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In a world where 75% of employees steal from the workplace and 85% of job applicants lie on resumes we teach how to find quality employees while praising our “Employee of the Month,” Abbey McArtor.

75% of employees steal from the workplace – https://www.cbsnews.com/news/employee-theft-are-you-blind-to-it/

85% of job applicants lie on resumes – https://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/staggering-85-of-job-applicants-lying-on-resumes-.html  

Energy – “Energy is the ability to go, go, go–to thrive on action and relish change. People with positive energy are generally extroverted and optimistic. They make conversation and friends easily. They’re people who don’t complain about working hard–they love to work. They also love to play and overall just love life.” – Jack Welch

Energize – “This is the ability to get others revved up. People who energize can inspire their team to take on the impossible–and enjoy doing it. The ability to energize is apparent in someone with an in-depth knowledge of their business, who sets a powerful personal example, and has strong persuasion skills.” – Jack Welch

Edge – “Having edge means having the courage to make tough “yes or no” decisions. Smart people can assess a situation from every angle–but smart people with edge know when to stop assessing and make a tough call, even without all the information.” – Jack Welch

Execute – ““Being able to execute means having the ability to get the job done. It turns out a person can have positive energy, energize everyone around them, make hard calls, and still not get over the finish line. Being able to execute is a unique and distinct skill. It means the person knows how to put decisions into action and push them forward to completion, through resistance, chaos, or unexpected obstacles. People who can execute know that winning is about results.” – Jack Welch

Passion – “People with passion have a heartfelt, deep, authentic excitement about work. They care–really care in their bones–about colleagues, employees, and friends. They love to learn and grow, and they get a huge kick out of people around them doing the same.” – Jack Welch

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Audio Transcription

Date night 29. Can we. Can we light up the mood here?

Just get this feels kinda feels. Kinda just feels kind of dark.

Listen here. Clay. This is our kind of a heavy show. This is a darker show. Taking the listeners to a dark place. According to the US Chamber of commerce and CBS News, a shock 75 percent of employees now steer from the workplace. I appreciate the drama and Flair for the dramatic were trapped inside of a container.

I just want to get out. It’s like we’re trapped inside a container. Inside of another container were trapped inside the containers.

Did you say you are sick? Man? What would. How would you know what it’s like to be trapped inside of a cat? A sick freak. I said container. This always happens to me. People always think I say that in these in times, or at least the time before. It’s kind of in the middle of between, but during the time that needs the middle of times to make it less scary, we can call it a sandwich.

Seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace. What a shocking. 80 five percent of employees, according to IEC magazine now also lie on their resumes. Why would somebody lie down, lay down on their resumes? It’s one of those sick jobs. This is sick. The need got called down to him that what we’re talking about is people that are lying. They’re not telling the truth. There are falsifying information on the resume. Thank you for clarifying. I was in a weird. The question we asked on this negative Gi doc, middle time edition of the thrive time show, we ask, how is it paused? It’s very to find good people there. Every window. Twenty nine. Come on, man. Where do you have to go to find great people who not contaminates your offices? Dojo of Mojo. Hobby lobby. Where are the a players? Southwest Airlines. How can we find them? Distinct world. What a lady look like? Why is clay so familiar with a cat’s anus? Sit container and you know that I sick sick

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, I must confess, I love doing our employee of the month shows not more than every other show we do, but maybe just a little more. I love. I love a praising the employees of our team that we have because we have such high standards, you know, we have a six, a mandatory meeting every day for our coaches. Yes, they have a four day work week, but we have this crazy thing called deadlines and we hold people accountable to the deadlines and if somebody doesn’t get something done on time, a k, they miss a deadline. Then in our culture then they’re kind of like, they’re dead to us if it happens more than once or twice in our company, we hold people accountable at our company. We judge people based upon what they do and not based upon just what they say.

And so today’s or this month’s employee of the month is somebody who I first met them. They applied for a job. I’m just like all the employees to all the potential candidates. Do we have a group interview that we do every Wednesday at 5:00? We hold that interview at 1100 river walk terrorists, if you want to google search it, that’s one. One zero, zero riverwalk walk terrorists at our thrive time show offices and that’s, that’s where we host the interviews for that particular company. The thrive time show, the other companies have different locations, but this person applied. Um, they, they were a call that they previously were a college student and in college they went to a private school and they graduated with her degree there and after college they went on to do some insurance sales and try to see if they could do it in the world of insurance.

And from my understanding, I could be wrong, but I’m with their first job. They weren’t really, they didn’t have call recording in place, they didn’t have scripting in place, didn’t have a mentorship in place, they didn’t have weekly sales meetings in place. There’s just a lot of things that weren’t in place. But despite not having these things in place, this person thought, you know what, I’m gonna do my best. And then they came to one of our interviews and uh, at the interview, according to Marshal, this person just a really stuck out. She, this person had the good energy, she had that good alacrity. It’s an alacrity. Um, if, if you’re not, if you’re out there today and you’re saying, I really don’t know what the word Alacrity is, alacrity means a brisk in cheerful readiness. It’s where you meet somebody and you get the sense that they’re ready to go.

They wanted, they’re eager to learn, have a certain vibration. Snus and so Marshall Sit, I think this is, this person is going to be a great fit. And so we brought the person into shadow and they did a great job during the shadow day. They’re very attentive. They took notes, they dress to impress a tip to impress they. They showed up on time. They really checked all the boxes. And then they did a really high class move. They said, you know what? I can’t put in a one week notice or just start tomorrow. I really need to honor my current job and put in kind of an extended notice. So they can find a replacement and so I believe it was like a three week notice and they would come in a couple of times a week to learn the system. So when they started they knew that they would be hitting the ground running and now this person has gone on to be a awesome the, they become a great consultant, a wonderful a salesperson.

I’m an expert of search engine optimization, a key member of the team and somebody who’s really, really making an impact on the, on the thrive nation. And uh, Jonathan Kelly who manages our team directly, he made a list of some of the things that he’s noticed this person doing here in just the last a couple months now that this is a new thing for this person. But recently we had a member of our team move on to another opportunity and so this person had to really fill in. It was kind of like we had a, an injury to a key player on the team and we needed somebody to fill in. And this is exactly what ms dot Abbey McArtor did. So let me tell you what, what John says here, John says that Abbey McArtor attention to detail and focus on being organized is off the charts to Jonathan says that she is doing a great job filling in in the key leadership role.

And three, Jonathan said that Abbey McArtor has a great desire to cheer up the other members of the team, a great listener, a great connector, and just a really is a great member of the thrive time show team. And so I just want to tell you, there are great people out there today, now even though the statistics that are out there or not or not positive what they are true. Um, and I’ll put this on the show notes, but according to the US Chamber of Commerce, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and you can look this up, the US Chamber of Commerce and CBS News and CBS News, you can types into Google 75 percent of employees now steal from the workplace. Seventy five percent, 81 percent of potential job candidates lie on their resumes. According to INC magazine. Put this person is not one of those people, they showed up on time, they don’t steal from the workplace, they don’t lie on their resume, they just get it done.

Instead of talking about getting it done, they get it done. And so ms dot Abbey McArtor. You are this month, employee of the month. We appreciate you more than you could possibly know. And a few months ago we interviewed, uh, Abbey McArtor and we asked her what it’s like to work in the thrive time show environment so that you as a listener could hear both sides of the story. You hear me on this show, uh, uh, each, each day I’m sharing specific winds, teaching principles, guiding you through the processes we implement. But I think sometimes if we’re being honest, sometimes you’re saying really? Is that how it really works? That really happened? Is that I just, I don’t know, do you really do a group interview? Do you really? Are you, are you acting this way amongst your team or you’re really this irreverent about the corporate cultural, uh, industrial complex that we know.

Are you really that much of a billy Madison meets business? Are you? What is it like to actually work for you? I mean, what is it like and so you, you go on the Internet and you probably look stuff up and I’m sure the people I’ve fired in the past or are passionate and they probably have active reddit accounts or facebook accounts and they probably have a lot of time on their hands and they go up there and write their comments, but the thing is, I, as a general rule as it is a business strategy, don’t fire my best people.

You’re saying that you don’t fire your best people. That’s exactly right. I do not fire my best people and you know why I don’t fire my best people because they’re good. They’re very good. Why would you want to fire your best people? In fact, you want to find people that are a players. If you’re a business owner out there, you want to find people that are a players and if you don’t know what an a player looks like in a player brings the e’s and the p to the workplace, the four e’s and the speed of the workplace. The Jack Welch, the CEO of Ge who grew the company by 4,000 percent, said, this is what he looks for in a players. People that can bring that positive energy to the workplace, people that can bring that ability to energize other people, which is different than just your personal energy.

It’s your ability, your ability to energize other people, your your energy. That’s your ability to energize yourself, but energize means to enter into energize other people. There’s the edge. Will you make the tough call? You know the the right calls, not the fun call and will you make that tough call and then execute. Do you actually get your job done? Are you competent? Can you get it done? And Abby came, get it done and passion. Do you demonstrate that you actually give a crap about the customers you work with and the company you work for and she checks all of those boxes. Let me just keep an audio clip so you can hear from Jack Welch directly what an a player employee actually looks like. Describe the attitude and the behavior

of top people or a’s. They’re filled with an injury or they excite people energized. They are likable, they have good values, the good people, and they have something else. Now this is something that you have to really think about it. They have a gene and this gene says, I love to see people grow.

There it is. A successful person and a player has an unbelievable energy. They bring to the office. They’re coachable, they’re approachable, they love to see other people grow and that’s probably what I’m most excited about at this particular point and Abbey McArtor is a tour of duty working with us, so she’s been other members of the team and building them up and that makes me proud as a business pig man, bear pig business boss guy with no discernible talents. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me fired up. And so now without any further ado, back to abby’s side of the story and she shares what it’s like to work at the thrive time show.

My name is Abbey McArtor and I am a business consultant. So my experience with working at the thrive time show has just been an eye opener for me and not only my work life but also my personal life after working here. I think my whole mindset has changed towards a lot of things. Um, and it’s improved not only me as an employee but me as a girlfriend or a family member. Um, just in life in general, working at the thrive time show is different than what we’re getting from any other job, one for the atmosphere. Uh, there’s, it’s very upbeat here. A lot of people are excited to come to work. It’s not a dread to come here, which is awesome. I’m also the mentorship, so a lot of people come in and they have a boss, um, but here it’s more built on relationships and helping you not only as an employee and employer, but also outside as well.

Um, another great thing about working here is accountability. The accountability has made me a better employee and a better person. The outside of the office as well at thrive there are always going to expect you to bring the energy even if you don’t feel like it’s so you’re always going to have to meet your deadlines and you’re always going to have to be held accountable. Here at the thrive time show I have learned so much. It’s going to be very hard to pinpoint one thing that’s impacted me the most. Um, I can say from the business aspect to learning so much about business. I went to a private college for business management and I have learned more working here than I have in those four years of college. Um, but then other than that, I learned so much just as a person working here.

The mentorship is amazing. Um, and I’ve learned different things that I can take out of this workplace and into my real life outside of here at the thrive time, show the overall culture and decor of the office is extremely motivating and exciting. We have a motivational quotes all over the office. We have music playing and we have cheering if you’re lucky, you’re held Jonathan singing in the background. Uh, but overall it’s just a really fun place to be. So the kind of people who would love working at the thrive time show are going to be a players. So if you are willing to go above and beyond, if you’re willing to stay after hours to, to hit deadlines and to make sure that you’re doing your job perfect and you’re going to be a good fit. My favorite thing about working at the thrive time show is that I am constantly learning.

I learned something new every single day. I have amazing mentors that I can look up to and ask for if I need advice on anything. And I also appreciate the team that’s around me every day. They are so motivating. They’re so energetic. So if you, if I am having a bad day, they’re there to help me bring myself up. So a lot of my friends have asked me, you know, what’s it like working at the thrive time show? Um, and really what I do is I work with our clients. So I coach them on the system that we’ve built at the thrive time show from the mentors and clay and I coached them on that system and whatever biggest somebody factors they have for their business. So I am super excited to help them with whatever they need help with. I try to motivate them, um, and really get them to meet their goals in their business and in their personal life.

So I would describe [inaudible] personality as extremely funny. He definitely is a grinder is weak. He gets things done. He’s very intentional with his day, so he makes sure that he has a to do list. So get everything done. All that to do is that he needs to do. Even if he does have to talk to you about your performance or maybe a touchy subject, he’ll definitely make sure that he leaves you feeling whole instead of full of holes. Some of the highlights that I’ve experienced at working at the thrive time show is definitely sharing wins with my clients. So if they have a good week or they’ve sold something, um, I can enjoy that with them. Um, another big highlight for me is me growing as a person within this company. Um, so being able to, to be a coach was a huge accomplishment for me. Um, I remember when I was doing sales, switching that mindset from being a really bogged down by sales to being excited to do them. All those things have been just really great.

If you are out there and for some reason you have bought into the lie that you cannot find good people. They’re good people just are not out there. You can’t hire good millennials. Well that is a hundred percent wrong. And Abby McArtor is a case in point number one of. There are many great millennials out there. You just have to do the group interview because 75 percent of employees do what they steal from the workplace and 80, I looked it up here. I want to put on the show notes. It’s actually 85 percent of job applicants lie on the resume, so not everybody’s a good employee and not everybody’s a bad employee. I would just say that 85 percent of the candidates that are out there are probably not hireable for your business, but there are great people you can find them and I just want to encourage you and ms dot abby, thank you so much for the work you do on a daily basis. You absolutely light up the faces of our teammates. Have a great and blessed day. Big shout out to Ms Dot Abbey McArtor of Vermont. For now. That’ll be further. I do three, two, one. Boom.


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