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In this segment of the Thrivetime Show podcast business coach Clay Clark will break down the details of dealing with a complacency mindset and how to deal with feelings of anxiety.

Thriver Question – How to deal with the complacency mindset
DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Complacency – A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.
Turn your bitterness into betterness.
Find something that irritates you and think about it when you workout/make sales calls/while on a walk/when someone offers you a sugary beverage.

Understand that you are setting the example for somebody else.
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A boss must make big obstacles seem small.” – Clay Clark
Know that God is watching and the Devil is trying to kill you. is killing big box stores.
Justin Bieber is killing the album format.
Video killed the radio star.
The Eagles are recruiting your running back.

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If you email us about proof that you did it and an objective review, you just need to just email us your contact information after subscribing to the podcast and leaving us an objective review and we’re going to give you two free business conferences tickets to free tickets to our next in person, drive time show workshop and that’s a powerful. A powerful to him is a 15 hour to day workshop tickets are normally $250 a piece to do a sponsorship from paul hood they’re, just $99 a piece right now, but yours get to tangible books and all that can be yours by simply writing objective review and subscribing to thewhat time show on itunes or was how do you deal with complacency? How do you deal with that feeling? Well, first off, let’s look up the definition of complacency. I think it’s important that we know what words mean and complacency is a feeling of smug or critical or uncritical satisfaction with oneself and their achievements. So complacency means that you think you’re awesome and you have decided that you’re going to stay awesome as a result of just being awesome, so I’m going to give you the three ways that I know to avoid the complacency mindset. What turn your bitterness turn your bitterness, I talk to my staff about that today. Turn your bitterness into betterness, we’ll talk about that a minute for your bitterness and to betterness to understand that you are setting the example that you are setting the example for somebody else understand that the third know that god is, watching god is watching in the devil is trying to kill you. So this is how I do it all right so I’m going to break this down, for you turn your bitterness into better than I used to stutter as a kid. A lot stuttered means i. Couldn’t talk very well get made fun of a lot because of it. To this day, I am pissed at the people that did it. I, forgive them for their benefit, I’ve to ask god to forgive him, but if they know the buckets of tears that I cried and how that affected. My entire world view even to this day, if they realize that it’s created a level of distrust. That makes me such a phenomenal manager.

It’s crazy, but it also makes me so difficult to get to love, because I will assume you’re trying to screw me forever. I will never trust anybody, cuz I’m, always assuming that they’re lying to me, which is why I’m such a good manager, because I assume you’re lying to me, but it makes it really hard for anybody to get below my armor and so I really really really really really struggle with ever trusting anybody ever I have to sit in a way where I can see both doors for a variety of reasons. I don’t want to ever be in a room where I can’t see the exits and entrances for a variety of reasons. Okay, so that’s what it so I could turn my bitterness into betterness I can decide to spend. My whole life is a herd of yelling at people, but instead I decided I’m going to teach other people how to have success as a way to treat people the way that other people didn’t treat me I’m, going to say hello to the cashier at reasor’s, because people are mean to me I’m, going to say hello to the cashier at quick trip, because I think most people should and I’m going to try to do that I’m going to so, even though people ii I understand that somebody’s always watching me because I have 5 kids, it’s easier call who can relate to that eric chuck can relate to that. But, more importantly, when I have success in business, somebody else begins to think that they could do it too. So kurtis blow was the first rapper to record a hit in the top 40 charts in 1978, and you know who was watching the sugarhill gang. You know the song hip hop hippie to the hip hip hop you don’t stop! That song was inspired by the sugarhill gang watching to go, josh. Look somebody we knows on the radio if they can do it. We can do it, we can do it to that inspired russell, simmons to start def jam and that inspired him finding jay-z and the beastie boys and hip-hop was became a thing as result of kurtis blow stepping out on faith and doing something crazy, which was taking the spoken word shaking it to music example. Your own, his company is growing. It’s thriving I saw on facebook your day, he’s adding on his building, is expanding, he’s, always hiring he’s, always positive and he stays in great shape physically gosh. Is he perfect? No, but I would love to be like him. Someday, doctors always comes on the show scenes seeming, so joyful cash I heard the doctors either he’s had lawsuits he’s had to go through yeah, I’ve heard doctors, he hasn’t had a perfect life, university be so positive. Man I want to be like that, and you know what he stays in great physical shape,. You can stay in great physical shape and have a successful business. You know what brought the cost down to the average family for optometry the glasses are $99 for your exam and eyeglasses gosh. That’s inspiring i. Try! Maybe I could be a doctor to drive down the cost of medical care to someone’s always watching in the third is.

The devil is always coming to kill and destroy, and if you don’t think so, you’re going to wake up one day and you’re going to be totally demolished by your competition. They will just absolutely like a thief in the night. Come in and take all your customers all your code, your precious technology, your precious agreements, your precious teammates that you’ve matriculated, that you coached the movement or they’re all going to leave you and eric and you’re, going to one day, wake up and realize that all of a sudden, the sleeping giant woke up in a big bad, big, box store, came into town and dominated you and then you’re going to look up one day and go oh no. We are the big big bad box, retail store and amazon’s killing us to look at it at target. Right now, have you guys heard about target’s new business model? Chapman you’re, not that’s going on with it, is going to be making stores that are about the size of a walgreens and they’ll, be turning in their megastores into essentially distribution centers. So you can go in to get fresh produce in the items that you want, because more and more people are buying online and see what you can do is go to order your groceries online to a nap real quickly, you’ll build order. What you want you’ll just come up with those target pick up stores, so they’ll have like all the fresh vegetables at the distribution center, so you and candice could say what you want to get and you hit enter, and then you just swing by that target and pick it up and I’ll, be the size of like at walgreens i, like that. That’s happening I like that doing that whole foods are going to the store, soho amazon amazon, teaming up amazon. It had to look whole foods had to look at that because they were actually getting smaller. Did you know that whole foods was shrinking? Video killed, the radio star by journey, could be on the radio.. No too ugly, they couldn’t do it now, it’s all over the video ariana grande who, like you, have to take a dancing laser show at the super bowl I just play a guitar george strait out there. Now, though, you have to sing and dance, it’s got to be like an intro to the olympics. It’s downey timberlake’s performance had to be world-class to a superbowl, and so, if you’re an artist today, it’s harder for you than it used to be for artist back of the day. Cuz you have the perform live.

Well, the album concept is dead. I. Don’t have thought about that. Just two years ago, justin bieber was the first guy to do this. 3 years ago. He released the journals album check. Your lack of justin bieber is justin, bieber, I’m, sorry, justin, bieber knowledge really disappoints me, I’m. Sorry, this point I’m sorry I confused bieber with justin bieber. He decided in on december 23rd, that’s festivus by the way of christmas eve 2013. He released the album through a digital platforms like youtube, and it was free. So you didn’t have to go out there and buy. The album was like:how is he going to make any money if he does that in beavers whole thing was I won’t and they’re going, but what’s the catch, the catch is I’m riding the song every morning and be running as the others, but he wrote all the songs and produce them himself and release them in the same day. So I am going to write a song, produce it release it and get it out and I’m not going to run it through an executive board. Cuz I could really see now but has to be approved by the hierarchy. There are songs that are within my soul that I want to share and I’m not willing to wait long enough for you guys to approve and I don’t care if I make any money. What turns out that, if you go onto youtube and you look up the album it’s called journals and we’ll put this on the show notes the journals that people love the authenticity of it and it decided that that album killed albums. So now artist have to release like a song independent of an album like on spotify or something because people don’t want to hear the whole album. They just want to hear an individual song seriously, so that is killed. The way that music is done now guys, like timberlake, are trying to make the album format work, which I hope that he does his newest album timberlake’s new album is incredible, but I love it that he’s trying to do the album thing. I’m saying, is you gotta? Look up the world changes a lot of questions for you as a relates to this to so throughout your career. How have you been able to potentially turn something that could have been a source of bitterness into better to me? Where is it worth? What’s the thing where you think man, you thought I really could be bitter about that, but I let it go. Is there something that you can think of yeah? Basically, there’s a lot of people that probably had my life that that are bitter you know. I might father, was a alcoholic and an abusive and was never there and died. Young and I could tell my gosh. It was never at my football games of baseball games, but the reality is, is, is the way I see the world clay is that was all I wouldn’t be the man I am today in the success I have today if, if he would have been so how old were you when your dad passed away? I was at 30 years old, but he had one in my life by me.

I probably ain’t seen my dad 15 *, my entire life, great man when he was sober, okay, yeah, but you know it’s. A lot of people will see things that happen to him and I can get this victim mentality right, i, see things that happened to me. I say thank you jesus that I can come through this and and what can I learn from this and how can I get stronger because I believe that you learn through adversity in the old hood cpas. Com a lot of times. We spend time with client and talking about reese trying to reshape the way they see the world, specifically the negative things in the world and how that affects them, and so I think that that everything I win at everything I’m either going to learn I’m going to make money or I’m going to grow clay. So that’s that’s the way, I look at things. Okay, so now I understand that you are said. It example for somebody else in your life. How is it? How have you seen this play out, or maybe somebody that you’re watching doesn’t realize or set an example or maybe she was watching you, and you didn’t know that you were setting an example for that. Well, a lot of times running the construction crew, the lead guys that you hire all the other crew members are going to fall right in and kind of do what they do right, and so, if I wouldn’t pay attention enough to put like really pick out a good person at really had high character in a good work ethic i, we would notice dramatically that production from certain cruise would just fall off, because the guys in his truck looking at the quote, unquote looking at plans for 3 hours, so they’re ever he’s slacking there for the entire crew is slacking. He wasn’t. You know present enough to understand that him not being out there checking on the guys. Work is really an issue with the bottom line. Is that makes sense? So if you were listening to the show today, your struggle of complacency I’m going to try to help you through either fear or through motivation, to help you get out of that rut. So one is, you have to turn your source of bitterness into betterness it just fine! Something troubling want to make sure you put this on the show notes. Okay, is an action item, find something find something find something that irritates the crap out of you and get you like white, hot, violent and think about it. When you work out find something that makes you violent, angry and think about it.

When you’re making sales calls find something that really irritates the crap out of you and think about it. While you go for a walk, find something that you hate and think about it. When somebody offers you a sugary beverage front turn your bitterness in the who’s, the hate as the fuel, the emperor let, the hate flow through you. If you have a problem with 8 turn the hate into positivity and by the way that’s what I do everyday am I hate is really near the surface and so I’m able to just tap into that vein of adrenaline hate within seconds I mean I am just one one insult away from going to crazy town, because the way my mind is wired, so I had to teach myself to say we lit in sault ste steve steve, steve, steve steve still in the van because they had a question about the driver asked us. They also asked. If how do you fight anxiety, I want to cut a tackle this on the same show here chuckling is powerful. You saw me on saturday kind of like it was a saturday or sunday sunday sunday I started the kind of lose my crap. Can you explain what happened and maybe how it was resolved? Can you explain this because you’re somebody listening who thinks that I never freak out or never have those moments, and it’s how I choose to deal with them and i? Think it’ll be a good example. Since you were, president trump was president may be a good example. Well, what happened was? What is that? What happened was after we get done, recording a like a segment or a podcast or whatever you know, I’m like the happy-go-lucky gregarious guy, because I just chimed in every once in awhile i. Don’t really do anything you’re, not picking up producing the podcast, putting the show notes up there. We there’s things that you got skepta to in between, like you know, saving things in the correct format and doing that kind of thing. So I was just i, don’t know if I was i, don’t know what I was doing, but whatever it was was distracting you from being able to save the correct format and then I think you saved it as an mp2 and slide mp3 and then the computer, because the way I backup my computer, it saves original source file, so I can always navigate again, find it, and so it’s funny, because I had a freak out moment like thursday and if so, then, when I saw you have your freak out moment. I was like oh he’s, like a check because compared like whenever you like, you took a break. I looked at japan, so I said to you. I said what I said you were that not verbatim I said I’m not mad at you. I just hate technology, but I have to use technology right that I have when I’m doing it. I have to have no one talking to me:no distractions, no computer I hate said you specifically gave the metaphor of I’m on a high-rise, leaning up against the rail and you’re, pushing and pushing me over the edge.

I wanted to say horrible things and I and I am so I will confess it on the way out. The podcast podcast on the podcast I’m allowed to say things:i couldn’t send the radio potential and I can say we have as long as we want to record a podcast, that’s right for the next 12 minutes and then I will go spend time with my wife. She have as much time as we need our next 12 minutes, but I I really did I thought this and I apologize. I’m asking for forgiveness here on this I thought, I thought I’ve been carrying around i, didn’t say it this morning when I was getting up was the two jakes I literally was like please forgive me. This is why I thought I thought I thought I wonder if steve could take a certain portion of his body and shove that certain portion of his body and another portion of his body I wonder if he has the flexibility needed and if not I’m, going to hire an aggressive rolfing stretch your guy to make it happen because I am so excerpt, I was so mad I thought of it. I like and then you said, a little quip you’re like oh I’m, sorry I’m, sorry I’m bothering you today, and you said it was funny, but it made me say it wrong again and that’s when I said something to you that was about that time. I thought I saw it. I found myself looking for the hatchet and, like i, said on the wall. I work construction with a guy who didn’t learn how to do this, how to turn the bitterness in the bitterness and I’ll never forget his name is tracy and he was 40 and I’m. Sorry, he was 30, but he looked like he was 50 and tracy. Would we had immigrants on our crew, mostly who are from like they’re norwegian supposed to write swedish and people finnish people work on our cruise? We lived in minnesota and 7th oklahoma you’ll see a lot hispanic workers every generation at one point was an immigrant generation minnesota. A lot of that workers were like swedish people, the foreigner people in one of the workers was sawing rebar, while spraying the sparks into tracy direction to rather than walking around and saying hey man I’m, not sure, if you’re new to this country when she was. But this is how you do it. He took a hammer and through it with him with the intensity, would throw a baseball while pitching a game at the guy was hitting the guy with the fork and thus cutting into his skin and making a huge gash. When the guy told him like the guys bleeding, he can handle them some tape and said f and tape it and never the guy.

We didn’t understand what you saying, and he said she turns the guy who could speak in his language. Is a trans like this go f yourself, I like that’s how tracy dealt with life, which is why he was a 30 year old man working in the construction crew who never stop smoking or drinking while I job and who I’m sure is now dead. That sounds so familiar guy that died on the thing that I’ve heard that to my dad, my dad had to stop a guy from beating another guy with a piece of rebar is the only reason I didn’t get beat with ari. Okay. To understand that you are setting example for someone else, that’s hard for me and it’s humbling for me and I am sorry to anybody. Who’s seen me set up an example, because my example that I turn to I try to be christ is my goal and I’m like a solid f-, I’m, really good at business. So I get to people. Ask me my opinion, a lot because I’m good at business, so it gives me a reason to be valid, but as a husband, I’m, I honestly think I’m like a c good, probably like probably trending more towards a d, I think I’m a d, a d I think I slept but I think I’ma do you. Maybe you could benefit from it because I don’t like human interaction, i, don’t i, don’t i, just i, don’t value i, don’t care how I feel. So, if you ever say how are you like i, don’t care how I am and it’s if it’s not at all, it’s something I factor into what I do during my day, so my wife says to me:go to the store:can you go to the store and pick up whatever I will literally go to the store, not think at all about how I feel about it. So I think I’m going to go, see the little mermaid or something that you didn’t hear. You know what I hate the little mermaid. You know why cuz I don’t want to see I just don’t care, I want them to quit. Singing and start getting to the end of the store where they action steps I need to do as a result of the show i. Just what’s the moral can just say, welcome to another exciting addition of the union performing high school, he performing arts performing little mermaid and basically it’s a story about being happy with what you have and not wishing for what you don’t have and so just be thankful to have it’s been a good shape. Thank you, I’m like yeah. Do you want to be liquefied? Could you want us to just liquify the ball to produce and you drink real fast or do you want us to shove the meat down your face, but here’s the deal. Here’s a food, you don’t get the option to stay or be both won’t make you fat, eat them as fast as possible.

That’s me going out to eat to me going out to eat it’s just going fast through food. If anybody’s ever seen, clay eat like like in between appointments with clients of paul I had I have you can tell that it is like a I need to fit I need to eat this, and I need to do it at least amount of time possible. So the problem with in here talk to me while I am, that is so the problem with this. Is it if you are out there in, and you chose to marry somebody like me, you will never want financially. You have whatever you want and I will always provide and I take pride in killing animals and bringing them back home i, don’t care what the animal is. My phone up, my rifle say I would like to put up an actual wall with actual stone like I thought about. Besides, that might be cheaper to do maybe a faux finish or veneer. Stone I want the real stuff. So then you think about what it cost to buy the first condo and you realized it’s like you, just bought two condos and I got it i, don’t process how I feel, which is awesome for business i. Am it’s not a problem for me, but it’s not good for human relationship, so I’m weaker in that area, see i. Have the exact opposite of that I’m. The guy who likes open s in might want to go out with a group of people and you’re kind of like now. I’d does not really what I want to do right, I’m, the guy that if we go out and there’s a group people I if I don’t watch myself I’ll end up not talking to my wife at all the super bowl party paul hoods take on this buick. It’s important that you understand it. Nobody listen to show is perfect in one area. Do you have an area where you feel like gosh? You know what that’s an area that I can get back. Oh I can’t wait to hate when people listen to our show and feel like that.

They’re, an idiot because they’re, not good at everything right eye is important to know what you’re not good at in to try to get better at that as soon as possible. Bitter people are watching, they see you. You have a lot of success with the business success with your boys want to secretly what I do with my toenails all the time at dinner, I mean. Is there a fool for your kind of going okay, my deficiency is stopping slowing down and enjoying just the little things in life. I, don’t know, I mean it’s it’s! Okay, let’s, like you, it’s okay, I I’m I’m, going from the minute I get up to the moment. I go to bed and i, don’t care if I’m at home I don’t sit down much I’m going to do the dishes I’m doing this I got to sit down, actually cause you stress it does. Unless oklahoma state is playing football basketball, then I can shut that stuff down bed. Do you actually think about waking up yes likes for me and ask me they said:when do you sleep and I said I go to bed for 6 hours and wait to get up and i? Usually, don’t even sleep that time I just laid if my eyes open, but waiting cuz I got to wait to go to sleep. I hate it I hate people like a good friend of mine just got married and he’s like dude when you guys got married to do you like snuggle all day and just sort of you know that you do that. You know I like it was more like activity followed by. Let’s go, do something I can sleep here and go to sleep so i, you know I can shut it off, but yes, I can’t wait to get back up. I, love life and never mind lauren versus my alarm. Virtually never goes off. I’m, always awake, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes before that. That is your superpower. But if left completely with no boundaries, it could become an achilles heel. Solutely misstated there cuz I work too hard clay. It was like I worked a lot of family time. You got to be specific. The family wants to have a family dinner. He wants to grind wife textures that your husband apologizing, my wife is great and I are both great and I am a manbearpig. So steve final question for you:what’s your area where you feel like we do, you know people are watching and you are a leader in business and you’re, really good at mortgages. You’re really good at marketing. You’re really good. So many things are great communicator. Your account you’re a great friend by the way, I love both of you as a friend and i. Think you’re, really nice guy I mean that you just steve accrington is an absolute great friend. I mean he’s just there for people very selfless, very loyal, very honest, very honorable, very candid. It gets me in trouble and people are watching. Please don’t do that. Yeah, I think, and it’s something that I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with you and in the time that I do get with z. That I think I’ve learned is just a go slower, because I am very candid and I i. Consider that in my own mind, that’s a great quality cuz. You know where you stand with me, but I I need to do a better job of more planning out, especially when things are not going well for somebody, because because I tend to be like not nicer than like, wear your heart on your on your sleeve, but i, just don’t care so I’m just going to tell you.

This is how things are, and probably my delivery is not what it is. That being said. Some people say you know like they describe other weaknesses of people. One of those is that my my emotion involved with people not doing what they’re supposed to do with me having to tell them i, don’t have it, and so people tend to get offended when I deliver, and so maybe, if I was judging, that I could do a little better on my delivery when it’s a negative thing, I think you do a great job at that. It starts like this:hey steve, the two quick things all good stuff. On, the radio show. Do. You know why I say two good things all good stuff. I said to you:hey. We need to have a talk. It creates a little tension in the conversation. I need to tell you something terrible, so I did today. I put one aside today and I said hey to great day two things for you. Real quick I got two things for you. One is I know that you got a great workout that you’re working really hard to. Is your choosing not to dress the way that you’re supposed to be so you’re dressing? Under your work ethic and your your perform, we have a dress code, the office, and it really irritates me that we have to have more on conversation, cuz you’re, not a moron. It bothers me that I have to take time out of your schedule and mine cuz the whole. The whole idea of this conversation is disingenuous. Did the idea that you’re going to receive from me that I’m telling you that you’re dressing like an idiot and that you’re going to be thankful? That’s a weird situation, so I’d like to focus on things like how to give you a raise how to promote you, how to i? Don’t want to talk with you think so. The two things I want to make sure I can get here as well. You had a great workout i. Think it’s a great thing to your under dressing. Dress, the freaking part dressed. Do we are we getting our weekly? Are we getting? This? Yes, awesome is that a person left feeling good about their day, knowing that I care enough to say something but I used 218 years ago. This is what I used to Say:i’d go steve. Can we talk after work? It’s the whole day, you’re feeling like what right you know. I did talk to you after they were so much tension there that the person would reach out that they would react to the tension. Not to my intention. I would react to my attention to your tension. Not you and I need you to stop dressing. That.

Are you kidding me but everyday? All you have to say for me, cuz i, don’t know we just react to that so that they reacted to my attention that I created. Not by not my intention, capstone thought you’re doing the best you can do clients you work with. You’ve got to have seen some really good clients, yet it don’t realize they’re, omitting negativity into the universe. Yes and they’re good people they’re hard working people, we’ve had people, clients that have served our country in the military. We had clients that are a hard worker for 40 years ago, a client that are really really trying to just do what they said:they’re going to honor their commitment, but they have a human repellent about them, and then they don’t know what it is. It’s under the couch. You have to help people get better at that. Can you? Maybe it was her common denominator that you see I like to get urine paul’s. Take on that one thing that I see with people as there in maybe they’re new, to running a business or managing a team when they start to freak out you to talk about tension when they start to freak out over some type of burning fire or some issue in the business, and they don’t act like a boss. Making big obstacle seem small that just ruins everything it ruins the cultural. It ruins the inspiration that they provide for their team and so I would say just kind of teaching people that hey when things happen in your freaking out on the inside, don’t show it right now motivate your team is by your team, make a decision on what you need to do and then go home and do whatever it is. You have to do to freak out and get those feelings out, but you can’t do it right there in front of the team that just you know you just did you just you just said something that we would have missed. That is powerful. You have to find a way. Do you have an outlet some kind of outlet right? Well now the show just gets weird I’m going to give you my two outlets I have to listen to theta waves. There. There there sound waves. There binaural beats for like 10 hours a week to all saturday I’ll. Do it if I had phones on the phone was going to be like i, can’t believe you can negativity, it’s a huge thing for me and i, also listen to td jakes I refuse to listen to anything. That’s not td jakes, because I just I have to do it, and the second thing involves horizontal interaction and that’s all I got. Do. You have a thing where you’re like okay I’ll go, beat a punching bag. I go watch, wolverine, 4, x, i, go see the new and I got to see movies at me. I’m either way cuz I be destructive. Ways of dealing with stress, cause, overeating addiction and he’s like yeah yeah. Luckily growing up the concrete industry and pouring concrete I got really close up to you too.

What kind of effects you know, alcoholism and drug abuse and everything can do your life. So that’s not a big thing. My release would be playing music I like to create songs and play guitar and instructive thing that you enjoy, but it served as a therapeutic can turn my mind off, get into kind of a flow state and just concentrate on what I’m doing and what I create something that creates more confidence, medicine. It’s a lot better for me, paul and steve pause that you have what you’re doing your day is at the threshold of hell and it goes ahead and takes one more steps and I are firmly into the flames of hades and you want to yell, but instead you sure what what’s your thing I just have to mentally reset. You know. Sometimes it’s music. It just depends on where I’m at, if I’m at home, then I get away and I’ll go out and do some work and pick up stix branches bar something I like the burner. You know, I’ve got 265 acres burn piles of stuff all the time and has nothing to do with a release. But yes, it’s raining. I will drive around and you know splash people with puddles. You know what you’re just walking down the street like it’s:nothing and I hit a huge puddle, just cream, some poor person that and I’m going to go back to work. My total releases, this get in my bentley on my lambo drive somewhere between 150 and 175, and there’s my way names. That’s why I just like I’m just like this is awesome. Actually we did that yesterday, he’s not lying I want to give you some song. Lyrics. I want to end all his free funny. Weird al has a song called good. Old days would like to put a link to check up on youtube, so I can hear it and that song. This is what weird al yankovic so he’s referring to the story. Steve is about a guy who basically has emotional problems. It is a horrible horrible person, but he’s riding the song about the good old days. Talk to you about how this was actually the best time of his life, so when he was a psychopath so that the sun is called the good old days. You talk about the good ol days and times sometimes i. Think back to when I was younger, life was so much simpler, then never be up at dawn, he’d be watering, the lawn or maybe going fishing again.

Oh mama be fixing up something in the kitchen. Fresh biscuits are hot apple pie and I’d spend all day long in the basement, torturing, rats or the hacksaw, and pulling who hangs out the flies sings the chorus. Those were the good old days. Those were the good old days. No, the years go by, but the memory stays because those were the good old days. He does things to remember good old mr. Fender, who ran the corner grocery store when you walk through the door. He’s always treated me nice to give you kindly advise i, don’t know why I set fire to his place. I will never forget that I bashed in his head. While you should have seen the look on his face, I’ll tell you buddy. Those were the good old days. Is no healthy release. He’s a psychopath he’s talking about how he longs to go back to the time when he was psycho sweet michelle. She was my high-school romance. She was fun to talk to a nice to smell, so I took her to the homecoming dance and I tied to a chair and I shaved off all of her hair and I left for the desert all alone. Sometimes in my dreams, I can still hear the screams, like oh i, wonder if she ever made it home. I tell you. Buddy was for somebody out of complacency or somebody would you go home every day and you drink yourself to sleep every single day and you freak out you going everyday and you lose your crap on your kids and you’ve got to make today the day that you’re done with that lifestyle. It’s going to happen tonight. Can I can I throw in one more move here. If your suffering from complacency, mine said you need to think about surrounding yourself with some different people. You surround yourself with some people that are driven that have goals that are achieving things that you would like to achieve as well. What clay? What’s the temp arris quote you’re the sum equal of the people that 10 people that spend most time with? Yes, that’s what time with and that’s why our business conferences are so powerful. So please explain to the thrive nation where they can get a ticket. What kind of meat don’t got? Two people are going to meet at the business conferences, how much it costs how he gave him a free ticket to explain? Okay. So if you want to check out what the conference is all about, go to thrive time, show.Com and watch some of the testimonial videos, we’ve got hundreds of people on there talking about what they learned, how it changed their life. What we do what we do at these conference is okay, and then you can also just click on the conference button and buy the tickets right there. But if you’re looking we’ve got a few left, I think around 8 left as I left. If you want it, you can actually just take a minute and google search. The term thrive time show click on the itunes or stitcher link, ok, google, search, itunes or google search, drivetime, show click on the itunes or stitcher link alright subscribe to the podcast, and then just raiden review us just give us an objective rating.

Tell us we going to weigh like about the show. What you want to hear more of-and all you have to do-is screenshot that rating and send it to info at thrive time show.Com with your contact info phone number. So we can get a hold of you. You’re actually going to get 2 tickets are normally $99 will get you 2 tickets or the $200 value, and then you’re also going to get two copies of the boom book which are $20 each. So its a $240 value will take you less than 240 seconds fill out. That review, send it to us and you’re going to we’re going to meet you at the conference were going to help. You change your life on believable, thrive nation. Thank you so much for joining this conversation. My name is clay clark I’m super excited to be here with you. If that’s paul, hood paul heard, wants to give you a free book. If you want to get that warren buffett book go to hood cpas,, give him a look. If your account is anything less than awesome, go visit, hood cps.Com! If your account is not proactive, visit, hood, cbs.Com


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