The Characteristics of Super Successful People & The Power of Perception

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Learn from the PR expert who has worked with Prince, Michael Jackson, The Clintons, and more (Michael Levine) is going over the characteristics of super successful people.

  1. Definiteness of purpose
  2. Finding Your Magnificent Obsession
    1. Obsession is not ambition
  3. All Successful People Have a Burning Maniacal Rage to Become Successful
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it.” – Michael Levine
  4. All Successful People Have a Willingness To Do The Unreasonable.
  5. You Must Accept Responsibility for Your Success

All right right, nation woke up back to the podcast business coaching edition of the thrive timeshare. We have a rare opportunity today to a sit-down interview, one of the gurus of our time. The guy, who is the number one pr consultant, perhaps in the history of our country, he’s been the pr consultant for charlton heston for the clintons abraham lincoln for pizza hut for nike for nancy kerrigan for cameron diaz, I’ve heard of those people. He is sort of a big deal. How would you describe the tenor, the pitch, the intensity of this interview, where he talks about the mindset of super successful people? The thing that I like about listening to him speak is it says he is, has an intense delivery, but there are some pauses in between his words. Sometimes I really draws you in, and it’s a really good stuff talking about. He is so good at the possum is really going to want to listening. This guy has mastered the paws like a dog I think what is interesting about what you’re doing at least I believe so is that is what I’m hearing you say or what I’m hearing you do he’s framing it in super success. You are not engaging in conversation about what successful people do. You are engaging in a conversation about what super successful people do, and so, if somebody’s watching this right now-and they want to be a regional manager of the starbucks in their local city and their local in their city, they don’t need to watch this, but if they want to own starbucks i, take notes.

This is the super. Successful I will send one to ten thousand 100,000 one in a million see. This is the deal on the one in a billion. What are we go? Success characteristic of the first success principle, point of all achievement. Without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly through life, have you witnessed the strait of super successful people? Do they all know where they’re going or at least seem to have a purpose play the quality? First of all, when were autopsy or discussing the qualities of super success, now I’ve had a very, very unique vantage point when you’re talking about these qualities, what is it that michael, jordan and bill clinton have, in common other than they got a lot of money? What is it that oprah and julia roberts have in common other a lot of money? So you try to ask this definite definition of purpose quality that I’ve observed the way I would word it and frame it as a as a medical doctor is a quality that I would refer to his obsession obsession obsession. Now I am I got to confess to you clay, terrible for some weird wacky reason:i am terrible at dictionary definitions, but what I’d like to do in discussing obsession for a moment is talk about. First, what it isn’t session is not ambition, see all of us know, people who are ambitious but couldn’t find their way out of a burning building. Okay, this quality super success. This obsession is something deeper, more primal, more intense than ambition. So then we say okay, what is it then? Mister? It is a burn. Maniacal rage as if your life depended on it, a burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it. That my dear valued friend is what is at the core. Did the dna of the super successful people as you know with your business coaching clients.


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