Coaching Up Your Team | Breaking Down the Words of Wisdom of NBA Hall of Fame Coach (Phil Jackson)

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How do you mentor your team, hold them accountable and get them to perform at a high level? On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark and Dr. Z. break down the management systems and philosophies that Phil Jackson used to win 11 NBA Titles as a coach and 2 as a player.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People change seldom.” Dr. Z

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – The language of success is coachability.” – Clay Clark

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys that are undecided.” – Phil Jackson

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” –  Proverbs 10:4

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11

BOOK – The Art Of WarI –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand CEO speeches. CEOs can talk and blab each day about culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you. It’s just cultural. People just don’t want to do it.” – Jack Welch

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Michael Jordan sticking up for his team member by getting physical with a larger opposing player

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” – Jerry West

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Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year and business coach clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more. Yes, yes and yes, dr. Z I am super excited to be here with you today, my friend, we have the nba the nba legend, the 5 foot, 3 basketball player for the indonesian national basketball association, muggsy bogues has agreed to be on our podcast. Coming up soon see I’m still going to want to talk about what would he wants to talk about challenges in life? What do you think’s going to be? Did he tell you to stop because going to be given to him and us up of writing the questions for the interview and I can tell you the guy. He grew up in in poverty. His father went to prison. His mom raised him. He’s five foot three. Let’s think about this. He’s 5 foot 3 in tall. He doesn’t have a dad. His mom doesn’t have the kind of money or the connections needed to send them to basketball business coach camps clinics, whatever in this guy, goes on to play not only in the national basketball association, but you played a very high level to put in the league for 14 years in mark, cuban thought so much of the man that when he retired mark cuban agreed to go ahead and pay him the next three years of his contract. Well, he didn’t play just because he, like the guys character.

That’s incredible! I tell you what now I wonder when he played they didn’t have him in the in the lineup sheet or the you know that we were the car when they got to use that you were bitten, have is 5 foot 3, cd dvd, the hornets, the charlotte hornets back in the day they were going to be in team and I were watching. They had larry johnson, they had alonzo mourning and muggsy bogues ever watch their games going. How tall is that? Is there giants or 7 ft tall 6, ft, 6 6 foot 8 by the way? Right now is the nba average height 5 foot 3. So we were like we all wanted to be muggsy bogues, but he didn’t have big hands very, very small hands horse into my gourd I would have a 95 inch of doug with your feet now. We’re talking about today is somebody who has a massive a mess of mind. A guy is also massively tall. The nba head coach for the chicago, bulls and los angeles, lakers, phil jackson in it in the coming shows were doing is we’re breaking down the management philosophy of field jackson. You might say why I will think about this for a second michael jordan 1 6 nba championships when he played for the bulls kobe bryant won five when he played for the lakers, but neither one of them won a single nba championship without the management and coaching of phil jackson. That’s because he had a system that turned out business coach champions year after year after year. In order me, two notable quotable from the book I read a lot of notable quotable today and I want to see free to cut a break them down. With your kids in mind, set to businesses from page 92 of phil jackson’s book 11 rings.

He says it’s virtually impossible for anyone to change unless he thoroughly accepts who he is, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to achieve unless he or she accepts who he or she is i, wasn’t interested in becoming best friends with the players. In fact, I think it’s important to maintain a certain distance, but I tried to develop genuine caring relationships with each player based on mutual respect, compassion and trust. Transparency is key, alright, see you so here we go you’re managing your office you’re, managing your that your business is he coaching supplies as a business owner that you can’t help anybody who’s, not aware of who they actually are all the time? And anybody that’s out there that listen to the bar podcast. It’s probably heard it before, and that is what people change seldom and that’s the reason. Why is because a lot of people don’t want to really come to grips with who they are because then they feel like they might have to change. I mean doing the few guys I know is that a 180 in his life when I met you come on,? What it is that you had on the baggy, the air lou perrine’s, the baggy clothes and subwoofer. The business coach competition shook the building when you pulled up to pick up vanessa from the office right-and you are just your like mad-you were like you like you, look like a kid, is ready for fight, night., wow and and then, when I saw you years later, when you were suited up, you are smart. You are intelligent. You are kind. You just had almost a different I thought this, the same guy, who are you i, think that did the illuminati come by in and change it with a claim. I said something:i would like to share I ever been to mexico. I have been to mexico. Yes, sir I just spoke to the church in amarillo this past weekend, I was on amarillo texas, a big shout-out to victory church amarillo at church of a little over. A thousand people have a spa. Consider three services and a thing is:when you go to amarillo I would say:probably 25% of the population speaks spanish. Now, when you go down to cancun, we going to go down to mexico on all-inclusive resort, z, probably 100% of the people that I mexico speak spanish.

That is correct. Different word for everything. Sorry I lost my shoes in cancun into her and I went into their version of walmart and I found myself doing this and I laughed laughed at myself when I left him like I’m such an idiot. What happened is when you are a taurus, what you do if you walk in there with your pale skin and your lack of knowledge of how to speak, spanish and you you want to get some shoes-i wanted to get some shoes, and so I said. Do you guys know where I can find shoes? And everyone looks at me in that says:no hablo, english and I’m like so what you do as a typical caucasian american tours, you should begin to talk slower and louder and it had a hose to the end of every word. Do you know where the shoes you know and then you realize they’re, not understanding siwas speak louder. Excuse me, do you know where the shoes are in pretty soon you realize I’m just talking loud and slow to someone who doesn’t speak, my business coach language wrecked in the world doesn’t get it. They don’t get it. You know what I’m in mexico I might need to learn their language. What the language of success is coach ability and if you’re, not there, demanding the world to pay you but you’re, not coachable. That’s a problem see absolutely so the the first half of that statement. I completely agree with people trying to sell them, and it really takes a motivated person and really self aware person to change. It is possible, but it’s it’s really up to them. You can’t change somebody that I have tried for years to do that, and it’s unsuccessful in the second part of that I think is very powerful to, and that is to have compassion and to have respect and have like ability with your employees I his players, but not be stoked most of them.

You need to trade them, or we might say fire them or buy them a new tradition, because you and paul both manage a large large teams will start with using then I’ll go to paul. He said I wasn’t interested in becoming friends with the players. In fact, phil jackson says i. Think it’s important to maintain a certain distance wrecked, but I tried to develop genuine caring relationships with each player based upon mutual respect, compassion and trust me i, don’t keep a distance, will also maintaining z mutual respect, compassion and trust time away from the office. You have to be very careful who you do that with and that you might have time you that with and sharing your personal information with people and obviously I have a few of my business coach employees that have kind of crossed over on it or in that friend category business category that actually invested in some of them. What justin time getting to know them? They said. Okay, this is purcell, step closer, that they handle those responsibilities and then come to step closer than pretty soon. You know you know you got him you’re giving nice. You know sideways, inappropriate, hug, wear pants. No one ever told that her pants, your house that wasn’t in your that wasn’t in the job description. What you do is you and then you don’t. You can only have so much time for so many friend zone, but most of them you just have a nice respectful distance from them, your plant, your kind and polite to them, but you’re, not like hey man. So you know tell me about your life. You want to get together and play some video games, support, asking to shirt, accountant, hood cpas. You guys have grown up to be a very successful practice. You have three locations in claremore you’re in bartlesville, ear in tulsa.

Talk to me about this idea. How do you keep a healthy distance from the employees while also building that mutual respect that phil jackson talks about it’s just like you know you can have a relationship and care about somebody and I care about their concerns and their needs and and help them get what they want to be, but still be guarded. You know, I’ve I’ve had that a couple of times, but must like it doctors, he said i, don’t do things outside the office with the staff i, very rarely with vines and part of that’s kind of what I was taught a long time ago that there’s a certain professionalism that I bring to the office, and you know i, don’t know so I want to see it. Have my staff, for my business coach clients, see me walking around and in my short short cut-offs in life you know and i, both would I know you would run around the office with a georgia, shirts and muscle shirts. That’s what he was saying that you still have to build that report in those relationships with your employees and still way to do that is to be 100% and, while you’re at work, unless you make make your team members know that you’ve got their back when it comes to a certain situation and that you’re all in with him, but like z and end up all set, don’t get too close outside of work. Be careful what you’re saying who you’re saying it to clay it works on the other side. To you know all the two of my boys are married and what I was practically married, he’s still in college, but I’ve got a rule that their wives don’t work for me, because I have a certain relationship with them. I have a relationship with my boys and I can walk up and smack my boys in the back of the head. That way, maybe britney and two minutes later we’re great, but if I get onto their their spouse, that’s an employee they’re not doing something, then that creates.

You know tension on a personal level, so I like to have that separation. I. Can have the same relationship with my son’s that are okay, I’m your boss today and tomorrow on your dad and and i, we can separate cuz i. Think guys can do that sometimes, but they’re, not that women can’t but i. You know i, think there’s a separation goes both ways. Now what what happens when someone your office begins to undermine the overall culture? What do you do when somebody gets to undermine and passively aggressively attack the culture you’ve tried to build an chuck if a smell begins to fester in your bathroom undermined, you’re, not undermine your profession, begins to clog up and all the sudden I have a yellow ocean that could undermine your success and eliminate that’s. Why google called that’s? Why doctors don’t recall? That’s our total lending, concepts call the new song called classic janitorial, the classic queen.Com classic queen.Com, or call him at 918-671-2046, 918-671-2046 they’re, going to clean your high traffic flooring and carpet areas for free, normally company charge up to $1,000, for that so 918-671-2046 v classic clean.Com one! You are now entering the dojo business coach mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the charts. In the category of business that you might get motion, sickness, I took a bath, that’s convenient 321 here, come the business ninjas. Yes, yes, yes and yes, live nation! Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio big shout out to anybody out there. Listening from amarillo texas to amarillo, texas I was just there this weekend, speaking at a great church called victory church out there. That’s fine, smelling, town amarillo I got there by morning, I think zohan I give you actually been to amarillo disingenuous! Is it to amarillo and, and it has appliancemart, why did you go to amarillo to smell money? Oh yeah and the other, the united states really I did not know that yeah like 10 miles a day like it’s like 15 miles outside of amarillo. There is a massive canyon there, a lots of fun place to be great downtown at the shop to make sure that they had pastor of that church or former headmaster noticed pastor brian and jesse gibson.

He apparently lives near the canyon and it’s palo duro canyon place value, a l, o n d. U r o canyon canyon! Oh, my goodness, that’s beautiful. It was absolutely great big, shout out to amarillo and victory church. Thank you for tuning. In now, we’re talking about phil jackson’s book 11 rings for boys can be busy breaks down his management philosophy that he used to win 6 nba championships with chicago bulls and 5 with the los angeles lakers now, but just so we’re all clear when. What when phil jackson took over the bulls michael jordan was already there. Okay, scotty pippin was already there, but they weren’t winning championships. He took over the lakers shaquille o’neal was already there. Kobe bryant was already there, but they were not winning championship. So he knows what he’s doing, because this really fits into your management philosophy. He says the secret of managing is to keep the business coach guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided, but is that not a beautiful way to put it? That is fantastic, I love that so talk to me about this idea, because I think a lot of people run a business and they think you can have one bad teammate and because they’re so talented, you should keep them around. But I realize how much a bad teammate can absolutely completely spoil the morale of the team. They can possibly aggressively destroy the vision of the business coach team and they can make it where the players on an nba team or in the office just don’t want to come to work. Talk to me. While you was out why you have to punt people and z talk to you about when you know it’s time to punch people. Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to say you don’t like?

We don’t have to have a whole team, like a marshall, more like 6, 8 or higher run on hemphill the dribbling, and how about the skill-sets I mean really most businesses out there, the people that you’re looking for you can find you a great people and train them how to I’m trying them what to do to a system. Do a system at so therefore you’re not having to be reliant upon your putting up with some of these characters say in the nba. You like, like, like phil jackson, to do excellent thing to talk about playing that is. Is they talk about a pinch of you know, a bad apple can spoil the whole pie right. You know a pinch. 11 does a whole loaf or pictures once 11 or you can do one more cup of analogy. One more metaphor:it’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Mountain no shot the nose hurts the whole face. I, don’t know what to do. I, don’t know, really destroy them around a little bit different to do those players. Now you don’t have to i, don’t know how many times and I think they’re married to and if they course you are really married to them. You know i, don’t get them when they talk about the business coach problems are having and it’s in there just got almost crying in their beer to me and you’re kind of going I just got to go. If I like 4 years are, they know all the passcode that don’t know how much of that right there do. You feel as laziness in a lot of people a lot of his laziness. Your fear that they’re not going to find someone that they can get trained to make me the happiest thing in their brain.

There’s. No good people out there I can’t find it I need the professionals cpas optometrist doctors will say it’s hard to find good people, people who are blue collar, mechanics, automotive, repair, construction workers. They say it’s hard to find good people, sales, professional, say it’s hard to find good people palm trees, never seen a cpa 600, it’s hard to find good people. You just can’t instantly constantly hear that from cpi’s from every client that I have that talks about expanding his i. Just can’t find good people try to make do with what I got to get the best out of them. You got to be looking for, but when you have a negative nancy, when you have a bad apple in the in the in the mix, you got ready to carl you’ve got to get rid of him. You you have to give her the health of your business. They will pull everybody down and pick the ones that are on the fence. They will make sure that they are charted that was kind of gross growth. On your body like on your skin work on my forehead there you up there or did I buy my head. Don’t you have probably mass of the cranium and it looks like it might be a pre-cancerous things. I want to see a business coach specialist who can remove the skin growth emotional, about the nostalgia of having had on my head for 36 years. I’m just get out of here spread before it can easily be removed to no discomfort is worth not dying. Amen to that and I have a little bit. I have a little something you might be uncomfortable, uncomfortable to not go to office depot this week. It might be uncomfortable to not go by your printing supplies in your office of lies and you might be in a hypnotic rhythm, where you just love going. It’s pretty warm out. We tell kyle I’m going to break the hypnotic rhythm of buying my own office supplies and print cartridges at a premium price. I could save time and money. You could visit the guys at onyx imaging these guys. They are your one-stop business coach shop. They do sam and next day delivery all come on now flies they price matched.

They do their own printer mini printer cartridge manufacturing cheaper than the original parts. Call these guys today, 918-627-6611. If your printer is down, the team sits around get these guys out there. They are going to get your printer up and running. Get your team back. Moving 918-627-6611, aight, imaging.Com, zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz i, got, 5, kids I will not lose. It is the truth. All that make that excuse, I’ll, be up to the school board the truth into a like my yoda star wars to be there for you, yoda dude, i, do know. Why was the young luke? What did you think about that? As in present for the rapper you realize you’ll have to do concerts in you have to travel, and that is out of your business coach wheelhouse watch out. Don’t hear what I’m doing so good to get rid of that I went to amarillo this past week. I went out there. We drove out there a great time. My wife and I now know about everything. I literally cannot I do i, don’t do well with it with elongated ongoing conversation, while traveling, so I don’t have a a deeper layer when I go there. I kind of I kind of guy wants to talk about. Like hey, that’s a cool phone great. What can it do we start getting into like? How does the phone work? Is it ethical for it to work? How do you feel about it working I kind of like? What’s what’s going into the pool until we listen to podcasts like a crazy amount of podcast? Just that’s.

Did you drive the whole time? I was on fire on the way on the way home, I got back from amarillo, with four daughters in the car and bathroom breaks included. How long do you think it took me to get back from amarillo texas to tulsa oklahoma i, get your in braggadocious most I’m, going to 14 hours, 6 hours to get home, you got home at 4 and a half hours. I got home exactly 5 hours at night, and I got home at 9 at night, 9:01 actually pulled in wow I for one minute:hovercraft jones lifting the car just in the bible, but that’s how I would like to have to get onto every time. I should say how many times did you get your the world’s worst drivers? This is documented. What’s the podcast and I’m okay that’ll do wheel, podcast hold the wheel podcast. So then what am I supposed to be doing? I’m, just listening to a podcast nosey, a guy I got. It was great at keeping his team on the road a focused on the road, with a focus their winning on the road. Cuz I want to go out a lot of coaches in the nba and in college. It’s hard to win on the road, a lot of nba coaches, it’s hard to get player today. To focus will it will feel jackson, coached, michael, jordan and and kobe bryant to nba championships, michael jordan his last two years of the bulls he said, I’m not coming back unless feels my coach cuz we’re not going to win in the nba for a long time before, phil jackson showed up kobe, bryant and shaq wear on a team together, how’s it going to realize this jacket. Ballooned up to 350 lb in kobe was trying to score as many points as possible and they weren’t winning championships with phil jackson join the team and he straighten the team out and on page 95 of his book, 11 rings.

He he writes here. I started coaching. The bowls I had two players create what I called a personal shield a simple profile based on question such as:what’s your greatest inspiration, who’s influenced you the most? What’s something you don’t that people don’t know about you later I asked him to fill out a more formal questionnaire and I use their answers to probe or deeply during our one-on-one meetings. Midway through the season. He said my favorite psychological tool was one june call us his wife called social bullseye, which creates a picture of how people see themselves in relation to the group on one of our long road trips I give you to the players that sheet of paper with three with a three ring. Bullseye representing the teams social structure in the center, then ask them to position themselves somewhere on the bullseye, based on how connected they felt to the team, see. Why is it so important for nba coaches trying to win basketball games to this is what he would say should business coach focus on what the players needed to work on better defensively. One coach focused on what they can improve on offensive lee correct and he focused on their emotional state. Why is that so important, because he was trying to take individuals and build a team and build a team i? Think about that think about that in your office right now that you have all the systems even the process.

Why do you constantly have to have managers who, on a weekly basis, engage andrian gauge over and over and over your team that? Never stop it can never stop, because you need to always make sure that they feel like they’re part of the team, that they’re appreciated and a little bit can go a long ways and doing that because a lot of times, if you got a good employee, special tour in a employee and if you’re not giving if you’re not kind of reaching out to them, if you’re not keep making sure the third involved, that they feel that they’re part of the team they’re doing a great job, tim is going to snipe them from I know that you are a guy who genuinely loves your teammates, be allowed to invite so I get bored having the same meetings every week. This ain’t, the same, follow up the same key performance indicators, the same routine routine is what makes dr. Robert zoellner and associates successful for 26 years. So how do you keep your team from getting bored? How do you bore down when other teams would struggle with boar jump release a wild animal in the office and that just keep them on their toes your mom deuce 1 weeks? Maybe a business coach turkey, maybe a small bobcat bobcat, you don’t need the photo. Trina I haven’t done that and for the word bobcat you made it feel dirty or it’s an adult bobcat I’m, some so I can spend tomorrow at 7, small, adult grocery store. That says never thought of it that way. In, my mouth I’ll be right. Back. Okay, I’m at my mom would be proud. Facebook little hip hop in your step and if you’re, not you know, guns guns, high, gun flying and smiling and cheering people on little cheerleading. Oh yeah, that’s what you do whenever you hit them goals and you go out and take everybody bowling, you take everybody. Little pizza can I get to talk about taking everyone to the office to magoo’s, okay and i. Want you to talk about the importance of your annual christmas party in the thanksgiving turkeys because of my wife and I first got married.

My wife worked for your optometry clinic and you invited us to a christmas party that was the first christmas party. We had gone to his a couple more time. You been on a date since we were married. Would you like to go out and the turkey was like? Are you kidding me? Who is this guy? It’s absolutely incredible and I want you to talk about how you keep your team engagement before i. Do that I want to talk about the importance of keeping your accounting engagement a lot of times you can let your accounting drip, fall.Com centage from your experience of entrepreneurs that you’ve met with, for the first time, have their accounting in order previous to meeting with you. So we have a lot of people that come in and sit down and talk to us and clay I was surprised, is probably 99% of the people that come in at least two-thirds of those people who have accounting in the rest of them played absolutely do not use those those business coach numbers to steal their business there. They are just you know after producing they’re, just not just anybody had two people say hey. Who would an accountant that you would recommend to help me file my taxes correctly? They’re very successful entrepreneurs make money, but how do I file my taxes, correct and not just say, you’re going to look at checkout, hood, cpas., comments, hood, cpas., he’ll, give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book snowball they do, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio shows no change the mindset on the magic trick of the heat whopper, giving it to you straight in the war in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Did you know I’m surprised you got to get in that when we do, you know that you have to get bourbon in there make your make it make your business coach throat burn like it’s like an oven was, was doing that’s good, that’s good I’ve got eyes and ryan tedder. He likes to sip on bourbon before recording, says it kind of loosens up the lyrics for the suburban before you, the appropriate time that you recommended you sip on bourbon in the evenings before before you retire for the evening of operating heavy equipment.

I found it that’s always always heavy equipment seem to just you. Just have a little looser feel too hard post, your team gate jackson, the coach of the nba chicago bulls and los angeles lakers i, want to see think about the three of us here. There’s five of us imagine, there’s 10 of us had to work 12 of us now we’re traveling and every time every night we go to a hotel and we play every third day and put a 15,000 people half of the time everyone, the opposing stadium hates us. Now we after the game, it’s about 11 o’clock at night 10:30 we get back to our hotel and then we have to hop on a plane, usually that night. If it’s a road give you back to hotel, gather our stuff, we fly out and then we wake up the next morning and all these guys, the headset and throughout throughout the book. And if you really watch nba films, little talk about these players, wake up and i, don’t remember what city they’re in there like i, don’t even know where we in charlotte are we in atlanta i, don’t know what is every night we’re going to a new place right? 15,000 people are cheering for you and you’re, making, on average five to ten times more than your boss, so you’re 19 or 23, or 25 your coaches 60, your coaches, reading books, your coaches, married your coaches, you know measured and you’ve got 10 million + 7 million + 6 million I mean backup, guys steve kerr make into 3 million the coaches make in like with the backup guys or make it right, and this guy is trying to talk philosophy to you. Now, phil jackson found a way to not only get their attention but to engage them and to make them all feel business coach appreciated. He he took over the poles and michael jordan and scottie pippen were already there.. They had one anything we took over the lakers, they had to do. Shaquille, o’neal and kobe were already there right. So have you will discount? It would be easy to win championships with those two guys, but no one else was doing it after he retired. He quit coaching. The bulls michael didn’t win any championships after that after he left the lakers. I didn’t win any more after that the years he was gone. They didn’t win kobe begged him to come back. So this is.

This is a valuable lesson for everybody out there be to phil jackson new. How to engage people in the most egotistical people. Associates party party was hundreds of people there. Yes, in my wife was once your front desk person. She used to wear the scrubs. The pink scrubs back in the day go to work and she go to work there. Her and her friend. Carrie work there and i. Remember that you invited all of your teammates on your employees out to a to a office party to magoo’s. Yes, our first date. We’ve been out since we were married. Why did you do that? Why? Why did you take everybody out to magoo’s to it really know each other that well at that time? Why did why? Do you always do those kind of things? Why do you do that will wanted to reward for having a record month record season, maybe record core I’m trying to remember back with that particular one was the one that you were the first 1,000 billiards hall with shuffleboard. They have spread against eric shop here in their final sunshine.. Really takes a show to a low-level, guess I’m, not going to say it anymore, but you took 14 building come on board to share with everybody to just you know, it’s either go by and pat him on the back and say man. You did a great job thanks, and that means something. But then you can also show them by taking. Are the props for the money that these business coach people working hard for you to make and its pending on them spending it on them, and so I think it’s very important. It doesn’t number things that one shows them that I am serious about the goals and then we hit him hey we’re going to celebrate all right number to.

It also shows that I’m about want to spend time with them inappropriate ways. It’s not what I want it’s a big group thing, so you know you kind of butterfly around and come to make sure you visit with everybody a little bit. You know, I get to know them, show them that you care and then retrieve it lets him kind of bond, get to know each other too, and so you build camaraderie in that email. Phil jackson talked about how he had to run around from player 2 player, making sure they were all golden gate. We all have their own individual goals. On page 97 of this book, paul won’t get your take on this. He says michael says he like this approach, because it allowed me to be the person I needed to be sometimes I would tell him that he needed to be more aggressive and set the tone for the team other times. I’d say why? Don’t you try to get scottie pippen going so the lid to the defenders will go after him and then you can attack in general I try to get michael jordan room to figure out how to integrate his personal ambitions with those of the team that winning the scoring title was very important to me. Michael says now, but I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t take away from. What’s a team was doing. Why do you have to spend the time to individually know all your players on your team to build, treat them all that differently paul? Why does it? Why does it have to have it as a as the leader as the manager is the owner you have? Your job is to steer that ship? If you wear that or that car like we say it would cph.Com

and take a look under the hood, you steer that car. You got to know the strengths and weaknesses in a lot of time. You know where human people are you and they they they may excel this day and not excel the next day, and so you need to know. How do you reward people? What do they want out of life? What do they? How do you, how do you get the most out of them and and soul by knowing the different personalities and in what works? Warm, that’s what you do on the flip side of kind of coaching up on these touch points in these meetings. If you have everybody, this also lets you, as the manager know, when somebody’s about to spin off the rails. If you don’t have contact with your team members over long that periods of time and not going to know where they’re at mentally, and you guys that you’ve seen where a merry-go-round source going too fast and the one person their legs are taking off and then their bodies hang out like you can catch that before they fly right off of the rails. If you keep in contact. That’s what happens if you don’t watch exactly? If you don’t want me in the middle of it and see how they run around and I’m driving bro? How much is 7 of the rv the book eleven rings by phil jackson? He goes on to explain how deep in neeses scottie pippen, for instance, grew up the youngest of 12 children and hamburger arkansas for hamburg arkansas. His business coach family didn’t have much money in part because his father had been disabled by a stroke while working at a paper mill still scotty was a golden. Was the golden boy in the family, so he didn’t get any scholarship offers any that one scholarship offer he enrolled at the university of central arkansas and worked his way through school.

Doing odd jobs in serving as the varsity manager, his debut as a walk-on for the freshman team was not spectacular. He averaged 4.3 points and 2.9 rebounds per game, yet he was a star on the chicago bulls must we talked about like this dude came from nothing. Nobody ever believe that him, and he always had this natural believe that everyone was against. You could see why he’s the youngest of a jerk family he’s a freaking walk-on in college with the field knew that about him, she’s, always trying to make sure it’s scotty was involved in the team. You know scotty actually demanded we traded numerous times and refused to play because he want to be traded. Aloxxi feel like he wasn’t really the center of attention. Oh yeah, a lot of times it’s over again phil jackson to keep him coming to work. Getting there on the court every single day and I think about a company out there, except one more show sponsors it get to come to work every single day. Every day. These guys work hard. There, like the scottie pippen of pest control chapter, tells about platinum pest & lawn austin long. You can call these guys at 918-376-0857 they’re doing free business coach termite inspection 376-0857, like i, said free, termite inspections if they find some damage they’re going to do. $200 off your bill, your termite treatment get a hold of them at platinum, dash, pest control.Com or 918-376-0857 918-376-0857 back to website walmart.Com 321 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist appointments and we go so fast that you might get motion sickness patch of the babbitt’s get some fruit like some forward. 3 2 1 here come the business, ninjas ice raids, paul called blacks like samurai swords and things of that nature.

I did not know that I was reading your mind and I kind of knew that I was reading. Here’s the thing I was using what I would call artificial intelligence, not real intelligence and I was able to just hope your mind and you said mentally. Should we have like a top ninjas and I thought to myself if I buy mine. Thank you now. Okay, we’re talking about the the words of wisdom in the mind to the philosophy of phil, jackson, phil, jackson, remember, when, the bulls or just dominating nba basketball. Amazing, to see how good they were really good team ever win. The la lakers work on a floundering around and they had shaquille o’neal and they had kobe and they weren’t really getting it together, and then they switch to phil jackson and it was sort of a collectively known thing that here comes the championship, because you’re probably 115 14 people like when I was starting to get really into basketball, was when the lakers were already dominant. Yes, so I didn’t see them. Flounder is much before after he got their page 99 of his book. He’s talking about his philosophy towards basketball. Z is 100%, opposite of probably every other business coach. To read this to you, because again, you are probably the man that I know that has this mindset towards life that most parallels, phil, jackson’s philosophy towards coaching cup super excited to get your take on this page 99. At that time, most coaches subscribe to the new trockne theory of mental training. They tried to get their players revved up for the game with with one for the gipper style pep talks. That approach me work if you’re a linebacker, but what I discovered playing for the knicks is it when I got too excited mentally it had a sitting at a negative effect on my ability to stay focused under pressure 2 as a head coach I did the opposite. Instead of charging players up, I develop the number of strategies to help him quiet their minds and build awareness, so they could go into battle poison control.

The first thing I did with the bulls was to teach the players, an abbreviated version of mindfulness and meditation based upon zen practice test for the years. I didn’t make it a big deal of it. We sat for about 10 minutes or so during practice, usually before one of our video viewing sessions, some players thought it was weird. Others use it best time to take a nap, but they humored me because they knew that meditation was important. Part of my life for my point of you getting the players to sit quietly together for 10 minutes was a good start and some players, notably bj armstrong, took a serious interest in meditation and pursuit it on their own i, wasn’t trying to turn bowls in the buddhist monks. I was interested in getting them taken more mindful approach to the game and to the relationships with one another and its heart. Mindfulness mindfulness is about being present in the moment as much as possible, not weighed down by your thoughts of the past or the future. That is well said and in my book is titled showtime, and that is exactly what I teach my doctor’s you know:i don’t go through. Quite quite can take payments for every patient and clear your mind and do all that with no, but I do tell them i, say:listen. What I try to do every time before I walked into an exam room. I would literally clear my mind, focus and say to myself and I know it sounds cheesy, but I would take showtime, but I would also put in the back of my mind the most important thing, the most important things in my life come up, and my business coach journey come on, for my business, yes, is to be, is to be here and to be clocked in and to connect with the patient on the other side of that door. Being present is a present. Yes, what is a present every day is a gift back to you with the circle and only takes you to certain to a certain point and what he discovered is. Is he needed not just to win this game, but he want to win championships and you can win this game with emotion, but you win championships with been consistent, been focused and being lasered. You know just dialed in so I think what he was doing. His is that’s great to get emotional and all that kind of stuff, but that only carry you so far.

You have to be practical, you have to be delivered and you have to be focused to win and marshall coaches, clients and marshalls perspective is unique because he wrote is a cooperative. The amazon best-selling book start here and writing. That book was a very mindful process way to take all the books on the shelf. It could get some into a book and the the linear path works. So full package media, massive growth, phonedoctors massive growth, tip top, k9 massive brawl at the same time they all grow. What happens is marshall? Isn’t it isn’t it kind of weird how you go into a coaching meeting and the clients that are the most successful are the ones that can be calm and I can be almost stoic and just exit give you that that that that, if you did the meeting with them-and you use, you would say-did sarah make a calls and they would say what was there was supposed to make a hundred calls, and you would say:okay, how many calls did sarah make and it’s a 60 and you’d say welded sarah know they say yeah. She knew you say. Okay, in this happens to 3 weeks in a row, you tell you know it’s time to probably fire sarah because she’s not making the call she needs you not performing in the business coach sky. Clients were successful and a very zen stoic call me:okay will do they come back the next week and they say you know we fired sarah. Things are looking up, but things have been proved. It we’ve replaced sarah, but the clients are exclusively focused on their emotions and how they feel like it does emotions in front of the motions marshall and what happened to look at the emotions in front of the motion. They start getting all emotional start. Sending you, those 8-page emails, start texting you all the time what time does marshall they they come off the track.

They come off the path fixed rate from they saw a stray from the path and so I’m. The biggest thing is exactly like. You said, if you can’t let the emotion get in the way of the motion, this doesn’t mean bean on emotional, because all of these clients, every single person has life happen to them every single day, things that they’re not prepared for things that they don’t expect in. It happens the ability to set that aside and not let that get in the way of your growth, that’s where the discipline comes in and that’s where the most successful client will grow them sick about this phil jackson was in the playoffs. More than almost any other coach and I’m page 101 of his book, 11 rings, he writes getting ready for the nba. Playoffs is like preparing to go to the dentist. You know the visit is not going to be as bad as you think, but you can’t stop yourself from obsessing about it. Your whole being is pointed toward the event. League xiety often creeps up on me in the middle of the night and I’m laying in bed thinking and rethinking our strategy for next game. Sometimes those wee hours, I turn to meditation, to unlock my mind and give me some relief from the garage second-guessing, but the most business coach effective way to deal with anxiety, I discovered, is to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible for whatever you’re doing think about that.

He says the most effective way to deal with anxiety undiscovered is to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible I was speaking at this church in amarillo this past weekend in z. You know this I’m, not a pastor, pastor brian gibson is a client of mind of mine and I I really have the utmost respect. I would say at this point my life i. Consider him to be my pastor and I was honored. We so could you speak at my church, but I also know that I am not a pastor. Did he tell you what to talk about? They give you the topic we wanted me to and talk about the judeo christian perspective to the work ethic I wanted to do is i, wanted to make sure that when I got in front of an audience of people, that I knew more about of the bible’s take on a work ethic that anybody else I’ll pull it up on the on the big screen tv. So you can see my no to this. My notes from my event here so colossians 3, 2324 states, whatever you do work at it with all of your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters. Since you know that the reward you receive inheritance from the lord, he says, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the lord as a reward. It is the lord christ you are serving so for me. That’s always been sort of the well I go back to of like I’m working as hard as I can, and sometimes my boss won’t recognize but I’m going to outwork anybody, because god’s watching and eventually it’s going to come back to me, absolutely I had to get the scriptural context to that, and so that’s w work as unto the lord all the maiamai. What’s on your day, why do the research on sunday in psychology today that shows by default we’re all distracted right? Then that’s a secular thought what you said, but this is a church, so I had to get notable quotable lee cockrell reset when it says what gets scheduled gets business coach done.

This is the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort, to point out. If you don’t have a schedule, you’re going to lose put in the bible proverbs 14:23 says all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Art work, work, rise & grind, for lazy hands, make for poverty, but diligent hands, bring wealth and k keep focused on sustainable diligence inside bible, verses here type of sustainability, proverbs 13:11 says dishonest money. Doing windows away, but whoever gathers money little by little, makes it grow tent already done the research in the more times I prepared the less anxiety I had that I wanted to watch the slideshow but will be shown before I got up there in a few go to facebook and you type in victory, christian, center, victory, christian, /, victory church in amarillo you’ll see my sermon and we were packed out and we had the upper deck. The balcony was full. The lower level of awesome meet new people, but I knew that he was doing a series called the goat about the greatest of all time and so I started off my talk by making a crazy goat, sound I got a buddy laugh, but my it is what set me free of the anxiety cause it was preparing and preparing in the morning before the talk preparing and getting the bathroom in preparing and reading and linda’s obsessing on my notes and that’s what set me free I think that’s what phil jackson’s talking about here talk to me about why preparation is so bored with your business and hood cpas.. Com i. Ask you how how can I get a copy of that all that power point, because you know what really you are a pastor, your pastor of business coach  and what you do is you take you have the you have the truth and you have the lead, the path it’s laid out and that’s what pastors do?

They know the truth and they preach the truth and they have the the book that says he would you do this this and this and this-and this is how your life will be, and but you know what the same thing I talked about this all the time success is being delivered. Success is intentional weather at your marriage, it’s business, it’s friendship or whatever your physical fitness is. There is a path the problem is:is in america will teach people that they don’t teach the people the path to success and that’s what we do it hood cpas his is we’ve learned and are learning the path, and we just passed that people just have to be willing to do the work and I’m excited I I want that I just sent you the slides right now in your inbox. Now I have to get your spine in line, chiropractic care. Absolutely you can just like once a month that I do but I go through. You like out of the average once a month again, but I probably should guys should go because we have, on the show from time to time is sibley. It’s dr., john, sibley, dr, john, sibley. Com. This is the chiropractor of choice for the legendary nhl hall of famer wayne gretzky. It’s dr. John, looking for a business coach chiropractor, give a call at 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 this doctor john, sibley., com, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show I change the mindset stock for incense burner on the magic show pic of the heat up food, to give it to me straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts.

Oh yes, yes and yes, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio and podcast download big shout out to all the books in amarillo texas tuning in for the first time. We appreciate you guys attending that church service this past weekend. Thank you, pastor brian gibson. Thank you, pastor jesse gibson. Thank you, pastor david, for allowing me to speak at your church and for all those who attend did I appreciate all the applause questions and the id interaction I realize that I’m a little bit little bit pale I struggle in the area of talent and skill, but we had a good time and we learn something. That’s really what are bodyweight real quickly? Was anybody? Did you get in like a gas when they saw the actual size of your head? Tell me when you walked out on me today:did you may pass out or anybody is. You have a team lot of times. If there’s a funeral at a church, do they carry the casket I have cranium carriers? That’s where it first gets weird. Did you get my cranium up there, so they had to grab on the mic and say we need a license book. 11, rings distilling, the management philosophies of bill jackson on here is:did phil jackson was a stabilizing force for the chicago. Bulls could not beat the pistons previous to phil jackson’s arrival. They just couldn’t. Do it and see the pistons new how to get into the heads of the bullseye by game, for they were looking at a sweep on their home court and when they couldn’t stop that the game turned ugly laimbeer blindsided pacsun in rosman dennis rodman knocked scotty into the seats with a blow that could have ended his career. The worst moment never came at the end when the pistons led by isiah thomas, walked up the court without shaking hands and insult not just to the polls but to the business coach game itself. That still bothers me to this day, he goes on to explain that the players were all upset and he had to get the guys to move on. But when you are our, when you’ve worked really really hard to beat your opponent in basketball, you work really hard to beat the pistons.

The pistons were. The top dog in the bulls are working really really hard to try to upset the top dog when the pistons finally lose. They started physically attacking the bolts, i, just shoving them hitting them, and then isiah thomas, who was one of the best players in the league and a guy that michael wanted his handshake to say, good game. You surpass me, we move on isaiah walks off the court, won’t shake his hand, willits lingers with the team forever and, if you’re, not careful, you bring that into the next work day into the next game. In the next series-and I c-u z, do this all the time I’m going to and I’m just I’m, not I’m, not trying to get you irritated I’m, just leaving example of officed of a conversation I had about 2 weeks ago. On the business coach phone with somebody who wanted to be a coaching client that I realized it wasn’t a good fit and the guy said the reason why I can’t have success right now. Cuz I’ve got some family business coach members going through health problems. Nice, okay, can I coach you here or or do you do you want to just order die on this hill? Do you want to actually be successful or we just having a false kindness conversation? He said I would like to know. I said my dad had had als and I still came to so my best friend mark died during the before the first wedding that I dj, like a litter the same week of the first wedding that I performed entertainment, dj the day after I spoke at my best friend’s funeral. So there we go yeah yeah, but my wife had some serious health scares and I continue to work. He says something else. I said my son was born blind and I continue to work.

He says something else:we’re going back and I wasn’t. We can play this game, but the reality is the one constant in my life is I show up and you would you do what you do and everyone around you is you make these excuses and everyone else validate stuff. That’s why I 9 out of 10 businesses fail according to forbes you’re, not an idiot. You know the strategy you’re, just the weak, sauce boss, you’re just weak, and he said what, if you’re, not quite yet buddy. You actually asked me if I am literally on this. This is the second time you had to reschedule the call cuz you got stuff going on and you just made excuses the last hour as to why you can’t do it so I’m telling you if you want validation. Absolutely it’s too hard. There’s too much going on at job. My wife had a miscarriage person called me up and said:what are you going to do? I said:go to work, cuz! That’s what I always do that, but you do cuz I signed up for that now. If you want to be an business coach entrepreneur, you got to show up on a lighter level. The bulls were disrespected and phil jackson says we gotta move on my office, probably be when we get an irate customer. When you get a bad post, we get a horrible review. When we get a letter used to be i, remember back in the day when people would actually hand-write or type a letter and let it in and they would reference the person they would reference. Sound was the name of the reader board, should I feel like I need to take a shower, so you can rattle you whenever you get the special the letter, the thing that give me the person that don’t fit in the in the waiting room off of the best championship, it was actually harder to get the guys to stay together after they started winning, since it’s so hard to keep them together.

But after they start winning, he says winning takes talent to repeat, takes character. The first glimmer of this came and horace grant, unloaded on the media or unloaded on michael jordan in the media, and we come back from the break member horace. Grant they just won an nba championship and horace grant. Who was the forward for the bulls? It’s horace grant scottie pippen, michael jordan, they win a championship and as soon as they get that first championship, they start in fighting. Then he goes. Oh, my gosh. It’s so much harder to win again that it was to win the first time because z entitlement begins to set in an in an organization. No entitlement. Are you familiar with your coaching clyde? You know this guy travis williams williams contracting. They do a lot of construction management in general contracting until they do a phenomenal job. In fact, they’re going to get a realistic budget back to you in 3 days and a copy of clay’s book thrives who’s. A phenomenal book there always exceeding owners expectations start to finish you contact them at 918-682-5511 or you can reach them online at will. – khan.Com! You want to build or expand on. You want to add on to your business coach commercial building or to build one. You had to check out our good friends at williams contracting. Today, that’s will – khan.Com will – khan.Com check it out today. That’s williams contract zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz I got, 5, kids I will not lose. It is the truth. Thought I’d make that excuse, I’ll, be up to the school board, the truth into a like my yo dude. Song about the new solo movie, the new star wars movie, being raped or billion dollars, the franchise. That’s. What the hell? That’s a lot of money, for. Dollars on the movie milk and i. Try to get that 4 billion dollar bags are packed, I’m talking about management and the words of wisdom of phil jackson, the legendary coach of natto, the six-time nba championship cago bulls, but the five-time nba championship at champion, los, angeles, lakers and I have just enjoyed reading this book so much, but I did because he talks about how to manage a group of people and on page 110 of his book.

He starts talking about something that really sucks my soul, but it happens every time with people who don’t have really big big character and it never happens to the people with big character says you think it’ll be easier to win the second time around. That’s not how it works as soon as the cheering stop. The business coach dance of the wounded egos begins, former ucla head coach, john wooden used to say when he takes talent to repeat, takes character. The first glimmer I got of this came and horace unloaded. Horace grant unloaded on michael jordan, the media for skipping out of a championship celebration at the white house attendance was optional and before the event, michaels was one of the hardest workers. The hardest-working ever seen had informed us that he and the team he wasn’t planning on to attend of michael was the first guy to the gym. The last guy out every single day carry the team on his back. He says like I’m looking for some down time, I i, don’t want to go so chorus, didn’t seem to have a problem with it at the time. But when we returned from washington, he told reporters that he was upset that jordan hadn’t shown up michael felt betrayed by horace but chose not to respond to his comments. I presume that horace had been hoodwinked by reporters at the saying something he didn’t believe so. I didn’t find him, but I warned him to be careful in the future. About saying things to the press that might be divisive, the team, where is whoever wasn’t the only player who is envious of michael’s fame, but he was the most outspoken. He had a hard time understanding that I had no control over michaels celebrity that transcended the bowls in the sport. It says as soon as the white house kerfuffle ended, another controversy, a rose that had a much longer lasting impact on the team.

It’s round of the publication of sam smith’s best-selling book the jordan rules were many players within the organization came out and said this is what happens behind the scenes, and so they couldn’t ever cite the source, but everything could not have been known unless you’re in the locker room and it really screwed with the team rousey, because everybody was willing to sell out their friend for a buck now I’m going to recap. The situation about to this happened in my life. I. Don’t know why first built dj connection actually worked hard together. I worked hard. My wife worked hard. We work hard, we hired a guy, we hired another guy. We started winning some awards and like five of the five guys, all totally ghosted us one by one and started their own business coach company wow. Somebody have a whole system, works I’m, going to break the system in two parts and I’m going to teach each guy a separate part, but I’ll never will teach him all of the parts and that works really well, and then we had another guy, splinter off and start his own business, but the members of zz to tell me what your thoughts are on this okay guy on my team, who worked in our office, starts his own company fractions off the phone company to directly compete with us and using our systems are processes our scripts, but the people in my office are still wanting to be his friend. How would you process that grand throat punch everybody but I would because I realize everything I said got back to the person one of my favorite books on business.

It’s when I added to our must read book list. Remember what it was the art of war of war it when someone splinters off and starts to compete against you get war and i, don’t know how you would have felt during world, war, ii and you’re in the trench and I had her baby I got a buddy over there on the on the other side, we’re going to go we’re going to meet in the middle for a little picnic. So, where you going to boys don’t shoot cuz he’s with somebody, should you carry your going to go, join the other guys I wish you well brother. You want some extra ammo, yeah, cuz I hate it supposed to shoot. You right here and I was going to shoot at you and that damn I’ll give it to you and you can shoot it. It is it’s the mindset. Your to mindset of this is that you got to get the dna of. If you can, that your teammates, your employees, feel like to have some ownership in the business come on, what do they have it or not? They got to feel like they did. This is dirt baby 2 all right. Until then, when someone does that, we don’t compete against them, they get riled up themselves them up. Let me ask you:let’s say that in this situation, I literally I was working. The dj business and I realize everything that I said got back to a  business coach person. It wasn’t on my team to the people who work for my team, we’re still his friend I would I would lay down the law and to listen I mean i. Would I would try to nip in the bud. I want to hear this from you right to pay you money to take all the business you understand. This is war. You understand where he gets his guy. You understand you’re, either with me or against me and you’re with me or you’re addicted, to do when I find out who little rat was in fire him. A good public hanging wall. Hood you got to take on this path to take is, as you got to I mean somebody would do that.

Don’t understand the principle of loyalty and don’t understand that who butters their bread and and I would just go to him and say:listen, dude or ma’am or whatever that you understand that if, if I can’t make money, I can’t pay you you have to pick a side. You know you cannot associate with this person needs a direct competitor. He is a communist. He can he’s not part of the american dream anymore kind of music, me and and you’ve got to pick, who your loyal too. If you’re going to want to keep that relationship high five, you got to go. Work at masters come on no way you got to go someplace else. If you can’t be loyal to me and into this company because we’re a team, you can’t do that you got to move forward, I want it. I want to finish of thought that he was was go down in. This is what my main man jack welch hoof, the man that grew general electric set ok every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand ceo speeches. Ceos can talk and blab each day about culture. Employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you, it’s just cultural people. Just don’t want to do it until I see. That is the biggest issue for business owners. Is it’s the uncomfortable conversation that they don’t want to have company I’m loyal to the auto specialist and of the owner of the business. Roy is a good friend of mine. He’s a business coach client and i. Had a friend of mine are getting their car repaired afford afford automobile? They said. Hey! Do you know I hear on the radio show? What’s that company you guys are always endorsing rc auto specialists. These guys have 80 years of combined experience, suspension alignment, heat and air systems, transmission, fleet, service battery issues on potatoes.

If you have a sound and functional mind and you live in tulsa oklahoma, you got to go to rc auto specialists, he’s got to look into the best deal in town they’re, going to fix it right. The first time it’s rc auto, specialists,, I’m, loyal to them, they’re loyal to me, chicken at rc, auto specialists attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com you’re talking about the management philosophy and principles of phil jackson phil jackson, the nba coach, the legendary in an nba coach for the chicago bulls. When they won 6 championships, ted 2, 3, 3 peat. They won 3 championships in a row. Michael took a couple years off that came back. They did it did they did it again, then fill retired and he told his agent. He said:hey I’m, going to go up to montana I’m, going to hang out I’ve been enjoy my life get the lakers want me, you can negotiate the terms. I want to be wanted. Here’s the deal, I want i, want levels of business coach control, and meanwhile shaquille o’neal and kobe bryant or floundering around putting up high individual production, but not winning. As a team. Phil shows up turn the team around and they went. How was it possible that one man could coach kobe bryant to 5 nba championships and nobody else got? How is it possible that one man could coach, michael jordan to 6 nba championships and no one else could was because he had a certain core set of principles and philosophies that he had here to over the years I’m page 117 of his book, 11 rings.

He says this early on during the game versus the knicks xavier mcdaniel from the knicks was pushing around scottie pippen, who is recovering from a sprained ankle, so michael jordan stepped in and confronted the bigger, stronger power forward until he back down. I was so impressed by the way michael jordan defended his teammate I later hung a picture of the stare down over my front desk. Think about that phil jackson was all about loyalty, teaching loyalty, yes celebrating loyalty. He got a picture where it showed michael jordan, walking up to xavier mcdaniel. Those who aren’t into sports I encourage you to look this guy’s name up in chapel, put on the the show notes, but I want to pull this up. This is xavier mcdaniel I’ll put them up on the screen here, and this would be. The universe is michael jordan there it is, and michael walked up to date. Him again begin his a much bigger person and let him know this is not going to that. This is not how you’re going to treat scottie pippen. That’s not what’s going to happen, you’re not going to talk to my guy that way and it it it. It said something to the team that michael was willing to risk physical business coach injury to stand up for his guy and I know in business. Just the other day. We had somebody just a funny story that way. It’s only one more brick companies that made it is a disparaging comment. Actually about. Marshall was actually think those are his account. Marshall mercy on the shelfs. It’s funny you can hear the story is good, but this guy, this guy says he’s okay, I just want you to know. I just want you to know:i have nothing wrong with marshall I just want you to know. Gosh i, just never is never good, but I just want you to know. I know what he says.

He knows, i, don’t have any against marshall or your team. I just want you to know that marshall said that he could help me grow my company and we haven’t been able to grow and I said you and your partner have not been able to attend the meetings we had with over 5 months. We’ve tried to get you and her and her tits is it true. People are just two female try to get both of them to come there and four five six months for months these two females, it could be men or women, but these two females in this case could not get to their meeting each week. It’s i, don’t know where she is i, don’t know where he is I can’t make it I’m running behind I can’t do it and so I’m talking to myself-and it said:hey we’re just not we’re not getting the growth and i. Don’t want you to know like full package, media, phone, doctors, tip, top, k-9 elephant in the room, I’ll wreck research, research I mean dr. Robert, zoellner and associates associates the door. We see what to do. What time you open up typically during the business coach week was nine crazy when you say right, but it’s open your auto auction when it says it’s open, it’s open, but yet so much to be one who are not used to it takes to run a business.

Z they’re only open on the days where it feels good how it’s crazy I need a quote:the nba hall of fame recorded this. Did your cordless jerry west quote he didn’t like dream:west quotes because, apparently you know nba courts, don’t work on everybody. Well, when you tell the truth, you got to be funny so i, don’t try. I’m, trying to call jerry west y’all put on the show. Knots is y’all put on the big screen tv. How did you have such great success in your career in the nba nba logo by the way it’s his silhouettes right and jerry west says? Well, you know you can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good, so I didn’t take a day off. Another example was bill. He was asked in front of the group of people that is on the show nuts business coach was asked. What were your tips to success? He said:i didn’t take a day off until I got to my thirties. Sometimes when you think about these, these, these profound ideas are pretty simple. You just have to show up and marshall you and your strategic wit as a coach and you’re. So did you experience in our team?

We can’t actually do anything unless the client does something that we had this conversation with a haircut business to we hope you have had a membership. I want to hear a membership for 4 months in a row, never came because i, frankly, don’t feel like I’m getting those values and our calls recorded for quality assurance, so the manager says well. I would be happy to cancel your membership it’s month to month, so was canceled, but I haven’t shown. It was that’s how they were at work still it’s month to month, and the ideas are pre paying for your haircut in advance like a gym. If you don’t come you’re the gym, don’t refund you for the three years you didn’t come or whenever you know, and so cable companies that refund you for not watching all the channels. You know just a thing we did, he said yeah, but you so she’s like i. Just want you to know. If you don’t come, you can get a haircut music I think it took you guys could have reminded me. Then I would have been there. I would have to call you and say you’re starting to look like a yeti. So I just want this guy telling him that you’re not to be blessed day going to probably talk to me directly to me business coach directly, just to recap:what did you say to them? The female partner is, if you and your partner will execute the proven steps for success the same systems.

That clay is used to grow elephant in the room group, men’s grooming, lounge doctors. He is used to grow up dr. Zoellner and associates the auto auction. In so on and so forth. You two will have success and what they heard was marshalls going to grow my business, my business, even if I don’t show up for meeting at all right, that’s what they hurt in. That is amazing. How you can say one thing and it happened-i mean it’s. It happens in a crosswalk, every industry, jackson book in the point that I want a hammer home on. Is it I immediately turn the focus on me because he’s like attacking you and victoria, both of which were not present I’m like bring it on to me I’m going to go ahead and did you did you do like the picture you just did have jordan and mcdaniel? Did you give her the right? That’s what he did you do if you got a problem like just talked to his forehead to forehead. Oh, my god! This is a huge. This is a picture on their business coach owners. When someone complains, they immediately blame teammates, so I just want to get your take on the z. Why don’t you wear that? You jump on the grenade if you are the manager of the company. First of all, the buck stops with you come on. You have to accept all responsible everything anything to any of your boys. Do you have to accept responsibility for it? 99% of the perception of the person fussing is. Is it in their mind?

They believe it they were rude. They were eight, you don’t like whopper. They were me and in their mind they were, and maybe at that moment their thoughts were somewhere else. They weren’t all present. They were i, know texting how they’re trying to talk to them. They didn’t get them. I contacted and smile didn’t, follow protocol write anything mean what I didn’t say. Anything mean I said exactly I’m supposed to, but there’s a difference between same with a smile on your face, hi welcome to dr. Zoellner and associates. How can I help you verse, hi, audra, dr. Zoellner and associates? How can I help you just same thing body language? In the way you said, I’m totally different, and so when someone is fussing, you’ve got to let them fuss, fuss and you have to own it. The buck stops it to you and then you, don’t you don’t beat up your employee in front of them. You never ever do that. Ok google, how many times people have called me written me emailed me and you what they wanted.

They want me to fire, an employee. They were offended me and i. Don’t, but you know it’s kind of funny how people just default to just the worst case scenario right, because they are a customer and they will believe it the boss and they want to fire everybody from the ceo on down simply by writing statements right exactly but I’m, just telling you. This is a business school without the bs. This is real stuff here. So if you want to learn more about effective management and how to manage people successfully, what you got to do is drive time. Show. Big time, show.Com you’re, going to find literally think about this thousands of training, videos top of world-class mentor salt, drivetime show.Com. You got podcast what are the top 10 of itunes all business coach podcast in the world were the top 75 of all podcast of the 530,000 podcast you’re, going to find one on one business. Coaching you can set that up, don’t be a bystander to get in the action where you can book your tickets to our next in person. Drive time show bones ever go to


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