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We celebrate the diligence and success of the founder of Window Ninjas Gabe Salinas who is quickly executing the proven path, success strategies and overall business plan created by America’s #1 business coach.

How did you hear about us? A friend of mine listened to your show very often and he told me about it on the iTunes app.

Where are you from? Wilmington North Carolina

What is your company name? Window Ninjas, WindowNinjas.com The 10 most common pain points

Pain Point #1 – Getting Google reviews.

  1. I am very competitive and I want to be number one.
  2. If I know what I need to do, I attack it and make it happen.
  3. You have to stay on top of the reviews and follow up. You can’t just do one big push.

Pain Point #2 – Showing up mentally and physically for the calls.

  1. You don’t reschedule, you don’t miss calls, and you are mentally there.
  2. I follow a schedule and plan my day every day.
  3. I don’t let other people dictate my schedule.
  4. If my door is open, I have a minute. If it isn’t, I don’t have a minute.
  5. Most people don’t think you can have compassion and accountability at the same time. Whether that is accountability with someone else or even yourself.

Pain Point #3 – You pay your people.

  1. The law tells us that we have to pay our people.
  2. If I don’t pay them, they don’t do their job well.
  3. If you don’t pay them regularly and competitively, they will move on.
  4. 9/10 Start-Ups fail. You don

Pain Point #4 – You keep your emotions out of it.

    1. I keep myself in check every day.
    2. You have to be in control
    3. Emotion gets in the way of Motion

Pain Point #5 – You have a sense of urgency with everything you do.

    1. I am in a race with myself. I want to beat my own goals and beat everyone else.
    2. I don’t want to wake up at 60 and still be doing the same old thing without having to reach my goals.

Pain Point #6 – You say no to the things that don’t matter.

    1. Berj Najarian
    2. Berj rejects everyone for Bill Belichick because those things don’t matter to him right now.

Pain Point #7 – Group Interview

    1. We do ours on Wednesday every week at every location.
    2. If we don’t find great people, we always have next week.
    3. We never miss a beat when someone quits. We always have someone there to work.
    4. It is wise to be cautious about firing people but you can absolutely do it with a minimum amount of risk.

Pain Point #8 – Track What Matters

    1. It is important. We have to know all of our information.
    2. We have to know where our leads are coming from.
    3. We know what our customer acquisition costs are for different types of advertising.
    4. Tracking is the path to your goals

Pain Point #9 –  Sacrificing Sleep for Success

    1. Time is the most valuable asset that you have. You can never get it back.
    2. If you spend your time online, you waste your life.
    3. If you have to sleep more than 6 hours, it doesn’t make much sense.
    4. John D. Rockafeller always took a half-hour nap every day at noon.

Pain Point #10 – Not Invoicing and Taking Credit Cards

    1. It took us less than a week to stop invoicing.
    2. You have to ask for the credit card at the sale.
    3. People just want to give you the card number. They know that it is apart of the service.


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Audio Transcription

Facebook Wins Of The Week Window Ninjas Thrivetime Show

Jason, do you know what it’s time for. What time is it? It’s time for

now time to celebrate the success of somebody in the thrive nation. And on today’s show, we’re celebrating the success of the founder of window ninjas, a man by the name of Gabe Salinas.

This show today is called what does the perfect client looks like? What does the perfect

client look like? And on today’s show, we have Gabe Salinas escape Salinas with window ninjas. How are you sir?

I am fabulous. Clay, how are you guys doing today?

Well, 2% better because you’re on the show. A one and a half percent better because West Carter’s on the show for a total of three and a half percent better than normal West Carter. How are you? I’m amazing. How are you claiming? Hey, last night did you see the Patriots decimate the jets? There was. I did. That was a kind of a tipping point, I think for the jet season. It didn’t look very good. Gabe, I had the craziest day yesterday. I come home ready to record the show as I normally do. And I look to my left and there is the secretary of commerce, Sean Copeland in my man cave. And I think to myself, it’s not often the secretary of commerce is on my, uh, in my man cave and I haven’t seen him in almost 1700 shows. And then I look to my right and I see Senator James Lee Wright, who I’ve never met before.

It’s not often I have the Senator in my man cave. And then I start going through our interview outline and I realized we got the Lieutenant governor on this show. And then I start to realize doctors, owners coming over. And then I see Z do a handstand and then I see the Patriots beat the jets. And now today continues this unicorn event. Our perfect client is on the show. So Gabe, let’s start here. Where did you first hear about us and what we do here at the thrive time? Show in the, uh, one-on-one, uh, make your life Epic business coaching that we do.

Uh, I found you from a friend of mine who you, who listened to your podcast quite often and he turned me on to you. And as I started listening, um, I understood about your business coaching services and that’s pretty much how we found you.

And did you find us on like iHeart or Spotify or where do you work? What platform do you listen to?

Um, I think it was the iTunes iPod or the podcast app.

Got it. Okay. So you’re on an iTunes and a, your first impression when you listen to it, where you going, this is terrible except for when West talks name. Would that your initial thought or what, what did you think when you first heard your first show?

Absolutely, that’s exactly what I thought. I just got to chuckle and I was just so in depth, really thorough, enthralled with what you were talking about. You were super motivating and it seemed like everything you were talking about was just relating directly to what I had been dealing with, with in the business world. So it just sparked my interest. And then we just started listening to you pretty much every day, every, every chance we got, we’d listened to you.

Now, um,

uh, listeners out there to give them context. Where in the country do you live right now? Uh, Wilmington, North Carolina. So we’re on the East coast, Southeast, North Carolina, right at the beach.

And what is your business called?

Window ninjas.

Now the listeners out there might not know this. Some of them know this, the more SEO savvy people. One way that we can think a guest like you is if we all go to your domain directly right now. It makes your site rank higher in Google. What’s your domain right now? So we can make your site rank higher.

It is window ninjas.com

pulling it up window, ninjas.com. Do you guys teach, um, how do you guys teach martial arts students how to climb through windows? Or what do you guys do?

Actually, we teach them how to break windows.

Oh, nice. Wow.

Oh, we are the squeegee masters. So we are a ninjas when it comes to the art of window cleaning.

So you are you, you’re when window cleaning experts.

That’s what we are do window cleaning, pressure cleaning and offer gutter cleaning services as well.

And with our business coaching program we tend to rotate around from different driven to different business coaches for a variety of reasons. Um, one is it’s accountability to, it has to do with speed. Three has to the availability. There’s a lot going on there but Andrew has worked with you for a while and I just wanted to go through uh, Andrew, the 10 most common pain points and what we’ll do is I’m going to tee up the pain point, I’m going to then ask you why you were able to get it done when most people won’t or can’t. And then I like for West Carter to chime in on kind of his editorial comments because he’s an attorney but he, he’s also a business guy, works with business owners and I want to get your take West as to why you think people won’t do it. Sounds like a good plan.

Here we go. Get, I’m getting Google reviews. Let’s just start right there. Gathering objective reviews from real clients. It’s not something that I want to do. It’s not something I’m excited about doing, but it is something that I have to do because Google is in charge. You choose to get Google reviews. Do you have like a psychological problem or what causes you to get reviews? Even though I’m looking at your YouTube video, you’re a beautiful man here on your website. Just beautiful man. What causes you to want to get reviews? Do you have a psychological problem? Do you hate yourself? I mean, do you love money that much? What’s causing you to get reviews when a lot of people know what they need to do but refuse to do it?

Um, I’m just driven. I’m super competitive. I always want to be number one and I want to be the best. And when somebody tells me that in order to do X, Y, Z, I’m going to do XYZ to B. And so you’re business coaching and with y’alls knowledge, then, um, the number one thing we needed to do was to become number one on Google and in Google maps and get the most reviews. So we had just made a conscientious effort to do so every single day.

And how many locations do you have now?

Uh, we have 10 locations.

Do you have any employees that work for, or do you just do it all yourself? Or are you in 10 places at one time?

Uh, no, I’m not that, uh, Ninja, but um, yeah, we have many employees. We have a lot of managers, um, one in each place or in each location for every city that we’re in. And they have employees as well. So, um, yeah, lots of people

West. Not that Satan needs an advocate, but let’s just say that you can be the devil’s advocate here. Right? There are people out that say, I want to get reviews, but I can’t. Yeah. What, what have you found as a business owner? What’s the challenging part about getting reviews? What’s the, cause you’re, you’re an attorney, you guys represent huge names. I mean, your law firm has represented guys like a pastor, TD Jakes, pastor Craig, Rochelle, Joyce Meyer, huge names. Um, what’s, what’s the difficult part about getting reviews?

Well, I think there’s a couple of difficult part. One, you get mired down in your day to day responsibilities and you forget or you neglect it too. You make a big push and if you don’t stay on top of it, it doesn’t stay top of mind. So let’s say you have a big employee meeting. You say, okay, we’re going to do this. Are you doing it? If you don’t do it, you’re in trouble. Come on. Or if you do do it, I’m going to bonus you or whatever, come on. You know, and then it just fades off cause he said fires happen, you’re putting out fires. And so that, and then just combined with some particular professions, it probably attorneys, one doctors, I think they’re naturally reticent to ask for a review. They feel professional. So true. You have to get over that. So true. Also,

I want to remind the listeners out there, 40 years ago, most medical professionals thought it was illegal or unethical to advertise at all. Same way with lawyers. Yeah. So this is a CPA’s out there. I’m just trying to help you. So now let’s get into this next thing that our perfect client does every single time. So one is getting those reviews. Two is you show up mentally and physically for the calls. Now we’re calling you were halfway across the United States and we don’t want it. I don’t want any more than 160 clients. And I’ll tell you why, because there’s not that many Gabe Salinas’s out there. I want there to be, I’ve prayed about it, but we have 25 to 30 people a week. Reach out. And if you’re listening right now and you’re reaching out and you’re a knucklehead, don’t reach out to me. But people who go, okay, I’m going to call you at four o’clock and then like six o’clock rolls around and they go, Oh my gosh, I missed that appointment.

And it’s that one time game that day they say, we need to reschedule. So you’re rescheduled again. And they go, ah, something came up. Ah, ah, and we’re talking about the initial just assessment. We’re not even talking about the business coaching and great clients like you and Aaron antice was Shaw homes. Really all of our clients, which is why I’m so picky on who I work with or the kind of people I would like to have over at my house. Last night we were watching the Patriots game and I have a lot of clients over at my house cause I like these people. They’re fun people. What is wrong with you? Why do you show up to the appointments and actually do your homework?

Well it’s because I follow a schedule. I plan my day, come on every single week. I know exactly what I’m going to do every single day and I don’t let other people dictate my schedule. So if somebody comes in my office and says, do you got a minute? The answer’s no. Is my doors open at a certain time during the week? That means I got a minute for you. Otherwise don’t come knocking on my door cause I’m in the middle of doing something else. Yeah. I pretty much plan and schedule my day and I live my life by a schedule and it just works.

And what I hear, I hear from pastors, we had two pastors who are not clients, who have never been clients who came to a conference and if you’re listening and you’re that pastor, you know who you are and they said to me, you, I hear that you work with an attorney who represents a certain mega church guy, mega huge church. And I said, I do hire the same attorney. He’s a client of mine. You know, I don’t work with that church at all, but we just, you know, share a common connection. And he goes, I hear the guy eats the same food every day, literally keeps the same schedule every day and is an ass. This is pastor to pastor. And I said, and ass, how’s he an ass? He’s like, he literally eats the same food every day, keeps the same schedule every day, every [inaudible] I heard, if you’re at that church and you, you go over your time, your allotted time, you get in trouble.

And I’m like, what do you do at your church? He says, well, when the Spirit’s flowing, sometimes we just go into the next service. I said, so the second service might be shorter or longer than the first will. Absolutely. How many members do you have? 300 he says, Nick, well, if somebody has 300 times more people than you have, perhaps they’re doing something right. And he goes, yeah, but I think he’s kind of an ass. So West, you deal with alphas that winters and King, you deal with the heads of companies, bestselling authors, very successful people, your own bosses, your own partners, your own, you’re a partner now. So your own partners. These guys are intense dudes. Mike King, great guy. When I’m on your team, you want him on your team, Mr. Winters. You want them on your team. Mr. King, you want on the team? Talk to me about that West. Why do people have a hard time saying no to grow like, like some pastors would encourage us to do

well, I think that some people have this preconception in their head that if you don’t have, you can’t have compassion and accountability at the same time. So just because I’m going to hold my people accountable or I’m going to hold myself accountable to a schedule or I’m going to hold myself accountable to perform in an excellent manner, doesn’t mean I’m devoid of compassion. I mean, I, I think those people would tell you it’s not compassion to have a failing corporation or a failing church and your employees are unemployed, you know? So there’s two sides of that coin where you’re being a good steward, what you have and part of doing that is building in responsibility and accountability into your practice.

Now, my understanding is that the Patriots this week suspended Michael Bennett, one of their best defensive players for a week for conduct, detrimental to the team. Now the Patriots, I didn’t see him lose versus the jets. I didn’t see the things fall apart in every week. Bill says, you know, you’ve got to follow the system followed and if you don’t, you’re not on the team very long. Antonio Brown, how’s it going? What’s it like not being on the Patriots? I mean, he come on the team, they got a rule. Quit texting. You can’t text. You can’t use social media. You can’t stop. Even if you’re on the Patriots. No drama. That’s the rule. He stirs up drama. He’s off the team. He’s bill Belichick, a bad guy. No. In fact, most guys who retire like Teddy Bruschi, um, guys who are very, very successful will say, bill Belichick’s one of the coolest guys of all time.

But you gotta have that compassion and then accountability. This third thing you do, and this is very controversial West, Gabe actually pays his people. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s bad. It’s bad. He’s paying his people. Andrew, you’ve seen this West. I see a lot of people that are like, I’m going to make every single person commission only and never have an employee. There are people that work for him who get paid every week. But you see us in small business where everyone’s trying to convince everybody to work for free selling that dream. No one’s getting paid. Gabe, why do you actually pay your people?

Uh, probably because of this thing called the law and uh, I really don’t feel like going to jail. Um, but I pay my people and I pay him well because I got to, if I don’t, they’re not going to do their job and they’re not going to do their job well. So I want them to all be exceptional employees. So we pay him and then we incentivize them to do even more

West. Yeah. So if you don’t hear you’re exactly where I gave you, don’t pay your employees, one of two things are going to happen. You’re going to get stuck with the people who are okay making a little amount of money and they’re going to loaf through their job. Or two, you’re going to lose all of your good talent because they’re ambitious and they have higher dreams in life. Then making minimum wage. And so to retain your talent, into attract talent to come in, you have to pay competitive wages.

Now this is another area, a gay that’s very, very offensive, very, very offensive. This is this probably Andrew, I know Gabe is going to hang up here cause let me, let me tell you what he doesn’t do. Let me tell you one thing. Most people in the world. Now I want, I want the listeners to wrestle with the words that are coming out of my mouth. Wrestle with wrestle with these words. In America, we know that nine out of a hundred people at any given time will call themselves self-employed. They’re, they’re a small business owner. Nine at a nine out of a hundred all right, so we don’t have 100% of our population that self-employed, about 9%. Now of that 9% that classifies themselves and self-employed, nine out of 10 startups fail and you go, well, why? That means you have a 0.0081 percentage chance of being successful as a business owner.

When you think about the math there, if nine out of a hundred start a business and nine out of 10 fail, and I’m going to tell you why it is and I know the secret, you know the secret, I will tell you I want to know the secret. It’s because people are an emotional mess and then they scale it. So you gave, do not put the emotion in front of the motion as an example. You do your crap whether you want to or not. You keep to a schedule whether you want to or not. You show up when you’re sick, whether you want to or not. But most people are entirely controlled by their amygdala, the emotional processing center of their brain. So they have to skip work at their own job. They, I see contractors that own their own business. I see your competitors, Gabe, that own their own window installation company, window cleaning company, something in the window field, and they will take the payment from the client and not deliver the service. I see this all the time and West can get into the, into the legal aspects of this, but why do you keep your emotions in check and how do you do it?

Oh, well, it’s the challenge. Sometimes people make you, uh, extremely frustrated and then it can be easy to fly off the handle and, and just, um, make the wrong move. So you just got to keep yourself in check. And that’s exactly what I do every single day. I just keep myself in check because it’s the appropriate thing to do. And, um, you gotta be in control. If you’re going to be a leader, you gotta be a leader that’s in control and, and, and keep your emotions in check. Um, you know, I think it was Andrew that said, uh, emotion, take the, take the, uh, he’s got a little saying for the emotion. Um,

yeah. Well emotions get in the way of motion. That’s a big problem. The emotions get in the way. I say this every day to our team constantly.

Yeah. And you show me someone that’s got a company that’s just constantly in litigation getting sued so we know their people. And nine times out of 10, that’s the problem is they’re running it with their emotions. Either they’re making decisions, not based on the facts, based on emotions. As you mentioned, they’re flying off the handle. They’re firing somebody without even thinking about it or they’re making, you know, they’re just saying, I’m not going to do that. Even though they’ve got a contract. And it’s an so it’s a, it’s a very poor way to run a business in a very good way to get your business in a lot of trouble.

And I can say this on behalf of, on behalf of a team alpha here, team alpha. We’re a small team. Uh, hi, I’m team alpha and uh, you know, Chuck Norris team, alpha Schwartzenegger team alpha, um, you know, Tom Brady, team alpha and I’ve seen Tom Brady, I’ve seen him throw a helmet. I’ve thrown a water water bottle at a meeting before I’ve done it. The difference between the, the is it, I remember telling John, John, I’m going to throw the printer this morning. And he’s like, really? Like, yeah, someone needs to see it fly. It just has to be done. And he’s like, really? So we thought through what, what will it sound like when it hits the ground and these sorts of things. Um, and there’s a time and there’s a Bible and the Bible where there’s a time for righteous anger. I mean, Jesus was a table flipper flipping tables. There were just flipping, you know, he flipped the tables. There’s a time for righteous anger. But Gabe, you do a good job of keeping it in check. Now this next thing you do, that’s crazy. Cause again, anger and a sense of urgency can be cousins. You have a sense of urgency about everything you do. Where does that come from? Did you hit your head on the toilet seat? Did you fall off a tree where you’re raised by angry, hateful people? Why? Why do you have a sense of urgency?

Cause I’m in a, I’m in a race with myself. How fast can I get from point a, from point a to point B in the straightest line and beat everybody else cause just my inner drive. I’ve always been that way. And that’s, that’s, that’s what, that’s what I live by every single day. And uh, I don’t want to wake up 50 years old or 60 years old and still chugging along at the same old job. I just want to have, uh, all of my dreams and goals accomplished well before then so that I can go on and live my life in the, in the next fashion as I choose to do. So

what does, and I don’t, I want you to share any, you know, dreams that are inappropriate. I mean, you know, but what are, what are some dreams where you could share with the listeners, maybe a dream, you have a financial goal or something that you, you wouldn’t mind sharing, you know, something where it’s maybe not over the line that, you know, what, what are you putting out there too much?

Um, well, I’ll keep my financial goals to myself. Uh, one of our goals that we have me and my wife is, um, our youngest son is going to be out of the house in five years. And our goal is once he’s out of the house and in college, we pretty much like to be done. We’d like to be able to travel around more to see the world work maybe five hours, 10 hours a week at the most, and just go enjoy ourselves. We’ve been together a long time. We’ve raised two good kids and uh, you know, it’s just, um, to move on to the next phase and just start enjoying life.

You know, one of my goals I have, it’s pretty ambitious though, but West you can only hope, you know, you just, you’ve got a dream. One of the dreams I have that I talk about a lot that I’ve actually been able to do is I try not to see any humans at all who I don’t like. Like this has been a goal of mine and I have had really good success with that this year. I mean it has been, last year is really good too, but this year it’s so Saturday and Sunday I get up at three in the morning, I do podcasts, get stuff ready to go hang out with the kids with live behind a wall, swimming around species flashing and went to Atwoods hobby lobby. You don’t find a lot of people, I don’t like it at woods. That woods is very right of center cowboy, conservative guns and gold.

I mean it’s a good place to go get an AR. It’s a good place to go and talk about George Bush and then get your chicken feed, chicken feed. And then you might say stuff like, Hey, uh, does anybody here know Ronald Reagan is? And everyone says yes. It’s just a lot of like, it’s a lot of pro conservative. You don’t libertarian stuff. Gabe, you know that entrepreneurship, you know, good old boy trucks everywhere, trucks everywhere. It’s kind of that place of I go to where it’s kind of more liberal. I go over to get to go over to a guitar center. It’s more liberal, but we talk about musical instruments. We don’t talk politics over there. You don’t bring it up. Everyone over there is left of center, but they know how to use an eight Oh eight. They know how to mix something and they’ll got long hair. They’ll live with their moms. I love that store. So guitar center, I like Atwood’s but kind of know where I go in and go hobby lobby. It’s Christian music everywhere. Um, but I want to just surround myself with the kind of people I like West. Would you have some goals that you have that keep you motivated or are you one of those sick freaks that has goals?

Well, yeah, I mean, I have goals. I mean, I think part of it is mostly longterm goals. I’m not so much a short term goal guy. Uh, but you know, in my line of work, if you’re not careful, you’re always chasing the billable hour and you can just work from Dawn to dusk, from sleep until you know, you wake up and then you go to bed working. So it’s more of a longterm, let’s find a way to scale the law business so that I am not stuck doing hourly billing behind a desk to make a living. So it’s growing the business side of it. It’s, you know, training lawyers underneath us to be good attorneys. So it’s kind of the building of the business. That’s my dream. So that one day I can kind of like gape just said, do you can, you can manage it, you can grow it and one day you can just peak in every once in a while and make sure everything’s going well. Do some track. Yeah, I do some traveling and do some other fun stuff that doesn’t involve work all the time.

Now, uh, for the listeners out there who are looking for a, an attorney, I recommend you get an attorney before you need one because you won’t have the relationship there. And a West has asked me just to give out the website, winter’s king.com and to not give out a cell phone number anymore. And he asked me a Gabe nicely and I, with no exaggeration, at least two dozen times over a two to three year window of time gave her, he says, Hey, I appreciate the referral. You know, and I appreciate that, but could you not give out my cell phone number? And I’m like, Oh yeah, absolutely. I’m always moving fast. So I didn’t write it down and it didn’t click in my head. And he was like, Hey, appreciate those two or three referrals. And that was very nice, thank you, but can you have him just not call my cell phone?

I’m like, Oh yes. And I kept doing it. And then finally there was like a moment where he said, could you not give out my cell phone? And I thought to myself, perhaps he doesn’t want me to give out a cell phone. I think maybe I’ve heard this before, but I grew up without money. You know how like you, you grow up without money, gay. But if you don’t have money or maybe you start a business from nothing, you kind of always are hot for the deal. Yeah. And I kinda am I primal hot for the deal mind. I’m like, I’m going to wreck this guy’s marriage in his schedule and his meetings and I’m going to just give out a cell phone number so he can make more money and more billable hours. But after being around him, upon further review, it has occurred to me that he cares about his family more and he cares about structure and systems. And so this leads me to my next point. You say no to stuff that doesn’t matter. You’re not out there. Gabe spinning all night debating with somebody on Facebook about whether the review was warranted or not. You’re not debating with employees you fired six months ago about the meaning of life. You only focus on what matters. What’s wrong with you, Gabe? Why aren’t you on Facebook? Debate and politics.

Oh man. Because I’m a sick freak. What is, what does Facebook, who has time for Facebook?

I love it. Yeah. There’s a new app I’m working on called Bookface and it’s a thing where entrepreneurs, Gabe, you can feel free to steal this idea when you log on to any app. Bookface send you an immediate notification via text. It says, shut the hell up and get back to work. Well Bookface what was it that Belicheck said in that press conference? He said, what is a, those kids use snap face. Uh, he, he actually, I’ll read you bill Bellacheck quotes real quick. These are bill Belichick quotes on social media. Truly awesome. Now bill Bellacheck, just so you know, if you type in Burj Najarian Gabe or anybody out there, Berge B, E R J Nazaryan in a J a R I a N Berge Najarian. Um, I actually come up top now in Google for Berge versus name. And Berge is the man who is bill Belichick’s personal handler and he’s the one who rejects me.

There he is. Wes, you can see him and so bird shuts me down. So bird shuts me down on a consistent basis. And so his job is to make sure that bill Bellacheck only has to worry about football. Burj deals with lunch, interview requests, complaints, any type of issue. Andrew, you pulling up their burden? Sharon, you’ve got to pull that up there. I want to include, scroll down real quick here. Images. Yeah. Oh yeah. And he’s pulling it up. Burj the jargon. We’re getting it. It’s coming. I see it. I want it. I really want it. Very is Burj. So Burj Nazaryan makes bill Belichick to get, he got him to a place where he doesn’t have to deal with all this crap. So this is bill Belichick, um, and reporter, let me pull my cue this up here.

We visited you as a kid

Porter asking bill Belichick about social media.

What was that connection?

Are you on snap face there?

We were talking about [inaudible].

That’s very good friend of a friend kind of thing. So he’s, again, he’s talking about snap face now. He, this is another bill Belicheck one here. Let me see. I get on a fondant tablet. Well, I can’t find, there’s a clip here where bill Belicheck says that he doesn’t Insta chat or snap face. Um, it’s truly impressive. And so I just think if you’re out there today and you’re thinking, gosh, the truly great amongst us are definitely on social media all day. That’s how they’re making their money. No, they’re not West. Have you noticed that most successful entrepreneurs spend the least amount of time on social media and the ones who make the least spend the most on social media? Have you noticed this parallel? There is. I mean, if you’re, if you’re using it for PR

purposes, you probably should have a PR person doing it for you. And that’s not a CEO type of job. You know? And if you’re a small business and you have to dabble in it, but the problem is people don’t dabble. People sit at their desk and next thing you know they’ve been flipping through Facebook for an hour, accomplish nothing, not posting for your business when they’re looking at growing the business, babies and kitties and posting means and it just, it has a tendency to suck your timeout as it’s, it’s the video games of this generation in my generation. People would spend all day PlayStation, you know, it’s the video gallery. Everybody’s stuck to Instagram and tic talk and whatever else is going on out there and it just, it’s a waste of time.

Now bill Belichick, um, this is a really funny, I was listening to an interview with him and they were talking to him about if the game metrics and analytics where you gave look at all these stats and it says this guy runs a four, four 40 and he’s six one therefore it’s a mathematical good decision to draft him in, build, refuses to look at that stuff. He likes to look into their eyes at their soul and then he calls references and he asks their high school football coach and he asks their family and their friends and their neighbors. Is this guy late and they’re like, what? He runs a four three is he late? Yeah, he runs a four three but he’s late. Who isn’t late? Okay, thank you. I’m done here. Is this guy late? No, he’s not. Does this guy have some sort of faith?

I don’t care if it’s Christianity or what is he a Mormon? Is he a Christian? Does he have a belief in our country? Does he have principles? Yeah, he’s super military. Okay, thank you. But he asks those kinds of things. He’s into principles, but this is bill Belichick’s comments on social media this year. Here we go. One on social media. Overall, I don’t Twitter, I don’t my face, I don’t. Your book on social media part to ask them more about social media. The role it has. He says Twitter account interface. I don’t have any of that on social media part three they continue. I don’t know. My face, your face, Insta face on social media, part four. I’m not on snap face. Not too worried what they put on instant chat on everything related to ease it on anything else related to football. He says you get the job done or you don’t. And then when asked about why a player didn’t perform, uh, I’ll, I’m the key to success. Do your job on long snappers knowing you have a good backup. Long snapper allows you to sleep good at night on advanced metrics. What the hell is that on Tom Brady? He’s a good player. We have a lot of good players though on the players status, whether they’re going to play, I’m not a football coach, he’ll be playing or he says I’m not a doctor. He’ll be playing field Bella chick.

Yeah. Some of that’s just bill being bill with his sense of humor. But the underlying principle there is you can’t, you can’t worry about that stuff. I’m straight. Oh yeah. Distracting. Or people are so worried what other people are saying about them on those platforms that even get further distracted and you’re distracted from your goals. And your goal should not be how popular am I? How many likes am I getting? It should be, how much money am I making? How much, how well am I doing for my family? How are my relationships with my friends? How’s my faith not likes and clicks and those kinds of things that are outside of that realm.

Now, uh, we have these final, these final pain points, these final things that Gabe Salinas gets right that most people get wrong. That makes him the perfect client. So I’m going to read off four more. Here we go. We’re going rapid fire. The final, the final three minutes here, West. Here we go. The group interview. You do the group interview. Talk to me about the group interview, how that’s helped your life.

Uh, group interview always is a fun experience to do. Um, we get a group interview every week. We do ours on Wednesday and we do it in every single one of our locations. So all 10 locations do a group interview each week. We’re always looking for great people. Um, if we don’t find them, that’s okay. There’s always next week. But what’s cool is if we find somebody that we like and we don’t have a position for them, we just keep them in our pocket and know when we’re ready to let somebody go. Or it’s like somebody walked in my office today and gave me their notice. There we go. Not a problem. I’ve got somebody to replace you. You know, we’re never missing a beat. I came in on ’em, I think it was Thursday morning, and I had a disgruntled employee who just wanted to be, you know, very argumentative and combative and we just walked her out the door and said, I just hired somebody last night to replace you. So it’s just a win win. We’re often, it’s fun to do you can we do the bill Bellacheck as well. We ask them all kinds of crazy questions, but really I’m just looking at their soul. I’m looking in their eyes. Oh yeah. Amanda man or woman demand and, and I’m in deep as to who they are really. And uh, that’s how we find good quality people. It’s hard to, it’s hard for those employees to, uh, or those, those, those people to, uh, to hide when they’re in a group interview setting as well.

No, Gabe, I’m going to read off for you reasons why I’ve had to fire people, let’s say in the past five years, but no more recently than three years ago. That way it’s, I’m safe. Okay. And I won’t mention anything about this person, but I’m going to mention the reason why I had to fire somebody and I want you to one up me and we’re going to go back and forth until you’re stumped.

Are you ready? Okay. I’m ready.

I had to fire a guy for ordering a prostitute at work

coming out of the Gates hot.

Hmm. That was hot. That was pretty, uh, it’s pretty impressive. Um, I had to fire a guy for digging through a homeowner’s purse, looking for pills.

I had to fire a female employee for accidentally sinking her phone to the airdrop and not the whatever to the airdrop. Thus showing her nude photos to our editing staff.


[inaudible] that’s another good one. I had to fire a girl because she liked to wear too short of a skirt and she would not wear any undergarments. And when she finally met

over the top of her desk, last

accounting manager, that was pretty much the last straw for her.

I had to fire a guy who on his first day of work said, I’m so sorry. I thought it was gonna start tomorrow. So the next day he misses. Then the next day I tell him I could have on the phone. I said, Hey, we’ll make sure you’re, no, you’ve had two misses. It’s not going to be a good fit. And he says, what day is it? And I said, today is Tuesday and you missed Monday and Tuesday. He goes, Oh, I thought it was Friday.

What do you think about that? That’s a thing.

No, no. I have more. I want to keep going cause this is therapeutic and you can, you can under up me too. You can give me worst or better just cause this is the listeners out there never hear this stuff. I fired a guy for bringing a loaded AR assault rifle and leaving it in the hotel room that was checked into my name at the Omni hotels. I got a hotel room for him. He was a DJ. He left a loaded AR in the room and when the hotel staff found it, obviously they called me. All these crazy things happen and his issue was he wanted to know if it, why it, why he was in trouble if they didn’t have a sign that said you can’t bring a loaded weapons to the Omni hotel, that would be wifi again.


so we fired a guy because he liked to do a certain kind of drug and he became addicted to it. And then he ended up making some inappropriate comments and sending some inappropriate text messages to one of our area managers.

I fired a guy who stole another man’s coat who he sat next to at work. So the guy next to him says, that’s my coat. He says, no it’s not. He says it is my coat. He opens up the pocket and his name is written in the coat.

It sounds like maybe we need a show on how to make better hiring decisions. These are all DJs I could go on for weeks. Yeah.

DJ industry is a factory of festival of lights. I mean, so again, uh, the group interview makes it possible to fire people westward and people get so stressed out about firing people from a legal perspective, where do they get it wrong? People are out there being plagued by bad.

Well I think, I think it’s, it’s, it’s actually wise to have some nervousness about firing someone cause you need to do it in the right way and you need to be careful about the circumstances. But at the same time it’s just not worth keeping bad people on. And if you prepare correctly and you go through the process correctly, you can do it with a minimal amount of risk. But doing it Willy nilly and not having any idea

what the rules are or the risks or the landmines. That’s where people just say, Hey, all caution to the air, you’re gone. I don’t care. You know what the circumstances are or what contract we might have or what disability you might’ve brought up. You know, just there’s so many land mines, you just land mines. You have to educate yourself about those. And so you can do it without getting scared. Winter’s king.com folks winner’s king.com you can learn more about West Carter, right? They’re tracking what matters. A Trekkie. What matters is we come down the home stretch. This is pain point number eight. A lot of people track exclusively. What does it matter? And they don’t track what matters. A lot of people say, clay, I had a thousand people on my website this week and I didn’t get any leads that filled out the form. And I say, how many calls you?

And they go, I don’t know. And I say, so you have no idea how many people called you? Nope. Okay. So you don’t know if anybody called you? Nope. So then upon further review, they were like, Oh, I got 10 calls, but nothing from the website. Did you ask the people if they found you on the website or did they just wake up and via osmosis or ESP they felt motivated to call you? I mean, did they wake up with a random idea to call you or did they actually find you in Google? Why do you track what matters over there at the window ninjas and not focus on things that don’t matter?

Oh, because it’s important. It’s, we need to know that information. Uh, we, we track all of our leads. Um, you guys helped me with that and, and tracking all of our leads and seeing exactly where our leads are coming from allows us to see a multitude of things. For example, we know exactly what the close rate is for certain salespeople. We know exactly what the customer acquisition costs is, um, for, you know, various forms of advertising. It also tells us exactly what advertising is or is not working and allows us to take our money out of one venue that we may have budgeted for and then put it into another that is actually doing way better. So, but tracking all those things. If you’re not tracking those things and you’re just kind of walking around and up in a loop, not knowing where you’re going, I mean you really have no direction, but those tracking things, just like your leads can, can put you on the right path. And the path is, you know, the promised land in the promised land is how much money are you going to put in the bank? Or how much free time are you going to have with your family

pain point number 10 sacrificing unneeded sleep for success. I’m not talking about sleeping two hours a day. Calm down. I’m just saying you’re not sleeping in watching cartoons. A lot of people are sleeping nine or 10 hours a day or they’re watching TV for three hours while not sleeping. They go, they try to go to bed at 10 quote unquote, and until one o’clock they’re watching TV, not going to bed or watching TV. Talk to me about sacrificing sleep or watching TV, just wasting time.

Well, time is the most valuable asset that we have. I mean, that’s the one thing in life that you never get back. So it doesn’t make any sense to me. For you to sleep your life away or to spend eight 10 1112 hours a day on Snapchat or face book or anything else like watching television. I mean, that’s kind of, stuff’s just not important to me. And I’m one of those crazy people that just fortunately I don’t really have to sleep a lot. So it doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 10 o’clock at 12 I’m going to wake up at four o’clock in the morning. It’s just natural to me. So, you know, sweet. I just don’t get people that have to sleep for more than five, four or five, six hours. Just didn’t make any sense to me.

Well, I am one of those people and the controversy starts. So I’ll speak for my, my, my people, my people. Um, I do, I do have to have a good solid eight hours of sleep cause he would tell us six to eight. Yeah, he owns a slash center. What that means is you have to sacrifice even more. So to get the eight hours of sleep, that means you cut out more TV, you cut out more of the extra stuff and uh, you just have to make a little bit more sacrifice because if you don’t, I’m going to be, you know, I know myself well I don’t know. I’m going to be grumpy. I’m going to be short. I’m not going to fill, well, I’m not going to be as productive. Um, so you cut out a, a show here, a movie here, a conversation there, and you get your sleep if you need it. My wife and some people like, you know, like you guys can’t operate on low amounts of sleep and I’m jealous. I’m six to seven where I like to be,

I’d like to ask you a little question. [inaudible] let me cause that this is what I have to do about that. Do you actually, do you end up taking a 15 minute nap or like a just a 15 minute break in the day? I find myself putting that about three o’clock in the afternoon and I’m ready to go again.

I don’t, um, let me just tell you what I do. Um, again, I want to make sure all the listeners know that I want to balance it out real quick. Um, I, my partner, dr Zellner, who’s not on today’s show, he owns a sleep center. So there’s medical science that shows that most people need somewhere between six and eight hours of sleep, six to eight. So go see a sleep center. Specialists, don’t take my word for it, just go see somebody. But let’s say they come back and say, you need eight hours of sleep. Right? For me, I found six is what I need. But just said, they said eight. What are all the things you need, need to stop doing to make time to get that sleep? And then John D Rockefeller, who was the world’s wealthiest man, always took a nap right at noon. Every day at noon, half hour.

Every time I take a nap, I wake up with a weird smell in my mouth. I feel like I’m kind of sweaty. Crabs went to sleep and I feel gross. So then I would need to do like reshore, you know what I mean? West, I need to like do the re I feel kind of gross when I nap, so I’m not, I don’t do well with that. But the rock did that. He would, he would nap every day exactly at noon and he would never work after five. And he’s the world’s wealthiest man, but he never was distracted. Everything was scheduled. So for me, I don’t do the nap thing. Um, but I also don’t do the eat thing during the day unless somebody is intentional about getting me food. I just don’t eat. And if I wasn’t married to my wife, I wouldn’t eat at home either, either.

It’s was like when I was, you know, single or whenever. I just don’t, I’ll just eat like chicken the same meal every day. So I’m just like a sick person. I got problems, my wife’s normal and she’s like, you know, Hey, why don’t we have, you know, something different. Like the kids pointed out to me their night game. They said, dad, where do you want to go eat tonight? I said, let’s go to mr Mambos. They go, dad, we’ve been to Mambos perhaps 24 25 times this month. And I’m like, eh. And, and, and they go, dad, can we go somewhere else? And I’m thinking, well, why? I like routines gay. That’s my deal. That’s my natural flow. Which is why running a business has always been easy for me. But vacations, naps, movies I haven’t seen yet are all scary ideas now. Movies I’ve seen yet.

Oh, I have to watch that again and really find the comedy in that Adam Sandler movie, that deep comedy, the little nuances and Christmas vacation with Chevy chase where like, literally I watched it again gave, have you seen Christmas vacation? Oh yeah. Do you like that? Do you like that movie? Oh yeah. It’s a great movie. Classic West. You liked that movie? I do dearly, yes. Well, there’s a scene in that movie that I saw the other day for the first time I’ve seen the movie probably 30 times. I’ll cue it up for you real quick here gave, this is my gift to you. This is a scene where he’s Chevy chase is chopping down the, he’s trimming the tree to bring the tree into the house. Right, and here he is. This is the scene

establishing shot of his house. Did it come out of the garage wearing a hockey mask? And just a moment the neighbors arrived, played by mrs a Dreyfus. They’re from Seinfeld. She’s the neighbor.

She’s dating a guy named Todd I think, and to come home they’re opening the gifts there. I guess they’re coming back from a trip that the briefcase is, they’re yuppies.

The garage door is opening right now. He’s got the chainsaw. It’s my new favorite scene.

Where do you think you’re going to put a tree that big bend over and I’ll show you. You’ve got a lot of nerve talking to me like that. Griswold. I wasn’t talking to you. I never, I never really processed the humor of what just happened. So not only did he first insult him with the spoon at the same punchline, he did insulted his wife. That’s good comedy. Oh, that was impressive right there. That was, wow. That’s why. Well, I watch that movie again. It’s so good. But what about all the undiscovered comedy out there yet? You haven’t watched. It’s a scary world out there last because you will. Are you afraid you’ll waste your time with a bad movie? It’s, yeah. I don’t know what I mean, I do watch two movies with the kids. Have you do it? I just like the kids, the new Adam Sandler movie, uh, there’s someone with Jennifer Aniston that just came out.

We watched that like that, but I just, I just prefer the same thing. Okay. I just find myself that the down. I’d rather go to subway where I get a B minus sandwich. Then to go to a hole in the wall where it could be an a or an F. gotcha. Sure thing. Oh, I love that. Seven. Just that number seven is a beautiful number, right? On a scale of one to 10 give you a seven sandwich. Okay? Now the final thing you do, and then I’ll let you get back to be an awesome, you don’t invoice clients, you take credit cards over the loan, which this is a thing that has it. It takes me usually with a client, two years of good business coaching to get a client who’s a contractor to quit invoicing and to just tell the client, Hey, if you want to hire me, it’s going to be this much. So debit card or credit card. What I have found that 90 90 95% 95% is not Andrew. You’ve seen this 95% of services. I’m talking about dentists, doctors, professionals, accountants. 95% of consumers will give you a credit card over the phone if you ask, and then it totally eliminates billing. Gabe, I understand that you started not invoicing and it took you less than two years. Andrew must be a better teacher than me. How long did it take you to stop invoicing?


less than a week they gained to do, to help me with some scripts that were formulating. And um, in that script he had written out exactly about capturing their credit card number and we tweaked the script a little bit and didn’t ever change that part. And we ran with it and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Um, every one of the employees that got onto the script was like capturing credit card numbers faster than, than, than ever. And they kept running them into the accounting office. And uh, I mean it almost broke the system. I mean it was that, that many, that fast and um,

accounts receivable is a thing of the past. You’re collecting all the money up front now.

Exactly. I went into my accounting office managers, her office, and I said, so what are you gonna do with all this free time that’s going to be freed up by you not making collection calls? She looked at me like I was crazy.

She’s going to get reviewed.

I never thought about that. Her exact words. She goes, Oh my God, what am I going to do?

Yeah, I mean there’s people, there’s people out there who have a full time person devoted to collecting money. Can you please, um, educate the listeners out there? Has it hurt your business in any way?

No, not at all. I mean it’s amazing. People just want to give you that card number. They just know that it’s part of the process too. And when you script things and they understand, it’s just like this is the process. Um, I mean they can pay with cash or check at the time of service. We don’t have to run their card. We give them those three options, however we have that card and just not going to be collecting money 30 60 or 90 days after a simple service like window cleaning, you know, it’s just ridiculous.

Are you telling me that you used to have to chase people for payment?

Oh my God, we’re still chasing people before we implemented this. Yeah. I’ve got a lady who we serviced her home who lived in somewhere in South Carolina and she ended up moving clear across the halfway over to where you’re at. She’s in front of Denver and we are constantly collect, trying to collect money from her. She’s always, we’re always trying to count her on the phone and she’s down. She’s just dodging us. I mean it’s, it’s pathetic.

Let me ask, let me ask you this. Let me ask you this here. Final question I have for you. Are you coming to the conference in December and if not, why do you hate me?

Uh, why don’t hate you, but I’m not coming to the conference in December because we just came in, I think it was, uh, it was September or October. We were just not too long.

Oh. Shunda Oh, okay. All right. Okay. That was a very passive aggressive, that was like a good multilevel sales question, wasn’t it? Good to fluxion is like, Oh, let me try again. Look good. Let me try that. I’m gonna try my multilevel pitches. I’ve been working on these for a while. Let me try it. Here you go. Okay. Do you want to make money by convincing all your friends to auto ship everything? Or do you hate your family? Do you see that? That’s the kind of questions I’m working on West. Those would be good questions for like a witness stand is walking right into a corner and then boom, you got him. I’m trying to work on my potential legal career as a prosecutor or as a multilevel guy and I got to work on those questions, so a Gable in the show by saying, give us the cell phone numbers of your 10 closest friends and we’ll call them today and get a review. I’m just kidding. I appreciate you guys.

Hey, you’re welcome.

Hey man, thank you so much. And again, your website. One more time. What is your website?

It is window ninjas.com

window ninjas.com if you care about your family, you care about America, you care about strong kids, strong schools, strong roads, clean windows, clean windows. You care about our ability to protect ourselves as a nation. You must understand that our nation is able to fund its itself by taxing people and printing money that we don’t have. Now, Gabe does not help us print that money. We don’t have that. That’s the good folks at the, at the federal reserve. They print that stuff, but he’s not a Gutenberg, but let me tell you what, this guy is paying his taxes. So if you want to defend our country, protect yourself, protect our family, stand up for what’s right. You got to go to the website right now. It gets winded window. ninjas.com Oh Gabe, you’re a beautiful man. I appreciate you and you really do just, you smell terrific today.

Well, thank you for that. Click.

All right man. You take care. All right, you take care. See you man. Great. All right. Thrive nation. That is yet another edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. Jason, you work with a lot of great clients out there. I do and I’d like to give you an opportunity to brag on a couple of them because it is so easy for listeners to think that success is impossible. It’s so easy to think that success is for somebody else, but you and I know, we know that success is for anybody who’s simply willing to put their hand to the task at hand is someone who’s willing to implement the proven systems and strategies. Go ahead and brag on two of your clients who are just getting it done. So we’ve got, um, Mr. Kevin Thomas with multi clean and they do, I’m a commercial clinic services commercial janitorial services for like the greater Oklahoma area.

Yep. And he is now the highest and most reviewed commercial cleaner in all of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma city location a couple months ago. They’re already rocking. He’s, he’s fantastic. And then I’m on top of that. We’ve got a Marty Grisham with the Oklahoma roof nerds. Marty Grisham, a great guy, a fantastic guy. He’s branching out into the residential world now. So he’s not just working on your commercial side. He’s doing his own roasting guy. What’s the name of his company? So it’s the Oklahoma roof nerds are okay. Roof nerds, formerly known as advanced commercial systems. So Oklahoma roof nerds check out that guy, check him out. We’re so excited about the success of the thrive nation. If you want to enter into the conversation about how to dramatically increase your compensation, don’t be afraid. Just go to thrive time, show.com and book your tickets to our next in-person thrive time show workshop. And now, without any further ado, three two, one


You can record your calls or your business will fall off a cliff called mediocrity. You’ve got to record your calls or your business. We’ll both fall off a cliff called mediocrity. Now, what’s the company I recommend? I recommend clarity. Voice. How do you get a good deal? Go to thrive time, show.com, forward slash. Clarity, thrive time, show.com. Forward slash. Clarity. Tim, um, you work in the call center. What’s your final justification and reason why you think all the business owners out there should record their calls? Yeah, if you, uh, you wanna make sure you actually have a good call and don’t sound like you’re having a panic attack while you’re talking to another customer, uh, it’d probably be a good idea to record your calls. Daisy, what’s your final encouragement as a call center manager? How impossible would your job be without recording calls? What’s your final tip for the listeners out there as to why they should record their?

Well, I just look at Tim, he’s like my personal testimony. We literally called him the nervous bomb diffuser for the first six months. He worked with me and it’s like he went from nervous bomb diffuser to Brad Pitt over night.

I used to be the fast talking confused guy, my first job, and then they played my calls and they’re like, wow, you talk fast and wow, you’re confused. And so we all have some sort of dysfunction that we can’t fix, right? Absolutely. Can’t hear the calls. So if you’re out there today, again, go to thrive time, show.com forward slash clarity. You know, they say go to thrive time, show.com forward slash clarity. You know what they say, go to thrive time, show.com/clarity you know, they say, uh, quit. Quit saying that because I don’t know what they say, but I know that I say, go to thrive time, show.com forward slash. Clarity. You know what they say? See abroad to get that booty smack. Thanks. That clears it up. Wow.


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