How to Create an Auto Responder Email for Inquiries

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Do you have an auto responder going out after you have a conversation with your ideal and likely buyers? Do you know what an auto responder is? In this segment, business coach Clay Clark will teach you how to create an auto responder email system.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can’t eliminate it nail it then scale it.” – Clay Clark (Former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t feel fatigued by repetition. Instead, celebrate your single-mindedness.” – Ev Williams (Co-founder of Twitter)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (The co-founder of Twitter and Square)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As you scale your business you want to minimize the number of small individual decisions that you need to make throughout the day so that you can begin to focus on implementation, execution, accountability and growth not the development of constantly new ideas that don’t get executed.” – Clay Clark
  5. ACTION ITEM – Create the auto responder email with the following rules:
    1. No more than 3 lines of text
    2. Include a link to video testimonials or text testimonials (video is preferred)
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Audio Transcription

These are the business coach world headquarters, thrive nation, welcome back to the conversation, is the drive time to show on your podcast download and on today’s podcast chuck. What are we talking about talk about how to create an autoresponder email for inquiries that you have coming into your business? I would like to call it in quite sure, really i, don’t know the reference to $3 bills, inquiries, alcott inquiries just wanted to see if you would catch on I’ll, just yeah, i, just I just think it’s sort of odd, but I mean we have eric chop on the owens here with the gym. Do you do you call it inquiries? Enquiries inquiries would be somebody who reaches out to you via your website, and you want to create an autoresponder email. So what is an autoresponder chopped? Why would you want to create an autoresponder? What is an autoresponder, and why would you want to create one? So the reason or the hawaii would be that it is what it says. It is right. It’s an autoresponder in the reason you want to have it being auto-responders because, as you grow, the number of leaves and enquiries into your business, you don’t want to be in your personally sitting there responding to every single one, stop an autoresponder for you as an example elephant in the room. Right now. If you heard the elephant sound, going off overhead I discussed that with business coach devin we found it. It was it’s awesome. I mean that that thing, though, seriously like how many times did it go off today, I left the business coach office before you did, but it was going off,. So the thing is the elephant. Sound goes off, relafen the room, so we know that elite came in. It comes in like every sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, because there’s no end in sight and just keeps growing and repeatedly as we grow, and so what we do is we want to have an autoresponder that sent to you immediately when you fill out the form, let you know hey, we received your information and will be reaching out to you as soon as possible, and so people through the process of creating an autoresponder email. Let’s do it so here’s the deal, if you can’t eliminate it as you grow a business that you want to nail it and scale it I repeat:if you can’t eliminate it, then you want to nail it and scale it so tell me why would you first want to eliminate something in your business if possible, as opposed to trying to just nailing it and scaling and feels like you’re doing all the time?

Why would you first want to see if you could just eliminate it will see it’s very simple clay. Simplicity scales complexity fails eliminate as many layers as possible when it comes from all of the links in your chain. All of your workflow, from how you gather leads to how you business coach contact those people to how you set up deal to how you deliver on your product or service. Okay, I want to make sure we’re getting this right. A listeners are getting this. If you have a business and you find yourself doing something constantly over and over and over. Your first question you should ask yourself is:do I need to do this at all, because there’s no need in perfecting something it shouldn’t be done at all, and a good example of that would be back in the day when I built, the company called dj connection, brides and grooms used want to meet there dj at dj connection.Com. Before we would book the wedding’s over I would totally say:hey can I meet the dj before we decide to work with you and i. Foolishly, foolishly said yes. Chuck. Think about this. For a second, have you flown in an airplane in the last 2 or 3 years, I flew to maybe was new york with you and we’re on the plane. Imagine that it worked like this on southwest airlines. Would you like to meet the pilot before you fly yeah that sounds cool because the ratio of pilots cup to passengers about 180 passengers yeah? Imagine how many wedding guess there are versus bj’s it. Would you like to meet the dj and I I mistakenly in my endless desire to please the customer said yes right and I’m, not exaggerating, it was my second year teaching, and this is how my day was december. They looked I looked at my to do list, it would say, call dj marquis to schedule a meeting with amanda find a time that works for her and for him and I’m like an business coach old school like the end of the phone and I’m like spending time works for him. I call her she’s. Just don’t work for me for cell phones were super popular back and forth to try to make it happen, and then one day my wife point. She says:do you even need to schedule that rendezvous I mean couldn’t you just tell them that all of our djs are professional and if you’re not happy will refund you and I thought to myself self you’re so stupid for not thinking about this before I decide. So that’s an example of that this is from ev williams, the co-founder of twitter founder of twitter, don’t feel fatigued by repetition. Instead, celebrate your single-mindedness is something you should do. Then you want to get it right as an example, I’m not exaggerating, I work, the pastor’s for a long time, pastors of churches and I have one pastor that asked me. Is there any way that I can just record my sermon in advance and just show it on a screen, because really, once a year, I say the same stuff anyway, I’m not kidding I thought to myself what I said seriously.

Is that really what you’re, asleep but I said really I mean outsource your pastor hat? That’s called making a youtube channel not running a church, that’s a little bit. He says yes, I was why don’t you outsource like salvation just like click this button and damn you go to heaven and money? Is that possible when I don’t know, I mean taurus marriage like there’s an app for that I just got head without so again, I mean sometimes you have to not feel fatigued by repetition. Like for elephant in the room we cut men’s hair. We outsource a robot, cutting your hair for you, I’m, going to maybe in the future. That could be a thing, but right now, except I mean i, don’t know if that’s a i, don’t know if you outsource haircuts, you remember wayne’s world, it was a sucker. Is that wayne’s, world and wayne were there first sponsors yeah of the wayne’s world 2 show based in aurora illinois there, business coach public access, cable channel, put it on girl’s head if I come back yard scissors. Alright, here’s the deal. What is a company called suck cut, they’re going to put this on your head and we’ll see if the cut sucks or something babies like to put it on his head, your vacuum, mixed with shrimp, it’s a vacuum for the hair cutting device, sucking my will to live it up. Wendy’s I just had to get it out. That was the source that comes in hot from the other co-founder of twitter and andy founder of square. What does he say their jump? This is one of my favorite quotes. I use this all the time with my clients and jack dorsey. What he says is make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect, but you can’t nail 10,000 thinks you got a scale that back and got to pick the things that actually matter and nail those things you nail it and then you scale it don’t give example. Please do elephant in the room, downtown i, love that painting, but you know I love that peyton. Would you do peyton? Would you have to put in 5 pieces of coal sister? You guys, and then you put on two pieces of wood and it just sort of smokes. 5 you seen this some cool I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know them into pieces of wood. It just sort of smokes out. The problem is all three elf in the room. Locations are not located in coweta through at work, camp, clark and chicken palace, and so we burn the smoke. The neighbors want to talk to us about it and say hey. You know the small gets blowing in my area, i, don’t like it and so and I get it because, because if they started smoking whatever they wanted to smoke next thing you know I would say home skillet. You know the smell that your smoke smoking over.

There is blowing into my ear and I was at the war of the smokes, and next thing you know right to smoke smoke smoke pretty soon as i. Can you smoke at vons, sponsored by marlboro an elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge. You smoke yourself too thin for this, just in fried nation. If you only live on a diet consisting of meat and vegetables and cigarettes, no just meat and vegetables, you could and john kelly’s case lose 41 activity. Told me today, correct the record. 37 lb lb under 3 months is a tip for getting thin. You could just smoke turns out that you could just smoke meat as a way to getting thin I just love the fact that you pointed out that smoke smoking meat is actually a way to smoke your way too thin. So the client, all the time and I want to read it to you. As you scale your business coach , you want to minimize the number of small individual decisions that you need to make throughout the day, so that you can begin to focus on the implementation, execution and accountability, and not the development of constantly new ideas that don’t get executed. Look at the gym. You’ve been located there in downtown broken arrow. How many years have you been open? There, the hub, gym I go in at 8 years at that location. Whenever you hire a new person to work with you, do they not bring with them?

They just a variety of endless marketing ideas that are infinitely impossible to execute. Oh yeah everybody’s got good ideas to you over the years as the owner of the hub gym in downtown smoothie ideas. Let me think about this. You hire people over the years ago. Hey boss, I’ve, got a couple. Ideas would really grow the business. Your fun runs. Networking chamber me:what are all the ideas you’ve heard of fedex pose the weekly with lunch meetings. You know let’s get together and have coffee and talk about the ideas straight instagram right, just get it up. You know all that stuff keep going, you’re healing somebody out there I know some of his issue. The fact that maybe we held accountable to things makes it less of a culture that we can work together, yeah right now how we markets the elephant in the room, men’s grooming left on here at the deal I’m going to tell you the moves that we do, but the business coach problem is in this game. It’s about who executed consistently not about who has the new idea. So what we do? What we’re topping google to? We set up signs for a $1 first haircut, sweet. We do facebook retargeting ads, for we do mailers this week. I tracked it down because right now, as we get closer to franchising, I’m nailing down the numbers this week we turn down 300 haircuts and we’re only spending on marketing about $1,500 a week.

So we are very brave locations and have 300 haircuts, and we do the same thing over every week over and over and over again and soaking, saying about coming up with a bunch of new ideas. It’s about mailing the idea and then scaling it. So if you have an email inquiry, that’s coming in your website consistently I would highly recommend you get with your coach to write an effective autoresponder on that autoresponder. You want to include minimal text no more than three lines of text and include a link to video testimonials or text testimonials. All you guys do. Babies take those pre-written, email inquiry. Responses are responders at the credible well with the doubt that try to consume for the future that I can pursue. I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want to win, yes, you will, today is your day and now is your time


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