Consistency is King and Drifting is the Devil’s Work | 13 Power Principles That Will Change Your Life

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Are you drifting further and further away from your goals? Clay Clark breaks down 13 powerful principles that will help you to transform from a pretender to a contender.

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Principle #1 – LAWS: God Punishes Slackers, Gravity Punishes Cliff Jumpers

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.” – Proverbs 10:4 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – Elon Musk (The man behind PayPal, SolarCity, Tesla, etc.)

Principle #2 – You Must Know Your Purpose

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The person who moves with definiteness recognizes the difference between temporary defeat and failure. When plans fail he substitutes others but he does not change his purpose. He perseveres.” – Napoleon Hill 

Principle #3 – No Drifting

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.” – Napoleon Hill

Principle #4 – Idleness is Evil

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece. An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin.” – Proverbs 16: 27-29

Principle #5 – Poverty is a Consequence

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “How long will you stay in bed, you slacker? When will you get up from your sleep? 10 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms to rest, 11 and your poverty will come like a robber, your need, like a bandit.” – Proverbs 6:6-11

Principle #6 – Starting and Stopping Doesn’t Work

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success in any calling.” – Napoleon Hill

Principle #7 – Christ Wants You to Win, the Devil Wants You to Lose

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

Principle #8 – Wanting Something Doesn’t Matter

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.” – Proverbs 13:4

Principle #9 – Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Work

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.” – Proverbs 13:11 

Principle #10 – God Loves Consistency

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22-23

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

Principle #11 – Work As Unto the Lord

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” – 1st Corinthians 15:58 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24

Principle #12 – You Must Stay Consistent with Your Action

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nature will not tolerate idleness or vacuums of any sort. All space must be and is filled with something . . . When the individual does not use the brain for the expression of positive, creative thoughts, nature fills the vacuum by forcing the brain to act upon negative thoughts.” – Napoleon Hill

Principle #13 – Do Hard Things and Life Will Get Easier

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you do hard things, life gets easier.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Operations of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 + employees and 1,000,000 customers per week)

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Are you drifting further and further away from your goals? Are you experiencing feelings of guilt and cognitive dissonance? Because you keep falling just short of the achievement of your goals? And these are the goals that you’re setting for yourself. These aren’t even goals that other people are setting for you. You feel like you’re falling short of your own goals too. On today’s show, we break down 13 powerful principles that will change your life while also teaching you why consistency is King. And that drifting is the devil’s work. S

Welcome back to another exciting addition to the thrive time show on both your radio and podcast download. And uh, Jason, you are looking good on this. Incredible. A magical business conference morning, my friend. And thank you for bringing coffees into the man cave studios. Well yeah, if I’m gonna be hyped up, I would like everybody else around me to be as jazzed up as well. Nice. Now on my understanding before we get into today’s show, because today’s show is called consistency is King and drifting is the devil’s work. 13 power principles that will change your life. But before we get into it, I want to ask you, I understand that yesterday you went to the gathering place for the first time. For the listeners who are not familiar with the gathering place, it is a massive park, a huge public facility. Can you explain what the, what it was like going into the gathering place?

What kind of things, what kind of accoutrements, what kind of decor, what kind of audience you can find at the gathering place. So it was nuts. So I’ve, I’ve driven down Riverside since it’s like, you know, the six years there was in construction and then once it was finally open and it like blew my mind just looking at it from the outside. Yeah. But, um, me and the now wife decided to go on like a massive bike ride on like, cause you can rent these, uh, this machine bikes. And we did that for about six or so miles. But as I’m driving down at, I used to run down Riverside and I was in high school and it’s like I’m in a completely different city, you know. Have you, uh, dr Breck have you checked out the gathering place yet? We have, yeah. What are your, what are your thoughts about the see incredible.

It’s really an amazing park and it’s so much more than just a park. There are slides, there’s a jungle gyms to climb on. There’s all kinds of things for the kids to play with and play on and explore. Um, with those also. Those are just for kids? No, no, no, no. Okay. I don’t feel some thoughts are very welcome. Okay. Yeah, I mean there’s a tower where you get to the top and you can see for miles and miles a, they’ve got a small Lake that’s built within the park. They’ve got the skate park and basketball courts. And I mean it really is a special, special place. Actually, we’re going to have my, uh, one of my daughter’s birthday parties there next week. Really nice. Really a week from today, I’m going to cue up this, uh, this video. Guys come and enjoy, have some cupcakes. We’ll, I’ll go explore together. There’s a video on a Tulsa people here.

Uh, how old is your daughter turning by the way? She will be eight. Whoa. Okay, well let me, let me see if I can play this video here. This is a, some Tulsa people website, kind of a drone tour. I’m going to put a link to this on the show notes because a, an audio only show for some reason watching video clips isn’t quite as exciting as seeing them, but it is a, it’s, it’s quite a place that this gathering place. So okay. So Jason, you did the gathering place thing, but before we get into today’s show, you and I were talking yesterday a little bit about the no go zone. Yes. And I want to make sure that I’m a good teacher and then I have communicated, because if you cannot explain to the listeners, wow, sweet mother of DayQuil Batman, if you can’t explain to the listeners what the no go zone is that I’m a bad teacher.

So let me just see for 5,000 mega points, can you explain to the listeners what the no go zone is all about? You’re a newly married man. True. And therefore it is my duty to provide unsolicited marital advice to any newly married man or woman and whatever. I can I do that. So can you explain what the no goes zone is? Yeah. So from my understanding, the no goes zone is a list of however many zones you would like to have. So picture, the best way you described was picture your significant other in their own little bubble in the middle of a chart, in the middle of a chart, right? And then you draw a massive ring around that. You just find what no goes on. Number one is the first circle is your spouse in the cycle, right? And then we go to another SoCo, right?

It’s like a quarter of an Apple or like the earth surface. Okay. And the SoCo is your spouse. Yeah, it’s a, it’s like one of those old um, charts of if you cut the world in half in science class and shows you like the core and the mantle and the crest and all that. But got it. Got it. Okay. I got it. I’m picturing it. So in the middle you have your spouse in the middle of the circle. True. What’s on the second, what’s are the layers surrounding the spouse? So on all of the layers surrounding, so you can choose as many as you want to. They’re all your specific zones and each zone is meant to protect the sanctity of your relationship. And it is an area that you or no one else has allowed to enter or you’re no go zone. Right. So explain to listeners who in my no go zones just so that way it’s very practical for our listeners out there, cause I want our listeners to grow successful companies, but also if they could not end an Epic divorces, that would be great too. True. So a couple of the ones that I remembered, I wish I would’ve brought my business conference clipboard with me, but um, a couple of the ones that I remember where your digital now goes on. Yup. And so basically meaning that nobody can contact you digitally. That is not Vanessa. There we go. So no, no females, I’m not interacting with females via email or social media. So

if you’re out there and you’re a female and I know no one’s ever done this, but if you are a female and you send me a direct message, I’m not going to get it because it’s the no-go zone. Yeah. I’ve tried with bank accounts and I never got a response. Okay. And then, okay. And what are other no goes on. Um, you is, I want to make sure I get the name right. Is that the Billy Graham rule? The Billy Graham rule. This is right. The pastor Billy Graham. Can you, can you explain to the listeners what the Billy Graham rule is? Yeah, so basically mr Billy would not meet you in any meeting fashion alone if you are a female. It always had to be in with either other witnesses available or bigger groups of people, but he did not even want to be in the same room as just another female with no accountability.

Oh man. I feel like I’m a good teacher. You’re great too because it’s hard to have an affair if you’re not in the same room as somebody of the opposite sex alone. It’s hard. That’s what I’ve heard. It’s harder to have those kinds of connections when it’s not physically possible. It would make it difficult to know goes out. Right. So I would like to, okay that we’ve talked. The no goes on. Let’s get into today’s show, 13 power principles that will change your life. Consistency is King and drifting is the devil’s workshop. All right. So what I’m going to do is I am going to read off principle number one and I’m going to go around the horn and see if we can kind of explain to listeners what this means. So principle number one, God punishes slackers. Gravity punishes cliff jumpers. So here’s the notable quotable.

It is he who has a Slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. Proverbs ten four let’s try it again. He who has a Slack hand, it becomes poor, but the hand of a deal of a diligent makes rich. So let’s break them into practical terms. Um, dr Breck, you see patients as a, as a job, dr It’s a chiropractic facility. It is. What if you, on Monday, what time did you start seeing patients at nine? What if you just didn’t see them on Monday? They’re, they’re booked and you just decided not to see them. Well, what would happen if you did that? I don’t know. Every Monday we might have a riot. Jason Harris. Monday we might have a red. After that, we’re going to have nobody showing up. Jason elephant in the room. We have thousands of members. True who paid to get their hair cut on a monthly basis.

Some guys have the unlimited package where they come in every week or so. Yup. What would happen if on if consistently we were inconsistent, and again, we all, everybody, me, you, everybody, we, we have all made mistakes. There’s nobody out there who’s not made mistakes. But if by default, if the one thing you’re consistent about is being inconsistent, what happens while those 4,000 members are quickly turned to far less than 40,000 members? There we go. Let’s start there. They would stop trusting the brand and just take their business somewhere else. So let’s think about this. I’m asking you, mr listener, mrs listener, what time do you consistently start your work day? What time? I want you to think about what time?

Yeah, what time now Elon Musk, the man behind PayPal, solar city, Tesla, he says work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to a hundred hour weeks to improve the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour weeks and you’re putting in a hundred hour weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months. What it takes them a year to achieve. It’s obvious, it seems obvious reading that. But Jason, you’ve worked with some great clients. Yeah. So think about some clients you can kind of brag on. Oh, I got, I want the worst ethic. Let’s go. Go for it. Go for it. So Thursday I’m talking to Mr. Steven Hall from a Norman. He does [inaudible] this just in from uh, Oklahoma city area mod scenes is his company mod they make backdrops for churches and other organizations.

Oh yeah, I’m on. But, so we were just kind of talking about his calendar and going through the items of the things he needs to get done for the next week. And he was just like, yeah, you know, I’ll get on. It’s, uh, I’ll sleep when I can. Like, what do you mean by that? And he goes, well, over the past two days, I’ve already put in 62 hours. Like, how was that possible? He’s like, well, it was more like three days, but I just, I’ve been pulling like, it was like 14 to 15 hour days just so he could fulfill something and then stay ahead of it. So he doesn’t have to worry about like his inventory or anything for his next couple orders. And what I’m advocating for out for ya out there is just, if you want to achieve super success, you don’t have to pull an all night or every single day.

You don’t have to kill yourself every day. You just gotta be consistent about a sustainable struggle. Right. You get, you gain strength through struggle. And so dr Breck, you’re a workout guy? I am. Um, how often do you, do you like to go workout? I try to at least work out five days a week. Five days? Huh? Did you run times today? Um, I didn’t you work out of the day before that? I did. And what what, what kind of workout did you do? Um, on Friday. That was a leg workout. Okay. Walk us through what kind of, uh, exercises did you do? What’s your routine? So I get up early, I do some, uh, meditation and prayer, and then I go to the gym. What time? I wake up around four 30. Okay. Four 30 when I’m at the gym usually, uh, getting there around five. Okay.

Should there on five. And what kind of workouts are you doing? Um, these are, you know, heavyweights, I mean, not like heavy. Yeah. I like to lift weights. Um, free weights. Yeah. So on a leg day we’re doing some squat, some dead lifts, uh Oh shit. Rasa doing some leg press, some calf raises, uh, some lunches, some body weight stuff, some explosive stuff, some plyometrics. I’m cardio, I’m mixing a lot of different things. And how long does that work out generally take you? It’s usually about an hour and a half. Really? Yeah. So 90 minutes, five to six 30. With everything together, you know, some AB workout thrown in there. And what do you eat in a typical day? Like what do you eat the listeners out? There are a lot, a lot of listeners searching dr Breck right now. They’ll go to dr and they’re going, Oh wow. You’re really only to see a head shot in mind. That’s all they need to tell us though. I mean, what, what is your daily eating routine look like? Um, so for breakfast I,

uh, try to eat, uh, well after the workout I eat, um, uh, or drink a protein shake, goddamn, sometimes a protein bar with that. And then, uh, I will get some eggs, typically is a large part of my breakfast. And, um, some coffee I do enjoy a little coffee to get me going. So you do you do eggs and coffee and what else? Um, well, I mean there’s different things that, that I’ll throw in there as well. So sometimes, uh, like an egg might be in a variation of an omelet, so we might have some vegetables and things as well, uh, and some other meats in there. Um, what would you never eat? What I never eat? Like what kind of things would you never eat for breakfast? Because you know, it would not help you get to your goal? Well things I like, but try to, uh, I can’t say I never eat well, but I try to avoid are pastries, pastries, donuts, and you could, and if you did consistently you get that result.

Right? And that wouldn’t be the result I’m shooting for. What about right Jamison for breakfast? Do you advocate for them now? Okay. No, never happen. That’s fair. Yeah. That is something, right? Putting an adult beverage in your coffees that we are referring to, Jason, I might be. Okay. Thank you. Now. So Jason did not just it from our alcohol help desk. All right, thank you. Let’s start on my day. Don’t drink the coffee I gave you this morning to make this very actionable though. I want everybody out there to get out a sheet of paper and I want you to write down tomorrow’s schedule

tomorrow and I want you to write down tomorrow just, just let’s just do tomorrow. What time? What, what time are you waking up tomorrow? No, this is so easy to do. It is so easy to do the schedule when we feel like it. No. See I got that DayQuil thing going on and I don’t want, I want to, I want to do the show, but I don’t want to take DayQuil. It’d be easier for me just to say, you know, today, let’s take them all again. Let’s in the world would encourage you, the world would say, Oh, you don’t look so good. Why don’t you just take the day off the world does that. That doesn’t, does the world not do that? Jason did didn’t and say, just come on, just just cop back in here and bad. You’re okay. I’ve had supervisors. I was, I lost my voice one day.

I was still able to work. Everything I did was on a computer. I didn’t have to talk to anybody and my was like, I don’t think you’re well enough to be here. You should go home. Which I didn’t realize was her place paid me for the day. But what are you going to do when you’re at home? By then, we’re going to sit there thinking about, reflecting about, I’m getting better. Are you going to be sleeping? No. You’re gonna be watching TV flipping through. I judge Judy reruns, right? Judge Judy exists specifically just for people who have a sick day watching judge Judy looking at old people magazines. You go to the doctor, you’re going to wait in that lobby for like 30 minutes with a whole bunch of other sick people. The guy next to you guys, swine flu, the guy next to you that hit him has some other West Nile disease or something and the two of you are going to be conversing about what’s going on.

You’re going to wait for a good hour or a half hour. Oh yeah. They’re going to do the ear, nose, throat thing. They’re going to come back and say, well, it looks like you have bronchitis. Bronchitis. Yeah. Now you’ll need to go to Walgreens and get this prescription snare. You go to Walgreen’s with your little prescription. You go through the drive through, you get a little bag. What kind of stuff would they prescribe you at Breck there for like a bronchitis, she’d get a little, you know, I mean, so often it’s just gonna be a antibiotic antibiotic. Can that cause for almost everything? Just get that because that’s going to make your body, it’s going to be harder to build immunity in the future, but going through, so you go get that and then you come back to your house and you do these stupid things that don’t work. Let’s just get a bunch of orange juice. We’re going to just fight him and see it through it and we’re going to work through it. Then you’re going to go get on your way home. You’re like, honey, I your call your wife, your, you’re like an adult man. You’re 40 you’re 45 or 35 you call you, you call your wife your girlfriend,

honey. Aww. I could you gotta get me some, so yeah, cause I’m upset. Ah.

Then your wife picks you up some soup or you pick her up some soup. You lay in your bed. Where in your, your, you know your stupid pajamas that you got from Christmas a couple years ago. You’re laying there with your Harvard embroidered pajamas or your OKC thunder pajamas and your shirt and you’re watching judge Judy till 5:00 PM your wife comes home at five 30 how’s your fever? Are you okay? I think I’m okay. And then you call your boss boss. I should be able to snap, snap, snap. You want to say that by the way, when you’re sick. That’s a good phrase. Nah, nah Moss. I think I can make it end tomorrow. I think I can. I like, you’re like you’re running a marathon like you’re doing and then your boss will go, well, could we count on you?

Well I hope I can. I’ll try. I’ll see how I feel at the bar day.

And then you next morning you wake up and you, it’s like seven in the morning. Oh, frack work would require struggle. I’m going to call it. And again, you call in and everybody who calls in isn’t self-employed. That’s right. That’s how it is. But then if you’re self employed like me, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll ask Breck here in a second. I haven’t had a sick day in 22 years. And you just don’t, aren’t you ever sick? What do you do? Show up. You see, showing up is half the battle. 80% of the battle, the entire battle is just showing up. You talk about what is my favorite ability in new hires? It’s dependability. It’s availability, it’s being there. It’s really hard to count on somebody who only shows up on the days they feel like it. Brick. How many sick days are you taking? Zero. Really, really low.

Do you ever do any, do you ever have like a tummy ache or a little headache? Yeah, sure. We’ll sniffle itis. I’m on. Yeah. And what do you do? They have to push through and you show up. It’s game time. You put cucumbers on your eyes. What do you do? How do you do it? Yeah, I mean, one, I do try to keep my immune system strong. Ah, that’s a big part of my role as a healthcare provider. Um, and so I teach my patients to do the same. Um, a lot of roids is what you’re saying, right? A lot of them. Yeah. No. Okay. Um, but

like probiotics and vitamins, um, you know, vitamin C, uh, but there’s also lots of other vitamins that are gonna help you stay well rather than, you know, fighting off and getting sick in the first place. You’re on the record as advocating probiotics. But, uh, what about to amateur Biotics? I’m not so big a fan of amateur about, they’re just not as good. Okay. But there’s also prebiotics. I mean it gets into a whole thing. I won’t waste your time. Um, we can go into that. Please make a short story long. This is a great podcast. We try to, I’m sure you’re saying if there’s things you’d recommend to help my listeners out there, tell our listeners what kind of, cause you don’t, you don’t do sick days. What kind of things do you do that are keeping you healthy? I supplement on a regular basis with vitamin C. uh, AK, Aisha, uh, which is, uh, a flower.

Where do you plant? Um, I get supplements either through a company called NuMedica, which is like new Medica there. Um, what we call nutraceuticals. So they’re produced in a way that is a high grade, like a pharmaceutical, but it’s a nutrient. Can our listeners buy this stuff? Um, yes, through a certain outlets. So like through my office, uh, other physician’s offices, they don’t sell direct to the customer. Um, but uh, then also places like Akins. Um, I’ll get to some different things and so, uh, but I’m very particular about the brands and, and who’s producing what. I’m taking a break and Aisha golden seal are both a great flowering plants that you can, uh, get some immune boosting benefits, vitamin C, vitamin D for different things. Vitamin a and E M B vitamins help keep the energy going. Um, your intentional is what I’m saying.

I’m very intentional. Intentional. Yes. I have a plan and even my family, I do the same as we’re heading back to school. Um, whether that be from like Christmas break because my wife’s a teacher, um, or back from the summer break. Um, you know, the same, it’s like we want to boost the immune system cause you’re going right back into the cesspool of this, of the classroom. And so you’re going to be picking up things. You’re going to have kids who go to the bathroom, don’t wash their hands. Uh, those kinds of things happen. Um, and for adults in the workplace, it happens. Um, so don’t assume your coworkers washing their hands. Um, keep yourself healthy. And so if you take some intentional, proactive steps, you can avoid a lot of illnesses. And so that’s the first step. And then after that, I just refuse to get sick.

Um, it’s just not okay. So I don’t, um, so I did take one day off where I scheduled it, but I took a Friday and had surgery on my knee. Um, but I was back to work on Monday and, uh, push through. And that was, that was really the only sick day that I can remember taking. If you’re out there though, 16 years, if you own a business and you’re out there and you just constantly are calling in sick, you cannot win. Uh, no. Can’t imagine how you’d stay in business. You can’t, you can’t use it. We are mean. I’m not me. I’m just telling you how it is. If you’re a linebacker in the NFL and you don’t play a third of the games, let me tell you what’s gonna happen. They’re gonna replace you. Now principle number two, you must know your purpose.

What does that mean? You must know your purpose, Jason. What does that mean? [inaudible] isn’t a porpoise like a wheel. You ma de Quill, I think they make a different noise. So you must know your purpose right now. So it’s, you have to know what you’re working towards. You can’t just have this ethereal concept of why you want to be successful. You have to have your mission. You have to define what your why is. Hmm. Okay. So Napoleon Hill, the bestselling author of think and grow rich writes, the person who moves with definiteness recognizes the difference between temporary defeat and failure. When plans fail, he substitutes others, but he does not change his purpose. He perseveres. So as relates to you, the listener and me specifically at, uh, the thrive time show, our goal is to mentor millions. Specifically, we have three ways and it’s on the chalk wall behind me.

So one we would like to have 2000 people a year, such as you attend our business conferences, which we did last year. So you can attend the conferences and you can buy tickets and we really only want to service 2000 people per year. Jason, can you please explain why we like to keep our business  conferences small and not have like 700 people? Because you want to know everybody, like on an individual level, like when somebody leaves, you want to be able to remember their name and if they have questions we want to be able to answer them. So how many of their business conferences have you been to dr Breck where you could ask a question and then every question is answered. I mean, have you ever been, I mean these big conferences, once you get a thousand people, it’s not possible, right? No. So now the next little area is we want to business coach 160 diligent doers.

Now, Jason, why do we want to business coach 161 on one business coaching clients who are diligent as opposed to thousands of people who are looking for a bogus certification? Or some type of life coaching that is about motivation. Why do we only want to work with people who are sufficiently motivated, who just want to know the practical steps? Why do we only want to business coach 160 diligent doers? Well, the 160 is a doable, measurable goal. That’s as many people as we can fit on board with you doing all the 13 point assessments and then assigning out the um, implementation for yourself or the other coaches. But we want diligent doers because we want people who will actually want to do the action steps in order to grow. That way we can get them to where they want to be. In what, eight to 12 to 24 months.

I talked to a pastor of a megachurch yesterday who, who, uh, wants to be a client. Does that mean over a thousand, over 2000? Uh, I, in my opinion and mega church would be over a thousand members as big. Ah, but this is like thousands and thousands. It’s like more than 5,000. It totally takes the line. It’s TD Jakes, isn’t it? No, no. But if he did call me, I would probably cry. No, we just, Oh, we’re good. This is what would happen. Cause I feel like I’m, I’m ordinary and I’m just good at doing ordinary things repetitively. But this is what would happen.

Fuck, fuck, fuck Jesus. Who is exceptional is having a conversation with Auden.

Let me translate. TD Jakes, who’s exceptional would be having a conversation with,

so Jesus, who is exceptional. It’s having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflict.

I’d see TD Jake said, Hey, I pick up my phone, I’d see the net number. And I’m like, is this TD Jakes? And he goes, you ready to get ready? You get ready. And I would start


Would say, I need you to focus. And he just stopped crying and then he would say, no, seriously, if we’re going to have a productive call, you need to stop crying. And then I would say every time exceptional you know? And so no, he’s great. He’s awesome. But anyway, I talked to this mega church pastor and I spoke to a dentist in uh, California. Nice. And he wants us to pop up his business. They do huge opinions. I had to decide who’s a better fit because we only have one available availability, Juan and why? Why do we only have one, Jason? Why do we only have one availability? Because we most likely off boarded a client, which meant that spot is open and we can only fit in one because that will get us back to our one 60 goal. And we have dozens of people wanting to fill that spot, right? And so again, if we had a thousand clients, I couldn’t write the business plans. You might say others, someone else could do it. Why don’t you delegate to elevate? And I would say I do delegate a lot of things, but I don’t want to delegate this cause this is all I want to do, right?

But knowing your purpose is so important, you’ve got to know. And the final goal we have on this little wall behind me is we want to have 500,000 listeners a month. Not 5 million. Let me explain to you why I don’t have 5 million. Cause if I wanted to have 5 million, I would have to advocate smoking pot. To you. That would be have to be a tip out to gifted skip. I’d have to be politically correct. Right. I would have to not talk the talk about the sanctity of marriage. I’d have to have really no standards cause the world JFK back in the day ran as a Democrat, but really based on his values that he not, I’m ducking, I’m not talking about the values he lived by, I’m talking on his platform that he ran on. He would be today like a Republican. Right. But back then he was a Democrat.

The world has shifted so far that now JFK would definitely not get the domination from the Democrats. He would be running as a Republican. And so I have certain worldviews and standards. I’m a Judeo Christian that I’m not going to change. And so I, it’s going to keep our listenership around a certain size because man, you should read some of the comments. People are not happy about me having a certain world view and opinion. I mean, people hate it. Like I view the Bible as as like a rule book, right? Cause the modern world says I believe in the Bible, but just not that part or that part either. So again, it’s knowing your purpose. It again, Napoleon Hill writes, the person who moves with definiteness recognizes the difference between temporary defeat and failure when planned, when? When plans fail, he substitutes others, but he does not change his purpose.

Again, I know my purpose. So when I run into adversity, I just keep going. If I can’t go through the door, I go around the door, over the door, under the door open. We just keep good a person with purpose. Jason, this studio we’re in right now, was it not flooded? It was flooded. Oh yeah, it was flooded and then right after that, completely gutted. But now it’s remodeled and good to go and we are back in it. Yeah, but what did you do in the meantime? You recorded [inaudible] recording. That’s right. Now principle number three, no drifting. Napoleon Hill writes, drifting without aim or purpose is the first cause of failure. Drifting yes is worse than quitting. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the system. Let’s give an example. Let’s say you have to look at your numbers every week for your company and you have a staff meeting every Monday at seven.

All right? And you’re a drifter. Do you skip the meeting entirely? No. No. Do you skip the accounting? No, you don’t. You just would start meeting at seven 40 every Monday and you wouldn’t have an outline and you would just sort of mail it in you, but you’d expect your staff to still be there. Right. And the checks would go out late. They would still go out, but just late. I think a lot of people live in that zone though, right? They don’t pay the late fee on the mortgage Breck cause it’s not five days late, but it’s one day late, right? The next year it’s two days late and the next year it’s four days late. What happens though, if you, um, Breck over time become known as a person who doesn’t pay your lease on time. [inaudible] we’re starting meetings on time and rod talking about the outlier weird situation. I’m talking about normal. This is your normal, this is what you know, once you’re known as a person who consistently misses deadlines, what happens brick?

Well, you again, you lose trust. And so the next thing you know, um, you know, one time turns into two and three and then it becomes the norm. Um, because you’ve now drifted. So I like to think of it like a boat in the water. I mean, whatever body of water you wanna put it in, we’ll say a Lake. Um, but you don’t put the anchor down. And so the currents, even if they’re not strong, will cause you to be off from the point that you wanted to be. So you’re, you’re on this ideal fishing spot. Um, but the next thing you know, you’re, you know, crashing into rocks over on the bank because you didn’t have the anchor. You drifted little by little. And so a what doesn’t, you know what, you’re not intentional about what you’re not staying on top of. You’ll naturally slide away from OU. And so, uh, yeah, I mean the next thing you know that that is your norm. It’s no longer inconsistent. You’re consistently in the wrong place.

No, Jason, we’ll come back to the no go zone. Yeah. Talk to me about the node goes down. How could it be impossible for me to drift into an affair with my rules? Well, it’s impossible because the rules are in place. O T T is Brex words a, your rules are like your anchor. You established here, here, and here are areas that I cannot go in that other people cannot go. And because you know those and you review those and you live by those, I mean I’ve even see like put them up. Like if you look at your org chart, who’s at the top? Vanessa, there’s not, you know, open space for anybody else. It’s, I mean there’s Z but there’s, you know, he’s, that’s not going to everyone except for fair. Now I’m gonna, I’m gonna fill this up. Maybe. Maybe this is something you can’t relate to, but this is an example of drifting.

All right? Yeah. Imagine your friend. All right, we’ll call him a clevis, right? Not that clear. That clevis, Jason, this one day you see clevis and he’s at [inaudible]. You see him side behind the building and he’s on monkey bars. All right? I like what? This 38 year old man, 38 your Mandarin, the work day, you see him on monkey bars. The next week you see them on monkey bars and he’s running through tires, right? Couple of weeks later goes by. You say, where are you going? And I and I, but he says, I’m going to Afghanistan. Um, I’m working with some guys. Uh, we’re, you know, doing target practice. So now I’m, so now I’m out there, um, you know, exercising my rights as an Oklahoman. I’m running around with my AK 47 [inaudible]. I’m doing a lot of monkey bars and I’m doing a lot of tires and I’m going back and forth to Afghanistan.

Six months later you’re like, what are you doing? And I’m all of a sudden, I’m talking a lot about virgins. I’m like, you know, just, uh, there’s, Virgin is over here, is over there. You ever thought about, you know, blowing yourself up and you might say no. And I’m like, you ever thought about just blowing yourself up? No. Well, pretty soon, like, you know, now we’re talking seven months into this, I’m wearing like a row of bullets, like a sash. Your beard is getting a little longer there. I’ve got a super long beard and I’m talking about the afterlife, afterlife a lot. And whenever I end statements, instead of saying, boom, I said, I say jihad now if I were just, you know, constantly and no, no, again, again, I, and you said, well, where are you going this weekend? I said, I’m going to, uh, Iraq.

And you go, wow, just like it over there and just visiting the land and uh, went to Atwood’s, got some ammo and then you see me at my desk a few weeks later and you’re like, what are you working on? I’m like, Oh, just just the salaries of wires and you know, now we’re nine months in and you say, what are you doing now? What are you, what are you doing under that desk over there? I’m just polishing this warhead and then you know, you say clay. Yeah. What are you doing? I said, I’m just done. Rolling and Spartan. Just go into Spartan. Just trying to learn how to fly a plane. Don’t really care if I land it, just wanted to know how to fly it, get it up there. Just a got back from Afghanistan. He’s just polishing this part head. Just watching MacGyver videos, trying to figure out what I can do with duct tape.

Yup. Just now at a certain point, seriously, at a certain point, what am I doing? Becoming a domestic terrorist. So no, but seriously, this is how the world works though. You watch these news stories and it comes out every time and you’re like, clay, this is still offensive. Get outta here. Shut up. You know, this is how it works. You watch the news stories and they say, well, he started off as though it’s an, you know, nice guy, and then never delivered my mail on time every day. And nobody picks up on it. Nobody says anything. Why Brack? Why

hello? It’s a slow process as you, as you drift away, um, you don’t, you don’t realize it. Um, it’s not, uh, and I tell even my patients this all the time about their own health and their spine. It’s a, the little things we do every day. And so, um, if you’re not paying attention, you’re just, you’re sliding, you’re, you’re drifting. And, uh, the next thing you know, you’re in a completely different place than you ever intended to be.

Do you remember the story that came out? I’m gonna, I’m going to read this story to you guys. This was a, um, NBC news, NBC news, put out the story. And this would be Dateline Norman, Oklahoma. September 29th, 2017. I’m going to read this story to you. Do you guys tell me what, what the, what, how do you process this? I wanna get your take on this brochure. It says in Oklahoma, man accused of beheading a coworker was convicted of first degree murder on Friday for the 2014 attack that one witness said was something that people shouldn’t have to see. Jurors deliberated for about two hours before finding 33 year old out in Nolan guilty in the death of 54 year old Caleen Hufford. Jurors also convicted Nolan of assault and battery with a deadly weapon for attempting to be head a second coworker at the Von foods plant.

In more investigators said Nolan had just been suspended from his job when he walked into the company’s administrative office and attacked Hufford authority said Nolan’s stabbed in their coworker who survived before he was shot by a company executive. Prosecutors have said that they would seek the death penalty during the trial, prosecutors played recordings of Nolan confessing to the stabbings and the recordings well, which were while Nolan was hospitalized after the 2014 attack, no one says that he doesn’t regret it at all and that oppressors don’t need to be there. No one’s attorneys say he’s mentally ill and believed he was doing the right thing because of his delusional misinterpretations of the Qur’an. But prosecutors said Newland, Nolan grew right, knew right from wrong before he attacked Hufford. No one had repeatedly tried to plead guilty and asked to be executed. But Cleveland co County district judge Lori Walkley declined to accept his plea.

One of Nolan’s attorneys had questioned whether his client was mentally competent to enter a guilty plea. Think about this. This is a guy who beheaded a coworker in Oklahoma. And if you get into the story and you read all the details, he didn’t just be head her one day he began to drift. [inaudible] why is it so important right now that we stopped drifting brick in society or in the workplace is as listen to right now? If I’m listening, why is it so important that I figure out what area of life I’m drifting in and I stop it now?

Oh man. Uh, I think that’s such a loaded question. There’s so many reasons. Um, so I think one, it’s good to stop and assess where you’re at in those different areas of life. So like your F six goals, I’m seeing where you’re at in, uh, you know what it is you want out of life, um, where you want to be by a certain timeframe. Um, so write down your goals for your faith, family goals, finances, fitness, friendship, fun, write, ’em down, faith, family, finance, fitness. And I would say revisit them if it’s been a little while, revisit them. Um, I had to do this a few years back. Um, and I had to figure out that initially my goals weren’t even my own. They were goals that I felt imposed upon me by family. There we go. Um, well intention. Yeah, but I felt that they were not really my own and so I had to sit down and really make my own goals for me. What, what did success mean to me personally? And then kinda match those up with my wife and I. Cause like you and Vanessa, we want to do this life together. I run into this a lot. People try to give me goals. Yes. They’re like, huh, I want you, we should try to, you know, CLI you could become a best selling author. You just gotta come out here and at the New York and speak over here and go over the air and yeah.

I don’t want to, why I don’t want to, well, I’m clay, you know, if you work with this recently, I’ve had a lot of people who are, um, big politics reaching out to me for help. A lot of them. Okay. And it’s like, Hey, you know, if you work with us, we can help get house bill seven to seven past. What this could do is allow you and your wife and potential political career and I don’t want to get involved in politics. I literally like what I do and I just want to do what I do. Right. I, it’s amazing how people will call me and say, you know, we’d love to buy an elephant in the room franchise and put one down here in Dallas, but we’d like you to come down to assess the area. I’m not coming down to Dallas. Well, if you want this deal, you will.

Well, and I don’t want the deal. Don’t put your goals on right now. Let’s move into this next principle. Principle number four, batting cleanup. I don’t. This is evil. Ooh. Oh, Shunda idleness is evil. Proverbs 1627 29 reads, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Idle lips are as mouthpiece and evil, man, so strife. Gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company and leads others into sin. I don’t. This is evil doing nothing is evil. Now you might say, well, this is from the guy who hates vacation. That’s true. I do hate vacation. Well, you don’t have to be idle on vacation. You can be moving while laying on the beach doing nothing. You can be moving. You’ve moved your little feet around. Well, you can do what you want. I’m just saying idleness is evil. What happens, Jason? When we, when we allow some of the employees on break in the break room, what happens almost every single time in the break room, it turns into, Oh my God, did you hear that so-and-so got to stay home yesterday?

And she wasn’t even sick cause I saw her on Facebook and that’s not the first time. And I can’t believe we have to come in this early and Oh my God, are you having to work Friday? And then I can’t believe this person got up that Friday. And then this Friday I didn’t get off and I clay, I heard clay if such and such a bonus without doing it. Or I heard that this person’s having an affair with that person. Or I heard about this. How come this plot? It’s idleness is the devil’s workshop. Yup. This is not me. This is the Proverbs pro verbs in favor of verbs in favor of action. Read Proverbs, Proverbs, professional verbs. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Idle lips are as mouthpiece and evil man sows. Strife. Gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company and leads others into sin.

Principle number five, poverty is a consequence. Why poverty is a consequence. Well, what would you say is the current, the consequences? What do you mean by the consequence? Well, a consequence is like cause and effect. This causes that causality. V a plus B equals C doing this causes that. I pick up a rock. I hit you with a rock. You say out. I throw it out. Why would you do that? I don’t. I don’t know. I just threw it. I don’t know why it hurts. Why? What’s, what’s your deal consequence? It’s like eating candy isn’t good for the body. I love candy though. You know what’s going to happen. Okay, so candy. Alright, poverty. Think about this. Poverty is a consequence. Proverbs six six through 11 Proverbs chapter six verses six through 11 if you’ll open your Bible reads, how long will you stay in bed? You slacker. When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms to rest and your poverty will come like a robber.

You’re need like a bandit. Wow. Wow. Jesus. God, you’re riding pretty harshly today. I mean, wow. What happens doctor? Brexit means at the end of the day, people need to sleep on eight hours a day. You think eight hours, I mean, and nine. I think it’s a great idea to sleep eight hours. I’m not personally prescribing to that. So I try not to tell anybody to do anything I’m not doing, but I have found if I at least sleep six hours, I consistently perform well. But I would not discourage you from getting more than six hours. Have you run into sleeper holics? Yeah. Oh yeah, I is that. Can we talk about, Oh, you’re an alcoholic. You’re a gamble idea. You’re addicted to gambling. This guy’s got an addiction. He’s a workaholic people. Oh, lazy people love. Just throw that up there, right? You’re a workaholic. Well, we’ll get to it.

But in Genesis and an Exodus in the Bible, it advocates working how many days a week, Jason? Six one, one w. but, but in the Bible, it was updated in 1938 right? When, when? When the apostle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt updated know the six day work week has been advocated in the Bible. It has not changed. So if you want to work five days a week, that’s fine. You just want to be super successful. But now once you get to your goals, you don’t have to work six days, you can work five or four with two or one. But to get there you got to work the sixth today. Now again, I’m Jason, I’m sure you’ve never seen this. Have you, do you know people that are on their off day sleeping until noon? Yeah. And it baffles me cause like you have so much time to get things done, but then when you want to sleep and additional six hours, like I’m a huge fan of long movies.

But even after like if I see like I don’t know, what’s a good example? I’m the new Avengers. I was like three and a half hours long. Yeah, I loved that. I had worked six days that week and decided to see it on Sunday. But by the time I got done I thought, well crap, there wouldn’t half my day I felt guilty. So like if I have like back in the day when I was a poor student and poor person, I would sleep until like noon on a Saturday and then wake up. I’m like, well I could have mowed the lawn and I’m going to be in trouble. I could have done my chores and I’m gonna be in trouble and I’m rushing to get all this stuff done. How old is Andrew? Andrew is 21 as of this year. Have you seen that house? He’s looking to buy?

Oh yeah. Pretty nice, huh? It’s awesome. I’m trying to get him cause the ceilings are massive and he’s like, I want to put like pictures of people that I, you know, am inspired by. So I want to get him like a 30 foot print out of Elon Musk defender. And he already has a house. Yeah, he’s got a rental property and then their current house and he’s how old again? 21 homeboy’s looking to get in a supercar and his wife a massive truck. So he’s winning the game of life. Yeah, because Andrew lives blows means he saves a lot of money and he’s a hard worker. We’re honored to have him on the team. But again, he could be sleeping until noon. True. If you’re out there right now in your, let’s say you’re a not 21 and you’re getting your tail kicked by a 21 year old. I’m being serious though. It’s time to wake up and get serious. Where are we

spending our time? What are we doing? What are we doing? What? What are we doing? Proverbs six six through 11 reads, how long will you stay in bed? You slacker. I mean, God, that was rough. I mean, when we read that and they, let me read it to you as I hear it when I read it, this is how I hear it. It’s how long would you stay in bed? You slacker. Wow. When will you get up from your sleep? You’re slacker. I added that one. The first slacker was already there though. A little sleep. Well, that’ll sum by little folding off your arms to rest and poverty will come like a Rabat. Y’all need like a bandit boom. I mean, it’s certainly not a Bible verse right there that’s not diverse.

We don’t like that verse. Kids

say, you like this book, you can’t. You can’t be out there. At least half of the listeners out there say, Oh, I believe in the Bible. You can’t just toss that part out. You don’t get to pick and choose. I don’t like that part though. Now principle number six, starting and stopping doesn’t work. Napoleon Hill writes, the capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success. In any calling. He says, the capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success in any colleague. The capacity to Sur Mt. Failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success in any calling. Jason, what kind of adversity do our clients run into that we have to encourage them through? Because a lot of our clients, man, once they start to push through adversity and they start to run into bad things and they just keep going and going and going and going and going, they win, but there are certain people who will then is the moment they run into any adversity at all, any adversity at all.

They will say, well, what if God doesn’t want it to be kind of put into this not man TV talk. Talk to me about a persistent client, maybe your client, maybe my client, somebody who you’ve seen who’s persistently pushing through adversity. Um, let’s see. Speaking on the topic of adversity. So like examples that people run into our clients specifically, like let’s just say, let’s make it very simple. Yep. Instilling merit based pay. Oh yeah. Or asking your team to get Google reviews or asking your team to write content for the website or asking your team to sell something initially you say, no guys, we want to go out there and we’re going to use our new membership package and we’re going to sell these memberships. And right away, employee number one or two, they’ll say this, I just have a question. Is it ethical to sell memberships?

So then me, because I’m like a bus, like a tank. I would say, um, I don’t care what you think. I’m gonna need you to quit or to sell memberships. Now. If you’re wanting to know how to sell memberships better, more effectively, we can have that conversation right? If you’re questioning my ethics about it, get off my field. Hmm. Another example, employees, team America, we’re putting in merit based pay, which means if you a background, I owned a photography company, it would go like this. After the wedding, we’re going to shoot photos for the brides at their wedding. After the wedding, we’re going to edit the photos and get them shipped to the bride. Within two weeks after the wedding, the bride should get her photos that she will get. Her photos were promising. She will receive her fully edited photos within two weeks after the wedding. If you get it done on time, bonus fall, you bam. If you get it late, that’s all good for you. You’re going to have a bonus bonus as in like you make a little bit more money, like a mega point. Good job. If you get it to them on time and if you get it to them late, that means we broke our promise and you are going to go

get a write up and you’re going to make less money when you try to implement something like that. What happens Jason? Well, so a doctor Jay Schroeder with HealthWorks or Jay actually working on that right now. So he’s implementing so he’s implementing merit based pay as well as accountability checklist cause he realizes he has one location that he needs to ramp up the sales in other location. That’s fine. It can like monitor itself. It can run pretty well. Love accountability. Oh no, get me a can of bility Santa’s. No say that. So he has to deal with, cause he’s working with essentially like a team of dr Brex and then their assistants. What are you a child? [inaudible] what do you want? You want this? You have Christmas. You’re a big child. You’re a chiropractor. You appear to be in your forties wow. You’re sitting on my lap.

What do you want child Christmas. I just thought I cannot bail out a cause. I work for dr J and like, people hate being held accountable and so, and so what he did was say, okay, well if you don’t like me breathing down your neck, I need to put a system in place to make sure that we’re all on the same page. So come on, if I’m not going to ask dr Breck he gets paid per hour, but a professional licensed chiropractor can make up to a certain point. But if homeboys don’t hit their numbers or certain conversion, he bumped them down to like minimum wage. And that’s been a huge driving factor because I dunno, like it must feel pretty bad to say, Oh, I could make this an hour and now I’m making eight bucks because I didn’t want to get my job done. And he got some feet or he, um, they fought back on it for, I would say like the first little bit, but I talked to him last Thursday. He goes, yeah, no, now they’re steady rocking.

I just feel like I’ve, I feel like a lot of people want to be liked so they can’t push through adversity. Right. Or it’s hard like in the quote, most people, the second they fail like well Muslim meant to be so I’m going to give you some adversity I went through yesterday, um, somebody invited me over to visit their business. Yes. And I went out their business and I had to be somewhere else at a certain time, right. So I said, I appreciate the tour. I was there for like an hour. I appreciate it and now I must go. And the person said, but really we’d like to have you over for dinner. I’m like, I appreciate you. I don’t know why anybody would ever want to invite a man bear piglet and me for dinner, but I appreciate you. I do. But I have to go here.

It comes in the passive aggressive. Well, we’d already made some dinner, we’d already made it and we just wanted you to come over. And I’m saying, Nope. Why? Cause I got to edit my podcast book, man. I got a new book coming out about podcasts and I got to edit that thing. You know when, Oh God, all you ever do this work? Well when my kids are at cheer lessons or doing something else, I’m not gonna spend my afternoon kicking it at some dudes business. I like him, but I, I have things I want to do. Right. Um, another example is on, I got a bunch of emails, I don’t check email, John checks emails and somebody keeps emailing me and they want me to do something I’m not going to do. And let me just kind of tell you what it is. If you’re out there listening, this is, hopefully you can figure it out.

If it’s, you keep wanting me to speak at their organization and I’m not going to do it. Right. Why that’s not part of your goals. Yeah. And I’m pretty nice thing. Well you can do a gift back and it’s a great way to help the community and no, do you see on my list back here anywhere it says help the community? Nope. Unless it’s in super fine print business owners and they can help the community. Right. But I’m not going to take my day to go help the community. Another example, the big charity in town wants me to do a fundraiser right now for a certain group of first responders. Now we have a discount for first responders and elephant in the room. We do. And we’ve actually done free haircuts for first responders and we’ve had different promotions. Oh yeah. But I’m not going to take my entire week and let my whole week go to hell so that I can organize some fundraiser for first responders. It’s not on my list. Right. Being a good dad is on my list, chasing my wife around. That’s on my list, but it’s not on my list. And you’ve got to be able to fight through that adversity. But starting and stopping is not a move. You can’t just start something and stop it. Dr Brian, you got a hot take. Well,

I just, you know, one of the, the best business books I’ve ever read, um, always continues to finish the same way. And that is that the tortoise beats the Hare and our little engine that could, keeps getting to its destination. And so sometimes, you know, we’d like to take those big chunks. They feel great, but uh, we don’t really, uh, enjoy the process of just, uh, getting in and doing the grind. And I think the more you can grab ahold and enjoy the grind of it, yes, actually appreciate the grind. You’re going to get much further actually farther head, um, than those who are just trying to get the chunks. You’ve got to fall in love with the process. Keep, keep taking a step. I mean, everybody who’s taken one step after another ends up far way further ahead than those who are just looking for the big jumps. Principle number seven, uh, Christ wants you to win in. The devil wants you to lose. Now you might say you, you and you’re getting all spiritual. Didn’t tune into this

show for a spiritual awakening. I didn’t record this show so you wouldn’t have a spiritual awakening. All right, I’m recording this show for people out there who are diligent doers and if you liked the message, great. If not, change the channel, but check this out. All right, Christ as I see it once you to win and the devil wants you to lose. Now, this is a very, very, very, very, very big idea. John 10 10 from the Bible reads, the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. So what I have found is that whenever I have some I have to do, like today, edit my podcast book and I don’t want to do it. I like writing books and in terms of, I like what I like when people read the books, but the process of writing a book is tough for me.

It is hard for me. I read slow, I edit slower, so I don’t want to do it. I don’t have one to do it. I don’t want to do it. Why are you saying it that way? Well, hi Quill. Continue to say it that way until we get through this, this idea. So why do I not want to do it? I believe it say tannic. That’s what I believe. I believe. Like I, I’m, I’m called to do it. It’s my vocation. It will help people. The word vocation means calling. I believe I’m supposed to do it because I feel like I got a little nudge to do it. I feel like I’m supposed to do it. I feel like it will help people. I feel like it will be a positive thing for people, for the readers, I think will encourage somebody and provide them with a practical steps needed to launch a successful podcast.

But I also don’t want to do it. And I have found that I haunted to eat ice cream and I, you know, sex, drugs, ice cream, that’s not very hard to sell. I mean, you guys want to gamble for a chance to win millions. Yeah. Yeah. You guys want to drink until you can’t think. Oh yeah, you guys want to smoke pot? Yes. You guys want to, you know you want to eat some ice cream. Aw woo. That’s not hard to sell people on sex, drugs, gambling and ice cream. It’s easy, right? Those are state Danek things. Seriously. I believe that, but it’s really hard to sell people on you guys wanna eat some kale, right? Who does this person think he can’t not care.


no, we don’t want kale.


got, Hey guys, you guys want to get up early? Uh, you guys want to get up early? Need some kale.


do you guys want to take an oath? It will never gamble again. Drink or smoke or eat ice cream.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

it’s because people don’t want discipline and accountability. We therefore we’d naturally drift away from it. And if you’re somebody who believes that God creates all good things and Satan inspires all bad things, this is where we’re going to get kind of weird. But that’s okay because I feel like that’s where I, I am more comfortable. Um, in my car the other day I was driving my car and I’m like, I was just yesterday and I had to come home and edit this book and I didn’t want to edit the book and I said out loud, I am going to edit the book, I’m going to edit the book. I love book editing. I’m going to edit the book, editing the books is what I want to do, cause I’m going to edit the book. And then I made myself do it and now I feel good as a result. But that’s those moments where brick, you know what I’m talking about, where you know, in the mental battle, you know what to do. Right? Of course Friday I had to let a lady go, I had to fire somebody. Oh, that’s no fun. No, it’s not.

You don’t wake up in the morning saying, Hey, I’m looking forward to letting somebody go today.

Yeah, it’s, it’s usually as a general rule. Now I can tell you, I like what happens after you do a colon cleanse. I’ll tell you that. I’m like, don’t lack of drama in the office, but there’s a certain part of you when you sit down, that person sitting, then you say, we need to talk. And they know it’s coming. Satan starts working on you. Right? And he’s going, just tell her it’s okay. Don’t fire her. Just let it happen. So you’re like, Oh Hey, Oh, you know Carl, can we talk? Yeah. Boss. What’s going on? Oh, Carl. Carl. Oh, Oh. And then Carl is aggressive and Carl census weakness. Carl needs to be fired. So Carlos says, what do we want to talk about, Mike? Huh? Cause I, if it’s about me being late, like you’ve never been late. Okay, okay. Is that what we’re going to, aha. Whoa. What in the world you’re going to, you’re going to, are you going to fire me yet all of a sudden you leave the meeting like Carl, you’re, you’re great. And I just wanted to tell you one on one. Oh God, you’re wonderful. A lot of times where people say they, they go, I wish I would’ve said, it’s those moments where I should have said that. I should have said something should’ve stood up for the thing. Should’ve fought for it, but I didn’t.

But like you were just saying a moment ago, when you are consistently doing what you’re supposed to do, you don’t have that guilt. Um, you know, when you’re getting to the office at 5:00 AM everyday shun, consistently not being late, then you don’t feel guilty. You don’t, Carl has nothing he can say back at that point to say, Oh, like you’ve never been late. You, you’re above that because you’ve disciplined yourself. You put the accountability in. And so those are non factors. That’s just a nonstarter in the conversation. So I know that when you go into that meeting, clay, that’s never going to be an excuse or a reason that somebody who’s ever to try to put back on you. That is true. But for the listener that may be, and so first I’ve told our staff the same thing when they were complaining about, uh, patients, uh, particularly the massage, um, clients if they were, um, canceling last minute or showing up late and they, they wanted it like a penalty in placed on the person. And it’s not that I’m opposed to that, I just told them that first we have to do our part before can impose it on

the patient. And if we’re not consistently providing that service, there it is. If we’re not on time, come on. We’re not always here, then we have no business doing that to the people who are paying for the service. And that’s the thing, an elephant in the room, we, I, I, it’s, it’s a thing. I’m not going to find you if you’re late. I’m going to try to get you in and up every week, Jason due every week. Do I not talk to our team about cutting hair cuts on time? Right? And the first thing they want to do is say, well how come when somebody shows up 15 minutes late or five minutes left in their appointment and you want to just turn around and say, Hey, you’re consistently doing 35 to 40 minute haircuts. The rule is we got to get it done in 23 because we’re off.

We’re promising that service we have, we have great people on our team like Jordan and Carly’s have so many great people right here on time and do a great job. And you know what? Occasionally a client of ours is running behind and so we needed to take the high road and try to get them in. And then what happens is the guy who’s on time now, it’s a little inconvenience because now we’re into his time. It’s a constant conflict, but we have to do our best to keep our eye on the prize. Now, right now, here we go. Principle number eight. This is going to really make somebody mad. And I am sorry if I have not made you mad yet. This one might get the amygdala going here. Proverbs 13 four a Slugger. It’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Principle number eight, wanting something doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

I remember talking to a guy, we’re talking about, you know, maybe a decade ago, uh, one of my early clients who is in ministry

and this guy wanted it baby. He wanted, he wanted to reach a thousand people. He wanted to, he wanted, he wanted to reach a thousand people. He said those words from the pulpit even. And then we’d come back next week and there’s still 300 people. So I’m talking to the pastor, my pastor, you’re stuck at 300 people. It, this is not a super complicated idea. [inaudible] why don’t you go door to door every door in the community? Hi, I’m with the local church. I’d like to invite you to attend our church. Does the church in Dallas, by the way, the little church in Dallas. Well, we’d like to do it, but it’s hard to find volunteers. Okay. Why don’t we run Facebook ads? Will we did and then someone left bad comments. Okay. Why don’t we do mailers? Well, I just, it’s hard to get approval from the board. Okay. Why don’t we run YouTube commercials? Well, I just, I don’t know. So the next Sunday

we go back, whether it be religious in nature or not. Right. And you don’t actually do it and follow through. What happens without execution? It’s, I mean, it’s dead in the water. So I mean, the only thing that happens is once you take action on it doesn’t, over time the message feel less and less sincere. Oh yeah. Cynicism begins to creep in. We had a in high school that would

give that, um, you know, the, the amped up Rudy Ruediger Oh, take your favorite sports movie where the coach just gives that real inspiring speech. Oh yeah. He did it every day. I mean, it was like every day at practice, every day before the game, every, it loses its effect if you use it all the time. He just starts quoting various things like no pain, no gain, no pain, no gain. Coach, we’re still Owens seven right next year guys, isn’t it? This freshman class right now, they’re going to be good. Now they’re seniors, guys. Nixon season a sophomore class. Next we’ll come with me. Come on. This is our you. Come on man, you gotta get it done. And nothing is worse than just saying you won it, right? You gotta do it. Now, principle number nine, get rich. Quick. Schemes don’t work. Oh, but they sell well. Oh, let me tell you that that ice cream, everybody wants it.

Oh, Proverbs 1311. Reed’s wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, but he, that gathering by labor shall increase. Let’s go back into churches for a second. This is, this is, um, I think churches like to escape accountability because they like to say, well, if God wants it to be, then we’ll grow. Let me tell you what, I’ve been around a lot of big, big churches and that is not the mentality at all of the founders of huge churches. They’re like, we’re going to go house to house, knock on doors, and we’re gonna invite families. We’re doing it and we’re gonna run ads. We’re gonna invite people in. That’s just gonna happen. We’re not gonna make you, you know, convert to Christianity at your door. We’re just gonna go, Hey, we’re the local church and we’d love to invite you out this Sunday. It’s a great event for the kids.

Loved invites yet, and they do it consistently, but churches that don’t grow it like to say, well, maybe it’s just not meant to be. Here’s my favorite. We’re just called to be a local church. That community church, that makes zero sense. We’re just called to be a local NFL team where we have just a local 15,000 fans that attend. We’re just a local, smaller. Right. You know what I’m saying? Oh yeah. It’s so what happens is there wasn’t like mega churches there. We heard that one bright. I learned that [inaudible] he spoke to like 5,000 maybe 10,000 people. Then cool guy was mad at Jesus at that time. She just wasn’t time out for reaching too many people at that time. Yeah, so what happens is, is that you go to these church conferences and they’re gonna teach you like 16 secrets that small churches don’t know, and it’s going to be like an email campaign to reach the lost heat. It’s like a drip campaign. It’s like a texting software. It’s a software that can recognize the faces of who attends your church services and doesn’t know AI technology shows them. This is real stuff. That’s real stuff that’s out there right now. There’s real software that shows you what faces attend and what don’t. That’s, and then it can automate certain true story. Then you can email people that don’t attend.

How’s that going to work? I would assume it’d be super expensive and then it’s not even gonna. There’s no payoff. I’m just saying Jason, your saw them minority. Just fuse. Let’s just pretend for a second that you were, went to a church service and you went one time, you didn’t come back. She didn’t like the service. By the way, if people don’t like the service, they won’t come back. Right. Just Justin. So let’s just say you went out to see, uh, you got invited to go to a church and you didn’t like the pastor’s delivery, right? So you don’t come back and you get an email that says, Hey, we missed you last Sunday. Would that motivate you at all to come back? I would honestly be surprised by like what in the world. I’ve never been directly emailed or contacted by a church before. This is a little, uh, I don’t know. Would it motivate you to want to come back? It wouldn’t. Ironically, it just thinking about it, it kind of annoys me. How dare you.

Not only would you not want to come back, you’d get mad. Yeah. But what I will say though is like, I’m not a church goer, but I’ve gone twice with my father in law to life church. And I will say like, if that was something I was passionate about, I would go back every time. Cause every time I’ve heard Craig speak, even though I’m not in that same camp, I leave thinking, God, he got me. How did he do that? That was crazy. He’s good. Right. Yeah. And that alone would make like if John ever asked me to come back on the big, absolutely. Just to go here, Craig speaking to be there with you, that’s totally fine, but it’s because there was a likable experience. Now we went to, I went to another service with them at, I want to say that the other churches and want to make them upset, but it was so bad. The singers were bad. The surface was very bland. The speaker had no passion whatsoever and it just felt like a harpy the whole time. Like they’re making you feel bad for something. I would not go back there like you had to go. Yeah. Was like, it’s like an obligation, like the pastor had to preach if people had to be there, nobody wanted to know.

Yawning in the front row. Let me tell you this, if you know, if you’re a pastor up there and do how, how do you know if you’re good or not? Do people want to come back and bring friends? Right. Let’s just ask ourselves that question. Now. If you’re a business owner and you’re going, I just broke my chiropractic center isn’t growing. Can you maybe share some of the get rich quick get rich quick systems that you’ve been presented to you, whether it be about chiropractic care, but you know, not, not, not, not naming the companies, right, but some of the get rich quick schemes that you’ve been pitched throughout your 40 some odd years on this planet. Well, most of them have been a health in, in their nature. Uh, you know, because there’s all these, um, I don’t know if we can call it pyramid, um, but you know, there’s, there’s get rich quick schemes that are all involved with health. Like, you know, you’ve got all these patients, you know, all these people. You’re going to sell this. Like, it’s hotcakes. Tell me if this seems familiar to me. The thought mom, I’m on point here. On top is this dr Breck. Hey, dr [inaudible], this is your buddy, uh, Carl. Yeah. How you doing Carl? From a OSU? Yeah. We hadn’t talked in probably what, 15 years? Yeah, it’s been that long. And you kinda been on my heart a little bit and I’ve got an opportunity. You leave. Meet up at Panera.

Sure. So then we meet at Panera. I’ve got a suit on and an oddly nice and new foreign car. I’m joined with my buddy Eduardo. Yes. And I’m like, Hey, so a brick. How’s it going man? We’re doing good. How are you? Hey, this is my friend Eduardo. Dr brick is so nice to meet you. How are you my friend? I’m well, how are you? I’m doing great now. I my uh, my associate tier, Mr. Clark, he’s a triple diamond [inaudible]. I happen to be the vice Lord of products. The we auto ship up the Metaluca. It’s the Chi batteries sent of a from Alaska and from the heels of the South Korean peninsula. Always from my end. No, you’re a chiropractor. Yes. Yes. You want to make more money? Yes. Well, here’s the deal. You introduce your patients to this. It’s tested independently and Switzerland. The stuff that we get from South Korea and they will change their life, but just a thimble.

They drink just a Timberlake auto ship it. It’s $84 a bottle. You my friend though, cause we don’t advertise, we pay the advertisement till you direct, right? So now you can make $40 per patient per month. Now I ask you this, are you making $40 per patient right now? Or you already ordered? I don’t know you not. Could you imagine yourself? I went to think about this now each patient could get two more patients signed up and pretty soon you have millions of dollars. Now you want to come in big with an investment that shows that you’re strong and you can do it. And so you want to come in with an investment of $5,000 of the ATI. Barry Manilow. God don’t, don’t say no. I ask you, what’s your favorite word? No or yes, yes or yes or no. Yes. Right now I just sign right here.

Has that not happened though? Isn’t it happened eerily similar? That is almost exactly what has happened. Let me let me pay for all that times. Let me pay for lunch. You’ll just look over my catalog of my cars. I own my car, your how much I I make but here happens to be a check done now there’s a cruise, we’ll, I’ll be going on soon to the Iceland to the ice than, and we get to go there now ironically, um, the scientists have shown Iceland doesn’t have as much ice. It’s actually, I’m branding things more than [inaudible] saying I know, I know these things and so we’re going to go down here and then it’s going to be incredible. And by the way, I was just born yesterday. I have no background. You can find them. They do. We are a company was started by a billionaire always.

He was a doctor, very frustrated with American medicine. So he used our chai tea. Yes. And up. What’s, what’s the kind of pins the Lindsay do, the acupuncture and chai tea and TaeKwonDo. And he learned all these things from his father who was a living as a mountain man in the Appalachian mountains over there off the coast of the Soviet union. And you’re like, what are you talking about? Islam isn’t no true. Absolutely. And I’ve heard that same thing with variations to and where they always have to a hundred times over. And there’s always some mysterious foreigner guy who comes out and he’s like, somehow he’s like a state. It’s always independently verified in the labs, the FDA, 18 things the FDA does not want you to know, all right? It’s, it’s over. Oh, it’s happens every time. Every time. And when and when do we become susceptible to those things?

We become susceptible to them when we’re not consistent, right? And we’re losing. Now we’re like, you come home and your wife says, well, how was the meeting babe? It was awesome. And for some reason I think I should do this. And she’s like, why are you talking like right? What do you mean? Why am I talking like this? I came in big of baby, I bought the five a thousand dollars I going to sign up for this all night long. Look at the auto ship and now you’re calling people you barely know, right? Or you’re calling lifelong friends and you’re trying to sell out your lifelong friends for a quick buck. Oh, Jason, here’s the deal. You care about your family, right? Yeah. As my key employee, I want you to know you can do this together. We’re going to see, we’re going to ride the top together.

You’re going to be one of the first people in, they’re going to sign up together as a team and pretty soon we will take over the loud. Now about six months in, all your friends are stuck with bottles. Yep. Garage full. That’s best case scenario. Otherwise you have a garage and nobody signed it and your friends are no longer your friends right now you’re like, I used to have friends but I’ve exchanged them for a quick buck, right? I’m just telling you, if you’re not consistent, it’ll seem plausible. And so Galatians, Oh, collegial Twitter, what’s gonna principle number 10, Princeton. Number 10, God loves consistency. Now, Galatians five 22 through 23 reads, but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control against such things. There is no law. God loves consistency. Um, again, whether you’re a Christian or not, I, I’m, I know half our audience is, um, if you want to screw up your marriage being consistent, that’s something you want to do.

That’s a tip. I actually was a, I’m a recovering jackass and one of my moves I used to do is I would say I’m going to be home at seven [inaudible], you know, and, and that could be eight. You know, I’ll be home at five, that can be seven, I’ll be home around five and that can be as late as seven. Yeah. And then they start to wonder like, I wonder where he is, why don’t what he’s doing? Is he doing good things or bad things? And then we start to, I, the mind starts to wander and we start to think about all of my friends who I went to school with and people I know who’ve had affairs and maybe my wife is wondering where my doing the same thing and where is he and what’s going on. And then so it’s my fault for not being consistent. But if you’re consistent, you can be counted upon. And just like a three legged stool, you pull out one leg from the stool and what happens Jason? Well, it gets a little unbalanced. I mean if you sit down on a stool, right in one leg just is on the verge of breaking and

then it all of a sudden collapses. What happens to your body? You crack your tailbone most likely. There it is. And then are you likely to sit on that chair again? Nope. You know what I mean? Hopefully not. What if though I fixed the stool, I’d come back and say, Jason, here’s the deal though. I’ve been working with my multilevel man and I could not come to work today, right? Cause I’m trying to make it the money, the auto ship law. The auto should be automated and I’m making the money. But I did fix the stool. Oh yes I did. You can sit on it now. What if you sit on the stool and it collapses another time? Maybe just two weeks later. What happens now? Well, I mean for me once, the shouldn’t have sat on it again, especially if that guy give me that sales pitch, fixed it.

Now what if an employee comes to work five days a week on time, and then one next week, the second week they miss a day or come in late that day and then maybe three weeks later they come in late again. Maybe one day. And what have you look at the average and you say over time, every two or three weeks the person calls out doesn’t show up, they show up late. What do you start to think about that person in your mind? Well, it ruins the reputation. And that was something that I’m just going back to, what was it? Points. Foes. One was the drift. I’ll give you a Mulligan on the principle three. That’s the one principal three. Yeah. So that, so this a principle three and this has a really good, or they connect in your reputation of super important. And a lot of people don’t think about that.

Whether you’d be entrepreneur, a simple employee, or just a person. When you start to drift and you’re like, okay, I’m super consistent here. I’m always consistent. I’m off this day. And then like you said, you look at the sum total in the average and that person’s not as consistent as you thought. Their reputations then tarnished. And it’s a lot harder to rebuild that you can count on me to be there. Some hundred percent of the time, 60% of, let me explain something to you about the math of the, Hey Highbury 60% of the people surveyed said that 100% of the time they took the acai Berry, it changed their lives 30% of the time.

Right back to you have a hot day. Well, I mean, since we’re, uh, going to be preaching this morning, I mean, you’re the Bible and I wish I could remember a book, chapter and verse, but it definitely says a man’s reputation is better than fine silver. Um, which is exactly, you know what we’re talking about. Uh, if you’re inconsistent, your reputation falls quickly. And so, uh, you know, you’ve got to be consistent to have that reputation, whether that be, like you were saying with Vanessa, um, you want to allow her to be able to trust you and know that you’re faithful, um, in the workplace. You know, it’s different aspects, but it’s the same concept. You know, you gotta be consistent if you’re going to be counted on to be independable. Um, I remember one conversation years ago about an employee and as you were saying with the hiring, uh, this guy was saying, you know, one thing I can say is that they always show up. And, uh, in my particular business, uh, we aren’t able, it’s not as a setup. It’s a service. So we don’t do it from, um,

you’ve got to get a minimum. You’ve got to show up. And so the person who consistently shows up is already ahead of the person who doesn’t. If you look at my resume, I have a degree from Oklahoma university, a bachelor’s. I studied nuclear science in the university of Arizona. I, uh, Oh, no, no, no. A lot of things, right? My only problem I have is I don’t show up sometimes [inaudible] hire me. Isn’t it not a fan though. People try to be the best possible employee if you were there, but you’re not there. So the person who’s there is already a better employee. Now, Proverbs 22 one reads, a good name is more desirable than great riches to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Look at thank you. Proverbs 22 one right? Shit. You pulling that up using the Google machine right there. Check folks, you should check out the Google machine.

It’s really, I mean, there’s only 90% of the world’s using this for you. Other 9% you gotta switch. Paying is not a thing. Okay. Now principle number 11 work as unto the Lord. Therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. Knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. First Corinthians 1558 first Corinthians 1558 now what if you have a mindset shift right now? What if you for the first time in your life or maybe we go back to maybe we used to do it and maybe we just need to get refocused today. What if we work as unto the Lord? What if it says, therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. What if we did work as unto the Lord?

What would happen if we worked as unto the Lord as unto, I mean let’s just say that Jason, let’s say you have a guy who works for you who’s a Christian and you’re not a Christian, you’re his boss, but he in his mind has that. We’ve a lot of Mormons in our office mostly like this. Let’s say Ben is a great example. When somebody works as unto the Lord, how? How does that impact you? Even if you don’t share the same faith as somebody, but when you have somebody like Ben who works as unto the Lord, I’ve been as a member of our search engine team, he’s the head of the department over there. What happens when somebody is working as unto the Lord and not as unto human masters. Will you see that? Like in Ben’s case, he gets so much more done and an added benefit is he’s not looking for any type of validation from you or any other boss.

Because what he’s saying is I’m going to do the best of my ability in beyond and above that because the person I’m serving as much higher than these physical people. This is, this is my one purpose. That’s why Ben gets promoted some right now, think about this. This is the Bible verse here. I’m gonna read it to you. This is coming at ya hot. This is from Colossians three 23 so collagen’s three 23 through 24 so Chapman’s collagen’s chapter three, the 23rd verse through the 24th verse, and I will read this to you right now. It says, whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you’re serving [inaudible]. Collagen’s three 2324 now principle number 12 if two more principles I want to teach today, you must stay consistent with your actions, not just your mindsets but with your actions.

All right. Now this is, this is, this is an idea that that maybe, maybe it is hard for folks out there because we live in a world where we talk a lot about our beliefs, but we don’t talk a lot about what we’re doing that lines up with those beliefs. We talk a lot about our beliefs. We don’t talk a lot about are we doing anything related to those beliefs? We don’t. We don’t. You know a lot of people out there who are pro choice lets say pro life pro life or pro choice to bring the room together. Let’s talk about the most divisive subject in the world. Pro-life approach. Choice. Well if you’re a prolife, let’s just say you are, and this happened this year. I was middle lady. This happened, this happened. She’s super pro-life except for in her situation because the baby’s daddy left. [inaudible]

well, I don’t know how many people out there were born in a family outside of wedlock, but I know that I’m, I’m passionate about that subject, but it really doesn’t mean a whole lot for me to have that worldview. And unless I’m willing to win it, in fact, when affects me have the same worldview, right? And I wasn’t attacking this person. They just came up to me, were telling me about having this abortion and you know, their feelings of guilt and wanting to know how to get over the feelings of guilt. And I’m like, well, I don’t think you’re supposed to get over the feelings of guilt. I think the feeling of guilt is because you said with your mouth for all these years, you’re this way and now you’re not. And so as a consequence of that, you feel bad and therefore forgiveness. You’d have to ask God to forgive you.

And I believe he does forgive you and we all make mistakes. And I don’t think that you doing that mistake is worse than me doing a different mistake. But I’m just saying is the reason why you feel that way is cause. It’s called cognitive dissonance and that’s where your actions don’t align with your values. It’s where you’re saying, I want to go this direction in the boat, but you’re actually running the other way. You’re getting further away over time. So again, Napoleon Hill writes, Napoleon Hill, the bestselling author of think and grow rich writes, nature will tolerate it, says nature will not tolerate idleness. Again, it says nature will not tolerate idleness or vacuums of any sort. All space must be at is filled with something. When an individual does not use the brain for the expression of positive creative thoughts, nature fills the vacuum by forcing the brain to act upon negative thoughts. You can’t just do nothing. You’re going do positive or negative. You can’t do nothing. In principle number 13, I’ll leave you with this one. This is a, um,

the notable quotable that Lee Cockrell told me back in the day, he was the guy who used to be the executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts. And he said, when you do hard things, life gets easier. Now what does that mean, Jason? What are some hard things you’ve already done this morning that maybe you wouldn’t have done five years ago? Got up at four and decided to come record a podcast on a Sunday morning, whereas I used to sleep in until like nine 12 at the latest. So you’re saying that you got up at what time for what? Something hard that you’ve been doing this week, dr Breck, maybe you wouldn’t have done, you know, 20 years ago, 15 years ago, something that’s maybe a new positive habit you’ve picked up, whether it be like getting Google reviews or holding your team accountable or walk me through things that you do now that are positive habits that are allowing you to have success to maybe you didn’t do before.

Well, I mean, kind of going back, even just consistently eating healthy, having a healthy routine, getting up early. I’m a night owl by nature. And so it’s a not just a natural thing to wake up at four 30 for me, but a, it’s become a very consistent, a natural thing and, or it has become more natural I should say. Um, and so those are great ways as far as starting my day, doing some quiet time and meditation to get the day started right. But then also, you know, the consistency of the routine. Um, you know, knowing what I’m going to do each and every day, having that to do list, um, and getting things done. Um, I’ve struggled over the years with procrastination and so, you know, I know I have to have things in place that keep me from letting things push back and slide to the next day. So it’s not fun, but I’ve got to get it done.

And I think that that, but the feeling you get as a result of doing it, how do we all feel after we meet? Cause no one wants to get up at four 30, probably nobody probably wants to hold themselves accountable. Nobody wants to stick to some workout routine or whatever it is. But what do, how do you feel as a result of doing it? Great. Yeah. You feel proud.

Um, you know, you, you definitely feel proud of yourself. You have self-esteem. Um, it’s not this false idea that we’re trying to, I believe trying to give kids now where everybody gets a trophy. Um, you’ve actually worked hard. You overcame and you’ve earned that, uh, within you trophy or not. Um, the participation ribbon doesn’t matter. Uh, kinda like you were talking about Ben. I mean, he’s doing it for a whole different reason, a higher level reason. Um, and so, uh, these lower level rewards are fine and good. They just don’t even matter anymore cause you’re so much how you’re working to something so much greater.

If you’re out there today and you have found yourself drifting, or you’re experiencing cognitive dissonance as you keep, as you just keep falling short of the achievement of your goals, I encourage you to listen to this show once, twice, three times a day. I encourage you though, seriously listen to this show. Listen to it once, listened to it twice, three times with your it cause, uh, I’m telling you we’ve got to change the way we think. And if you think, if you change what you think


then you’re gonna start to change your habits. And if you change the thinking about this, if you think you changed what you think, then you’re gonna change your actions. If you change your actions, you change your habits. When you change your habits, you change your life again. If you change the way you think, then you’re gonna change your actions. If you change your actions, you will then change your habits. And if you change your habits, you will then change your life. And that is what this show is all about. My name is clay Clark. I’m a, uh, almost 39 year old man who doesn’t have the ability to tan on algebra three times. Um, and uh, some would argue there should be better if I was a mime, but I can tell you I’ve had tremendous success, not because I’m a genius, but because I’ve learned how to reprogram and re trigger my mind and to recalibrate what I do on a daily basis.

And I know that not there’s not a single listener out there today. You do not have everybody out there has the capacity and the tenacity to make big changes, but you’ve got to forget feeling bad. You’ve been going the wrong way for 37 years, 42 years, 55 years, whatever it is. You’ve been going the wrong way for 20 years, 30 years. Don’t feel bad. You’re somebody who’s for a long time, has set goals and hasn’t achieved them. But now this is a new day. This is a new you. This is a new thing and this is a new worldview and you’re going to have success. And we’d like to end every show with a boom because boom, around here stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. That’s what it takes. Big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. Not small.


pessimistic. I did my best. It’s big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. You’ve got to go out there today and make this day the best day you have, because it is profound every day that you are above the ground, every day as a gift, every day as a gift, we must Revere it as such. And that was he further ed to break to what.


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