I could get better? I could get better at getting back to people faster. I can get more intense. I’ve got just tally it up, buck. Tell me. You know what I mean though?

Oh, I know. I know. And to think about it is that, that’s why, you know, we’re, we’re kind of covered a couple different topics here, but there’s one about telling someone that they can’t do what they want to do in your organization and, and, and pushing that off or acting like it’ll go away or acting like you not giving them a firm answer right then is somehow in their best interest to not have conflict right then. Got it. But it’s not. What you do is give them false hope. You don’t answer. Honestly, it’s not good. It’s not good. So you always want to be a powerful person and you want to answer, you want an honest answer, just like they want one. You want an honest, you know, when they ask you a question, answer them honestly right then and don’t spread it out.

And the longer it takes, the worse it is. It’s then it becomes this like awkward loop doom, loop of awkwardness, you know? And then they see you and they see you and you’re like, ah, Oh yeah, I never know that another, another, another area. And Oh, by the way, you, you can, you can keep the person in her current position. And as you expand territory for anybody out there who can relate to the coal laws, be careful of promoting somebody to a level of incompetency. The secretary I want to deal with is when everybody on the team used to have an opinion. So let me get example. Elephant in the room. There is three stores, thousands of customers. We have a playlist. If you go to EITR and you click play on the playlist, you will hear songs that I have curated. I’ve chosen myself, every song.

I do not delegate that according to the people at custom channels. One of the reps I talked to, I’m the only customer they have who chooses every song, every song. They’re like, you’re the only guy. I said, absolutely. Why? Because I’m aware of the emotional state and I want to choose it wisely. Well, you come back from it and you have a background in that, so you actually are pretty good at it, but he has other clients now copying our playlist. They’re like, Hey, can we just use the elephant one because it’s hot. People like Ty, but I have employees in large a, I pay them $1,000 a month. By the way, if you give them a discount and he said, give me a discount, we’re going to use it for somebody else. I don’t know. I just know the multiple. We have probably, I think, I think there’s 10 or 50 they can tell they track it, but there’s like 15 businesses at one point that are streaming our channel in their offices right now.

Did they give you any love? It’s free. You just go to [inaudible] dot com [inaudible] room. Yeah, you can hear the commercial beds grooming and so I, anyway, what happens is is that employees on our team who are good people will send me a song request and if you’re listening right now and this was your song that you requested, I want you to know I love you as a person, but I also want you to know that this song cannot be played in my store for several reasons and I’m going to queue it up and see it. I would like for you to please explain why this song cannot be played in my stores and you just tell me if you feel like I’m going to keep a few that can’t be played and you just tell me if this is okay. If you could determine why I’m not going to play this song. Here we go.

Like the song by them. By the way, I think, I think our first three kids were conceived to this song. I’m pretty sure. Oh, come on. Give me that. I love this song, but whyZ ? Why would I not play a little bit more I? Why do I know I was getting ready for the lack of purpose? Ooh, man. Why do I not play sexual healing in a business where I don’t know why? Mainly that’s our dad man champion. That’s a home. That’s hot sauce. Like I checked CAD. Are you kidding me? I mean, you know. So here’s another one. This was the one that really blew my mind. This was one that was truly incredible.

[Inaudible] Mother by Danzig. Oh no, done. You’ve stopped out. Here we go. Here we go. Super sexual healer. Why can’t I play that in the store? The store,

Because talks about a pair. I don’t know. Petty pedophiles. You can play all day. Why can’t I play Marilyn Manson? This was requested here recently. Why can’t I put you down? Because it doesn’t fit your, you’re the aura of the the fun Schwab. What pisses me off is I told the person nicely, I said, Hey, listen, I think you’re a great person, but we cannot. We cannot. We’re not gonna take zero. 100% of your requests are not ever going to be playing ever, ever. And just because you keep doing it. If I ever hear, even if it’s a song I would play, if you suggest I will not play. So just stop your band. You’re stop. But I don’t feel bad about it or you shouldn’t. But I used to, I used to feel bad. We went from like two DJs to 80 guys out there doing weddings.

I used to feel bad. Why? I don’t know, think you felt bad about that. I would just say, and I’m not saying Charles has this issue or Amber does, but you know what I’m talking about, Charles, where somebody who wants to make a core change to your website or your script just to do it. Has this ever happened to take you emotionally hostage or intentionally not follow a checklist and then I came to the checklist. Could be better, could be better. So how do you handle thatZ ? What do you do when someone on your team wants to change your offer? You’ve had for how many years have you had the offered $99 well, here again, you know it’s about educating your employees and letting them know what lane that they’re supposed to stay in and be in and their managers are supposed to do that.

So if you have someone that constantly doesn’t get it and it’s coming up to you with this kind of stuff, even after you’ve talked to them, then hearing it, it goes back to what I’ve told Kurt, it’s got, it goes back to how much you want to put up with that and what if, what if everyone in your team is always giving you just one suggestion a week. If it with all your employees, he would have everyone on your team just gave you one cause this, these are the gays are the PO, these are the bogus leadership conferences that you, Mister listen to her had been going to you, mrs listener, you’ve been to this conference and I’m going to wage war on it right now. The best is those. This is the best you’ve been to this guy. I’ve been to this conference and this is a conference I’ve been to.

And if you’re the one who hosted this conference, you ruined a year of money. Here’s the, here’s the best. I mean it’s a Christian cause person, his personal name will remain nameless. It’s a Christian conference that you hosted. Yes. And you told me, you said, I want you to stand up if you’re a business owner and I want you to draw a trying. Oh no. So I drew the triangle cause I said, stand up everybody. Now show me the triangle. Now the top of the triangle put you because the business exists to serve you. And I’m going, yeah, yeah. Now what I want you to do is turn it upside down and know that you exist to serve your people. It’s called servant leadership. And Hey Suz, Jesus, our Lord and savior did not come to this earth since his birth to, to build something for himself.

He came to die for your sins. And so you as a Christian leader need to be a servant leader. And I thought maybe I’m a demon leader. That’s what I am. I must be a pagan demon leader because I didn’t build a business to serve them. I built it to serve me. And so I literally read the book called radical true story. And I changed my view for about a year and tried to serve my employees. Oh, how’d that work out? Well, this is what happened. I remember one guy, he was a former youth pastor who had an affair and I found out because his wife called one of them where he was, it turns out he was at night trips and this whole thing. So she calls and is like, is there any way he, you’re like his friend and his business brother, his dad, could you meet the three of us to talk it out?

So I find myself in a WASO on a Thursday night talking to this guy and they’re like, well, what happened was I’ve been working so much and she worked in for hours and obviously now it’s work. That’s the cause of it because he’s working so much and he’s like, since I’ve worked for you, I’ve put on a ton of pent wait and I just, our schedules are different. Somehow I felt bad and so I left me. I remember this, I remember telling Vanessa it was the craziest thing ever. I somehow had to give him a list of things that I was doing that were causing the marriage problem of what we could do as a team to solve it.

True story. So then it gets even better. One guy hit, and we have a lot of people who’ve worked for us, but one guy came to our work meeting and he stole another employee’s coat and there’s only like 30 of us. So we’ve been on a cold day. So one of my employees is like, Hey dude, is that my coat? I think you stole my coat. And the guy says, no, it’s not my coat or your code. Why? And he’s like, it’s my coat. I wrote my name and it’s definitely my coat. It doesn’t even fit you. So these guys are wrestling it out and we look inside and there it’s the other guy’s coat of course. And he’s like, well because you don’t pay his photo, I didn’t even have the ability to afford it. We’re going to go down instead of firing him, I’m thinking I need to serve them.

So I, I literally sat down with this guy and made a course of correction and I did this with every him, literally every employee and Vanessa came every employee. And so then I was serving all these people and I would always look at what was it and then they would quit. It’s cause I didn’t do enough. And I was finding books like the power of why Simon Sinek and I’m in running a business is not like at all. You cannot compare it at all at all. Do not try to compare. It is not running a business is not like running a ministry. Stop comparing. Stop just relating yourself to Jesus. And what would Jesus do? Jesus wouldn’t start a for profit business. He wouldn’t do it. He was doing a ministry. He died at the age of 33 and he was willing to die for your sins.

I’m not willing to die for your sins. I want to make a freaking profit in a business is a war. So when you are in the trenches with your team, do you say, all right general I want to do this, but what do you guys think? Let’s ask the guys. Look guys, do you guys want to do [inaudible] this morning? Do you guys show up to mr EAs? Are you guys hands? Are you guys, is he running a business is more like a war than it is like running a ministry isn’t not. Hold on, I’m like finish counting hands for five. See this, you six. You see this all the time. Seven. You see business owners all the time. Ask their employees, what hours do you want to work? Oh, get outta here. Servant leadership. I’m gonna guess ridership, no toilet paper. You know, use it. Prior it up a little bit. You can get a little fired up here cause I see really successful people. I have a cosmetic surgeon I worked with years ago who made millions of dollars and I felt so bad for this guy. Every single night he’s covering for someone’s shift. And I’m like, why? And he’s like, I’m servant leadership brother. Paint it forward. There’s gotta be a balance and

You’re a Christian Guy. So help us with the balance. Cause I, I see so many Christian people getting manipulated by their employees and running around being slaves to their business and their employees. C help us. Well, I, you know, according to Forbes, which is our business Bible or bib lay, however you want to pronounce it and that is, is that somewhere between 80 and 90% of all businesses fail. Crazy. Startups hire number longterm, slightly lower number. But nine out of a hundred Americans start a company and then nine out of 10 fail, which means 0.0. I mean less than 1%. Not a lot that have a long haul in them. There we go. So if we break that down and look at it, why is that? And I think there’s just a lot of basic concepts that we learned that we teach in our workshops that we teach online in our business school, that we try to get people to get through their head is, and that is, is that as the boss, you’ve got to take the reins.

You’ve got to steer the horse. You can’t sit there every time you come to a fork in the road, get off and look at that horse and go, okay Buster, what did you think? Oh are you going lift? Are we going right? Cause you know, I’m a servant leader, I’m the leader. Why don’t you ride me? Yeah, yeah, I’ll get you jump on my back Buster dog. Get to pick them all the way up to Ramon now Buster it, these people are your employees and why is it that we feel like that we have some deep, it’s taught from connection. It’s taught from the pulpit. This, this idea of this, this idea. I’m saying, I bet you nine out of 10 pastors who listen to this show, we have a lot of you. You would disagree with this idea and you’re saying, please stop. I used to like this show.

I will not because I want my listenership to decrease from people who are wrong, wrong people get off my show. You have to understand this concept. The concept is these people are your employees. They will, as soon as they get another dollar an hour, as soon as they get a better as collegial, as soon as they get a job with a little bit of a benefit that they think they want, did you just not see them? They will leave you in a nano second no matter how much matter how many times you’ve brought them in lunch, no matter how many times you’re at Chick-fil-A and thinking, I’m gonna get an extra sandwich for belly cause he was on time today. So that was really a good thing for him. So you know, there’s one exception that you do and I would like for you to talk about, this is the final question I have.

Then I’ll let Charles and Amber ask anything you want. Okay. This is a self serving question. Ask away. It’s most self-serving. Most inappropriate question I’ve ever asked, but this is it. People like I’ll say John Carlo and I, I’m not excluding members of your team, I’m just saying I see them more often, so I’m using him as an example. Guys like him, guys like myself, John Carlo, there’s not a whole lot of people that get stuff done. Okay, so John Carlos, a doer. Yes. You do this thing called golden handcuffs. Yes. Where you have found a way to wrap up your key people. Yes. Key consultants. Yes. Kiki. Whatever you want so that you have a long term team. Correct. But you, you wrapped them up, you’d wrap up your key employees, your key consultants, your key vendors. You wrap it up and what I would refer to or what you’ve referred to as golden handcuffs.

Correct. Please explain to me how that relates to your businesses. So the colos could learn from that because they have a lot of great people right now and they’re building a team that has won the world series and now the other teams are going to start reaching out for your players because you want as a reward for winning the Superbowl. Bill Bellacheck lost his diff defensive coordinator to the dolphins at to be their head  business coach, and many of the players went with him. And as a reward for winning the previous Superbowl, Matt Patricia has longterm defensive defensive coordinator left to go to the Detroit lions to be the head coach. And as a reward for winning the Superbowl, they’re top running back, left and went to the Titans. So as a reward, you lose your top people. So how would you advise someone like that to wrap up people with golden handcuffs?

Well, w golden handcuffs had theory is when you offer something to someone that they have to stay years to, to earn it. So let’s say it’s a, it’s a bonus. So let’s say you go to one of your top managers and this is hypothetical and you say, listen bill, Sam, whatever, Janie, whatever her name is, Jen, a Oh Jen name, that’s, that’s my boat. And you say to them, Hey, I’m going to put, you’re doing great. You hit your number every year. I’m going to put a little bonus over here of ten thousand twenty thousand and little little fund over here. And after five years, that’ll grow either 50 or a hundred thousand if you keep hitting your numbers and if you still work for me, Jen ne Jenae, you’re going to get that as a bonus at the end of that time frame. Okay? And so it’s a way, you don’t have to tie up any stock.

You don’t have to type in any ownership though. You can use those. You can say, Hey, you can, you know, sweat equity, a percentage of this store or maybe a sub entity in your store. I don’t know if you have like a, you know, a cafes within your stores that are selling goodies and whatnot or, or tee shirts. I heard the other day, you guys just give away tee shirts apparently and anyway, but my point is is that you might have something within your organization, so you might have the parent, you may, I don’t know how everything’s structured, but there may be something that makes sense to give them a little something to it. Now you want to word it through your attorneys that if they leave you before that time is vested, they don’t get it. If they leave you for whatever reason, then they don’t get the percentage of whatever it is you’re offering them. [inaudible] The bonus. It could be any reason you want to make sure that’s very clear whether they could get fired because all of a sudden great employee today can be an entitled, horrible employee two years from now. It just, I’ve seen it, it breaks my heart. David Robinson owns 1.8% of the spurs because of this idea. 1.88% of a team valued at, I’ll pull up the valuation because one point [inaudible] they’re not 2 billion or they won’t say two, five. I’d say 1.5 value of the spurs right

Now, I’m typing it in right now. It’s say one point you’re always, you’re always right. I’m always second, right. Anyway, so that’s what you could lock in and a plus player. That’s really a longterm player. What I did with my guys, when the moves I did, I say, listen guys, you can’t own a piece of the optometry clinic, but as I opened new businesses, if you want to invest in them and take the risk that I’m taking on a new business venture, I will allow that. But I work it in the operating agreement that if they no longer work for me, then I can buy them out for forever where they put into it. So you know, hopefully by then it’s maybe worth more. So that’s something that they’re like, well I don’t, I’m going to keep working for him because I only put in 10,000 for 5% and now it’s worth 1.6 billion and the spurs are worth one point $6 billion into just Robinson. So I get a mega point because one point fives closer than to just using [inaudible].

Man, I went over so I actually get booed as a result. Now, not only is Donald, I get the question wrong because it says an entrepreneurship show, I don’t get a consolation prize. I don’t get scolded on the way out. Now David Robbins is worth 13 million. Dollar has three is ownership. 1.88% of 1.6 billion is $30 million. 30 million good job. David Robinson, golden handcuffs, David. Good ideas. Standard oil, a long time stay loyal for that team. So golden hand

Calves is a way that you keep good employees around. There’s a lot of attorneys out there that can help draw you up these contracts to give to them. Yeah,

But they won’t stick around without these contracts. Well, some will, some won’t. I? Well, okay, I’ll just say you’ve got unbelievable. Unbelievable. If you go to, if you go to the Christmas party, unbelievable tenure. We’ve got guys working with you for 15 years, 20 years. I’m just telling you that what happens is a lot of times people who are really good to just quit, they’re just done. So as an example, everyone has their own expiration date. And so I see people a lot. I’ve met a lot of very successful people who are I’d say key employees, key consultants, key executives. One guy DJ at his Christmas party years ago and he fixed that hospital. That was the former city of faith. Big tower. Sure. And I ran into this guy and he was probably maybe your agency, probably 50, 55. So then, and I said, man you a cause he’s helped start this thing and was doing well and I said I got a chance to do the lunch with him.

I love, I love doing lunch with the CEOs by the way. That was my favorite move. DJ your Christmas party and then scheduled lunch cause I got a chance to meet the CEO. There’s a move there you go. And I said, what keeps you going? He’s like, I got one more year man. Like what happens? And something was going to happen. He’s like, Oh, I get a crazy exit man. And Jack Welch, by the way, when Jack Welch left, he had a crazy golden handcuff Z. Do you remember the, did you ever hear about Jack Welch’s deal when he left? Refresh? Man, I’d hate to miss quote it. Okay, so it’s this Jack Welch retirement pay. It’s the biggest, he had a starting salary. Let me pull it up here. Okay. He, when he left, he’s now worth 417 I bet he collected a check from GE in 2001 cause he hit his goal, which was to grow the company by 4000% which is insane. Insane. He hit the goal. That was the goal. And he immediately wrapped it up and he got a check for $417 million

Upfront and it was per percentage. They grew, we got before to $417 million check. The larger, he’s worth a lot more than 417 million is 200 2001, he collected a severance payments worth 407 little bit of it. He told me, I don’t know what you could, but I don’t want, I’m not sure what little bit lobster costs, but he’s gotta be living it up. You’re a big Boston fan. You exactly. If he bought a poorer, she might be down to 416 million. 900,000 what’s pray for Jack? No, we won’t. We’ll move on. Okay. So what questions do you have, cause you’re scaling a, you’re going to hop into the league of dr Z and a, any questions you guys have because this is a very few people go from a home to a gym to the three to one hundreds of employees. Very few people are where you are.

You’re right. How many employees do you have right now? Roughly about 87 and 93 on payroll. Okay, so you’re about ready to go into a different territory. Any questions for the devil in our company? Hiring people, firing people, golden handcuffs, non-competes. Because I’m telling you, there’s, I said some of these questions are self-serving, but guys like me, I’ve seen people like me switch right away for an extra 10 bucks. It’s crazy. I’ve seen employees switch teams. I’ve seen, I’ve said, Whoa, this is crazy. We had a lady in PLA apply for the elephant in the room two years ago in Z. She worked for us for like a week and she had only worked for three days. And so I was interested. But one day I noticed in the parking lot she was wearing the competitor shirt, my true story. And she, she was in a parking lot and she was like, you know, I noticed there is like hanging over the back of her car seat.

It was the competitors’ shirt. And I’m like, do you work for our competitor? She goes, I gotta be honest. I was hired to work for you to spy. So she literally came to work for me three days a week for about a week and a half, two weeks before I found out that she worked directly for our competitor. And was there just to download files, downloads, systems, copy. I’m sure you’ve had this happen to YouTube. Yes, we’ve had that. It’s impressive. So what questions would you have for Z about cause right now we’re in a great spot, but I just want to open it up for you.

Oh, well I think my first question is at what point with growing a company, and you do have a key leadership team that you, you can be good at a lot of different things, but certain guys will get better at one thing, let’s say marketing. Okay. And I did a lot of marketing and I ran a lot of that myself. But as it has been delegated to the lowest skill set necessary with basically checklists and quantitative metrics to what they have to do. But at a certain point they get better at that certain skill set. Cause that’s all they do. And what I’m trying to say is, at what point do you let them lead that whole department after, after showing time and time and time and time again that they can do it. Marketing is such an important part in a new business and a new venture and you guys are into growth mode. So when you open a new and say

Topeka, Kansas the marketing is so important. You know, I tell people it’s a gas pedal of your car and so you put a car up there in Topeka, it’s not going nine times out of 10 because of the marketing. And so that is something that I haven’t let go yet and I’ve been almost 30 years in business. It’s something that I still hold onto. I think I probably cause I enjoy it so much

Ceos to not ever let go of the marketing. Most CEOs of successful companies never do. And I will tell you why it’s a very aggressive thing because marketing can be kind of a fun idea. Like, why don’t we do a fun event and the parking lot and we’ll appreciate our customers if you’re like, do you actually generate revenue as a result of this? But one thing we could do would be going on, we go on social media and we could, and there’s all these things you could do, but they don’t produce revenue and Z’s very good. I’ve always gone. Yeah. But does that bring in revenue?

Yeah, so I would say that that specifically is something that you want to really keep a close eye on and really monitor that and yeah, there is a time, I mean I, I tell people all the time, they’re starting a business that have no idea about marketing and I look at them and I’d say, hire a marketing firm, sit down, interview a bunch. Don’t just take the first one out of the, out of the hopper. You interview a bunch of them, make sure they’re within your budget, make sure they have your, make sure they get you, make sure they understand what it is you’re trying to do. I remember there was a timeframe early on that they were like, well, you did a marketing company. I go, Whoa, okay. I’ll meet with a few of them. Right. I remember meeting with a few of them. I, I didn’t hire any of them and didn’t proceed with any of them, but it was just the process of doing. I thought, what I wouldn’t be, don’t say no. Do you know what you’re saying? No to. Right. So I met with them and they just scoffed. They were like, you’re a doctor and you want to use humor in your advertising. Are you insane? And I look at them, I go, yeah, I, I, I guess I am seeing you later. Alligators dressed

In and leaned into being funny more, right? And they actually will say, well let’s tile it down a little. So an example, you have a Christian gym, so you guys do, one of your mission statements is to make Jesus famous, which I’d go to your gym if you weren’t a Christian or you are a Christian. But I’m just saying is you’re going to attract as many people as you detract with that. So it’s a net break even, but you feel happier. So I’m just saying is when you have a Christian gym and you tell people that, there’ll be people who say, I don’t want to work out, it’s a Christian gym. This is ridiculous. I want to pagan Jim, I want to listen to Drake and I want to listen to, you know, 50 cent and I want to just look at, you know, checks to half naked.

I love it. Yeah. Jeff woo. And there are some people who are like you know what? I don’t want to go to the gym where it’s a meet a, it’s like a big comparison thing where women are half new. I don’t want to go to that atmosphere. As many people go to hobby lobby because they’re a Christian owned company as people who don’t go because they are. But marketing companies say, well, why don’t you just compromise in the middle? Because we ran it through a focus group. And by the way, never use a focus group because the focus group was a bunch of people agreeing on what is wrong. So what you do is you ask actual individual people not as a group because group think is a terrible thing. So I would just say if you find a good marketing firm, we might have to do a show on that, cause I can’t find them.

But you’re being your own. You’ve got a someone though that’s underneath you that’s doing it. And how close do you watch them and when do you kind of let them see, let them go a little increments. It’s like teaching. He goes like the daddy bird teaching the baby bird to fly, you know, step one, you let him kind of stand on the edge of the nest. Step two, he maybe jumps to a branch and then you always on an eye on him, you know, until he finally is up circling around and maybe can fly faster than you. Then you finally go, okay, yep, I’m now. Now I’ve got to figure out my next move. I might that birds are obviously doing well, so there’ll come a time, but you also have to realize that you have to keep kind of inspecting what you expect. Every now and then, that should always be kind of a circle back around, check the flyers, check to this, check the, you know, how much did we spend that you ban monthly P and L wiser advertising cost up this month. What did we do? Oh, well remember we had that big, you know, fundraiser for,

Well just this week, my indeed ad became a runaway ad. It was like a runaway ad. We spent, you spend a certain amount of money per day, you commit on LinkedIn to spit, to show your advertisements and maybe a wrong button was clicked or something. And again, these shows are released at times that don’t correspond with the dates that we record them. So nobody out there, if you hear the show today, I’m not talking about you specifically, I’m just saying is that it was a runaway ad and I think it was supposed to be like $30 a day and it became 300 a day. Oh. Oh boy. That was two days in a row. And I’m like, Ooh. Shunda we like hiring people. I mean $600 maybe. You know what I mean? So Amber, any questions that you would have for dr Z? As we wrap up today’s show, you have questions about scaling colo fitness.

You’re going through, cause this is a it’s a very rare situation where a guy like dr Z who currently, just so we’re clear in America today, nine out of a hundred people start a company, but nine out of 10 startups fail, which means statistically Izzy, what? Z, you’re a math guy. If nine out of a hundred people start a company and then nine out of those 10 fail, what percentage of people start a successful company? But that’s 0.1%. So if you think about that, it’s a little less than 0.1, right? Cause it’s 1.9 10.9 out of a hundred, it’s almost like 10%. So we’ll call it’s 9% and then you do a percentage of that. So you’re roughly about 0.1 of those who do start a successful company. Almost nobody makes it beyond five years. That almost never happens. Then of those that do make it five years, there’s all sorts of, it’s really heavy to, it’s, it’s hard to find this data because people don’t want to talk about it. But very few owners create time freedom. Like, ah, I might meet one person with time freedom for the first time at a workshop, like one out of a hundred business owners who are solvent actually enjoy their schedules. So the fact that you have achieved time freedom, a Z and that cold laws, you have done this and that you are on the show together. This like a one

Out of a million chance kind of thing. This is very rare. And then the fact that people I know who are billionaires and or millionaires, they do not do interviews because they don’t want to have questions asked and they just want to enjoy time freedom. So you’re out there hunting elk a lot. Z, you’d go to Australia. Do you go hunting in New Zealand or Australia? I haven’t been to New Zealand yet, but I was in Australia. I’ve been, I was driving to South Africa, cannon all around Texas. They allow me down there to travel a lot. You like to travel? I like to travel and you have an opportunity to ask this guy anything you guys want, but it does not happen. So this is a rare thing. So Amber [inaudible] presented to Pico in a while, but at [inaudible] too, it’s an unbelievable travel, this tourism, this time of year.

It’s impressive. Livable, beautiful, dry, beautiful. One of the questions I would ask is to get some feedback on hiring internally. We really want to promote from within. We want to invest into our people, train and develop them and give people who maybe wouldn’t have before. Give them an opportunity to have a great career for a growing company level. So scouting talent internally and kind of win to know that that person’s ready to talk about your a Z. This, this is an issue that’s near and dear to my heart. Shanda. And fortunately and unfortunately as a business owner, it will give you the highest highs and the lowest lows. And I say that because

History is just full of examples. My life, my businesses, probably years at this point, you guys have now been open how many years? 13. 13 years. So you’ve explained this yourself. Just turned 24 on Tuesday. Good job. Congratulations. Early adapt early adapter. What happens is, is that it’s the Peter principle in you, very well documented in life and that is somebody is good at doing their job and you study them, you pray about it, you ask them a lot of questions, you think about it, and then you give them the big O promotion. Go. If you want to make a big bureaucracy, do what he said, but have them fill out a lot of personality assessments. A lot of them bring in a consultant and two, we’ll evaluate all your people for months. So it takes longer for this to happen. Now that happens at sidebar. Okay? And then one of two things happens. The first we’ll focus on the negative first so we can end on positive. The first is they’re in way over their head. They don’t have the skillset, the knowledge, the humbleness, the everything it takes that they were exhibiting before to make them successful in what they were doing before goes out the window. I got audio of this person, by the way, this is

The person they showed up late. They didn’t get their job done. The sales are terrible. The calls aren’t being made, they’re overwhelmed. And this is audio of one of them. They called into the show and they had this long week.

It’s like I picked the wrong week. We smoke weed, we drink. It’s like I pick the wrong week. [inaudible]

I mean you see these people just falling apart. Yeah. And it’s sad. It’s unfortunate. And you think you think, Oh, you know, we can do, we can just move them back, scoop up that toothpaste, scoop it up and slowly and carefully put it back in. Put it back in that too. How do you get on the tube somehow? Right, right. So by little bitty pieces and a little bitty part, you can put it back in there. And you know what, after about six hours of doing that, you finally throw down the tube and go, I can’t put it back in. You need to get like, it took a small little like a small thing, small like a small thing needle with a rubber end on it to small [inaudible] seven to 10 hours. You can get, get a little bit, a little bit. Most of them missed some of it, some of it.

So then what happens is now you’re stuck with this unfortunate situation. You have somebody that you can’t take them back to what they’re doing before. There’ll be mad, there’ll be bitter, there’ll be upset though. It just, the worst thing you can do, I have found in, in an organization, it really is, it’s terrible, but yet you can’t keep them where they are because they can’t handle it because they’re terrible and you see it. You almost see it immediately and it you’re just, you said to yourself, Oh, we messed up and when you mess up, guess what you do? I love, I love the CEOs that aspire to what I think, whatever. Come out with a quote, I go, that’s what I say. I’m like, yeah, you’re smart. Hire fast, fire fast. Same thing on promotions. Promote fast, but fire fast. If that’s the case, and not necessarily promote fast, but when you do promote, decided to do it and rock on with it and know it’s going to be one or two things, right. And whenever you make the wrong decision, you’ve just got to eat it. And now I know you’re almost hiring two new people cause you’re still trying to hire someone, you know, wait till you get someone hired, work what they were doing. Don’t put yourself in a bind and then and then let them know it’s not working out and move on and it’s higher.

Fast fire fast. Guy Kawasaki writes, Steve jobs has a saying that a players hire a players, B players hire C players and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. The trickle down effect causes bozo explosions in companies. That’s guy Kawasaki. Now Tony Shay with Zappos is talking about when you have a company you have to commit to your core values. He says, and by commit we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire. Based upon that. Elon Musk says, one lesson I learned at PayPal, the founder of PayPal writes, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. It sounds really awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. Now, at least the why I mentioned these personality tests is, is this what I see?

I see this, I’m seeing it right now, and I hope that the listener who hears this knows this is about you. I care about you. I knew you need to hear this. I’ve told you if your face, I hope you get it again. We’ve talked about this and you have somebody on your team that you want to promote. You have two people who you want to promote to be, and I’ve told you choose one and you’re like, yeah, well this person’s been here longer and their work is a little bit less good, but they’ve been here longer. The other person’s works better, their work is better, but they’ve been here less long and we’re going to, and they’re like, this person, I’ve known this, this person has this degree. They went back and got this degree. This person doesn’t have a degree. And we go around and around.

So now she’s busted out the personality tests and these festival of lights, they bring them in and she shows them to me and it is impressive. Oh yeah. And I’m like, it says this, these personality tests, by the way, some of these are so insincere. It’s like what’s your biggest weakness? And I’m looking at somebody’s handwriting and they go being too detailed and committed to excellence, to the annoyance of my employees. Much to my detriment. Question too. Where do you see yourself in five years with the company per ever? I would never leave. I love this place. Employee number two. What’s your biggest weakness? Too detailed and too committed to ownership. I need more time for family. I can’t check out what are your five year goals? I’m always at work being the best I can be and I’m going stop it. Cause now we’re having these comparison tests.

So they brought in a hiring expert. Oh true story. Now this hiring expert doesn’t actually have employees, which is the great irony. I’m serious. This person does not have employees and this personnel is hiring experts, says, well, what we’ve discovered is that people who are between the ages of 37 and 45 with kids are more stable. Now we cannot promote based upon these things, but we need to begin to ask what I call fishing questions. So you would say this weekend, if you’re going fishing, who would you bring with you? And if they say, my kid’s the now, you know they have kids. So now we have an adult in her 50s asking fishing questions. Oh yeah, the little, the little squirly months to prevent, and I’ve worked with this person long enough that she knows this is the reality. Then the last time she did this, she finally hired the person after all these tests and they lasted for three days before they wanted to quit and go back to their old job. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I’m just telling ya. It’s like three days in and I’m like, I hate this. I can’t do it. I want to go back to my old job or quit. Well now we don’t have a spot for you anymore because you’ve only been in the position for three days. We’ve already hired someone to fill your spot.

But on that note, it is very rewarding when you have an up and comer and you do promote them and there are rockstar Shunda. And here’s the problem with that one. You promote them twice. Next thing you know, you’re gonna make them general manager of the Wichita store. You’re going to open her wherever st Louis are, pickup biggest cities, just throw a dark, go open a store, right? And so now you’re like, okay, now you’ve been an assistant general manager, you’re rockstar, you’re on time, you’re boom, boom, boom, you’re, we could crush you cause we have cameras in there. We know what goes on. And so now let’s say you give them the general manager job at your new store. Do you think we’ve got, everything’s going to be great. And guess what happens? They fall smoothed on their face and now it’s like Epic fail and now you have to replace that position.

And so even though you have someone out there that you’ve promoted successfully and that went great. Good, good for you. Clap, clap, clap. You dodged a bullet like matrix dodging bullets cause that’s what it is. When you own a business, understand that even though they have done rung number one rung number two, they’re going up the ladder rung. Number three, be very cautious, be very careful and don’t always adhere to. Next up we’ll bill has been with us longer. It’s his, his turn to get a store. Don’t fall on that trap cause it’s a trap you fall into as a business owner. If you evaluate them on what you know, who really would be the best. With that said, would you look outside or are you just like what I’m saying is like outside as well. Just as fervently as inside. Absolutely. Stealing employees is one of my favorite things to do. I mean just like clay saying that they had someone that hired into his business and scouted for them. It’s illegal. Is that a moral, is that unethical? None. It’s called business. I mean when the two armies are facing each other, they have Scouts that go out and look. Do you have secret shoppers that you may be even hiring come in. But I want that

Some of our president talking privately to your grain, I want that. I want that right now. I want our president to be transparent and to put all of his calls on the internet. Ever call. But the thing about it is, is that you know you can, you know, they, they’re good interviewers, they’re good paper workers, they’re good on the cameras. When you’re not gonna have given you that Dublin, bring it home. Somebody else for the platinum package, right?

So save it. Some secret shoppers really catch them on their, on the, on those moments and see how they are. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you guys do some secret shoppers to go to know Clay’s been business coaching you guys. But I’ve taken a lot. That’s a very powerful thing is to have someone, a disgruntled person come in and see how they handle it. Cause handling heats. One of the biggest, I don’t know to one of your biggest issues of concern, but a lot of businesses it is how to handle a descriptor. I told

The employee disgruntled customer, I want the listeners to know the reason why your everyone needs right now. Everyone needs to go to Oh no and click on team. We almost got through show without and the word transactions. I don’t know. I would like for the listeners to understand how parallel business is with Patriots. The average NFL player has a career of how long? Three years. Z, how long does the average employees stick around in a business? I would say according to Forbes, right now it’s probably two to two and a half years. Yeah. On Forbes right now it’s showing the average person who’s under 35 hovers around a year and a half. Okay. Is the longest. That’s crazy. So that’s their average. And then if you’re over 35 tends to be two years. So

Again, the NFL, the pastor’s changing to over 35. So here’s, here’s, here’s how crazy the Patriots lineup is though. This is crazy. People don’t realize this. They start to season on offense. You have 11 players, you have a starting center. Our starting center says, Hey, real quick note, I have blood clots in my lungs and I might die. Our center, our captain. So they said, well, okay, so he’s off the team. They have a backup center. We just, some guy we signed to the left of the center. There is a guard, he’s back check Mason. So the guy to the left of him, we have a tackle and the tackle’s very important. He blocks for Tom Brady. That’s the blind side. And the tackled mr a, the guy who had on the team last year, his name will come back to me in a moment. Brown, big guy, Brown. He says, I’m leaving for a big contract.

Go into the Raiders I think. Oh yeah. So we bring in win wins. A top draft pick win is hurt. So we have some third guy there now. So the R R guy or left tackle, our third guy, they got to the far left. He is a backups backup. The center is a backup. The guy who is the tight end, who’s to the right oftentimes of the tackle is Rob Gronkowski who retired. So we signed another guy, Benjamin Watson. He says, Hey, real quick, I did take steroids because I retired. I’m not currently an NFL player. I retired. I have seven kids, I have a lot of issues, physical pain, I’ve been on steroids. I want you to know I’m self-reporting myself so I will not be playing the first four games. And they said, okay say sign Mr. Watson on the team. So Mr. Watson cannot play the first four games.

So we signed another guy, mr Izzo and we signed another guy. These two guys are hurt. So Ben Watson was on the team two weeks ago and bill Bellacheck cut him after convincing him to come out of retirement and move he and his seven kids to new England. He cuts him for these two other guys cause he needs somebody to play in the game cause he can’t play cause he suspended. Did Burkhead are running back. He is perpetually injured. So we have a fullback who blocks for the running back. He is injured. And so mr Devlin is injured, he’s all pro. And so we had, well let’s get it back up. So we signed a guy from NFL Europe who has never played in the NFL before named Jocko Jacob Johnson from the NFL Europe and he is new to the game of football by the way.

He came from Europe and he was the last guy that we recruited on our preseason lineup and he now is to starting a fullback. However he got hurt in the last game. So now we are on our backups backups back up for the full back then our receivers both left for bigger contracts after stating their goal was to win a Superbowl bull. Then Cordell Patterson was interviewed and asked what was it like to win the super bowl? And he says, I don’t want to talk about the Superbowl. I want to talk about Cordell Patterson, what I’m bringing to the bears. So he’s gone. So now we have Jacoby Meyers who’s an undrafted guy and gunner. Oh yes. My main man got gunner number 80. Oh, Shefsky is catching passes in the last game. So we have two backup receivers who weren’t drafted. We have a backups backups back up being the fullback. We have a backups, backups back up being the left tackle and they keep winning and they’re doing great. And if you look at now our kicker starts missing cause he’s really good kicker. And he says, here’s the deal. I need to have surgery pretty bad. I’ve been paying plan planted the pain, I have bad surgery I need like I need a really bad search. I’ve got jacked up issues. So now our kicker has been replaced and we have signed every week I cheer for the team and I have no idea who’s on our roster.

We’ve signed wide receiver Kelvin McKnight to the practice squad. We’ve released Ben Watson against Sergeant Ben, we love you, but he’s gone again when we’ve placed Jacob Johnson, our backups, backup backup, here’s the backups, backups, backup fullback, and we’re going to run out our lineup this year. Now if it was the Cowboys, they would say, well we lost our star receiver, so we’d better just play for the tri, better play to get a good draft pick. That’s why I can’t stand NFL teams that do that kind of crap. Cause when you want a small business, when you lose your top guys, we can’t say, well we’re going to play next year for the draft. We’re going to tank. Right. You can’t hate that kind of thing. We have to say frankly, the guy working my front desk and elephant in the room is the backups, backups, backup and Nick, did we not lose two people today too?

We lost two people today. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know. One said there once said that someone in their family got a big check, a big check. They said I got a huge check. I got a year’s salary check. I just got so I’m quitting. That’s okay. I’m glad they made money all up front. That’s nice. But did they give an advanced notice? No, they just told me today. Why? Because they’re quitting today. They wanted to give me a one day notice, like a one hour notice, like a one minute notice and then another person just goes to it and every week this happens. Now the average tenure of our employees at elephant, the room is three years. The average tenure, but they all quit at different times. So we have a new team every week, every single week I roll out a new team and sodas Belicheck and no one gets it.

That’s why I don’t like other NFL teams cause I don’t like the freaking stars. You understand the Patriots are winning. Percentage is the same when Brady doesn’t play, it doesn’t matter. We don’t need him. He could quit and we don’t care. It’s the new England bell checks and if you own a business, your business is called the new England bell checks and these people see they’re going to leave what? It’s good for them, but aren’t they apt every time. And if you have a big star and you coddle them and give them big wages, what do they do? Big star, big wages. They leave you in. They’re coming in for them to leave

This week. When you go to colo and you go there to buy a membership or you go there to work out or you go to dr and you’d go there to buy glasses, you might see a successful company, but what I see is three people, dr Z and then the co laws here who are diligently every week doing an interview, a group interview. They’re always recruiting because every week a key player gets hurt or gets upset or wants to move on. And when we turn on the football game this Sunday and you see the Patriots run out there and you go, who the heck are the guys on that team? I’m like, their number one fan. In my humble opinion, I have no idea. I have to reeducate myself every week I’m like, who is this Asian kicker? Man, this is cool. I’ve never seen an agent kicker. Who is this man? It’s like a new thing every week and if you ever get to a place where you start to get content and you stop recruiting outside and inside talent, you are going to get in a bad spot. And you guys are in a great spot, but I think this was a good, a good moment. Any final question here, Charles, before we wrap up and let you two lovebirds go chase each other around?

Final question. I would say when I was in HR I would study why employees like their job and the number one thing that I came up with when I was doing these, this study was relationship with their direct supervisor Tremper to was job security. True. And number three was compensation. And so it’s not always just the money. I think when you’re pro football or something and you only have a three year possible career, you’re probably gonna chase the money and not a relationship. But if you’re having to live 80% of your waking hours with these people, it’s probably to beat or that direct relationship with that supervisor. So like we’ve really tried to emphasize that our direct supervisors are in basically development of the staff under them. So they personally develop. And I know clay like a, you talked a lot of this, but you’ve been invested a lot into your staff. And a lot of those people stick around. The ones that are a players, they’ll stick around, stick around until they screw me. Yeah, yeah, but, but you’ve invested, they screw me, but they really admire you and they are how they’ve helped you or you’ve helped them. Right. And I agree. So I’m just throwing that out there to say, I think there’s some of that you have to work in and then the Tincher of how long that person is planning to want to be there for pro football. I would definitely focus on money.

I think your core nucleus is super awesome at Cola. And I would just say again, back to the pro football thing, Bolton was asked why he came back to play and he said, well you come to new England to win. You don’t come here for the checks. Come back to win. He loves to be on a winning team. He’s a violent running back, I understand is with the money they have to spend. Who’s getting it? Because I mean Bridey Demi’s down his salary and I mean everybody you’ve talked to makes nothing. So just to negotiate it some more salaries to make up 3 million more dollars. Cause Belicheck is a, he’s, he’s serving as his own defensive coordinator this year. I did not know that he’s calling every single play cause he lost the, his top, his most loyal guys. He’s lost in his last two years to go coach against him.

And he’s, I think he’s a little pissed and he’s trying to, according to the podcast, I listen to the Patriot’s podcast. Apparently he’s, he’s trying to, not publicly won’t state it, but he’s trying to set every record possible in the history of football for defense. And he’s doing it so far. And what he’s doing is a typical team. We’ll have like 15 defensive players and you know, I’ll have like 11 guys playing, we’ll have like 15 to 18 Z apparently he’s trying to go up to 24 defensive players. So he’s doing lines. So if you watched the game now on almost every play, 11 new guys roll in fresh. So they’re fresh. They’re never tired like every series of downs. It’s the craziest stuff ever. But I would just say bill Belicheck is always going to be on that team. You’re always going to see craft there.

I think Brady will retire there, but beyond those three who’s still there, I mean Edelman’s been there for half a Brady’s career. Edelman was 12 when Brady came into the league. I mean, so he’s still looks like he is. I’m just saying if you’re out there today, go look at Colloff fitness. It is possible for you to achieve success. Go to dr it is possible for you to achieve success, but if you think it is possible to achieve success without being screwed along the way, you’re a crazy person. And if you’re trying to have this upside down pyramid and the servant leadership craziness where you’re trying to be a slave to your employees, that’s crazy. You can be kind to your people. You can treat them well, you can have a great nontoxic culture, but at the end of the day, people move on when they want to move on.

And usually they’re you as the owner of the last person to find out. That’s for sure. So Z. On that note, let’s end the show with a with with a boom. Are you prepared? Absolutely. Here we go. Three, stop what you’re doing, and think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quail? I would just feel overwhelmed with all that. [inaudible] How many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales are you missing out on? Simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer? I refuse to think that thought because I don’t want any more business unless you are a dirty communist that hates money. My new book search engine domination will help you grow your business. In my new book, search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate the search engine results. What do you mean by dominate? You see in my new book search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate search engine results. Download your free ebook copy [email protected]. I repeat that V best SEO

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Hey, this is Dustin Huff. I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. We joined thrive back in January and had been working with these guys for about seven months. During that time period we have moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now, 165 a week. So the process works. I will tell you from experience, once you begin, you have to stay with it as long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in and month out, you’ll continually right

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Hello, my name is Daniel Daniels heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. The way Google has affected my business we have got a lot of calls from Google right now it’s July and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google. And I’m glad we did.

Remember, nothing works unless you do. You have to go to the best SEO today. Download the ebook for free. Just download that ebook for free and you’ll be off to the races.

Hi, my name is Christina Nemus. I am the owner and operator of angels touch autobody and T T healing in borne Massachusetts. We have been working with thrive and their coaching for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. And with their help with the website and marketing and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google. And it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in, phone calls coming in walk-ins referrals. It’s just through the roof. And we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50% this year from the previous year, and not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also with the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us all on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and business coaching. And yeah, so super grateful. Super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

This is your year to thrive. Today is your lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs 10 fold. I’m here to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to up the masses had to cut off on the day you wish I could one day do a miss shape a tree that I had to, I had to make tough to be here daily at noon. Like a lot. Wave and knowledge. Monsoon. I combine them. No dose of doubt in you. Why you the next spot, the next food room for the next Dr. King who changed the rules and walls in your way? Would you run by like a one back custom one. It’s up to you. I remember my days back in the dorm room. Two to the gloom. Like the template. Well with the jobs that try to consume hooked to the future that I could pursue what?

From the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes up to watch your youth to thrive. Success you will. Today is your day and now it’s your year to today. And now this moment is profound to show up off the ground. Your rope might’ve been rough at what you get now is now even shut you out. But you gotta be assessed with the old plow started from the bottom. I’ve worked my way up. I was pinned, prayed up. Then you gotta get it. Don’t quit it till you see your YouTube.

Today is your day and now that’s your year to thrive. Today is your day and now he’s your turn. Your 10 should be all went to kid, but we cannot get without self discipline to fall on your face, to just up the piano teachers up to Kohl’s dot. They are with the friends. When the storm’s getting up in a and only dealing with yourself, what you believe we believe in you, but not as much as God goes. If you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing but Goff. Apply. What you learn, increase what you do. Pocket gun money to a burn a priest. What you burn into Tom, you gotten money to person. Increase what you burn into tangent. Got money to increase what you burn in. Do Tom, you got money to money? I look the shutdown, the doubters, silver weeds that became your dream.

Flowers empowering you to de devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to sit still, but now up on the microphone. Smooth like buck if I can do it, I know you can too, but you bust stick to it like postings and while Morgan’s on the call was singing what he’s saying, I’m gonna carbon shoot truth victories. Today is your day to day show day and now is your time to try. It says you will find today is your day today and now is your time. It’s your time today and now we do a time sing it Barton. Today is your day. [inaudible] At the time I realize I can’t sing like that but I can’t talk and

Play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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