Clay Clark 101 | Getting a Deeper Look Inside the Life, the Family and Business of Clay Clark

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If you are wanting to know more about the man behind the mic then listen in to this podcast of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark answers questions from Thrivers not about business but about his personal life and beliefs.

    1. For the listeners out there, share with us a look into your personal life and something that most people do not know about you.
    2. What motivates you to do what you do?
      1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%
    3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
    4. What entrepreneurs do you look up to?
    5. What struggles did you have to overcome en route to building your success?
    6. What fears and doubts did you battle before starting your business?
    7. What errors did you make along the path to success that slowed down your success?
    8. What are the things that our listeners need to do before they start a business?
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – Elon Musk
      3. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-time workers in the private sector and in Federal, State, and local governments.
    9. When you start a business, does culture matter from day one?
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Steve Jobs has a saying that A players hire A players; B players hire C players; and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies.” – Guy Kawasaki
    10. What do you wish you knew about culture creation when you first started your businesses?
      1. ACTION STEP – Weekly group interview
        1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The perfect job post example
      2. FUN FACT – In all, Belichick has gone 13-6 (.684) in 19 games without Brady at quarterback for the Patriots. To put that in context, no other team in the league besides Belichick’s Patriots has posted a winning percentage higher than .684 since Belichick and Brady joined forces in 2000. Nobody would argue that Belichick doesn’t need his Hall of Fame quarterback, but the Patriots have been extremely good even without Brady at the helm.
    11. How do you use your “gut” feeling to make business decisions?
      1. Clay’s decision process:
        1. Write it on the clipboard and not act for 24 hours
        2. Make a decision that God would be proud of
    12. In the world business, change is a constant, how do you adapt yourself and your companies to this change?
    13. What is the #1 book that every entrepreneur who is listening needs to read?


  • BOOK – Think and Grow Rich


  1. Why does every aspiring entrepreneur need to read this book?
  2. What is something that you would do with your business if you were 100% confident that it would not fail?
  3. What one thing would you do with your business if you knew you could not fail?
  4. What is a skill, that if you had would double your business?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing works unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

  1. If the Wall Street Journal or Forbes were to right a story about you, what would you want it to say?
  2. What online resources would you recommend to entrepreneurs?
  3. What is the best coaching and advice you could give to entrepreneurs?
    1. Get a coach or a mentor.
      1. Learn from mentors and not mistakes.
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Bill Campbell – William Vincent “Bill” Campbell Jr. was an American businessman and chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University and chairman of the board of Intuit Inc.
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business conferences universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re super kourtney pregnant with the focus function like san, quentinis, hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields all right. Bud nation welcome back to another extended edition with right time show on your radio. My name is colette clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year. I would like to thank you. I’ll, be happy to paris drive time show teen. Thank you for getting us into the top 10 of itunes by i, listen to a podcast and sharing it with friends and shut up right now, where, where do we rank on the itunes top 10 right now, but the business category in the business section of itunes on podcast, wear number 5 never find out of all of them. Are we behind? We are behind 1 cast number for that’s fair number. 3 is planet money npr podcast number 2 is how I built this guy roz another npr podcast, and everyone is the work-life. With adam grant.. We are number 5 tell us who were ahead of his right behind us, business conferences superstar dave ramsey, well, that we hadn’t had enough. Yet we have snuck in they don’t know who we are. They don’t know what’s happening. We ask me all the time they ask.

A lot of questions are conferences and workshops in the workshops are all about you, okay to the workshop me cuz, all about delicious, oh okay, so workshops are all about helping our listener get to where they want to go so I I do use self-deprecation I do make fun of myself a lot and use my stories of things not to do as an example as I’m teaching, but I don’t get a lot of time or opportunity to really get into the the depth and it’s what I want to do is I wanted to allow eric to ask me some questions. People ask all the time and I will do it’ll, q&a style here, so I’ll do his addition. This is really asking me anything about the topic of me. All right is everybody’s favorite topic to ask anything else that you would like as well. This is just this is just a list of business conferences things that I get asked the most. The first question I have is for the listeners out there. You sure what this will look into your personal life and something that most people do not know about. You I think that I’m robotic the brobot I mean just as example, I mean yesterday we finished, recording and so I had it on my list. I need to optimize some reviews for the elephant in the room when I knew that task would take no longer than 10 hours in no less than can I calculate how long it takes. So, if you ask me to do something, I know it needs to be done. I just immediately put it in my mind, I process like how long will it take immediately?

That’s how I do it i? Do it I think about you, I want to do it and I think. That’s probably the I think my superpower, and also my weakness, also what you have to control that doesn’t mesh well with family, take time out yesterday and stopped at a certain time and go to activities of the business conferences family, and we were against mother’s day weekend source things we have to do right. We have a great time but I just enjoy grinding, and it’s not like as soon as the kids go down to bed I’m back at it again. Well, there’s a lot I think a lot of people say this a lot of clients that we work with to win their first kind of getting into this new mindset. If they’re not quite into this grinding mindset, yet they look at me. They kind of feel that that oh, my gosh, the weight of the decision they just made of what they they know. They need to do and I know it’s 10 hours, but they don’t have the the know how yet to block out 10 hours in the schedule until it creates a weird feeling for them, and you being able to push down those emotions and just say:hey:here’s! What’s going to happen to get done, I’m going to get it done by this time and just make sure you get it done, which is why don’t start a business?

People should not start a company, because the grind there’s no way to escape the grind. The elephant in the room are men’s. Grooming lounge is on the verge of franchising, were very close to it and it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of work. I’ve got to finish your item 7, which is a a list of all the cost needed to open. I’ve, got to finish your item, 19, which is our financial disclosures in our elf, at the room. Ftd I have to do those things and if I do those things we can franchise, so I get a lot of things in exchange for the work I’m doing, but I’m naturally bent towards grinding I like to do it, but I got to finish up whatever I became best with grinding private age, no 1617 that kind of thing, but I’m at work, working hard at my actual job, not till 5:19 or so, but I think that’s just a huge huge problem. People have I want to write a book, but just don’t whatever reason. It sounds great right in the work. You actually think most people feel the way about work that I feel about hanging out hanging out of my god. How long is it going to take to do this for four straight hours or thinking about starting a business? You should come check out our workshop we’ve had multiple business conferences people come to the workshop and say you know what I’m not cut out for this and I’m really glad I came to this before I invested years and no hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business that I know that I’m going to hate running partner, dr.

Zellmer work 7 days a week for years to build his business now for 5 hours a week. Sometimes I can pick up and attended our workshop thinking. They wanted to start a business. Ended up coming to work for us. If you were that person that want to start a business to know, I just saved myself all that heartache 10 businesses fail gordon,, that’s not good question. What what motivates you to do? What you do well for thrive drive is the only business that I’m involved in that I’m passionate about the actual product, tina i, just I’m, really passionate about mentoring. Millions was that being through a podcast through our online videos through our workshop through the one-on-one coaching, but it just it. I want to help people become successful and I know what it’s like to not be successful and I know what it’s like to be successful and I’d like to teach you now and it’s it’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s not about my emotional business conferences manipulation. It’s not about the dark arts. It’s not about kino, kissing the ring and getting some big connection or government grant it’s not about politics or race or religion. There is learning the 13 proven steps that we’ve documented in our boom book, which is the abbreviated version of the start here, but you can download it right now for free at the halftime show. Com, but it’s about implementing the about our product.

As matter how much we care about our product of our product is not find it because it’s not on the top of google. No one can buy it, but we could teach you how to get to the top of google now help moving on here. Never put the third question after he is. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working I’m, going to my wife i, got to the on dates with her on wednesdays I like doing that like hanging out the kids on the weekends I like hanging with the kids after work, I enjoy watching a very motivational business conferences movies like rudy or the fighter or braveheart, or that kind of thing. I love, reading a lot which is tied to work, but I love reading case studies, like I just saw case that case studies and biographies, but especially autobiographies, autobiography cuz I love to hear how the person thinks you can almost feel like you’re sitting down talking to somebody who was, you know:jay paul, gay world’s wealthiest man or carnegie euro-pro i, just love, reading a lot of a comedy of lot lot of an autobiographical case, study of a red one of those really. Like ge. If you read a straight from the gut a jack welch’s autobiography of that book in great detail, explains how he had success at ge, but also talks about his life as a human. You know what that’s like the gap between the getting it done at work in the family, life too and I just love. That book starts in the gut. It’s a great book. You also get best practice. Tips that are proven to work in the book can I see you’re, leaving one thing out:you love to grill meat i, do love the grill starfire’s i, do I love to start fires, painting what we have that in common.. There is no up to it’s. Cuz i! Don’t make a statement here. That’s that’s crazy, so many other for a second here. Anybody who’s having success as I define it that’s.

Why I look up to so that people that are having success where they have like a you’re having success, it financially would say, but they are selling you no send simple products to get there. I, don’t look up to that. A success, success and they’re cheating people to get there. I, don’t look up to that! You’re selling success, cuz you’re getting to the auto ship a product-that’s not real i! Don’t look up to that, but people that are having success that are doing it ethically, where it’s a win-win with the customer. Real problem for the 3 p’s are happening. Where are there that’s a great product that you’re proud of its york of the great people that you love and your manner manner, profitable, i, look up to those businesses and other try to learn from every business. Every time you go out of town and I love going into the businesses looking at him, asking who’s in charge of figuring out how they work at the at the owner of the business has ever written a book about how we did it. I want to get that book and read that book. That’s all me to home depot, lowe’s, i, love, I love. The stories out. Ups I’ve, read stories of this case studies of a starbucks in a pour your heart into it, howard schultz, southwest airlines. There, a book called nuts and I decided. I am obsessed with how great business is work and if you, if you have a win-win with the business conferences customer and your ep of great people, a great product and you have a profit I’m interested in that business, I look up to you, but if it’s like, we make a ton of money, but we really really just break our people over the coals. I’m, not interested in that story right. So that’s right! I, don’t want those outside cool okay! Next year, what struggles did you have to overcome in route to building your success, money? Getting money, not eating money needing money? And so you know. Eyes, wide, open, signing up to work 30 hours a week at applebee’s and then as soon as I got that job working hard to try to get another job while I had that job and some work at applebee’s, but I’m trying to get another job to the way the job at target now I’ve got that job at target and applebee’s.

Another window of time with which I can apply for another job is very small because I’m working all the time and then I got another job. Directv and then it working at those three jobs when they would not at school to oral roberts university the balance of trying to start dj connection, while also going to oklahoma state university okmulgee, study, graphic design and working at faith highway, vv, balance of of dj 7 nights a week at the holiday inn select at the holiday for impersonators. These people thought they were neil diamond. They thought they were prince. They thought they were whatever celebrity that they were a person who they were. They would not break character ever and I put that job was 7 nights a week and I did all those things, because I needed money and now not needing money and making decisions based upon what’s best for my family, had to learn a different mindset. That is, you know that mindset of getting three jobs, of whatever you got to do to find money is something that I feel like on printers need to hear. Yes, I did watch that as my parents, there was no way they were going to go out of business or run out of business conferences gas. It was like fine, whatever you need to do so, if you’re out of running out of time out there, we’ve got something that some people you need to get ahold of. If you want to clean your office when I get that stuff the floors buffed give me the floors. Buff buff that stuff that stuff shampoo that high-traffic carpet, that stuff is going to be for free for new customers of the classic clean.Com. Most companies charge up to $1,000 for that service. On top of your ear cleaning bill and sell classic janitorial going to do that for free for new customers, tell him that I’ve sent you. You can check them out at v, classic clean.Com, v, classic clean.Com or call them today at nine one, eight, six, seven one:two:zero +46-918-671-2046 v classic claim.Com to get that off of shining google uses them new star uses them dupont uses of yuck checking out. That’s the classic clean.Com 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show what time show on the business conferences microphone. What is this tablet in the category of business?

Dentist cast that you might get motion sickness patch, I’ll, try to make sure looks back to the conversation pretty muddy out there, whose big fan of a street fighter remember that game back in the day you go out to the families to go to the arcade kind of like they did because there’s food there right, there’s a bar there to 40 year old men back to the yeah so now, but the with the beer and the games in the food. It’s kind of like we’re not going in our k cuz. That would be stupid, but every time I take my kids, dave and buster’s. Most of the people are, there are guys like me or just like. We don’t play video games anymore, except for here at a graduation party at dave & busters and guess what I did but I dominated laser tag. Little kids and then couple of my cousins are my kids around me. Why don’t? They have street fighter there cuz there’s so many great blanco blanco man would have broke up. So great was good, mortal, kombat, finishing first game as we’ve gotten out of the top 5 on the business conferences charts for itunes and that where we, where we rank in the world, did you send over 49 out of 350000 + 500 + 35 + 30000 + podcast in the world? Now again, the number required to itunes is more personal questions until I thought this guy was the show was supposed to be about how to start and grow successful company in so I wanted to answer as many of those questions as I could at one time, and it will jump, will go ahead and operate a pop right back into it.

Spears in doubted you battle before starting your new businesses. I, don’t have any fear and ready to go. I. Don’t honestly, have never battled fear or doubt as relates to the business, is a kid I started a lot. Certain things happen did long story short I really got to a level where I just don’t care at all about what people think about me. I just don’t care it it just so. It’s like an example of how this is such a superpower, maybe why you need to learn a little bit, one of the brands that we support, that we work with that. We coach that we develop his his elephant in the room elephant in the room. It’s a men’s, grooming lounge, now to be a men’s grooming lounge, the boys that mean it means art. Niche is it’s like a country club for men’s hair, and so, if you want to just show up walk-in, get your haircut as fast as possible as cheap as possible. There’s a place for that and that place is called great clips great clips great clips. If you want to go to a place to put more business conferences expensive than great clips, we can still walk in new appointment. What’s going on how’s it going sports clips a place where it is, like a paraffin hand, dip hot towel treatment and over-the-top service super friendly people. If you don’t smile I’m going to fire you after a while, because we have a happy happy team and it’s happy or else or else that’s right-to have a great happy team, hard-working team to the best stylists. Are we interview so many people? Every week, I literally we as a company interview over 30 canvas every single week for elephant the room, so we have an all-star toyota guy comes in for a walk in he walks into his haircut.

You know on the front desk. I am so sorry. We have 4000 members and we are all booked out, but I could schedule you of your first haircut. $4 your birth certificate or the dollar I could schedule your haircut now today, it’s thursday I could schedule for saturday and the guy just goes on a rant about how to get in every time he comes by. He can’t get in it’s the same argument as just showing up at the airport and saying yes I’m here to get on the airplane ticket. No, but I just want to get on it. Cuz I just thought about this idea. I want to fly somewhere really want to go so far. Our business conferences clients are people that there are proactively planning when they want to get their haircut and to get into that flow. The first time it means you have to call and schedule appointment right, which is why we have a call center and our call center answers all the phones, which means you can’t actually call the store which yet again irritates a certain group of people who, like hey man, i, want to sell tulsa store in the room. I’ll get in touch with them, bianca there, but I want to schedule a meeting with her. You know we don’t actually do that. We actually in all the business conferences scheduling, sore stylist, never actually have to talk to the customer over the phone, while they’re cutting hair, so they can just focus their entire damn cutting hair. They can cut more hair. They could do two haircuts in hours or never interrupt interrupt it. They never have to worry about rescheduling or calling people to a better job, and then the this this gentleman continues to well. I’ll. Tell you I’ll tell you this, you ain’t going to get my business. If I can’t talk to me and then he just started:dropping bombs at bombs, chris everywhere, true story, and it’s in so I have to say because I know my niche that man won’t be happy.

The guy who wants to talk to her people directly. The walk-in won’t be happy and we’re membership model, which means to who don’t like membership models won’t make us happy, but it means that the 4000 members we have who, like the model, are good. They like it in so if I chose to make every single person happy I wouldn’t be in business. Another example would be the employees we pay them very well. Our company employees elephant make more than any other hair salon in tulsa. However, there are some people that, like we don’t pay them enough and we had want one person who’s married to one of our agreement. Special 2 years back called me up and said:i, don’t think you pay your people what they should look at, what they’re worth and so I said. Okay, well your mind:how much should we pay her and he tells me to sit under those scituate under that pay rate we wouldn’t actually be business conferences profitable, and so the 3 p’s that you have to have run a successful company. Are you have a great profit in a great product and have great people, and so the people are always going to feel like they’re not paid enough the product the customers are always going to want you to change it to meet their needs and I will totally accommodate my ideal, unlikely buyer, but I’m not going to accommodate, not ideal unlikely buyers in the profit comes as a result of that, so it hey with constantly being in conflict in those three areas, you really shouldn’t own a business, and that is my superpower. Tub, like you were saying, that’s kind of your high water mark was set pretty high as a kid.

So you didn’t need right to be worried about all these fears and everything true along the path to success that slow down your success. I would say:i made all of them before realizing the power of case studies, because towards right, I didn’t know that you could get a case study out there or that you could I guess I knew I didn’t think it was possible. I did that you could like pick up the phone and called call until you got an appointment with the founder of hobby lobby, crazy right, I didn’t think you could cold call and actually get a meeting with george foreman I think you could cold call and get a meeting with david robinson. Nobody does right, that’s what I did we come back, we’ll talk more about the business conferences mistakes I made and some specific examples that really without mentors I would not have had success. Now, if you are out there and you got a successful company-need to save some time in your business and get out of going to office, depot and staples, you got to get ahold of my guys over at onyx imaging.Com onyx imaging.Com, they do print supply printer service will fix your printer that do same-day next day office delivery office supplies they price match. These guys are your one-stop business shop. Onyx imaging.Com get ahold of him today, 918-627-6611 918-627-6611 onyx imaging.Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com boom and boom I got his plate. Clark. You listen to the thrive time show on your podcast download at one thing that I am doing on are business conferences podcasts, that I’m being intentional about doing, is I’m trying to speak more slowly and one of my superpowers I talk really really fast. Is a superpower. It’s my mind. That goes really really fast, which is I started as a kid, so I stuttered until I cry and I couldn’t talk for a long long time, and part of that is your mind-is an overactive racing.

Is this on the show I’ve been working at at talk slower? You know, as we are rising faster and faster, the itunes charts try to make sure we slow it down. I’m also trying to make sure that we can answer all of the questions that you’re answering that are personal in nature. Pretty much I’ve tried to answer only the business related questions, and but over time more and more of you are asking questions in a more personal in nature and I have no problem at the business conferences, music, self-deprecation to teach you something with the conference is really all about you and not about me. It’s not a long form. Discussion of this is how I feel but touch up. We had a question that came in here. Yes, we were talking about you know. What areas did you make clay along the path to success that slow down your success? I did make all of them previous to having good mentors, but what I’m going to do is I’m, going to just focus on one that demonstrates what it would be 12 with the power of having a mentor okay. So this is just one. We had a call center and the call center consisted of everybody. I, don’t ever told you that five guys in one phone-yes, so the phone would ring and the phone’s got the money line, and so I have literally has the green phone. Was it just the green hornet cell phone would ring and I would go. This is what I would do. This is how I’m at this is. How would a man to take a soma get the phone and then they wouldn’t answer the phone? They would say dj. What is the amazing dj jason I can help you out and a business conferences person to go I am just trying to find out about a dj. Absolutely what date are you looking at I’m? Looking at june 5th you, let me check the availability and I’ll be right back with the put the person hold and they would hand the phone to me and that’s how I delegated this is.

The one I have the crazy long phone line. That goes that you could run all over the officer that deal cuz I booked I literally when we lived at the house at 91st and lynn lane I booked every single phone call that I got, except for one. It was shannon and clark. One and I was so mad. Cuz I knew shannon to cheerleading on the come on shannon and her husband logic was it I had done a bunch of events, they want to try something different, but I was just like I need it soon. As I book, the north paperwork need to be done, need to type up a receipt you needed to adam in the system, they’re stuck it to do, and I was using microsoft paint. As my lead system can I use pear total creative freedom. You can you can? You can see the lead sheets when you go to the office next time, go to the office and go to the bar area, and it’s up there on the wallet in a benzo. 2001 shows it’s a white bed, and so those were all the lead to that. I, didn’t paint paint so then type in the data using paint which turns the image into a jpeg or a bitmap. It doesn’t even ever editable yeah, that’s nice. So then the guys will be typing it up and paint and they were hits say and then they would pass it back to me and I would check it to make sure nothing was wrong to my entire day consisted of booking a deal verifying. It wasn’t wrong and then the guys there on the call center, the five reps they just answer the business conferences phone and literally all they said, was they grown dj connections. I hope you do well yeah I’m trying to reach you how you guys doing what you charge.

What day are you looking at june 5th and then again they would type up the paperwork on any deal and if I book the deal, whoever answered the phone and they got my commission and they have the pipe it up pipe it up and then I would check it all. Then there’s been going to put it on the metal bit and that metal been, would then be where every single morning I would then ass. I would book a certain dj for a certain show. So I had a huge like a graph I made a huge graph I made on a cork board and it would say, like dj, eric, dj, jo, ellen show the date and I made sure that I booked, all you guys, I booked all the djs, and so when you go to the office now you can see on the history. While you can see how I scheduled it, but I was all by paper and pit until I had 4,000 weddings at one point that we are booking, all of which were done using bitmaps using event and I got to probably a thousand weddings before I had epiphanies like man, I should use microsoft word. Well, I never did switch the word. Perhaps we need a database and I said i, don’t need a database, but I was and I don’t even freaking database and then josh came to me and josh says I’m nervous, cuz jason brought up something about the business conferences database and josh says hey. We also are nowhere in google and I said what the freak is google and he says seriously dude like we’re, not weird know where on the map on google and we’re going to get destroyed, if we don’t get on top of that and I said screw, that man and I was not open to learning about how google works and I use.

Microsoft paint, as my database then is after I finish my work days, I started working at 6 I’m finished at 6, then I would personally interview all the dj separately. Of course, all them separately. Then I would personally train them all. So then I would personally maintain all the equipment which consisted of me buying new equipment. That was my sister to me. I paid him I paid every single employee of the check when they came back to the show that did you need you on saturday. You got paid saturday night baby gas in the tank and money in the bank right there and then I would challenge all the djs each night to who was the best dj in the way it works in djing. If you were in the dj industry, if you’re really good, the party will not stop, and so once the party gets to a place where they can’t stop and won’t stop, then you just keep going and going and going, and so my wife was the one who had to write the checks to people if I was dj cuz, you were the best dj always got back last josh and beat me sometime in the morning. Guys would wait hanging out for me to come back and they would just be business conferences cheering like if I got a big tip. I would take all the cash and I would go, buy them all. Taco bell drink leftover, margarita, margarita, margarita machines and when I came back from the event, there is a half empty and we would sit around and we would drink the remainder of probably 6 margarita machines in like 40 of us and then I would just pass out of the lawn it every week. My wife would like to find me sleeping in the lawn by space down in the backyard, and we have a big fire going with the rule was if you left your crap in my garage, you got one morning and the second time I would just burn it. That is awesome, and so my wife came back as she came outside. What time to what are you burning cuz? It was like huge like 10 foot, high flames and I was burning this, the the the interior seats to a guy’s minivan. You left them in there for 4 weeks. So business conferences attendees please come by in like 3 in the morning, strobe light it so much that they eventually just came by and hung out we’re going to be back in an hour.

That’s all you said what did I do wrong. I! Think those are some things. What did you do on your business conferences accounting back then? But me personally know:i was none other than hood cps.Com cpa.Com, these guys 918-747-7000 the most proactive accountants in the tulsa area, northeastern oklahoma area, cpa.Com, 918-747-7009, 18747, 7000, hood cps.Com. To claim your tickets to the drive time show today at erected, business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes review and send as confirmation and employed right time show.Com to claim your star in the national star registry you to the conversation is the drive time to show on your radio and podcast download it what’s happening right now, we’re getting people all over the world who are subscribing to our podcast cuz, we’re now in the top 10 of vitamins in the business section and then overall out of 302 530,000 podcasts in the world. We are now what number there champ number 49 lot of the shows that are up in the top 10 of personal interest stories. If people want to know more about people about practical business, how to grow a business, can we try to use per stories as a way to provide case studies, examples of what works and what doesn’t? And so we had a lot of questions specifically about myself. In my business conferences background and search up, I want to go ahead and continue to answer answer the questions from the fryeburg. What are the things that are listeners need to do before they start a business good question, develop a work ethic that step one you’ve got to do it.

You have to develop a work ethic before you start the business, because, when the excitement of the new idea wears off-oh yes, and when you run out of working capital in that sba loan account and when the marketing doesn’t work, the way you wanted it to, and it takes you a little bit longer to get to the top of google and it would calls aren’t working like you thought they would in your genius marketing strategy for your can’t, miss real estate business doesn’t catch off that doesn’t take off. We want it to. You will begin to look inward inward on yourself and you’ll begin to do what society does, which is begin to look inward of the meat look outward for something to blame. To begin to look for the economy, to blame for the local business conferences chamber to blame for your spouse to blame employees, the blame, the blame, the marketing company they’re going to blame their account to go to blame all these sources, because looking inward is too painful. But we look and word to discover the proverbs 10:4 states that god blesses, the diligent and I and I know that somebody out there is listening. It says:i, don’t i, don’t believe in the bible and that’s why I like to give you multiple examples from a lot of things:let’s go to the bible first and I’ll go with a different examples of proverbs 10:4 from the bible that defensive looks as lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth, and that’s it. That’s right there right there is is, is profound, cuz lazy hands make for poverty, but then you might say you know i, don’t like the bible, it’s okay! So what about that chuck? Can we reference? Elon musk quotes elon musk talks about how you need to work 80 hours per week when we have the quote written up in her office, because it’s like a profound idea that one of the world’s most successful people has a notable quotable that goes like this and in shape of you can put this on the show notes.

It says:work like hell, I mean you just have to put in 8200 hours per week every week improve the odds versus disapproves the odds of success if other people are putting in 40 hour weeks and you’re, putting in a hundred hour week, even if you’re giving the same thing, you know that you will achieve in 4 months, but it takes them a year to a cheap another way. To put it is a willie george, the pastor of church on the move he is said at one of his sermons. He talks about the sixth day principal in exodus, as well as in genesis god talks about how he created the earth in 6 days. You get a bigger harvest on the 6 day, and so who created the 5-day work. Week. That’s, fdr, franklin, delano roosevelt created the the 40-hour work week, but that wasn’t a biblical law. Someone would franklin delano roosevelt changed the law that established these news working standards that doesn’t mean that he changed the bible or he changed elon musk’s minority or changed your. What what you can do, we didn’t put a limit on what you can do. A lot of people think that it’s unethical and it’s wrong to even work more than 40 hours a week because of fdr and his law. It’s called the fair labor standards. Act of 1938 jeffy want to put that on the show notes of steve fair labor standards, act of 1938, and so I would just say:do you mister mister? The 40-hour work week should be the first half of your work week until your company gets in orbit, so you should work 40 hours on the first half of your week until your company gets into orbit is profitable and sustainable need to work 4 hours a week. If you want to drop the mic yeah, you could do that. But I can’t do that. To you put in the grind, you can probably afford to pay people. That’s how to do it. Also strategic strategy. You can’t delegate business conferences strategy, you can’t hire somebody to have them, make the call scripts for you, you can hire. Someone have to have them make the workflow, for you can’t hire someone to write your book for you.

You have to rise & grind shop. That’s what I said. That’s what I said and then one thing you know if you’re starting a business out there from day one some some things that you need to know before you start that I always say assume the worst. When you’re doing your plans assume that those sales projections are going to be low right, you don’t want to give some crazy pie-in-the-sky projections, everything, okay, so here’s the next one when you start a business, does culture matter from day. One history repeats itself succeed at song as crazy as you’re the worst somebody stole your truck. When you start a business, does culture matter from day one yeah yeah, yeah actually does, and so let’s a break that down business conferences culture. Culture is what it’s just the sum total of all the people who work for you. Culture is just everybody who works for you. Let’s just imagine who works for you has an up arrow or a down arrow you can’t, or what? If my person has an upper adeno stop everyone who works for you has either an up or a down arrow I can’t really determine if they have enough she’s going through something he’s going through something I’m just going through something right now, I’m, normally very positive person to just right now, I happen to be chain-smoking is a way to quit. Drinking so again, I mean look up or down arrow. Never when you hire is either up or down arrow, and so you wanna make sure you hire only up arrows, and so, when you start a company-and you have like two people, if you hire a down arrow, then you end up having a cup i. Could culture of melancholy?

You have a mediocre culture. You have a culture of, so you need to hire people with with energy from the very beginning and steve. Jobs are right a lot about a player’s and I think that we looked at his wisdom. That’s a good example of a maybe, where you get the the wisdom you’re seeking there a steve jobs. This is guy kawasaki, who used to work for steve, jobs and he’s talking about steve, jobs and steve. Steve jobs has a saying that a player’s hire a player’s, be players, irc players and see players, fire d player. It doesn’t take long to get to see players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies. So all I would just say. Is that encourage you to do what steve jobs and tell you to do and really hire a player? You have to be in a player cuz, it ain’t player, won’t work, work, britney player. That’s why the question was asked. The question was asked:what’s the first thing you should do before you start a business, you got to be off of work ethic, cuz, i, seen this and how many times have you seen it? Where somebody that you know an acquaintance? Somebody ran into owns a business and make said I can’t find good people, but they themselves are not good. People happens too often, because first of all, you can put a front, but when people are working with you in a small business in a growing business they’re going to get to know who you are in your business conferences character, just because you spend so much time with him. I have a funny story for you and he admittedly never prepared for his sermons, get up there champ and would flounder around kind of looking for things to say you know, and he will try to knock. It again say guys today we’re going to cover the bible three points from the bible and if you turn with me too and he’s always just floundering around-and he asked me to help him that I said can I see the videos of you preach it and I I asked him.

I said:i got a basket. How often, how much time do you spend in what time you spend preparing for your cermet is carlton pearson would listen to every sermon after he delivered it and he would spend like a whole week preparing you know he would write it and then say it and ride it and tweak it and it needed. You know the definite 10 hours or more preparing for a sermon that have to serve him. Listen to it multiple times. How often? How often do you watch your own sermon? Tell me how what how much time do you devote to preparing and he’s insured me that he has never prepared consistently? He usually tries to get the outline made an hour, but he speaks and we can tell his congregation wouldn’t grow, who had any pride self-esteem or understanding about how life works didn’t like his sermon there. Just awful everything this is terribly and it’s hope church was ran that way it would be like if you were trying to learn physics from einstein and he’s like well, you know, there’s i, don’t really know how it works, but there’s a book over there that you could. We know you have that you have to have the work ethic you’re business conferences worth your work ethic sets the tone for your business. You have to have that work at it from the very beginning when we come back, I want to share with you about one thriver out there, working that we are working with that. Has that absolute work ethic that they need to be successful. These guys work so hard. There’s such grinder, the are show sponsors, but these guys have an incredible work ethic. It’s the good folks at platinum pest & lawn, platinum pest & lawn stage, and we back after the break attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing us group that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com conversation is the drive time show on your radio and I want to give a shout out to, while one of our listeners to one of our show sponsors to a business coach, client. Somebody who started out as a listener and then became a client and then they came to the workshop job, coaching, client and now they’re uh show sponsor, and it’s jennifer and jared with a platinum pest & lawn.

You guys are a husband-and-wife team and their sales they’re growing, so fast they’re growing, hitting record business conferences sales every month. That’s awesome! But i, just yes! Yes, they are implementing our system that we taught him yes and we know for a fact. They are because I mystery shop them and we had some ants. After all, the rain and everything we had a mystery shop i, actually mystery shop his office. While he was meeting with marshall at our office and I submitted a webley, they got ahold, I put my wife’s information in there. They got a hold of her like 30 minutes, and they had jared actually went out there himself within an hour and a half they had it’s booked and they had us treated by the next day, and it was awesome. These guys I mean they’re there, a hard-working people. They usually come in each week. In our coaching meetings and in our coaching meeting we always a sign people action item. So when you, if you are a member of our coaching program, you are going to be asked to do action items in those action items. They don’t you having an excuse that you validate by just saying I was too busy isn’t going to help. You grow right. You just coming to a meeting and having a epiphany after epiphany learning of what to do. That’s not going to help. You actually have to do the work that is required, and so the guys at platinum pass they’ve been implementing diligently these systems for a long time, and so they are growing they’re going to the next level and I’m just telling you I am so excited for them.

That question was asked before the break was:what do you need to do before you start a business while you got I’ve had that work at I can I’m telling you what they’re building a large business conferences team? Now, if you do a google search for platinum, pest & lawn with all do I search the platinum pest & lawn and I know we have more listeners around the world to do. Platinum pest & lawn, tulsa, alright! So what’s get a hundred I tell you what tribe, nation there’s about a hundred thousand, if you out there what search for platinum, pest & lawn, tulsa right now and let’s try to crash their website, but that’s all quick, the website cuz. What happened to this? How you catch the website? They have a godaddy account and I know this, because you help them right in their website can only handle a certain number of people on the site at one time. Let’s see if we create a good problem for them by everybody right now:googling platinum, pest & lawn tulsa, and once you do that you’re going to find their website and check it all the people on their team they’re building, a team of people may have over a hundred twenty-five great reviews at the platinum dash pest control.Com, an inspection right now and you can get at a fine reminder, termite damage they can do $200 off first termite treatment for you, okay and the cool thing about these guys. You can take your wife out to dinner. You know 45 * there to go to publix classy like brahms that yeah I know. If you go to place, it’s really classic charleston’s and i.

Suppose that’s probably twice yeah. Maybe if you go to pollo grill, that’s half of a maybe we’ll get you some bread. You got. There was some bread and some polo grill better on it yeah. We can take you out somewhere nice thing about these guys I’m a busy guy at work. You’ll have time to go home during the day, so my wife went home to meet them, will not only do they call you and text you the day before they also send you a photo of who the person is coming, now, see. If so, you feel so it’s so sad that the best system ever accepted at 918-376-0857. It’s okay, 918-376-0857 pest, control.Com, 918-376-0857, 9, minutes. What. Do you wish you knew about culture creation? When you first started your business I wish that I would have known that I only did I just needed to do group interviews every week. I didn’t know that I wish I would have done group interviews every week. Cash I would have the years back. I wish I could have the years back I’m just that the hours back I mean literally hours and I would say at least 3 weeks of my year were talking about a hundred twenty hours a year, just wasted interviewing one-on-one business conferences people. It’s just a complete waste of time to sit down an interview. Somebody one-on-one until you’ve sifted people through the group interview process group interview process is chip. Please explain what the group interview process it really get into the details. Give to the weed to me:where does it start? How do we get to go home and get bath? Looking’s breakdown? How does the group interview process work so the group interview process, if you’ve never heard of this before it might seem backwards? It’s not where one can. It goes in an interview with a group of people at the place of employment.

You are actually the person, that’s interviewing all of the candidates at one single time, at your place of business, it’s just like the nfl combine central. So. What you got to do, whatever position created job post, that you got to create a job post that will reach out to these high quality candidates, will put a link to the perfect job post cuz. We can help you write the job post and it’s okay. If you’re saying is i, don’t even know how to write a job post which app will help you do that are different coaches to help you and me and check this out. You need to post every week on indeed and craigslist. That’s right! That’s the next step is to post these things and what he said is so important. Every week do this every week do not be hiring as a one-time event. You will somebody will go crazy, somebody will have to move and you will not have a replacement, line., so post every then wrap them when you get emails and from these business conferences job postings are going to reply to them with the date in the time and everything they need to know about the interview you hold the weekly interview after a single wake every single week old, the interview when you find candidates that you like from that group interview thing you invite them to shadow shadow yourself or your top players. You do not let people shadow these b and c d level players and see if it’s a good fit for you in there a good fit in the company’s good fit for them, and then, if you like them after the saturday you hire month and I’ll, put this on the show the patriots website. If you go on the transactions to show you what they’re doing right now, because you’re doing it again, they are in the process of building this year’s team and I get more excited preseason before the season even starts almost done.

I do when the season starts, because right now is when they’re winning right they’re going to kick your butt on the field because they’re kicking your butt recruiting. Now. Look at me just sign this guy from the fifth round. They got a sixth-round and they got braxton berrios miami florida braxton. This is great. Look at this. No one knows who he is the 210 to pick look at them very is look up and he’s going to be great. You know why, because every guy they get is the same guy. Always trade away is first round draft picks. Why does he do it champ? Why those first round draft picks are super expensive and they come with baggage. Typically right, one of them are entitled because I’ve been told for ever that they’re the best player ever high school college. You ain’t bad guy. Look at this guy. Looking to 59183 he’s going to be on the patriots going to come to me, braxton berrios linebacker! We just sign these guys are great. Looking never heard of these people, christians sam arizona state, coming in hot in the sixth round. You know why you’re going to be great chris and sam cuz I know that if bill belichick drafted you you’re high character guy, that’s all he does look at this. Ryan is over. It is over shit, so we just got. This is oprah. She is out who do the patriots? We already have a tight end. His name is rob gronkowski. Why are we drafting tight end because business conferences entitlement sets in the people want a big contract? Gronkowski keep talking about how he wants more freedom needs to be paid more in mr. Gronkowski, we have a thing called a salary cap in the salary cap is the team as a certain max amount of money that we can pay all 53 players, that’s right, very talented player. We have to play. We have to pay other players, mr.

Gronkowski, it’s what we have to do. We have the patriots. If we have to tell you whether they have to say hey, you know is all we can pay and then you are a superstar, and so now you are going to hop in the mic off on twitter, whatever you do going to have to stir it up a little bit try to get more money and then eventually we’re going to replace you with is over she’s out because it does matter it’s the system. You are the patriots winning percentage, chaplin tom brady doesn’t play. No I would like to speculate. I would like to say they at least win 70% of the games when tom brady doesn’t play i, don’t know the statistic where to pull it up right now. What what is the winning percentage of the patriots win? Tom brady, does not play okay’s patriots, given now he’s going to find it is there’s a time constraint you never want to put some listeners. I would have to get there. I will always result their email us to info at thrive time. Show.Com, don’t google it first. Just guess just guess the first one that guess I’ll give you a free ticket to a workshop. You just got to you got to guess:what’s the winning percentage of the new england patriots win, tom brady does not play. Who was putting the business conferences stats at their would use permalinks, better and images meta tags better. They probably could have been easier. You found it and haven’t found it and haven’t found it. Okay, we’ll come back right. Nation. Give me just one second I’m going to find it for you right now. Today is your day. I have found a job. I have found the winning percentage of the new england patriots win. Tom brady is not playing.

What is the winning percentage 684, which is 68% almost 70% I was off by 2%. That’s pretty good! That’s pretty awesome, that’s better than that you’re starting superstar! That’s a few games! The year the tom brady missed the entire year matt cassel, who was general matt, cassel factoid for you. When you come back castle hear about it. He never played a game of college football. That’s why I said he was on the team. You like backup, third string 8-3 on or is he just come out on the team, but they drafted him and when they patriots wanted to draft matt cassel. Apparently everybody on the team was saying like who is he like? How do you even know he exists? How do you know if you want to draft him? What are you go to college or show into a research festival here, matt cassel? Where did matt cassel go to college? You find a map of southern california castle awesome, so nothing works unless your people do nothing works unless your people do so. What do I wish I would have known. I didn’t know that so the higher these shady be character, people that a skill I kept hiring for skill and then trying to teach character and had all my business conferences meetings had to be motivational and teaching people how to be good people and teaching people how life works and I don’t have to do that. I sprinkle in some self-help in our meeting for tomorrow, which were like this is what you need to do. Some of the day you were the dallas cowboys back in the day and now you’re the patriots tom, brady or I’m, not obsessed with me, englander boston I own. The only reason I like the patriots because of bill belichick’s system cuz systems are what builds a successful company is dr. Sibley, the chiropractor sibley systems are almost chosen chiropractor for the great one dr. Sibley yeah his chiropractic.

So if it’s good enough for him is good enough, for me, I’ll say that much eye doctor sibley’s got same-day appointment shorts and no wait time. They do full service. They’ve got it dr., john, sibley., com, dr, j, o h, n sibley, how to get a hold of him. That’s his website. You can call him at 918-749-5741. He might have neck pain, shingles, asthma, asthma, elbow pain, arm pain, back pain, bedwetting chuck. These are all things that can help with. What’s his contact information, dr. John, sibley., com, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com or call him today at nine one, eight, seven, four 5741 again, that’s 918-749-5741! Let him get your back in alignment and get back to feeling good. Today, 918-749-5741, no broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive15.Com world headquarters of time show all trap nation. Welcome! Back to the conversation, my name is clay clark and we are answering questions that you have been emailing to info at drivetime joe.Com. Most of these questions are related to the my personal history are examples or what I’ve gone through until I try to get them all bundled up into one show. So we can answer a lot of questions. Cuz we like to make the show focused on you, aren’t tired all to help you become successful help you grow a business help you want that company help you scale that business help you achieve that time, freedom, but you want to know a little bit more about me until I went to answer your questions as they’re coming in so chocolate cigarettes. Question! Okay! Next question is:how do you use your gut feeling to make business conferences decisions? I? Don’t know. I, don’t at all statistics find it. My my gut is always wrong. Hi I’ve, literally I feel, like my gut, is a hundred percent wrong. A hundred for the times, i. Think it mike or I am a simple person who only by the grace of god, is saved it anytime, I ask myself what would I do? It doesn’t go well like a stanza, so my wife, though I live with my wife, I think my wife somehow has like jesus.

You save your christmas list have god in your heart. You know, but I do my wife somehow there’s at the father, the son, the holy, ghost and the holy trinity i. Think that the holy spirit inhabits my wife all the time, because she always makes wise decisions sage from the gut I make no wise decisions. I literally have not made a good decision from the guy. I want to do something:jared hogan one of our listeners out that he’s in boston now he knows, but I had a competitor back in the day. That said some stuff about me, that was inaccurate and I was still operating in the gut from a drum the right, and it wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fun for him to see me just destroy a competitor, I mean and I and I did it and I did it and got one of the business conferences and I can tell you that I took all the business from here. So I did. This is me from the gut I had a competitive set, some stuff that wasn’t true about me and I was very frustrated about this, and so I tried to correct it. So you know first I call the bridal show when I’m a kid, his guys, emailing and their cell. What will tell what will tell him I’ll talk to him and I still emailing, all of the bride to attending the wedding, show and telling them that my wife and I didn’t actually start the company that we come from money or that just little things like art, the other. We have a history of not showing up for weddings, or that has he can be kept right, and so then I called the guy directly. Who did get a dui this guy and I’m so excited to his career, ended miserably. So that’s the gut coming out again there. But what happened was this guy was really just a disaster of a human and so I called him up and I said hey. If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing I’m going to have to you know, get crazy music words that mean you don’t want me to get crazy.

Cuz I get crazy with you crazy. It’s a long story short I ended up. I ended up telling every bride at the wedding show that if they wanted us to do their wedding for a dollar, we would, and you only had to pay us if you were happy. So if you were happy, you could just pay us a calf to tap that deals have but a dollar down a deposit or not happy cuz. I said this. Guy is saying I’m, not a good dj service or guys don’t do a good job, so I’m willing to do your wedding for a dollar down. If you like it., if not you don’t pay today and he’s brides, are like okay, well, I started getting into a loop of doing that doing a lot of dollar weddings, a lot of them just to put them out of business right, because I knew that I could scale and I can make profit. If we did like in a 50 shows in a weekend, I can make my money off the first 30 or 40, and then those next 10 I could just take money from his work for him and I would just did I would just every week just keep doing the business conferences guys would come and go dude. Are you sure you won’t do another dollar show yes, cuz I was listening to my gut and so I was like a remix of it came out years ago. Listen to your heart when it’s called in, for you listen to your there’s, nothing else. You can do i, don’t know and i, don’t know why, but I destroyed that guy, that’s right and I really am now i. Do is i. Ask myself desert this girl was good question. I

s my process? I put it on my clipboard and i, don’t ask for 24 hours, but that’s that step. One I put on my clipboard I donate for 24 hours, so I can right now we’ve got a person who is it just a moron who should not have attended our workshop but who did attend our workshop and who could not stop making cell phone calls during winter people? Speaking with an errand antis the wiz shaw homes at the largest home builder ayala home building company in oklahoma, you know, he’s speaking:we’ve got clay stairs. Former school teacher turn millionaire speaker. We had. We had to hurt people who had tim redmond speak in the past, west carter, the 450 people, and he was once my boss and that company was called tax and accounting software corporation. We had west carter with winters and king. He he’s the attorney of choice for td jakes he’s worth of joel osteen craig rochelle with life church. We have some great people speaking and the most disrespectful thing you can do is just to continue to operate. Your own pop-up call center in the back of the conference and so also I’m a judeo-christian right, and so this guy has values that are antagonistic to mine. Like his business conferences  worldview doesn’t fit within the framework of the western culture, this guy-and he just continues to just play, give me on the internet and so I wanted to say some things, but I didn’t thought about it for 24 hours, in this case, I thought about for 72 hours and on monday I’ll make a decision. That would be something that god would be proud of. Some of that my wife would be proud of, and anytime I listened to. My gut I always regret it I just every single time, if I ever make a decision based on my god i, always regret it. Somebody out there going to disagree with me and that’s fine, but that that was the question was asked that I’m giving you my honest answer there.

That’s what we were okeechobee back to business change is a constant. How do you adapt yourself in your company’s to this change after everything I like to see what works I can I go back to I’m, always looking for best practices, and if it’s been proven to work, then I’m going to do it. I think one example would be google reviews. You know the companies I work with I mean we. We, we really are at the forefront of making sure that we gather some see reviews for my real customers. So if you look at the phone doctors, we have like 20 400 reviews today, 2400 reviews at phone doctors. If you look up the thrive time show me, we’ve got 1500 some of the reviews from real people who attended our workshops from people who listen to a podcast video reviews me I just dominate the gathering of reviews from your customers to adopt. You know what I like oxy fresh at 229,000 google reviews right now, we’re top of the world for the phrase carpet cleaning quotes 3000 reviews. Let me have $130,000, look that up real, quick and I’ll try another company that has a lot of google reviews at the williams contracting williams contracting, these guys at williams contract there, a phone number is 918-682-5511. What they do. Is these guys help you? If your? If your have a building? Let’s say you want to expand your business conferences church. Let’s say you want to add on an addition to your commercial business. Let’s say you want to add on to your shopping center, build a new shopping, so he’s got to northeastern state university they’ve done the the carefirst pharmacy, the first baptist in muskogee they’ve done the okmulgee county judicial authority jail annex people like their edition, so much they’re traveling to okmulgee and not leaving there just to check out the architecture that will dash khan.Com it’s williams contracting get williams contracting, checking out at the wheel, dash khan.Com and tell matt clark search up fidget. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can topical castano, pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans forecasted from lance to the left? Portland, you can do it. Yes, you can dance, and now my friends, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see her yes, and that would stick it like that man.

Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark of the former ussv, a entrepreneur of the year, the father of five kids I own and run different companies. If you want to look at some of the brands, I work with that would be, you could check out to have a phone doctors.Com. You can check out to that’s a phone repair business, so you can check out full package media as a company. We coach with that’s a full package media other, the top rated real estate. Photography company in dallas, I’m, so excited to see them grow in and take off and and thomas and gretchen are our joy to work with score basketball, the top rated a basketball facility in oklahoma, pretty much my business conferences clients, I work with become category leaders so I’m, not in a lot of them, reach out to me before they’re even started, and so I help them become a category leader, or we have a lot of category leaders that reach out to me and say:hey my company’s rocking, but I want to die, and so we help people grow. Their companies are revolution health. We help those guys grow. I can just go on listing these over and over and over by just wanna. Let you know, I’m real human I really did bill dj connection.Com. If you check it out the real,, it still exist today, I sold it to build epic photos., I’m, always the one who breeds the life into the thing starts.

The thing gets the thing going, because so many people battle doubt they battle fear they battle and I feel like that’s. My superpower is to help people start companies and grow them and I like to hop on the show two hours a day to teach you things you need to know to grow your business and recently had a lot of listeners who emailed into info at thrive time. Show.Com wanting to know how can I grow my business, and we answer me answer those questions we haven’t. Even more people reach out recently wanted to know hey specific about you, the person. So let’s go this week. What is the number one book that every entrepreneur who is listening needs to read:think and grow rich by napoleon hill by leon, think and grow rich by napoleon, hill, I change, my wife change the way, I think about business and pretty much killed, the reckless ambition and taught me to be more thoughtful and purposeful, with how I spend my day, it’s the number one self-help book of all time outside of the chicken soup for the soul series on it was written by napoleon hill, who was an apprentice of andrew carnegie and the man who worked with franklin delano roosevelt’s to help him during the time of the depression. He also worked closely with oral roberts, who was your biscuit world roberts business, coach and I named my son after the author after I read everything he never written I need. My son to my son’s name is aubrey napoleon hill clark. You got to read that book so now that we kind of know the history that book. Why does every aspiring entrepreneur need to read that book? What what in your mind, watch what a concept with 3 or 4 that blow your mind one? Is it teaches you that you have to have a definite chief aim? You’re obsessed with so I have been obsessed obsessed with answering all the questions that anyone has when they email them to info at thrive time.

Show.Com, that’s been my obsession and I’ve been obsessed with mentoring millions for now this business conferences week, 9 years so for 9 years, I’ve been obsessed with mentoring, millions largest dj entertainment company in the world and I did that so then I moved on my new obsession is mentoring. Millions, so I’m, obsessed with having a definite chief aim is, was one that’s adekan to be teachers to he. Talks about burning your boats and not having a back-up plan. Ask you to create the burning desire that is required to keep you inspired. You got to burn the boat, so you don’t have a back-up plan need to burn the boats that took you to the enemy territory. So you don’t have a back-up plan and most people think that’s crazy, but that’s the only way to do it in the game of business. If you have a back-up plan, the third country teaches is the power of the mastermind now the mastermind is a concept where you want to surround yourself with people that are better than you in different areas. So you want to surround yourself because you become your network. Becomes your net worth of you become the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. So you have a very very careful about who you spend your time with me. That’s why I live behind a wall in a bunker in a bunker and I only invite people over here that are sources of inspiration, i, really i! Don’t even want people who are low functioning people i! Don’t want no function. People over my house because I can’t aim it at my house. I. Don’t like people coming in here with her problems. There are there alcoholism their addictions, their excuses there, their wife abuses, i, don’t want it in my house. I don’t have over here. I want to have a positive place and I call it.

The man cave is a place where my mastermind occurs:three powerful principles. The book teaches in the 4th I think it’s just wow showstopper is it’s over deliver and then to be over paid exactly if you do more than you’re paid to do you always make more, then you should you always get promoted. Under-deliver man you’re going to get cut from the team you’re going to get fired, you’re going to be micromanaged you’re going to be really happy, you’re going to lose from last segment. 9532 google reviews talk about. Well, you know. Glad, you adopt a new thing:i, don’t I die. Pretty, slowly, two things, but then once I adopt you a proven strategy. I will dominate it because I have like a a psychological problem. It makes me enjoy doing the same thing everyday. Once I find that new same thing it’s on here we go right back to you, okay. What is something that you would do with your business? If you were a hundred percent, confident that it would not fail, I would do our conferences on cruise. What the hell I like where this is going, then I would do that. Yes for sure I would do my I would do all I want to do that. Yes, I would like to do our conference designer birthday homie. Let’s do it. That sounds fine. Will you just run with that? You fire up. You start selling my wife on that idea, but that’s what I would do, because I think that it would be the perfect environment for people to learn and for my kids and I have a great time. People would love that I know. I know in the thing is, and now I’m not talking about just called the law of attraction to speak it into existence. You can’t say things. This is why I’m so calculate the words I say, but you’re listening right now and you would like to go on a thrive, cruise business conferences or workshop, please email info at thrive time should I tell me what gauge interest and when there is a market we will fill it once, but I’m just telling you I just submitted the first lead, prophetically i. Think it’s going to happen so I just work shops on cruise boats, so that is what I would do if I knew it wouldn’t fail. That is amazing. How catch up to you, if you had you, would double your business. If you had the skill, if I could sing, if I could sit know if I could sing like i, can you know.

To know, but I mean if I could sing like as good as john legend I would be probably the most successful musician of all time, low, discernible talents or skills, but if I could sing like that and I grinded, that would be one stop. That’s why you look at john, legend and he’s a hard worker is the most successful. People are all grinder speaking of grinding, if you have a ford-and you hear some grinding going on underneath that hood or in the transmission or something you have got to reach out to the guys over at rc auto specialists. Com, okay got a tea combined years of experience working on ford’s. So if you got suspension problems, alignment problems, heat and air system transmission problems, anything that’s going on with your vehicle get ahold of the guys at rc, auto specialists. You can call him at 918-872-8115 918-872-8115 or check them out at rc, auto, specialists., com, really good high character, people if you’re nervous about having a mechanic. These are your guys if your car is making this sound check them out, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the year clark copy, the sea. What radio am I tripping or of the year since you’re on a mission to make your financial problems disappear? I have a obsession with helping you to become successful, but the quote the the poet the author, the actress maya angelou, would-and she is so eloquently said she said nothing works.

Unless you do nothing will work unless you do and I think there’s a lot of people that are listen to the show that if finally found it there, so you finally found your show went all about doing things it’s about application. Our entire show is about applying things. Knowledge without application is meaningless in our entire show. Is about application? It’s what will teach you? What to do will show you why you need to do it will answer your questions until we got to do it. We have to rise & grind at business conferences. Talk leads to poverty, but actually doing something is what creates success again. Talk leads to poverty talk, talk leads to poverty music from the bible proverbs 14:23. All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty chubb. So question from listeners out there who said play I’ve got a few questions for you and we want to answer those final three questions on today show, but again mr. Listener just apply what you’ve learned and in due time, you’ll have money to burn chuck back to you, okay. So the next question is:if the wall street, journal or forbes, were to write a story about you, mr. Clay clark. What would it say what you wanted to say? I would want it to talk about my struggle to live in f6 life and what an f6 life is because the f6 life is achieving success near zero, faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun right and I will get it now and I say:okay, what areas I’m going to say my faith right now, I’m a solid, come to you right now, I’m a solid c-minus in my face right now:okay, like i, believe in god I know he died for my sins. I, don’t know how it works. I believe in my phone I know:i pick it up when I call with it and I know that it works, but i, don’t i, don’t i, don’t have a big understanding of it, so that that tends to create doubt whenever I start to think about it.

So i, just don’t I just have like a horse with blinders i, just go so faith I’m a c minus working up to abby. Hopefully, this year, family, family I’m a solid, be right now I feel like you know, I could be better as a dad might be minus the act c+, okay, better so faith and family I’ll finances I feel like I’m in a that’s. What I do it’s not that easy for me to? That’s the business is what I do I enjoy doing it? Fitness probably I can see you know see what trying to get into abby really has to do with saying no to business project. So I’ve got a good routine going now starting to get. You know a little bit of a little bit of strength back starting to feel more motivated to do things but jawlines getting chiseled I appreciate that have to say no to business deals to work out growing up, not having money and it having people coming to you presenting you with opportunities now I have to say no to a lot of things as a coaching program. We can only handle a hundred and sixty files, you know, and so I just can’t is only so much I can do that and I don’t want to grow. The team, if i, really thought about that i, don’t want to hire more people. I don’t want to get bigger. By doing it, improve the team and you’re. Seeing me do that yeah we are. The patriots have a 53-man roster, that’s kind of how I view our team. Are you doing a hundred man, roster I’m, just trying to improve our our team, has lily and are courting I just want to get better and better by not trying to grow it sew faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship, I feel, like my friendships, are in a right now. I’m only I only spend time with business conferences people i, like so a plus their friendship and then the fun I like fun. It right now I’m into a I’m into a flow state where I actually went on a vacation and had a good time.

You planned out your phone on your vacation vacation said no expectations, so bad I felt so bad. My kids, my wife, doesn’t want to go to st peter’s of florida or go to the beach and they’re like to go, find your phone I’m. Sorry I was just so unable to relax and I try to schedule some work appointment while I was gone and I just I screwed up the whole thing as a note to successful trip in a row since I’m looking to do a third one here in chaps. What’s the next question of the vacation, turkey recommend for honors.Com podcast that I listen to that I like because of the business principles I’ve learned, but of the last like 20, that this person to put out we’ve had shows about psychedelic shows about drugs, shows about he just putting out more and more stuff. That’s more and more anti. My worldview right, I think dave ramsey’s a great website, great resource to learn how to plan out your finances, obviously biased. But the cool thing about the right time show is it’s a compilation of all of this stuff? You could go out and read or listen to all these different things, but that’s what we’ve done here and made all of these resources at once every day and you just go there:i need to listen to a podcast. Some people learn better by watching a video. So you can watch our our training. Videos online are training, paul biya, thousands of videos that you can watch featuring, a mentorship from david robinson, the nba hall of famer michael levine, the de pr consultants for a nike for a pizza hut for prince, and we have.

We talked to vice president, who managed walt disney world in 40,000 employees, johnny g on their who invented the spin class I mean the guy 1.3 million people every morning. We’re using his program. You don’t do it. I was encouraged you to go to thrive time, show.Com every day and just spend 15 minutes a day on their listen to podcasts or looking at downloadable. So we can help you it’s all actionable to it’s, not just some kind of fury. It’s things you can actually put into practice today. So have you seen the tower of power that darlene’s working on it’s awesome and it’s sick? It’s just everything from the foundation to the top if. You go to thrive time. Show.Com forward, slash tower of paris in the new artistic. When he’s doing i, don’t know i, don’t think so. Oh boy, your mind:isn’t he blowing soon I’m ready to tell him I said the vision I have the one to feel like it could fit into the movie batman or it could fit into the website for the divide version of the big was the largest hotel in the world. I wanted it to look like that, like a tower so he’s getting so little, look less like a cartoon and more like the avatar me crazy, but you go to thrive time, show.Com for tower of power there. You can see all the systems that I teach and they’re all there for you and our coaching program exists to help you implement what you’re learning back to your last question:here’s a good one. What is the best coaching advice? You would give to entrepreneurs and need a coach if you don’t have the area of your life, where you aren’t having success, you need a guide or a business conferences mint or he’s already done it.

So it is example. If you’re listening right now-and you say I’m really struggling with my faith, then you need to go out there and find a pastor. If you are somebody out there and you say I’m really, my faith is going good, but I need I need to stay in that group. I would highly recommend everybody find a church. Go find a church stay in that group. Fitness you’re not in shape, go find a personal trainer finances hire a business coach. If you need help growing a business hire us will help, you grow a business, we do it all the time. This is what we do if you’re not getting in shape, hire personal trainer, that’s what they do. If you help with your accounting I’ll reach out to hood cpas me, you just have to find a mentor to help. You have success in the area where you’re struggling and, if you think, about steve jobs. So what you write this down. Steve jobs write down the name. Steve jobs write down the name:jeff beezus, with steve jobs in jeff bezos have in common the founder of amazon, the founder of the founder of google that larry and sergey into it. But what do all these founders have in common? They all hired a business coach, what they hired a business coach, the name of bill campbell and we’ll put a link on the show note to bill campbell’s you to learn more about him, but bill campbell was the business coach for all these giants. These people weren’t successful. Just by luck. They were successful as a result of having a business coach who helped guided them up to dry them, hold them accountable and help them to make good wise decision. Wise counsel, absolutely change your life. Drive nation I’d love to see you at our next in person, I workshop next one. What was the next date of the next business conferences or workshop june 22nd and 23rd? It’s a friday and saturday june 22nd and june 23rd and are 20,000 square foot facility and beautiful jinx america on the riverwalk in near tulsa. Oklahoma buy your tickets today at thrive time, show


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