Changing Your Life Within the Next 30 Days | the 30 Day Colaw Fitness Challenge and Meeting Matt Kline of Oxi Fresh

Show Notes

Are you looking to make big changes and improvements in your life within the next 30 days? Are you tired of waiting for someday to improve your life for the better? Are you looking to improve in the areas of finances and fitness? On this mind-blowing edition of The Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark interviews the founders of multi-million dollar fitness chain Colaw Fitness Charles and Amber Colaw and Matt Kline (Franchise Developer) with

Who is Matt Kline?

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Get Committed

Chapter 2 – Get Educated

Chapter 3 – Get Prepared

Chapter 4 – Get Started

Chapter 5 – Share It

Chapter 6 – Repeat It – Keep Your CF30 Challenge Book with You at All Times


“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling self-help author of all-time and the personal apprentice of the late great Andrew Carnegie)

The 5 Keys to Changing Your Mindset, and Your Body Within the Next 4 Weeks

  1. Imagine who you would feel if you lost 10 to 30 pounds of body fat within the next 4 weeks?
  2. How would you feel if you knew that the very book you were reading right now, had the secrets to real weight loss success and healthy living that you have been searching for all of these years?
  3. What if losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life wasn’t complicated at all?
  4. What if you could experience increased energy, and confidence all as a result of reading a simple 60 page book and implementing the proven system for the next 4 weeks?
  5. It is our prayer that this book, along with the 30 day challenge will provide you with the education, the motivation and the proven plan you’ve been looking for.


  1. Did you know that Charles Colaw (the co-founder of Colaw Fitness) once weighed over 300 pounds?
  2. “The prevalence of obesity is 39.8% and affects about 93.3 million of U.S. adults in America alone.”

As the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma and a writer for Forbes, I love “rags to riches” entrepreneur stories so when I first heard that Amber and Charles Colaw started their multi-state and multi-millionaire dollar fitness empire out of their $115,000 house located at 942 Lariat Drive in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, I immediately had a burning desire to sit down with them to learn how these two business people grew their business so that I could share it as a faith building encouragement for other aspiring entrepreneurs who listen to our daily Thrivetime Show Business Podcast and the readers of Forbes. However, within the first five minutes that I spent with Charles it became abundantly clear that his entire focus is sincerely on helping people to get in the best physical shape of their life and that his business has simply grown as a result of having helped thousands of individuals to transform their bodies.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar (Legendary motivational speaker)

The Colaws are 100% sold out to the mission of helping thousands of Colaw Fitness members to experience the increased levels of confidence that they will have once they get their body in the best shape of their life. Both Amber and Charles Colaw are obsessed with helping YOU to achieve success in their area of your personal fitness because they know how it will impact you in every other area of your life. But in order for you and I to achieve our fitness goals we must be willing to take action like the Colaws did when they turned their actual home and residence into a gym.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” – George Washington Carver (A man who was born into slavery and who became the legendary self-taught American botanist and inventor who actively promoted the alternative crops and methods that lead to the prevention of soil mineral depletion for African Americans. Before George Washington Carver, newly freed African Americans did not know how to raise crops that would did not deplete their lands of vital nutrients and minerals.)

Chapter 1: Get Committed

If you’re not committed to getting in the best shape of your life and feeling that confidence that comes as a result of taking care of your body then STOP HERE!!! My friend, we have helped thousands of people just like you to get into the best shape of their lives, and we know you have the capacity and the tenacity needed to take the simple action steps needed to succeed. However, in order to transform your life, you must make a commitment to yourself right now that you will supply the effort for the next 4 Weeks and our Colaw Fitness team will be with you every step of the way.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self,which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” – Ephesians 4:22-24

Whether you are dealing with addictions, bad relationships or terrible habits you must change your current lifestyle to get rid of your old self and to renew your life. For two years, we literally worked out of our house to help thousands of people to get into the best shape of their lives. In fact, from our $115,000 home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma we tirelessly worked from 5:00 AM until 9:00 PM every night, 6 nights per week helping great people just like you to transform their bodies and their lives in the process. As a professionally trained stylist, Amber used her laundry room to cut their client’s hair while we used our formal dining room and living room to help our clients to reach their fitness goals.

Wowed by the remarkably high level of results that our clients received, soon our clients friends began asking them what they were doing to get into such great shape so quickly. Then those new clients began to refer even more new clients. Soon we were operating a thriving and exponentially growing business out of our living room. We lived like this for two intense years before we finally decided that the time was right to open a 24-hour fitness center at 584 Southeast Washington Boulevard in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (The founder of the Walt Disney empire of magical movies and theme parks and much  more.)

Although our business has grown significantly over the years, our focus has remained on helping great people just like you to get into the best shape of their lives. My friend, all these years later, we still have that fiery passion to help you!

So you may be asking yourself, “if this program works so well why doesn’t everybody just do it?” Well, there are really only 3 reasons that people don’t get into great shape.

  1. Lack of knowledge – If you are eating a diet that is high in sweets, wheat and alcohol you will gain excessive weight regardless of how hard you work out because of the way the human body was designed. But once you change your eating habits the weight will just seem fall off. Our program simplifies healthy eating in a way that will blow your mind!
  2. Lack of accountability – To quote the best-selling author Maya Angelou, “Nothing works unless you do.” The fact remains that most people simply will not workout unless they have an outside force pushing them. This is why so many top college and professional athletes struggle to stay in shape after they retire from the sports they love. Everybody needs a coach. With our program our team will be there to mentor and guide you down the proven path. With the 30 day challenge you will now have that goal and that deadline that makes everybody push harder.
  3. Lack of motivation – Many people struggle with self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness but we are here to tell you that you are a child of God and that your life has meaning. We care about you and it’s our prayer that you will care about you as much as we do.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.…” – Galatian 3:26

If you will implement the proven plan we are providing you in this book, within 4 short weeks I am 100% certain that you are going to make significant improvements in your body.

My friend, in order for you to achieve success in the world of business or fitness you must burn your boats of retreat and you must fully commit to the process and the goals that you have set for yourself.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy’s country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice–we win–or we perish! They won. Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich and the former apprentice of the late great steel mogul, Andrew Carnegie)

Sign It. Print It. Live It.

My friend, take the time to print out the following 30 day commitment letter, sign it and place it somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis. Having worked with thousands of personal training clients over the years, I can tell you from first hand experience that there is massive power in taking the time to write down your goals and post them where you will see them everyday.

Post a picture of the commitment letter on your refrigerator and on above your bathroom sink so that you will see it every day when you first wake up and every moment before you take a bite to eat. Make it your screen saver if you have to!

Now to seal the deal and to create that momentum that you’ve been looking for in your life I need for you to actually do something. It is now time for you to commit to 4 weeks of doing something. Although the workouts will require consistency and the meal preparation will require discipline I know that you have the capacity and focus needed to see this 4 week plan through to the end. Please read the following text outloud to yourself 5 times before signing so that you are 100% sure that you know what you are signing yourself up for.

Resolve In Your Mind That You Will Commit to Implementing the 4 Week Plan

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “99% of failures come from people who make excuses.” – George Washington Carver (A man who was born a slave who went on to become the celebrated botanist and the man who taught newly freed former slaves how to sustainably and profitably farm using sweet potatoes and peanuts.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” – Peter Drucker (Legendary Management Expert)

My entire motivation for writing this book is to empower you by giving you a book that will take you a maximum of 50 minutes to read. This book is jam-packed with both the practical and actionable tools needed to change your life in the area of personal fitness.  If you implement the easy to follow simple and proven plan outlined in this book you will see significant improvement in the way your body both looks and feels with just four short weeks. My friend, your time is now, this is your year for physical transformation and it needs to happen as soon as possible for a variety of serious reasons:

The Pain of Obesity:

Nearly four out of 10 U.S. adults were considered obese in 2015-2016, a 30% increase from 1999-2000, according to recent research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics.” – Obesity rates skyrocketing, and health experts say it’s time to change how we’re dealing with the problem – Sarah Toy – USA Today –

People who have obesity, compared to those with a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including the following:

  • All-causes of death (mortality)
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • Some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)
  • Low quality of life
  • Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

“One-third of the world’s population carrying excess weight, fueled by urbanization, poor diets and reduced physical activity. The United States has the greatest percentage of obese children and young adults, at 13%, while Egypt led in terms of adult obesity, with almost 35%, among the 195 countries and territories included in the study.” – One-third of world now overweight, with US leading the way – Meera Senthilingam –

Currently, nearly 30% of Americans are considered obese, and now the problem is increasingly prevalent in kids as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the U.S. obesity rate has doubled between 1997 and 2012, plus they estimate that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030.” – The Psychology of Obesity – Cynthia M. Thaik M.D.

Step 2 – Get Educated

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton (The founder of the Hilton Hotel chain)

Learning what to do and actually applying what you have learned are vastly different ideas. At Colaw Fitness we have a bias for action when it comes to both fitness and business. We passionately want for you to get the results you are seeking and that we believe you deserve, but in order to make this happen you too must develop a bias for action during these FIRST 4 weeks. Throughout the pages of this book you will find the answers you’ve been seeking when it comes to weight loss, but you must commit to aggressively applying them IMMEDIATELY. You must bring the BOOM. To quote our friend and co-author, Clay Clark, you must bring the “Big Overwhelming Optimistic Momentum” to any problem or obstacle that you face if you truly want to solve the problem. So without any further ado, we are now going to give you the action steps that you need to take and the facts to support that what we are saying will actually work.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” – Thomas Edison (The legendary inventor and entrepreneur who founded GE and whose team created the world’s first practical light bulb, recorded audio and recorded video).

Step 3 – Get Prepared

When you fail to plan your daily meal plan and your workouts you are planning to fail.

In order to get where you want to go in the area of your personal fitness you have to want it and you have to prepare for it on a daily basis. My friend, the key is to prepare your food the night before.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell (An American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He was the 65th Secretary of State for the United States of America, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005.)

To help your solidify in your own mind why you want to improve your health and overall physique I need for you to take 5 minutes to answer the following questions:

What is your current body weight? __________________________________________

What is your ideal body weight? ____________________________________________

Why do you want to be at this ideal body weight? ______________________________


How would you feel deep down inside if you lost the weight you want to lose? ________________________________________________________________

Currently, how do you really feel about your body? _________________________

If you stay down the current path that you are on where will you be in five years physically? ___________________________________________________________

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell (The scientist, inventor and engineer who is credited with inventing and patenting the first practical telephone)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice (National Football League Hall of Fame Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. He won three Super Bowls and was selected to the Pro Bowl 13 times during his NFL career)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You’ve got to visualize where you’re headed and be very clear about it. Take a Polaroid picture of where you’re going to be in a few years.” – Sara Blakely (Founder of SPANX and the youngest woman to become a billionaire at the age of 41)

Step 4 – Get Started

Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad –

Over the years after having worked with thousands of clients like you to help them to achieve their fitness goals I have found that once you a make a commitment to yourself and you honor that commitment something powerful happens. You become an inspired person. Once you begin to make commitments to yourself and honor the small promises that you make to yourself on a daily basis you will always be filled with an abundance of motivation and inspiration.

However, if you are currently finding yourself in a spot in life where you are looking for inspiration I have both bad and good news for you. The good news is that you are about to find an endless source of inspiration. The bad news is that YOU must become the source of YOUR OWN inspiration. You see when you make small commitments to yourself like committing to not eat ice cream, or committing to wake up earlier and you don’t do it, you will experience what psychologists refer to as dissonance. This is a feeling of guilt, depression and a strong desire to retract from goal setting and achievement. As an example, the feeling that you experienced as a kid if you lied to your mom is a form of cognitive dissonance.

DEFINITION – Cognitive Dissonance – It occurs when your ideas, beliefs, or behaviors contradict each other.

My friend you must become a POWERFUL PERSON who can set small goals for yourself every 24 hours that you can accomplish. Once you begin doing this you will become a person of momentum, success and inspiration to yourself and others.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Inspiration is the reward. Inaction is the giant. Action is the sword.” – Clay Clark (Former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and host of The Thrivetime Show Business Podcast)

I can personally guarantee you that this four week program will change your life, but I can also tell you that nothing will work unless you do. In order to build your faith, I’ve included a massive amount of before and after pictures of great people like you that wanted to change and we were able to help to make those changes as a result of their pig-headed dedication to seeing their personal challenge through to the end.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins (New York Times best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” – Les Brown (New York Time best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn (Legendary sales trainer and New York Times best-selling author)

Step 5 – Share It

After 2 weeks in the CF30 Program members of your family and friends will start to ask you if you are losing weight? They will notice you thinning up as a result of your new diet and workout plan and it is at this time that we would encourage you to share with your family and friends what you are doing for two reasons.

  1. When you share and teach something to somebody else it helps you to learn it better.
  2. When you share with somebody else it encourages them and will actually help them to also get in the best shape of their lives.

Throw Away All of the Wheat, Sweets and Alcohol in Your House Today

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The simple answer as to why we get fat is that carbohydrates make us so (fat); protein and fat do not.” – Gary Taubes (Best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and a Harvard graduate in applied physics, a Stanford graduate in aerospace engineering and a journalism master’s degree graduate from Columbia University)

NOtABLE QUOTABLE – “Researchers have reported that the brain and central nervous system actually run more efficiently on ketones (protein) than they do on glucose (carbohydrates).” – Gary Taubes (Best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and a Harvard graduate in applied physics, a Stanford graduate in aerospace engineering and a journalism master’s degree graduate from Columbia University)

To most people the word “commencement” means the celebration of the end of four years of college, however the word “commencement” actually means “a beginning or start” and to me that is what this book is all about. This book was written to become the beginning of the “new you” and thus we are 100% committed to the “results approach.” This means that we are willing to tell you the tough stuff that nobody else is willing to tell you because we are committed to helping you to achieve the fitness results that you have been chasing for years because “nice people,” doctors, personal trainers and fitness experts haven’t had the intestinal fortitude to present you with the hard facts related to fitness success.

  • Stop eating wheat immediately. It is spiking your insulin levels and making you fat. Only start your breakfast by eating cereal if you want to continue getting fat. The creators of the food pyramid were wrong.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The simple answer as to why we get fat is that carbohydrates make us so; protein and fat do not.” – Gary Taubes (The best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and the man who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in applied physics from Harvard University in 1977 before earning his Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University in 1978.)

  • Stop eating sweets immediately, they are addictive and will cause you to look like Jabba the Hutt over time.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Sugar appears to be addictive to the brain in the same way which cocaine, nicotine and heroin are.” – Gary Taubes (Best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and a Harvard graduate in applied physics, a Stanford graduate in aerospace engineering and a journalism master’s degree graduate from Columbia University)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The science tells us that obesity is ultimately the result of a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one—specifically, the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods: refined carbohydrates, including flour and cereal grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and sugars, like sucrose (table sugar) and high-fructose corn syrup. These carbohydrates literally make us fat, and by driving us to accumulate fat, they make us hungrier and they make us sedentary.” – Gary Taubes (The best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and the man who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in applied physics from Harvard University in 1977 before earning his Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University in 1978.)

Amber and I are committed to helping you to become the best you that you can be in the areas of health and wealth (and secretly…not so secretly anymore…we also actually would actually love for you to know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and wants to become your Lord and savior).

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16 (The Bible)

  1. Eat only lean meat, vegetables and nuts for the next 4 weeks and you will lose weight and feel great.
  2. Eat meat, vegetables, protein shakes and water and you will get in the best shape of your life.
  3. Eat wheats, sweets and drink alcohol and you will get in the worst shape of your life.
  4. Stop Drinking Your Calories

You must stop buying things from Starbucks unless you are the kind of person who only buys the black coffee that they are selling. Stopping by Starbucks on the way to work every day will cost you $1,040 per year ($20 per week) and it will cause you to gain weight.

Every time you go to Starbucks you are spiking your insulin levels and your body will begin to turn the carbohydrates into fat and you will literally become hungrier as a result.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The science tells us that obesity is ultimately the result the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods: refined carbohydrates, including flour and cereal grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and sugars, like sucrose (table sugar) and high-fructose corn syrup. These carbohydrates literally make us fat, and by driving us to accumulate fat, they make us hungrier and they make us sedentary.” – Gary Taubes (The best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and the man who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in applied physics from Harvard University in 1977 before earning his Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University in 1978.)

FACTS – Java Chip Frappuccino® Blended Coffee

Calories – 470

Total Fat 18 grams – 28% of Daily Value

Saturated Fat 12 grams – 60% of Daily Value

FACTS –  Cinnamon Dolce Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème

Calories – 250

Total Fat 11 grams – 17% of Daily Value

Saturated Fat grams – 35% of Daily Value

Now that you know the facts it is up to you to decide whether you want to be coachable or not.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My best skill was that I was coachable. I was a sponge and aggressive to learn.” – Michael Jordan (The winner of the 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998 National Basketball Association Championships)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The advice that sticks out I got from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” – Eric Schmidt (The Chairman and CEO of Google)

Step 6 – Repeat It – Keep Your CF30 Challenge Book with You at All Times

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale (Legendary self-help author and motivational speaker)

It is impossible to out train a bad diet. In fact, it’s actually possible to lose all of the weight you want without working out at all if you mentally commit to eating only lean meat, nuts and vegetables. However, if you want to gain muscle, tone and definition that most people find to be attractive you should also commit to an ongoing strength-training routine that involves working out 4 days per week.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn (The world renowned best-selling author and motivational speaker)

Block Out the Time In Your Schedule to Work Out 3 Times Per Week.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing works unless you do.” – Maya Angelou (The critically acclaimed singer, poet and the author of several New York Times best-selling publications who was asked to share one of her poems at the inauguration for President Bill Clinton on January 20th 1993.)

If you do not actually block out time in your schedule to workout during specific scheduled times in your calendar you will find that there is always a burning fire, a urgent item or something more fun to do that will prevent you from working out on a consistent basis.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey (An American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. His most popular book was the New York Times best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)

As the owner of three thriving gyms I can tell you that there is literally never a day goes by that does involve solving some massive problem, putting out some burning fire or dealing with some looming potential threat, but in the midst of this, we have committed the our faith, family and fitness will always be rocks in our schedule and the very foundation of our family. So in order to make these ideals part of our reality, I have had to learn to block out time for the priorities that matter most to our family.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.” ― Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees and over 1 million customers (guests) per week)

If we only worked on the days where we had time or where we felt good and weren’t facing some adversity we frankly would never work out. My friend to secret to your success is simply blocking out the time in your schedule to workout 3 days per week and to prepare your food the night before and you will win. It’s that easy.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret to modern life is finding the measure in time management. I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.” – Hugh Jackman (The Australian actor, singer, and producer. He’s best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series, as well as for his lead roles in films such as the romantic-comedy fantasy Kate & Leopold (2001). He also earned massive critical acclaim for his role in the musical The Greatest Showman.)

Now in terms of actually working out, I am going to lay out for you the first 21 workouts that you need to do and I am providing you a link to each exercise so that you can learn how to do it if you don’t know how. However, before I teach you the proven system I need for you to understand that these principles and exercises that I am teaching you are recommended for three reasons:

  1. They will increase your muscle and strength.
  2. They will help your body burn fat.
  3. They are executable by 99% of the thousands and thousands of people that we have seen enter our gyms over the years.

I’m not saying that these are the only workouts that will work, but I am saying that if you implement that exercises and the 21 workouts layed out in this book you will get results guaranteed. Ultimately there are thousands of workouts you and I could do, but I am all about showing you a proven workout routine that I know you will for sure be able to do.

This workout schedule will not cause your completely turn your life around to become a fitness junkie and to buy a bunch of equipment. In fact I know during the next seven weeks you will find this workout routine to not only be effective, but that it is also not time-consuming. This workout routine is so effective that it will actually give you increased natural energy and increased mental clarity during your work day.

One of the main reasons that this workout works so well is that it involves specific and meticulous planning. My friend, when you use this 21 workout plan you are going to know exactly how many reps, how many sets and how much weight you are going to use. You never want to find yourself just going to “work out at the gym” without having invested the time to create a clear plan ahead of time.

With this system you will know exactly how long your workouts will take, and therefore you will find yourself moving from machine to machine and from exercise to exercise with a sense of purpose. Just like the practices of a professional football or basketball team, your first 12 workouts are going to be choreographed for you so that not a minute is lost thinking about what to do.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I think often compare fitness to headlights. Headlights can only show so far, but they will get you all the way to your destination if you don’t stop.” – Charles Colaw (Co-founder of Colaw Fitness)

Furthermore, because this 12 workout system involves keeping records you will clearly be able to see where you are going and where you have come from. It will take you less than 10 minutes per day to keep your records updated, but it is an absolute game-changer in the game of fitness. One of my heroes Bill Phillips, who was the founder of Muscle Media and the former CEO of EAS (the supplement and nutritional company) once wrote,

“Use a tool called the “Intensity Index” to help us create high points. This “meter” is used to measure the level of focused energy we are putting forth. The Index, starts at Level 1 and goes to Level 10. On the low end, at level 1, you’ve got the intensity of sitting on the couch watching TV. Level 2 would be standing. Level 3 might be walking. Level 4 might be carrying those groceries up a flight of stairs; and so on, up to level 10, which is an all-out, 100 percent focused effort.”

My friend it is very important that as you are tracking your working out that you track the following variables for each workout:

  1. The exercise you completed
  2. The number of reps per set you completed
  3. The number of sets you completed
  4. The high-point of the last set that you completed.

Over time you will discover that your honest high point is really a mental challenge more than it is a physical challenge. The key is to push yourself harder and harder with each workout and not to kill yourself during your first workout.

How Weight Training Works

Strength training will help you to lose weight and body fat over time in many different ways:

First and foremost, strength training will allow you to retain actual muscle while eating a diet that creates a calorie deficit. When you are eating less calories that you are burning, thus you are losing weight and you don’t want to become flabby in the process.

The second key benefit of strength training is that it provides you with a vastly greater level of excess post-workout oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise. Basically whenever you complete a workout, the human body needs to a lot of behind the scenes work to repair itself and to bring your body back into a normal healthy state (the way it was before you went out there and hit the weights). The process of rebuilding your body takes a massive amount of energy and pretty much every study available consistently shows that weight training actually boosts your metabolism as a side-effect to consistently lifting weights.

FACT – “Regular exercise increases the amount of energy you burn while you are exercising. But it also boosts your resting energy expenditure — the rate at which you burn calories when the workout is over and you are resting. Resting energy expenditure remains elevated as long as you exercise at least three days a week on a regular basis. Because resting energy expenditure accounts for 60% to 75% of the calories you burn each day, any increase in resting energy expenditure is extremely important to your weight-loss effort.” – Exercise and weight loss: the importance of resting energy expenditure” –

Overtime as you become more and more consistent with your strength training you will also find that you Resting Metabolic Rate will increase fairly dramatically as well.
From my own experience I have found that for every 1 pound of muscle you add on, your Resting Metabolic Rate will effectively eat up 30 to 50 additional calories per day.

FACT – “When you do aerobic exercise—brisk walking, biking, or swimming, for example—you breathe harder and your heart beats faster. This “cardio” workout provides a wealth of cardiovascular benefits. But you might not realize that strength training—also called weight training or resistance training—is also good for your heart.” – Add Strength Training to Your Fitness Plan – Harvard Health Publishing –
As if you are not sold on the benefits of strength training yet, here’s another incredible benefits of strength training. Studies show that when you consistently workout, your bone density will actually increase over time which will help you to build a stronger heart, while reducing your resting blood pressure and your overall blood flow. As a result of strength training your body will also improve its cholesterol levels, your balance and your coordination.

FACT – “Studies show that strength training over a period of time can help prevent bone loss — and may even help build new bone.

In one study, postmenopausal women who participated in a strength training program for a year saw significant increases in their bone density in the spine and hips, areas affected most by osteoporosis in older women.” – Women and Weight Training for Osteoporosis – Gina Shaw –

As you grow stronger and stronger your personal confidence levels will increase which decreases your anxiety and that will extend your life and put money in your pocket (turns out that the world would rather buy from confident people).

FACT – “Obesity carries a large social stigma and may bring on depression if it negatively affects self-esteem, body image or social mobility.” – The Obesity-Depression Link – Willow Lawson –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger (The 38th Governor for the state of California who won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your business conference radio. Now, on today’s show, what we’re doing is we are going to be having the founders of Colaw fitness on today’s show. Now these guys started the company out of a home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That was $115,000 home. It’s $115,000 home. They started a massive multimillion-dollar gym, a chain of gyms. Now you can find them in into Pika Joplin. Bartlesville Colaw fitness everywhere and they are expanding all across the country. They started that out of their home, but they started it with a dream and then immediate intensity that that, that, that 30 day mentality, that sprint of like, I am going to get intense. A lot of people have a dream, but they never put any intensity on it, so they kind of drift around, but if you’re going to start a company, the the the idea to start a company, it’s kind of like having some kindling or having some firewood put the spark that ignites the flame is that intensity and if you don’t have that white-hot dragon energy that that where you can literally just breathe fire over the business that Kanye West was talking about that Donald Trump talks about.

If you don’t have that intensity, your business will never take off. You’ve got to have that intensity. If you look at a rocket getting into orbit, there’s so much fuel and energy, so much fuel is used just to get off the launching patch up. It takes a lot of energy and effort to get a business up into orbit.

I talk about this with my clients a lot, especially as they’re trying to go from a solo prenuer to hiring a team, which you have to understand is none of those other people are going to have that founder’s mentality. That urgency that clay’s talking about. Every single thing is a big deal. So it needs to be treated that way because it could ruin your business otherwise. So you got to pay attention to that.

And so what I want to do to start off today’s show is I want to interview a business conferences friend of mine, a good friend of mine and a member of the thrive nation, Matt Klein with oxy fresh because he’s gonna explain Oxi fresh and some big winds were having out there for our franchisees all around the country. And I think it’s powerful for you to hear to build your faith stories of businesses that have already started from nowhere. And if gone into becoming big. You Know Jonathan Barnett attended victory Christian center and he went to Oral Roberts University at the same time that I did and he wanted to make the division one basketball team. So he walked on the team, he started a firework stand, he went to college. The money he earned from the fireworks stand, he rolled that into his next thing. He starts this thing called Oxi.

Fresh Oxi fresh now has hundreds of locations all across the country and met Klein is the gentleman that if you’re looking to buy a franchise, you’re going to talk to matt and he’s going to tell you about the franchise, the cost, the expenses, and the business model. And once you learn how the business model works, you can decide whether you want to invest in what’s called a discovery day right now at discovery day is where you would actually fly out to Denver and you would learn about the Oxi fresh business systems and decide whether it’s something you want to invest in. And I’m telling you, there’s a lot of business models out there for under $60,000. You can actually make 100,000 dollars a year of income and create that time freedom and financial freedom that your family’s been with the turnkey systems already in place that you don’t have to create.

Right? So on today’s show, we’ve got a mega show today we’re going to be talking to the founders of co La fitness about their 30 day fitness challenge and we’re gonna be talking about their story of how they built co La fitness. But before we do that, we’re going to get some winds from a real thriver out there by the name of Matt Klein with oxy fresh. This is the dude who you would talk to if you want to buy an Oxi fresh franchise. He’s the pro in the. No, I’m not exaggerating. Every week he introduces a new person into the world of entrepreneurship and helps them become financially free as a result of buying an Oxi fresh business system. If any further ado, our exclusive interview with Matt Klein from oxy fresh, that’s o x, I fresh. If you don’t believe me, it’s a good company. Google the phrase carpet cleaning quotes sometime during the break and you’re going to discover the Oxi fresh now has almost 135,005 star reviews for people out there. Just like Stanley steamer. Come on, I don’t even know that company. Who is any further ado? Our interview with Matt Klein, with oxy fresh. All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and yet again we are in for another installment of the Oxi fresh updates with Matt Klein in Colorado, America’s number one former division one basketball star. Sir, how are you?

I’m doing great guys. Glad you could have me on again, and I feel like I’m part of the team now.

Well, here’s the deal. Each week we’re going to try to get you on this incredible business conferences show and on today’s show we’re also in interviewing a NBA player, Phil Pressey. He played multiple years with the Celtics and then with the warriors and then he’s trying out right now to be on the thunder and so we’re trying to get all these great guests become a basketball theme. So let’s start with some wins here. He’s on the basketball team. We just talked about that. Matt is reportedly the scored the most points in high school history in Colorado or something like that. Is that correct? Oh Man.

With the help of some. Some, some stats guys on the back end, I was able to acquire enough points to be up there

to be up there. So you weren’t, you weren’t taught that one year, you weren’t taught in the franchise world these days folks.

Well, I’m sitting there thinking I’m the Mba. I mean we could use, we could use some more scoring them on the court. Why? Why did he try and now is my point. I’m trying to make me. Come on now, Matt, just so we’re clear, did you leave Colorado in scoring one year in high school? Is that correct? Is it one year? One year, one year now. This just in from our Home Office. Okay. Now let’s get back into franchising. Can you brag on a new Franchisee, maybe a new, uh, oxi fresh franchisee and kind of tell us a little bit of their back story and why you’re so excited to welcome them into the Oxi fresh family?

Absolutely. We have a very unique franchisee that has onboarded in our industry in carpet cleaning. We don’t have that many female owners. However, it’s getting bigger and bigger. Each year we have Marsha Cole or over in Connecticut. She’s just over a year now. She started, came from corporate America, really wanted to do her own thing. She was really fed up with, you know, changing jobs and trying to figure out how to keep things, um, you know, just straight her own family. So, you know, we had many conversations. Um, she started this business. She actually started as an owner operator because of our unique cleaning system. She could do that very easily. Started as an owner operator. Within about six months she expanded to our second territory. Now she has a group of people doing jobs with her. Um, so that’s a huge success story for us because coming from an entirely different industry, corporate America, jumping over to a franchise kind of night, night and day, um, she was able to really thrive in this business. Multiple territories. She’s actually looking to maybe acquire a third. So she’s really scaling her business at a high level right now and it just tells you how she’s all about effort. WHO’s out there doing it, growing it. She still does some jobs herself because she likes that she likes to interact with the customers, but yeah, two territories within six months to a year expanding or brands. Uh, it’s a great story for us.


She’s right in Connecticut. She is in.

Well I don’t mean to quiz you on that. I want to talk to you.

Greater Hartford area. So she owns um, North Hartford, Connecticut and she also owns the North West section of Connecticut. So she owns two territories there.

Now see if I can get into the weeds of franchises. I don’t think a lot of people realize this. So for an investment for less than, let’s say less than $60,000, man, you couldn’t buy a brand new range rover for that. So that’s, that’s, you know, you can buy a business conferences job where you can buy a turnkey business, but oxi fresh if you buy a franchise one, you have to see if they’re even available in your territory. So how, I mean, so you know, if you’re in the Hartford area, probably not a good fit or they’re still locations available right there, man. For any of our listeners out there in that area or

structure where we believe in, in being able to have one territory segmented for a Franchisee and that first get multiple territories, but we don’t cross. We don’t compete with our own brand. It’s one of the reasons we can share best practices really grow as a family and in inside Oxi fresh where some others they don’t have that structure and that’s okay, but for us one territory will be a segment of of or a group of zip codes that allowed up to about 300,000 population. It is protected, so the only franchisee that can market to that area and we’ll build it. Availability is obviously important, so you wouldn’t have northern Hartford open, but you would have like Bristol and southern.

Oh, bravo

process. They’re just reaching out and saying, Hey, I’m in this area. Is there availability? Because at this point too, we also have franchisees that are 10, 11, 12 years old that have really made a good business that we have resale opportunities out there too, and those can be extremely beneficial for somebody wanting to get up, get out, and just start operating a business that’s already set up from day one.

So if somebody buys a franchise from an Oxi fresh, I want to make sure that the listeners out there kind of clarify what you’d be doing. You gotta clean carpet using the revolutionary system that uses a 10th of the water of many competitors. Uh, you get this super clean, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning system. You’re driving around cleaning carpets and you’re hiring people. You’re training people to also clean carpets. But oxi fresh handles the marketing, oxi fresh handles, the scheduling, oxi fresh handles, the branding, the technology. But the local owner, uh, they have to do a great job. And then, uh, ask customers for sincere objective google reviews. And I was just looking today, it looks like oxy fresh is nearing 136,000. Google reviews my man, which means that people are happy with the actual product and service. Can you talk to me about what Oxi fresh does that wows the customers?

Absolutely, and just to clarify a little bit, we do a lot of the marketing, but there is going to be some things that you’re going to want to do with our health and our franchise coaching platform. It will really start to get you to grow and also in terms of starting your business, you can really pick and choose. We believe in you being able to tailor this model around you and your lifestyle. So if in the very beginning you aren’t doing the jobs, that’s okay. We’ll set up the structure for you to have employees out there doing it. If you want to get your hands on it and right at the beginning and grow while you’re in the business too, we can do that too. So you can be an owner operator, you can be an owner. Manager will really, again structure this thing around you, your lifestyle and the way you feel it’d be best to run this business.

Um, first and foremost. But the cleaning system is very unique. We’ve spent 12 years really developing this, um, and not only from our unique cleaning system where our machines are not mounted to the vehicles. This is so much more flexibility in the fact that we don’t have to be hamstrung to a certain level in terms of force. Right? We can go the first floor all the way at 31st for all of our equipment’s light, male, female, young, old. Anybody can do it. Um, but the cleaning system is unique in that we don’t need 50 gallons of water to clean a home. We need one or two. The power is in our products, not in the machines pulling it out. So when you think about, you know, like your cell phone now compared to 10 years ago, it’s just the evolution of the cleaning products and we’ve really been able to grasp that and begin to really offer a more efficient cleaning system than the competition. And our views do show that once you have a customer cleaned with hockey fresh, they’re not going back to the old way of cleaning. It’s way too invasive. They got to shut down their whole home, they got to move their furniture out. We can just go in, get in, get out. It’s over with Callie in nine months. We’ll do it again.

I’ll say this. I remember as a kid when the carpet was getting cleaned, what you can, where you could walk on it for weeks at a time, be like, hey guys, you can’t walk on the carpet for the next three months because wherever the carpet cleaned. And then they basically they show up with a massive truck and a dump like a pool of water on the carpet. And I mean, seriously, it’s kind of soggy and at least for days, I mean it would be at least a couple of days and it’s kind of damp. It has kind of feeling of like you’re at a hotel pool, but in your house for days it sort of feels kinda weird. And uh, you know, and you guys are uniformed, your professional. I’m a big fan of oxy fresh. That’s why I loved. Does he meet up with Jonathan? Uh, years, years ago? I’m obviously a homer for oxy fresh. If you’re out there listening today and you want to learn more about, um, an Oxi fresh franchise, if you actually go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh thrive time, forward slash forward slash oxi fresh. We’ll send you a free copy of our start here book and they’ll send you some information about oxy fresh Thursday. It’s the thrive time show on your business conferences radio. Stay to get it

ready to enter the thrive time show

from the bottom. Now on the top, knew the systems to kibble. We got convictions on the hooks, hopper down the books, brick and some wisdom. And the book. That’s why I’m adapt. So if you see my wife and kid, please tell them a seat and seat. And now three, two, one. Here we go.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. If you’ve yet to check out the music of Colton Dixon, I encourage you to go to Colton He’s the guy singing the intros for each and every song. He’s a Christian music artists who is currently working on an album that, uh, his, his previous albums have always been in the top 40 on the Christian music charts, but he’s working on an album right now that I believe is going to be a crossover album. I think it’s going to appeal to if you like imagine dragons if you like one republic, uh, if you like Maroon five, you’re going to love this new album. It is absolutely motivational, sensational, and it comes from a real place. Check out Colton If you don’t want to screw up your life, check out Colton

And so on today’s show, we’re talking about being a catalyst for your life. So maybe you’re listening to the first segment and you say, you know, I am tired of barely just getting by in the area of finances. Then I encourage you to buy a franchise by a business system that works. Just go to, go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh schedule a one on one meeting. Just were just requesting information. Thrive time forward slash oxi fresh, and for less than $60,000, you can have a turnkey business model that has the potential to create time freedom and financial freedom for someone just like you and because it’s not a startup, it’s been around for over a decade and there are people out there all over the country, hundreds of people just like you who have already implemented the system. It’s not scary. It’s not scary.

You can do that, but if you’re somebody else out there and you say, I really Kinda want to. I need a catalyst this year, but not in the area of finances. I mean financially I’m in a great spot, but I need. I need. We need to make some changes in the area of fitness. I want to in the next 30 days, I want to make a new habit. I want to have a new lifestyle. I don’t want to just get on a fad diet, but I want to change my lifestyle. Will you? My friends are in for a fabulous show. Now you’re going to love today’s show because we have Amber Cola and Charles Cola with co La fitness, the founders of [inaudible] and is on the show today to tell us about their new upcoming book called the CF 30 challenge. It’s a working title. It might change a little bit, but they own co La fitness.

I encourage you to check them out. That’s [inaudible] We’re going to go over the chapters in their upcoming book and I know it’s going to change somebody’s life out there. Amber Cola, how are you ma’am? Alright, fantastic. Thank you. Clay and Charles, how are you sir? I am. Awesome. Okay. All right, so here we go. We’re talking about chapter one of your new upcoming book, the CF 30 challenges of culottes fitness challenge and you sent over the before and after photos today and Bro, these people have made massive. The people in the photos you sent over made massive changes in 30 days with their before and after photos. And so I want to, I want to get into chapter one, get committed of your new book. Talk to me about what it means to be committed. Charles, you’ve helped coach thousands of people into the best shape of their lives. What does it mean to be committed to being, to getting into great shape in the next 30 days versus wanting to be in great shape the next 30 days?

Well, to get committed, first of all, I always would meet with clients and they would come and meet with me and say, Hey, I want to get in shape on a change my body. And generally after they have kind of vented where they’re wanting to go, uh, they have to really listen to me and understand and see kind of a history of testimonies. And so showing them lots of foreign actors like you talked about, they see that, hey, this guy has done it before myself. I’ve lost 83 pounds. I had to train her, help me. He lost 83 pounds and I got in the best business conferences shape my life and competed in a fitness competition, got second in a fitness competition, eventually got a, the former, uh, 2007, Mr Oklahoma super, super heavyweight winter, but I lost 83 pounds. I had to train or help me.

And uh, so anyways, all that to say when they see that they seen photos and they see that truly care and my highest desires or greatest gain, that they kind of relinquished and say, Hey, I should start following this proven system and follow these simple steps to be successful. So they get committed because they have buy in and they seen proof and once they see proof and have buy in, then I can show them that the food and the workout is not really hard. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. And so you kind of coached them through simple steps to walk through in the next few weeks so they could make a lifestyle change and a nutrition change.

There’s so many parallels between business coaching and fitness coaching because you, it’s not complex. It’s just requires hard work. And your wife amber, runs a lot of the strategic aspects of fitness. She runs a lot of the system. She handles a lot of the financial aspects of the company. You two work together. It’s kind of like a bat woman and Robin and so you two work together. It’s like super woman and a guy, a youtube work together and so amber, I want to ask you because you see a lot of entrepreneurs that you’ve met over the years who say, man, it must be nice, but they don’t know about $115,000 house that you started out of in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They don’t know how you turned your kitchen into a coaching area in your living room into a coaching area and then they don’t understand the sacrifices that youtube made. Can you talk to me about what it meant to be committed to starting co La fitness those first, those first two years when it was out of your home?

Absolutely. I’m Charles and I always refer back to, you know, the definition of commit. It means to carry into action deliberately, and that was a focus we always tried to have, was to be deliberate with everything we did. Like he said, it’s simple, but it’s not easy. And it was, we had to stay committed everyday to what our goal was and it wasn’t visible from the outside. In the beginning. People didn’t see the grind and we just continued to push forward and it’s just funny how the way the world, they, they think, um, it did come easy once. There’s, you know, a more materialistic things if you, you know, go that route or when you do finally move out of $115,000 home after many, many, many years of hard work and long hours. And I’m being very deliberate in that action.

When someone, when someone sees you in a nice car or in a nice home with a pool, they think, oh man, that must be easy. But nobody wants to think about the hard work needed to become successful except for you, because that’s what you listened to this podcast. We have hundreds of thousands of people all around the world just like you. I call you. I’ll call you thrivers. I call you the thrive nation. I call your rise and grinders. I call you the high five at fibers. You guys will literally send me text messages and you don’t know that most of our downloads happened at 5:00 AM. Did you guys know that the most of our downloads, we have hundreds of thousands of people that download our podcast and over 75 percent of our listeners listen before 9:00 AM. Do you know why? Because you’re entrepreneurs, you’re a rare breed.

You guys. You guys are crazy people. You wake up early, you work hard, you implement proven systems, and if you’re out there and you say, you know what, I want to hire an accountant that works as hard as I do. I want to work with an accountant that actually started from the bottom and work their way up for the two to the top. I want to work with an accountant to actually grew up poor and his poor no more. Yeah, I want them to know accounting, but I also want someone who can identify with the grind that I went through. Then I encourage you to check out hood CPAS DOT com. That’s [inaudible] dot com for two reasons. One, he will give you. He will give you a free copy of Warren Buffet’s book, snowball. It’s a guaranteed stone cold lead pipe locked. He’ll give you a copy of Warren Buffet’s book, snowball, and you’ll see he’ll schedule a free consultation with you to talk to you. How about how about how to become more proactive with your account and go to hood CPAS DOT com. That’s hood CPAS DOT com. Stay tuned is to Koba story right here at the thrive time. Show on your radio.

Make It. I’ll just dominate the news. They can talk about me. I can take that up with school boards. That was my mentor, like my yoga show. Beat the stock. I wasn’t gumboots.


all right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and if you’re out there saying to yourself, you know what I need, I need a darth vader. Clay was dirt with, was Dr Zellner. Really, you’re darth vader because I need a darth vader, someone else’s listing saying, why would anyone want a darth vader? Let me explain to you a notable quotable from Machiavelli, the famous Italian philosopher who not a Christian by the way, but a very effective manager. He said, it is better to be feared and respected, then loved and liked. Now that is not in the business conferences Bible, and if that disagrees with the Judeo Christian worldview, than you need to go with whatever the Bible says, if you’re a Christian as as I am, but I do know in the Bible it talks. It instructs us to fear the Lord. It also instructs us to follow God’s principles and it gives us a lot of examples.

I mean, you start off with the first word in the Bible, Adam and eve. Adam says, hey, here’s the deal. If you don’t, uh, you know, God says to Adam and Adam, if you don’t eat from this tree, it’s all good. But if you eat from the tree of knowledge, the fruit of knowledge of eat that apple, you, I don’t want you eating from this tree. And Adam’s kind of clever kind of. He says, okay, sure, you know, no big deal. We’ll eve allegedly is tempted by a serpent or a lizard. And whether you believe the story or not, the point is of the wizard says you should try the apple, you know? And she says, okay. It seems, it seems plausible. Lizards talking to me. That makes sense. I’ll do. I mean, I don’t know if the lizard talk to me, I’d be like, Oh crap, Adam them get me out of here. But I guess she had a good conversation with a lizard. Next thing you know, she’s eating from the apple. She timps Adam to do it to Adam tries to hide. And God says, okay,

Adam, are you eating apple? I talked to apple tree. I told you not to eat from the tree of knowledge.

Adam says, no. I mean, yeah, kind of a little bit. But she. It was hard. It was her fault. Long Story Short, God introduced this thing called consequences and because they did what they weren’t supposed to do, there was a cause. There was an effect, there was a something, a catalyst that started for bad that caused a bad result, and that’s how life works, right? And so on today’s show, we’re talking about this catalyst mindset. If you want to change your position financially, I would highly recommend you look into buying a franchise. If you’re saying, I don’t even know what kind of business I want to do, I would encourage you to buy a franchise because franchises are regulated by the federal government and franchises fail so much less than the average business. You’re the average business. According to Forbes, nine out of 10 of the average startups fail in the world of franchising.

It’s reverse like one out of 10 fail because the systems are so tight because they’re required to disclose their financials in a thing called a franchise disclosure document, so they can’t cook the books. Therefore, you can’t buy a franchise unless you’re buying from a reputable brand. That’s how it works. So franchising is a viable way to make a Domani. Why would you want to make money? Because you want to have time freedom, but let’s assume you had all the time freedom and financial freedom in the world, but you look like Jabba the hut. You feel like job of the Hud. You have gotten to a place in your life where you are really, really out of shape. And you’re saying that’s not very nice. I’m not. I don’t care whether I’m very nice. I’m trying to help you. Okay? So here’s the thing. If you’re even if you have a ton of money but you die early as a, as a a congestive heart failure, that’s not going to be good.

So you got to have success in the faith and the family and the finances and the fitness and the friendship and the fund. And I’m not in shape. I’m a shape. So what I do is I bring on people that know more than me in a given area to come onto our show, to share their expertise and to teach us how we can become the best we can be. How to truly thrive in these different areas of our life. So let’s say you already have financial freedom, but what about fitness? Freedom can you were the kind of clothes you wear? You want to. Where do you have the confidence that you that you want and maybe you say, Gosh, I need a darth vader in my life. Somebody who really pushed me. That really just holds me accountable. I need that. Then I would argue the good folks at La fitness could help you out, but if you want kind of a Joel Olsteen in your life and encourage someone who motivates you, who’s nice with the smile, I would argue that [inaudible] fitness could help you, but whether you agree with me or not, check out their success.

They started this business out of $115,000 home and now they’ve grown it into three locations. You’ve got to Pika, you hit Joplin, you’ve got Bartlesville, and now they’re actually putting together a book to teach you the proven systems that they have taught. Thousands of people out there just like you to help you get in the best shape of your life. And so we’re talking about chapter two of their book where you talk about it in our upcoming book, the CFO, the decalogue fitness, 30 day challenge, chapter two, amber, get educated. We’re talking about chapter two is getting educated. When you say that all of the people need to get educated about fitness, what are you, what do you mean by that? Because the word education could feel overwhelming big like we’re going back to school. What does it mean to get educated about fitness in your mind?

Well, clay, we always like to encourage each other and say we have to seek wisdom. And so wisdom is gaining something you don’t already have. Um, and it’s like getting educated. You just have to seek out the wisdom. You have to seek out the knowledge in an area that you need to grow in. And I’m just, you can seek those things out so that you can apply those in your life.

We are. One of the big education piece is Charles that I’ve seen over and over when I’ve worked with people in the area of fitness is you can’t out train a bad diet. Can you hammer home that? Because to me it was a profound insight that I learned pretty quickly when working with fitness trainers to help them grow their company is you just simply cannot out train a bad diet. What does it mean that you can’t out train a bad diet?

Well, the number one thing, apex 24 fitness and Esm Cooper Institute, I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer and wherever you go to around the country, they talk about whatever you go to her and they talk about generally 60 to 70 sometimes 80 percent of your success is the food that you’re eating what and so when you’re eating food, that’s the fuel for the body. You want to put premium, high quality nutrients and it’s just like a car. Can’t put half water, half gas in the tank and expected to run well. So the number one thing is your food. So I can only do so much with you as a trainer in one hour. You have to do the other 23 hours of good habits until you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what vitamins or supplements you needed to take to be successful.

And so that’s what I like to do as far as in the food. We need to tell people exactly what they’re supposed to be eating and most of these types of diets, whether it’s a maker’s diet, south beach diet, Paleo based diets, atkins diets, protein diets, whatever they’re doing, frozen food, most of them fundamentally focus on reducing the sugars and the carbohydrates and the starches that spike a hormone called insulin. And insulin is your fat storage hormone. So with the fat storage hormone elevated, you won’t lose the fat that you want. So what I teach people to do is I tell people we’ve got to reduce this sugars and the starches, silver moving the carbohydrates. It’s going to force your body to use its own fat as an energy substrate. And when we do that too, that the food, actually, the food that you’re not eating is not gonna allow your own fat to be used.

So he does this like a transformative life changing thing for somebody out there. If you stop eating wheat and you stop eating sweets, you’re going to lose weight. And we come back and want Charles to break it down because I think somebody out there said, oh my gosh, there’s so much good info

it in my head. I can’t handle it.

Also, I would encourage you during the break to go to onyx It’s onyx If you want to save time and money, if you want to create time freedom and financial freedom. One way to do it is quit wasting time and money. Have your office supplies delivered direct to your office at a fraction of retail cost by calling onyx imaging dotcom today. Check them out online. It’s onyx Great shows,

sponsors and great American onyx

Two. One, you are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show,

thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we provided you with over the past that you might get motion sick rather pen pad to the tablets

in three, two, one. Here come the business name.

You said some of you might be thinking, clay, you must have a lot of time freedom on your hands to sit there and think about rhymes. That is true. And it’s because I say no to a lot of things. So I want to walk you through the things I say no to that. You probably don’t say no to that. I say no to him all the time. I was asked to speak at oral Roberts University next Thursday. So I’m not sure when the show. I believe that, uh, today it’s going to be the official day to day is uh, let’s see here. It’s going to be the 23rd today. So today, the 23rd, um, I, you know, oral Roberts University has asked me to come speak to them and I’m going to go speak to them, but I’m not going to do is I’m not going to go to the dinner and you know why?

Because I don’t do dinners with. I don’t do dinners after business conferences or speaking events. Furthermore, I don’t really even do speaking events unless they’re in Tulsa anymore. I don’t respond to cell phone calls unless the person calling me is somebody in my org chart, a partner or a coaching client that I’m directly working with. I don’t respond to social media. I don’t watch TV. I don’t. There’s a lot of things I don’t do in. One of the things about coaching that people just don’t seem to grasp. They’ll say, clay, if I’m a coaching client, what are the, all the deliverables, what are all the things you include? I like to start off by making a list of the things I don’t include. I don’t include clickfunnels. I don’t include mindless, ridiculous, unscalable social media strategies. I don’t include things that don’t work. I don’t include Tony Robbins. So motivational events I don’t include, and when you reach out to a world class fitness trainer like Charles Cola or you go to a world class gym like La fitness that was created by Amber Colab and Charles Cola, there’s a lot of things they don’t do.

There’s things they could do. I’m sure they could have a boxing. They get of hamster wheels. They could have laser shows, they could have it. There’s already. These are things they probably have spread things. They don’t have a negative climbing walls and they could have float pools and they could have a float tank and there’s always things you could have, but they’ve looked at it and thought about, here are the things we need to have. So fitness centers do very well because they’re loaded up with the things you need to have and not the things you don’t need to have. Now as it relates to getting in shape as we’re talking about this 30 day fitness challenge, this new book called cf 30 that they’re riding right now. Um, you got to make sure that you’re aware of what you don’t need to have in your diet more so than what you’d need to add to your diet.

You know, you can add protein bars, you can add protein shakes, you could add a fish oil. Oh boy. You can add creotine man. You could add some touring. You could say, I need, I need more whey protein. You know what? In fact, I heard a new blog. I need this kind of, I need that any creating any, and all of a sudden your mind is just exploding with all the things need. But Charles talked to us about the things you don’t need in your diet. Educate us about the things you don’t need in your diet, the things that will cause you to for sure lose weight in the next 30 days. What are the things we did take out of her diet?

Well, the basic thing with the food is 70 to 80 percent of your weight loss, success or fitness success as your food. You want to take out anything that’s high-glycemic, like anything that’s sugary, starchy, white flour, processed foods. Gary [inaudible] has a book called good calories, bad calories. He’s a research journalist, and he actually worked with the New York Times for quite a period of time. He would talk big time on like if you look at obesity, the history of obesity. His book is basically a compilation of the long time with history of mankind in obesity is prevalent with the refinement of the carbohydrate and fats have always been around and so has proteins, you know, but the refined carbohydrate is the main thing you pull out of diets and maker’s diet, south beach diet, Paleo diets, a lot of the diets all around that. You see fad diets, almost all of them fundamentally bodybuilding, diets, all this. They take out the starches to sugars the carbide or reduce them in a way that you can then eat the food that actually help you lose weight.

You know, Gary Tobbs wrote in his book why we get fat and a little notable quotable from Gary Tobbs. He says, science tells us that obesity is ultimately there’s a result of the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible carbohydrate. Rich foods, refined carbohydrates including flower seal grains. We only look at the point is if you eat, tell me if I’m wrong, wheat, soy or sweets, and you drink your alcohol or your sugar, you’re going to gain weight.

Those are quick to absorb. Foods in anything that absorbs quickly will cause your body to release a hormone called insulin, and insulin is a shuttle. Think of it as the insulin equals fat storage hormone, so the more that insulin is present, the more your body is going to utilize the calories that you eat and storm. Now, it can ask store some carbohydrate towards muscle for glycogen, but the bottom line is once you’re getting older in life and your past, the growth phase of your life and you’re more and you’re like a mid to late twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and above, your body’s hormones aren’t growing vertical. The hgh pulses and everything in your body isn’t causing linear bone growth. Tissue growth, it’s mainly going to go to fat accumulation. So insulin is the hormone that you want to try to keep down at bay. But if you go back to the way that God like, like mankind, and so we had, we didn’t have a plethora of like, you know, walk out in Oklahoma prairie 150 years ago, say cookies, cakes and ice cream grown out of the ground. You didn’t have to like, like lasso a snickers bar and wrestle it down. You’d have what? Stem stock leaf vegetation growing from the ground. You have nuts and seeds and even fruit so that it would be seasonal and you’d have a high protein. You hunt some animal, so it’d be a lot of meat, a you’d fish, you get some sort of protein from like the fish and stuff. So you eat a diet that’s a low fat, higher protein, high fiber, high plant based stem stock, leafy vegetable based Diet.

You know, there’s a person in our office who decided to just stop eating wheat, literally to only just eat chicken, lean chicken and vegetables for 30 days. The dude lost almost 30 pounds in one month in our office. And I’m not. This is a weird, weird question. Okay, so I’m not hitting on your business conferences  wife, nor am I asking how old you are. I’m just saying you’re probably not 18 anymore, but you stay in great shape. So you’re probably 19 to eight. You’re probably 19 now. Nineteen. So I don’t know how old you are and I can ask but I’m just saying is you guys are not as a couple. You’re not 19 anymore, but yet you stay in great shape and a lot of people, you know, at past the age of like 26, 27, they just kinda let it go. We’re just kinda like let it go. So there’s somebody out there, amber, who might see you in Gulf. She is South Viet. I bet you all she does all day. It’s works out. Can you talk to me about your diet and what your diet does not include? I mean, what are the things you just don’t eat?

Um, I don’t eat all the things I loved. I don’t get to eat chocolate chip cookies and I don’t eat brownies. Um, you know, there’s special occasions that once in a while we’ll have a little sentence like that. Well, I said we, but that’s not a way. It’s really an eye. He’s the stronger one in the, in the couple here, but no, I don’t. I don’t eat breads and Pasta and rice and I don’t eat desserts. And

so what do you, what’d you eat today? I mean, do you, can you recall maybe what you eat, what you eat, dinner or typical day? What are you eating on a. because listeners out there want to know where do I need to eat on a typical day?

Oh, a typical day for me and really focus on, you know, have a couple of different protein shakes throughout the day and that’s if I’m really busy, if I’m on the go sometimes even if it’s really hot outside, I don’t want a lot of food on my stomach. I’ll do a shake ’em, but I just kind of focus on meat and vegetables. I love eggs. So d, lots of scrambled eggs. So that’s pretty much the base of my diet.

Lots of vegetables, scrambled egg,

no dyke, stir fry veggies and, and like lean me kebabs. And, uh, you can do any type of 96 percent of the earlier meats is really what I pushed a lot of clients on with stem stock leaf vegetables. And you could do Kebabs, you could do a grill, grill out, lots of different stuff. You could do a stir fry dishes, you can do eggs, omelets with lots of different veggies in your omelets. So there’s a lot of low kind of Quito, genomic, lower carbohydrate, low lower starchy sugar diet, diet things be good.

Now you talked about, um, how, you know 80 percent of your fitness results are caused by your diet. I would argue that 80 percent I agree, and I also run 80 percent of your diet choices are based upon your or lack thereof. The thing is, when you wake up in the morning and you haven’t prepared, all of a sudden you’re going to eat what’s ever available. So we come back from the break. Charles and amber are going to talk to us about the importance of preparing for the day before preparing for tomorrow’s meals. And if you’re out there and you say, my spine is out of line, I want to adjust my back because it hurts. Well, if you’re out there and you say, I want to become proactive about my spine, like I want to become proactive about my health, I would encourage you to reach out to the chiropractor of choice for the great one, the nhls best hockey player of all time. Arguably Wayne Gretzky. Wayne Gretzky having a chiropractor and his name is Dr. John Civil. You should write that down. Dr John Siblings. What was that? I’m trying to write that down. It’s Dr John Sibley Dot Com. Reach out to him today. He’s going to give you a free assessment and then you could actually meet one on one face to face with the chiropractor of choice for Wayne Gretzky. It’s time to get your spine in the line. It’s time to feel a little bit better and to get that,

that the back pain reduced statements, the thrive time show on your radio. 10, the world’s best business workshop led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice


All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and on today’s show we’re talking about how to become a catalyst for your own life and we talked earlier the food. We started the show today. We actually interviewed Matt Klein with oxy fresh. Now who’s Matt client. Matt Kline is what we call a brand developer, so we have a lot of people all over the world everyday. No exaggeration, probably two to four people a day that reach out everyday to oxy and they say, I want to own an Oxi fresh because I just got my carpet cleaned by Oxi fresh and it was awesome. You guys used a 10th of the water of the nearest competitor you guys were planting in your. You’re digging wells all over the world. You take a percentage of your revenue and you donate it to drilling wells.

I love that. I love I love how awesome the system is. I liked the service so much. I want to buy a franchise or you run into a friend of yours who has time freedom or financial freedom because you meet a friend of yours who owns an Oxi fresh and he has time freedom and all of a sudden you go, well, if he has time freedom and he has financial freedom, I want that too. Right? Well, a lot of times that’ll happen in the world of business and we we celebrate that. A lot of them thrive time show, and so if you’re interested in buying a franchise, I encourage you to go to thrive time, forward slash Oxi, fresh to learn more, but lot of times when we see somebody who has a business, it’s not a franchise. A lot of times we don’t ask them, Hey, what did you go through to build the success you have?

A lot of times we just don’t ask them that. We ask them, what’s up? How you doing? We go to a dinner party, we say, what’s up? How you doing? How you doing? How are, how are the. How’s the business? And they say, the businesses good, let’s go get the little smokies, but you don’t say specifically what are you doing that’s allowed you to grow your company? And so recently we had an opportunity to interview a guy by the name of Adam and Adam is the operations manager for a client I’ve coached for years called phone doctors and we asked Adam, Adam the coaching program. You’ve been in it for two years. What specific action items have you been implementing that have grown phone doctors? And then on today’s show we’re going to ask Charles and Amber Cola, what specific action items do I need to implement in my schedule today today to get into a great physical condition?

I want to get in shape. I want to take your, your 30 day cool off fitness challenge. I do want to lose as much weight as possible in a healthy way and the next 30 days and I want to know what specific steps do I need to take to get into the best shape of my life and so you guys are in luck because we have Adam with phone doctors sharing the specific steps that we’ve taught him that he’s implemented to get to her phone. Doctors is today, and then we’re going to interview amber and Charles Colaw fitness as they share with us the specific steps that you need to take. If you want to lose 30 pounds in the next 60 days, this system will do that for you. Assuming that you implement the proven systems and assuming that you have 30 pounds to lose, but then we’re not screwing around here. We’re not talking about will hypothetically, what’s the theory? This is real stuff and so I encourage you as you listen to phone doctors and he listened to Adam, share his story. Go to [inaudible] dot com. Go to cool off fitness. Check them out, read the reviews, watch the testimonials. Go to phone doctors, check them out. Read the reviews, so now that any further ado, the proven systems that we taught to phone doctors that they’ve implemented over the last two years to grow their business. Here we go.

My name’s Adam [inaudible] and I’m the vice president of phone doctors. I’ve been with phone doctors for four years now. We’ve been doing work with clay for the past year. When I first met clay, I was extremely hesitant because when I saw this guy wearing a hat, said boom on it and a Hoodie, I was like, okay, what? What level of professionalism or we’re going to be getting here when I’m walking into a business meeting for the very first time. The exciting part was that I got it after about two, probably after about the second meeting I understood when I came back in and he was wearing the exact same thing. It was like, okay, I understand why he’s doing this now because I’ve seen so many other successful people model the same thing. The $2 a month of free is completely a no brainer as long as you embrace the system because you will see the results.

What’s great is when I’m in my stores now and I hear people come into my store and they say, Hey, are you jose? And my manager says, yes I am. They say, well, we’re here because of the Google review that we saw on your google page and when I hear that I know what we’re being taught and what we’re executing is working because I’ve never heard that before. When I would go into the stores, clase helped us a lot with our google reviews as I’ve spoken to. They help us with our google pages as well, making sure that they’re up to date. Um, anytime we need new pictures taken, taking care of his team goes out, does that for us. They take great care of our ad words and we have them writing ad words and different types of content, writing a more content and articles for our webpage, which is driving more and more traffic through our webpage.

Um, which in turn is also leading more customers into our stores. Place team has also helped us look at different ways to challenge our business conferences stores, um, through simple things such as adding on additional upsell items that have no cost of goods related to. So it’s a pure profit transaction. We just recently implemented an urgent repair that many customers have asked for in the past, but we just didn’t stop and take time to think about it. I’m clay was challenged us to come up with an idea he had been thinking about our business. We implemented it and now all of a sudden we’re seeing more and more people utilize this urgent repair that gets their repair done in 30 minutes or less. And if we don’t meet that time then they don’t pay anything else. Um, but we’re seeing revenues generate through small little key items such as that.

The greatest focus we’ve had is in upselling and trying to figure out different ways to take customers that we have and increase the profitability through them. Um, even though we see transactions being increased, the ability to take something as simple as a protection plan that we’ve implemented, um, implementing the urgent repair and continuing to look for new ways to generate revenue off the customers that you currently have while letting them to thrive team drive more customers into your stores. So not only are you getting more customers coming into your store, but he’s giving you key ways to actually improve the quality of sale. Once those customers come in, some of the moves and tips that clay’s team, uh, at Thrive 15 have taught us is to focus on the up sell more than anything. We’ve implemented new urgent repair that allows customers to come in and if they’re in a hurry, they pay a small fee to get that repair moved to the front of the line.

We get it done in 30 minutes or, and if we don’t meet that, then they don’t pay anything. We’ve also focused more on our protection plans and driving those results, which is a simple add on as well. And that has led to much more revenue for us because of our redemption rate last year, we saw ourselves improve our sales transactions improved three percent over the previous year and talking with other retailers in our market, um, none of them saw that, which was incredibly exciting to us. We just got back from ces about two weeks ago and we were able to find out from about 15 other independent mobile device companies that they all saw downtrends last year. We were very excited to see how well we did last year because we saw our profits and transactions all go up last year. All right. Through clay’s team here at thrive 15, they have taken a aggressive istep at really helping us improve our search engine optimization through content and writing articles as well as through challenging us in the process of improving our Google resume reviews.

We’ve seen all of our stores in both markets. The Arkansas and Oklahoma market all go to the top of the Google listings. Anytime you search any type of mobile device repair, cell phone repair, we’re at the top, every single city. Uh, which is great because we’ve seen that that’s where customers are going to, when they’re going to find somebody that they want to trust, they’re going through google to see what your rating is, to see how many reviews you have. And it is so, so important to make sure that you’ve got, you get that first mark of 50 reviews, then you got to challenge yourself to get to that 100. We have every single location of ours has over 100 reviews except for two new ones that we’ve opened and we continue to see them go even further and further. So the goal is to take our competition and make them not want to play in that game.

And we’ve done that. His team and thrive is not only just a marketing company, their coaches as well, which is great. Um, so many times through my 25 year career in retail, uh, I’ve encountered people like clay and his team and just never have really got the buyin. Uh, but with clay and his team, they’re genuine. They break it down, they make it simple. They’ve got a proven track record. And you walk in and you see the businesses that they’ve developed and it makes it so much easier to really just buy in to the program. The weekly meetings are very structured. Um, you start on time and you finish on time and you’re expected to come prepared with the topics that you are giving last week. Um, if show up, um, and you’re not prepared, the meeting could end very quickly because you’re not doing what you’ve committed to.

And that’s the great thing about it is he keeps you on course. He keeps you focused and you see the results if you do what you’re asked to do. I never thought I would need a business coach life coach, but it’s great now to every week when I’m talking to people to say I’m going to see my business coach this morning. And they look at me and all of a sudden there’s questions being asked and we’ve even recommended people and had them come and join the thrive team, which has been pretty exciting for me as well. So because I believe in it and I would never recommend them to a good friend unless I knew that could help.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. If you’re just now tuning in, we just listened to Adam with phone doctors sharing his story about how we were able to help phone doctors to grow, uh, over the last year as a result of teaching the proven path to growing a successful company. Now on today’s show we have Charles of Colaw fitness. Amber Kola is they’re teaching you the proven path to lose. Let’s make it a goal. Let’s make it a goal for all the listeners. Okay? They have a new book coming out there called the CF 30 to co La fitness 30 day challenge. Let’s make it our goal for everybody out there listening to lose 10 pounds in the next 30 days. All right, let’s make it a go. So, step number one, what’d you got to do? Step number one. Okay. Say, what are the steps?

I want to know? You got to get committed. You’ve got to decide I’m going to implement what they’re asking me to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. As Charles Colaw fitness often says, step to get educated, stop eating wheat, stop eating wheat. Why stop eating wheat? But I hate the whole grain. Stop eating wheat, but I get the wonder bread. Stop eating wheat, but I like. I like I have a bread maker than stay fat. Stop eating. Wait. Okay. Wait. You’re saying stop eating wheat? Yes. Stop eating wheat. Stop eating the sweets and just eat meat and vegetables. Now we talk about preparation. Charles, why do you have to get prepared the night before if you want to eat healthy?

Because failing to plan is planning to fail. I have worked with probably 5,000 or more people at least building diets and workout programs and what happens is is it’s so simple. It’s just not easy, but because they don’t take time to do like maritime or do they say, I’m before the day starts, I’m going to plan all my stuff. I’m going to fill out a journal. I’m going to plan out my day before I even wake up, so as soon as when I wake up, I can simply grab my little Satchel or some sort of container that has all your meals ready to go. Has All your stuff ready to go and you just simply knock out the stuff you gotta do for the day

we come back. I want for you and amber to share with us that your nightly routine of how you prepare for the next day or how you want to get into the specifics. How do you prepare for each day? You guys both eat healthy. You guys both look healthy. You’re both not 18. I’m not sure how old you are. You have a lot of kids here, probably 19, but you guys look great. You have great energy. I want. I want you to tell us about how you,

you specifically prepare at the CCO La House stay too 10 the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing us proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice


All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download today. Today’s show is really all about helping you to helping to today to be a catalyst day for you. I want this to be a day that you put down in your calendar and you say, you know what? Today is the day that I am going to finally get financial freedom. Today is finally the day that I’ve decided to do it. Today was the day writing it down. July 23rd was the day that I committed to getting financial freedom. July 23rd was the day that I committed to losing that weight. I’m tired of a web handle jokes. I’m tired of kind of the self deprecating humor. I want to actually get in shape and I would say to you, hey, you want to talk about building a franchise or growing a system?

I can help you there, but as it talks about is we talked about physical fitness and getting you into the best shape of your life. I’m not really qualified to talk about that, so I brought. I brought all my friends here with La Fitness, Amber Colon, Charles Colaw fitness, the cofounders of fitness, and they’re here talking about their newest book, the book. They’ll be released you very soon called the CF 30 challenge. What’s the CF 30 challenge? The siop 30 challenge is a 30 day challenge, like an idiot proof guide to help you get in the best shape of your life. Step one, you’ve got to get committed. You got to commit to it for the next 30 days step to get educated. You can’t out train a bad diet. Okay? You’ve got to eat healthy. What does that mean? No wheat, no wheat, no sweets, no alcohol, no wheat, no sweets, no alcohol like this. Now step three, you got to get prepared and then when does the business conferences preparation happened in the house there? Ms Dot amber. When do you prepare for eating healthy? What? What time of the day? Where do you do? At what’s going on? Well, for us, we have done this for so long so we don’t necessarily have to prepare as much as we used to because we have set our lifestyle in place when we got committed many, many years ago.

Um, but we do always plan our day the night before, the night before, before we hit the bed, we make sure that we know exactly what tomorrow’s going to look like. We, it is fully scheduled. Um, you know, even with the food, we make sure that we have gone to the grocery store, that we’ve got stuff in the fridge if we’re going to work from home, will be able to cook food or we’ve scheduled time in our day that we’re gonna go out and get a bite to eat. Um, and so it’s, it’s always planned the night before.

Yeah. And I’m gonna of go into more detail on that. When we, when I was competing for fitness contests, almost every type of competitor figure fitness, bodybuilding, they all have to go to a, like a meat and vegetable diet those last few weeks to really pull every bit of last subcutaneous. That’s the body fat around the outside of muscle wall of the body. Um, and so the pull all that fat off your body has to be forced to, to use that fat as energy. Um, and so what I do is I tell all the clients you can look through the cf 30 plan and there is certain stem stock and leaf vegetation, so that stem stock leaf, not the seed of the route, that’s the seed bearing or the higher caloric intake or in the root or the seed, but the part of that is highest and fiber. So it’s a high fiber vase vegetable diet.

That’s gonna help with diverticulitis dive. Your ticket load is strength, strengthening of the intestinal track creates satiation, satisfy his Fi’s, the stomach, so there’s pressure and density and also you have more of that so you can push good stools through, keep irregular, so high fiber diet and you can look through the plan and see exactly which type of vegetables that you can be eating that are going to be great for this plan. That doesn’t increase your insulin levels that much. And then lean quality proteins, 96 percent are leaner meats is what I try to focus on. So like chicken fish and we can do like pork chops and steaks, but the really lean cuts but stem stock leaf vegetables and lean meats and eggs. And what I do is I will allow some of the fats in once they were kind of in a kind of a key to genic state after about five days.

So the whole plan is as you eat meat, vegetables, protein shakes in water and you plan it the night before. So you have tupperware containers and let’s say you have to like a six days, six to eight ounce or six to 10 hours, depends on how big of a person. A lean meat options. So I a chicken breast and then you have a cup or two cups. Really it’s unlimited of the vegetable option. And so you have a high fiber higher protein rich diet. All fundamental diets. Talk about how good fiber is and how good lean quality proteins are. And that’s really the fundamental sit down meals of the Diet. So you make two or three of those and then you make a shake.

What are some lean meats and what are some non lean meats you touched on that, but I want to kind of get into that. I know that somebody’s listening saying, okay, um, what, what are the lean meats and, and what are the meats that are not linked? Give us, give us kind of a. This is, that’s not late.

Well, we meet with if it flies or swims. It’s generally. So if it flies or swims is generally lean.

If it flies or swims, it’s generally lean

meat. Yeah. So fish, chicken, poultry, have any uh, you’ll pheasant or going to be a hunter? I’ve heard that somebody a castle fly. I actually am a huge beef steak guy, so I love that I’m in, in you and I still do very well, especially with bigger guys giving them some red meat because it is a little more satiated and satisfied and it stays with you longer. Digests slower. The really key to all weight loss is the rate of absorption. Slow to absorb foods. Uh, do that.

We’ll find this for me. If I, if I said, oh, I just won’t eat the same thing every day. Oh Man.

Okay, so chicken, same thing. Of course everybody’s going to jump off on the chicken and chicken and green beans. That’s generally what everybody starts with it. Most people hate vegetables and they hate certain types of meats, but they’ll, we’ll do chicken and they will do green beans to everybody about burns himself on that first and then it’s like chicken and Broccoli and then it’s like chicken and asparagus and then they go to like fish and it’s like tilapia and then the same vegetables, so generally see chicken, Tilapia and then I even say really for the most part, the salmon.

I know you’re not as crazy as I am, but I’m saying if you’re out there and you just eat chicken and green beans the next 30 days, that’s all you do. Chicken, green beans and water

and then follow the cf 30 workout plan. You will. Gosh, you’ll, you’ll just shred it if you do. If anybody was even super fat and this did it for six months, I mean they’d be crazy. There they look. They’d be probably well under 10 percent by or close to 10 percent.

It’s amazing how fast people can make huge changes in your upcoming book. The 30 challenge you sent me over today, some really cool before and after photos. I think you’re going to blow the minds of our listeners when they get this book. If you want to learn more about la fitness and how to get in the best shape of your life, check them out today online at [inaudible], La That’s La Now, if you’re out there and you say, I don’t want to change my life in the area of fitness, but I do want to change the look of my business. Yeah. I want to make. I want to build a new building. May I want to do both? I want to get in great shape and build a great building. Well, I want. If you want to build a great building, an office building you want to add onto your church, add onto your school, build a new restaurant, check out our great show sponsors and our good friends at Williams contract and it’s Williams contracting. Check them out today [email protected]. That’s will dash conduct. Come was Williams contracting. Check him out or the rake.

I can do it on. No, you can do, but you must stick to it like postage and while burdens on the coal risks, get what he’s saying. Dreams today is gay and now sing it. Sing. It says you will two days ago and now it’s your turn. It’s your time today. You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show

nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio. If you’re just tuning in, we’re here interviewing today. The cofounders of co La fitness. They have three locations, a Bartlesville or in Topeka there in Joplin. It’s co La fitness. What? They’re in Joplin. Where are they? They’re in Topeka. What? They’re everywhere. They’re in Bartlesville. They’re taking over the world, it’s co La fitness. These are guys who have a husband, wife team together. They’ve built a multimillion dollar brand that is expanding throughout the country and they’re taking time out of their schedule to walk you through the process or as the Canadians call the process of getting the best shape of your life in the next 30 days and next 30 days. Charles, if somebody’s out there implements the steps you’ve taught so far. Let’s just say that all the listeners out there, okay, let’s say there’s all the listeners out there, hundreds of thousands of diligent doers and all of the listeners starting tomorrow just have grilled chicken and green beans and water and that’s it.

Green beans, grilled chicken and water. I don’t understand. It’s so complicated. Grilled chicken, green beans and water and let’s say we’ll start with the first theory. Let’s say they don’t work out at all. They just do that. How much weight will the average person lose? Just right there. Now if you want, you want to get tone, you’re to be flabby, but I’m saying if you just want to, how much weight will they lose just by I didn’t. Do you think the average person out there, if there are 25, 30 pounds overweight, how much weight do you think they could lose in the next 30 days? Just by having green beans, grilled chicken and water. I would say

what? One other thing to add to that is if, if, if they eat a ton of it, it can slow it down a little bit, but you still lose. Um, so that you don’t have to watch it, but it does slow down. But I would say two to three pounds a week is what you’ll lose easily. The first week you’ll be more like five or six. In the second week we’ll go to about two or three and then we’ll go to about two or three of them, two or three and then two or three nano. But if you’re like, if you’re like 50 or 60 pounds overweight, you use like 10.

What? Now let’s say this. Let’s say that you implement your training program to like the actual physical fitness part of your new book where you implement the workouts. How much weight could the average person loses? Twenty five pounds overweight to threaten green beans, grilled chicken water, and working out four days a week using the system.

They’ll lose about the same amount of weight, but they’re actually building muscle too, so there what happens is the probably put about 10 pounds of muscle and they’ll lose about 20 pounds of fat. If you’re in that, in that criteria, all the listeners a secret, so that way you look good naked

and you’re gonna raise your resting business conferences metabolic rate, which means while other people are just sitting, your body’s burning calories because muscles need calories, right? Do my muscles need need to be fed all that? Yes.

They have a higher metabolic rate than a fat cell. Yeah. Muscles

wait while sitting. Correct. As a result of having more muscle on your body.

Correct. If you want to look at all the people in a gym that generally look the most fit, it’s not the ones running on the cardio machines. It’s the one lifting the weights.

No, that’s a knowledge bomb for somebody out there because that also, it helps fight against osteoporosis, which is, as you get older. Uh, amber, I want to get your take on this because women, when you’re 20, you don’t worry about it. 18, 20. You have to say you have kids. A lot of women don’t think about. But osteoporosis is a real problem. Can you talk to me about strength training? Because a lot of women say, I don’t want to be bulky. I don’t want to be big. I wouldn’t describe you to anybody. No one would describe you as big and bulky and hulking, but your tone. So talk to me about that. Women fear, free weights. They fear work it out because they said I don’t want to be bulky. Will help help educate some of the ladies out there.

Oh, that’s the number one fear for all women. Every woman that I’ve sat down and met with and we’ve talked about training, that’s the first thing they’ll tell me. I don’t want to lift weights. I don’t want to get bulky. I don’t want to look like those girls and you know, usually they’re referring to some female competitive bodybuilder that’s beginning to look more male English. Um, and that is their number one fear. I think fear also comes from, you know, our upbringing. The girls weren’t in the weight room, most girls didn’t take a weight lifting class that was more predominantly males. So it’s kind of out of the norm for females. So it is becoming such a growing trend, especially with the Internet and girls have the ability to look up all kinds of workouts and they can do stuff at home now they can build some muscles. I’m at home. I’m just a little less. Go ahead Charles.

Yeah. Well, I would say like now even just in the last 10 years, women weight training has become extremely popular, uh, due to some of this cross training, crossfit style stuff. It’s become very, very, very. I called crossfit like the most awesome epic women encouraging weightlifting program ever started because most women didn’t do a whole lot of because it’s just like power lifting and bodybuilding and they hated that. But then it Kinda got them into doing real good healthy functional weight training exercises. So that was a great trend that I think really benefited the females for fours and weightlifting and if you look at a lot of the non super competitive but the ones that do actually do real squats and like and, and, and, and, and lunges and pushups and sit ups and burpees and also they honestly have a great toned physique. It’s not what overbuilt. It’s mainly the hormones that go into like bodybuilding that causes the females to get verbally really muscular. Like a man.

I have kind of a confession I want to share with the listeners as a teaching point. I love to rip on myself whenever possible. That way I can be the punching bag for the listeners. But Charles, when I was in a high school, you know, I used to sneak out of my house a lot to chase the girls around and I’m not kidding, I probably went on a date or dated the majority of the girls in my high school class that I wanted to. That was my move, you know, and so I’d sneak out on like a Friday night I’d sneak out and it was in Cokato, Minnesota, kind of a farm town. There was a kind of a downtown area I’d sneak out and you know, crawl out the window and crawl into the window of some other lady and we’d hang out at their house.

They’d have like their friends and nothing crazy happened or anything. But I mean this is the kind of thing that causes teen pregnancy, but I did not participate, but I’m saying that’s what I did. But then I would come back in my room at three or four in the morning and occasionally my mom would be like, Hey, your window is helping. Why? And I’m like, oh, I was just too hot and she’s like, it’s 32 careers outside because it’s Minnesota and I’m like, freaking stupid. Now. The thing was, even though I told my mom that ridiculous story, I felt bad all week and I felt like she knew what was, what was doing, what I was doing. I’d like she knew and she said okay. But I felt like she said it in a way like, sure, I know what you’re doing, but she didn’t, but I felt it and I had experienced this feeling called cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is where you’re. It’s, it’s, it’s an event that occurs in the mind, the body, and the soul and your conscience. When your ideas, beliefs and behaviors contradict each other. It’s where you are saying something out loud. You say, I’m in favor of growing a successful business. Right? Let’s just say I had a radio show about growing a successful company, but yet I had never started one. Eventually I would feel bad because I’m saying something I’d never lived. I’m talking about something I don’t do a. If you were on the, if you own a co La fitness for any length of time and you talked about the importance of fitness, but you never in fact worked out, eventually you would feel bad because of this thing called cognitive dissonance. I encourage our listeners to check it out during the break and we’ll put a link to it on the show notes when we come back from the break.

I want to talk about this next step and your books. You have 30, which is getting started because a lot of times you can just have paralysis through analysis. You can spend all your time trying to know everything about everything and read every book, but really it’s simplicity that scales and complexity that fails. If you know every single thing there is to know about fitness, but you don’t implement anything, you will lose and so simply put, if you are, if you’re out there and you’re driving a Ford Automobile and you want that Ford automobile to actually work again, if you’re Ford is not working and you want to make it work,

you live in Tulsa. Go to our see auto I want it to be more complicated. No good Stay too.

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back to the conversation, it’s the thrive time show on your radio and we’re breaking down their upcoming book called cf 30. The fitness challenge. You see the Colaw fitness started with humble beginnings out of $115,000 home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Anybody out there who says Bartlesville first, bartel bartel what? Bartlesville yet? Bartels B, a r t l e s Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They started their business. Now Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Just to educate our listeners out there is, I know that the vast majority of our hundreds of thousands of listeners are not in Oklahoma. Bartlesville has a population of about 35,000 people and it used to be a booming town because of the oil and gas industry. So it’s like a small town with an oddly has skyscrapers. It’s become sort of a weird. It’s like a small town that has these mansions in it. It doesn’t make any sense. And so they started Colaw fitness out of $115,000 home. And uh, Charles, I want to get your take on this before you left Bartlesville where you now live in a beautiful home. Newton, close to the Tulsa area. Before you left Bartlesville, how many members did you have approximately at your Bartlesville location? Because there are 35,000 people that live in the town. How many members did you have approximately at your gym?

Well, we had gotten to a point where when I first started it, we were like writing goals, like can we get 300 people this I can actually pay my rent. Right. And you have one machine and I worked 16 hours a day and I trained every client, cleaned it and painted it on the weekends. So that was the start actually started in my house and then moved into the strip center. But we eventually got to around 3000 members.

So one just. So we get this one out of 10 people in the city. Basically 10 percent of the city maybe someone says, well that’s an exaggeration. Okay. Eight percent of the city approximately based upon the estimated population of Bartlesville. Eight percent of the city was a member of your gym. And it wasn’t because you had a big idea and it wasn’t because you are motivated and it wasn’t because you were in alignment and you found your true purpose. It was because you got started. Once you learn what to do, you got started. So like for you to teach us a little bit about entrepreneurship and a little bit about fitness. Why do we eventually have to start? Once we get the education, why do people have such a hard time starting? How do you get more people motivated to start and in fitness and with their business? I mean, talk to me about why is it so hard to take the first step of the mountain?

Well, most people, they’re, they’re afraid of failure and they have their core values are safety and security. And Robert Kiyosaki has a book out that’s called Rich Dad. Poor Dad book. Great Book to start with. If you’re looking into entrepreneurship or trying to get yourself out of the Rut of a time trading your time for dollars and he’ll kind of gets you in your mindset of saying, I’ve got to move from the left side of the quadrant to the right side of the quadrant.

Can I real quick break that down because you are a. You are. You are so filled with knowledge. I’ll make sure the listeners get this. Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called Rich Dad. Poor Dad. I’ll put it on the show notes so that listeners can buy the book. Rich Dad, poor dad. And just a quick overview of that book. Um, he was raised by two fathers, one of which was wealthy, one who of which he was not wealthy. And in his book he explains the cash flow quadrant where you start off as an employee. Then you become self employed. Then you become a business owner. Then you become an investor. You’ve read that book and you’re saying that’s a, that’s a book you’d recommend.

Yes. I had the, the actually the in Bartlesville, one of my good friends who was the mayor of the town had met me when I was young and he’s like, you’re a guy that’s going to need this book and gave it to me probably. I was probably about 19. His name is harvey little. He has a CPA office in Bartlesville. So anyways, but he gave me that and it was a great changing moment.

So that book is a book we’d, I would recommend all the listeners read, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, poor dad. I also, because all the listeners, a lot of times we’ll read a book that I recommend. I also want to give you a, a, just a full disclosure. His newest books I do not agree with, but I do agree with Rich Dad, poor dad, and I say that because, um, I know a lot of fuel to get deeply in debt as a result of overborrowing to buy no money down real estate. And that’s a lot since he no longer coauthors books with Sharon Lechter. Some of his newest stuff is a little bit more in that vein of no money down, buys as much as you can, and you guys chose to delay gratification though. So you took the good stuff out of that book. The principles you guys got started. Talk to me about delaying gratification. How did you and amber do it? Why did you delay gratification? Because lot of people can’t get started because I can’t delay gratification. They want to get started, but they can’t delay gratification. Talk to me about how you were able to do that.

Well, my core values was to basically save. I the big thing I think with everybody is you have to love to save more than spend. Oh, come on now. And for me, my dad had me start working at 12 years old. It was, I had to, um, if you’re a coal law, you have to start working at 12. And so I would work and I’d have to save. And I saved about from the 12 years old, I’d save about 70 percent of my income, uh, all the time. So I just lived super, super simple. And that was my core value, so I’d write, I’d like, I drove a [inaudible] 98 expedition all the time and, and, and probably goodbye, you know, four or five Lamborghinis, but I just lived super simple for a long time and worked. I loved what I did too. So all of that to say my core values or a had to move from that safety security spot and then start taking some risk and start growing into a business and learning principles. Yeah,

amber helped me get unstuck. Amber, if I’m listening I say I’m not as good as you and Charles. I yet, I want to be there. I just, I’m struggling to get started. Help me whether I’m start with my diet, started with an Oxi fresh franchise starting in some capacity. Helped me get unstuck. How do I get started? What do I need to do? Well,

I would say just like we talked about that, um, the definition to commit, you have to carry into action. You have to carry your action deliberately. And I think, um, you know, we’ve talked about preparing the night before and any type of action that will take you one step closer to your goal, even if it’s a small step, a lot of small steps will equal that big result that you’re looking for. And it’s not always what you can do in one day and it’s not what you can do in five days, but it’s what you can end up doing in three months or one year or five years.

And in your book you talk about this, once you start to have success, you really do need to share it in one of our show sponsors, one of our coaching clients, Roy with RC auto specialist, he wanted to share his story today. So I’m going to take about 60 seconds of time and I’m going to share the audio of Roy with is Roy [inaudible] with the RC auto specialist, sharing about the successes that he’s had this year with the thrive time show business coaching.

What’s up thrive nation here and shop here with Roy. We have a little bit of news for you guys and stuff. It’s now what May 31st at six. Twenty one. You’ve been closed for 20 minutes. No, it’s now. Let’s run the numbers for mainland totals one. Oh, two, 8:37. What’s the last year to date? One or two. Why don’t you wait 37 this year and last year was 60,006. 60 seven other ways.

Roy, thank you for sharing your success because I know that encouraged somebody, so if you’re out there and you’re saying, I, I doubt it. I don’t know. That’s real. Then go to our see auto There you can see his real company has real business. That’s real success. Charles, when somebody gets in great shape and they start to implement your systems and they, they do the Diet, they do the workouts and in 30 days they begin to totally transform their body. Why is it so important as the next step that they actually share what they’re doing with at least one more person?

Well, the main thing is is when you have motivation and you bring the boom, big, overwhelming optimistic momentum and you share that, people feel that and that draws people to so highly motivated, energetic people are attractive and it attracts people so when you share your boom and your life, you’re actually sharing a little bit of motivation for other people to get started and so it’s not so much about you being a show off. It’s a lot about helping others get into the same thing and get into the same boat that you’re at.

I will also say I’ll pop pile on with Charles. When you share with somebody what the successes you’re having, it helps you better learn what you know. It’s like a great way to learn something is to teach it. I know when I was building a DJ business, I struggled for a long time building scripts and once I finally made a script that worked and someone said, hey, can I see the script that works? I showed it to him and it helped me to learn more about the systems that, um, that, that helped me better understand in my business conferences mind why they worked, how they worked. I understood the combination of rapport needs, benefits, close isolate objections. And if you’re out there and you have doubt right now that you can be successful, whether it be in your areas of your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, you say, I don’t know whether I have what it takes.

I’m going to go. I’m going to leave you with a Bible verse that appears in the CF [inaudible] book, the co La fitness book, upcoming from Colaw fitness. This is John Three 16. It says, for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. My friend. I believe that you’re not here by accident. God has a big plan for your life, and if you want to take that first step to transform your body, your business, just do it. Do it today. Do it during the break. Do it before tomorrow. You gotta take action. Vision without execution is hallucination. To quote my main man, Thomas Edison, and we always end the show with the boom. So then he further ed do three, two, one, boom.


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