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Josh, the founder of Living Water Irrigation asks, can you enforce non-compete agreements, how to deal with negative reviews and business situations and much more…

    1. Are non-competes beneficial?
      1. Non-competes can be almost non-enforceable for employees because the court will always take the side of the employee who “Can’t feed their family” without doing what they “Had” to do.
      2. There is a right way to do it and you can do it if you do it right.
      3. No matter how good the non-compete is, people will leave
        1. 90% of people will stay in a job for less than 3 years – Forbes
      4. Cut your non-compete into 5 parts.
        1. Don’t show someone the entire picture by teaching them everything about the business because once they know all of the secretes, they will screw you.
        2. Don’t show them behind the curtain
    2. What is your greatest mistake that you learned from?
      1. Clay:
        1. Carlton Pearson told me “Mr. Clark, you are struggling to manage people. You are saying that people are screwing you. You have to inspect what you expect. ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness’ Matthew 5:10”
          1. I spent $50,000 on a phone system that recorded calls and also bought a keystroke recorder that recorded keys. I got cameras to watch what employees did. I put GPS trackers on the DJ vehicles.
            1. An employee was filling his boat with gas on our card.
            2. An employee would break our site on purpose for job security.
            3. An employee would refer our DJ leads to his own business.
              1. All of the employees were aiding that employee.
        2. Making decisions based on emotion only.
      2. Z:
        1. Having a toxic element in the office who is a very good friend of yours. No one will say anything about it because it is a close friend of mine.
          1. You have to ask yourself over and over “Is this best for the business?”
            1. You need to talk to your people and be candid and have them be candid with you
    3. We have one bad review and 194 good reviews. How do you step away from situations like this without letting it emotionally affect you?
      1. If you are doing your best, give God the stress and forget the rest.
      2. L.A.S.T
        1. Listen
        2. Apologize
        3. Solve
        4. Trust
      3. Understand that you can’t make everyone happy.
      4. Z – I wrote a poem….
  • ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
    And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off
    1. I have a checklist for shaking it off:
      1. Deep breath.
      2. Go to my happy place.
      3. I forgive that person.
      4. Realize we are doing the best we can.
      5. Realize that no matter what we do, we can’t make that person happy.
      6. You can’t build your emotions around those people.
    2. Whenever you are upset with someone who you will never see again, all it does is cause negative effects on your body and mind.
    3. Google’s number: 844-491-9665
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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show?


yes, yes and yes. Now see on today’s show, we are yeses there. Finally. Thank you. We have a, an incredible guest here, Josh and incredible show sponsor with living water irrigation. Josh, what’s your company’s website and what do you do? A living water irrigation. OK. Dot Com uh, we do sprinkler system and guide. Elation and repair. Okay, got it. Do Drainage. Got It. We do outdoor lighting. It now you do. Is it do drainage? You just ran the deal. Was that what you doing? I think they’re do irrigation for women also. Oh, okay. No, no. Just due to drainage. I don’t know. That’s what he meant at all. I don’t know if there’s some trademark infringement there on the dude. What’s your, what’s your website? One more time. What your website is? Living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot. Co No, Z. Josh is now going to separate himself.

He’s not in any way endorsing this part of the show. As a sponsor. You. A lot of times they write here the before the show starts, it says on this show, the station in America, we don’t necessarily endorse so anyway, but as I’m going to go ahead and separate line of demarcation. Now we have separate, he is no longer associate with this part of the show. We’ve separate with the sound clip and you asked a question and then we’ll get at his question. Okay. You said WHO’s ty Lopez? Who is title? I would say Tai Lopez is the number one American idiot. Now I’m going to cue this up and I want you to watch this video. This is a youtube but you don’t, you’d explain what you see what I’m saying? I want you to take part in it. No, don’t say I have a place.

I’m going, okay. You tell me what you see on this paper I’m going to get right now. Yes. What do you see? Go full screen. I see a dude I dude and a private jet with looks like a three or four hotties and another dude in the back, so this time the back is doing in the back. It’s actually a private jet. Now I’m not going to ask you what you see here or here or here. I’m asking, I’m attractive women and he’s right here. Okay. He’s the dude. And if so when I went, this is a truth false checker. I’m going to hit play and it a point to you if you feel like what he’s saying might not be true. You say I’ll hit, I’ll hit my button. You Ready? Yeah. You got the button ready to practice the button broke into a practice flyer. I know we had a power outage. Okay, so that’s that. That would be a good sound, right? Do you want to have a bad sound or do you want it to go? Okay, so that’s the sound. Let me crank up your sound if like one more time. Let’s go out and try it one more time. Hit it. Did the button. There you go. That’s a good, that’s a good volume. Okay, here we go. So I’m gonna hit play and you tell me when you see the first fallacy. Here we go.

You know what I like more than flying a private jet like this?

Well hello. Do you feel like he enjoys? The only thing he enjoys more than a private jet is these books. Okay. Line number one. Andrew. Andrew [inaudible] number one. Okay, got it. Keep going. Here we go.

Actually not, but I do bring books with me.

Clever. So he gets to the point back cause it’s kind of an hypothesis. Hold on. He gets get it right now. He’s neutral, right? He hasn’t actually. Now here you go.

But he does bring it. We were just talking a little bit earlier. The question was how to figure out what you should do with your life, like your destiny, what you’re missing.

Do you believe that these three single women now, what scenario are three single women on a jet with a man talking about what is the meaning of life while Broseph in the back here, this guy just creeping out here. Do you see you’ve been on a private jet, Yo, yes. You’ve also been with a group of people having a great time. Sure. If you ever hopped in a limo with a group of people having a good time and go, hey, that got my books. I brought my book, I bought my book from it books probably by talking about what we should be doing in life. Have you ever seen that person is a negative mood? Do you think that it’s probable that actually happened? What he just said, here’s right, here’s my answer. Okay, look, let’s continue.

What’s your purpose is? And I find that’s the most common question and I was just thinking about it when I was here flying. We’re flying to the biggest investor conference.

Look at her. She’s like, that’s where we were flying and that’s where we aren’t doing the winter over here. Eyes closed. Not even pin until they’re completely

[inaudible]. Just talk a little bit earlier on. The question was how to figure out what you should do with your life. I’m like your destiny. She’s like, yeah, that’s right. That’s what I’m talking to. Your purpose is, and I find that’s the most common question and I was just thinking about it when I was here. Flood, we’re flying to the biggest investor conference in the world. Warren Buffett, the billionaire, his annual meeting. And one thing that people who are highly successful do that you can copy is figure out as quickly as possible what your destiny is. And I don’t mean that in like any kind of crazy way. I just mean figure out what your career, what your strengths are, the type of people you land. So

he’s the truthiness, the king of truthiness. So he said something that’s plausible, right? Oh you did say something kind of semi lucid it seemed like. Now this is now this is the, this is the next video and introduce you to Tai Lopez cause you asked the question, who is Tai Lopez? And I just wanna introduce you to what I believe to be the American idiot. Here we go. Here we go here in my garage. Just bought this new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like a lot more than materialistic things. That’s his move knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold 2000 new books that I bought. Wait, wait, wait. You read z? You’ve read some books, art of war. Oh, we’ve heard a click and grow rich. I got the books behind me. I’ve read these books by back, back here. The ones that were there on the, on the sink. I haven’t even read those books and those are books that authors have sent me. Said, hey, I want to be on the show. I haven’t read those books. I’ve read these books right now. Z, if you just bought 2000

books, could you read all those books ever? I mean, you’re in the entirety of your life. If you started today, age 54 nothing else on the schedule, that’s all I did. All you know I had no life. Did Not Sleep. You, you don’t have time to travel. Lamborghini here. I want to happen one. You just, even in the Hollywood hills, could you possibly read 2000 books? No, I don’t think so. Okay, let’s continue. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn. Now maybe you’ve seen my tedx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day not to show off. It’s again about the knowledge. In fact, the real reason. Now, I don’t know people, I met a lot of people, a lot of great people. I’ve met some great billionaires who have millionaires, billionaires.

I meet people and I say, hey, why don’t I ask you, when you read books, you, how do you do it? And they say, what I do is I’ll take the notes and I’ll read the book and I’ll read dog gear. You know, like how long do you wrestle with the book? You know, read the book. Do you digest? A lot of people say, well man, I mean wealthy people were talking about really high intelligent people. They’ll say, took me like, you know, two months to get through snowball by Warren Buffett. Really to process the book and see you like to read. You like looked read more fiction stuff. But when you read a book and how big are these books you’re reading when you’re reading fiction? When they’re there, they’re big books like a 500 pager for 500 pages and sometimes when I have to do, if I’m so excited to get it, I have to limit myself how much I read a day and how am I going to burn.

How long does it take you? How long does it take you though to have to read a book that’s like a fiction. That’s a real page Turner that you like. I mean one that’s like a real and knocked it out in a couple of three, four days a week at the most. If it’s really three or four days and we get to really, if it’s really something I’m is your, have you ever been tested for your Iq? Have you ever been tested or you’re, you’re an optometrist, right? No, I have not. Z. Hello. Have you ever tested your Iq before? Have you ever had it tested? That’s my boat. Gen Z. Can you read words? No. To be an optometrist and they just give that out to you or do you have to stick to this? Stupid does you also studied mathematics in college? I was just running.

I want to ask you, did you, so you are an optometrist. Life is lack of, you’re a man who, who, who has invested in an ownership position in a bank. You have an auto auction. Could you read a book a day? Could you do it and run your businesses? A book a day broke. Cause you just said you kind of limit yourself the burnt through it too quickly. I don’t know what a book is. I’m asking you serious. You’re not helping my case here. A guy who has intelligence, you can think you can process things. You run companies. Could you manage your, you know, half dozen companies while reading a book a day? Could you actually do that? Jenny top made a dance? I’m not, I’m asking you could you do it in his back? No, I don’t. I mean it’s not probable. I mean I not possible, I mean you could, you could whatever the short read of a book, you know, you read the first few pages.

Yes. If you pay as a video, he has a video that’s on youtube. The client showed me in a meeting, I didn’t know who this idiot was until a client brought him up to me and they’re like, Tai Lopez says I could read a die and I’m going to stop talking like that. He’s already made you stupid there. Okay, sorry. Sorry. So honestly, what did he tell you? And they go, let me show you this video and I’m stopping it. It’s a Tai Lopez effect. Just like a moron. He’s a speed reading techniques, but they told me they literally, it’s Tai Lopez says to open the book and to just read the first title of each chapter and the first sentence or two of each chapter. So know it’s about gas. Trump saying that he did. That’s know. That’s what I was saying. It’s a short read. That’s so ridiculous.

Like, sir, are you guys getting married? Oh yeah. Weren’t married. Things are great. So do you, are you have a ring? No, our Dave Gastro. Do you get, do you know? Would you marry me? No, I didn’t. They didn’t propose. Have you had a wedding? No. How are you married? Well, you know, it just feel like we are, I just, it’s just a stupid idea or read a book and it continuum. I keep this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder. It’s a reminder that dreams are still possible because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch at home with only $47 $47 he knows the exact number of dollars he had. Way To go there. Ty Lopez, bank account 47 no, I’m still trying to figure out who he had no opportunities. He’s sells this theory.

Have you guys seen the videos he sells? It’s Andrew. Have you seen his videos? Oh, he’s one of those guys. He says you can get rich and you can manage $1,000 a week from your laptop if you get my magic system. Okay. That guy in America, jackass, Tai Lopez. That’s the answer to our first, well because what happened was is j k Jonathan Kelly said they’ve now kept telling us is a verifiable fact that their ads are stepping in and do we have you seen that in the book of face? John is speaking here. We’ve when you don’t have a mic, go ahead and John just yell it out real quick. Here I w we we, we know he’s been a verify as he has. We have verification that our man ty Lopez cannot run certain ads anymore or is it in the speculation phase? It do. We have third party independent verification.

The Google ads are down for ty Lopez so we can pull a report it to us, him down there taking of and z. Why would they still videos are up. Some of the ads are coming down andZ , Z. I mean I have a guy that I went to college with and I’ll get to Josh’s question. Went to college with it at all or you and I want you to tell me if you think this is shady or cooking. All right. He found out that an la, it’s a big thing to be feel like a big deal. So he started this company, I think. I wouldn’t say a friend is a guy I know who wants to be my buddy, but not so much because he’s always scamming people. Sure. This is his move. He says that for $5,000 he will, at that point it was $5,000 he will arrange an entourage of hot chicks and dudes to be wherever you are immediately it.

So it’s like an Uber for hot people, attractive people, men and women. And I’m like, well can I ask you like what kind of clients do you get? And he’s like, well people such as, and he starts to insert the name of all these scammers. And I said, what other services do you do? He goes, oh, I have a thing called poppop Manchin. And I go, come on, what does that mean? He goes, oh, there’s a lot of people that are out of town, you know, that travel a lot. And they do airbnb. And I don’t tell them I’m running it for a film crew to shoot this movie, but basically you’ll have like an Australian guy, he’s a get rich quicker. Uh, Vegas base get rich quicker and they need to show a backdrop of wealth. And so they’ll hit me up and then I have a variety of Airbnb is ready to roll and I show up at that house with my entourage of people.

Five grand. You get the house and the people, I have a video camera, the whole thing is set up and it looks like the rich. Yeah. And I’m like, do you have no shame in your game? It’s like, no bro, this is a move. This is a move. And he’s like, dude, movies have actors. This is just actors now. I’m like, but people are paying you. I don’t care what they’re doing. I mean people watch movies that are shady all the time and are good people and I’m just these reactors and so I’m just paying you gotta be kidding me. And this is a real thing. It’s a real top up. Like celebrities pop up. He’s got so many things. He’s got to move where it’s like something like 10 g’s in a celebrity will just show up with you for like an hour cause in la.

Sure. So you and I are just having a coffee. I’m like we gotta get Mike Tyson here. We got to get Jason Alexander, somebody famous and it’s like well yeah I do. So you just pet, you know it’s great if it, that’s a whole industry man. It’s crazy isn’t it? Yeah. You can pay to have a celebrity endorse your book. They’re like this book was the best book ever and it’s like a book. That’s crap. Oh yeah. I just, I just, it’s a scam. Ahkamie so that’s who ty Lopez is. If you are out there today and you’ve signed up for a Tai Lopez program and it’s helped you, please email me to [email protected] so I can psychologically help to fix you. Perfect. And this is the reason why I was so funny when we started all this thrive stuff about three, three and a half years ago.

Right. You know, people would cough ago. Are are, are you guys for real? Right? So where’s the scram? Where’s the, you know, we have an in person workshop and it’s like, where’s the scam? No, it’s couple hundred bucks. You show up two days. Virtually every time people would ask that. I know. And it’s because it guys, guys like this and it’s also because you and I didn’t have a very good Google trail. You built a real company when the yellow pages were still relevant. So did I, and those companies have made the digital jump, but you and I hadn’t spit 10 years asking every optometry client or every DJ client for a review. Right, right. I mean we haven’t done that. So people would Google doctor Robert Zoellner and associates or DJ connection. They would find my company’s and your companies, but they wouldn’t find like all this Google trail.

You would, I didn’t spend our time getting media interviews. I wasn’t like Z. I’m stiffing to figure out what Google is. If you don’t, I mean, I never called you and said, Z, why don’t we get on Bloomberg so people could find our name? But then we actually had to make the digital jump to create a Google trail. So Josh has got hot question. So Josh, now that we have bridged the divide, we’re back to you now we’re back on Prague, we’re back into program, we’re back and we’re back and we’re back and we’re back just when he got okay. Uh, so the first one I got is, and this may be a question for West maybe, but I’ll ask you all anyway. So I’ve got a guy who owns his own company at this point, a is not successful. He reached out to us about potentially

coming to work for us. The first thing that jumps to my head, he’s a good dude. I actually know him, uh, is signing a noncompete. I’ve also heard the noncompete is don’t hold any weight. So

I have a strong taken in z. Can one up me and now what we’re gonna do here, Andrew, is this will be on the show notes. Mark Three 12 it k three 12, and then we’ll title that, ask us anything so we can find it. Index it. Okay. So three 12 asks anything good and make a Google doc for them. Um, the noncompetes in the state of Oklahoma and I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys on this and had this conversation hundreds of times. Um, they are not enforceable as it relates to preventing someone from making it, for making an income. So as an example would be if I worked for doctors, Eleanor, as an optometrist, I sign a noncompete. I could argue in a court of law Z that I can’t feed my family without going to work somewhere else and I could claim I was fired for unethical reasons.

You could say no, you quit and you’ve started to work somewhere else. The court will argue. Meanwhile, I’m not stopped from working as an employee z during that time of litigation, I can still work and unless I’m starting my own business, noncompetes are very hard to, as an employee, it’s a noncompete. It’s almost non enforceable at all. So that’s where I’ve seen, I’ve seen a lot of doctors go work for a neurologist, sign a noncompete. Two weeks later they’re working for another neurologist. They can’t be stopped. They say, this is how I earn my income. It almost never works. It’s almost never an enforceable. But if I went out and started my own neurology company, that’s a little more enforceable. But stills, he, during the time of that litigation, I can continue to operate until I’m stopped. Right. I mean I can continue.

Correct. There’s a, there’s a very narrow window in West can address this, but there’s a very narrow window that is enforceable and Ui, you have to also, I have to give something for that when they, when they leave. And so there’s, it is a, it is an area that is a, a tough but with a good attorney and with the right, um, Nda with the writing on the NDA, but it’s the right contract. Yeah. You can feel safe about that. But if the dude’s not making it now, what do you care about it? He goes out and starts another company

pretty well. I mean, and that’s what my thought is. Wait when the wife and I discussed it, it was, I mean he just going to go out and fall on his face if he quits with us anyway, so he’s a great dude and he does a good job. He’s just not

business owner and that’s what you find a lot of times. Yeah, I’ve come all right up, Tom. Just to work for me. They didn’t want the hassle of going out and hiring and firing and building and marketing. I’ll distress of that. They don’t want that. I got a dirty, I’ve got a dirty, like the dirty followup part of it. Oh No. Oh No.

Z you’ve looked at group photos. Oh yeah. I remember back in, uh, 2002 Christmas party casino theme, top of the city plucks tower. My wife worked for you. It doesn’t want to. Maybe there’s 2000 dozen one I was there. I remember how my wife was there, did a great job, but then she wasn’t there. I’d look the next year. Sure. Have you ever thought about how many people used to work for you who are not there anymore? Oh, hundreds. Yeah. Andy ever looked at a group photo from like 10 years ago, 20 years ago, the team photo, the staff photo and thought to yourself, well a lot of the people that are when that photo aren’t there anymore. Sure. So I think that no matter how good that noncompete is, the idea that you’re going to keep somebody with you and our current economy and our current culture, Forbes reports, we pulled it up the other day, Andrew, but the average American, the Max amount of time, the average American is willing to work somewhere.

Right now on average is what? Three, three years? Three, three years. 90% of people, 90% of people will not stay anywhere for more than three years. Yep. 90% but it’s like, it’s crazy. Like the average, it’s like half are less than a year. People love to switch jobs. So you get that noncompete going. Just understand at some point it will end. So I call this the tour of duty and what I would do is I would cut your business workflow into a minimum of five parts. Okay. So as an example, if you work for me and company a and you do cert the service, I will not teach you search engine optimization. If you do like if you’re doing the service, I won’t teach you marketing. If you do marketing, I won’t teach you this service. If you do a count recruiting, I won’t teach you accounting. I never teach some.

I get what you, I got you become a master of that one puzzle piece. But I never show you the whole puzzle picture. And anytime that I’ve broken that Rosie, and you’ve seen this, whenever we break the rule cause we live, we believe in somebody. Oh this is us. This is the golden baby. This whole, he’s got the golden pipe. This guy’s the guy. He got the golden bike plus and I’m going to train this guy and priests duties. What are the [inaudible]? I don’t know, but I said Bruce Dickinson wants more cow bell. I’ll give him a cowbell on the truck. He wants to golden bibles. All of a sudden you go out there and you treat, you treat, you treat this, this new, we’ll call an antiquing Skywalker can. Why you breathing like that? Oh No, no, no, no, I’m good, I’m good. Next thing you know you teach Aniket and he’s like, I will destroy you. Don’t that, that, that, that, that Don, Don, Don, Don, Don, Don, Don, Don, Don. And then they kill you. So you gotta break your work flow up into a lot of parts and try not to teach anybody. The whole thing is the, am I wrong in that regard?

You’re right. And it went sometimes having them sign a noncompete, it just frustrating because all it does it take a reason where they do quit and the new go compete and now you’re like spending all this time like trying to stop them. Litigate. I’m, I’m just a stupid

and use it. People who break noncompetes don’t have any money in the bank. They have nothing to lose. I don’t care. You’re not going to care.

Yeah. All it does is cause you frustration. So here’s the deal. If he’s a good dude, he’s a good worker. Take good care of him. He’ll be there forever if he’s not punting, you know, and he’s already proved that he didn’t know what he’s doing. So, and I think clay had a very good word there. Don’t show him behind the curtain of your business. Your Business has rock and your business doing great

living water, irrigation. OK. Dot. You don’t want to power with the employees is what I’m saying because once you start Palin buddy in there in the inner circle, there’s too many people in the inner circle. Then it becomes the circle of death. And to circle the Sarah Cause of death. Now what is your next question, Mr. I love it. I love it. Bright key. Um, the next one would a, so I love talking

about wins, like to be super optimistic and all that stuff. Super Bowl. We’re okay. So Super Bowl was fair, but uh, from there I just want to know, so what would you consider Dr z and that gets clay either or however. So a lot of lessons in life, cost, tuition, but some lessons in life we can learn from other’s mistakes. So what would you consider your grandest mistake? That if you’d go back you’d go, oh my God. And

then he could want out me one. And I mean this and showing, this is going to sound cynical and I want to be optimistic. This is, this is my thing. I learned a phrase that was taught to me by Carlton Pearson. We were at Super Salad. He was running a huge ministry at the time. This is when he was still reporting to be a Christian, telling people who’s a Christian. He’s still higher dimensions. Yup. Televangelists and he was, I had the big, uh, Azusa conferences at the maybe center and he said, one quote to me, z that I will never forget. He said, Mr. Clark, you are struggling to manage people. You’re telling me today are being screwed a lot. And that is because you are failing to inspect what you expect and whatever you except you can expect. And I thought, wow, what? Yeah. So then he says, Matthew five 10 is a verse you should read.

And I said, what was that first he says, blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness. Let me tell you something. When you inspect what you expect, pretty soon people will want to make an exit because they hate you. And I’m like, what are you trying to do the right thing? And he goes, yeah, once they discover that you are catching them, holding them accountable, you will see with the light who’s being truthful and who’s being bad. But when you don’t follow up, you think they’re doing the right thing. But in reality most are not. And it, and I was going, my guys aren’t like that. And it was probably 2004 or five I thought because he, I thought my guys aren’t like that. And I thought Mike guys needed more trim. My broke because the employees, the Djs, we used to say, I need more trainings.

I may training videos, we need more training. So I made recorded audio is we need more training. I made a handbook, Z, I actually brought in motivational speakers. They call it. They needed more equipment, better equipment, better directions to the events. That’s why they were late. They needed more coaching and I gave them hell, all of that. And I thought, God, that is so I paid a company and the Z, remember one phone systems were like 40 grand. Oh yeah dude, that was crazy. That was crazy. So I put in a call system and it was like 50 grand, I think 50 all in for the system and it recorded the calls and had this thing called the barge feature, which I thought was cool. I’m rep, I hired gray bar, it was gray bar capital. I used them and it was a lease to purchase for the system and Z.

You could do the barge feature and I’m talking to the guy and I said, what’s, what’s the barge feature goes when someone’s on the phone, you just hit the barge feature and you can barge into any line and you can hear them but they can’t hear you. I thought, that’s cool. That’s cool. I had another guy come in and he’s an it guy and he said, this is what we call the keystroke report recorder. You can see what people actually type on their computer. No, yeah, this is cool. These are cool things. And then we had the video cameras going and I thought all of these things are cool and there’s that old gps you can put on the DJ bands. And I thought, this is so cool. And I remember telling all of the vendors, all of them, as God is my witness, I told the mom like, my guys are the best.

Now the Patsy, we used to go out together, hanging out, we get photos. I remember paying for their weddings for their weddings. I help people pay for their weddings. I gave people four or $5,000 in her time of need. And so the first issue, gps points at one of our employees is going to quick trip a lot. And I’m going, whoa. So I asked him, I said, hey dude, quick trip. I noticed that my car, there’s a lot of charges. I hadn’t looked at it. Probably as close as I should, you know, the Dj vans or 50 bucks to fill up and I’ve got a few, three and $400 Philips, uh, what’s going on? He said, I don’t know man. It’s almost to use your car. Someone must have. So I thought I’ll be just kind of, you know, follow them. So one day he left 91st and Lynn Line, he drives and I follow a little bit but kind of tell him he’s filling up a boat.

Z. I literally cried because I thought this guy was like clothes and it hurt my soul and I thought, Oh God, well then maybe maybe the assignment had to go to as across the lake. Now this is where it gets worse. Then we had a, God had a keystroke come recorder and there’s a guy who I met from Oru. I won’t mention any other details. If you’re out there and you know this is you, you, you, you, this guy had a side web development company is a side web developing company and he would fix the DJ connection websites. Sometimes we had problems, so he would go in and break the site on purpose. He would just delete a little part of it and it would crash. And he’d go, Oh boss, we got a problem I usually once every two weeks and only he can fix it.

And I thought this was like my guy from, Oh are you my dude? I was going, wow. I mean that was the an extra thousand dollars a month he’s making off that move. And I thought, wow, well then I did the whole call recording and that’s when I found out one of my djs would go, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Thank you for calling DJ connection. They’d go, yeah, I’m looking to book a DJ. This was the moves z. This was the shade of blue of all time. He goes, yeah, right now, what day? June 5th okay. Right now let me check if we’re available. Goes through this whole charade. Comes back, we’re not available but a great company in town. Is there a great company? Find Company, fine company. If you’ll just call this number. I’ll tell him cause we have, there’s only one competitor we respect and these guys are great.

It was his own freaking company. Imagine that. So then I go to the golf club of Oklahoma where your daughter had her wedding and I was there for a different event and I noticed that the guy setting up the other gear is the guy who I works in my office and I’m going, you worked for me. What show are you doing on a Friday? I thought you didn’t have tonight off. And he’s like, oh it’s just a buddy of mine. Found out, dude had his own company and was directly competing with me for the longest time. Then when I heard the calls, I found out that every single person in my office, all of them knew it was happening and were aiding and abetting and for part of the commissions, all of them. And then I had to fire everybody, literally every person, and I thought these guys went to church with me on Sundays.

They sat next to me, I paid for their weddings, I gave them generous bonus bonuses. Me, those guys are making 50 to 70,000 a year deejaying and not a single back in the day, back in the day, this was like two dozen, four dozen, three not a single person didn’t screw me at that window of time, not a single one. So for me it was trusting without verifying. So what was my biggest mistake? It was trusting without verifying. Now I’m the other way around. I trust and verify and it’s weird. Z to trust and verify cause it’s like you want to believe you gotta go, okay tiger, believe in people believe in, there are great people. Yeah. It’s just not most people I would say like a third of the people are good people to stat show. 85% of people lie on resumes. So maybe 15% of people. And we’ve got those people now working for me because I know cause I verify. Right. But man, I didn’t verify it was bad. So that would be my advice. Just never blindly trust. See what do you got?

I kept following that. I mean that’s like, that’s it. No, you’ve got one. No, I mean I’ve got the same thing. Trust and verify. You’ve been screwed before. Oh my God. Have, I know, I mean so many times and a lot of it is just, you know, petty thievery if you will. I mean just borrowing a glass glasses, frames, maybe making a free pair for them. So give them stuff to buddies and friends that come in. I mean all that stuff. It’s still a little cash. How the drawer trying to get cash because you find out about it and try to give him grace, trial it and pay it back and you fire them of course. But then I think what the biggest mistakes that I made is I had a, um, sometimes when you have that toxic element in your office, that’s also a very good friend of yours, very close to you, but the very toxic in the office and you don’t know it.

And everybody’s afraid to say anything because they know what, he’s a very good friend of yours. And yet they still, even though they know me as well as they know me and they know me, that if, if it was the best thing for my business to cut off my Pinky, I would, in other words, all my decisions to go through the filter of what’s best for the business. And they know that. And they’ve heard me say it over and over and over and over. Tell you, cause they’re like funny here, wrapped up and then they go, you don’t know you said that, but I don’t know. You believe it. And I think if it came down to his word, my word Lou hurts, I might lose my loose. And so I think, I think part of the thing for me is, is not understanding that going into it, it can be more proactive and interviewing and sitting down with people and talking about, there’s a lot of truth right there. Um, and it kind of inspecting what you expect, you know? And I think that it’s tough when you get family, family, friends, oh, there’s nobody that can, dat can be more entitled than they can be. And they name drop and they talk about these conversations they have with you. And you know, I mean it’s Ah, I just talked to rob a little bit ago and uh, I think

overall just a, a bad line of decision making that I made. Just a bad thought pattern from 23 to maybe four or five because I was so emotional because of being screwed. Yeah. Was making decisions ever based on emotions now I really don’t ever, it’s very rare where I make it. I was like, I might hate you or love you, but it doesn’t really influence my decision. I asked myself what’s best for the business? That’s it. That’s the filter that’s filter. And I used to be like, it’s not best for the business to fire them today, but I hate them so I’m firing them. Well, a lot of, or a lot of that, you know, it was like buying unnecessary ads just to beat the competition. Who was screwing me? You know what? I mean just think these emotional like viking related my thought patterns. So just being emotional all the time. And Josh, we have time for one more question. Ask US anything before everybody goes out to living water, irrigation in the website and buys everything right before seeks. After the show, people are going to go to the website and buy everything. Living Water, irrigation, OK. Dot Com everyone’s going to immediately go there and buy everything that you’re selling, whenever that is. So, uh, what, what is your final question?

So we’ll just to piggyback off of that. So, and this is transparency. So we got a, uh, we have all five star reviews and then one little one star review that ruined my life. Yes. Like literally like I’m going to be honest, I went, I called my wife honey, we have 194, five star reviews and one was it legit? One Star Review. Was it a legit, it was nonsensical. Okay. So then, so he wouldn’t respond. But with that, so that, and then I’ll, I’ll pay you back on and let her to help you

quick. This is the number for Google. You can call this number real quick. This is the Google’s phone number. So it’s (844) 491-9665 (844) 491-9665. And if it is legitimately not a legitimate review, Google will remove it. If you go through the process.

Well the, see, here’s the thing. So he has this dude’s left 16 reviews. Nine of them are the same thing he said about me. Company vehicle following too close. As I responded to it, I tried to reach out to him. I messaged him on the old Facebook facing. Okay, no response. So with that being said, so it’s so personal to me, the businesses, how did y’all begin to step away from it?

I’ll go harming your mayor. I’m going to go, I’m going to go first and then I’m going to let the z beat me. Okay. Um, as an example, let’s say that tomorrow. And we, we, we’ve worked with you in the past as a client, you know, sir. And by the way, how, how has your business grown?

Um, so we are, we’re actually tracking over 18 we’re a 404 and 50%

first quarter over 1818 we grew 300% over 17. I don’t think I had seen you in like a year had been at, yeah, about a year. And I said I saw you again at the conference. That’s how we reconnected. Yes sir. So I know that what I teach works. So let’s just start with that. If you do your best, let’s just start there. If you are doing your best and Z, I think you’re with me on this. If you are doing your best, Joel Osteen has this great quote. I love the quote. It says do your best, give God the stress. I think. I think that to me is like how I do it. But I, if I don’t do my best then I, then I would have like I would of lament, I would feel bad and I always do my best. Honestly. I always do for a client, I’m not going to ever mail it in.

So if a client’s like I remember one guy, we did everything possible to optimize this site, everything possible. And then here’s like a son in law or somebody weird went in and just jacked it up and it was like his wife called me freaking out and they’re like, you crashed our site. I haven’t touched the site and I didn’t touch the site in months and it was clearly like the son in law Darden wants somebody went in there and messed with it and they called me asking, how can I fix this? So I know they did it and then he didn’t tell the parents. The parents called me freaking out. You know what? I was like, Hey, I’d be happy to fix it but I don’t have your go daddy passwords cause you haven’t been a client like a year. If you could give me the passwords, I be happy and see.

You know what I mean? You try me even though it’s not my issue. But they couldn’t let it go and they told everybody they knew that they’d hired me to coach them. This is years ago. And then they just couldn’t, they couldn’t let it go. And I called him, I use my system called last. I stole from chick filet, listen, answer, satisfied, trust. I listened to the problem. I tried to answer it solved even though they’re not a paying client and see they crashed the site that I haven’t updated it. They built a new one since that time. I’m trying to fix it, but I can’t help if you lost your passwords or you built a new site or a new web guy. Can’t, I have no connection there, you know, and the the, the mom, the mom was no knows nothing about the business, nothing about the way this, this exterminator company runs nothing about it.

She was like, you could just destroying our livelihood. And I’m like, I want you to know between me and got up above, I haven’t touched your site. Furthermore, it’s now on like wix and we built a wordpress site. So I know for a fact I didn’t build. I have no, I did nothing. But I have tried to help you, but you yelling at me won’t have said, well, y’all never hear the end of this. Well, now I’m like, why did my best, I probably shouldn’t have this thought, but I think immediately screw her scurvy. One she knows I don’t care. I don’t care and I move on. I really don’t even care if I did my best. I immediately, I’m just like mentally, I’m like, screw you, screw up. I didn’t say that to her of course, but as soon as I put the phone down, I literally said, screw you.

Screw everyone. You know, I don’t care. I’m moving on because I don’t care. But there was a part of me back until 2007 six, five, whatever it was. Mansi I used to go to people’s House to apologize that they weren’t happy with the lighting at the wedding or the fog or I used to write these apology letters and I used to like, they’d leave a bad review on the [inaudible] dot com and z. It would bother me for weeks. Then I read that book, Best Life now Joel Osteen. And I was like, that makes sense. Do your best. Give God the stress. I mean you cause you can’t make everyone happy. No you can’t. So that’s my advice. I mean Z, how do you handle bad reviews? I wrote a poem. Oh really? I wrote a poem. Well

and uh, this is this how I, this is how I handled them. Sometimes it’s, it’s good for me to journal. I just journal. Oh Nice. Write stuff down. I write a poem or lyrics or a Limerick rap lyrics or uh, you know, maybe a short monologue want to tell us about, okay, here’s how this one goes. I stay out too late. Got Nothing in my brain. That’s what people say. That’s what people say. My car is following too close on the highway. I can’t make it go back. And that’s at least what people are saying. That’s what people are saying. But I keep cruising, cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving. Stop Cats. Their sack. I got this music in my mind. Sam going to be all right. It’s going to be all right cause the players because players gonna play, play, play, play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. But I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off. I just shake it off. Shake it off, shake it off. Oh, he’s all going to shake it off. That’s amazing. It’s beautiful here. Reminds you of a song. I can’t have no doubt. Sounds familiar. Oh, I’ll keep moo, man. He can’t stop. Won’t stop. I don’t know what it is. I take your, shake it off. Whoa. I don’t know what it is.

And really what you have to do is, and I know it’s the toughest thing to do, and the first one is always the hardest. The first cut is always the deepest, but you really literally have to shake it off. And what I do is I all, I go to a little there, I go through my checklist of shaking it off. I actually have a checklist for shaking it off. Take a deep breath, go to my happy place. I forgive that person. I released them of that. I forgiving my employees that were named or whatever. Yup. Okay. And then I’d take a deep breath and I say, you know what? We’re doing the best we can. And that’s that one or 2% that are just, no matter what you do, no matter how you treat them, no matter you go and give him Dunkin donuts and the car wash the next day, they’re never going to be happy because you know what? They’re so unhappy in their life. They’re looking for any excuse to swing that hammer of life and whoever they think made a mistake and you can’t build your emotions around those kinds of people, those kinds of customers, those kinds of, we’re not even a customer. Yeah. I’ll give you one star review because you’re following too close.

You got to listen and then you listen to after you’ve do, when he says if you do that step, then you listen to living on a prayer by Bon Jovi and you crank it up as loud as you can get that ac going on. You rolled down the window though, so you get that tornado blend. How that towards said lately, heat coming in but the acs on and you just sit there and Jane Doe Walks at night or all day and you just, so to hope you know that. Then you just start when he gets to the chorus, who else we got? Oh No, what wave got you? Just want to just jam out. Yeah, just deal jamming and then if that doesn’t work, you can find that customer who complained in PNR gastric.

I got your worldstar. Oh, I got a one star, but you can’t do that. It really gets to where it’s all about eight. Whenever you’re upset with somebody that you don’t know, you’ll never see her again. All that does is causes you problems within your body, within your mind. He had the temptation to look again and to see if they updated the common response and just near on cyber war. Next thing you know, you find yourself living in a tree with binoculars carrying an assault rifle thinking if they had just come out of that door. That’s what happened. Fortunately, my wife is rational, intelligent, and she was like, really, honey. Really? That’s really what we’re going to talk about. Like really that’s what you want to talk about, wife does. My wife has that talk about once a week. She’s like, Hey, hey, you know, we’re going to talk about letting it go.

Then there was a great one you did the other day. You were on that actually and just let it go, let it go. And I’m like, Oh yeah, let it go. But I mean it’s tough. It’s one of the hardest, one of the hardest things there is. There is something very key though for forgiving them because, um, they, they’ve done something that’s not right and that’s what the trolls and what, that’s what terrorism does and that’s online terrorism and you know, where they were like, they’re so upset and bitter. I mean, who takes the time to do that? Except someone who’s really jacked. I wrote at 19 page article about Bernie Sanders and a 21 the objective of course about Trump and I’d like for you guys to read it. Ah, 40 pages. I mean, come on man, get a job. Be like every other American.

Go Watch five hours of TV a day. Right, right. Unbelievable. Let’s just watch that. Don’t be writing that con. Yeah, I don’t watch that content. Why would you write? Can just mindlessly watch, you know? See, I feel like it’s, it’s time to Bob the ceremonious. Boom. Are you ready? I’m always ready for a little boomerang. Or you are you, are you ready? Josh? Are you feeling great questions? Great questions. By the way, can we give Kelly? Yeah, great question. Oh, standing ovation. What’s the website? One more time. What? Your website. One more to living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot Com if you’re needing to get done and what doesn’t and what does sprinkler repair and install drainage work or outdoor lighting. All there. And we know now if you see when the truck’s coming, you better speed up things or go get right, Audrey three.



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