Clay Clark and Dr. Z share their controversial world-views while introducing the Thrive Nation to Dane and the Soup and his musical juice.

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Clay Clark and Dr. Z share their controversial world-views while introducing the Thrive Nation to Dane and the Soup and his musical juice.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song. To be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke but to feel that way all the time.” – Russell Simmons (American entrepreneur, producer, and author. The chair and CEO of Rush Communications, he co-founded the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.” – Ayn Rand

  1. Happiness Is the end game
  2. The world needs more love.
    1. There is enough hate and negativity in the world and we don’t need more.
    2. You should keep yourself from being offended and be more tolerant.
    3. If you let things people do to you fester inside of you, you hurt no one other than yourself. It is scientifically proven.
  3. Too many people focus on the negative
    1. How many articles that are on the news are positive and how many of them are negative?
      1. Positive: 0
      2. Negative: 4
    2. You choose who you hang out with. You can choose to hang out with negative people.
  4. Too many people live in the past
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Audio Transcription

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Z on today’s show, we’re going to start today’s show. Yes, with. We have a guy in the studio who has talent. Oh yeah. Which hasn’t happened at all. Whenever you’ve been gone, it’s like when you’re gone, there’s no talent in the room, so we bring on guests like Josh with living water. He has talent. Oh, of course. We’ve got Andrew with talent, but now we’ve got a guy. We’ve got a lot of talent. This guy’s got a super talent, super talent. He can play an instrument, super tele. He can say, Dane, will you tell the great folks all around this great country who listened to our podcast each and every month, what, what your name is and where they can learn more about you. Yeah. My name is Dane Arnold and I’m from Austin, Texas. You can check out our website, Dane and the soup. Dane and the soup, the soup gain and the soup.

Let’s get, let’s get into the soup. Let’s let’s get some gumbo going. Let’s stir it up. Go ahead and get chicken utero. We did our intro music. We can start a show. Josh, can we start our show without our intro? Music can never start without the intro. You got to have the intro. Go start with the room. If you’re making a gumbo, you make an a soup. You got to start with, start with the roof. It was really rude. Laid down some room. All right. Wow. We little started from the bottom. You know what I mean? That’s how we typically do it here.

Started from the bottom. Now we got it from the bottom. Now though. Got it from the bottom. Now we got it from the bottom. Now we ah, Oh yeah. One more time. If I get home from the bottom. Now we started from the bottom. Now we, Oh yeah, from the bottom. Now we’re here and we want to get to over there. Nice. Now, now on today’s show, what we’re going to do is we’re going to, we’re going to make today’s theme of our show kind of tie in to our guest, and so it’s going to be a musical show. So you’ve eaten a very musical show. Well, that’s way up there. You got any moment we might bust into Prince saw Louis Martinez, he yada yada. You know, we might, we have to do that. We might, we might Josh. Yes. Josh, I’ve got to ask the question that all of our listeners wants to know is, is dr Z gonna sing acapella, you know, uh, hopefully for our listeners sake.

No, because then you know, that’s a nice thing about radio and podcasts. You can always turn it down. A lot of editing, a lot of editing. No, seriously, what I want to talk about today and I want, I wantZ to, um, I want you to share with us your thoughts on this because there are so many people out there that are living their life in a cage. Oh wow. We’re free. We have a great country. So many people have fought to provide us the opportunities we have. Yeah. But there are some people who live in this cage called, I want to be liked by everyone. Ooh, I every one. So let’s say it’s a metaphorical cage. You’re not literally in a cage. So let’s do it. Some people want to be liked by everyone. And the problem is, is that everyone wants to be liked by everyone except for the people who change things.

And so what I want to do is I want you to think a second, mr listener, this is listener. I want you to take notes and I’d like you to write down portions of this quote and think about it, and I want to get Z’s take on it. Okay, Josh, his take on it and we get Dane’s take on it and then Dan gets to T. every time Dan answers a question, he gets to play a song. I think he should sing his answer. Oh, really? I mean, I don’t know. I mean, I’m just going out on a limb here. I mean, okay, he’s got a guitar, he’s Mike dub. He’s obviously very talented. Yeah. And I think that’s a challenge. A little. Let’s throw out the Dane challenge. Okay, fine. Here’s the DC. He can respond with a song. So his answer can be a song.

So then it goes, this is going to go from you to Josh, to Andrew, then back to Dane. For a song. That’s what we’re going to do. I think that’s kind of a fast paced shot. All right, so here we go. This is, this is how it works here. Okay, let’s go this way. Fine. Russell Simmons, the producer, um, who introduced hip hop to America, the main, the main man behind Def jam, uh, and, uh, Def jam Def comedy jam, he writes, the goal is to be able to sing your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song to be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke. But to feel that way all the time. That that’s Russell Simmons now, um, it’s, this is where the question comes in. Now here we go and you get ready. What is one thing that you believe dr Zelman that nobody else

beliefs so much of the world. So much of the United States is polarized and the four letter word that I have for everybody does it going to be tough to hold? I hope you’re pulling over. Just pull over. [inaudible]

it doesn’t run with duck, does it? I don’t think so. Okay. Yeah, maybe hit the edit button.

I don’t, I don’t even know. Wow. But the four letter word that I have for you is drum roll. Please.

[inaudible] wait for it. Wait for it.

That’s impressive. That’s impressive. Oh, nailed it is love.

You see here, clay, everybody wants love, but very few people are willing to unconditionally give love. In other words, if you jump through this hoop, if you think the way, I think, if you do what I do, if, if you love me first, you know all these blanks filled in, then I will show love to you. And yet we’re called to love one another. And that right there, if we just did more of that, you live this by the way, we would forgive each other. We would understand each other. We would agree to disagree, but we still love each other. And in this country there’s so much hate

limits. The other four letter word, role play. Let’s role play. Let’s role play. Okay, so dr Zellner, I am in favor of building a huge wall. And just for the sake, just for the sake of this discussion, let’s say you’re not okay, I’m in favor of building a huge wall. I want to keep people out.

And I’ve cut into cages too. I mean, do you know what I mean? If somebody’s really far extreme, I want to build a huge wall, no boundaries to this. I mean, I don’t care. I want to build a wall and I want everybody to carry a fully loaded weapon at all times and I’m into guns and gold and I’m like the farthest extreme libertarian out there and I’m attacking you and I’m going, you know, and you’re wrong. And then you’re, I can’t even believe you think the way you think about, you know, not using cages and maybe having a wall but not like, you know, an oppressive, you know, nationalistic worldview here, you know, um, and you know, I’m attacking you going, you’re, you’re crazy. You’re a bad person. How do you show love that? Well, I mean, love is shown in a number of ways.

You know, when I had an old Tomcat, he showed love by leaving a dead mouse. On my front porch. Did you know that? That’s, I did not know that. You’ve got a lot of cats around here. Did they not bring dead animals and leave them on your porch? A frog? I tried to eat him a, you’re like, Oh my gosh, dinner. Wow. Dinner again. You know, I’ll probably eat 10. So there’s a lots of ways you can show love and a lot of love is maybe not showing hate, maybe being tolerant, maybe saying, you know what, that’s an idea. I’ll think about that. But, uh, what can I do for you? How are you doing? And I wish you well. You know, you may not agree with what you’re saying, but that doesn’t mean you attack them on their principles. You know, you might have a healthy discussion with them.

Why do you feel, I mean, sometimes people are so unhealthily narrow-minded, it’s hard to have a discussion with them, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t love them. And sometimes a good boundary, you know, his love to, you know, you a good fence makes a good neighbor. And so sometimes you have to put that fence up and realize, but that doesn’t mean you bash them. That doesn’t mean you go on social media and rail about how horrible an idea and how ignorant a person they are. That’s not love. Let’s do this then. Because danger, you’re thinking of a song right now, right? It might be a little controversial. It might be a song where it’s a worldview that maybe we all don’t agree with and you can share it on this show. But, but the thing is that it can’t have any other that really provocative cursing.

But I’m just trying to make a tree has time to prepare. I know, I know, I know. But, but the thing about it is that would be a, a provocative view that I am sharing with our listeners out there that we all need more of. And if we all had more of that, more love, more love for one another. And love means forgiveness. I remember as a kid, you know, we would grow up and you know, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you. Now it’s like we just live in this world of, of, it’s not whether you’re going to be offended, but how many times today are you going to be offended and and twist what they said to be an offense to you and it’s just, it’s such a weird thing of everybody going, Oh, is that racist? Is that this? Is that that is that this is that. That is that. That’s offensive. That, I mean I hear so many people that come and go that’s offensive and I’m like, well, what I’m going to pick out? Sorry. I mean it’s like what somebody else said. I’m like, how? How can that people are offended by everything? They’re by everything.

Even if you’re not offended, they’re offended. They weren’t offended.

Yeah, they’re offended. I’m not offended. In fact, I should be, I’m going to be offended until otherwise noted. Yes. Say that my, my big world thing that’s kind of not out there a lot is, is love and if we all love one another more this country, this world would be a better place for it.

Oh, you need his love. Oh, you need is all you need. Is love, love Z. Oh, is all you need. Okay. So Josh, yes, Josh, tell us a controversial worldview that you have and the only boundaries are don’t make it psychosexual. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, okay. I can put that parameter up there. Cause I know John go there. I’m just saying, I mean I have certain perimeters. It’s like Whoa, I mean rule, I’m just reading my cue cards here. Don’t make it psychosexual. One of the producers must have written that Andrea wrote dad, glad they put that out there, but okay, back to you sir.

So, uh, I think my big one is that, uh, I believe the majority of people thrive off of negativity. I think people focus so much of their energy and so much of their time and so much of their effort on negativity, they want to watch the news and all of this drama and all this nonsense and all this pain and heartache. And I guess it really piggybacks off of what drZ said. But I, I sincerely truly believe that the majority of people would rather have negativity in their life because then they have the drama. And all that as opposed to if you could just shift to positivity, surround yourself with positive people and choose to be grateful. You know, we as a society, I mean especially here, and I could go into a long soapbox here, but if you just choose to operate from a position of gratitude and choose to focus on the positive as opposed to what it Sally Sue say about this and what does Billy Bob doing? But yeah, Sal likes to say,

now I’m going to, I’m going to, I’m going to go ahead and call you out on this. Okay. And I’m going to, Andrew, I want you to, and Andrew by the way, suffering from Krupin cough mixed with the West Nile virus. The flu. Yeah, the West, South and he’s doing good. So I’m going to read off the news articles right now from, from USA or from a CNN Z. Just the, just, just the titles, just the title. And I would like if you would share with, if you would count Andrew, if you, if you can stop from dying while counting and I’d like for you to count okayed with one hand if it’s a, if it’s a positive or a negative story. Okay. We’re just keeping track. Okay. You can type on the show notes area. There we go. So Lewandowski is heated during hearing. Is that a positive or a negative?

Andrew, what do you think? Is that Z? Is it positive or negative? I don’t know. I mean sometimes he did. Sometimes, let me make it positive. Lewandowski is in heat with his wife. Is he positive spin, but it was a negative psychosexual. Adam [inaudible] do certain notes. Same way. Right now. I’m just saying that right now. That was a negative. That’s one. Oh Oh for one on one. Next one. What reveals is saying Hispanic supporters look like a wasp looks more like a wasp than I do what Trump reveals and saying Hispanic supporters look more like a wasp than I do. I think that’s, is that a tie telling you that? Yo. What’s hard to tell is that like a bumblebee? I look more like a bumblebee. I mean a wasp. I think that it has to be not, not a positive. Let’s do another one.

Let’s see here. Yeah, no pirates. Pittsburgh pirates. Star accused of Pittsburgh pirates. Star accused of soliciting a child for unlawful sexual content. Okay. That’s a negative violation of the rule. You can be psychosexual over three. Let me do one more. I exhibited reading the top three here. [inaudible] man, man killed three masked teens as they tried to Rob his home. Okay. These are negatives. These are not positives. These are not paused. Cokie Roberts has died. Who’s Cokie? He’s one of the Rosetta communist leaders. I don’t know. Is that a cop? Is a North Korean leader. Is that a positive? I don’t know. I don’t though. Oh, now Lewandowski fires back after lawmakers. Shame going. It’s again, it’s hard to find a good article out. There’s some, maybe Josh, you’re right, but maybe within being right, you’re that that in itself is negative. She did get a Meghan implosion negative by being right.

So being right was negative, but the two negatives don’t make a right Josh and were offended and I’m offended. Yes, but happy. But you know what game and I’m happy. I still love you. Okay. Don’t rap. See how that wraps everything. It’s a circle called hand now Andrew. Okay, Andrew, what is a worldview that you have that is fairly controversial at the age of 21 generation? What generationZ ? The best generation ever. What’s a controversial worldview that you have? Because Dane’s going to sing a controversial song here in just a minute. That’s going to be blow our pro to him. It means it means something that’s true to him, but some of us might go [inaudible] it might be about like how it’s okay to smoke while pumping gas. Something controversial. It doesn’t violate how he ran with scissors and he got away with it. I mean all those crazies, Sadie got Andrew.

Okay. And so my controversial belief is going to be too many people live in the past. So whether it is positive or negative. Too many people always talk about reference, only look to the highlight of the low light of their entire life. I’ll tell you what, back in when I was a senior in high school coach, he put me in. I was the best quarterback, but he wouldn’t put me and I could throw a ball at three miles. You didn’t know him, his friend w Craig and tell you what three he put me in that game with the Scouts there. I’d be in the NFL. Right. You know, in fourth grade I was dating a national sitting in a hot tub, punch. Huge bangs, like aerosol, just cutting through the Ozarks. It was hot. Now private jet, no more. Amanda’s or Ashley’s out there. All these Madison’s and you know, you know what that coach, he’d been hit international vet.

He only hadn’t, you know what? I’ll tell you what different strokes years later, I’m still, I still throw the three miles though. I’ll tell you what. I was watching silver spoons to rekindle the flame of what once was great TV. Ricky Schroder, my old coach probably watched that show when he, he was a, he was a hater. I put on drank on [inaudible] on TiVo back in 1984 and I’ve just been turning it on [inaudible] I wonder if I’m ask him. I said, coach, you want some Gator raid? He goes, no, give me some of that. Haterade do you feel like Michael Michael Jordan was the best basketball player ever? Well, I’ll tell you, I was the best football player I wrote down. I know that for sure. I feel like any player plays right now. Cheats when Raul rich, I never cheated once in my life. Football at one time, football used to be football.

I’ll tell you what, just got one. Just that one time and now you’re going to call me a tutor. Moments to make America great again. Cause it sucks now. Right? I’ll tell you what, and I’ll tell you what I am and my coach at this day, to this day, till this very day, this day, I bet he’s sorry he didn’t put me in. I’ll tell you, I’m going to keep it real song. And then Diane is going to get ready for this day. I bet it still regrets the day cause we did win the state championship last year and you’re getting over there. And I went, I went to the funeral and I just cursed. It could have worn out. I’m just cursing when I signed it. You know, we’ll, we’ll wish thing I put BU, you know, I’d show you my Letterman jacket, but I burned it. You know, cause I was so upset. I real quick, I want you to get him out of this loop. I don’t know what’s happening. I was going through things that used to be good. Yes. Really the only things that are good, my archive and I’ve got, I’ve got an audio of some subacute up real quick and then we’ll let Dane and the soup perform. Of course. Okay, let me cue it up real quick. This is so important.

Oh yeah.

Face to face the super spoons. Vicky Schroeder. Now come on. Open your mouth. The TV was TV. Oh, Tony. Dan’s on dancing when we love the commercials. Even Rick, come on. Tony Danza. Yeah, he had that sciatica, the feathered hair tears. He was a man’s man, mr Belvedere. Oh, now my favorite puppet of all times. He was a puppet. No, no, he was, I’m sorry. Mork and Mindy, Robin Williams. Johnny Carson before TV was still Bearcat crap like Jimmy Fallon and anything relevant today. The good old days. Hey, we’ve yet to have a live musician on the show. So we’re going to, we’re going to queue it up here. I’ll be, uh, adjusting the levels, like I know what’s going on over here. Yeah. And I’m excited for you. What song are you going to be singing and just make sure you kind of eat the mic real quick as you tell us what the songs are.

Um, so this is a song it’s called, I’ve been wrong before. Um, and so this is a, you know, it’s a little controversial, it’s a bit of a dark subject, but it’s a, it’s about finding happiness, um, being right in front of you the entire time or right inside of you the entire time looking for it. Yeah. Someone now desperately. So, um, I’ll just play the chorus part. You play day, it might be a little slow, but you know, I don’t want you play the whole thing. We have Z do you have a lot going on right now? I don’t. We have one more guests about this. We’ll slow dance and we are in the corner too. It’s a slow, it’s a slow dance song. Let’s be on it real quick. Let’s, let’s, let’s make sure we give the listeners an accurate visual. We’ll stop slow dancing for this song. Oh that’s fair. Well that’s just awkward cause we’ve been so dancing the whole syllabus. I wasn’t going to stay. Once we get into that country boys we start getting closer. Okay. So here we go.

Oh yeah. Now I want to ask you, because you’re a versatile man. You’re, you’re a man who can do many things and I’m a man who can do half a thing. So, um, do you have a song you could play for us to demonstrate the ying and the yang, the up and the down the a and the beat. Cause we kind of went into a slower vibe as you mentioned. Do we get more one that kind of takes it to another level. You have something that can really just get us all fired up because somebody out there, you know, is on the verge of uh, you know, starting a new fad diet and they need that song to get them over the edge. They can get over there to the, to the Walmart and get the SlimFast stuff and get going through again. Help us start a fat diet. Get us fired up. Yeah, absolutely. Man. This is a song called, I’ve been lonely. Got it. All right. And it’s a song written by mr Chris foster of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Okay.


I’ve been lonely before. [inaudible] to set down a, I keep thinking. Oh is mu


Well, I long to give my heart. It always finds its way back home. I guess he knows that I’ve gotten Keaton, mu or heavens. No, I love you. So what the hell is come [inaudible] peace. Don’t be blue. I’m never loved. No one light. Ooh, yes. Off to this hedge man. M E E [inaudible]


cause your lips yo hips. Your eye is your thigh. Well, mommy have that calm bro. [inaudible] my why wise and I’m lost at the same down tire. Oh yeah. Does that give you the word block? I can tell Bob those glances. Dab will be no second chance.

This is so sick. I’m getting nauseous. Sick. I’m getting nauseous more. Cowbells our listeners powerless summers are action orientated. They want to know where can they find out more about you and the music you produce? And we’re going to find out more man Dane in the is the website, Dane and the soup on Facebook and Instagram. Check that out like that. We have an album that’s going to be coming out early 2020 we’ve done tracking. We need to get some other things together with it and we’re going to release it and we’re looking forward to sharing it with the world. Awesome. Now, now Z on today’s show, highly controversial worldviews and musical juice. I mean we covered pretty much if we didn’t offend you we, I mean it’s not like we didn’t try. I want to make it actionable. I want to make it actionable for all the listeners.

Okay. We had four points. We covered my worldview that happiness is the end. Your worldview that the world need more, needs more love. A Justin Timberlake agrees by the way. Thank you. And then 0.3 Josh with living water saying too many people are focusing on the negative and Andrew is saying, Hey, you know a lot of people are living in the past and I want to just help you flip it. Cause if you believe a certain way, the worst thing you could do is believe that and do nothing about it. So for me, I found that I had to quit hanging around negative small minded people that want to form a committee before making a decision. People that can’t decide, people that want to think about it for a year, people that can’t show up on time, people that just always have a crisis and for some reason you can’t have success until they’re happy.

Energy vampires, energy vampires, they always say, can we talk? I have an issue. I’m just, I appreciate you. I refer you with great passion and alacrity to life. Church to Craig Rochelle, the biggest church in America. May it double in size as a result of you finding a nurtured new church home. But I am not going to meet with you for the 47th time to life coach you because you told me if you’re not a life coach, don’t coach people. Wow. Right? Wow. You’ve told me that. Have a really good rant. I’m fine. You got me fired. So I’m decided to give, I built a wall. I live behind the wall. I spent it with my, I spend time with my wife and my kids who I love and people I love. Like Josh, like UC great people like Andrew. I enjoy the people in my office like Dane and the soup, it’s great.

People have a great time. I do not feel bad about it. I will fire you and kick you off my field if you are bringing the negative mopes you show up on Monday, yawning all the time. Low energy, get off my field, go find your own field, get off my field. I’m serious. I’m tired of that stuff and I am very happy because of that. But for a long time I would put up with those people cause like I felt like the happiness wasn’t my end game. My end game was suffering and then I should send out making sure my old rugged cross and run it around my office and feel bad. And I tried to crucify myself for the Jack ass hurry of the sins of the jackasses of work in the office. And now I purge the land of the infidels. Back to you sir. Wow. I’m serious. You know what? That’s, you know what? I need a hug. I feel like you need a hug right now. Can I come over and give you, I love our team. They’re all like, I feel like you need John Kelly. Great people. Devin, great people. No more idiots. I’m so tired of [inaudible].

Oh, serious. Whoa. Are there not people that are permanent? They’re permanently worried about this every week, dude. Yes, yes. Come on now mean everybody has an excuse for not. We’re not

getting things done for mood kind of people that you want to surround yourself with. Then if you find yourself surrounded by these kinds of people, fire them. You have no obligations to hang out with anybody you don’t want to hang out with. Let me repeat that. Come on. You have no obligations to hang out with people you don’t need to hang out with. You don’t want to hang out with. You shouldn’t hang out with that are idiots. The thing about I did find a friend is somebody you hang out with that you don’t have to think about that a friend you don’t have to. This is the doctor Z definition is someone you hang out with. You don’t have to get behind that. Yeah. Every now and then a boss will say, alright, let me step into my office for a meeting. You’ve got to hang out with him, right? There’s your boss. You know, you’ve got to go do the Arlington stadium, hang out with me, I’m your boss. You know? But for the most part, most of your life decisions are hanging out with people. It’s your choice. We, you may not feel like you have the choice, but trust me, you have the choice. And the power of the know is very powerful. So that’s how you make happiness. The end game. If you want to do that now the world needs more love. I’ve noticed you do this. I see you do to all the time.

There are countless ways and I, and it’s not proper in our culture to brag on oneself. So I will brag on you. Okay. And then you can go, that’s not true. I actually am more loving than that. So one is you would do avoid people that are constantly argumentative, so therefore you don’t have to engage in a conversation with a hateful person. Oh, it wouldn’t be possible. It’s the worst, isn’t it? But also you win. Like let’s say you had to fire somebody, right? And they file unemployment and you could sit there and fight them and list off all the reasons why they got fired. Your overall worldview consistently has been to what? Let them have it and move on in life. Let them have the last victory and move on in life. When somebody says something about you that’s not true, and they ghost you and they won’t hop on the phone with you.

You don’t sit there and file endless litigation. You just move on. Just move on and forgive them and move on. I’m telling you what folks, if you’ve got any unforgiveness in your heart, it doesn’t hurt the person that did you wrong. It doesn’t hurt the person that deserves that. It doesn’t hurt them at all. It only hurts you. And that’s scientific and spiritual. When food is bad at a restaurant, I’ve been with you, or we’ve kind of observed food, that’s always pretty much great, but there’s been times where you’re, I can tell you’re not necessarily super happy about it. You don’t beat up the waiter about it and not write a bad Google review. You don’t so hate, no. Right. Life’s too short. Why aren’t you sewing more hate, man? Because I’d rather sell the other four letter word love. And that’s what I hear getting dirty on today.

I know. I get worried when you say, I’m like, I’m going to say the other four-letter word. I’m like, I hit the, I know, I know. I know. You always put yang. Hit the, I know. Hit the second button. I mean, you’ve blocked my mock out my mic out. It’s like, and the word I want to say is before we ever our next guest on the show, we have one more great guest today here. Um, Josh, uh, you mentioned that too many people are focusing on the negative. I noticed that you don’t typically come into our weekly meetings with news-related updates that are negative. I do not. You typically don’t come in and go, Oh, Kevin, Kevin, ah, you know a wall. Build a wall that the economy, you don’t come in usually outraged about something you can’t control. No sir. Is that a new thing or have you been intentional about that the last few years or your whole life? Maybe?

I’ve been intentional about it for F for sure for the last few years. I just realized that when you surround yourself with positivity and you trues to, to think positively and, and you operate from a place of gratitude that it uh, it will transform your life and it will transform the people. Just like what doctors was saying, the people

you choose to hang around with because I don’t hang around with mopey, whiny, complaining, negative, but you could, they’re available. I just don’t do it. If you want to meet up and talk about disgruntled people who are frustrated about the political climate of that, you could do it. You could spend your time there. Groups all over the place. A coffee shop near you, hear your grievances, write it with chalk on the wall. Okay. Now, Andrew, um, too many people living in the past, I’ve noticed you’re not dating anybody from your past. Would you tend to be married to the person you’re currently married to? How else has this affected your worldview? Not, not living in the past? You’re only 21. Are you not focused on like the dark period of your life when you were seven? Uh, no I’m not. Um, even though it wasn’t very dark period, um, I’m not focusing on that any, anything from the past, uh, because I know that one, the future is bright and there’s a lot of great things to come in the future.

A lot of great opportunities, a lot of great growth. But also if there is anything negative in the past, like just like uh, Josh and you were saying if you just let it fester, it’s not going to hurt anyone but you so you can benefit just by moving on because it’s not gonna help anything or anyone. If you just focus on the past and don’t focus on the future and what’s coming up. Z, speaking of fester, I think the show’s going to get a little bit better here. You see it rhymes but doesn’t make any sense. Sure. Speaking of fester, the show is going to get better and then you go, but it rhymes. It rhymes enough. It can go on a hallmark card and you can, you might even be able to say that certain motivational seminars. Well, there you go. You know if it rhymes, but no, seriously, we’ve got Dane on the show, a Dane D one more kind of upbeat, kind of encouraging little, little, a little Diddy, little a, you know, could you do something that’s kind of upbeat to some of our listeners out there are thinking about going on a fad diet, uplifting them.

We’re thinking about going on a fat diet. Good to say your sing than to keep your mouth shut. That’s edified, uplift and encourage each other. Here we go. Come on now.


by the time that you understand, Oh, helping God always seems like a lifetime and there are so many reasons you should change your mind, but you put up a fight just to add hits the parent, Dom and baby. If we eliminated everything now may life so complicated. Start they be ours to mess around and do as we please. We not baby. I love your [inaudible]. This position. [inaudible] you been needing recognition? Not. Don’t you ever get rid of it, girl, we did. This is such a loving and we’re up to the pride my whole day. Spend some time with you. I’ll spend some time with you. Dave.

Do I have permission to stop? You’ve got to keep going. I’m getting in a flow. Come on. I’m there. Oh yeah.

Come on. It’s your apprehension. Oh, [inaudible]. I do gone flus, I contentions and Naga Bovis fire to a car. Made those text messages. I noticed play on your phone each day. Now each in Novi day. Ooh, I love yo one just disposition. [inaudible] Oh baby, I love yo oranges. This physician in lately. [inaudible] nah, don’t you ever give it a Viet girl? This is such a loving world. All I got dude, do Bryant. Damn my whole day. Spend some time with you. I spend some time with you baby.


that is great. Well God, yeah. One more time. Where can our listeners check you out? Work they learn more, man, please go like our Facebook on a, it is Dane and the soup and then our website, Dane and the has all the content that you need there. Dang. Why? Why is it in the soup? I’m just curious. Why not man? It’s the soup beans. What I mean is that like you’re, you’ve got a backup band and they’re called the soup. They’re so, so yeah, there’s an Oscar and P and the word. Well, I would say that it’s open for interpretation and I’ll tell you about the origin, how he came up with that solid orifice that’s stop underwriting.

So this is like, we were in a rehearsal and, uh, I came to tell the side some songs. I met some amazing musicians who were just great live musicians. Cause the live music scene here in Tulsa is amazing. Um, and we had a rehearsal. We decided we going to do a band. And I think maybe the drummer was like, Oh, that was soupy in there. And I don’t even know if anybody knew what it meant. But we’re just like, let’s call us soup man. And you know, there’s plenty of plenty of stuff that go along with that. I mean, soup is a concoction of a bunch of different things. And, um, and who doesn’t like a good soup? I mean, seriously. I mean, rarely come on now. Everybody loves soup. Hey, speaking of soup, the soul sidebar, what is your favorite soup, by the way? Just out of curiosity. Oh shoot. Come on now. Broccoli and cheddar. Ooh. Hey, speaking of play, what’s your favorite soup? Oh man. I’d say potato soup. Oh, Josh matures baked potato soup. I gotta go. Oh yeah. Andrew, what’s your favorite soup? I like a gumbo. Oh, you can’t. You got to live with the past. [inaudible] all right. Wait, speaking of Dane in the soup we’ve got, we’ve got to interview our next guest today. Oh gosh. You see how that transition didn’t work? Go work right. Here we go. And [inaudible].


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