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The founder of Living Water Irrigation asks Doctor Zoellner how often should you be evaluating your staff and can you fire an employee before they start? 

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Can You Fire An Employee Before They Start Ask Clay Anything

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show?

Yes, yes and yes.

Dr Z. Darcy, I’m excited for today’s show. I love it when you’re excited. There are a few times we get topics or questions or you know, little things going on or we’ve reached, you’ve researched something or something’s caught you a buzz and you just have kind of this new kind of fun energy. Now I like it when you’re that way. There’s a Matthew Slater show we will be doing soon here that you’re going to love. It’s about how can a man be a seven-time pro bowl football player at the wide receiver position and do we and how can you be the captain of the New England Patriots? It is position is listed as that of receiver and yet he has caught one pass throughout the entirety of his career. That isn’t gonna be an exciting show. I can hardly wait. I’m excited now. Today’s show, I’ll tell it as he has me excited.

We have Josh with living water irrigation in the box here in the booth in the man-cave, a business coach client and guy that I’ve had the privilege of personally mentoring and working with each week for a long, long time. And he has some questions and we have Thrivers all across the country. They have questions. So I’m going to start first. Well first of all, I gotta get a big shout out to Josh. Oh, I had a little emergency irrigation system at one of my buildings and I say emergency because cause I like it done immediately. Right. And so I called Josh and his team came out and worked over a weekend, if I’m not mistaken, and knocked that sucker out. Him and you guys, any he, he told me about how much it’s going to cost and why they should be instead of fixing this, but it’d be just, you know, less expensive to replace this and that and this. And he did a great job. When you say irrigation emergency, where you installing a black toilet into your man cave as I have done?

No, no, that’s a Devcon for, I’m more of Devcon three. I’ll just guy, not that I had plants that would die without water. So you know, I just tired of, well here’s the first question I have from a thriver and this thriver wanted to not be disclosed. See? Oh, Oh that one I’m talking I want them but I want to disclose something before we don’t disclose who this guy is. Okay. You are an optometrist. Yes sir. You are an owner of multiple companies. Yes sir. You have employed throughout your career. I would say at this point you probably had millions of customers come through your businesses, millions of customers that you agree I would say. And you know, you’ve employed thousands of people and that is the context for your, the advice you’re going to give this person. Okay. And I’m going to summarize what they emailed in today because I, they said they were worried that like people who know them would know what they’re asking right now.

So I’m going to paraphrase, I try to change it up a little bit. Sure. All right. They had a person that came to the group interview. Good job by the way. They’re doing the group interview and it’s working nicely, they said, but in the last two weeks they’ve had a phenomenon happens. IA phenomenon. Okay. They’ve had a young woman and a young man who I don’t know their ages, I just talked to on the phone briefly, but I guess these people are kind of in there. Maybe you know, middle-aged folks who they’re supposed to start working, let’s say on Monday, but Monday comes in, they text the boss, Hey boss, I can’t be there. I hate to do this on my first day but I’m sick and this continues and they haven’t been to work yet and they’ve been sick or they had a family emergency or an issue.

So they never have actually come to work yet. Right. But they split. They sent me a text, I can’t come to work cause I’m sick. Work with me though about the awkwardness of this. All right. Then it happened again with another person. So both a male and a female over a period of what it sounds like two or three weeks they’ve hired somebody in that person test text. I can’t come to work today. I’m sick. I’m so sorry. And they keep doing this. They keep it. So they actually have never worked yet. Okay. And they’re wanting to know, can I call them and say Hey, it’s not working out when it’s a medical reason because obviously the person can’t come to work. They’re saying, cause it’s a medical issue. One of one, one of them is they say they say they have anxiety and they have they’re, they’re have a prescription for something. They’re getting it treated right now. They can’t come to work because they’re dealing with this anxiety issue. The other one has some sort of sickness. So it gets, the question is if somebody, if you agree to hire someoneZ today and they can’t come to work tomorrow because they’re sick and then they can’t come to work the next day cause they’re sick and the next day cause they’re sick, can you just let them know, Hey, it’s not working out before they even start.

Absolutely. You can let them know. I’m assuming this person’s in Oklahoma. Can’t I promised I wouldn’t say anything. Okay. Well if they are in an at-will state and they [inaudible],

I just somehow in a reverse psychology sort of way indicated they are, aren’t Oklahoma, let me say this.

No, they are not anywhere but Oklahoma. Well with wherever they are, if you’re in, if you’re in an at will state, in other words they, that’s a definition. You can kind of look that up and, and peruse that at your leisure. But eventually, if it’s an at will state and they do not have a written agreement with them. And I’m not a, I’m not an attorney, I’m not an employment attorney, nor are you a gynecologist. But I can tell you this, you do not ha you. You never have to be held hostage by an employee. You know the worst case scenario is they might get unemployment on you. No big deal. Worst case scenario, they might fuss a little bit to an attorney who if he took up their charge would be very surprising. But the bottom line is no matter what happened on the backend, you’ve got to do what’s best for your business and what’s best for your business.

Getting some employee, obviously you’re looking to hire so you needed some help and so you need to get that position field by a competent person that actually wants to show up to work. Okay. Now wait, how many times have you showed up to work sick? Never a hundred actually. Never. I mean I’ve seen you down day Quill like it’s going, I have shown up when I’m sick, but I’ve never, I guess not showed up because I was sick. So I have, I know how many times have you shown up, but you’re sick. I’m going to meet you. I used to lay in an exam room and throw up, you know, and then they’d say, you’ve got a patient load and I’d wipe off, you know, brush my, brush

My face, brush my face and put on a hat and I would go in and see the patient that I’d go back into my office and continue to throw it up, you know? So it’s kind of like sometimes in life. I don’t know how sick that person is. You don’t need to know the fact that they’re not coming into work tells you all you need to know and you need someone to come in to work so you do not have to be held hostage for tell them it just not working out. Hire somebody else and get them in there and get going. Can you look at this real quick? I want to see you to see Jeff Warner sick, right? I’m shooting free throws real quick. This is Jeff Hornacek shooting free throws and a, let me see. What he would do is he would do this thing.

I hope I can find a clip where he is, where he would pet his face. Is this what you were talking about here? Brushing his face. Would you, would you do look at this right here. It’s you guys. I highly endorsed that. He did it for every shot. I guess it was his way to say hi to his kids or something. Well there’s probably some tactile reinforcement there. Yeah, there’s a steady came out and I don’t know if you noticed it though in the NBA when a guy’s taken free throw, whether he shit, whether he makes it or misses, the other four teammates are supposed to walk up and have a physical touch with him and by doing that, the bond, it’s some kind of bond, a team bond and they’ve done the research on it and one guy figured it out. Probably feel Jackson, I’m going to keep fingers. Probably Phil Jackson probably figures out or Popovich, you know one of one of those two guys in top of Jackson pop up pop Jackson Jags, their illegitimate son. Oh, quick now. Oh that’s because he is not a gynecologist. We can’t explain how that was possible for the to beat that as it may be that as it may that baby that may be down that same line if a guy touching his face before he takes it


Oh fuck. We’ve got kindness kilter now. I was on the highway headed toward North to Chicago. I ended up in Florida. Now I’m talking about gynecology and meeting bill Jackson and top of me,

Oh gosh, I don’t

Know how it happened. These things, just hoses. This is the nature. This is the natural flow of the shirt. You glad you don’t have to understand everything that goes on in our world. I’m so glad I am so tickled about that. Oh my gosh. She had good deep questions about stuff and I’m like, where’d that go? I have no idea and in fact I don’t want to have an idea. I love it. You and I share the desire not to know, but we don’t need to know exactly. I want to, I want to ask you this, this next question that you don’t need to know before Josh gets in his real question. This is a folk question. Oh, but it is a question that I, it is, it is question, you know, people ask this question a lot, but it’s pho and like you and I don’t care, but I’ll just, let’s, let’s kind of establish thisZ , you own a bank.

You’ve invested in a bank yes. With a bunch of dudes and some ladies into a bank called Regent bank. Correct. Formerly the bank of no water. First national bank of [inaudible], first national bank of Nevada where we love kids, America and strong grass. So the first national bank of Nevada, is that correct? Yes. Okay. So y’all read it, you were pitched by a one Mr. Sean Copeland. Yes. When he was at grand a bank, he said, Hey, Hey, you want to deposit money in my bank? And you said you want some money, young man. Hey no, but why don’t we buy a bank? Am I correct though? Yeah. Okay. Say, Hey, why don’t we buy a bank? Now you understand when you bought a bank, you bought something that is chartered that is guaranteed by the federal reserve or you are you aware of the service

Said business coach hoops are jumped through correctly? That is correct. And I, and one of the reasons why I broke my rule of thumb, my rule of thumb is this, I don’t invest in businesses unless I have some control over those businesses. Too many times I’ve, I’ve been burned in the past where I had a friend of mine who had a great idea to do a thing X, Y,Z , and I invested some money and it went belly up, belly up, belly up, cleaned the belly up, put the belly. It didn’t do very well. And so I said, from that point on, I said, well, I’m not going to invest unless I can control it. Not that I’m a control freak, but I’d know that if it fails and it’s on me, I can feel better about it then having somebody else fail. So, but I knew that a bank was so regulated, so highly regulated. That would be it. Something I could be a minority and not have to worry about it being overseen correctly. So, and plus the guy that was in charge of it, sharp, sharp, sharp dude. Create three point shot. Great. Three. I don’t know. Did he touch his face when he was taking it?

I don’t know. I just know that Sean is a man who’s in his mid forties who hugs like he’s a 21 year old baller at the university of [inaudible]. He does give a good man hug. He does a great hug. Great. High five whole exchange is beautiful. It’s like Reggie Miller. It’s like he’s on the court all the time. Seriously. Now this is what happens is that the federal reserve insurers, the deposits up to $250,000, correct? Right, correct. Correct. Now, the federal reserve is not controlled entirely by the federal government. So it’s not really a federal and there really isn’t an actual reserve of gold somewhere. Well, there is, but we’re off the gold standard. I mean, we still have a big chunk of gold. Okay. She didn’t know. So it’s one could say, one could argue it’s not 100% federal and there’s really not a reserve to cover the assets, right?

Yes. So it’s a Fiat currency. We have where we buy decree, we trust the currency. Yes, by decree here you owe here. And I’m just saying there are some people I have met who couldn’t handle the idea that they’re putting their money out of bank. I had one young lady about three weeks ago that came to me and she said, I was reading the one he’s on his online is on YouTube. They have this video about the truth about the federal reserve. Oh mine. And she says, did you know that banks like when you deposit, like if you go in there with $40,000 of actual cash and you deposit it, that might be more than they have on hand at any given time. I’m going, Oh yeah. And she says, but how can it be a bank if they don’t have money there? I’m like, Oh, it’s, it’s, it’s a numbers and a machine and it’s all backed up by the FTC and she could not move on Z. She’s like, I can’t, I cannot deposit money in the bank if I know that they don’t keep the cash there, I can’t do it.

I wonder, you know, most begs, I mean, 40,000 I would think most banks would have at least that. I mean, people come in and make cash resulting told her [inaudible] you go into the bank, you know, and you ask for, Hey, I want $30,000 of cash. They say, Hey, you know, we’ve got to go get that. You know what I mean? Here you go, you can do, you can do a cashier’s check, right? We gotta go, you know, get money from a to B. They’re not the give you a bank doesn’t have $600 million of cash sitting there in the vault. No, none. None that I know of. I’m not saying that there couldn’t be one, but I’m saying that’s the kind of thing that you don’t concern yourself with. No, there’s a lot of things. I concern myself with and that is on the list of, I do not concern myself.

You never worry that the federal reserve is not entirely federal and that there might not be the add that much actual cash in every bank in America. No. You don’t worry about that. No. When you write a check to the bank for $1 million deposit, you don’t go in there and a couple of days ago, do you have a sucker and can I get $1 million of cash? I just want to see it. I just want you don’t do that. No, I don’t. But Josh, you’ve met people like this. Yes, absolutely. Or they obsess about political things they cannot control [inaudible] so Josh, you’re a pragmatic entrepreneur guy. Yes. You have a viable business and aZ this week. Check this out. He was on good morning America. Did you know this? Good morning America. Could you know this? No, I did not. He was on good morning America. Josh doesn’t tell me anything and he has been in, I don’t even know you anymore this week. He’s been in people magazine. Wow. He has been in a Fox news or heard about that? The billboards about his wife. Yeah. So let me pull it up real quick. Here is you haven’t hit play on the video. You can see this. Watch this. Here we go. I’m hitting play. I’m hitting play. Oh yeah, here we go. Okay, let me,

Oh well I guess it wasn’t bringing in any revenue so far. Stories normal. Well I guess it wasn’t bringing in any revenue. So we changed the messaging on the boards to write love messages to his wife, Amy


I know what might be running through your head. Ran through all of ours. What’d you do dude? We were a little skeptical, but when you actually hear him, I think he sounds legit. Take a look. I decided I wanted to tell the world and tell my wife how much I loved her in front of everybody. She tolerates me and lets me build this little company and lets us have fun and, and so it’s the least I could do is to tell her I love her.


This is, we have a celebrity and on the, on the show today, we’ll of course we do. There’s stray in there. Yes, it’s really happened. So he’s here now with us. It’s how’s it possible? Cause he’s a pragmatic dude who he’s getting stuff done. So he’s buying billboards. He knows he’s not thinking about, he’s actually doing it. And I love that about it.

[Inaudible] Pro active. And you know what, the, you may have gotten more juice off of that billboard telling your wife you loved her, then stopped dragging her hoses around. Right.

The reason, the reason we switched it to precisely that drZ was we were getting no response off the other ads.

I’m not gonna say I told you so, but y’all actually did tell me something that was left. We did. But it’s fun that you went the direction you do. You did. And that actually stimulated more, you know, publicity I E marketing in a very positive way. That’s awesome. Well done. Like I always say, if you find yourself dragging your hose around, tell your wife you love her on a billboard. Stop dragging.

There’s a book about that. Okay. Wow. Well, Josh, I’ve got to circle back. First of all, he started the show with, and we appreciate the work, dr zone. Thank you for the kind words. Glad we could work for you and glad we could exceed your expectations. And then a recap for Andrew who just came in. So Andrew, we started the show with a question about terminating somebody who wasn’t working. And just to let you know that went to Papa Jackson, the Illinois Jitterbit child of Greg Bob and Phil Jackson. So if you ever wanted to know who Papa Jackson is, just a real quick recap. An illegitimate love child gave a man to be loved child born in poverty. No of cha. But my question for you, dr Zellner would be, we were up on, on business coach employer reviews. So we had asked you, I’d asked you off the show, but, but to get it on here on the air, so how often do you do employee reviews? How long are you sitting down with your staff? How long are you, how, how often are you evaluating your stats or,

Well, I normally have my managers or my supervisors too, that I do with at the doctor level and I do that on a yearly basis, roughly. Some of the guys who’ve been with me so long. I mean, it’s a pass in the hallway. I have audio of your sit down and less sit down with both. Okay. Can I share something? Might sound like me just talking right now, but this is what it is. It might, it’s like it’s from a CB, but just work with me on this. It’s okay. Dr Zellner, you want to see me? Yeah, a boat. I’m like, I’m calling in here via CB and a good job. Don’t, don’t go change it to you. I mean that’s about what it is. Both toss-up. Oh yeah. And you know, high five in the hallway. What up? Hey, how’s the, how you doing?

How you doing? How you doing? He’s been bringing the boat to, was he town for how long? Oh, he’s been with V 25, 26 years. Sam employees. They’d been around for so long. You know, it’s funny, one time I sat down, but I think on the last raise I gave you, he looked at me and I’ll look to him and I said, how much did I pay you? I liked it. I mean, I had an idea of it to know the exact about and you don’t want to go really that much. He goes, yeah, you must have been thinking about the time before last. So, but I think my supervisors tried to do that on him six months, a yearly basis. Just depends. You have some need it more and it’s, it’s kind of a time suck for the most part because if they’re doing well, they know that and you know that and you tell them that or almost every day.

I mean, it’s kind of a great job. So when you’re around them, edit, have a great job. Am I doing? Yeah, eh, when you’re, when you’re around, when you’re around your staff and you see them doing good things, Edify them, lift them up, encourage them, let them know that. Let them know you see that. When one of my favorite little super moves that I like to do is that whenever I am around an employee that I’m not around very often. Oh. And I’ve heard good things about them. I’ll let them know that and there’ll be like, really? And I’ll say, yeah they’re almost surprised and I say, yeah, I’ve heard great things about you. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Really appreciate it. What can I do for you today? You know, cause they’ve approached you to talk about something.

So you know, I don’t know why it is, but so many of us we’re so starved for affirmation. We have a hard time giving it out. In other words, we want something to come Pat our back. We want someone to come Pat your back and say, Josh, you’re doing great with living waters, man. You’re growing your business. You’re telling your wife you love Ron billboards, man. You’re killing it. You’re rocking it. Well done. You know? And so we all, there’s a part of us that wants it some want more than others. Sure. And whenever you find one of your employees that their love language is words of encouragement, then I would encourage you to give them words of encouragement. And so therefore, as far as the breakdown, it’s at least minimum of year. Some people need it more often. And so your supervisors and my managers kind of have a free flowing. There’s not like a set, you know, on this day at four, at 1600 hour you must, you know, so

This is what I want to make sure the listeners get this. What happens with doctor, Eleanor enterprises, industries, et cetera, is the managers are very competent and on a daily basis, they’re giving you that one minute manager feedback. So if you make a mistake today, they tell you about it today. If you made a mistake tomorrow, they’ll tell you about it tomorrow. They don’t wait for the quarterly, read them the quarterly. We’ve taken all these notes and they don’t do that. They give it to you right when it happens. So there’s that real time. That’s called the one minute manager. That’s the book. Everyone should read one minute manager Chet Cacho who’s the head of quick trip, the billion dollar company companies said the number one business book to read clay Clark is the one minute manager. Give people real time feedback. That’s what you do. Now if you want to get into corporate BS, which I did one time because I was a young guy, I didn’t know what to do with, you know, 40 50 employees.

I got these books written by management theorists and they said, when you hire somebody, meet them quarterly, even give them a review. And so I thought, wow, this guy’s never had him. Oh he’s, I should probably listen to what he says. He has a lot of decrees and so, and then, but no, this is where it got weird is if I hired you Josh, your quarterly is in 12 weeks from now. I hired Z four weeks later, his is 12 weeks from then. So every day now I’m getting these alerts coming in on outlook going, it’s time for the quarterly with [inaudible]. I don’t even know who Andrew is cause I just hired him eight weeks ago and I’m like, what? So I’m sitting down with people who I don’t even know going, well this quarter, you or it, or I’d say, managers, I want you to follow up quarterly.

You give them the feedback. So then it became national pisher employees off day. So your manager who’s had no grievance with you for 12 months is looking for some feedback. So they look at their notes from like six weeks ago and they’re like, you know, Carl, that your phone time has really been down. That was six weeks ago. I mean, it’s just so it’s only sincere if the notes are updated daily, which then you end up doing what? Entering notes daily. So I would just say, give your people daily affirmations and I have audio. I was able to get this was dr Z. He’s frowned upon me. We actually wrote me up today for this. A real, that real time feedback. Oh yeah, we were, we were getting ready to record. And you said, Hey tiger, don’t ever Mike my a room again. I’m like, Hey, I will try to remember.

I’ve told you that so many times. I can’t believe that you would even, but this is the audio that I was able to get and and I, Andrew, you brought it to me. I said brought it to me. You didn’t grab it or really you weren’t involved with the beater and he’s a good fall guy. Well, he’s a good fall guy and he also apparently knows how to hide Mike’s really well. Okay, so this is, so this is, I’m going to cue it up and Zeke please explain to me what this performance review is all about. Who was talking, what this was about. I’ll cue it up here. Sure, sure. Let me go

Take a minute to build into it. It’s weird. Your plans tranquil there of good thing. I’m entitled to my share of happiness. I refuse to beat myself up. I am an attractive person. I am fun to be.

No, this was like you. You did not know we were miking at this point. Oh no, you were just talking into that. We actually, I was evaluating myself. This is self evaluation. You already get a self evaluation this quarterly. Okay, let me keep going. Do we keep quarterly, quarterly? I believe I hadn’t opened the door yet. This is a weird


Daily affirmation with Stuart Smalley.

Is that your rap name? Stewart smaller? No, that’s my, that’s my code name for daily affirmation. You can link to it up here.


Stuart Smalley is a caring nurturer, a member of [inaudible].

Are you narrating your own thing here or who’s this tall guy could do different voices?

12 step program, but not a licensed therapist. I’m going to do a terrific show today and I’m going to help people because I’m good enough. I’m smart enough and doggone it people like,

Does it sound like you? But at the same time I understand that you, you believe in these affirmation, well sometimes those mikes are a little bit off and so the kind of change though I probably hadn’t cleaned lower quality Mike, lower quality Mike’s Fitzer valve on there. Oh, now Z, you know what? We have three more questions and from great out there, but to put a capstone on this particular question, we’ll make sure we’re just recapping. So all the listeners understand this idea. One, if you agree to hire someone and they don’t show up, you would say yes, you can fire an employee before they start? Correct. Okay. Second is how often should you be giving your employees feedback? You would say have your managers do it daily, daily, and then quarterly. If you want to be captain proactive, captain corporate compliance, captain fine. But now if you put it in there quarterly, take accurate notes.

Well, here’s the deal. When are you going to do reviews? I would say get everybody on the same schedule. So let’s say they, whenever they got hired, if you want to do reviews, I mean pick up, pick a slow month in your business. It’s like we’re going to re do reviews in June of every year. So if for you it could be three months after you’re hired, could be almost a year, but you know it’s going to be within a year. So you, you try to do those reviews in a time that’s good for your team? Not because they said, you know what, I’ve been here now three months. Of course you’re crazy busy. You’ve lost two employees, you know, you’re just, everything’s going. Hey, why do you need all hands on deck? And they’re throwing a fit because they want to get evaluated, which is code for you know what you don’t want in an employee cut.

Do you know what an employee comes up and says, I want to get value or you know what? They’re really asking you. Can I raise my speaking points? Can I get a raise? May I get a raise every single time. Every single time I have audio of a, this is an employee who said, could I be evaluated? And the statement that was made right before this Mo episode was no. So the employee walks in door open. Dr zona, can I get evaluated and inductors? He couldn’t say no. So we can reenact it. Get the theatrical. Oh cause he can I be re hot. Dr Z, I hate to interrupt you. Your bondsman. Can I be evaluated? That’s going to happen in June of next year, so no, no.

Fuck my wife. Wait, what did he say? What was her spot? I don’t, I don’t, I don’t remember. I’m going to say, I don’t think I’ve seen that. It’s Adam Sandler. Maybe

Some editing is a consequence of that, but you have seen people freak out. Have you? Of course. Have you really? Yes. How often? What? What was the last time? Give us the one that’s far enough in the past last time where somebody absolutely lost their mind. Where you’re going, Oh man, that wasn’t good. I was like, well, what was it 10 years ago? Give us a story 15 years ago where somebody just, because the listeners out there going through this, and this is the reason why we ask this is you’re not going through this alone. We’ve done this well here. Here’s how you keep from having the freak out because you don’t say no. You say, here’s the plan. Here’s when we do it. Here’s when we’re going to do it and we’ll get you scheduled to do it then. Then they’re happy because they know it’s coming. If you just said, no, I don’t have a plan, then you get to freak

Out. And the first few times when you’re in business and someone comes up and says that to you and you say no without the plan, then you then, then you get that. Then you get the freak out. Then you get the bad attitude. You get that going into your go find a dog to kick and then gonna they’re gonna try to punch a hole in the, in the wall because they’re upset because they don’t feel like you care about them. They don’t feel like they’re valued and you know, they, they want that affirmation and you’ve got to understand that and you, you’ve got to be willing to give it to them. You know, in life, whenever you’re successful, clay, Josh, Andrew, when you’re successful, people are attracted to that and they want some of that mojo. You know, when they come around you. And I almost feel like their energy vampires are there, you know, those people that are wanting to suck some of that out of you.

You know? And so sometimes you, you put up these walls to keep people away because you know, you don’t want negative people coming around June E Orin and you know this and this bad, you know, give me hell, I’ll go, why are you so happy to, I’m so sad kind of attitude, right? So you, you normally insulate yourself as you go through life. But one thing you have to understand is your employees, the people you’re paying money to do a job to help you move the ball down the field. This category of people, you have to be open to them and you have to understand that. You’ve got to give them some of that love every now and then you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone, talk to them in a way that encourages an edifies them, lifts them up, makes them feel better, give them a little bit of that, given a little bit of that energy, a little bit, that joy that you have. And it goes a long ways. And so many times people are, they’re like, Oh man, all my business coach employees just want to, Oh there. Well, you know, you come in with a positive attitude, you come up with a big smile on your face, you come in happy, even though you’ve got reasons,

Not everything that you said is true. And on top of that though, you also want to limit people’s access to you. So it’s a weird thing when you come and you bring the positivity, right? You bring in the energy, but you don’t let people have unlimited access to you because over time, familiarity breeds contempt. It does, but in the proper measure. Yep. It goes a long ways. I’m gonna cube audio, w, w, w what sounds like, and again, I might have to edit it. This is when you have to reprimand an employee that you haven’t spoken to. Oh no. Since the last quarterly review, is this me actually on film again? This is you talking to them. This is back in the day when you were like 20 when did you start your October 25 you’re 25 this is when you’re 25 you hadn’t talked to a guy for a quarter and you were into quarterly reviews and this is what I’m acutely audio. Just let it happen.

Yeah. Bob Thomas board meeting this past week. I’d have to go on over the board. We were kind of looking at your evaluation. I want to tell you the truth. You’re just not cutting it. We’re going to have to let you go. Oh, Tom, what am I going to do? What about the mortgage? What a buffet. Children’s college fund.

No, Z. This is what happens when you blind side people. You can’t wait a quarter and then go in and to the board. Now we’re talking. It’s time to let you go because now we’re talking about the mortgage. I like this Becky, various board, this board, you know what I mean? Oh yeah. You have to let you because then you do blindside people. Then they have all these other issues and you see an issue. Right? People up right away. Talk to them about it right away. If you’re into write ups, write ’em up. If you’re not in the writeups reprimand right away, fix it right, right away, right. I don’t encourage write ups, the physical writing of it documented on the tablet with a chisel chick, chick, chick, chick. But I do think that’s important that they know when you see them doing something they’re not supposed to.

You talk to them. When you see them doing things they’re supposed to, you thank them or encourage them or say, well done. It goes a long ways in that, and here again, everybody out there grabbed the book, the minute manager, great book, one minute manager, one minute manager. We’d had the author of the book, one minute manager on the, on the show. And again, if you’re out there, you’re going, gosh, I want to become an effective manager. This book, one minute manager is super easy to read. I bet you it takes a, I want to say two hours to read it. It’s by Ken Blanchard. Yeah, maybe two hours. [inaudible] Yeah. Oh, great books. He, I appreciate you answering the questions from the Thrivers and we have another question from a thriver that just got emailed and we’re gonna answer that next. Are you ready? Yes, sir. Here we go. Three, two, one, boom.



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