Correct and Countercultural Words of Wisdom in a World Passionately Going the Wrong Way

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Less than 1% of people will become successful because they are actively and aggressively moving the wrong way. Clay breaks down the counter-cultural words of wisdom of Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, George Washington Carver, Wolfgang Puck, John Maxwell, etc.

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  • Be a doer, not just a hearer: “Nothing works unless you do” – Maya Angelou 
  • Gain Peace by the sword: “Peace is purchased from strength. It’s not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats,” – Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Success requires fighting: “People throw in the towel because they don’t know how to fight. You’d be surprised how much fight you have in you if you just do it.” – Tilman Fertitta
  • Gain requires pain: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10 Jesus
  • Keep it simple: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein
  • You learn by doing: “I left school when I was 14 to work in kitchens.” – Wolfgang Puck
  • Play to win: “I will not lose.” – Jay Z
  • An excuse causes prise abuse: “ Do you know, it’s funny, but I never thought of being blind as a disadvantage, and I never thought of being black as a disadvantage.” – Stevie Wonder
  • There is never time to waste time: “The most precious thing that we all have with us is time.” – Steve Jobs
  • Management is mentorship: “ You cannot be a good manager without being a good coach.” – Bill Campbell
  • Have an attitude of gratitude: “It’s up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now– and to stop imagining that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy.” – Joanna Gaines
  • It’s never crowded at the top: “You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.” – Napoleon Hill
  • Hire character, train for skill: “Talent sets the floors, character sets the ceiling.” – Bill Belichick
  • Judge on deeds not creeds and breeds: “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” – John D. Rockefeller
  • Judge people based on what they do: “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do” – Andrew Carnegie
  • A business exists to serve you: “my happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.” – Ayn Rand
  • Outwork everyone: “What I lack in talent, I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. That’s the secret to my life.” – Guy Kawasaki
  • It’s about work: “When you’re around enormously successful people you realize their success isn’t an accident – it’s about work.” – Ryan Tedder
  • Focus on creating something great, then market it: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin
  • You can achieve it after you believe it: “ Most people are slowed down by the perception of themselves. If you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was taught I can do everything.” – Kanye West
  • Prioritize what matters: “Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.” – John C. Maxwell
  • Preparation and diligence is the key: “There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation- veneer isn’t worth anything.” – George Washington Carver
  • If you are going through hell, don’t stop: “The secret is not to give up hope. It’s very hard not to because if you’re really doing something worthwhile I think you will be pushed to the brink of hopelessness before you come through the other side.” – George Lucas
  • Don’t compromise with your culture: “We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to. And by committing, we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.” – Tony Hsieh
  • Don’t let the unknown stop you: “Don’t let what you don’t know scare you, because it can become your greatest asset. And if you do things without knowing how they have always been done, you’re guaranteed to do them differently.” – Sarah Blakely
  • Choose to see the positive perspective: “If you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in the beauty, either.” – Chip Gaines
  • Being present is a present: “Each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.” – TD Jakes
  • Begin with the end in mind: “The goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song. To be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke but to feel that way all the time.” – Russel Simmons
  • Don’t let emotion stop your motion: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton
  • Promotion equals problems: “my normal routine is pretty much putting out fires all day.” – Vera Wang
  • Your network is your net worth: “surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey
  • Focus on your family not your legacy: “Kids now don’t know who Paul McCartney is, they are probably not going to know us.” – Ross Golan
  • Don’t lament, make it happen: “Optimism, pessimism… f@$% that. We’re going to make it happen. As God is my witness, I’m hell bent on making it work.” – Elon Musk
  • Fully commit to your cause: “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to; liberty or death- if I could not have one, I would have the other.” – Herriet Tubman
  • Avoid idiots: “Do not be misled: bad company corrupts good character.” – 1st Corinthians 15:33
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Facebook Correct And Countercultural Words Of Wisdom Thrivetime Show

On today’s show, we provide you with correct and counter-cultural words of wisdom and a world passionately going the wrong way. You see, in America today, there’s over 330 million Americans living in our country, and every year, 27.9 million people identify themselves as entrepreneurs. Yet nine out of 10 businesses fail. So on today’s show, we teach you the words of wisdom that you need to know to defy the odds and took her up.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we are talking about correct and counter-cultural words of wisdom and a world going the wrong way. You see, if you think about our country for a second, we have about 330 million Americans that we know of. We have about three thousand three hundred and thirty million Americans get in our country. There was about 330 million Americans. And about 27.9 million of those Americans actually start a business. So 27.9 million of those 330 million Americans actually start a business. So that means that don’t get, don’t get all hung up on the numbers. I’m just saying that right now, approximately approximately 10% of America starts a business. Maybe you 7% okay. So we’re saying there are less than 10% of the American population. Now that actually starts a business. Now, dr Brett, did you have to study math at all in college? Yes, it is. Okay. You are a chiropractor. I am. So tell me if, tell me if my math sounds somewhat correct here.

Okay. If there are 330 million Americans in our country, right? And there are 27.9 million people who start their own business, right? We could say less than 10% of our country is self-employed. Right? Or attempts to be. Now, if less than 10% of our population, Jason starts a business, but only one out of 10 of them doesn’t fail. I going according according to Forbes, according to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses fail. True. Would that mean that 1% of our population is successful as a business owner? If my math adds up? Yes. Brick. Does that make sense? Again, so we have 330 million Americans out there, right? 27.9 million actually start a business, but nine out of 10 fail. That would be less than 1%. Right? And that’s just means they had to haven’t failed. Now let’s think about this for a second.

Of those businesses, eight out of 10 of those people will not be around for more than five years. So what it means is we have about two tenths of a percent of the people listening to other shows. All of our listeners are successful because they say they thankfully apply what they’re learning. But what happens is people do what works. And then the consistency of doing the right thing begins to um, get a, a difficult, when you begin to do the right things over and over and over, you maybe get worn out, not utilization or, but other people get worn out. They start to say, everybody’s always telling me I’m going the wrong way and I’m tired of constantly swimming upstream. I’m fatigued by doing the right thing because everyone says it’s wrong and I’m tired of the conflict and therefore they quit. So we’re going to do on today’s show is we’re going to break down some words of wisdom from some people who are undeniably successful.

People that you could say have done very, very well. So Jason is going to read the notable quotable that I have turned all of these into posters. So I have spent probably 50 hours making this show, getting it ready. There are posters, there are images that to all the listeners can click on it. Like I got infographics and you’ll be able to go to today’s show notes and click and look at the gallery of all of these and maybe download them and print them off and put them somewhere up here in your office where they can hopefully motivate you and your staff. So again, you’ll go to today’s show notes and there you will find a link to the images so you can download those infographics. Um, dr Breck, do you have any motivational posters or or quotes or items or, or anything that you kind of keep her on your house or your office or, or versus, or anything you kind of keep out there to keep you accountable or going in the right direction? Yeah, I keep some different Bible verses and things, uh, you know, readily available to see. Okay. And you put why, why, why, why do most people put out these things, Jason, why, why would we advise our listeners to maybe listen to today’s notable quotables and actually print out maybe a couple of these and put them up somewhere where they will see them all, all the

time. Well, it’s a good thing to have them up where you can see them all the time. Cause I take for instance, at thrive you have over the decades you’ve been in business picked all these awesome little quotes. And I remember when I first walked in I’m like, Oh, I like all the knickknacks in here. And I stopped to read them. Even the ones like by the urinal, I read them and I’m just like, wow, that was powerful. I didn’t think about that today. Now I’m glad I did. So it keeps it top of mind. What, what motivational quote is by the urinal. The listeners want to know, Oh my, my favorite one ever. Which got a race and you had to rewrite it, right? Yeah. We had a person who attended the conference who didn’t like it, who erased it. So I asked them to leave and then we rewrote it. But continue. But I’m sure I’m paraphrasing, but it says, um, if you are not willing to work 60 to 80 hours per week for the next six years, please deposit your dreams. And it’s got an arrow

leading to the urinal. Yeah. Because that’s what it takes. Right. Dr Breck, how long have you been a chiropractor? I’m going on 16 years now. And how long do you think it took you to become quote unquote successful? In some by some standard? Yeah, a long time. A long time. Um, more than 10 years? Yes. 12. Okay. Now, just reading the ESPN a story this weekend, I’m almost done with it. That right there, these guys started ESPN and after like seven years in business, they had lost almost $45 million. Wow. And they just kept pouring money into it, money into it. Then finally they righted the ship after a decade. Wow. So I mean, a lot of these big companies you see today had struggles. FedEx to co took over a decade to become profitable. Amazon took over a decade. Tesla took over a decade. So Jason, let us read the read to us first, the person’s name so we can kind of know who they are and then read the notable quotable.

All right, so this one’s coming straight from Maya Angelou. It says nothing works unless you do read that again, please. Maya Angelou says, nothing works unless you do. She’s a famous African American poet, actress, writer. She was famously asked by president Clinton to speak at his inauguration, and she says, nothing works unless you do this right here. I encourage you, mr mr. listener, mrs listener, to think about that for a second. Are you implementing what you’re learning? As an example, if you said, clay Clark, how do I get to the top of Google? And I said, there’s four variables that will impact your rank. Those would be what Jason, one would be the most original HTML content, right? So the most words, the most content, the second would be the, the most, uh, the most and highest rated Google reviews. And then the next one would be the most mobile compliance.

And the next one would be the most canonical compliance, right? So you know those things. So if you’re there listening and you say, okay, I now know what I need to do. And you might have, you might have a followup question. You say, my site is currently built on Wix and we would say you should switch your website over to what Jason WordPress right now that now that you know you need to switch to WordPress and you know you need to write the most content and you know you need the most reviews, it’s up to you to take action. True. And the ones going to happen. And Jason is, once you start working, you’re not going to see immediate success. But I want it so our clients like tip top canine or dr Jay Schroeder or I’m living water irrigation, people who’ve earned, I like Oxy fresh, who’ve earned their way to the top of Google.

They’re really excited that it doesn’t happen overnight. Why? Well, because they understand how hard it is. I mean, you have to keep at it and they think that it’s not easy to beat them. Right. They’ve worked hard for, that’s why Google doesn’t just give the top placement to somebody. I mean, brick let’s, how many do you want any reviews you have right now? I don’t know right now. Oh boy. I’m going to, I know I should have. No, no, no. Let me look it up real quick. I want to see it as rolling over in his non grave. Dr Breck has 302 Google reviews right now. Now brick, you’ve had to work years for that. Yeah. It turns out you have to do a good job or people won’t give you a good review. So I see a lot of startups, you know, saying, man, how do you get reviews?

Step one, do a great job. Step two, do a great job day after day after day for years. Yup. Step three, you will have success that cannot be offer night. I want it to be overnight. No, and quit watching Ty Lopez videos. Nothing works unless you do. Jason, what is the next vulnerable quotable, who’s it from? The next one is from Benjamin Netanyahu. Okay. Is that how you pronounce it? Yes. All right. He says peach peach piece is purchased from strength. It’s not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats. This would be the head of Israel. Okay. This would be like their version of a president. Right. And what Benjamin saying is that peace. Read it again. Peace must want a peace is purchased from strength. It is not purchased from weakness for all the pacifists out there who think we shouldn’t have a military. You’re wrong. Right?

For all the pacifists out there that want to take your team, gathered them around and ask for consensus. Guys, what do you think the penalty should be if we don’t make enough cold calls? Brick, if you ask, if you came into my office and ask one of my employees, Hey, how many cold calls do you think you want to make today? Do you think they’re going to give you a big number? Usually, no, I don’t think they would. So what you do is you give them a quota, right? And you say, if you make this amount of calls, you have a job. Right? And if you don’t, you don’t have a job. But we have, because we’re always interviewing Jason, we’re constantly recruiting new people. We don’t have what Jason turnover. Well, we never lack anybody who can actually do that job. There we go.

We might have turnover. If we want to have turnover, I want to turn over anybody who refuses to do their job because nothing works unless you do. Right. Right. But if you’re out there saying, well, I just, I don’t like conflict. Well, get off the field. Stop playing business. Seriously. You can’t brick think about your, your team over the years. You, but you have a great team now. Right? But on a basic level, well, there’ll be a cleaning, a bathroom or returning calls or filing claims with insurance. What kinds of things have you run into where employees just wouldn’t do it? Uh, mostly turns into, uh, like paperwork, things, you know, just the, the mundane type of a task that has to be done. I forgot. Could you do it for me? I forgot. Could you remind me, Jason, could you remind me to make my calls?

I’m for, I forgot. By default. I’m just saying by default, people draft. Yep. So you have to have strength. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? Who’s it from? Next one’s coming from a Tilman. Fertitta. He says, people throw in the towel because they don’t know how to fight. You’d be surprised how much fight you have in you if you just do it. This is the guy who owns the golden nugget casino Landrys the restaurants, the Houston rockets repeated again, please. People throw in the towel because they don’t know how to fight. You’d be surprised how much fight you have in you if you just do it. What does that mean to you? To me, it means that there are a lot of people who, the second they face adversity, they’re like up. It’s too hard not prepared for this. And when I say people, I don’t know if I, I can’t remember if I brought up the stats, but there’s 330 million people in the U S that we know about 27.9 million of which start a business, right?

1% of which are successful. Right? So I think there’s more people than not who quit as soon as they run into adversity. Oh, for sure. And I have a really sad story I want to share with the listeners that hopefully will provide you the level of discouragement needed to get encouraged. Um, there was a guy who wanted to be a business coaching client [inaudible] and uh, I knew the guy through church, he didn’t have enough money to become a business coaching client and I said, Hey, you can be, um, kind of a unicorn thing here. I’m going to teach you what to do free of charge and you just have to do it. So he’ll, he had already, he had a restaurant, can have a gourmet restaurant and uh, so he says, yeah, I would love that. And as a way to repay you in some capacity for teaching me what to do, I’ll provide you and your wife with a free of free meals and my restaurant.

So I thought not to abuse the situation, but let’s go ahead and go there one time. So we booked a dinner reservation at seven o’clock, 7:00 PM I went there at 7:00 PM with her at six 45. I do that again, the reservations at seven. Right. Jason, when do you feel like I said I checked the lady, ma’am, do you have us down for seven Oh yes. When do you think they brought me back? Given your typical high end restaurant that doesn’t follow a system? Seven 30 right, so we go back at seven 30 and we talked about this. We had a meeting about this. I said, you need to have your overhead. There’s a checklist. Okay. Overhead music has to be on, right? Lighting has to be a little bit more dim up lights on menus out staff and uniform checklists being used, et cetera. There’s no overhead music being played in the restaurant.

None. Yeah. Do you realize how awkward it is to go to a restaurant that does, it’s trying to be a high end restaurant. It’s a newer restaurant and it’s packed because he launched the ads that I told him to launch. She’s got customers in there. No overhead music. All you’d hear is like that sound from East Ventura scratching of like the knife and the fork on the [inaudible]. So I’m just saying, is that till seven 30 we got brought back. No overhead music’s on. Then all the staff wasn’t wearing uniforms. They’re all just wearing whatever. Really. Yeah, everyone’s wearing a different outfit. Some people are Justin classy, some people are dressing assay, but everyone’s addressing. So I, uh, after the meal, um, was not a good experience. I saw him the next week for our meeting and he said, what do you think? And I said, well, I can I can I be candid with you?

Says yes you can’t. I said, um, I would never go back there. Um, the food was not on time. The staff didn’t know what they were doing and there was no overhead music. And he goes, yeah, the staff I talked to when they were tired of hearing the same songs over and over. So we just turned around. So he turned it off no, seriously. And he said, and people hated wearing in the same thing every day. So I just told them to dress professionally and on and on. And I said, dude, you have to fight. He said, I don’t want to fight though. I don’t want to fight. I don’t like the conflict. This guy’s in his late forties I said, I could ask you, how many restaurants have you started and stopped in your career? Seriously? Well, what’s the number? Four. Four. And he goes, you know, just the economy and Tulsa isn’t ready for this kind of feel, this kind of vibe.

You know, it’s more of a trendy, and I just discovered Tulsa’s not really into that kind of vibe, you know? So he’d already decided to mentally quit, right. Just a few weeks into it. He had his excuses ready, ready to go. So we re we, we regather, we re motivate, we recalibrate, he’s ready to go this week now ready to go. So he said, clay, I’m doing your move and I’m going to hire the band. You gonna hire the band like you said, and it’s going to happen. So he hires a band, a good band. I recommended to him the bands playing now, but that’s when I went there one more time. People are on time. The band is there. Good energy, good vibe. He did the ad, the ad said, come eat at yada yada, and you’ll have a chance to win a flat screen TV. We’re giving one away this Friday, half off of drinks, a half off, half off of appetizers for first time customers, live music.

We go in, there’s a good energy, get towards the end of the night. And I said, Hey, are you going to give away that T TV? He says, no. So why not? He, why? I just, it’s not enough people, but this web serious. It’s crazy. Right? And I don’t know what that is. I can’t relate to that. But I think it’s just a thing where it’s doing, saying you’re going to do something and doing it or different things and it requires you to fight either with yourself mentally or to fight with those around you. But there’s gotta be some fight to get it done. I mean, brick, if you had, if you had things you had to fight for with your business. Oh, for sure. Yeah. What are some of things you had to fight through? Either internally, mentally, or with the team or with lenders or, or, or landlords or, I mean there’s gotta be some kind of fight.

Yeah, I mean we, uh, I mean there’s any number of things. Um, for so long I felt like I was just paddling upstream, so every day was just a fight. Um, but, uh, I mean the hours that we, uh, that we work, Oh, there we go. And then, um, you know, our pricing, um, we’ve had pushback on that. A massage therapist, um, there’s eternally a fight over one thing or another. Um, yeah, certain paperwork or certain things. Uh, scripts are another thing that we’ve, uh, we’ve had some fight on

the, the team maybe doesn’t want to follow scripts. Right. What advice would you have for the listener out there who’s been struggling for years and they tried to raise prices and they got some pushback from their staff, so they’d say they didn’t, right. And they wanted to implement scripts, but they got some pushback so they didn’t, what advice would you have for them about fighting?

Well for one, I am a, I am kind of adverse to conflict myself. And so one of the things I would tell people is, uh, once you stand firm and you take that fight, um, later on, you don’t have to fight as much truth. You start to gain the respect of your employees and then they don’t fight back. Um, they’re just like, just like with your children. I mean, when you stand firm and they know where the ground is, they know where the rules are, they know what the boundaries are. All of a sudden they quit pushing them and that’s good because they just know they’re not going anywhere with it. So I used to fight a lot more. I don’t fight near as much anymore. [inaudible] smaller and less frequent,

but if you don’t have that initial brawl,

you gotta be willing to get into a few fights early on and then you don’t have to fight anymore.

That is, that is good wisdom. Right? There it is. Jason, what is the next notable quotable and who’s it from the next question or the next question? The next notable quotable is coming to us from a Hey Seuss himself says, blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew five 10. All right, from the book called the Bible, a Matthew five 10 chapter, Matthew, Matthew is the chapter. Matthew is the book, the book of the Bible. Matthew the chapters five, the verses 21 read it again, please bless it are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Give us some examples that you see on that. A notable quotable, that print piece. Um, some examples I think you should see right there. Okay, you got this. So, um, the great, who died early, Jesus, age 33, Jesus died when he was 33 folks because he stood up for what was right, right?

And then Abraham Lincoln at age 56, Abraham Lincoln died. Folks, he was being, people did not want to end slavery. Next one. And then the next is Martin Luther King jr died at age 39 because he did what? Well, he fought for things that other people were not necessarily savvy on, such as such as, um, fair treatments and um, equal rights. Do I want to make sure listeners understand this? Do you understand that for years up until like the late sixties if you are a black guy, you couldn’t drink from a water fountain. It’s true. You couldn’t go on the freaking bathroom out. Jacked up is that. And so he decided to do the controversial thing and to stand up for what was right. Now I want to make sure the listeners out there get this idea. Make sure you get this idea. Get this idea back in the 60s cause I’ve always been a very controversial person.

I don’t mind standing up for things. Sure. If I lived in like Georgia, let’s say back in the sixties this is how I roll. I’ve always been that way. If I had a friend at school and he was black and I’m like, Hey, come on over to my house. And you, the vast majority of people, not our listeners, but other people who are going to Lutheran churches and Baptist churches, you understand the vast majority, almost everybody thought it was unethical for a white guy to hang out with a black guy. Right? Do you get that idea? And so I would have said back in the day, screw off everybody I’m going to hang out with. Do I want to just like I do now. I mean if you look around our office, it’s like the color wheel. It’s true. I mean we have all different races and ages and gender.

I don’t get into this whole, I don’t go, well we need for this photo, I need two more white guys to balance it out. I don’t, I mean, but seriously, Jason, you know that over time our staff gets more and more diverse just because the population does. Yeah. But if you look around our staff, I mean black, white, all, all that wouldn’t have been possible without Martin Luther King jr. Right. And he died. He said, I have seen the mountain top. That was the, that was his, his speech. He saw the mountain top and he knew, he knew that he wasn’t going to get there with you. That was the theme of his speech. Do you understand what crazy that is for him to deliver the speech knowing he would be killed in the next few days? That’s heavy and the fact that he did it anyway. Yeah. He knew if he delivered that speech that he had seen the mountain top and he says in his speech, I might not, I might not get there with you, but I’ve seen the mountain top.

I might not get there with you, but I’ve seen it and I want you to know it’s worth it. Right? That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. What are you trying to do? We tried to live a life where we wouldn’t get along with everybody. That’s what everybody was doing in the South. It was like, yeah, I might, I might think racism’s wrong too, but I don’t want to upset anybody and technically it’s the law. And so you know, think about this for a second. Think about this, mr. listener. Mrs listener Nazis. How was that possible? How does that pitch work? It’s like, Oh, here’s the deal. I think that it would be best for the, for the, for Germany to kill all of the Jewish people. For me, I would go get outta here. You’re, you’re bad. Your freaking mind are you nuts?

But the vast majority of the German people went with it. Yep. Right. Not sir. Because most people are wrong about most things. Most of the time. Cause we just want to get along right? We just want, okay, so you’re saying that the, the third Reich and the Nazis, I can just sort of, you know, get along with mr Hitler in his ridiculous mustache. Okay. So I’ll go ahead and follow can add it here. That’s why the vast majority of Americans were in favor of slavery. That’s why the vast majority of Americans were in favor of racism. Did you know in world war II that Winston Churchill, the prime minister of England, that he actually called FDR and asked him to help and do you know what FDR said? No. Right? And they did a poll of an average American and well over 70% of Americans did not ever want to help the Jewish people.

Yeah. And do you know why we finally ended up going over there and attacking the Nazis and winning the war? Do you have any idea why? I would assume something hit too close to home. And so we were finally just like, well, now we’re involved. We got bombed by the Japanese. But if they wouldn’t have bombed us, we just let it happen. I brought the fight to us. Seriously. I’m just saying, if you’re out there today, you have to understand that whether it’s fighting the Nazis fighting racism or getting your staff to freaking use a script, it’s gonna require some fight. Right now piece, we talked about it from, from Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, that peace can only be ensured by having the sword. Yes. So I have a quote here by my ax, it’s as bury the hatchet, but remember where you put it. Oh yeah.

So I’m all about like, Hey, I’m burying the hatchet. But I remember where it is. I have certain members of my family who crossed that line, right? Extended family and I’ll let them know, Hey, I’m going to forgive you, but I swear if you do one thing again, I’m coming after you and it just happened to get on Friday again, another family member, it starts off with lobbing an email across, here comes the email and then here it comes and then there we go again. Get out that sword and I know that for the rest of my life, but every nine months I have to pull out that sword with that individual, that individual because certain people only respect the sword. So understand if you’re out there today, success requires some fighting. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? The next notable quotable comes to us from Albert Einstein and he says, if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Albert Einstein says historical significance is this. Without Albert, we would all be speaking German church. True. Because the Germans were developing a nuclear bomb. People don’t know this, but Einstein was Jewish and he was the leading scientist in Germany. So he was the top scientist and he was the one who developed the theories and the concepts needed to make nuclear weapons. And so he realized that the Germans were perverting what he’d come up with the nuclear power. And when he fled to America to save his life, he shared with FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hey dude, here’s the deal. Hey dude. He’s like, they’re making a nah, nah, nah, nah. Hey dude. And he says, listen. Hey. He says, Hey, Hey, listen, they’re making a nuclear weapon and we need to, you know, make our own. Otherwise they’re going to drop it on us. And FDR is going, no, no, we’re good.

We’re good. We’re building roads and making the 38 hour work. We can work. We’re good. We are good baby. We’re good. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Meanwhile, it off. Hitler is over there. You know, he’s talking about sauerkraut and these gardens to take opposite the bat, you know? And so, you know, Einstein sent him a letter. Yeah. Which is a powerful letter. When you read it, it’s so passive and then you’re like, Holy crap. What he’s saying is if you don’t develop a weapon now we’re going to die. Yeah. So FDR is like, well, based upon the fact that we are now fighting them and we need some help, please help. So Einstein said, let’s, let’s get Oppenheimer. Let’s get Robert Oppenheimer, the leading professor that I know. Let’s start this thing called the Manhattan project and let’s develop in a year something that the Nazis had been working on for 10 years.

Right? We’d better start now. Yeah, but without Einstein, we would be speaking German right now. We would have lost. True. So let’s read that quote again, knowing who said it. So he says, if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. This is the problem with teaching management leadership. We do our staff meeting for elephant room every Friday. Jason true. How often do I explain to people? If you don’t get it, it’s because I’m a bad teacher. Every time. You’ve heard me say this for years in the coaches meetings and our manager meetings and the all staff meeting, but you’ve, I’m sure Breck you’ve been to seminars before where somebody just speaks entirely in jr and jargon. Oh absolutely. And then you leave going, I don’t know what you’re doing. Not really sure what he said. He read it.

I’m not sure he said anything. If you ever been to a workshop where you actually left feeling dumb or yeah, I flipped most workshops I’ve ever been to, I leave going, I have no idea. So it’s really important that you, the listener, if you have a staff and you manage people, you have to be co, you have to become very good at teaching something to who? Jason. What age group does he say here? Six year old to a six year old. And if you can’t break it down to a six year old, you are not a good communicator for a first grader. First grade. Yeah, first grade. First grade level baby. All right, next up Jason. So the next is coming out us from a Wolfgang puck. So it’s prefaced with this phrase you learn by doing. And he says, I left school when I was 14 to work in kitchens.

He said, what? He left school when he was 14 years old to work in kitchens. Who said that? Wolfgang puck, who is that? He is the master chef who has his own grocery store line of foods. He has his own restaurant, the soup kitchen, the soup cook where celebrity chef TV shows. He said what again? That he left school when he was 14 in order to work in kitchens, you got to learn by doing. True. So if you’re out there today going, I don’t know how search engines work, you’re gonna learn by doing it. Come to a workshop. Emphasis on the work part. There are workshops. It’s hands on, man. I mean, you’re learning, you’re working, you’re asking questions. It is so important that you learn by doing. You have to accept that idea. You don’t learn by reading endless books about the theories of doing something.

The theoretical knowledge of something is very different than doing it right. And it is. Einstein said, theoretically, this is how we develop nuclear weapons. Theoretically, Oppenheimer though had to do it through testing and trial and error and the rhythm of entrepreneurship is define, act, measure, refine, define, act, measure or a fun. There we go. Define act, measure, refine. That’s how you become successful as an entrepreneur. You define what you think is going to work, you act upon it. Then you manage the results and then you refine it until it’s perfect. Yup. That’s the move Jason is what’s the next notable quotable. Ooh. The next one is coming from Jay Z, a K. J. Hova. He says, I will not lose. What does that say about his mindset? That he is not weak. He has fight in him. He is defined that no matter what, he’s not losing. I think that’s really, really important that you get that idea Breck I think you’re that kind of way.

Yeah. I think, uh, I had to become that. I think it’s that Viking mentality. You got to burn the ships and have no, no backup plan. There’s no surrender. There’s no retreat. It’s forward only. Let’s Spartan right there. The, the mindset that you won’t lose happens before you stop losing. Yeah. That’s powerful though because I think a lot of entrepreneurs, it was like [inaudible] we’ll try to see if it works. You can’t do that. No. I mean you gotta get sick and tired of, of losing get this mindset so you stop losing. That’s why welfare is so dangerous. True. Cause it’s like I’ll try to start a business, maybe an online person business and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get welfare. I mean, seriously, when you have a backup plan, um, it is your plan. It is your plan. Yeah. You got it. You got a burden.

The plan B is now you’re playing true. Jason, back to you. What’s the next notable quarter? We’ll come in and hot. By the way, we have posters of all of these. These are beautiful posts. These, yeah, you’ve done an amazing job. The team and I, we’ve spent way too much time on this button. It is worth it in my opinion because I think the listeners are going to download these and print them and put them on the walls in their office. [inaudible] very much appreciate it. It’s going to be a good move. Okay, continue. So this one is awesome coming in from Stevie wonder. He has a hot take about excuses. He says, do you know it’s funny, but I never thought of being blind as a disadvantage and then never thought of being black as a disadvantage. What he says, it’s funny, but he never thought of being blind as a disadvantage or or, and he never thought of being black as a disadvantage. What does that mean to you? To me personally as a half fricken American man, what does that, what does that mean happen?

I am, I am also African American, but also Caucasian. Oh. But at the same time, given stereotypes and growing up in the South, you know, questionable morals and everything, there is a very, very easy path I could have taken saying, Oh, this doesn’t work out for me because of my skin color. But at the same time I realized, well, that’s just me putting myself in a box. All I need to do is say, it doesn’t matter what I look like, how you perceive me, I’m going to win no matter what you think about that for a second listeners is this Stevie wonder, one of his first big hits to break through. He had every reason to give up. Right? He can’t see the freaking piano, but listen to how he play. Listen, now he plays those keys. He had every reason to quit. Yup. I would imagine that it would be harder to play the piano if you can’t see. Um, it’d be harder to maybe hold the microphone and if you can’t see it,

tourism, I

think it’d be harder to be positive and to listen to them. Listen to

the optimism in his voice.


it’d be probably harder to be optimistic. I’m sure people, Jason, you ever had somebody be mean to you because you are not black and or white. Yeah. You’re in the middle. Yeah, absolutely. What are the craziest things people have said to you that you can say on the air? Um, it’s, it’s hilarious. I, I used this in my standup before, but a lot in high school I would kind of go back and forth. Some of my friends were predominantly white, some of them were predominantly black. And then every race in between, well what I would get from both the white and black side was you don’t talk white enough or you don’t act white enough. And then the exact same thing would come from my black friends or as they still enjoyed my company. But every now and then the big Jason, what you said was too white.

Or my friends would say, Oh, what’d you said? It’s too black. But then the transverse was the same thing. So you never felt accepted by either group, you weren’t in either camp. Exactly. And on top of that, I’m a middle child, so I’m like, why am I always in the middle? But listen, listen, I have, I’m going to cue up a little audio for you. I want you to hear this. And this is probably for you, Jason, and for everybody out there who, um, can relate to your, uh, the way you grew up here. Um, I just want you to listen to this and hopefully this, this, uh, helps you. So let me, can we queue this up real quick? Cause I used to stutter as a kid. When you stutter, you can’t talk. Everyone makes fun of you. That’s just what they do. It’s just, it’s like, it’s easy comedy cause I can’t talk.

So my name is Clayton, that’s my given name. I go by clay, but I couldn’t say my name. So a lot of times people would go, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, Clayton all the time. That’s how they would introduce me. [inaudible] which was not helped by the fact that I, that’s how I said my name. I couldn’t say my own name. So this, listen to this audio just for a second and see if you can relate to this. If you’re an entrepreneur, by the way, this is what this is. Um, I know you can relate to this

and everything starts not with the board, not with the committee, not with the vote. Everything starts with one. The power of change begins

with one. And so the tech starts out talking about Abraham because Abraham is the one, and Abraham had to move out from his country and away from his tidbit because he was the one. So he was a misfit because he was the one. So he didn’t get to stay with his kin folks because he was the one. So he had to live in isolation and separation because he was the one. So he probably was lonely because he was the one and it took a long time for it to materialize his significance because he was the one. And so he was traveling. No man is clear as a misfit from place to place, never fitting in with any group. No group would take him because he was the one. And so I’m talking to some people who have always been a little isolated, never been accepted, never been a part of the crowd is always happens because you are,

see, this is why you are uniquely prepared to be a successful entrepreneur.

Because you know what? It’s like to go to middle school and not fit in with either group and everybody I’ve ever met who’s a [inaudible], who’s a successful entrepreneur tells me the feelings of loneliness that they have. That’s what the workshops are so powerful is because they meet other people like them. Right? Yeah. Think about this for a second. Again, 330 million people are on this in this country that we know about. We know about 27.9 million start a business. Nine out of 10 fail. Well, let me, let me do a little pop quiz for you. What percentage of the American population wakes up previous to 5:00 AM who doesn’t have like a night shift? I mean, what person, what percentage of the American population wakes up previous to 5:00 AM I’m gonna throw it out there. It’s the same percentage that are super successful. If I say it’s definitely far less than the 27 I’m just saying it’s the entrepreneurs all.

I had a little, a funny group text going a few years ago. One of my business coaching clients wanted it to be successful, just didn’t have it. And I said, buddy, we call this at the high five at five. If you text me at 5:00 AM a little text high, five I will text you back high five boom. Okay, if you don’t, I’m going to fire you as a business coaching client because seriously, you don’t, you got it. You got to quit screwing. Or you can’t wake up at 7:00 AM 8:00 AM be an entrepreneur every day. You can’t do it right. So it’s not possible. I’ve never seen someone become a multimillionaire who wakes up late. You can’t get to work at nine and work till five and be an entrepreneur. You can’t. That’s, that’s called a wantrepreneur. Well, to this dude’s credit, he got up every day, dude texting me. I could just see how tired he was texting me.

Four 59 five right at five five five Oh one four 58 just, ah, not call are you up? But he’s like, Oh, you know, and he needed that accountability. Well, now I can say this guy’s rocking doing great, but I’m just telling you it’s a rare thing cause he’s going, my wife is telling me I should sleep in more. I’m like, dude, what time do you go to bed? He says, 10 that’s seven hours. Plenty of time. When he says, my, my friends are telling me, you’re like getting some sort of business Colt. This crazy guy makes you wake up at five crazy guy. Super successful people sleep in, man, that guy, these guys, you, you’re not gonna get a business Colt. This guy has your reading books. He wrote Colt. This is a nuts coming to these workshops telling you the rest of the world’s wrong.

He’s a cult leaders who he is. You do teamed up with David Koresh. You sicko. If you had a beard, maybe we could call you a cold lead, right? Step one everybody Havas to call on and give me a 10th no, but anyway, I would just say is if you’re out there and you’ve ever felt ostracized or alone, it’s because you’re getting prepared to be an entrepreneur in my opinion. You could handle, if you could handle, be the only guy at lunch that no one talks to you. You can do it as an entrepreneur and I can tell you people who are naturally, uh, popular or well-liked, it’s a tough transition into entrepreneurship because if you’re naturally very well liked, I’ve heard, I’ve seen this for people. If you’re very well liked and people liked you and you’re popular in high and it’s,

it’s harder because now you have to hold people accountable and it makes you not be liked. And then people don’t like you because you’re successful. And then you have that weird cognitive dissonance. Oh baby. Oh baby. Jason, we’re moving on. What’s the next one? The next one is from mr Steve jobs. He’s that Steve jobs. He created the little thing called the Apple computer. Real quick back a story. He’s he cofounded Apple, Adam, his parents’ garage. He also started to come to called next, which was acquired by Apple and made him when he became the CEO of Apple again. So he got fired from his own company. He started then came back to lead it to success. He also took over George Lucas’s company called Pixar true. And he launched the toy story movie about Steve jobs. You wouldn’t have toy story and Pixar would not have been successful. Steve took over Pixar, which was not doing well and led it to success and he actually made more money from Pixar that he made from Apple. Wow. People do not know that. I didn’t know that. There you go. Jason, back to you. He says the most precious thing that we have or that we all have with us is time. Breck, what does that mean?

Oh man, so many people so, so often are wasting time. Um, and it, yeah, I mean it’s a great equalizer. We all get the same amount of time and uh, it then is up to us how we use it. And so just as you were just saying about getting up early, um, man, these are the best hours of the day. You can be so productive if you’re waking up at four, four 30, and the rest of the world’s not even thought about getting up until eight. Uh, you just captured three, three and a half hours. Where or maybe four hours where everybody else, you’re already ahead. You don’t have to be the sharpest. You just got to the spot first and so you’re at the front of the class because the genius,

it’s still sleeping. Listeners are asking us all the time, they say, Hey, there’s about half a million listeners out there, and they say, how do you have the time to put out nine shows a week and to prepare? Well, it’s all everybody else’s asleep. That’s just it. You’re an animal. The truth. Embrace the grind though,

that about you because you do, you hustle and you work and you don’t. You’re at a point now where you don’t have to, but it’s a part of your fabric. You’ve been doing this for so long. It’s

easier to do it now than not to, yeah. Yeah. I just encourage you out there though. You can become successful. You can do it. I want you to do it. You’re going to do it, but you have to understand that time is your most precious assets. You can ask that. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. No. Now, I’m, I, I dunno if you’ve heard this, but, uh, um, one of the things that’s going to be changing cause this, this show starting today is going to be only out on the podcast format. No longer on the radio waves. And there are certain reasons for this. Um, well I was explaining to you Jason, one of them is, is time, right? Because I have to take the show you’re hearing now and reproduce it at 3:00 AM every day and half of the American population, not our listeners, but anybody else that they’ve shared it with are freaking out right now.

3:00 AM every single day. I have to reproduce the show and then send it before three 30 and I’ve done that for three years cause I said I would, but then I’ve reached the end of what I committed to do and we’re now reaching more people on the podcast than we are on the broadcast. Right? And I think it’s a wise time to make that switch. But when you recognize that time is your most precious asset, you’ll do things differently. Right? So let me give you another example. Um, a couple months ago, a very big corporation called me and said, we’d like you to speak to our group and we heard you, I’m on your shows. Say you don’t ever travel unless the organization pays for your hotel, for your wife and kids. And I said, this is true. And they said, so we would like to pay you, um, you know, it’s like 20,000 ish to speak and then 5,000 for the kids to go with you.

We’d like you to go. And I said, I really appreciate you, but I’m not going to go. And they said, well, we, you said on one of your shows that you won’t go unless you take your wife and kids. And I said, it’s true. I won’t go unless I take my wife and kids, but I’m also not going to go anymore anyway because that will requires me to leave. And it’s much more effective for me to be on this microphone sending this message to half a million people than it is for me to go. Because no matter where I go, there is not a half million people. If you know what I mean, if even if I spoke today at the Michigan stadium or the Wolverines play, we couldn’t fit all of our listeners in that stadium. I think it’s like 110,000 or so. That’s a huge, huge stadium I would place in my life where I’m saying you can come to my conference if you’d like to, if you want to interact and we’re going to cap that thing, make it small and, but we’re not going to, I’m not going to go anymore out.

Um, because I’ve done that right. And I don’t want to spend my whole life traveling around seeking the thing that I could only find at home. So getting to the place of ridiculous now where I’m trying to actually build my house, um, within like a half mile of my office on the same piece of land so I can just commute a half a mile. By the way, I think the next vehicle I buy last forever, the next vehicle I buy, I’ll probably be the last vehicle I ever have because I drive a half mile a day. We’re getting closer to this Colt idea. That’s right. We just got to harvest some tents or some other, you know, buildings for people to live on that same property with you. This is an interest halfway there. We’re halfway there. Okay. So Jay said, well, yeah, I did have one other thought. Um, the, uh, big Broadway musical, uh, Hamilton, uh, just came through Tulsa recently.

Um, but wasn’t good. It was, it was phenomenal. Awesome. Yeah. The creators of that show, man, kudos to you. Um, Lin-Manuel just so impressed. Yeah. Um, but one of the things that’s really cool is when you stop and it, it one made me go back and revisit history class that I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. Um, and our founding fathers, but also, um, the work ethic and the grind that they just held onto because their life expectancy was so much shorter. Right. And so, you know, he, his mom died when he was young. He nearly died

from the same disease, but once he rallied and came back healthy, like, I mean, his life mission was to just, just pound it out and just keep going. Um, Alexander Hamilton I’m speaking of, um, but everybody at the time, I mean they were, our founding fathers weren’t any older than we are. Um, for the most part. I mean there were a few of them that were in their sixties and seventies, but most of them were in their thirties, forties and 50s. And, um, but they also knew like, man, I only have today, I mean I could die of polio or sequins or, or malaria tomorrow.

Do what Alexander Hamilton did here. Okay. Says Alexander Hamilton was an American statesman politician, legal scholar, military commander, lawyer, banker and economist. He was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the United States constitution as well as the founder of the nation’s financial system and the us coast guard and the founder of the New York post. I don’t have time to get stuffed on. I’m watching the boys Olympic rider. Yeah. Okay. Had I think seven children. I mean the guy was just insanely busy. The guy I think about this guys, he was having, this guy was making a lot of love and he was starting a newspaper and he, I mean he did have some things going on on the side. All right, let’s continue Jason. Uh, so the next is coming from bill Campbell. Who of you guys don’t know?

He was actually the business coach and almost life coach of Steve jobs. Our previous quote, bill Campbell says, you cannot be a good manager without being a good coach. Real quick, bill Campbell was the business coach officially of Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, the founders of Google, while also simultaneously business coaching Jeff Bezos who started Amazon right, while also business coaching Steve jobs while also business coaching Facebook. Now negative, the same coaches, business coaching all of these people. And Jason, do you know why we have a weekly one hour meeting with all of our business coaching clients? Because we want to make sure that we are following bill Campbell’s method. There it is. He did it. That’s how he did it. So we follow the goat. That’s the greatest of all time in the world of business coaching. Sure. Um, I want to revisit that quote. What is, what does that quote again says, uh, you cannot be a good manager without being a good coach.

There it is. So management is mentorship. If you have a team of people, you got to coach these people up. Yeah. Breck don’t you have to coach people up? Absolutely. What happens if you don’t? What happens if you know what, what if you just give people a check and saying, man, [inaudible] man, they say, Hey boss, I’ve got a life issue. Could you help me? You go, Oh my gosh man. I mean, first off, it’s weird to say mash me, but I mean, assuming you’re, you, you basically say, I don’t care. Right? What happens if you just say, here’s a check. I’ll see you next week.

I mean, the mentality from being the owner and the entrepreneur to the employee is completely different mentality. So the what the energy you bring to the workplace is also very, very different. And so as the owner, as the leader, as the manager, you’ve got to set the tone. You’ve got to set that energy level at a certain point, and then you’ve got to expect the team to come up and meet it. Um, but again, that kinda goes back to you can’t be everybody’s friend all the time either. Sometimes you do have to a lot of fire under somebody. Um, but yeah, if you let the team dictate the energy or the tone, uh, it’s gonna go to the least common denominator. You know, Alexander somebody apparently let his fire of desire, cause he asked her, how many kids know, uh, I believe it was seven children.

Let’s say he had more than one, more than two. More than three.

I think about Hamilton starting the a, the, the coast guard too. But after he started the coast guard and started the, uh, what, what, what, when he started the, uh, the, the, the New York post, then he, then he fell

to start the New York post, the coast guard, and then I’m going to, that guy had some serious,

I mean, that guy, that guy, I mean, I want to find is someone every harvest his DNA that kind of had some serious alpha? I mean, Jason, do you realize the work needed to make seven kids? That’s a lot of testosterone. That’s, there’s a lot of it.


okay. Back to the us banking system and the U S banking system. Then after we made the U S banking system, he looked over at his wife and [inaudible] today let’s start the coast guard. Uh, Hey, uh, Ben, Ben Franklin. I don’t know what you’re doing today, but I’m going to be starting the coast guard. Oh, good job Alexander. And then what are you gonna do?

Bad company. Feel like making love. Everybody go post and do it right now. Let’s talk about it. He started all these businesses and they’re gonna need people to work there, so why not just make those people alright, nice. Okay, Jason, back to you. So the next one comes to us from Joanna Gaines and she says, it’s up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now and to stop imagining what we have to or that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy. Go read her books. Thrive nation. Joanna Gaines, I’ve read her stuff, reads awesome chip gains book this. These are the guys from the fixer upper TV show, Magnolia market. It’s like a hobby lobby on steroids. They have their own product line, great people, but they didn’t just become overnight successes. They actually were home flippers who struggled for years and figured out how to make a profitable business work as a home flipping company. And she says what again? Now she says,

it is up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now and to stop imagining that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy. And that is so important to keep in mind if you’re an entrepreneur like me, like you, because what happens is we want things to be perfect. So as an example, I want my pool area to be finished. I want it to be, yeah, the pool company is incredible by the way they’re done. But we still have things to finish on the deck area. There’s just like the grill still to be finished. And my daughter’s a big back to school party was yesterday. And I would describe my backyard as like the death star from the second star Wars. Um, where you are the third star Wars. It’s where you think it can’t fire off shots. Yup. But it still can.

So we organize this party and yeah, the, the upstairs deck didn’t work yet in the, the bathroom downstairs wasn’t available. So we use my bathroom down here. We had a great time and yes, we had certain things that weren’t perfect, but I think, you know, as a younger guy probably would have said, well, cancel the party. We’re not gonna have a party because of dr our bathrooms. Not dotted the kitchen. Doesn’t look perfect, but now I’m going, Hey, listen, they’ve already blown up. Our death star wants, right? We’re not going to put that exhaust port in here again. No, this, this one can shoot up this [inaudible]. Do you remember the third star Wars where it could shoot off? It could still shoot lasers and blow stuff up, but it people thought it couldn’t. Yeah. Oh man. That’s a, that’s a good life. That’s a move.

Okay, Jason, back to you. What’s the next notable quotable? Next one comes from the great Napoleon Hill and he says you can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for. Repeat that again. You can start right where you are. You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for. What we’re talking about is you. We think we can’t start because we don’t have the resources, so I’m going to help everybody out there with a tip. If you want a job right now, a job at a Joel Osteen’s church, TD Jakes ministry at Pixar, at Disney, at Apple, yet you want a job at Interscope records. You want a big job.

Do the following. Move. Ryan Tedder, prolific songwriter, Grammy award winning producer songwriter hit songwriter, the front man for one Republic, the guy behind the hit show song land on NBC. He worked for free while working for pay at the pottery barn. He worked at the pottery barn for pay and for free at industrial light and magic as an intern where he met Timberland. And now the rest is history. Uh, Oprah started off as an intern working for free. Steven Spielberg started off working for free. The receiver for the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald started working as a ballboy for the Minnesota Vikings for free. Everybody,

if you can’t earn a job, start by working for free. Call them up and say, for some reason the phone line didn’t work. So I’m knocking on your door. Uh, yeah, I would love to work for free for the foreseeable future. Doing anything until you think it makes sense to pay me. And unless somebody has some worries about you as a person, you’re going to get that job. Yeah. Rick, if somebody showed up today and said, I want to work for free for you 30 hours a week doing anything you want me to do because I have aspirations to become a chiropractor and I’m taking night school and I just want to work for free to learn the business. Why is it hard to say no to someone who’s willing to work for free? Oh, you got to love that indomitable spirit. I mean, just give me a chance and put me in the game coach.

I mean, I’ll do anything. I’m, I’m your guy. Let me give you my pitch back in the day with the DJ business. Tell me if this pitch would work for you. Okay. You’ve been married. How long? 18 years. 18 years. Did you hire a DJ? We didn’t know. That’s one of the big regrets. Well, let me, let me pull up my wife wishes we had had the dance. Where was your reception head? Um, we were at a T you a sharp chapel. Oh, okay. And, uh, then, uh, they have like a reception hall right there on the campus. Let’s pretend that you ran into me. I’m gonna give you my pitch. Yeah. Here we go. Um, brick. Um, what’s your wife’s first name? First name by Brooke. Brooke. So Brooke and Brooke, here’s the deal. Um, my company’s called DJ connection and I’d like to DJ for your wedding for a dollar.

Yeah, it’s unlimited time. Sound lights, the whole thing. It’s a dollar. And at the end of the reception you can pay me what you think I’m worth. You know, most DJ companies are charging 500 to a thousand. You can pay me whatever amount, no matter how low or how high. I’m not gonna argue with you. Can I DJ for you for a dollar? You bet. I mean, there it is. I can’t imagine anybody saying no to that. I got so many events, Jason, from people who said they didn’t have a budget for it by doing that deal. Right? Why does that deal work? A deal works because it’s just, it’s too good to pass up. Why would somebody nine or why would somebody not do that deal? Right? I mean, they’d have to get hit over the head with something pretty heavy in order to not take that.

So if you’re out there today and you say, I don’t know how to get customers, do the dollar deal, I’m giving you the moves. Come on now. Come on babies. You got to do it. You gotta and I know some of you, I get that, but when you need to just for a minute, tone down the testosterone and the estrogen, it’s okay. It’s okay to make babies, but we got to focus on getting stuff done. It’s, I know somebody that says I want to do that deal, but what if they take advantage of me? Oh, someone’s going to take advantage of you. I’m sure some people took advantage of it, didn’t they? Oh, the sand spring softball people get to the end of the event. I remember this. This guy says, well, sir, I really appreciate you. I said, I appreciate you. And he kind of talked to Oklahoma and like really kind of as the stereotypical out of the woods, Oklahoma. Well, I’ll tell you what, uh, um, he did show up and DJ here, you said you get here at five

and you did and you started at seven lackeys shed and the party went until midnight. I felt like your energy tapered off towards the end. Um, the kids were dancing. It was, it was interactive. I don’t know that it was the best. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna I’ll give you a $75 and uh, now, um, that, well, I’ll tell you, I’m gonna give you 50. I remember getting 50 bucks. I’m going, I just deejayed for like $7 an hour after you can factor in setting up and taking down. Right. I remember just, okay. And then he goes, I’ll tell you what I’d like to hire you get an extra next week. I remember going okay. And I kept trying to wow him. I probably did three to five events mean a lot. I blocked it out at a certain point. I did a lot of events for this guy.

And then finally Vanessa’s like baby, you are deejaying on primetime weekends for 50 bucks. Right? What’s wrong with you? I remember that I did get taken advantage of sometimes, but I would not have been able to start the company without that move. That was my move. Jason, what is the next notable quotable? The next notable quarter will comes to us from bill Belichick. Who’s that? I had no idea. He’s, he’s the coach of the Steelers. Get outta here. Oh no, the, I’m widely proclaimed super coach of the new England Patriots. Okay. He says silence sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling. Repeat it again. Talent sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling like that. Think about this for a second. The Patriots today are going to go, I know this show will air after today, but think about it today. We’re playing against the Buffalo bills here in five hours and uh, our left tackle, very good left tackle.

Very, very good. Two years ago he got offered a big deal to go play for the giants. So he left the Patriots for millions. So we got a different guy last year and he left this year for a bigger deal. So now we’ve got a new guy, but then even the last name, Wynn, w, Y,N ,N , and he got hurt. So now we have like our fourth left tackle in three years, right? Our starting center, our all pro center had blood clots, could have killed him. He can’t play. So the guy who was hiking the ball to Brady is new. He’s a backup. The guy protecting Brady on the left side, the blind side is new. Brett can explain why the blind side, why the Pope while your left tackle, you’ll let your left tackle is so critical for a right handed quarterback.

Well, because your backs to that side. And so you don’t know when that defender’s coming at you. Um, you know, if he gets past your guy that left tackle, um, you’re smashed and you didn’t even see it coming. And so you’re, you know, especially a guy like Brady, uh, you don’t want him going down with an injury.

So our all star tackle and our all star center are both out right. Our fullback, James Devlin, who is an All-Pro, that means all star. He’s the best fullback. He plays 41% of the downs. I read 41% he is out

for the season. Our best receivers, Cordell patters, Patterson a Hogan. They left for big money [inaudible]. So we have a undrafted Jacoby Meyers. We have an undrafted. Oh, Shefsky undrafted. This guys from a division two college returning punts [inaudible]. Yup. Bemidji state. He’s returning punts are fullback played football in Europe. It is not only new to the NFL. He’s new to football. Yeah, true story. He’s from Europe. He’s a part of the NFL is a Europe program. They’re trying to bring in European players, so we have a fullback who’s never played in the NFL before ever. He starting today, our receivers, two of which are undrafted. Our left tackle is the backups backup, right. Our center is the backup and we just keep on rolling because talent what? What does that quote again? What’s that quote again? Baby talent sets the floor character sets the ceiling. Do not hire low character people who are talented, right?

Do not hire low character people who are talented. Do not. Hi Jay. Jason, you heard me on a, on a call this week talking to a wonderful guy yesterday about not hiring a PHP coder who’s low character. Why? Because a one, it doesn’t matter how talented they are, if their mindset isn’t there, if they’re not coachable, if you can’t train them up and mentor them, then you’re not going to be able to go anywhere. Also, if they are already have high talent, especially in the PHP world as you taught me, they have this instilled, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s entitlement. Entitlement. Thank you. Or ego. And they’re going to hold that above you in the end. You read a web guy hold you hostage before brick. Yes, I have. What does that look like? How does that go? Well, so, uh, you know, I’ve had some very poorly built websites in the past.

Um, but uh, even so they thought that it was amazing and rank high in Google. No one can find it. No, I was, I was unfindable find-able but yet they are proud of not discover me, um, yet they’re very proud of it. And uh, if you need to make a change, um, they’re nowhere to be found. One lady I met two weeks ago, I put it on the notes, Jason for the team. I will not mention her name on the air. Oh yeah. She was quoted 14,000 for the website and she dropped over 120,000. Yes. Wow. And her website is not find-able in Google, but it’s curious, kind of pretty and it’s custom. It’s made an app PHP, I’m telling you, get on WordPress baby. Don’t let a web co web developer have you by the ponies. And Jason, I gave you this analogy. This was the analogy I gave you yesterday.

I said, Jason, I’d like to give you a Lamborghini. And you’re like, Oh cool. Here’s the deal though. Every time you drive it, I have to be with you because I like to hold the key fob, but I own it. Jurors free clears just when you want to take it out. I got to go with you. You and your wife can go it whenever you want, but I in the middle, I’m in that back seat, baby. A two seater Lamborghinis and I make date night. Kind of weird. But think about that. That’s like having a web developer who builds something custom for you in PHP. You can’t update it yourself. So you’re always held hostage. Jason, what’s the next notable quarter as we talk about counter intuitive correctness in the world where everyone’s going the wrong way, right? So the next counter intuitive mindset comes from John D Rockefeller. He says, a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on a friendship.

Repeat that again. Ooh, a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on a friendship brick. What does that mean to you? Do not hire your friends. And I’ll extend that to family as well. Um, you know, family, friends, business don’t mix well. Now, if you have a business that creates a friendship, awesome. You know, um, I think of like you and dr Z, uh, over so many years now have an amazing friendship. Yup. Um, but, uh, you didn’t go into business together just because you liked hanging out together. True. It’s so important though that you build your friendships. If you are an entrepreneur, you build your friendships based upon the work ethic of the people. Do not hire people based upon the friendship. You build friendships based upon the diligence of the person. That’s why in my office, a lot of great people at the office get invited to my house to attend things because I liked him.

Why Jason? Do I like them because I’m related to them or do I, why do I like them? No, you like them because they have already um, displayed the work ethic. They have the same business mindset. So we haven’t come in as the work ethic. People that don’t like to work, work, work, work, those are not my people. Well you gave that example too to the same guy you were talking to about hiring for character. Um, there’s an example of somebody who worked on the team and you said, um, originally, uh, what was the term you used? You guys thought the same way, but she was not a as fiscally responsible, responsible as you are yet and so somewhere down the line you’ll go, okay, this person clearly follows the trend and is a good example of somebody who should work here. And then the next day they roll in wearing a, you know who shirt believe in certain things and over time the more they started to get into that mindset, they were working themselves out of the business.

I’ll explain this. We had a person on our team who was working very well doing a good job and then one day they came to work on a Saturday, we’re in a Bernie Sanders shirt and I noticed almost immediately when they wore that shirt in the office, they started acting very differently. Yeah. They kept talking about like, Hey, what are you going to offer me? What is this job going to offer me? Um, why should I work there? Where before they were always like, I’m going to earn what I get. Right. Then they switched to being like, I owe them. And they started talking about, well instead of having merit based pay, what if we raised everyone in our office makes on average about 22 to 23 an hour. Right? And they were like, well, what if we just raise the average to like 16 an hour and then we’d get rid of merit based pay and right away I realized what we had in common for awhile.

We don’t anymore. Right. And it was time to move on. So Jason, what is the next notable quotable coming in? Hot from the middle quarter. We’ll help desk coming in extra hot from Andrew Carnegie. He says, as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. What does that mean to you? That means he judges people based off of their actions, not their words or promises. So you know, remember the death star was a third, it was the third a star Wars, and we thought the death star was an operational. You remember that? Yeah. We thought Luke Skywalker had stopped. The rebels had stopped the empire. Right? And we were going to keep them from me on the shutoff, the laser beams, the laser show, and he’s talking to the emperor who turns out to be not, not that nice of a guy. And here’s, yeah,

I’m afraid the deflector, she will be quite upper ration of when your friends,

what a creepy guy by the way. But the thing is we thought based on the outside, it didn’t look like it. The deflector shield will be operational. We didn’t, we didn’t think that the, the, the, the, the death star could be, uh, capable of shooting off the laser shows, but it actually was. So the older you get, the more mature you get. You need to get to a place where you don’t even listen to what people say. You just watch what they do. Because otherwise you’re going to believe that somebody is not successful. You’re looking at someone to say, there’s no way. Someone who dresses like that is successful. There’s no way that that guy is successful. It’s that she’s successful. You’re gonna start to believe that, Oh, that guy with the Lamborghini, Oh, that guy with the Mazda Rotty, that guy with the, uh, insert the, the, the, the, the big car.

That guy with the super successful, super nice vehicle. That guy must be rich, but then you’re gonna find out over time, big hat, no cattle. Yeah. A lot of times the guys have big hats, but no cattle. Lot of times people look successful, but they’re not. They’re just faking. They’re written it. Sometimes people are not successful and they look successful or sometimes people are successful. They don’t, it looks, they don’t look successful. You got to judge people based upon what they do, not based upon what they say. Jason, next notable quotable. Next one comes from the amazing author or miss EIN Rand. She says, my happiness is not the means to an end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose. Now, this right here is going to offend. I don’t know, 85% of our listeners and I, and I’m not saying you have to agree with me on this, but here’s, here’s my philosophy towards life.

If I put my life is a cup of water and my cup is overflowing with an abundance, then I have extra for you and for me and things are good. However, if you, if your life is a cup of water, give water to everybody else and you die of starvation and dehydration, you can’t help anybody else. Another philosophy, nobody works. Nobody works for a poor person. But as an entrepreneur starting out, everybody on my team, I always paid them more than me and I think cause I felt bad, I was like, I need to pay everybody else really well. And then I, my accountants pointing out like, dude, you’re paying yourself less than your people. What is wrong with you? Now my worldview is flipped again. I want to be a cup that’s overflowing and then I can share with the team. But nobody works for a poor person.

If you can’t get that through your skull, that a business exists to serve you, man, you’re going to run, you’re going to be run ragged. Try to meet the demands of everybody as an example, your employees, a lot of times we’ll call in sick on a holiday or a big day and then you will find yourself always covering the tough to fill shifts because if you want to make everybody else happy and you come in last, you’re always going to lose that conversation. So you want to make sure the business exists to serve you. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? Next one’s coming in from a guy Kawasaki. He says what I lack in talent, I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. Guy Kawasaki, real quick, guy Kawasaki real quick. He’s the venture capitalist. He’s one of the key Apple employees who helped to market the Apple computer, right?

Um, he is a spokesperson out for mercy for Mercedes. This is not Robert Kiyosaki and many people confuse the two. This is not the author of rich dad, poor dad just because they’re Asian. Cause that’s awful. It is. And it’s because her name sounds similar. So it’s got Keller Asaki Robert keys. So let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s repeat it again one more time knowing who this is. This is, this is guy Kawasaki and I love this, this quote, it’s amazing what I lack in talent. I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. That’s the secret of my life.

Shunda again, these are all available to print out. You can brick. Do you like the way these look? I do. Yeah. I think they’re beautiful. These are amazing. I mean, you know, I mean these aren’t a full size, but I could just see these in nine spools, poster size. These will be 16 by 20. If you print them out. Yeah, it’ll be the size of a, like that Swartz n****r print over there. So these are the, Jason, if you want to get these right now, thrive nation, I’m telling you, just go to thrive time Find today’s show by clicking on the podcast button. And these are all, I mean, Johnny and darlin and uh, they just did a great job. I mean everybody on the team, uh, really worked hard. Caleb worked very hard to make this happen. John, I mean this is hours and hour probably. I can I, can I say something that I need to apologize?

I was a little dishonest for, I said it, we spent more than 40 hours. We actually spent like 200 hours on these man hours. Me finding the quotes right from the books that I had read is hundreds and hundreds of hours of book reading. Sure. Then the team making the prints and the edits. I mean we’re a hundreds of hours and listeners, I apologize out there. I sometimes under exaggerate how long I work on things. Right. I exaggerate how I, I think in my mind opera I think in my mind, um, I think in terms of like entrepreneur time, which is like, Oh, that’ll only take me 15 minutes, but it takes me like hours. So I just want to make sure listeners know, um, this is hundreds of hours of work and if you want to get these and print these out in your office, just go to thrive time and then find today’s show notes and click there on the show notes.

You’ll be able to find the prints to download. And if you’re a decor needs a little sprucing up. I mean, these are going to make great, uh, you know, Dick core for your office, for your team. They’re going to see these, um, inspirational quotes all over your office. And I mean, I guarantee you the level of, uh, attitude, tone. It’s all gonna raise it, change the atmosphere, baby. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? The next notable quotable. It comes from a Tulsa native by the name of Ryan Tedder. He says, when you are around enormously successful people, you realize their success isn’t an accident. It’s about work. What, when you’re around enormously successful people, you realize that their success isn’t about or isn’t an accident. It’s about work. Please read it again. I’m trying to let it soak in. When you’re around enormously successful people, you realize their success isn’t an accident.

It’s about work. Now there’s a song that, uh, one Republic, uh, recorded that, uh, uh, it’s, it’s called a fear and it’s, it’s, it’s kind of indicative of Ryan’s work ethic and, um, it’s once you understand the way an entrepreneur thinks, I think you’ll appreciate this song and you’re going to want to go buy it on iTunes or go listen to on Spotify. Let me just give you a little sample. I want you to hear the lyrics of this song understanding that Ryan Tedder interned for Timberland. He’s written hit songs for Adele, for Beyonce, for you too, for Paul McCartney. Let me, let me, let me read you. Let me read you guys the songs, the artists that he’s written for so far, and see if your mind can handle this. Thrive nation. Here we go. He’s written hit songs so far for ed Sheeran, Adele, Backstreet boys, Beyonce, Camelia, Cabello, Charlie Puth, Jimmy Lavado foster the people.

Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Joan, his brothers, Jordan Sparks, Kelly Clarkson. We own a Lewis logic, maroon five Paul McCartney one direction. Sean Mendez, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Zed. Okay. I mean that’s, that’s a ridiculous medicine here. Garth Berkson there. I’m going to, by the way, Garth Brooks, this a, this holiday season, we’ll be releasing another box. Platinum limited edition sat here. He does it every year. That’s, you know, he was my first concert ever. I was like three. I love Garth Brooks, but I’m telling you one thing I know is every year at Walmart you go in there, it’s going to be a gift for limited edition. Deluxe platinum, super limited, classic edition version of, it’s always, Garth has found a way to rerelease his hits for, I think 20 years in a row. Honestly, on the rerelease of Chris Gaines. Oh yeah. I don’t know if that one’s coming back. I’m going to, I’m going to cue this up here. Listen to listen to the lyrics, listen to the lyrics. I know we’re in a culture where people do not listen to lyrics, but listen to these [inaudible]



no sleep today. Can’t even rest when the sun’s out. No time. There’s not enough and nobody’s watching me. Now he’s talking about you’ve got to work in the dark. You got to work. No sleep today. No, there’s no time. There’s not enough eat. He’s talking about you’ve got to get out there and grind. You’ve got to grind. You’ve got to go listen to that song. By the way, fear by wondering. Public checking. That’s a great song. No one listens to it. I don’t hear people talk about it. The song has a 20,000 views right now on YouTube and comparison to a, and it gives us this long as 20,000 downloads on YouTube. That’s crazy. And then apologize by one. Republic has this many downloads. Think about this. Apologize has 20 269 million downloads so far. Um, but again, this particular song only has 20,000. Well, people don’t want to think about the work and you know, and think about it and it goes back to that quote from guy Kiyosaki.

Um, you know, I mean, it’s easy if you’re not super successful or uh, toS or excuse me, from, uh, from Ryan Tedder. Um, but it’s really easy to assume if you’re not super successful that other people just accidentally fell into it or it was gifted to them. Um, something that’s out of your reach. This is why these Bernie Sanders fans make me so irritated because I’ve been up at 3:00 AM working every day. I’ve been working, I usually work five to six hours a day every day before the average person starts their day. Right. For years. But if you realize it’s no, it’s possible. It’s a plan. It’s a work, right? Not accidental, then it’s now on my shoulders to actually go and do it. And that in there lies the problem. Every time I meet a super successful athlete that is jacked, I always ask them, I’m like, what does your routine look like?

And when I hear every time I’ve met a pro athlete, I’ve met a lot of pro athlete genetic freaks. I’ll say, Hey, wait a minute. What time? What time do you work out? What do you eat? And you always hear this intense regimen that mentally would have to wear you out. Sure. And then I meet people and they say, well, if I made $17 million a year, I would eat like that too. Right? No you wouldn’t because you, you’re not going to get 17 million cause you won’t eat like that. So you have to start with the mindset. You start with the mindset. Jason, back to you. So the next one is coming in from the great comedian Steve Martin. He says, be so good. They can’t ignore you. What does that mean? What does it, what does it mean? Breck be so good they can’t ignore you. Yeah, I mean, if you’re out there making noise because of your success, they can’t for long.

Uh, continue to act like you don’t exist. What if you’re an okay comedian? You’re not gonna make waves. I mean, you know, if you’re going to do something different, you’re going to be that one. Like you talked about Abraham, you’re going to change things. You’re going to be the first, you’re going to do something different, then you gotta. You can’t be afraid to kind of ripple ripple the ways a little bit go against the grain. Um, you know, make, make the noise, rock the boat a little bit. Steve Martin, just so we’re clear, was the one of the top was actually the top standup comedian of his era. And I want you to hear the, uh, the energy in this crowd.

[inaudible] no, just helping them get their start. Now [inaudible]

is a full arena filled with people who aren’t there to see Steve Martin. Okay. I mean, we’re talking about meeting genius. 20,000 people

[inaudible] sing along.

He’s trying to teach people a song that doesn’t have a chorus that they’d never heard before. So I want you to hear this because he’s trying to get me to sing along with them to a song that doesn’t have a chorus that they’d never heard before and just listen.

The only reason I mention it, I’ll be on TV, some shows to promote it. If you want to watch, I don’t think at this, you’re bowling [inaudible] so they want me on all these shows now because I did so well on celebrity [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] so again,

he’s trying to teach an audience how to sing along with him. To a song that does not have a chorus that they’ve never heard before. The setup for this joke takes a long time and he has to just stick with it.

[inaudible] well, actually I’m here for nine days, so I guess for this nine days, I’m a stationary, stationary, stationary out here in Los angles. One of my favorite towns. I just studied a lot about Los Angeles and it’s great to be here in that Capitol of California. [inaudible] hello Sam ass. Okay, everybody. Oh, Los Angeles. Nobody knows [inaudible]

and so he’s tried to sell this joke. He can play the banjo. He’s got a white suit on. It’s crazy. He’s got an arrow. It looks like it’s going through his ears and he has 20,000 people there to see him. And although his comedy may be dated now back in the day, he was so good that everybody could not wait to see him. And that’s how good you want to be. You have to be so great that people cannot ignore you. You can’t just be okay. And there’s like, there’s a huge difference. There’s a huge lesson here to be learned. Big, big, big lesson. Big lesson. Huge, huge. There’s a chiropractor out here listening somewhere in the Dallas area. I can sense it right now. Probably want in Florida, maybe want to Michigan somebody. There’s a chiropractor out there. Uh, there’s a, there’s a foot doctor out there right now.

There’s a dentist out there and what you’re doing, you’re a little bit late. Bathrooms are a little bit dirty. Checklists aren’t being followed and you’re not very nice to your patients. Sometimes there’s a big difference between being the guy who’s always a little bit early, who always over-delivers, who always follows up, who always uses the checklist. It’s called greatness versus good enough. And if you focus, if you aim on achieving greatness, and even if you fall short, you’ll make vast, vastly more amounts of money than the guy who’s just barely doing enough. There’s a huge difference, Jason, the elephant in the room, when you come in for your first experience, we do. We do what for you? Oh man. We give you your first haircut for a dollar a dollar. We start over delivering at the dollar today. What happens then? You get your complimentary beverage.

Yup. You get a full consultation where a stylist listens to exactly what you want. The next acute, so you get your tailored haircuts. You get a shampoo and condition both with Scott massages, hot towel over the face the whole time. Yep. A face moisturizer, a face massage, and then a style, and then how’s the atmosphere looking? Oh, the atmosphere is awesome. It smells great. There’s always music pumping. That’s a lot of high energy and a paraffin handling. Oh yeah. The paraffin hand dip and the essential oils. Scott massage. I’m just saying, we eat the atmosphere, the haircut, the whole thing for a dollar, for the first car. Right. It ignites the law of reciprocity in somebody out there. We’ve got to push to greatness. We have to, right? We can’t just do. It’s so easy. It’s so easy to be that guy who rolls into every meeting every day.

Your whole life late. It is so easy to not call customers back on the day they call you. It is so easy to be the guy with a thousand emails in your inbox. It’s so [inaudible] easy, like Sunday morning. So easy. It is easy though because by nature we drift. God, my alarm went off today. Went off today it’s like three 30 it goes off and this is how I feel frack. Who set that Shunda and I don’t want to get up, but the first battle of the day is when you hit the snooze you lose. So you, you, you, you say, I’m going to get up first battle one and everybody out there. We can do it, but we’ve got to want to do it. It’s downhill from there. You got to put in the first one. You got to push it baby. You had to push it.

Jason, what is the next notable quotable? The next notable quotable. It’s coming from mr Kanye West. He says most people are slowed down by the perception of themselves. If you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was taught, I can do everything. Read that again. This actually goes back to ARRA fish climbing a tree episode. You can relate it to that. Most people are slowed down by the perception of themselves. If you’re, if you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was taught I can do everything. My wife has helped me with this a lot because I wanted to build $1 million business. That was like my whole goal, my entire business. And once I built DJ connection, I thought I’m done. Right? Cause I’m good, I’m done. Uh, I just felt like, I felt like I dropped the Mike. It was like a, it was a great, um, thing for me.

I frankly didn’t have, I mean, he’s like, drop the Mark. I felt great about it and my wife’s like, you know, there’s so much more you could do. You know, you could teach people the business principles. You do it anyway and you could, uh, become a business coach or a consultant. And I’m like, no, I don’t do that. She goes, you do too. You are currently business coaching businesses. You just don’t charge. And I’m like, I’m only helping the bridal store because she needed help. I don’t do it for the money. And she’s like, I know, but you can help so many more people. If you would be willing to charge them something, people would be willing to pay you and that itself could be a business. And I was, I was so locked into, no, I’m a DJ. I’m a funny guy. I’m an entertainer. I don’t teach people how to grow businesses. And she says, no, but you already do it. Why don’t you start just charging for it? So we started helping people. Just listen to this. Listen to the power of this. Listen to this. Listen to this audio real quick. This is a cat Barbie. Her company is called Barbee cookies and listen to how our team has been able to help her. Just look, there’s listen to this. This is powerful. Here we go.

This year’s sales for this week is the same week last year. Do you see the difference? I can’t really tell one is the Michael, can you, can we just, Jason, can you kind of pull this just so you can see it’s kind of pull it that way. It’s good. The link. That’s more of a lick. Can’t tell them. Tell. Okay, here we go. So that was the last year sales, last year sales and the total is eight near $4,711 and 73 cents. Same week. This year, 2015 the total is read at my goal. 11,300 1350. Oh, Oh, awesome.

Again, my wife had to point out that I, cause every time that I would, um, someone would ask me for help, I would tell them, and then this is, this is what would happen every single time. Brick, every time they would say, could you help me? And I would say, sure, sure. And then they would say, um, where’d you go to school? Right. And I’d say, well, I got a went to oral Roberts university and I got kicked out. I went to OSU for a couple semesters and they’re like, Oh, Z probably can’t help me then my wife’s like, you can too. So let me queue up an audio for you. This is, um, a, um, a doctor that I helped here listen to. This is Dr. Edwards is coming. It’s called revolution health and just listen to this.

I started a business because I couldn’t work for anyone else. I do things my way. I do what I think is in the best interest of the patient. I don’t answer an insurance companies. I don’t answer to large corporate organizations. I answered to my patient and that’s it. My thought when I opened my clinic was I can do this all myself. I don’t need additional outside help. In many ways. I mean I went to medical school, I can figure this out, but it was a very, very steep learning curve. Within the first six months of opening my clinic, I had a $63,000 investment

which I helped him catch by installing the accounting system.

I lost multiple employees. Clay helped us weather the storm of some of the things that are just a lot of people experience, especially in the medical world. He was instrumental in helping with the specific written business plan.

We wrote the business plan.

He’s been instrumental in hiring good quality employees. You taught the group interview using the processes that he outlines for getting in good talent, which is extremely difficult. He helped me in securing the business loans.

You got them alone.

He helped me with a web development and he built this website search engine optimization. We’ve been able to really keep a steady stream of business coaching clients coming in because they found us on the web with everything that I encountered. Everything that I experienced, I quickly learned it is worth every penny to have someone in your team that can walk you through and even avoid some of the pitfalls that are almost invariable in starting your own business.

We wouldn’t put up with this, this guy’s business would not exist today and I would have certainly not helped him. Had my wife not encouraged me that I could do it and should do it cause I just thought, yeah, I do it for people, um, and I don’t charge and so therefore I should just keep doing it for people and not charging. And my wife’s like, no, actually you should charge. And um, you need to charge. And really this is what you should be doing. Like this should be what you do for a living. Like this should be your occupation. And so around 2008, nine, that’s what we started doing. And it’s just, um, I can’t explain to you how rewarding it is to help people. Uh, this is a, a dentist here. This is, uh, a dentist, dr April and it listen to what she has.

Hi, my name is April. I started practicing pediatric dentistry in 2002. I went to Oklahoma state university for my undergraduate

Breck. Did you, did you, did you know her? I did not. Okay.

And then went to the university of Oklahoma, um, graduated in 1999 then went on to the university of Colorado children’s hospital, pediatric dental residency and started practicing with Mark Morrow and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I really always wanted to be a pediatric dentist. My kids kind of asked me, uh, what did you want to be mommy? Cause they want to be professional athletes and things like that. And I just have to say, I really always wanted to be a pediatric dentist. I love my pediatric dentist and um, it was always a great experience for me. I, uh, was able to intern at his office and uh, college and uh, he was really a great mentor for me. We’ve always loved what we do. We love being pediatric dentists, but we just were not very good at putting our marketing ideas into practice.

There it is again, somebody who is great or what they do, they love their patients. She loves being a dentist. Just doesn’t know how could you relate to that brick? Absolutely.

We’ve been able to implement our ideas and make them a reality since using the new approach. Um, it’s just brought a lot of new life to our practice. It’s increased, um, patients significantly, but it’s also just brought an, our staff loves the common goal that we all have. It’s just brought him an extra

call, recording new website, new branding, new marketing systems, new group interview processes

into our practice that we didn’t have before. For instance, last August we had 114 new patients compared to this August we had 180 new patients.

That’s a lot. 180 versus 114 and I could go on and on and on. Playing testimonials from real people out there like you. But again, I’m just saying if you believe right now, you do not have the capacity to do something bigger. I’m telling you, you’re not a mistake. You have the capacity. I know you do. You. I know you weren’t put on this planet by mistake. God has a plan for your life. You can go out there and do it. You can. You just have to believe that you can. Jason, what’s the next notable quarter? The next notable quotable comes from John C. Maxwell and he says, time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. What time did we start recording day? Six o’clock.

Yeah, it’s seven 38 true. Which means that we are not doing anything else but recording right now. Right? Right. What do you have on your schedule the rest of the day? Jason? So after this I’ve got breakfast with my wife, Alexander Hamilton. Right. Um, but other than that, it’s just so Sunday is my day to spend time with her and my family. Okay. But other than that, it’s podcast breakfast with wife, family time, personal time there to go to bed. Start or sorry, start my work week over. And you know what though? That’s great. That is great. That is great. Someone says, well, why aren’t you, I thought you’re a business guy. Why aren’t you doing business? Well, I have the belief and a lot of our listeners might not agree. That’s okay. I have the belief we should observe the Sabbath and be able to take the day off.

And so we don’t work on Sundays right now. Some people might, might feel like you should. And I know a lot of business owners that do, and my partner’s optometry clinic is open seven days a week and that’s fine, but we’re not right. Because why do you think I want our businesses to be closed on Sunday? Elephant in the room. The make your life have marketing company. Why? Well, one, it gives people time to spend time with their family because their families are often off on weekends, but also faith is important and most people go to a service on Sunday. Right? So, um, I’ll just play for the listeners, but I was listening to this morning, um, I think I have it QA, this is, I was listening to this this morning. Um, and uh, I would encourage all the listeners out there, if you are, uh, looking for a good inspiration, it still tastes right.

And the texture was this TD Jakes, his sermon today is called keep it moving. The fear factor. And I listened to that this morning because I listened to TD Jakes every morning, but I want our team to be able to have time off to focus on the things that matter. Breck, what are you doing the rest of your day? Uh, once I leave here, I’m gonna go get my family. We’re gonna head to church. Okay. And then today we’re actually going to go to the Tulsa state fair. So kinda like Jason, it’s my family day and again and again. Listen Thrivers these are successful people. You didn’t hear Breck say, well, I’m going to write search engine content all day. I want to show new. I’m going to just be grinded to my brain explodes. Now let’s think about how he has the time to get everything done and the time to go to the state fair and church.

It’s all the things he’s not doing. True brick. What percentage of your day are you social media? Are you, are you building your cloud score? Are you going up there and reading the headlines in the Instagrams? You’re not really, you’re not Jason, what percentage of your day are you Snapchatting? Only when I’m not watching Ty Lopez videos. I know according to Nielsen, the average person is spending 11.3 hours per day. Consuming media on their device is nuts. I’ll put a link to it on the show notes, but 11.3 hours, so it’s not what we are doing. It’s what we’re not doing. We’re scheduling time for what matters and we’re not doing what doesn’t matter. And a lot of people out there by default, we’re drifting around, just sort of doing whatever. We don’t have a plan and we’d always interrupted and we just never seem to have the time to [inaudible].

We want, we want to get right up on the mic so people can hear us, but we can’t see the focus and we just keep missing the mic and it’s like if you would just talk on the mic, we can hear you only want to, but there’s a Facebook alert Instagram over here. I get the team to vote and it’s like, just get on the mic. Just focus. Put your hand on the plow work. Just keep your face on the mic. We can hear you. We’re at the wedding reception. You’re giving a toast. We know. Put the mic on your face. Hold it to your mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want you to know, Bob’s always been a good friend who’s been at that wedding before where the guy can’t seem to put the mic near his face. I just, I’m just so excited and a Bob and Bob has been so special in my life and I just, I just, I’m so honored to be here and just, um, we can’t hear yo, we put the face on the mic.

Okay. God, why are they yelling at me? It’s like, Hey. So Bob and I have known each other since third grade. Just put your face on the Mike. Put your hand at the plow. Focus. Yeah. Focus stands for focus on court tasks until success. Focus on the court tasks until success. Quit drifting. Put it in your calendar. Don’t allow your smart phone to make you dumb. Look this up. There’s an article called, is your smartphone making you dumb? According to psychology today, the average person is interrupted now over 100 times per day. I believe it. 11.3 hours per day on media. Get off that thing. Jason, back to you. And the next one is coming to us from the father of peanut butter, George Washington Carver. He says there is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation. The near isn’t worth anything. Repeat that please.

There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation. The near isn’t worth anything. What does that mean to you? To me, I think a lot of people feel like their image, the outward image is the most important thing, but it doesn’t matter where you are. You have to work to get there and if you don’t prepare, the outcome’s not going to mean anything. Like it’s like Breck is a super fit guy, but Brex veneer was not given to him. Even though it was genetic. He maintains that day in and day out. Right, right. Yeah, so it’s like he knows if he wants to maintain a certain lifestyle, he has to prepare for it. Kind of like you with the podcast, if you want to make sure that you do nine shows a week, you don’t just come into the man cave and wing it, go, what am I talking about today?

You do research. Like with this you spend a hundred plus hours finding quotes. The team works super hard. We’ll go through rough drafts in order to the final, you know, preparation or the final version of everything. But without all that needed preparation, the end product doesn’t matter cause it’s going to be crap. And this show right now, just so listeners know this show and to get, it can change from time to time because of based upon certain urgencies or things that come up. But this show you’re going to hear today will be released on December the 16th so I record them in advance and early because I want to make sure that in the event that we have a sickness and illness a day where I don’t feel good, whatever, that you never miss a show, right? Is there a certain days I haven’t been able to talk and we’re a couple of months from December, just as a point of reference, right?

I think right now it is actually, it’s still September, September 29th and this is the December 16th show, right? So again, we don’t miss shows. We don’t miss days. We don’t make shows without preparing. George Washington Carver grew up a slave. He was born a slave, didn’t know his parents, and he realized that African Americans were newly freed and they were freed though and kind of a scammy way. They were freed, but they were given land. They were allowed to buy land now, but the land, the only, the only thing they knew how to do was to grow what cotton, cotton and cotton, if planted repeatedly on the same soil, depletes the nutrients, nutrients out of the soil. Therefore you have a mineral free soil, which now becomes barren. So Carver recognized that this was happening and that the African Americans who were newly freed now had to become indentured servants and go back working for the very people who used to be their slave owners.

Right? Think about that. They’re free. You don’t have to go back, come crawling back there. Slave owners because they don’t have to make a living. Sneaky, sneaky. So he developed uses for the peanut and the sweet potato, which were, which were the kinds of, uh, uh, plants that actually created the ability. It actually put nutrients back into the soil. So sweet potatoes. As a byproduct of planting sweet potatoes and peanuts, it began to put nutrients back into the soil, thus allowing the African Americans to become self-sustainable. But this guy, think about this. He was born a slave. Unbelievable. You talked about having excuses. He could have won. Jason, what’s the next one? The next one comes from the father of star Wars, George Lucas. He says, the secret is not to give up hope. I see what you did there. It’s very hard not to or it’s very hard to not, because if your hold on, it’s very hard not to because if I’m gonna start over.

Sure. You start over. This is the thing about this podcast. We’re very, we’re a very patient audience. Many people are saying, you know, I’m here, Don. Got you. Don’t give up hope. I’m not giving up hope. The secret is not to give up hope. It’s very hard not to because if you’re really doing something worthwhile, I think you will be pushed to the brink of hopelessness before you come through the other side. Yeah, I mean, if you look up star Wars and how it was made, I wish all the listeners could watch that today. Just look up the making of star Wars. It’s, it’ll blow your mind. George Lucas had a heart attack in his thirties while shooting the film. I didn’t know that. Oh yeah, yeah. Um, and then the movie, they ran out abutment when they ran out of, uh, they, they ran out of their budget.

It took them, took them on a crazy, I don’t know if people can really appreciate today what it took then to do everything that they do. Shot the movie in their revolutionize movies. He shot American graffiti and when he did, they were like, okay, we’ll let you make another movie. So we wanted to make a movie called Luke star killer. And uh, it kept changing the plot. Long story short, he finally came up with a nine part series called star Wars and they gave them funding to shoot one of them. Right? So he thought, I’m going to just start with episode four because that way people, that’s the probably the best part of it that people were like right away. Yeah. Well he didn’t, they couldn’t understand what he was trying to do. I mean, this guy was trying to say, we’re going to make a Wookie.

And they’re like, what is that? We need to make an [inaudible] unit. We need to make a storm trooper. And they have no idea what he’s talking about. Right. So he had to make murals. So the guy had almost no money at all at this point. He spends a ton of money making a 25 foot tall mural of the millennium Falcon. Nice. So that the people can see what it was supposed to look like at scale. That’s awesome. And they come in and they’re like, Oh yeah, by the way, are you disturbed because he’s making Wookies and stuff, you know? Then they ended up shooting the film. They go way over budget. They run out of money. So he tells his staff, guys, I don’t have any money to pay you guys anymore. So if you’re, if you’d be willing to keep working, I’ll give you a percentage of the income that comes in from the toys.

That was a good deal. Now at this point, but they didn’t know if there’s a risk. No other movies had ever made toys that worked well. There is no toy line. There wasn’t a brand of toys and toys R us and in the toy stores, there wasn’t a double Oh seven action figure. There wasn’t no. So no one had ever had action figures from movies. Right. So a lot of people walked off the set and said, I’m not going to do it. And the guy who edited the movie edited it so poorly that when he showed it to his buddy Steven Spielberg, he laughed. People don’t know that it’s Philbrick was said, this is, no, you can’t. This is terrible. So Luke has had to re edit the movie himself. Wow. We’re not talking digital. Know that. He went in and said, and he and his wife sat down together, clipped it together, then he showed it to Spielberg again.

Spielberg says that Darth Vader sounds weird. And so, um, you need to get a different voice. And so I’m just telling you the whole movie was crazy. They couldn’t figure out Darth Vader how to make him sound weird with his breath. That is a lavalier Mike shoved inside a scuba tank. That makes sense now. Yeah. Taking a power line and they would hit it with this electric thing and it would go shoot. That’s how they made their lasers. They had to hand draw all the light saber animations frame by frame. Isn’t that crazy? I’m just saying this, I mean, think about how much, just crazy pushed to the ER, to the ER, having a heart attack to make the movie and trust me, I’m sure he wanted to give up, but he didn’t continue. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? So the next one comes to us from Tony.

Is it C from Zappos? Tony Shea. Tony Shea. Okay. Shay from Zappos. Tony Shay says, we believe that it’s or that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to. And by committing we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand. You want to beat it again, please. We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to, and by committing we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build. This is very counter-cultural to have values that are so strong that you’ll fire people if they don’t live up to them.

True, right? So at my office it’s all about over-delivery. We start the work day at seven we go till three can’t be late, can’t miss deadlines, got to get it done. If you do miss deadlines, I’m going to let you go. Most companies won’t do that, right? That’s why Zappos is successful. They’re obsessed with customer service over there and they believe that every call matters and that you are not to marginalize somebody in rush them off the phones. They actually celebrate the interaction you have with customers. They’re at Zappos, they want, they’re an online shoe store, but they want to have a connection with the customer. Hey Jason, this is a Darth Vader before they found James Earl Jones voice when he’s still the French guy. James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader, but he did not act in the movie, right? Correct. So this is how it was going to sound before he re edited the movie. This is how it was going to sound. Listen to this. It’s crazy. Finding the right voice for Darth Vader was another challenge

and action.

Lucas had never intended to use the onset vocal performance of David Prouse

started tearing the ship apart piece by piece until you playing those tapes. I’ve walked them alive. Started tearing this shit apart piece by piece until you playing those tapes, playing the passengers in this festival. I’ve worked them alive.

That was how it sounded before Darth, before they found the voice of Darth Vader. Right. Let me get one more time. Let’s, let’s listen to this. This is how the movie would have been to use the onset vocal performance of David Prouse

started tearing this ship apart piece by piece until you playing those tapes, playing the passengers in this festival. I’ve want them alive

now. This is how it sounded in the movie.

Come on. Gonna tear this, ship a box on your phone most times and make me the passengers

versus again, think about this.

Started tearing this shit apart piece by piece until you find those tapes playing the passengers in this festival, I’d worked them alive.

How maddening would it be for it to be tweaked to be George Lucas and to hear in your mind how it should sound, right? Yeah. And everyone else is like, what are you talking about? And by the way, how many people sound like James Earl Jones? I mean, I tried to do, everybody tries. I can’t seriously James Earl Jones. I mean his voice. One of the best voices ever. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s, it’s very few people in the world sound like him. So to try to find somebody, I mean, go ahead.

You are part of the ribbon, a traitor. Take her away.

It was almost comical. So again, I mean, you’ve got, you have to fight for what is right and what you, you gotta make your vision happen. You’ve got to fight for it. Jason continued back to you, my friend. The next one comes to us from Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, the first, the youngest woman to become a billionaire. By the way, the youngest woman at that time, the youngest woman to become a billionaire was Sarah Blakely. And her story is great. I was never a huge shark tank fan. Yeah. But her story and how she grinded to get to where she is is like baffling. It is awesome. She says, don’t let what you don’t know scare you because it can become your greatest asset. And if you do things without knowing how they have always been done, you’re guaranteed to do them differently. What does that mean?

Uh, to me, knowing how she started her business is like if you, if somebody tells you, Hey, this is how business works and you don’t know how to take those steps, there’s nothing wrong with going about it the way that you want to. Because along the way you’re going to pick up those skills, but you’re also going to pick them up and hone them in your own, right. So like with you or brick, nobody told you guys, Hey Breck, this is how you become a, or they probably told you this, how you become a successful chiropractor. However, if you’re new and green, you’re not going to know exactly how to get there. So it’s trial and error. And then like with you, with the DJ business, you know, there’s a set way to become a DJ, but you just decided to go completely, you know, left of center or right of center, whatever.

And as you go along, you pick up your own things and again, read that quote again. It says, don’t let what you don’t know scare you because it becomes, or because it can become your greatest asset. So it’s a quick time out. We’re not sure we get this idea. The value of business coaching is that you don’t have to take guesses anymore. You don’t have to guess, right? That’s the value of business coaching. There’s a, but if you’re crazy enough to start a company like I did without business coaching, here we go. Cause it’s lamp posts in the fog. I mean you’re running around in the fog looking for the next lamp post. It’s like running through a minefield and every time you step on a mind going, Whoa, I mean it’s, so again, what she’s saying is she didn’t have a, a coach advising her. She just had to start not knowing where she would find the next lamppost.

She had to look for light in the fog and just run towards it, believing that she would get there eventually. Right? And you just can’t wait for everything to be perfect to get started. So I would advise you to have a coach or a mentor telling you what to do. But if you can’t have that person in your life, if you don’t know what to do, don’t get stuck and do nothing by default. Right? Jason? So many of, I mean, what you’re talking about are the principles that are true for success regardless of industry, business type, um, you name it. But I think also the benefit here is, I mean, within the industry, be afraid of being different and innovative. Um, if you’re doing things the exact same way as everybody else, you’re absolutely guaranteed not to be. Uh, um, sorry, I just lost my train of thought.

Um, you’re guaranteed not to be an innovator. You’re not going to come up with something new and different if you’re following the exact same path as everybody else. And I, and I’m just saying this to you as listeners out there and you, you guys can do it. You want to do, I think Sarah Blakely’s a genius. She is, there’s two kinds of entrepreneurs. Okay? There’s me. I would be called a genius. I think there’s a genius and there’s a genius. Okay? A genius is somebody who really innovates and changes how life works. I don’t like that cause I mean there’s Elon Musk, um, Steven Spielberg. Those are geniuses. Yeah, I’m more of like, you know, I just want to do what works so that I can have time freedom. So just show me what works please. And that’s why our program is the way it is. But if you come into our program going, I want to make an app that’s going to revolutionize the fitness industry, I’m going to say you need to see Tony Robbins or you need to go to Y Combinator and talk to bill, you know, talk to Paul Graham or, or do you, you, you, we’re not your people.

Here we are. We’re here to teach you proven systems that work over and over stupid, repeatable tasks that work. That’s what I teach. I teach the proven path. Right? I’m like a Sherpa who’s teaching you the proven path? I haven’t been up to the top of the mountain. I’ve come back down. I’m teaching you how to do it. But if you want to innovate, heaven help you. And then you’re Steven Spielberg. You’re Sara Blakely and hats off to you. Jason. What is the next, none of a quotable. The next notable quotable comes from the other half of the gains family, mr chip gains. Yup. He says, if you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in the beauty either. It means that when things go bad, can you be funny Jason? When our team misses the numbers, when we, um, when we, when the membership conversion number is low and it, by the way, if we have three stores, one of the three is always off.

Yeah. Just to take away my joy. Do I sit there and cry about it? No. You do exactly what you just did. Where are you? What kind of things do I say? We missed the numbers. The best one is, you know, we’ll, um, I wanted to be depressed today and uh, thank you for providing me with that depression. There we go. Or well, I see we didn’t hit our numbers, so I’m just gonna go drive my car into the Arkansas river. There we go. That’s what I say every, every Friday I’ll say, and the numbers are for South Tulsa and all that. All the teammates are banging on their desks, but a little bit of the numbers for South Tulsa [inaudible] and then they’ll say it 57% and I’ll go, that’s enough to pay the rent because 55% is the quota, right? The sales conversion number and downtown. Here we go. [inaudible] and all the staff and the numbers are 68% yes. If you on the flow riding the bowl and now the numbers are for broken arrow


and someone will say like 37% how was just, I was just getting off of antidepressants, right? Cause it always, you have to have a little humor there. They know it’s not acceptable, but it don’t need to beat people up over it. Right? We just got to get better. So velvet hammer folks, velvet hammer. Jason. Next notable quotable comes from the man TD Jakes and he says each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to him. Each day is what? God’s gift to you. Yup. But what you do with it is your gift to him. There it is. Work is worship. If you listen to our interview with rabbi Lapin, the Jewish rabbi, he says that in the Hebrew language, work means worship. That’s what the word work means. Work means worship. So when you work as unto the Lord, you’re worshiping as unto the Lord.

So your work ethic is what is your worship ethic. Worship is not just a Sunday morning activity. It’s some we should do every day. Anytime we put our hand to something, people should say, wow, you are working in a different level. Why? And then you would say, I work under the Lord. Yup. I work as unto the Lord now does under human masters. I work as [inaudible] to the Lord. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? The next one comes from mr Def jam. Russell Simmons. He says, the goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye. Sing a song to be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke. But to feel that way all the time. Work doesn’t have to be terrible work. Does it need to be a bad thing? It can be fun.

You can love it. You can enjoy your work. And collagen’s three 2320 S collagen’s three 23 through 24 so against collagen’s three 2324 reads, whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Think about that for a second. Work as [inaudible] to the Lord. And when you do that, you’re going to be blessed. When you’re blessed, you’re gonna have bond. When you have fun, people say world, this guy likes his job. What is wrong with you? How many people have questioned Jason? Why you like working so much? Everybody I know, cause this is why we’re, this is seriously, this is the show. This show is correct and counter cultural words of wisdom in a world going the wrong way.

Less than 1% of people will become successful because they’re actively and aggressively moving the wrong way, right? This is why we’re breaking down these counter-cultural words of wisdom from Wolfgang puck and my Angelou and George Washington Carver because we’re teaching you the success principles. Most people can’t wait to quit working, but Breck don’t you like seeing your patients? I love it. You do. I know you do. I don’t know. I don’t know when I’ll retire. That’s what the long ways from now. That’s why I always tell people go see BRAC. Nope, they don’t want, they say, who should I see? I see. I said see Breck? Well why he works as unto the Lord. He loves what he does. Right. When you, when you have a, when people come to me and they need help with their business coaching, they’re always like, why are you so passionate about my business?

I’m like, cause I’m not working for you baby. I’m working as unto the Lord. It’s a different thing. It’s a different mindset. It is for sure. A lot of people though, they just want to, I just want to hurry up and finish. I can go back and watch the boys. Yeah. Is it six yet? Is it six shit, Jason, back to you. Next one comes to us from a Conrad Hilton, Conrad Hilton, the guy who started the Hilton hotel chain. Oh yeah. He says, success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. Conrad Hilton wanted to be an oil man, so he moved to a town to become an oil man in Texas. And uh, it didn’t go well. So he was staying at a hotel and the hotel owner was very busy and the hotel owner was complaining. He’s like, God, we’re so busy.

All these oil people in town, I can’t, I don’t ever have the time freedom to go get in the oil game myself. I want to get rid of this hotel and I want to get in the oil game. And Conrad said, I would like to take over your hotel, sir. And the guy says, what? I remember Conrad Hilton was a failed banker. He tried to start a bank and it failed and he tried to do oil and it failed. So the guy said, you want to buy him a hotel? Yes, please. And confronted. Here’s the problem. I don’t have any money [inaudible] but my family growing up to pay the bills we served out of town guests and I’ll run it for you and I’ll just buy it a little over time. Yeah. Monthly checks. I’ll just buy it from you over time and uh, uh, if you’ll let me have it.

And the hotel guy who wanted to get into the oil business at sure. So Conrad Hilton took over his first hotel and that’s how he got started. Wow, that’s awesome. She has a great, great story, great book. But he lost it all twice in the banking business and oil and gas before getting into the hotel business. And if you read his autobiography, a great book, by the way, Conrad Hilton’s autobiography is so good. You know, that I wanted to into today my son Conrad be a cool name. I first wanted the name of my son marvelous. And my wife said, that’s awesome. Why? I go, I love Marvin Gaye. And if you said, my name’s marvelous, who could forget you? It’s like your name is a purple cow. What’s your name? Marvelous. [inaudible] I got vetoed. So I thought by playing Bob Conrad [inaudible] Rockefeller was like my third. Yup. All my names got denied.

So I went with Aubrey, Napoleon Hill Clark, thus naming Henri after my wife’s grandfather Abra, who very successful and who helped us out quite a bit. And Napoleon Hill, the success that self-help author who changed my life. So there needs, but Conrad Hilton read his autobiography. Jason, back to you. So the next one comes to us from Viro Wang. Now this one is prefaced by the phrase promotion equals problems and she says, my normal routine is pretty much putting out fires all day. What her normal, her normal routine is pretty much putting out fires all day. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are baby entrepreneurs. They’re learning the game and you’re like, God, I, I had a problem

today. Somebody quit, somebody quit. Somebody has a baby. What am I top people? My manager is my book. My manager is having a baby and she’s, and she’s going to be leaving. I just can’t find a man.

And it takes them years to replace the manager straight place to manage her much. Jason, with hundreds of employees, you see it? Oh yeah. Do we have people move? We have people move. We have people have babies. We have people just retire. Would you say the elephant in the room about every two weeks, some per person leaves maybe for three weeks. Two to three. I think three would be more fair, but every three weeks probably. Why? Well, when you have hundreds of people and the average person maybe stays at a job for a year, it would make sense that every couple of weeks somebody is moving on. Right? Life happens, but what happens when, if you’re an F because you’ve learned it. We didn’t start off this way, but the first time you lost a key employee, what did you do? All right. It’s tough. I remember that going, gosh, tons of interviews.

Yeah, pouring over resumes. It was awful. But now we have the group interview in place where we interview candidates every week, all at the same time. Currently, every Thursday night at six o’clock, I interview between 30 and 40 potential candidates. And guess what? We always find a good person. And guess what? Every week a good person to science to take another job or move on. And that’s what it is. Yup. The circle of life. The circle of life. Continue Jason. All right, so the next one is coming from my wife’s favorite person on the planet other than me, Oprah Winfrey. Oh, love Oprah. Oh yeah. And she says, surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. That is, see that right there. I had a family member that got into some war with me online about this that I wasn’t aware about is really funny because I don’t check Facebook.

Right? And so this is true story by the way. The Conrad Hilton book is called be my guest. I’ll put a link to in the show notes, be my guest by Conrad Hilton. Um, I guess I’m one of our shows. About three years ago we talked about this quote. Read it again. Please surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. I guess they listen to the show and they went on Facebook and wrote, sounds like you’re not wanting to help the lost. What about me? What about the desire for Christians to help the lost? This is the person who’s very miserable by the way. Yeah. So I didn’t comment cause I didn’t even know they commented. But I guess you go on Facebook, like if I post something unilateral war. Yeah, so our, our, what works for me is I write the post and then members of my team post them, but I don’t actually post the posts on social media, Twitter, whatever.

So she commented on it and then I didn’t respond and then she wrote something like, you don’t even respond. You’re on social media. That just shows what kind of a pig headed chauvinistic, blah, blah, blah. You are, and then I didn’t respond to that and she just keeps going. Yeah. So like I logged onto Facebook for my annual journey in there too. Seriously, I had one of my employees, well this is how I do LinkedIn every year by the way. We go in and we just hit. I had a member of my team. I said, could you just go into my Facebook real quick and delete all the messages? That’s what I do every year. And she says, sir, you have a lot of messages here. And I’m like, well that’s cool. She goes, I think you have a family member here that’s mad. I go, when was it?

She’s like, Oh, about six months ago. So she just reads me their thread of them just going off and I’m like, well just block them and move on. I’m going to block your own family member. Absolutely. But you have to surround yourself with people who think at your frequency. People at your level, you, if you’re an entrepreneur you cannot be hanging out with idiots because bad character corrupts. I’m just telling you, you’ve got to surround yourself with great people. Jason, how many more notable quotables do we have? We’ve got one, two, three, four but you spoiled the last one just now. I jumped ahead. Okay, give it to me now Jason. Well that will save that one for the last. The next one comes from a fan favorite Ross Golan, Roscoe. And by the way, he’s a hit songwriter. We’ve had him on the show before and Ross Golan and I, I’ve only talked to him one time on one interview, but I feel like I know the guy cause I do listen to his podcast called [inaudible] and the writer is on the regular and in his career he’s written songs for Selena Gomez, right flow rider, Ariana Grande’s, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, maroon five pink, Andy Grammer, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth, Skylar gray, James blunt, Colby Calais.

He’s doing okay. He says what? So it’s prefaced with the phrase, focus on your family, not your legacy. And Ross says, kids now don’t know who Paul McCartney is. They’re probably not going to know us. What kids now don’t know who Paul McCartney is. They are probably not going to know us. I would like for you to name one Paul McCartney song. Jason, are we talking wings are the Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. Oh man, we’ve got, Hey Jude, we’ve got uh, listeners out there. I encourage you to think of one, take one.

So five for sale times for travel, regardless to me, Paul McCartney speaking words of wisdom, let it be

this song, let it be. It’s a great song. But the average person under the age of 25 cannot name a Paul McCartney song. No videos are, I mean huge. They were huge, huge at one point. I mean they were everywhere on the media constantly. New York times rolling stone, the cover of everything. They were the biggest thing in America, right? They were the biggest thing in Europe, the world, the biggest thing in the world. And now kids don’t know who Paul McCartney is most of the time. So if you think about this for a second, if Paul McCartney can’t leave a legacy, how are you going to be able to, and who won the Superbowl in 2004 there we go. You know what I mean? You can look it up, but right. You don’t know. Right. And so I would just think about this for a second. Read, read this notable quarter last I played Paul McCartney.

Kids now don’t know who Paul McCartney is probably not going to know us. Read it again. Kids now don’t know who Paul McCartney is. They’re probably not going to know us. So I see entrepreneurs neglecting their families and they say all the time, I’m leaving a legacy for my kids. Let me summarize what will happen. One, they won’t know you true too. You’ll leave them a bunch of money. [inaudible] three, they’ll fight over the money, right? Four, they become an entitled trust fund person known as a brick. Yeah, a jerk. Not a nice person. Pompous. Doosh doosh not good. Have you met these kinds of people? Oh yeah. Yeah. Have you met people that were their parents, neglected them in favor of the almighty dollar? Have you seen this and are they happy? No. No. Nope. So I’m just encouraging you. Yeah, you can have success, but the biggest legacy you can leave is your own family.

True. Don’t leave a legacy like passing. You know, it’s worth like assay, in my opinion, is where you are trying to split or work all the time to save up tons of money so that you can leave a legacy. Right? I’m talking about important words of wisdom in your kids’ lives. Okay. Because otherwise you’re gonna end up at the end of your life going, gosh, I wish I would’ve met my son. Yeah. Continued. Jason. So this next quote is my favorite one on our list of 35 it comes from mr Elon Musk and he says, optimism, pessimism, F that we’re going to make it happen. As God is my witness. I’m hell bent on making it work. There’s a whole lot of people who are like, are you an optimist or a passing mast? Let me tell you this, I know that everything I’ve ever done in my life that has been, that has turned into success, has had much adversity.

First as an example, let’s just make it very relatable, cold calling. If we have our team makes a hundred outbound cold calls. Yup. We’ll usually set two appointments for a business coaching client. So a jewelry store will call me and say, by the way, listeners, do not ask me to do this, please. Unless you’re a business coaching client, even if you are a business coaching client, I just, this is not a service. I’m trying to expand. Um, my clients are like, man, you guys are good at cold calling. Can you do it for us? So I’m like, sure. So we will cold call on behalf of your, your jewelry store or your chiropractic center or whatever. And I’ll charge you then say 25 bucks an hour to make those calls. The rep after taxes and stuff’s making 16 an hour, there’s a manager. So we make about a 20% margin on call or making calls on behalf of your company.

Right? Like an outsource call center. And if we make a hundred outbound calls, we’ll set two appointments and those two appointments will turn into one deal. And that’s how it works. Yeah. You might go, wow. I mean that means only 1% of the people you call turn into business. That doesn’t sound break. God. Well to me, that sounds great. Yeah, that sounds like a deal. Cause to me it’s like wow, one out of a hundred. That’s great. Um, well we write a ton of content. If you Google search right now. I’m Ross Golan. I’m pulling up Ross. Golan, Jason, if you Google search Roscoe and so Brett can see this real quick here. If you search Ross Golan on page two, I think I’m seeing page one. Am I on page wondering where I am, where I am? Where am I on page one? I don’t see it yet. I’m prolific. Hitmaker Russell. There we go. Share shares about the music industry. Okay. Yeah. So I’m on page page one right now for his name. Right. But click on that article. Look how long it is. You realize I spent over

eight hours writing this article about Ross Golan. Mike again, I don’t know. It’s all original content by the way. I don’t know that, that, that Google, um, I know how the system works, but I can’t tell you what specific articles are gonna make top right. So you just keep writing them. But suddenly people are like, Oh, I wrote one and I didn’t, wasn’t topping Google. I’m discouraged. I mean, Jason, we do a show every day, dude. Yeah, nine a week. That’s so many listeners say, well, how do you stay motivated? I mean, clay, I mean, how many, how many people download your show every month? I’m like, well, you know, about a half million. And they go, but some of your shows, um, haven’t been as viral as other ones. Some of your shows, like how do you know what your good shows are? How do you know that?

I’m just gonna tell the listeners, this is what, this is what I hope you get. I only hope that 1% of you like this show. I mean, I mean then so today we have 1,731 shows I’ve released so far. And just yesterday, this is so funny. A guy comes to my house, to my house to pick up his son for the back to school bash we had, right? And this is what he says to me. I listened to your podcast for about five minutes and I don’t like it. Cool. Yeah. All right, serious. That’s what he said to me. What he said. Now this guy’s broke as a joke by the way, of course. But he’s like, I don’t like it. Now one thing, if you’d be more serious, I think listeners could find it. Um, more relatable. You know, it’s what it’s business is what you said.

Seriously, if you’re more serious, but it’s hard to take you seriously because you’re like a caricature and I, I, it’s okay. So you don’t, you don’t like my personality. That’s what I said. He goes, huh? I said, no you don’t. You don’t like my personality. He goes, what do you mean? I mean that’s like a stage thing, right? And I go, no, this is who I am. Like this is me. So that’s fine and you don’t have to like it. But he got weird cause he liked wanted me to change our show to accommodate him. Now let me tell you how real quick, how it can make the show, get more listeners if I want to write, not going to, but this is what I would do. I would talk about generalities, vagaries, nothing applicable. Sex scandal, drugs, sex, scandal, drugs, kittens, puppies. I would focus on things cause you can, it’s easy to go viral when you focus on what the world buns, right?

Right. I don’t care what the world wants. This show is made for the 27.9 million of you out there who are entrepreneurs and what they need. This is what, that’s what they want, right? Just to what they need or what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. This is an audio ice cream, right? This is like, this is the stuff you need. This is audio vegetables, audio, not audio onscreen because audio ice cream would be, Oh it’s so nice. Your tips for success would be like this. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. It always has to Ryan, by the way. So it’s like if you can, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. Well, what do I do? Just

believe. I see so many people who are great Christians, great people who are great dads, great moms going, I just want to be blessed. I believe 2020 is my year. It’s not your year. Today’s your day. And you have to start now, right? You got to do something, baby. Get up at five, get up at five start there. Yep. Then start by making a to do list every day and do the things on your to do list. It will get you one step closer to the goal you seek and do it every day for five or six years in a row without complaining, and then you will achieve success. True. That’s the key. That’s the key. Jason, we have one more notable quotable. We have two more. Two more. Okay. Real quick. I wanna get myself psychologically ready. Okay. Now let me get my, I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to provide you some echoes for this last one or there’s a lot for the last two.

Okay, so the next one comes from miss Harriet Tubman. She says, I had reasoned this out of my mind. There was one of two things. I had a right to Liberty or death. If I could not have one, I would have the other. Can you repeat that one more time? This actually,

the listeners get this idea to do it again. She says, I had reasoned this out of my mind. Okay. There was one of two things. I had a right to Liberty, pause or death. I’d write to what Liberty, what Liberty or death repeated repeated again. I had reasoned this out of my mind. There was one of two things. I had a right to cut Liberty or death. Can I continue? If I could not have one, I would have the other. Who was Harriet Tubman? Harriet Tubman was another civil rights leader. She was the activist. Check this out. She led the underground railroad, which meant that she actually went into slave States and freed slaves, right? Let me get out back over and over and over again. Risking her own life every time and she reasoned it her own. What did she say? Jason? Read it again please.

I had reasoned this out of my mind. There was one of two things. I had a right to Liberty or death. If I could not have one, I would have the other. Check this out. She made 13 missions and rescued 70 people. 13 that right there. You talk about a legacy. That’s a legacy. That’s powerful. How much money did she have? Who cares? That right there is a legacy that’s powerful. You talk about a legacy, that’s a legacy. That’s, that’s where you say that somebody who changes things. That right there. That’s powerful. Jason, what’s the next of quotable and the last notable quotable is it comes to us from first Corinthians. I feel like we need a drum roll because we’ve had a lot of words and we do think we need a drum roll here. Jason. Let me, let me get the, let me get the drum roll going here. Okay, I got this. Let me, let me get it. Oh, this, this one right here, I think could be an Epic letdown or it could be phenomenal. Let’s see what happens here. Here we go.

Okay, now I’ve got to hit two buttons at the same time here. So Jason, our final notable quotable from our home office is

do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character. Where’s, where does that come from? First Corinthians 1533 read it again. Please

do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.

I hit the buttons the wrong time. It had to be one more time. I [inaudible]

do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.

Oh, that was a good one. I did two buttons at the same time. And as a white guy, that’s hard. That’s hard. I, I it’s like two things at the same time with my body. Breck talk to me about that. What does that mean in your mind? Well, just to like

a moment ago you talked about being with people that are on the same frequency and I would say on the same frequency as an entrepreneur or even higher than you. Um, so that you’re actually going new places, new Heights, uh, surrounding yourself with people that are doing things that you have yet to do, but to do it that you aspire to do. Um, but yeah, if you’re hanging out with people that are going nowhere or um, haven’t done it before and uh, aren’t the people that you want to aspire to be, then you need to get away from him because the people you surround yourself with are the people you’re going to become like.

And what will happen is if you’re not careful, again, your network is your net worth. You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you’re around a lot of people that get divorced [inaudible] that becomes an option in your mind. Yeah. Not, not, not consciously, subconsciously. Right. You know, you’ve seen this with your friends and I’ve seen it with mine when you have a buddy who gets divorced and then another buddy who gets divorced, there’s sort of a momentum to it, doesn’t it? There is, and you start to go, Oh my God,

somebody about this not too long ago. And it was like a group of women. There were like five of them and they almost made like a divorce Pat. Like, like I think it was four out of the five couples did get divorced within a year of one another.

Right? Yeah. And I’m just telling you, man, that’s why my wife and I, we live behind a wall and I only surround myself with y’all who are staying together. I’m serious because when you’re around a lot of people they do, you start that. This is what they say. The guys will say, well it just wasn’t working out, you know, and I just had to do what was best for me. You know, and live, you only live once. Nice. And this is how the married people talk. The married people say,

it starts with me and there’s something I’m doing wrong, I’m going to fix it. And th the married guys, they take their wives out to Jason. We talked about this. When you take your wife out to dinner, what are you supposed to ask her? What is, sorry? What is one area I could start today where I could improve? That’s what you have to ask your wife. That’s good. That’s good wisdom, right? That’s good dating advice. That’s how you start off a hot day. You say make it spicy by the way. Make it spicy. Yeah. What can I do better and get ready for this thing called honest feedback and she’s going to say, you know how like you used my toothbrush, I’d really prefer if you, if you don’t do it and then you would say

surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

And then she’s going to say, and by the way, real quick to you, a lot of times don’t call me during the day to say you love me.

It’s like I picked the wrong week. We smoked like what took the wrong week? Drink. I pick the wrong week but I’m [inaudible]

and then you’re going to say anything else and she’ll go, you eat a little too fast sometimes and you don’t shut the door when you’re urinating. And I just think it’s overall weird when you’re talking to the ceiling fan

in the box fan and you’re like, anything else I should know we’re good. And then you say, alright, date time has begun because you have to get better every week, right? There’s just things that we do as man bear pigs that we need to stop doing. It’s true. So just ask yourself, how can you improve? Don’t ask how they can improve, right? But folks, this right here is a on behalf of the entire team, the capstone of, of at least hundreds of hours of the team’s efforts. So I want to give credit where credit’s due. Johnny, uh, D Tucker, uh, Caleb, uh, Jonathan Kelly, um, myself, uh, my wife for allowing me to read all this, uh, and put this all into notable quotables on dr [inaudible], dr Breck for lending us your time on G Jason Beasley. There’s just so much that’s gone into this show and if you will go to thrive time right now and go to the show notes.

You can download these posters and you can print these things 16 by twenties on impacts. It’s M P I You can print them and put them up in your office cause I promise they will. They will absolutely change the way your team thinks when you surround yourself with wisdom. Let me give you a deep thought. Carlton Pearson taught me, he said that words don’t spell words, but words cast a spell on you. Ah, you don’t spell words. Words cast a spell on you. There’s a power in words. So Carlton told me that you, you put positive words around you. It’ll change the way you think. And when you change the way you think, it’ll change the actions you take. When you change the actions you take, it begins to change. The results you get begins to change the habits you form and it changes your life, right?

Start by changing the way you think. It starts by thinking, changing your mindset could because nothing is as powerful as a changed mind. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is clay Clark. That’s dr Breck. That’s Jason Beasley. If you live in the Tulsa area and you’re looking for a chiropractor, go to dr that’s D R B R E C where your first adjustment is free. The first exam is free. First x-ray is free, D R B R E C It’s Jason Beasley. Hello. I end, if you’re looking for a good time, come to a conference and say, where’s Jason Beenleigh? Baisley yeah, and then you’ll see the line, me and my number is on the stall. Or you can find me as always on grinder or just look for, just look for images of Obama. Yeah. See Jason Beasley and let’s end every show with a boom. So here we go. Three, two, one, boom.

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Hey, this is Dustin Huff. I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. Um, we joined thrive, uh, back in January and uh, had been working with these guys for about seven months. Uh, during that time period we have, uh, moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve, uh, uh, compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now, 165 a week. So the process works. Uh, I will tell you from experience once you begin, you have to stay with it as long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in

and month out, you’ll continually grow. The system works, but nothing works unless you do. You’ve got to take some action, download the ebook for free today. At the best SEO

Hello, my name is Daniel Daniel’s heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. The way Google has affected my business, uh, we have got a lot of calls from Google right now. It’s July and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google. And I’m glad we did.

Remember nothing works unless you do. You have to go to the best SEO today. Download the ebook for free. Just download that ebook for free and you’ll be off to the races.

Hi, my name is Christina Nemus. I am the owner and operator of angels such autobody and T T healing in borne Massachusetts. Um, we have been working with rive and their coaching for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. Um, and with their help with the website and marketing, um, and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google and it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in, phone calls coming in, uh, walk ins, uh, referrals. It’s just through the roof. Um, and we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50% this year from the previous year. And not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also with the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us all on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and coaching. Um, and yeah, so super grateful. Super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

This is [inaudible].

Today is your day and now is your time. Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth Proverbs tenfold. I’m here to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to up the masses had to cut off up to you. So on the day I could one day do a misshapen tree that I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at new wave of knowledge monsoon. I could from those a doubt in the next spot or the next blue roof for the next Dr. King who changed the walls into way. What you run by like a one to one. It’s up to you. I remember my days back into the dorm room like the template. Well, with the jobs that tried to consume food, the future that I could pursue what? From the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes your youth to thrive. Success.

It’s your year and now this moment is profound because the ground your rope might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now pow, but you gotta be assessed with the old plow started from the bottom and worked my way up. I was been prayed up. You gotta get it. Don’t quit it till you see your YouTube and now it’s your youth. Today is your day and now we all went to kid, but we cannot get without self discipline to fall with your face. Get yourself a teacher’s up to Kohl’s dot. Pale with the friends. When the is getting up in the only with yourself, what you believe he believe in you, but not as much as God. Because if you’re going through, have these gotten nothing plugged off. Apply what you increase switchboard gun money to a bird, a priest. What you burn in due time.

You’ve got money to increase what you burn in due time. Get got money to increase what you burn into time. You got money to money. I look to shout down the tower, silver beads that became your dream. Flowers empower you to devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to start start up, but now up on the microphone. Smooth light buck. If I can do it, I know you can too, but you bust. Stick to it like posters too at while Morgan Zam the coal wrists, what he’s saying, shoot truth victories. Today is your day day show day and now it says you will. Today is your day and now is your turn. It’s your time today and now we do a time sing it Barton. Today is your day. I realized I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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