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The people have many options when it comes to Tulsa Home Security, yet the good people of Tulsa consistently choose Witness Security because of the consistency, diligence, and quality service.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie (The world’s second wealthiest man during his lifetime who began working for $1.20 per week (or $35 adjusted for inflation) at just the age of 13)

The Sustainable Success Formula:

Practical Education + Reputation = Compensation

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  1. Canonically compliant
  2. Mobile compliance
  3. Most objective Google reviews from real customer
  4. Most original HTML content 
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Facebook Celebrating Witness Security Thrivetime Show

you can do it. All right. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we are celebrating the consistency, diligence, and quality of witness home security. Now you might be saying to yourself, who’s witness security? Why do I care? What, why are you taking my time to talk about a Tulsa based home security company? Well, let me tell you the witness security story. You see, I met these guys about three years ago at an in person thrive time show workshop. And these guys are um, very good at installing a Tulsa home security systems that that’s what they do. And just like many people who’ve attended workshops, they had questions and we provided answers. And just like many people at the workshops, they, they have a real business that really does get the job done. They know what they’re do, what they know, what they’re doing. They provide a real service and a real product that people actually need in their companies called witness home security.

Again, they’re a Tulsa home security company. And these guys though, unlike many people said, tell me what to do. And then they actually did it. And so on today’s show we have Jared McKnight joining us and Jaron is a relatively newer member of the team. Uh, Jared McKnight. How are you and welcome onto the thrive time show. Well, since I’ve been bothering you to get back on the show for a a while, I guess if you have bother you enough, I, I’m going to have a great time now. How long have you been, uh, working with us here? Uh, I started July 15th. And uh, explain all the things that you do up here. So the listeners out there kind of understand just a little bit about your background as it relates to working with us. Oh yeah, we’ll uh, start in my day. I wake up at four in the morning every single day and I get up here by four 30.

Typically start reading until about seven. And uh, at that point when I first started, I did SEO, got up to writing about a hundred articles a day. So search engine optimization, that is correct. Okay, great. And then, so you start off on search engine row and uh, what all do you do now? Uh, I moved up to the call center for marketing. Yeah. Uh, we help get new clients for the clients that come here, but thrive time show and, uh, work with us here. So a lot of our clients on needs somebody who will make outbound calls on their behalf, essentially. Great. Uh, entrepreneurs who have a staff of 20 people who are lasts a lot of times. Maybe they worked a trade show where they have at a big, um, event coming up or they have an influx of leads and they don’t have the money needed to pay a full time caller, you know, $800 a week or $600 a week.

And so they’ll have our team make calls on their behalf. And so, uh, we’ll make calls for a minimum of 10 hours a week for a client. And, and, uh, tell listeners, how many calls do you make on average per day? Uh, actually look this up. The other day I made a 416 average every single day since I started in 16 outbound calls. And how long of a day? That’d be a seven and a half hour day. And uh, give, give the listeners out there a list of some of the clients you’ve called on behalf of so far. Yeah. So we’ve called for a Whitlock, they do cosmetic surgery. We definitely made tons of calls for a company called gen scripts. It’s a pharmaceutical company here in Tulsa. Yeah, I have called for help, man. There’s just so many scripts of foreign as a pharmacy in Tulsa.

You’ve called on behalf. Have you made calls yet on behalf of Shaw homes? I have actually not been able to come. Jay David jewelry. I have not called for them either. Okay. But you’ve made calls for people [inaudible] we do quality control calls where we’ll call people to see if they’re happy. You’ve done outbound calls, you’ve done everything there. And uh, you’re also on shadowing me one one day a week on sometimes one day and a half. And I want to get into today’s topic as we celebrate. Witness, home security, um, consistency, diligence, and quality. These, these sustainable success formula. If you said to me, clay, what is the formula for success? I would say practical education. How you need to have a skill. Do you need to pay the bills plus reputation that equals compensation. And again, if you read Andrew Carnegie’s book, the gospel of wealth, he teaches this idea but practical education plus reputation plus compensation, that equals increased income for you and your family that increase that, that, that, um, results in sustainable success.

And so today’s, um, a client, we’re going to celebrate their witness, home security witness, Tulsa home security. These guys are getting Google reviews every week. Now, Jared, you’ve shadowed me for a while. Um, and from what you, I don’t know, I don’t expect you to be a search engine expert, but you’ve read a lot of the material that we’ve read that we’ve required. You’ve read start here in the boom book and is correct. Why do all of the listeners out there have to do a great job every single time? I know it seems obvious, but why do all the listeners out there, why did the business owners, why do all the people out there, the Tulsa homes hotel, the Tulsa home security experts, witness security? Why do they have to do a great job every single time? Let’s, because system systems work and fads don’t, and so you have to do something every single week over and over again to become the best.

But what if they did a bad job? Like what of witness security and they don’t? Did they do a great job? But what if they did a bad job some of the time? Well, I mean, again, consistency has to be there. If you do a bad job, sometimes people aren’t gonna come back. How awkward would it be for you as a, as a coach, if you’re a coaching a client, you’re leading them down the proven path of created for them. If on the agenda it says, Jaron asked the client, make sure the client hold the client accountable to gathering one objective review from a happy client every day. If you knew and the client knew that their quality was terrible, that would be a very difficult question to ask. Wouldn’t it be? I mean, it’d be almost impossible. It would be impossible. It would be intellectually dishonest and that, so step number one, what is witness home security do well?

What do they do? One, they do a great job and they do a great job every day. Not just sometimes, and I can’t tell you how many people over this past 12 years that I’ve been working with clients, uh, years ago I worked with a a window installation company and if you’re listening out there and this story is about you get off the podcast, but this, this particular person, um, he would show up on time for the meetings half the time. Okay. But he was on time, really good for about six months. It was every week he would do a great job with the clients and he would get great reviews from the clients that were happy. And then one day I got a mega complaint that came in because we helped manage his website and a complaint came in and the subject line said fraud. Oh great.

And so I call the client, I’m like, Hey, did you take the client some money? And he says, Oh yeah, I did. Yeah. Did you finish the job? No, I got this personal thing going on. I got this personal issue going on. I have not finished the job. So the next week goes by, client doesn’t show up to the meeting again. I call the client, Hey, did you ever make that situation right? No, I accidentally misspent some of the fun so I don’t have the money needed right now to finish the project. So I’m going to take the money from the next project and use that to pay off that project. The old a it that’s illegal by the way, but it’s the old, uh, robbing Peter to pay Paul idea. And then over time, three weeks in, I’m going, Hey, if you’re not going to make it right and you definitely are getting leads, um, I can’t work with you.

And he says, excuse me, and I said, well, there’s another bad review about you on home advisor that just came up and another one on house. So in the last, you know, you were great for six months putting the last like previous month you’ve got three really bad complaints that you’re telling me are true. What’s going on? Well then I find out that this man who started his company in his mid forties actually was a guy who had gone out of business multiple times in different States under different names and so he had a systemic commitment to Jack ass. Sorry. Oh, that’s good. He was committed to starting and stopping, starting and stopping, calling his leads, starting and stopping, paying his bills, starting and stopping, showing up on time. He had a hard time with consistency and I would tell you that if I met a hundred people on the street, a hundred people on the street, I can tell you that according to Forbes, only nine out of those hundred people are going to start a company.

Only nine nine out of a hundred so again, just to clarify, nine out of a hundred people are going to start a company, but according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. So that means you have a 0.0081% chance of being successful. And you say, well, what is the biggest issue? The issue is, is very few people are consistent. Oh yeah. It’s still true. It’s tough to be consistent. And the consistency, it’s like the number one secret sauce to becoming a financially successful boss. And it’s one easy step, but it can be impossible. It can be, it’s like super easy, but super hard. It’s like show up every day and do a great job. That step one, that’s what witness security does. They do a great job on these Tulsa home security systems every single week. What are your sleep? You, you gotta, you gotta sleep in, right. And I, and I can’t speak to what Keith and Tyler do. I can tell you though, these guys consistently get great reviews and I’m assuming it’s because when he’s sick, he still shows up. Oh, what? I think that’s when he’s doesn’t feel good. He still honors his commitments. So I thought, why don’t we spy on him and go to his map real quick as Google map and let’s watch videos from some of his customers to see what they have to say about working with witness home security is, here we go. Let me, let me, what is your name and how do you

first hear about witness security? My name is bill Davis. I heard about what the security through another program that I’m involved in. Okay, and what problems did they solve for you? Well, gave me a peace of mind that I can either leave my business or my home knowing that the alarm system is protected, that I have it on my phone and I can handle business that way. Awesome.

Can you describe the experience with working with witness security? It was an unequivocal, very wonderful experience.

So let me ask you this. Why, why Jaron? Is it impossible for somebody to sustainably get to the top of Google? If you have to write content every day and gather real objective reviews from real people to get to the top, why is it impossible for people that are not consistent? Well, it’s the N’s impossible because it takes a daily effort. You have to get up every single day and write that content. People are not going to find you on Google unless you daily update your content. I mean, we couldn’t get a good review from this guy because this guy would be unwilling to give a good review if he wasn’t happy. That is completely true. Let’s do it. Let’s, let’s play another video on the witness home security on the witness. Tulsa home security. Google map here. Here we go. What is your name and how did you first hear about witness security?

My name is Rachel. I’m a witness security. The owners go to my church and I had heard of it or heard of their company through friends and family.

Sounds like practical education plus reputation equals compensation. They have a great reputation. These guys go to a local church. They’d heard good things about them and we continue.


What problems did they solve for you?

Um, mostly just, um, knowing that I’m safe and secure with the full security system. Um, never had many problems before, but just knowing that I won’t have any problems in the futures, that’s what I like about it.

Can you describe the experience of working with witness security?

Um, they’re, they’re fast, reliable texts that come in. They, they came and installed the system pretty fast and, and out. Got everything on my phone, got me, taught me how to use it.

Okay. Real people who are really happy tend to tell other people, this is impo. It is impossible to become successful if you cannot be consistent, which is why I want to praise witness Tulsa home security. Think about this. These guys are consistent every single day in every single way. These guys are getting it done. Are they perfect? No, but they honor their promise. What they say they’re going to do is what they do because the reputation plus the practical education equals compensation. That’s what it is. You take practical education and skill plus your reputation and that equals compensation. Let’s watch another video on their Google map here.

Yeah. All right. What was your first name? Names. Todd. And how did y’all hear about witness security?

And we found you on the internet doing some research and saw that your number [inaudible] found them on the what? The internet is that what? Let’s, let’s listen to it again.

There was no security and we found you on the internet doing some research and saw that you’re number one.

I saw that you were a number. What? I think that was a one, Juan. Let’s cue it up again. Here we go.

The internet doing some research and saw that you’re number one.

And then, um, what did y’all like about witness security?

Uh, number one in customer service. Yeah.

This guy decided to hire witness security because they were number one in the search engine results as the highest rated. Now again, you can be the highest ranked in Google, but what if you’re not the highest rated? What if you have bad review, read bad reviews coming out the wazoo? Oh, well, uh, I think that you don’t come up as number one anymore. So I want to make sure we’re getting this idea again. Your practical education plus your compensation. You put your, try your practical education plus your reputation equals your compensation, your practical education plus your reputation. That is what produces your compensation. Now again, everything I teach them to do, I teach them how to get to the top of Google. We watch online ads for them. We’ve helped him with call scripting, a lot of things. Nothing would be possible if Keith and Tyler in the witness home security team did not do a great job. Let’s play another audio here. Deliver here another video. Great. My name’s Kevin Williams. I’m the branch manager for migrant blast and Tulsa.

And then what were your thoughts on the installation of the uh, alarm system and the camera system?

Um, witness security was a great to work with on the installation and all that. They, they were very helpful. They found out exactly what we wanted and took care of the needs when we [inaudible].

And then what were your thoughts on the actual service of the installation and the people that actually served you?

My thoughts on the people that served as they, they’re friendly people and always been right there. When I called, when we had anything we needed, they were, they were right there and taking care of it. Trusting that a guy who was happy would be willing to say positive things about the company that he’s working with multiple people. It sounds like the same exact over and over again. It sounds like the consistency in the diligence and the quality is what’s allowing the system to work, but the system cannot work if you won’t work. According to a Maya Angelou, nothing works unless you do the acclaimed playwright, the author, the actress. Nothing works unless you do. Think about this for a second. Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie, who was once the world’s second wealthiest man during his lifetime, he began working at just the age of 13 years old for what equated to $35 a week in today’s money or a dollar 20 during the time he lived.

Andrew Carnegie look him up. Unbelievable. He says, as I grow older, I, I pay less attention to what men say. I watch what they do. Again, as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. Wa wa, wa, wa, wa. I just watch what they do. This is powerful. This is powerful. You know, one of our clients, dr Whitlock asked our team to make calls for him this week. [inaudible] he’s outsourced his call center to me and therefore he’s entrusted me with his money in exchange for a service. So we track how many calls we make. We record the call, we record the calls. Jaron, why do we unapologetically openly, transparently record the calls and send the recorded calls to all the clients that we make calls on behalf of.

Why? Why would we do that? I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s so we can, uh, show that we are consistent with following the script. We have nothing to hide. You’re right, we’re consistent. We’ve got nothing to hide. So I’m going to teach the listeners out there how to get to the top of Google. Very simple. There’s a simple, a four step process, and if you go to the best SEO book.com, it’s the best SEO book.com. If you’ll go there, you can download my book. Uh, again, my book is called search engine domination that I’ve written with Jonathan Kelly. It’s the best SEO book.com. If you go there right now, I’ll give you time, the best SEO book.com. If you go there, you can download the ebook version of my newest book, search engine domination. And if you open up to chapter two in the book, it walks you through the checklist of what you need to do and I will paraphrase what you need to do, what your website must be canonically compliant.

Uh, Jaron, why do you, what does a website have to follow all of Google’s rules in order to rank highly, uh, because everyone goes to Google for everything and you can’t change the way they do things. There we go. According to Forbes, over 90% of people use Google to search for the things that the products and services they’re looking for, to search for the answers to the problems they have. So your website must be canonically compliant now to your website has to be mobile compliant. Jeremy, do you want to speculate as to why websites have to be mobiley compliant? Uh, well I imagine that over 90% of traffic that you get on your website is probably from someone’s phone. Do you have an amazing statistic to be able to back that up? Um, Forbes will show you right now that somewhere between eight out of 10 and nine out of 10 people right now are using mobile devices to search for everything.

Now variable number three, you must have the most objective Google reviews from real customers. Jared, why could that be hard for somebody out there who has a Tulsa home security system but does not do a good job? Why could that be hard? Well, you can’t get reviews from people that are good if you can’t do a good job. Okay. Now their most original HTML content back in the day. I told Keith and Tyler did that. In order to get to the top of Google, you guys need to write original content. And if you’re out there listening and maybe you’re doubtful that the system works, a just Google search, a Tulsa cookies, and you’ll see one of our long time clients that are Barbee cookies or a Google search, Tulsa men’s haircuts and you will see are a long, the longtime business. I own their elephant in the room or just Google search a, I dunno.

Let’s, let’s do another one here. I’m going to search for a Tulsa. I’m going to just, I’m going to do a bunch of them real time so I can verify with you guys here. So I’m going do Tulsa medical staffing. Let me do that one real quick here and okay, there you see Trinity employment coming up top. Why? Because they’re consistently getting the most objective reviews, writing the most content. That’s how it works. I’ll look up Del [inaudible] research. Um, look up Oxi fresh type typing, carpet, cleaning quotes, carpet cleaning quotes, and you’re gonna see Oxi fresh is number one in the world right now for the phrase carpet cleaning quotes. You could do a search right now for a M Tulsa. Let’s do a Tulsa business conference. Tell us a business conference. I’m in Tulsa. I have a business conference and let’s see if we can find us today.

We will look for conference. Says. Let’s look it up here and we’re doing some Google searches here with the listeners right now. Okay, here we go. Let’s do a search for that. Let’s do a search right now for, I think Google is currently indexing our updates here. Let’s do a search right now for, let’s do satellite beach. A pizza once. Do this. Let’s do Dallas real estate photography, Dallas real estate photography. See if we can find pull full package there and there. We are a full package. We could do this all day, but the point is our clients get to the be the top or near the top of all Google search engine results because they have consistency. Our system does not work for inconsistent people. So Jaron, why would I meet with a client like witness Tulsa home security every single week and what do we talk about?

A lot of the similar things. Well, why do you, why do you think we always talk about gathering objective, Google reviews, quality control. What? Why do you think we talked about that every week? If you want to be number one in anything in life, you have to do things consistently. So every time that they meet you every single week and you go over the numbers of exactly what they performed last week to ensure that they’re getting their action items done, to ensure that they’re getting the reviews to ensure that they’re writing the content that keeps them at number one. So witness security, everybody, check them out. Witness llc.com that’s witness security. These guys are having no problem getting Google reviews and video reviews because they keep their clients happy on a daily basis. Remember, consistency is King. It’s good King. Let’s hear another Google review that’s on their Google map right now. So the listeners out there can see the power of consistently wowing your clients and asking for objective reviews via video and Google.

And how’d you first hear about witness security? My name is RC Greenacre and I found witness security on Google. Awesome.

And what problems did they solve? You’re in a kind of a common theme here, Jaron. I heard a the Google again. What’s continue? Here we go.

Um, I moved into a new house that had an older system that was already installed that I wanted to upgrade some of the technology, um, and ensure that my home was protected. Awesome. Can you describe the experience of working with witness security? Yeah, I know, I, I think that going with a family run business, you get a little more personal feel. You know, if you go to a big company, you find that it may take them several days to get out there or you’re not going to talk to a person. You have to click through a bunch of prompts. But I’ve always had a [inaudible].

Again, great customer service combined with consistently implementing the system creates success. What do you have a Tulsa home security system business, or you have a security system business based anywhere in the world right now. You’ve have to be consistent. Here we go. It looks here. It’s here. Another review here from a witness security customer. How did you first hear about witness security?

My name is Aaron Hunt and I first heard about witness security. Uh, I was going out for an estimate with the client in Midtown and when I walked up to her front door, I noticed that there was a security camera up above the door and then she had a sign in the flower bed. Uh, so as I walked up to the front door, I spoke briefly with our client about a witness security. She had nothing but good things to say about the company. And, uh, from there we, uh, I went online actually after that and did a search on Google and read a little bit about when security and make sure.

So he went on Google and did a little research to make sure that witness was a good company and let’s continue true that they were a legit company and read great reviews, good deal. Read great reviews yet again. Let’s hear another video review from another client out there who are another client of witness security, another client of there a Tulsa home security company. Let’s hear what he has to say about witness Tulsa home security. Wait for it. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. If you’re on the flow or waiting,

William being quarter. Uh, yeah. Did some research found you guys on the internet? I had some security issues, cameras stolen full system. It’s been fantastic. They’re on the spot. Uh, anytime power goes out or anything, they contact me. Let me know what’s going on with that.

I feel like there’s somebody out there listening who is not yet sold on the idea that getting Google reviews consistently from happy clients works. Let’s, let’s, let’s hear another, another video testimonial from somebody who again, witness security. Step one, they have to, wow, you have to wow your customer, right? You have to have a, you have to have a practical skill, practical education. You have to be able to solve a problem. You need to have a real service or a real product. Step two though, you got gotta build that reputation. Just little shovel load, shovel load at a time. Build that mountain, build that reputation. Mountain a shovel at a time. Just keep doing it daily. Build that massive thing called reputation. Let me go back to the beginning of this. This is another client of witness, home security witness, Tulsa home security. Let’s see what she has to say about her experience working with witness home security.

And Sherry Scarpa. And I first heard about when the security and my business network anchor anywhere and what problems did we solve it. So the previous company that I was with had very slow response times, um, and in a matter of life or death situations, seconds matter, not minutes. And so witnessing that again, they’re praising the quality control of witnessed Tulsa home security. Let’s hear another one. Ah, what is your name?

How did you first hear about Witness security? Well, I didn’t, but my wife did say she won’t do this. It’s her fault.

And what problems do witness security?

Uh, well, uh, we got some kids sneaking out window that’ll solve that. Let us know. Anyway. Alrighty. And then

sounds like a real person. Let’s do another video review for witness Tulsa home security. Here we go. Is your name and how did you first hear about witness security?

My name is Jeff Dar. Heard about witness security? Probably about five, six years ago through church. I heard that uh, uh, key shields was starting his own company.

There’s reputation again, folks. That’s reputation again. Again, Keith Scholtz does a great job. That’s why he’s tells home security companies taken off the, decided to use them. Okay.

And what problems did they solve for you? I’m actually helped with our security far as, uh, sending up.

Well, let’s hear another one, another witness to us. Home security customer. Let’s hear what they have to say about their experience working with witness Tulsa home security and your name build. Awesome. And uh, how did you hear about witness security? Well, I go to church with the guys that witness. And how have you liked working with witness security? They have always done a really good job for me. They have been, um, on time.

Again, that’s reputation leading to compensation. Let’s do another one. Let’s cute it up. Here we go. Damon, how did you first hear about witnesses?

Siri and Jim beard and her looking on the internet. Yeah, looking on the internet, which he wouldn’t find them on the internet if they weren’t going out with, they were not consistently adding content in gathering reviews. Here we go.

Okay. And what problems did we solve for you? You had some break-ins and tenets that were dumping trash and we’ve been able to identify who those people were. Awesome. All right, good deal. Can you describe the experience of working with security during the install? All roof friendly guys. All knowledgeable,

Jeremy. These aren’t paid actors. These are real customers who again, on their agenda, it says gather objective reviews on video and objective reviews on Google for mule customers and every week witness home security gets it done. They couldn’t get the, they couldn’t do it though. If the customers weren’t happy could they? No. No. And honestly, how good do you have to be as a random contractor that comes up to your home and someone says, Hey, would you mind being in a video for me? How good do you have to be to make it, you gotta be really good. And that’s what witness tells home security does. Here we go. Let’s connect. Let me queue this up.

Great. Can you state your name and what you did for how you heard about witness security first all my name is Wayne ne. I’m the owner of high press incorporated. And I know Keith because we go to church together. We’ve been friends for some time and, and I knew when he started witness security, I just use his services to, uh, put surveillance around my, my business. And then what problems did witness scurry solve for you? Well, we had some issues with some vehicles. Uh, out front. I have customers that keep their vans here. Uh, when I service them and witness come in and put some security cameras up, put some signs out and an alarm system in and help reduce that problem.

Oh, it’s cube, another video. This is a yet another happy customer and their happy customer of witness. Tulsa homes security. Let me queue it up.

And what’s her name? Larry Baxter. And how’d you hear about witness security? My son years ago told me about witness when you first started your business, yet another, another person sharing about their experience as a result of reputation. Here we go.

And your name? Uh, Mark Mitchell. And how’d you hear about witness security? Uh, off the internet, off the internet. And again, you can’t be at the top of the internet unless you don’t consent unless you consistently add content every day and you consistently gather objective reviews. Jared, you can’t be top on the internet unless you’re consistent. You can’t, it’s impossible. But you may try, let me, let me hit play. Let’s get the rest of this one.

And then have you liked working with witness? Uh, it’s been great. Uh, they’ve installed the quantity cameras at two different locations for us and we’ve been very happy with the service and, uh, and the install.

Let’s hear another one. And your name. John. And how’d you hear about witness security? Oh, Google. And have you liked working with witnesses?

Well, it’s been great so far. You guys have been on time with all your service calls. You’re answering all my questions. The price, you can’t beat it compared to the other competitors here.

Oddly enough, I feel like I’ve stood there in the lawn where this guy is. I feel like I know this address of this house right here. Oh, you can feel it. I sincerely, I think I know the house. That’s kinda funny. So if you’re out there listening today and you’re going, well, what am I supposed to do with this information? One is I encourage you to audit yourself. On a scale of one to 10, how, how consistent are you, 10 being the most and one being the least? D. D do you show up for all your staff meetings or do or, or do you skip them? Do you have an agenda, fear meetings or do you just kind of make it up? Do you do what you say you’re gonna do you do what you say you’re going to do? Do you pay your taxes? do you do the group interview every week? Do you start your meetings on time? Do you have an agenda for those meetings? Do you pay your taxes? Do you pay your taxes? Do you do the group interview every week? Do you were just on the weeks where you feel good? I mean, if you have the sniffles, little sniffles, a little tummy ache. I mean, do you, do you take DayQuil and make it happen or do you just sort of mail it in? [inaudible] you pay your employees on time. Do you show up on time more often than not? Or what area can you be more consistent? And I encourage you to write that down because this win of the week wouldn’t be possible without the coachability of witness Tulsa home security. So I’m going to go in and queue up and audio. Uh, I’ve told you about witness security and I’ve told you about what they do and, and bragged on him. But I’m Keith, I wanted to take an opportunity to share about how, um, my coaching or my team’s coaching has helped him to take his business to the next level. And I thought, well this seems like a two for one special right here. We could encourage the Thrivers and we can also let them know what it’s like to be stuck with me as your coach for three years. I mean, what does that feel like being stuck with a guy who’s obsessed with consistency? I mean, what does that, what does that, is it like having a drill Sergeant come over and walk you and your family through, flip through PT every morning? Is it, I mean, what, what does it feel like to have me as a business coach?

Yeah. My name is Keith Schultz and my company has witnessed security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the past 18 months that we’ve been working with clay. And you know, our growth was averaging pretty close to 10,000 a month on a regular basis. You know, shortly thereafter we deviled out to close to 20,000 and now we’re close to 40,000 on a regular basis. Every month. Clay has helped us increase our sales in every aspect when it comes to the calls that come into our business, helping us hire people to be able to do that and follow a good script, you know, setting up, uh, the appointments, how we do them, when we go into the appointment, the sales pitch and how we do it, you know, and then from then on forth just to SEO and everything he’s done has increased our sales exponentially. Clans helped us grow our business and the aspects of our individuals, you know, how to hire people, how to manage people, how to necessarily, uh, organize our business, how to structure, you know, the functioning of our business.

Though we’ve been in business for close to nine years. At that time, clay has revamped everything we do, you know, to a much more better operational business than what it ever was before. Working in clay class a little bit different and what you would find in most, you know, clay pushes you to the point you, you get out of your comfort zone and as long as you continue to do what he asked you to do, you will continue to grow. But if you don’t, then you won’t. We heard about clay Clark on the radio. My son heard it on the radio and had been listened to it for a couple of weeks and said Arthur listened to it, gave him a call and within a day or so clay gave me a call and we came in for an interview. He’s helped us in our search engine optimization by helping us with the actual, uh, Google ratings when it comes to being placed on the map in multiple locations so that we dominate, uh, the industry, you know, on the map as well as organically so that when people are searching and variety of different words, we always pop up on multiple locations on the first page, you know, that of which you did it.

It’s a long process, but it works very well. And you know, Google how their algorithms work. It doesn’t change in what he does. So we all were, are always on top. Claire has restructured everything we did when it comes to selling, uh, the security systems, you know, being a local company where you do things quite a bit different. And by doing so and restructuring everything he did in the nine years that I was in business, you know, trying to do it on my own, he came up with a package deal and within less than 10 minutes and revamped everything we do, you’re looking for coming to Claire Clark for asking them to help you grow your business. I can guarantee it or be a success if you follow through with what he says. You know, you have to follow through with what he says in order to make it work. And so you have to come to the table making sure that you’re going to do what he says, be teachable and you will be successful.

Well said, Keith Schultz. Now, if you’re out there today and you’re thinking about attending one of our in person workshops, I have a warning for you that I want to just warn you. Um, once you start winning and that momentum of winning begins to happen, when you grow every year and success begins to happen consistently, it is possible. I mean, you, you may just find yourself getting sick of winning.

We’re going to win with every single facet. We’re going to win so much. You may even get tired of winning and you’re saying, please, please, it’s too much winning. We can’t take it anymore, mr president, it’s too much. And I’ll say, no, it isn’t. We have to keep winning. We have to win more. We’re gonna win more.

But you might not be a Tulsa home security company. A, maybe you’re a chiropractor. I mean, maybe you’re a dentist. Maybe. Maybe you’re a doctor. I mean, I don’t know. What industry are you in? I don’t know. I mean, maybe, maybe you say, well, clay, my industry is different. Maybe. Maybe you’re a home builder.

Well, maybe you’re a carpet cleaner. I’ll tell you why. If you’re a carpet cleaner, let me queue up the audio here of what one of our Thrivers has to say about how being consistent with implementing the system and consistent you all you have to do is be consistent in two areas. Be consistent with the quality and be consistent with implementing the system. Let me, here, let me share you. Let me have this thriver share with you about how being consistent with the quality and implementing the system has changed their life. This is a company based in Boston and then the Boston Massachusetts area called angels touch.

You say, well, what if I’m not a Massachusetts based automotive repair shop? I mean, what if I’m a repair shop? What have I not a Tulsa home security company? I mean, what if,

what if I’m a home builder? Does that work for me? I mean, what if I’m a home builder? Well, I mean we did help Shaw homes grow from just under $40 million to $80 million. Think about that shit. Don’t jump ship. If you begin to share this with people, what’s going to happen is other people are going to be become winners as well. Now the cool

think about our program and the bad thing about our program is that I personally write every single business plan for great folks like you and because of my brain is not scalable and I don’t want to scale my brain and uh, I have three ways I can help you. One, I’ve got an online school. It’s $19 a month. That is, that has hot sauce. That’ll change your life. It’s a go to thrive time. show.com go up there once you go to thrive time show.com are you there? I go to the thrive time show.com and you say, listen dude, I don’t have that kind of money. I afford one on one coaching. That’s cool. That’s why I built this for you. Click on business school and for $19 a month, click on business school. You can have your life changed. You know, you gave your life change, but you might say, well, you know, I, I would prefer to come to a workshop then do it.

Book a ticket. It’s $250 I’d love to come see you. The problem is I cap the attendance of our workshops. I try not to have more than 125 people, except for in December. Now, during December, I let it get wild a little bit crazy. We bring in Michael Levine, the PR consultant for Nike and Prince and Michael Jackson and we a rustic cuff the company. She grew a Jill Donovan grew the company from two people to 125 plus employees. We’re going to bring in some of my rowdy friends. We’re going to have a blasty blast. We’re going to have the attorney of choice for TD Jakes. I hit the law firm of choice for TD Jakes and, and life church, uh, winters and King. They’re, uh, West Carter, the attorney at law with winners and King. We’re going to have great people in there. Um, or if you want one on one coaching, we only take on 160 clients.

And you might say, well, why? Well, let’s, because I’m busy and I got five kids and I like to procreate and chase my wife around. I mean, it takes hours a day to procreate. I can’t spend my time making business plans for a thousand people. I’ve got to spend some time procreating, so calm down. You can go to thrive time show.com and see if you can schedule a 13 point assessment. But as I’m thinking about procreation, let me do it. Go ahead and queue up this audio clip right now from a thriver out there who said, you know what, I am going to reach out for help and let me share with you her story. This lady was a real estate agent, a startup, and she did over $23 million in sales in just two short years.

You might say, look buddy, I don’t, I am not in the real estate industry. I am not a home builder. I’m not an automotive repair shop in Massachusetts. I’m not, I’m not these people. I’m a, I’m a, you know, a, a former school teacher and I, I’ve never started a business before. I, I’m uh, I used to run a camp. I used to manage a camp. I’m a former school teacher. I don’t know the first thing about entrepreneurship. Well, let me share with you a story about a former school teacher who’s gone on to become a millionaire. Let me share with you the clay stairs story.

My name is clay stairs. I am the founder of clay stares.com and the leadership initiative growing up as a, as I went through middle school and as I went through high school, I was pretty much a big fish in a small pond and uh, so I felt I had an overinflated sense of self. So once I graduated from college, I might’ve been like a lot of folks graduated from college, terrified. So I ran to ministry, ran to the church really quick up from there I jumped into being a school teacher, but all the while I knew there was something more inside of them. I took over Shepard’s fold branch, which was a summer camp and retreat center. But then once again, now here I am at about 47 years old and I’m feeling like it’s time. There’s this shift beginning to go on like, okay, at this place I’ve done what I’ve needed to do.

It’s time for me to expand. It’s time for me to grow. But I didn’t know anything about how to run my own business. As I made that shift from being the executive director of a nonprofit organization into running my own company, I found out really quickly where my weaknesses were. I’ve got to know something about sales and marketing and all those things that terrified. And so it was about at that time when we were doing some fundraising for shepherd fold ranch that I met a young man named clay Clark. Uh, clay would tell me it’s just a formula. Do these things and outcomes, production outcomes, money. I just didn’t believe them. Yeah, it was probably just there in the, in the first month, maybe six weeks with clay that I got my first speaking engagement. But when they S when we started talking about money, I totally locked up and just said, uh, I’ll just come down and do it for free.

But after that first few months, it was like I stepped off a cliff and all of a sudden everything stopped. And so clay started talking to me about making phone calls and begin to beginning to do that and making a hundred phone calls a day is like, are you kidding? No one has ever done that in the history of man. Thrive has provided this confidence that I didn’t have before. And as a result, I’ve been able to turn a 2,500 or $3,500 deal into $10,000 or $12,000. Through working with clay and working with thrive, I’ve been able to look through the lens, not of my capacity, but I’ve been able to look through the lens of my destiny. And you might say, look buddy, I’m a chiropractor. Okay? That’s what I MBE. Stop it. I’m not a former school teacher. I’m a chiropractor, da. Can you help me?

It’s great. I love it. It’s casual, but yeah, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I, dude, there’s nothing worse than standing, walking and listening to a guy in a suit rambling at you. Love it. Great presentation. Yeah. Interaction’s great. Um, we definitely feel comfortable asking a question if you need to. Um, questions from the rest of the people in the audience also helps maybe stimulate more questions that you have. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and you’re trying to get from where you are to where you want to go, you have to come to this. They’ll need to upset their product speaks for itself. If it’s what you’re looking for is what you’re looking for, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build their brand, build their business. Um, just the day in one day, not even two day session yet. I mean I’ve already got a hundred ideas that I want to, that I want to implement and uh, yeah, I’d recommend it for anyone who has an entrepreneur mindset and who wants to build their business,

you might say, clay, let’s, I know it works for these people, but I am a dirty, dirty communist. I’m a dirty, I’m a dirty communist. Okay, could you help me? I mean, I’m a dirty, I don’t believe capitalism. I believe in handouts. I believe that I should be paid based on the very virtue that I was born. I mean, based on the fact that I was actually born, I deserve a paycheck. I don’t want clay, I have a bunch of degrees and I want to get paid a lot of money. I feel entitled. I want to get paid. Could you help me? Could you help me? Clay, I am a dirty, dirty communist. [inaudible].

Now, if you are a dirty soul sucking communist, you’re welcome. Use socialist morons who’ve taken half of my check, but you will not be successful. And socialism causes universal mandated poverty. That’s what that causes. So if you’re out there and you want to feel the burn and 2020 and you want to talk about AOC and feeling the burn and get off our show and go back to being poor because all the handouts in the world can’t help you up because you my friend, don’t have the ability to get it done on your own. You lack internal motivation. You have, you need external motivation. You can’t be happy or sober or consistent or solvent because you need external motivation and I can’t help you if that’s what you need. You may need something else you need like electric shock treatment. You need to be waterboarded. You need a new haircut.

I don’t know what you need, but I can’t help you. But if you’re out there and you’re a diligent doer and you’re willing to be consistent and you’re willing to be consistent and you’re willing to be consistent, you’ve just said it three times and if you’re willing to be consistent, apparently that’s a theme. If you’re willing to be consistent and you have a practical education and you’re willing to mix that with consistency to practical skill, if you have a skill, if you have a product or a service that people actually want, that solves an actual problem for real people and you’re willing to do that consistently. Adding a shovel of dirt to build that mountain first until just a little mound, little silly little mound, little small little mound, and then it’s all of a sudden kind of a Hill and all of a sudden it’s a mountain.

If you’re willing to be consistent with your quality and follow my system, I promise you’ll have success. But if not, go to a Bernie conference. Go to a Bernie rally. Bernie needs your money. Bernie has never had success. He needs your help. He needs your money. Help Bernie help. AOC helped these help these morons because apparently with half of my check they still don’t have enough and those are kind encouraging words as we celebrate the consistency, the diligence and the quality of witness Tulsa home security and now it’s any further. I do three, two, one, boom.

Where are my dads?

Oh yes. Is Tom to arise and Brian. Oh yes, before the rooster Crow hose. Yes.

It’s time to rise it all. Yes. I wake up at three to get it all done and money on my mind and my watch. No one can touch rope cause I am a Christian in it for the dog game or get rich quick. Nah, I don’t do it. But if you’ve got a real good, I help you with sway, I probably started. I’ll be saying you can do it. You can do it. You could do carpet, deep room son ever going to make them pick German success requests, self discipline, self discipline, self discipline. I just said it three times in a row in a row. If you look at parochial hero, you gotta look in the BMR pro. Would you be a victim or victim? What missing it all help us all the resources you need on every fall. You got to get three jobs. Like I wants to target MLPs and direct TV, which meant I never watch TV cause I was on the ground.

I got two, three or like that. 12 to the TB. Do you feel man, like a petting zoo? Stick to your goals. Like glue, like 80 hours to put the bubble week. Put sooner, get our amps up to the serious because I get smoke into the [inaudible] aware of cause and effect. And a note that your lack could be ripped or your life could be great. So what will you do today? Let’s get your board with nothingness or the middle of with [inaudible] what we did for Senate in and Hill is just, and you could be having to say no to the handouts cause they hurt your pride when you could be out looking at other, what would, you could be out looking at other [inaudible] the other guy. Yes. Uh, yes, it’s, it’s tough to rise it. Oh yes. Before the rooster or yes. It’s time to rise in price. Yes. Everybody’s sick now. Oh yes. Oh yes. It’s time to rise. It thrive. Yes. We’ll follow rules to Crow rules. Yes. It’s not new. Ratted. Yes. Short in life is to, we better get started. Cause if don’t redo 38 grade, I’m half dead, dude. I’m half dead, dude. Well Hill’s bells. I’m going to go take a nap.


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