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In this podcast episode of the Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark will get into what the most common questions new thrive business coach clients have when they begin to implement the Proven Path.

New clients typically:

  1. Are not used to working off of a hard deadline
  2. Hard to take feedback from someone who hasn’t run their business
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Best Advice I Ever Got – Eric Schmidt – Chairman and CEO, Google
  3. They have never read before
  4. They are not used to saying no.
  5. Consistently advertising.
  6. Do not want to work hard.
    1. You cannot create like the creator unless you work 6 days.
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business coaching company question. Email is today and info at thrivetime, show.Com and claim doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air, hello, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your podcast download coming as soon not today not going to be tomorrow or anything, but coming soon we’re going to allow thrivers like you to be on the show chopped. So we’ll have drivers that you will make sure that you’re not living in a van down by the river and les schwab, unless you’re living in a van down by our river make sure you have a bona fide job and that you’re not you know you don’t have a criminal bracelet where those ankle bracelets off j a job. She will make sure that you who make sure that you have a job will make sure that you are not the kind of person that would benefit the listeners to have on the show, because you don’t have to randalls on the show, asking crazy questions. But today we have a a young man, who’s, a graduate from oral roberts university, first name harley last day like today:liechtenstein, that’s right:okay, cuz, it’s a short for that harley liechtenstein royal right. So we have a great of driver, their name harley liechtenstein, and he had some questions and he like to ask him so we’re going to be at answering his questions on today’s podcast. So each podcast will be a separate question. So the first question mr. Harley, mr. Harley, what did einstein?

What is the questions you have for us? What is my first question when a business coaching company client joins up with us? What are some of the common things that they find difficult to cope with? Anna just do when you say cope. What do you mean by cope so I would imagine that one client runs up. There’s going to be an initial like you know, cultural things that are shipped to them, where it’s like, oh i, didn’t expect. This is going to be really difficult to make sure that we start from the aerial perspective when we get closer here check, but we weave when he’s his client, you mean a business coaching. Yes to that, like a haircut client, now, okay, client, mountain, optometry patient, not a photography, client, but a a business coach client. This right, this coach client begins to work with us. There are quite a few issues, but there is there 6 that I have jotted down for today’s I’d like to go over with you guys. Okay, so 6 I see all the time and chapped all go through a pretty quick. If you can, if I’m, if I’m missing something in for rv feel like I’m going to quick you. Let me know, I’ll say what is that most people are not used to working off of a hard deadline to most. People are not used to the concept of saying I’m going to do something and then actually do it. You know a lot of people. I would argue that about a third of self employed people get a job being self-employed because they simply don’t want to work for anybody else, but you so cool, and so when you have a business coach, if you, if you look this up, if you get a chance look up, is it was the most famous business coach of all time would be bill, campbell and bill campbell to visit with the business coach for a jeff bezos for a steve jobs and for eric schmidt and he’s been his is it business coaching has been documented in fortune magazine and we’ll put a link on there to the eric schmidt, where eric schmidt said that everyone advice you can give you right now, the listener, you they’ll be a business owner is to have a business coach, and that’s it that’s a powerful idea.

Now, you think about the context of coaching think about the coaches, to think about the best business coaching company you ever heard of outside of business coaching, but think about a coach best football coach, basketball coach has any coach on the sidelines, calmly, being quiet and just sort of meekly there are they pushing the players to be their best kind of a a passionate way? Definitely the passionate one that does be my favorite coaches, that I had grown up playing sports as well, where the coaches that were obviously as excited or more excited than you are to play the game. So as an example, if you are a new client and you were to say okay well this week, what do I need to do to me when we leave the meeting? We have homework and you have homework our our team has implementation homework and your team. You have implementation homework. So what say the homework was to build a google maps account good make a google map this week. That’s at that the homework for the client and our work is to build out a rough draft of your website. Also, your work as the client is to write the content for the website not to write the content for the website. You have about 10 pages. To do. Each page is a thousand words. You probably have about 7 to 8 hours of homework to do, and then we, as a team, probably have about 15 hours of work. When we get back to that meeting-and you did not get your homework done, we don’t yell at you. Cuz you’re the client, but the passage of time isn’t helping you so I would say about one-third of people that want a business coach about the second meeting we have with them. The first meeting is free. We go to the goals and I’m the second meeting. We should still free we’re going action, / 8, the path at that point, one third of the people that want to be a business coach client.

They did not show up to the meeting and they didn’t do their basic homework and then they will say to us. I’m sorry I ran out of time. True, and then we will tell them. We don’t feel comfortable taking your money. If you don’t feel like you can commit to getting the action items done and so jessica personal trainer, you can’t get in shape if you don’t actually show up which will make sure that you, you know. Moving forward are committed to showing up on time and getting your items done and usually 2/3 of people say. I am so sorry all the sudden. They start to be on time and prompt and accountable, and it will tell us chap 6 months later being on time and being held accountable, has changed my life yeah. If it’s something that as a business coach company owner, if you’re struggling with being on time or she should be early right right, it’s a huge deal. It lets your staff know right the bad message. It definitely gives your clients a bad message if you’re late for that, so you got to be a master of your schedule, but the people that that can’t be on time or can’t get it done then say cognitive dissonance still feel guilty because they don’t get their items done. Cognitive dissonance is where you feel bad, because your actions do not line up with your intentions. Were your values and then they would say time to do all that stuff. I, don’t have time to get my homework done and it looks kind of justify now and then we have to buy the stores. So the issue number one is just getting things done:they actually committing to doing things I’m.

The second thing is to actually take feedback from somebody that doesn’t actually do that industry doesn’t do that job, taking feedback from eric church up a business coach who has owned his own business. He who has managed his own team and 4 minute client chapters actually managed more people than the clients ever happened want to play that game, and they say we don’t. You know, you’ve only managed the crew of like 20 people and I’ve managed like 400 people. So what you’re saying is totally you read it because I swear I like I like for me. It’s like that can meet each other because I’m a dentist right, I’m a freak I’m getting it so you can put like you know if you’ve never had to deal with lou, you never had to do with marie, don’t know what you’re giving them is not right in the couldn’t possibly be valid, because it’s not the exact same industry did that were true. Benzi’s investment in regions bank would have failed. His auto auction would have failed right. If that were true, then his optometry clinic would feel if that were true. Elephant in the room are men’s. Grooming lounge would fail. If that were true. All of these businesses that we’ve done over the years would fail, because neither one of neither one of us have a core knowledge of that business. You mean you, don’t know how to cut hair greatly it yourself again, but what what you do is is, if you are fighting the idea that you’re your coach can’t possibly help you, because they they have never done that particular job you’ll be very hard for you to get any type of success going. You it’ll be hard for you to do that and so yeah I would say in fact, it’s probably better because they’re, not the business coaching company  and passionate about your industry.

There, an outside i, was looking in with a proven set of business coaching company systems that work. I are passionate about your success, though right, mitt and I’ll put this on the show notes. Here. We just one second I’ll pace, that down there and then there we go. He, says the advice. Does the ceo of google was asked? What’s the best advice you never got, and this is what he said he said he advised that sticks out to me was what was the advice:i got from john door, the famous venture capitalist who in 2001 said to me my advice to you eric? Is it have a coach? The coach you said that I should have is bill. Campbell I had initially presented the advice because after all, I was a ceo that was pretty experienced. Why would I need a couch, am I doing something wrong? My argument was:how can a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at being the ceo of what the best company in the world google? That’s, not what a coach does a coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They just have to watch you and get you to be at your best in the business in the business context. A business coach is not a repetitious cody business coaches. Someone who looks at something with another set of eyes describes it to you and his or her words and discusses how to approach the problem once I realize that I could trust bill my business coach and that he could help me with. With my perspective, I decided. This was a great idea when there is a business conflict, you 10 to get rattled a rat hold in bills. General advice has been to rise, one step, higher above the person, the other side of the table and to take the long, view, he’ll, say you’re, letting it bother you don’t so getting that that’s the thing is just not getting feedback from someone’s, not in your industry. That’s about to push back third issue. People have never read before people, business, business, coach, clyde, new clients who have never read before they just never read before, but he never read like this weird music gospel and what happened to his I have i, have to I help.

I work with the church and I help him with the workflow i. Don’t know about you guys but like when I’m working with a church on their work flow or I’m working with I’m working on a book right now, just working on it when I’m working on something like writing a book or working out of churches. Workflow I cannot think deeply. If I’m distracted, I got can’t work on a workflow upstairs with my family, so I have to come down in the man cave I turn on my meditative music and I will work on it for like 6 hours in a row. So yesterday from like i, don’t know 6 or so until about midnight. I was just grinding on some stuff because that’s that’s just can’t read books in my office, I can’t read book swear on my kids. I can’t read book books, I have to block out time to read and write him up, never actually read. So we have a book called the boom book which is, cliff notes version of the proven path, and then we have the start here. Book which is a 550 page, so excited I mean specifically what to do and what times will tell a client like how you know if you could read pages 99 through 103 this weekend for pages that are really help? You get gain business coaching company knowledge of how google works right and most of them will tell us I’ve, never read a book at all since college and in college i, never read a book. Yeah I mean i, just skimmed it and got to be look for the bold words. Yes, the next thing I see that clients struggle with it again, just it’s harder for them, too many clients, probably over a hundred. Tell me you know what before you before this program as a 40 year old doctor i, have never read a book at all since college and now I’m reading again I love it and boo-boo the next. Is they don’t say no they’re not used to saying? No, so you know they’re used to like going into a staff meeting. I just saw it happen on friday, a guy who’s, a doctor I work with out of dallas. He literally asked his team, his staff. Do you guys want to record your calls? Do you guys want to get slasher know the answer to that question? If you know the best practice system is record your calls, then you have to go. Do it then? So what he did is he asked his team team. Do you want to, and it seems to know we don’t want to be rather do it. This way, and you have to become very very very successfully-had become very good at executing the proven path and not worrying about what everyone thinks.

So just saying. No to all the other advice, all the new note, all the feedback out there. So they know-and you say no one else in my industry brooke a lot of contractors and contractors are notorious for invoicing chip. They will, after the job they’ll send, will give the client an invoice, and then the client has 30 to 60 days to pay it in most contractors. Will it go into bankruptcy if they run out of cash and happens a lot often very off way too often, so we advise never invoiced. Just tell the client it’s going to be $12,000 to install the bathroom I’ll pay $6,000 to start and $6,000. What action here is a receipt to a debit card or credit card, and most contractors will inevitably say when no one else to my interview does that we do it, send it I would say:well that’s why I was two people in your industry are going in and out of business. That’s why forbes show that 8 out of 10 businesses fail and 9 to 10 startups fail that stings and the night they would say most people, my industry, don’t spend 10% of their gross revenue on advertising, which I would say. That is why they’re failing and so a you can’t do what everyone else is doing and expect to win. They say nobody in my industry truck spend 10% of their gross revenue on advertising. Nobody, nobody spends 10% of gross revenue on advertising right and then I would say. That’s why they’re all losing heads that they said yeah, but your eyes are different means. You’re telling me dr., zoellner has actually spent 10% of his gross revenue in advertising. Yes, just devastated i, don’t have that kind of money and I go. He didn’t either. So you see what he did. Is he actually work 7 days a week and they would say he work 7 days a week. But what about you with your company dj connection me? How did you guys get $2,500 a month to advertise when you first started, dj connection before the business coaching company and I would say:i didn’t have the money, so what I did is I got 3 jobs at work at applebee’s, target and directv at the same time, and I used all of that money to buy advertisements, so you mean you had three jobs while running your own company. Why did you lead me to the final push back area? People just don’t want to work hard if you’re going to create like the creator, you have to work 6 days so yeah. If you want to create like the creator, you have to work 6 days, you see god in the bible. If you believe that book said that he created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, and he rested on the 7th I see why people working 5 and resting on the 6th and the 7th and then frontier. They can’t get anything done if you are going to grow out here to get done. If you to be successful, if you’re going to get the results that you want, you just gotta grind chapel you work with your clients.

All the time on waking up early just had a breakthrough with one of your clients. I won’t mention his name on the air yeah. Actually a couple, but I’ve got clients at the top. When it comes to mind, sent me a text at 5 a.M. Come on at 5 a.M. On sunday morning. Yes, he’s in there just grinding away working on some more clothes working on tuesday of last week, yes 3:30 and he said I’m up and grinding man grinding. It’s awesome. It’s also it in whenever people do that when they take command when they take control of their schedule, it’s weird how to happen to find more time and get more done so I get people harley are typically not used to grinding. Hang out with me like I wear you out, I got grass beside it. I have never in my entire life, taking a break at any job. I want to go, there. You guys are working, I can I go on break, I have never gone on break, but I worked at target I’ll just work through break. Why the hell would I want to sit down for 30 minutes and just sit there at target and have it no I meant I’m, not I’m, not at home. Why would I want to break i? Would never I have never had a break in the hell, would I go to applebee’s and then work at applebee’s and go over this whole time? I work at applebee’s, if it was it, can I go on break, go on break i, just work through my break. What dumb idea to go on break? Why do I get a break of that pisses me off so much about the elephant in the room. I see so many people who come in and apply for job at elf, in the room, no shadow me and they’ll say when you take your break i, don’t take a break! That’s why I’m in charge right! Take a break. Well looks like it’s time for a break. I’ve been working for 4 hours in a row. Did you just say:hey buckley I need to quit before i. Think about working.

I have a question for you. Do you stand I mean? What do you want to? Yes, I stand all day, I’m on my feet all day, I have never sat down at work. I stand harley, you shadow be before chap i, don’t sit down I just go to take a break, i, can’t think of any other buzz killed in to get to work and then to work pretty hard and then to go well. I’m going to go for break for lunch either go to work, I have never gone to lunch and I’ve never gone on a break. I never had lunch and I have ever taken a break it. Just if a client doesn’t show up then I’ll eat whatever is available. I’m not going to go well. I want to go, get tough i, just like don’t i, don’t care like eating is like not on my priority list. So if you’re around anybody who was a millionaire or multi-millionaire were all the same, we just get it done and are top thing on. Our to-do list is getting it done. Well, that’s not very healthy bs. You can go to gnc today and get yourself an organic meal replacement shake it’s going to be about $6 and you just keep it in the fridge and whenever a client cancels or you or you have a gap to slam it boo boo boom done, you don’t need elon, musk doesn’t take lunch breaks. Steve jobs, doesn’t., I’m supposed to get off I have I just need my thyroid. Find you deal with your thyroid, but the point is you can’t create like the creator, unless you work 6 days, that’s how it works so hard leave. Those are the apush back areas that typically new clients run into it was really cool. When you see people what they implement the system, they have massive success and it always will tell us I am so glad you made me advertise so glad. You called me out for saying:i didn’t have time to read I’m so glad I’m in that group interview I’m, so glad that that’s the big bush packers isn’t helping my friend dude. These questions always always always feel free to email us to info at thrive time show.Com. My name is clay clark I am a business coaching company that sarah catch up. He is a business card and that is our special guest harley liechtenstein to blue


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