Clay Clark’s Morning Routine | Why When You Hit Snooze You Lose

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What is Clay Clark’s morning routine? Clay recorded this show beginning at 3:07 AM while driving in his “Hummer of Love.” 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement.” – Jim Rohn (Best-selling author, motivational speaker and trainer)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” – George Washington Carver (The renowned botanist who changed the American agriculture industry and a man who was born a slave)

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Although it’s not legal to text and drive to our knowledge, there are no laws against broadcasting while driving. Here’s yet another edition of the Hummer of love on the thrive time show.

Alright, so it is now three in the morning and one may say, one might ask, how do you get motivated to wake up at three? I’ve been awake right now guys for us seven minutes. I’ve been awake for seven minutes. The price sound like I’ve been awake for seven minutes. Um, so the alarm goes off at three and then I get up, I move my body, I move my body too. But there’s that, there’s a lot that just happened because it’s so easy to hit the snooze. Right? Cause the snooze button is the easiest thing to do. The, the, the easiest thing to do would be to hit the snooze button. I don’t know if the buttons physically easier to hit or what that looks like, but I just, if you hit my, I keep my phone on airplane mode and then my, my alarm, my phone serves as my alarm.

Right. So I can just reach over and hit the snooze or I can move my body, but it’s easier to just hit the snooze button. But I go ahead and have my first win of the day. I get up, I get up and I, uh, I know it’s a disturbing thought when I get up. I always sleep with like my shorts on and my shirt on. I know it’s like, go look for clothes. I’m not naked. I get up and I, uh, make my way to the, uh, take a man satchel big leather Brown bag that I have in that bat Brown bag. I keep my journal there. I have my to do list. I have my calendar, I got super pens. I call them [inaudible] Sharpies. They’re like precision Sharpie pens, like really narrow, really fine point pens, my red expo markers, um, you know, the whole thing.

Then I, uh, all that stuff’s in my bag. So I grabbed my bag and my keys were in there too. I got my keys, my bag, my wallet, everything’s in one place. It’s all in the same place. I don’t have to look for things. It’s all right there. My glasses are right there. I’m, I’m like blind as a bat without glasses. So I gotta look for, I don’t have to look for anything. It’s all in one place. And I put on my shoes, I’m wearing the same shoes every day. You know, you used to wear these Yeezys that Colton Dixon got me. They were really nice shoes and he’s Kanye West shoes. They’re expensive shoes. That’s why I appreciate the gift, but really nice couple shoes. But I’m, I just, uh, you know, I personally, uh, can’t see myself buying, you know, $350 pair of shoes. Um, so I put on these $59 shoes.

I got there, there’s $59 Nike shoes. They’re not like Nike air or Nike boost or Nike anything. They’re not Nike, you know, bougie Nike swag, delicious Nike air, Nike pump. Nike doesn’t have that stuff, but just, just red Nike shoes I bought for $59. They got about three pairs of them cause they’re $59. So, but I put on my shoes and uh, you know, then I, uh, gotten the Hummer of love. Now you said, well, let’s, let’s re recap. I woke up again, the alarm goes off at three. I don’t want to get up, but I do. And I win that battle of the mind. I’m not sure how I win the battle. I just do. I know that I feel great later on in the day when I get so much done. Um, I love, you know, getting things done, but I don’t like the process of actually I’m getting up, like get up all my stuff’s in one place.

Um, and I, uh, you know, go into, uh, get the Hummer of love. So I’m in the Hubbard, got my hand one shorts on, I bought for 10 bucks, got my boom shirt on that I have uh, multiple copies of it, but take a big boom Jersey with my wife’s name on the back. It says boom on the front, it’s and brought her to the front. Vanessa’s name is embroidered on the back, got at my, uh, under undershirt made by a brand named George and wearing, that’s like six bucks. I’ve got my boom hat on where the same thing every day. Same outfit. I’ve got so many, the lady who helps us clean our houses, it’s kind of funny when she sets my clothes out, it’s like six pairs of N one shorts and six jerseys and six under shirts. I wear the same as the same look every day.

Um, and I put on a new pair of socks every day, which I always have ready to go and I buy those from the shoe carnival. So now I’m driving here on, uh, the B expressway or not. They need to be expressive driving on the Creek turnpike. And I’ve been up now for 11 minutes, so I’m driving right about the time I get to the all of Avenue exit at three 11 every morning I start to feel more awake. Um, I’m trying to think of it this step I skipped. Oh yeah. I always have. Does it? It’s a coffee. It’s instant coffee. I just add water to the instant coffee and I just slam it cold. It’s terrible. It tastes terrible, but the taste doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to wake up. So I’m driving and I’m, it’s three 12 and I’m driving past the Lamar billboards.

And uh huh. There is the billboard with my head on it. There it is. Look, there’s the Osage casino billboard and I’m driving. So I’m driving, it’s three 12. And uh, now I’m kind of feeling more awake, but 12 minutes ago I didn’t want to wake up and now what I’m doing is I’m going to get to the office when I get to the office, I’m going to organize my day, but what does that mean? I’m going to take my to do list out and I’m going to cross off the various things that I got done yesterday and add to my to do list various things that I want to get done today. No, yesterday I had a great day, but at the end of the day a very bad thing happened. I’ve been working on this song that I’ve been recording. I’m a hip hop song called boom, which I’m excited about. And boom, I almost got home. Was that completely done? And I go to hit save and it crashed and I have a backup copy of it. So I have the instrumental, the acapella background vocals all saved. But I go to hit save on the new updated version and it crashes. Now I didn’t want it to crash but it crashed. So I have to decide am I going to rerecord it because it took me hours or just let the dream die.

Oh, I have to rerecord it. Why? Because it’s the battlefield of the mind. It’s when I start something, I’m going to finish it if it’s on my to do list because I made a promise to myself yesterday in the morning at three 20 I promised myself that I would get that song done and so I’m going to get that song done cause it’s because on my to do list because each morning I ordain my destiny. I think about my distant future. I think about my goals. I think about my F six goals, my goals for my faith, my goals for my family, my finances, my fitness, my fun, my again, my, my, my F six goals, my goals for my faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun. I think about those things and then I act upon those things. So many moons ago, many, many moons ago, I thought to myself at about three 20 in the morning, what if, what if there would be a way, Oh I’ve got to tighten my fuel cap.

It says, but what if there was a way my Hummer of love just alerted me that I need to tighten my fuel cap. Which is interesting cause I don’t have a fuel cap on the side of the Hummer of love because a vagabond still it while I was parked at work, but I had this thought self, what if you were to buy a house and let a family member of yours live there without paying anything other than utilities? If you did that for this person, how would that impact their life? You know, they’re in a spot in their life where that would help them a lot. They’ve been a helpful person. Self. What if you did that? So I wrote it down on my to do list about three 20 in the morning. Then I would get said person a house. I’m not going to give them the house like they’re not gonna be able to sell it.

That kind of thing. I’m going to let them live there and only pay utilities, you know, thus kind of giving them a place to live. It’s a nice place. How that thought at about three 20 in the morning years ago. And then yesterday, that’s what we did. We, uh, gave the keys to a member of the family and said, here you go, you get here for free. And you know, the tears came down and the joy came up. But I didn’t want to get up at three in the morning on the day that I had that thought. But I, I have to. It’s, it’s, it’s habitual. And the, the weight, the, the, the, the chains, I’m paraphrasing, um, Warren buffet here, but the chains of habit are always too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken. The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.

And I implore you, I encourage you, I ask you to make a new routine that works for you because you’ve got to get into a flow where you can wake up and plan your day. Because just like you as an entrepreneur, I haven’t turned my phone on yet. My phone right now is on airplane mode. And so I don’t know what would happen if I were to turn on my turn off airplane mode, but as soon as I turn off airplane mode, I’m going to start getting messages. Um, I don’t know if I can do that on a phone. I don’t know if I can record the show, um, while receiving my messages. But I do know that as soon as I go in and I turn my phone off of airplane mode, the messages are gonna fly in text messages, people having problem cats and dogs fighting issues, issues, people that got haircuts that weren’t happy.

Remember, we have 4,000 customers and if, if 3% of them get upset every month because we make a mistake, that’s 120 upset people and we want to make it right. So you got to deal with that. There’ll be an employee that will call in sick and they’ll call in and the manager might ask me a question. There’ll be a manager that wants to go on and go back to school, and maybe it doesn’t want to be a manager anymore. There’ll be an employee who’s having a divorce that wants to talk about it. There’s going to be a competitor doing something to, you know, fight against our company. There’s gonna. It’s just going to be something. It’s going to happen and it’s always going to happen. It’s always going to happen every day because that’s what happens when you’re an entrepreneur. There’s burning fires, there’s burning fires that frankly require your attention.

But you have to be intentional enough to plan out your day and to get stuff done before you, before the chaos begins. So I’m going to be pulling into the office here. It’s a three 20 now, three 93, three 19, and I’m exiting here at Riverside a Parkway. And then I’m going to be pulling into the office door. When I get into the office, um, I’m going to hang a right. Uh, Richard. I right? And I’m going to go into the a little front room and I’m gonna take a shower and I’m gonna take a shower and I’m going to get out my to do list as the showers aren’t. I’m going to look at my to do list and say, what are my goals for today? What are the things that I need to get done today? And, uh, being totally Frank with you and honest, honest with you, I don’t know what’s on my to do list for, I don’t know cause I’ve already put things on my to do list.

Remember I have one to do list and I are willing to race to the minimum, take a red red expo marker and cross out the things I got done. But the things that were not done longer form things like finishing a book or getting ready for the Patriots, game, Patriots versus Ravens. We have a watch party this Sunday and most Sundays when the Patriots play those kinds of things. Um, I need to readdress and reassess it. Look at, but I can tell you this today, I really, really want to go to Atwoods with my daughter, Havana. So I’m going to, I’m going to put that on my list. I want to finish that song called boom, cause the song’s been in my head for awhile and I need to finish it. I, I, it’s kind of like whenever I have a rhyme scheme, it gets stuck in my head and kinda haunts me or taunts me for a long time and I want to get that out of my head.

It’s like an ear worm. I can’t get it out of my cranium. I need to finish that today. And uh, so I’m gonna get that done today. I’m going to go to take my daughter to Atwood’s. It’s a store where you can buy like bales of hay and you can buy a chicken feed and that kind of thing. And then I want to record a 10 part series on how to sell well. So I get asked all the time, how can I help my team sell more efficiently? So I want to knock that out today. Um, also today I want to finish the research I’m doing for 102 facts about bill Belichick and 77 I believe there are 77 facts in 102. That’s 102 facts and 77 notable quotables. I believe about bill Belichick because he’s such a phenomenal manager, which is why the Patriots are so good.

I want to distill that into a show or a series of shows were great folks who liked the game of football or not, can learn from the mastery of bill Belichick and can implement those man management strategies in their own life. Now I’m pulling in right now, I’m just jumping speed bumps everywhere and it’s a, right now it’s three 22 and three 22 it appears as though this is a Saturday now. Now, if it was one day through a Friday, John would already be at the office. If it was three 22 he would already be here. He would beat me. Oh yes he would, but on a Saturday, I’m the only car here. Interesting. Now I’ve gone to shadow some of the most successful people in the world, and I’ve discovered that typically their cars are at work before everybody else. I’ve discovered that some of the most successful people in the world are at work before everybody else. Now, this is a weird thing. There are many cars already here at my office this morning at three 23 in the morning. What kind of sick freaks are at work at three 23 in the morning? Four of them.

Four cars here. Ooh. So if you’ve got a laser show, I’m not sure who’s going to be here, but that is how I start my day and my name is clay. I know that any further. I do remember well before we do the boom pick. Let’s, let’s think about this. What time do you wake up and what time do you need to wake up to live the life that you want to live? Now I go to bed at nine o’clock so I’m not like, you know, I sleep six hours. It’s not like I’m sleeping two hours. I mean I slept six hours. But what time do you need to wake up to achieve your goals? I don’t know. But you’ve got to figure that out because if not, you’re gonna get frustrated that you’re setting goals that you don’t cheat because you quote unquote run run out of time. I ran out of time, I want to get done, but I ran out of time. I wanted to get it done, but I just ran out of time. So if you want to get your goals done, you have to figure out what time do you need to wake up every day in order to achieve those goals and start doing it immediately tomorrow. Change your routine and you’ll change how much money you make and how many goals you achieve. And now, without any further ado, three two, one.

And I can’t seem to hit the off button. I want to though. I want to hit the off button but I can’t Jason. Ah, why do you feel like I recorded this show this morning at a beginning, at three in the morning? Cause I think some people find it hard to believe that you actually get up at three. What time did you wake up this morning? I got up at four. I get up at four every morning and so again, we’re not trying to be masochists of our schedule. Do you like getting up at four? No, I don’t like getting up at three but we did get up at four and three yeah, we had to, and I’m not judging you. You woke up at four you’re not weak because you woke up at four. I’ve got five kids. Busy schedule planned. You’re a married guy. Busy schedule planned.

I have to sleep six hours. What time do you have? How much time do you have to sleep per day to feel good, to feel good? Six would be great to, I’ve gone with like three or four back when I was planning my time poorly, but I, I aim for six. I know if I’m getting up at four I have to go to bed at an inappropriate time. But the thing is you’ve got to learn that discipline needed in order to have success. If you want to have success, you’ve got to learn self-discipline. So what time do you go to bed typically in order to wake up in the morning on time? I have it set in my calendar as a reminder, but to which it denotes some people think is weird, but um, no later than 10. It’s intent. Now I want to read to you a Jim Roan quote, Jim Rowan, R. O. H. N. he is a self help guru who passed away here a few years back.

Just a great source of, of wisdom. And he said that discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement. Discipline is the bridge. Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement. Think about that, Jason. Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement. That’s good. So let’s talk about it. Yeah. Um, this year you have lost a lot of weight. You’re, you’re in fear evaporating. I don’t even know who you are. What are you, what are you eating? What are you doing? Well, um, so I stopped my evaporation. So like back when I was working at elephant, I was like always on the go. And it was a lot of like heavy lifting or just some lifting or whatever. But um, now that I am in the office, I’m still standing and I’m on my feet and stuff, but my nutrition game hasn’t been very strong, so I’ve been like going back and forth.

So I just decided to suck it up last week and I ordered an entire month of, um, he will meal replacement. Oh wow. I just been doing that once or twice a day. But you don’t like probably having Hule every meal? Um, no I don’t. The the, after the first day I thought, Oh, I made a mistake, but I’ve got to stick to it. Okay. But it’s discipline and discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement. Another example we got up today, we didn’t want to get up today. True. But we did get up today. Yeah. And I get up every day because I have certain things that I want in my life and they’re worth the trade off. Yeah. So I go to bed at nine, I wake up at three, and that’s how I get it done. You say, clay, how do you get it done?

So I would like to share with the listeners all the things you and I have gotten done so far today before eight 33 in the morning. Oh, let’s do it. So this is before eight 33 in the morning and you tell me if I’m missing something. Is that you’re probably something that you’ve done that I haven’t thought about or I’m not aware of. Okay. Okay. Uh, we, uh, got to the office. Yup. And we recorded a show. We did, we recorded a show actually first thing at 5:00 AM we met Randy [inaudible] with a PMH OKC 5:00 AM is that true? That is very true. Okay. So we coached him. We’re helping him grow his company. He’s a great guy. Then we met with morning glory, a breakfast, a business based in a satellite beach, Florida. Longtime client, the owners of Papa gallows at 6:00 AM central. Is that true?

It’s very true. Right after Andy. Then it’s seven. We called a, another client who happened to be out of town. And so what we did is we recorded a show about, uh, being willing to be controversial if need be, how history favors the bold. Right. Then we recorded a show off for another listener about how to build the ultimate sales system, the ultimate sales machine, the 10 steps. And then we recorded this show about my morning routine. Right. And it’s not even eight 35 yet. Well then you also have to take into consideration you met with your architect client. Yeah. Allen. We met with AAB engineering here at eight called Vanessa put out a billing issue. Yep. And then at nine o’clock I’m going to call a chiropractor and help him with his business with a 13 point assessment. Cool. And then at a nine 30 I’m going to be calling a long time client based in Arizona.

And I’m doing all this before eight 35 in the morning. True. Most people on a Saturday aren’t even up yet. Yes. And it turns out it’s very hard to compete if you want to oversleep. [inaudible] I’m not judging if you want to sleep eight hours or six hours or seven, not saying you have to sleep three hours a day. And I’m not telling you that I like it. All I’m saying is if you’re going to bed and you need eight hours of sleep, go to bed at nine and then wake up at what? A five. Yeah, there it is. Wake up at five. Get your eight hours. But don’t tell me and tell more specifically. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have the time needed to be successful. Because if you tell yourself you don’t have the time needed to be successful, what happens, Jason? What’s the bad thing about excuses?

Will excuses become your new reality? And they’re very easy. Like that snooze button, you hit it and you’re like, okay, that’s fine. Then you hit it too often and that becomes your new normal. And now you’re frantically late. Were you a born a slave? Was I born a slave? And not to my knowledge. Okay. Uh, George Washington Carver was, and I feel like George Washington Carver would have a lot of reasons. You know when you’re born a slave and you don’t know who your real parents are, you know you kind of make up your own birthday cause you don’t know when it is. Wouldn’t you have some reasons why to complain and to not be successful? Yeah, and you’d be pretty, pretty valid. I mean, you would be validated. The masses would say to you, you my friend deserve an excuse. Oh you get a hall pass here.

But George Washington Carver who was born a slave who went on to totally reinvent the American agricultural system by developing endless uses for the sweet potato and peanuts, which allowed the soil that had been depleted of nutrients due to the farming year after year after year of cotton, it allowed the African-American’s to then restore nutrients to the soil that’s making their soil a fruitful and plentiful and mineral rich again. As a result of a byproduct of planting peanuts and sweet potatoes. He says 99% of the failures from people come from people who have the habit of making excuses. 99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. This is the guy who was born a slave. I’ve got five kids. I wasn’t born a slave. I could say that I’m tired.

We just had Halloween. I’m tired. But you’ve got to be self-disciplined. I know you can do it. Uh, Randy Atrik in with PMH OKC, he does it. Dr. Timothy Johnson and Tuscaloosa does it. Morning glory and Papa gallows, longtime clients in, in Florida. They do it. The Del Rick’s down in new Orleans, uh, Tyler and Rachel, they do it. Um, you can do it. There’s so many great clients we have who get it done. And you can too, but you gotta stop the habit of making excuses. When you make excuses, you loses. When you make excuses, he loses. Oh, what do you make us go says you lose us. What? What? Ha. Why? Why won’t you make the habit of, well, you have the habit of making excuses. What happens, Jason? What happens when you get in the way of your own success? If you tell yourself, Oh, I can’t do it because of this.

You are then setting a brand new cap and a lower bar for yourself, like you might as well call it quits because your, your Ford moving momentum has gone. Talk to me about a client you have who’s gotten a good routine of waking up early, knocking out their revenue producing activities and they’re having big success as a result of implementing the big systems. Well, there is a angels touch anyway. I brag on them a lot, but they have a repeatable system. They have her, her schedule is awesome because she’s told me what her schedule and her husband’s, but the quilting about both of their schedules that they know what time to go into bed. They know when they’re waking up, they know when they’re getting to work. They know how long we’ll be at work, they know what they’re doing right after that, so everything plays into the same system, which is why they set a weekly sales goal at 25,000 here it is two months ago and for the past month and a half they’ve been hitting 30 to 35,000 sick. There’s impressive, incredible, great job. Angels touch. We appreciate you and Jason. We’d like to end each and every show with a boom, but we already did end with a boom. That’s true. Why don’t we just end with a boom, boom, boom, boom. All right. Are you ready? Yeah. One, two, three. Babu,

I felt good.

Where are my dads?

Oh yes. It’s time to rise and grind. Yes. Before the

rooster Crow hose, it’s time to rise it all. Yes. I wake up at three to get it all done. Money on my mind and my wife’s number one touch role cause I am a Christian in it for the dog game or nothing. Get rich quick. Nah, I don’t do it. But if you’ve got a real good, I help you with [inaudible] I’ll be saying you can do it. You can do it.

Carpet, deep room, son. Ever going to make the Benjamin success request. Self discipline. Self discipline. Self discipline. I just said it three times in a row. If you look at ProRodeo hero, you got look in the BMR pro. Would you be a victim or a Victor? Go missing it off. How bizarre the resources you need. [inaudible] you got to get three jobs. Like I wants to target MLPs and direct TV, which meant on nickel watch TV cause I was on the ground. I got two free or like that 12 to the TP be a fuel man. Like a pet eggs to stick to your goals. Like glue, like 80 hours a week. Put sooner, get to the serious because I get smoking. I’m aware of cause and effect. And a note that your life could be ripped. That could be great. So what will you do today? We fill the schedule with nothingness or the middle with thickness. What are we waiting for? Santa in and help this just, and you could be having to say no to the handouts because they hurt your pride when you could be out looking at other guys, when you could be out looking at other guy, what would need to be out the other guy.

Yes. Uh, yes. It’s, it’s tough to rise it. Yes. Before the rooster Provo. Yes. It’s calm to rosin. Yes. Everybody’s singing now. Oh yes. Yes. It’s time to rise. It thrive. Yes. Methow rooster Crow holes. Yes. Yes. Shorthand life is to better get started. Cause if don’t read to 38 80 grade, I’m half dead. Dude, I’m half dead dude. Well Hills bells, I’m going to go take a nap.


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