How to Create a Company Culture (with NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player, David Robinson)

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Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson teaches how to create a winning culture based upon both your personality and your values. Listen and learn from the best business coach team on the planet.

Get ready to enter that thrive time show 321 boom. Alright thrive nation during today’s best business coach podcast, David Robinson the NBA hall of fame basketball player and my best business coach friend explains the importance of how to create a company culture, how to create a winning culture based upon both your personality and your values. You want to create a a culture so strong and so polarized middle. It really attracts or repels people from the organization that is so strong that people want to work there because of you or they don’t want to work there because of you, the values and the personality of inserted into your business. How do you do it? Where do you start without any further ado david robinson explains how to create a winning culture. Why is it that most of us watching this? We, the people who own these businesses, they don’t prioritize culture? Why is it that most people, just it it’s it’s like a low on the priority list? It’s like I’m, going to sell some stuff I’m going to ship the stuff I’m going to I’m going to end. How come my cultures, like? Maybe the last two? If I have time the key is you have to have some value system yourself, something that is important to you and and it’s okay, to express those things within the culture of your organization.

And you know people follow people, you know people invest in people. You know it’s a it’s a it’s. What drives the growth? It’s what you know I knew at carver. A lot of our people came to work for carver because of my personality because they wanted to support what we were doing and, and so I think it’s the same way with any business. If people see their see your business and she said they seen the power of your business and they see the power of your character they’re going to want to follow you and people a lot of times we look at an organization and I want to work at that place by culture. I think it attracts the right type of people, but you have to have a purse now. Do you have to have an understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it and and that magnetic personality will draw people I know when I first started my dj company before I started the best business coach program we have now, we did entertainment for who started the dorm room and we drove to the point where we eventually doing three or four thousand a weddings and corporate event every year. I am somebody who loves to exceed expectations of people. That’s like a game. I play I love to just kind of had that little extra, something and I love humor, so I’m kind of like a Steve Martin, meats business guy, just like the mess around people. I remember the first time, I hired somebody who didn’t appreciate. Humor, because I ain’t had a girl from me to we 412-2223 I heard the first person who didn’t appreciate him or just put up with it and didn’t like the over deliver and I started. Thinking, like am I weird or why do I took me about 2 years David to figure this out and when I said that and I read this book called nuts about southwest and it talks about the culture of southwest airlines and how they do you want to build your personality. You would build a business around your personality and in and I thought.

Well, you know what he probably could work someplace great, but not here, I start hiring people that sort of shared my best business coach energy and values, and it took off absolutely not know what type of person you are and if you’re at leeds impetus for the business. If you are driving the business, then there you have to kind of have to have a a a business or culture that that ross people to that business too. So very important I appreciate you giving us the principle these tips, because this is things that I think a lot of people might say:that’s common sense, but it’s not common. It’s not happening. I appreciate you for teaching us this stuff cuz. You been a winner on the court and off the court. So again, thank you for your time


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