Celebrating the 200%+ Growth of TheHubGym.com | Implementing 12 of Clay Clark’s Proven Success Systems

Show Notes

Josiah Wiens shares how implementing 12 of Clay Clark’s proven success systems allowed his business to achieve  200%+ growth.

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Step 1 – Determine Your Goals

Step 2 – Determine How Many Hours Your Are Willing to Work

Step 3 – Determine Your Unique Value Proposition

Step 4 – Improve the Brand

Step 5 – Create a 3-Legged Marketing Stool

Step 6 – Create a Sales Conversion System

Step 7 – Determine Your Numbers:

  1. Determine Your Customer Acquisition Cost
  2. Determine Your Profit Per Customer

Step 8 – Create Repeatable Systems

Step 9 – Learn How to Become an Effective Manager

Step 10 – Create a Sustainable Schedule That You Love and Enjoy
Step 11 – Determine Who Is and Isn’t an Ideal and Likely Buyer

Step 11 – Document Your Systems

Step 12 – Nail It and It Scale It


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