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Timing is everything. Whether it be hiring and firing employees, buying and selling stocks or going for the close for a big sell timing is of the utmost importance. During this Podcast Clay breaks down the importance of timing when it’s time to fire employees.

It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA, entrepreneur of the Year and business coach clay Clark. Do we have coming in from one of our listeners that they asked? How can you control employees that you cannot fire? How can you control employees that you cannot fire well Steve? Could you throw out some instances where that could be a thing where you couldn’t fire to such a super? There’S a lot of people listening who want to start a business and there’s many more. Who are the only business I think of you own, a business. You might know these scenarios where you can’t fire somebody, but just from your career, could you pick up a couple scenarios where you couldn’t find her? Somebody yeah we just had one not too too long ago at that total in the concept. So employees are our new new other new to a position, even though you might find out like right away that there a bad business coach fit. You put yourself at risk for unemployment and other things cuz. Unfortunately, this country, you can’t fire someone for after their job anymore. Otherwise, you would pay for it, so you have to build your documentation to build the case so that you know that when and if you ever do have to fire them that that you will have less up or less chance having to pay unemployment even in the Right to work state like Oklahoma that stuff, if you let somebody go, and you don’t have super documentation as to why then you’re probably going to end up paying unemployment, which is the other reason why you should record it calls which is it. So that’s all the reasons why it allows you to get that documentation that you need so here’s. What I would encourage you to think about is, if you can’t fire somebody step, one asked why and it’s usually comes down to not taking the following action items. Okay, so here are the action items you must take if you want to fire somebody there’s only three of them, so these are easy to write down easy to. Remember easy things to you: can do get out of sheet of paper kit on a notepad on a Post-It note get on it just got to get out of a Sharpie get out some paint whatever you have to do just write these down and then moving forward. You won’t be the situation where you can’t fire somebody, okay, so one is right. People up and document their behavior and have them sign have them sign their write-ups. Somebody does something screwy and you’re right. I’M up! You have to have him sign that write-up, okay, so make sure that when people are screwing up, did you actually take the time to document their behavior in writing and have them sign that you had that conversation yep? What is it forces you to have that conversation, because you couldn’t have them sign the documents and you had a conversation? If you didn’t have a conversation and usually when you write them up and you have them sign it, they go wow. This guy actually takes it seriously but Steve if you’re a casual and you don’t write people up what tends to happen. Will Tim Redmond says casual just causes casualty, casualty casualties causes what casualties so yeah, because one day when, when something epic does happen and then you’re like I’ve, been kind of casual, I haven’t written them up for all the heat of the 19 little things that they Did that, were you know not appropriate, but now I have a big thing right and you want to fire them, but now you would have to do it on a motion and write you and set yourself up for it then cost any money, not a good thing. I can think whatever to never stop recruiting Steve. You know that it thrive in Elder businesses, I’m involved in. We have a group interview every single week for every business that I’m involved in. We have a group interview every single week. Some people think it’s crazy. Some people question it, but eventually people realize this is the super move. Talk to me about the importance of the group interview and why we as business owners, can never stop recruiting. For me, it gives me peace of busines coach mind and the power to know that no employee has any power over me that they could just walk out one day or not come to work or whatever, because I constantly have people that are in the pipeline that I’m that I’M working with their shadowing and then number to the other bonus clay, as you know, is it UPS, the game of all the people that work on our team, because they constantly see that we have new people coming in shadowing interviewing and we’re always looking for more Talent better now Give an example. The man cave is a place where we often record from a recording in the man cave today, and we were women record for the man cave but Steve. We do keep the door open. I want times right now the doors open right now we’re getting kind of a breeze in there is the fire. I should go in right now. Do you know it was India? Is it okay, so we’re getting some Pinon wood going? It’S smoking hits smoking. So we keep the door open, it keeps the air circulation going from getting stagnant and a weird in high school yeah play golf in the locker room, the dude’s locker room. Gross. I remember that from Ginger, and it was like you know, your buddy Carl like doesn’t watch his socks as part of his Superstition to not washes that wash your socks, it’s gross are going to have to smell nasty Chuck was saying the other day that whatever the Air freshener is it Thrive.


That’S in the men’s, restroom smells like somebody, who’s use, baby powder and then there in the stinky, locker room and he’s like it’s that weird mix. It’S not like right, so maybe having that complained all the time because it keeps the air flow coming in and if you have a business where you never stop right, we Wii! U and Wii! U stop recruiting give a business where you not bringing in new Talent you’re, not bringing in the new people. What tends to happen Steve. It gets that you get people that get lazy. You get people that get full of themselves. You get people to get really proud. You get people that think that they’re hot stuff, and then you know one day what happens is like what happened to me a couple years ago, as you have like a mutiny within your office, worku yakoo, were they figure out a way to try to screw you And get you out, and sometimes it works like it did in my case. So here is a notable quotable. I want to redo all the Thrive people out there. They were from Robert Greene Robert Greene, the best-selling author of the 48 Laws of Power. He says, but the human tongue is a beast that few can Master, it strains constantly to break out of its cage and if it is not tamed, it will turn wild and cause. You grief so Steve when you know that somebody is taking advantage of you, and you know somebody is screwing you, but now is not the right time to let them go because you don’t have enough write-ups. How hard is it as an entrepreneur to not fire somebody at the very moment that you know you need to fire them when they’re screwing, your customers they’re, causing you Financial issues? How hard is it to bite your tongue and a follow the current law which, by the way, is stupid? If you own a business, you smell of fire, somebody trip business, I mean it’s ridiculous that, like you, can’t fire somebody that you’re afraid to firestick right now and remember the government you could these stupid laws were. We have to keep somebody on our staff who’s, terrible at your job. Shame on you! It’S ridiculous concept that we have to keep people working for us that are terrible. The idea of a free economy is it: if you don’t like working for us, you can go work somewhere else. If we don’t like you working for us, you can go work somewhere else. It’S ridiculous that you can file unemployment and continue to be paid well beyond the point that you proven through your actions that you’re absolutely terrible and let’s assume that a business owner is the various and doesn’t like people want to screw people. Then why should an employee have to work there? I mean shouldn’t be like a good thing. If a tyrant fires, you give a terrible you and said you’re fired shouldn’t, be like that’s great cuz you’re free to go.


Do what you want to do this idea that you should be continued to be paid by somebody after they determine that you don’t have the skill set needed to do. The business coach job is ridiculous, but Steve you see people all the time. You know people all the time who say you know what they need to be fired and because I don’t have control over my emotions, I’m going to tell him right now what happened Steve? If you let the human tongue go uncaged and you decide to let people know how you feel immediately. Well, then, you don’t hit or action I never through, which is playing the time of game which is doing it when it’s best for you and best for the business. So the easy thing play the easy path is to go on a tirade or fire or tell him to get out. But we know from experience that that might make you feel good in the moment for that it’s like an hour and then you like crap. So you just have to hold your tongue and you got bide your time and you got to do it because that’s the other thing Clay’s, while that person’s there. If you have systems in place in and weighs a hold people accountable, even if they’re constantly trying to screw you – and you have all this accountability, they can’t really, even though you know they don’t because you’re building a case, it’s provable, they were in fact hurting your Business and really that’s how you win it on in an unemployment games where you can shut somebody’s hurting the health of your business through their actions and plus, since you have that accountability place since they are going to work there and you can’t hold a candle. At least you’ll get some work out of them since you’re paying them, but now the next notable quotable comes from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3 1 through 8. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens, a time to be born and a time to die a time to plant and a time to uproot A Time to Kill and a time to heal turn down the time to build. A kind of weed, but a time to laugh, somebody spent a lot of time on this morning, a time to dance at time to scatter, write the scattered stones at a time to gather them outside of embracing a time to refrain from embracing the time it starts, And a time to give up what time, to keep it a time to throw away the time to tear it time to mend a time to be silent in a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate a time for war. And a Time For Peace, the Bible said right: there there’s a time to be silent and a time to speak.


It also says the time to love and a time to hate Steve. You don’t have to tell somebody and notify them with your with your with your face day, one when they’re going to be fired. When you know you’re going to fire somebody, you don’t necessarily have to broadcast that to them and everybody else and Steve some people say that’s unethical, but the Bible right. There says there’s a time to hate and a time to love a time for war and a Time For Peace, a time to be silent at time to speak. In my mind, that’s a pretty good justification right there and it’s my time to speak. So I would like to tell you break the other thing. Is that person you know that you know we’re talking about it’s like. I want to feel good in that. Actually is the person that you should show the most love to, because you, if you’ve already known that, like you mentally fire them in there done, then the more that you can like love on them and feed them and have them follow your system at least while They are with you the more work that you can get in at least you’re, getting that position handled while they’re there, and let me get an example of this on the Six-Day War. In 1967, the Arab forces were building up the their forces along the borders of Israel, keep building up the Air Force’s. What kept building up their forces like they’re, dirty tanks and their their men there artillery on the borders of Israel and after they were. You know what the after they got to a level where they were built up a pretty massive arsenal of armament. The Israelis were kind of tipped off like well based on the fact they voted up a lot of tanks and guns and dudes and infantry and they’re, probably going to attack us where that the other they were being watched, the Israelis they didn’t know they were being Watched and spied on by the business coach Arabs, so they decided to announce to everyone on their team attention. Everybody we’re going to be going on vacation attention, everybody we’re going to go on vacation, they knew they were being watched and spied on, so they made the announcement, and so the unsuspecting Arab forces relaxed right, believing that it is really Army was on vacation right and Why do they believe that? Because he is really is an announced it and they knew they were being spied on. So without warning and without making a commotion, the key military were notified that they were to fly into Egypt in Syria into attacked their unsuspecting enemies by first blowing up the runways and bridges so the anime attack them. Then they were to blow up the enemy, steal supplies and by the time that the Six-Day War it and it ended. Israel took over the old city of Jerusalem and in fact, Israel only lost 4517 people to injury and 982 983 people. Today the only lost 983 people to death, but the other guys lost 22,000 people. I don’t know if the timing is right, make sure the timing is right. What were you win? A tits does a decisive Victory and if you don’t know how to manage people and you struggle with firing people, the best thing you could do is put your tickets to our next. In person drive time Workshop 2 free tickets to the ThriveTime Workshop. All you need to do is look up, ThriveTime, show in iTunes and leave us a review just subscribe and leave us a review and you will get your Free Conference tickets.


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