Celebrating the Success of the Oregon OXI Fresh Franchise Owner Who Now Has 300,000 Reasons to Celebrate

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Clay celebrates the super success of diligent doers and his wonderful clients: Goddess of Spring, Primo Trailers, Witness Security, OXI Fresh, James Fine Cabinetry, and Living Water Irrigation.



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And now without any further ado, it is now time for yet another edition. Oh,


get on the floor. You can do it.

Yes, yes, yes and yes, Josh with living water irrigation. How are you sir? Doing very well, sir. How are you? Well, I’m fired up about today’s show because on today’s show we have mighty fine Matt Klein on the show. Got it all. We’re going to talk about his wins. There’s somebody out there who’s a feeling a little bit down. They’re not having a lot of wins. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to share a win and then Matt Klein, you can one of me with an Oxi fresh wind. Okay. And then Josh, no matter what he says, you’re going to one up him and then no matter what he says, Andrew, you’re going to one up him. Oh man. And then it’s going to come back around one more time. So Matt, you gotta have two hot winds. I’m looking for two hot winds and if it’s okay, we’ll go with all, I’ll go first. Josh, go. We’ll go from me to Matt, to Josh to Andrew. And around. Are you prepared? Matt, are you ready to go?


Okay. My first big win right now is um, because we keep our programs small, I get a chance to meet a lot of these clients face to face and I’m finding that a lot of my clients are now having, um, their biggest months ever, all at the same time. And so I really want to celebrate a great client out there called goddess of the spring. These guys do essential oils and they’re located at the base of a mountain. They do essential oils, they ship that stuff all over the world. They’ve been around for a long time and they are experiencing their highest grossing January since 2015. So I’m going to give them a round of applause right

there. God is. So the spring getting it done, you say, what are they doing? They’re following the path homies. They’re getting it done. Matt

in my face, feel free to one up me what he got.

Yeah. So a lot of people will ask me when they look at a franchise, so what’s the exit strategy? Or they say, I want to get a business that I can really grow and then potentially sell at a big, big prop down the road. That’s something that small businesses, at least in a, in a franchise space, um, we do talk about right, being able to take a business, get it to a point and flip it. So we have a really good win. Uh, we have a gentleman in, in Oregon who’s been with us for a very short period of time. Um, uh, under three years, bought the business, got a growing single unit territory. He’s looking to ink a deal where he’s going to sell that territory for around $300,000. So that’s an incredible return on investment. That’s what he planned to do. We worked really, really hard. Um, and we are right at the drawing table, so cross our fingers, but that would be an excellent win for him and AKI fresh and a new franchisee, they get to take over an incredible territory that’s got a lot of growth still to come.

That’s pretty good.

Oh, that’s pretty good. Okay. Okay. Right there. Okay. So we’ve got 300,000 reasons to celebrate out there. Okay. In Oregon, 300,000

reasons to celebrate. Also, if you’re an Oregon, you have a lot of reasons to celebrate because it is the home of the largest nude bicycle ride in America. And that is a true story. That’s a fact. Can I make this up? It’s such a true thing. Um, and if you want to YouTube it and make sure there’s no one else around, uh, but Josh, please feel free to one up Matt Klein if you can. I mean, or, or, or one of the entire state of Oregon if you can, with their ability to do the new,

yeah. I’m not going to go with anything on nudity. We just found out yesterday and I can’t mention it as of yet. So it’s all top secret. Oh, we just, uh, we just won a very large project. It’s going to be a great, great project for us as a company for a local, a university here in the state of Oklahoma. And so we’re going to get to do a new project with them. Super excited about it. Uh, it’s going to be a good one for us to bridge through the spring until we get into our super busy time, uh, falling into spring and summer. So that’s, that was a big, big win for us.

I’ll give you a mega point. I’m going to give you the, the

live studio audience right there. Just unbelievable. I still don’t, I sit and get to the 300

a thousand reasons though. I mean Matt Klein stood one up to me, but I think Andrew’s got something so far.

Okay. Andrew, not that we’re scoring at home, but

seriously please one up. Oh man. Matt please. Yeah, so I’ve got a Primo trailers is a trailer manufacturing company, aluminum trailer manufacturing company in Arizona. Primo P R I M O trailer Primo trailers. Okay, got it. And so I’m Tyler Hall blades down there. He’s absolutely killing it. Um, they are cold calling and they are just like lighting up all of the dealerships out there and they are selling some trailers also. They are now on top of Google for a lot of key terms. And so they’ve been getting a lot of traffic actually coming from that, which they’re able to then refer out to their dealerships and they’re selling more trailers, which means that they’re buying more trailers from Tyler. So they are actually, they’ve done in, uh, a little over a month, four months worth of revenue from last year. So they’re doing pretty good.

Okay. Okay. Here we go. I’m now going to try to one up everybody out there, but in order to do that, man, I have to look at my calendar because every client I work with, we have a win. You know what I mean? And I just kind of go through and just look at this calendar here. So here we go. I’m going to go into rapid fire wins. I’m going to go, I’m going to say, obviously I say witnessed security, a great company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These homeboys are having their best, uh, January of all time. They’re having the best February of all time. And Keith, the owner of the business isn’t even there this week. He went skiing in Colorado. But apparently you guys got to leave. Did you guys just get 11 inches of snow up there?


It wasn’t monster straight out. So it’s kind of a win with a, with a, with a non wind. Cause the wind is like, Oh he’s, he doesn’t even have to be there. And they’re having big growth in it. The crowd’s going wild, right?

Yeah. Woo. But

we’d realize if it

snows that much on the, on the mountains, you can’t skate. So he went up there but he can’t come down or something like that. Yeah. Great. Great. Great views. A lot of snaps out. Four and a half. Wait, just to get on the lift.

Geez. So I’m going to say witness security. Big shout out to you guys. Unbelievable success. I just, um, when you’re having a record month that it feels great and I’ll tell you if, if you’re, if you’re not having a record month and you’re feeling bad cop Primo trailers, you can get a trailer and live in it. That’s right. Alright, so give us a wind. Give us a wet.

Yeah. Here. Here’s a really great win for our franchise as a whole. A lot of service based companies, a lot of people are moving towards technology and trying to get better equipped to be able to handle the variety of ways customers are going to find them and be able to book jobs. Then, uh, we are very close within a week or two of being able to launch our new chat bot that is advanced enough to be able to book a job into a specific franchisees schedule. Um, it’s different than an online scheduler. It’s an actual intuitive chat bot that we built in house. It’s going to be able to take all the information from the customer, give an accurate quote on the unique pricing structure of that specific franchise, find the actual time in their schedule where they have it, where it’s fit and book that job. So we are super pumped to get an entire new way, a new farm bill book a job for our franchisees and their customers around the country.

Can I play audio of um, you guys testing, uh, uh, the, the new chat bot or is it too soon?

We probably have it. It was, it was frustrating. No, go ahead.

Let me queue it up. This is, this is you. This is a map, a Klein and a very, uh, and other various members of the Oxi fresh team testing the chat bot. Here we go. Let me get the code name. R2D2. By the way, here we go. Let me get it. Garden. Why do you call it R2D2? It sounds very familiar.

It just made sense.

That’s going to get us both killed.

What does a chat bot do by the way? What does a chat bot actually do?

It says hi, I am bubbles, which is our chat bot name and it basically allows our customers without doing anything to just answer questions. What’s your zip code? What’s your, what job do you need done? You know, would you have any coupons that you want to use or codes? It actually takes them through. It’s like, it’s easier now than the actual online booking because they don’t even have to push you push any buttons. They just have to answer a few questions. Just gives them, it spits out an actual quote, accurate quote. And then it can actually book the job and if there’s something a little bit more advanced so it gets them in touch with a number of our scheduling center. So it’s a, it’s pretty intuitive. It’s very beneficial. We test piloted in a few markets and we saw growth, um, pretty exponential in those markets when we had to go in. So we’re excited about it across the country.

Let me hit play on, this was the final audio clip I was able to grab of a UN in a team, uh, testing the chat bot. Let me hit, let me hit it real quick here.


kick it at the end. Where you that mad at it? I mean

that was the first, that was the first run, not work. How long were you beta testing that thing before you kicked it for about a year. A year. Well, awesome. Kicked it. Yeah, it took about three months to kick it. After that we made up, we went back to the drawing board. In fact, we were asking when you do build a chat bot, you got to do it super simple. We were thinking very dynamic. It’s actually the opposite. Very simple. You can’t go out there and have a ton of different things. It’s very specific, very simple. So we had to kind of reverse our thinking there.

So, so far I’m gonna give, I’m gonna give Matt so far. Matt, I’m gonna give Matt a 14 mega points there. This is the sound of 14 mega points. Teen mega point sounds like a one mega point. Sounds like this. It’s like Roman numerals with audio.

It’s 14.

Josh again, we’ve heard Matt. Matt has a, an Oxi fresh franchisee with 300,000 reasons to celebrate. He’s got the chat bot. Uh, you’ve got the goddess of the spring, uh, essential oils set in the sales record. You got preload trailers out there making cold calls. Dream 100 and getting Google leads everywhere. Have security. He gets a chance to make enough money. He gets to the peak of his success. He can go travel to the top of a mountain to go ski. The winds come down, the rain comes down, the snow comes down. Now he can, he can’t ski down the Hill. Uh, what wind do you have there, Josh? So you could one up us all at this point.

Well, my question would be Matt, like if I’m bored, can I like discuss like Denver sports with a chat bot? Like we discussed like the nuggets or anything about the Rockies or the chat bot. We kicked it. Yes. They give you all sorts of weird answers. You can always talk. Just Oxi fresh. Can I talk to a service representative and then they’ll just actually talk to you about whenever you want. No, I haven’t. Can we talk about like is an answer to that? You’re shampooing process. Well the chat bot discussed actually no sham blackouts, water process by the water process. They’ll say, Hey, I’m going to shift you over to Matt and you guys can discuss hygiene issues. Man, I would like to talk about this for a second though. Um, do you, could you just share with the listeners out there why you don’t use shampoo? I just want to know. And then when did you start, sorry Matt, when did you, when did you go? All natural. I wasn’t like a conscious decision. I just, I just don’t use it. I don’t know. Did you, when did

you stop using, when did you stop hairspray or anything? When did you stop using it? That’s what the question. Gosh, quit dodging the question.

Probably what I thought at a middle school. I think I went through a big hairspray phase in middle school.

Did you watch a lot of it? Are there photos of this? Did you watch dyno too? When I was a kid? I don’t think so. Oh yeah. Yeah dude. And you got like the hair helmet there. That wasn’t Zack or something sack of the hair helmet. Where you rocking here helmet or were you working or were you rocking a bowl cut or what were you doing?

Oh, definitely had a bowl cut point until the ball. When I was in the elementary school, I was a big, that was a big deal, but through a little phase where we, I have an older brother that’s two years older, so I don’t actually have, I don’t get to take credit for everything he did. I did, so it’s actually all his fault. We went through a pitch phase where we dyed the tips of our hair. Cafe’s went through a shave her head phase. I mean our parents were, Nope, I think they were just laughing at us.

Is your brother using champion?


you, you mentioned that you said back in elementary school and I wanna make sure the listeners know, whenever Matt says back in elementary school, that means last week

back to you, Josh, Josh, Josh, back to you. What’s your win? So our win would be a mine would be personal. So you know, the purpose of a business is to serve the owner. So time freedom and financial freedom. We had a, a huge wind just last week we were able to join a local country club. Oh yeah. So it’s a, it was a big dream of mine a long, long time ago. So that just happened. That’s awesome dude. It’s a little golf. Little little fun. Are you, are you, are you enjoying it? I am. I am. I’m w we’re trying to get Amy to get more comfortable with it. You know, Amy’s boots and jeans and from a really small town. So, so it’s a, it’s, it’s, it’s really unique. It’s really neat. So, um, I, this is kind of awkward, but Andrew, when we knew that Josh had signed up, um,

we, uh, you know, we, we, we said, you know, we need to mic him cause he’s not been to a country club before. There’s a certain level of class that all country club, um, attendees are met. Wouldn’t you agree? Country club members are expected to have a certain amount of class?


Yeah. There’s some where you can’t even, you can’t even wear a hat.

Yeah. So I went and I was there and Josh, you’re gonna hear the audio and then just met. Josh is hitting the ball and it’s not going in the hole and he starts to become, what do you consider to be not happy? And so I refer to him in a positive way. I tell the truth in advance. You know, I’m a, it’s a positive reinforcement thing. So I refer to him as happy. Let me hit play here. Let me just queue this up real quick. That’s him, Josh hitting the golf ball.

Why didn’t you just go home? That’s your home. Are you too good for your home to me? Suck my wife at that point we said we have to go have to shut off

the mic. Turn off the line. He’s got to go. Okay. So Andrew, what is your wind of the week so far? I feel like Josh has the, the best wind so far cause he took it and made it about family and personal. He does that to us. He does. I’m just talking about shallow winds. I’m talking about monetary winds. I’m talking about a one throw deep winds up there about guys who are trying to ski down deep snow. That’s right. So maybe I get around so far. I feel like Josh is in the lead so far though. Andrew back to you. Yeah. So Jamison fine cabinetry has been having a phenomenal year this 2020. They have a, we’ve been working with them for a little over a year, probably a year and three months or so. Um, and so we’ve been like hammering the SEO.

Um, he, they’ve been doing dream 100 like crazy, dropping off donuts, dropping off one sheets. They’re out there, they’re in the field, they’re dropping things off and uh, they’ve got some great leads from the dream 100 and from SEL, both from coming up on top of Google. Uh, they’re now on ranking on top of Google. So they’re getting phone calls from homeowners and they’re doing, you know, custom cabinetry, um, or their sales up. Oh yeah, they’re doing like 10%. 1%. That is a great question. I know that right now they’re basically in the same spot that Tyler for Primo trailers is and his numbers. So this, you know, between January 1st and February 10th around there, they’re doing about what they would have done four months worth of sales last year, but they’re doing it two months. What they would’ve done in four months. Oh yeah. So that’d be, that’d be doable on the verge of doubling.

Now again, they have to keep this up for the whole year, but they’re having a month over month double growth. That’s exciting stuff. Yeah. And the win is they, Oh, this wasn’t even the wind. Oh, that’s the warmup. I gotta get you ready. So, um, he’s, he’s ranking, you know, they’re getting deals done. This supposed to be the slow time for him. It’s a slower time. And so, uh, but he just landed a big multifamily job where he’s remodeling a ton of units and it’s like he’s just rocking through this slower period. Otherwise, if he didn’t have this job from the dream 100 and from the people that looked him up after doing the dream 100, they wouldn’t have known who he was. And so he’s a, it was a, it’s a cool thing because the person who was doing the job before screwed it up and he’s been able to come in and do it phenomenal. Like just a phenomenal job. And so if he wasn’t doing the dream 100 if he wasn’t doing the SEO and if he wasn’t doing the calls, he wouldn’t, they wouldn’t have found him. So he’s up quite a bit. You know what they say, Andrew? You know, they say, right, I know exactly what they say. They say [inaudible].

That’s right. Hey Matt, have you heard that before man? Matt is that a philosopher? Said that. I think that’s what the chat bot started with. Matt, have you heard mad at me? Have you heard that before? Matt? Such a good movie. I’m gonna play it again. Here’s the deal. I’m gonna play it again. I want you to try to take notes of what they’re saying. I want to see if you can participate. Okay, so let me just, cause this is

very critical knowledge you don’t get in college. Let me hit play here.

You know, they say see abroad to get that booty ass leg down or smack them. You know, they say see abroad to get that booty act down and smack him. Yeah.

So that is, no, no, no. I got to tell you this. This is no, that’s, listen, what did you just say? What’d you say? They’re speaking jive. It’s from, this was when Matt and his father, they were having a very tough conversation about Matt’s hygiene and he says, Matt, I need you to start using shampoo. And he says, dad, my hygiene is good. I brushed my teeth, I floss it, got the whole thing going on, you know. And he says, Matt, and he says, what is this what dad? He says, Matt is what dad? And then he says,

you know what they say see abroad, they get that booty ass leg down or smack on the back home.

And at that point Matt says,

Oh John.

Then his mom walks in,


and then I played Gallagher. That’s what happened. That’s what happened. That’s that was a, what year was that Matt? 1991 it was a summer day. Oh, okay. That is great. Wednesday man, I appreciate you so much. I appreciate you so much. I want to just throw in one more final win here. The communists from the USSR, the former USSR lost

and I love that. And North Korea keeps losing and all communist countries lose. And if you’re out there and you’re a socialist or communist, stop listening to our show because if you’re not going to do well,

Matt, I appreciate you very much. If you’re out there and you’re a communist listening, please, please get off the podcast here. You’re tarnishing my, my aura and Matt, I hope you have a great day, man. Are you going to go snowing, snow skiing tonight? You’re going to go downhill? A snowboarding. You’re going to go out. What are you gonna do?

Nope, I’m gonna go home.

Well, that’s exciting, but maybe this weekend I’ll go sneak. Hey, there you go. Okay, well man, I hope you have a great rest. I know on a Wednesday. No, I knew I wasn’t in you. Take care. Have a great day, my friend, and now without any further ed too.


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