What Character Traits Should You Look for When Hiring People? (with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson)

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Business coach Clay Clark and NBA Great, David Robinson explains the importance of finding the right people for you and your organization.

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Get ready to enter the business coach thrive time show 321 boom. Alright! Welcome back to the thrive time business coach podcast, my name is clay clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and on today’s podcast I had an opportunity to interview my friend partner and investor david robinson, as he explains, as he explains the importance of finding the right people for you and your organization. It’s so important when you hire people that you bring the right people with the right mindset into your organization, because people can literally become almost cancerous within your organization. If you hire wrong people that can spread that disiz can spread within your organization like a weed that can can can destroy a garden if left on kept. It is so important that you don’t allow the wrong people into your organization to how do you find the right people? Who should you bring into your organization? What kind of people are going to be right for you and your vision? These are the questions. I asked, nba, hall of fame basketball, player and successful entrepreneur turned venture capitalist david robinson. Is that more success off the court than on the court and so I’m honored to interview the man, the myth, the seven-foot-tall guru of both basketball and business david robinson, it seems, like you, had success off the court, so it’s not just a fluke. It’s not just that.

I was good on the court sort of thing so dave’s, specifically, if I’m looking to hire somebody I’m wanting to avoid these sort of the building right culture by hiring the right people and I’m really really looking here to build the right, the right team, what specific character traits may be just two or three things:should every small business owner every leader, every basketball coach? Should everybody looking to build a world-class business coach organization? Be looking for I would say you know, that’s a tough one! I think you know number one. You have to look for someone that aligns with your mission. So if you, if your mission has to do with service, then you’re going to want someone with a service streak and a service history. If your mission has to do with you know, just bottom line in results, then you’re going to want somebody with a proven track record mean that you know that you have to understand what your business is about and understand. You know what drives business. Some businesses need creativity, some businesses need a salesman kind of a non-stop kind of a go, go, go, go, go attitude, and-and so you just have to know those top two or three qualities that you’re looking for it-and you know I always look to in in in in specific settings a school setting or or in a financial setting. Looking for building our business. What do we have? No capital we’re looking for guys who have expertise and track record. We think we can. We think we can mold them into our culture, but we’re looking for guys who have proven themselves and who I understand who have proven themselves not only in results, but also in the way that they’ve been they treated the customer or business coach, so the admiral capital fund, it’s a fun rihanna lot of properties and again what 9 or 10 is a real estate real estate fun, that is a surprise attack, would be fun. That is a value-add fun, so we go out, we acquire a property, will add, add value to it and then we’ll sell it.

So we have a horizon 5 to 7 years, so we have to have people who are highly motivated. Who are get up and go. We got to find you a properties. We got to be creative in the way we think about. How are we going to add value to this property, and then we have to be diligent and being able to turn the turn it over. So you’re looking for like a pill to help you acquire the properties and can analyze the deals in that, and you know specifically, this is the character traits were looking for. Is it your interview 1023 many people? It takes to find that right person, absolutely we we are connected to the community. We donate 10% of our profits to the community. We find projects in those areas where we invest in houston we went into the public school systems. We joined up with hilton and the diversity of houston at the the hospitality school and two kids coming out of high school who get worse. We send them through a years mentor ship with some of our hotel owners, so they spend time with executives. They learn the business from a business coach type program and then, if they are interested in hospitality, they get a scholarship going to university of houston communities where we invest, and so we have to have a person in our organization. You understands that’s who we are. That’s a part of our culture


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