How Do You Create a Culture of Discipline (with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson)

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Legendary San Antonio Spur and NBA Hall of Fame basketball player David Robinson explains how to create a culture of discipline in the workplace and in any organizational culture.

Welcome back to another edition of the thrive time business coach show on your podcast download. Now on today’s episode, I have a unique I had a unique opportunity to sit down with david robinson, the nba hall of fame basketball player, who has gone on to achieve massive success off the court. I mean the guy wanted to gold medals as an olympic athlete has a basketball player. You also went to nba championships, he’s a part-owner of the of the san antonio spurs. He built the carver academy school system. You really should check that out. The george washington carver academy, unbelievable charter school system. He built academy sports the centerplate a company to provide a lot of the food that you can buy. A professional sports arenas. His investment fund is called the admiral fund. If you get a chance to check that out, I mean the guy is just super successful everything that he has touched in his life since enrolling in the united states naval academy, who seems to have have turned to gold and one of the things that david robinson doesn’t have a problem with, or at least you don’t see from the outside him. Having a problem with is discipline within his organizations. He’s a man who is patterned himself. As an athlete I mean the guy worked out constantly pushing himself to the physical limits. You just look like a physical specimen. The guy was just like pooping a superhero during his nba career I mean his arms were massive. His body state a great physical shape. I mean he just was very rigorous as a as a student in college, ray, rigorous as a professional athlete and very rigorous as a business person he’s also very kind person. So during this interview, I sat down with david and I asked him. How do you instill a culture of of discipline? You know I have especially to school, the carver academy. Started a school to serve dinner. City, kids that couldn’t afford to go to private school and the kids who have gone through his program have gone on to have massive success. It’s at. How do you take an intercity kid whom it may be, brings a lot of a negativity in with them when you roll them in school, and how do you bring an inner-city kid into your school program without bringing the intercity kid attitude into the school? How do you change the mindset of employees on your team? How do u? N n, still a culture of discipline, I think you’re going to love this interview. I know I certainly enjoyed it and that he further ado. Is he one on one with david robinson, as we talked about how to instill how to create a culture of discipline? Do you have a system in place of this is what the next step is. This is the next step. This is the next step.

Do you have those progressive disciplinary procedures nominal at that? That was really her role, and so you know we, but we didn’t focus on the the punishments, but we did have kids knew what the step 1 step 2 step 3 step forward, and you know for me in college I remember in one particular class there was a sequence of events that we would go through. I was growing at the time of route 66 in college, so I fell asleep. Quite often, I fell asleep in this one class and I remember they were stages that I went through and what stage 6 I think was getting an f in the class for the semester about stage. 4 will understand that you have one chance to chance, but this is an action. That’s not tolerated in this environment, and if you are, if you’re constantly positively reinforcing that, then you generally tend to not focus on the spankings as much as the the encouragement for somebody and let’s say that I hired you to come work from the bakery, then just tell you he hears our handbook. Here’s our mission-and he ran in the here-is our eyes. Are disciplinary policy as well as kind of a bunch of things that you’re reading, or how do you recommend you tell somebody about this disappoint me if I’m a small business owner watching this, how do you recommend that we bring up the conversation? So people know what it is to focus on it? How do you do that? You make it clear I think you always always go back to culture. You talk about culture and in any organization. Mentorship leadership is always keep it in the best way to do it is to put them with someone who can walk them through the business coach process. Someone who knows the culture, someone who who does it right so they can see what right looks like and then when they do wrong, they can be corrected immediately by the the mentor. So I think that that’s a real key is to walk people through a process and get them to understand this. What right looks like you know when we see wrong with it was wrong, but this is what it looks like when it’s done the correct way. So I can I think you just have to focus on the positive focus on. That’s why it’s so that’s why it’s so important to define rolls, because you have to know what it looks like it’s hard when you don’t know what it looks like you don’t know. What’s wrong, it’s you don’t know when you’re stepping out of bounds, you don’t know when something is not acceptable. So if you, if you have the the picture clearly painted for them, then I think you spend a lot less time focusing on the negative and I would use my children as an example when they were smaller.

I would spank them when they did something wrong, but when you don’t but I always focused on the loving part, so even after I had to spank them, I would have I would hug them and I was I would never spank them when I was angry because I didn’t want them to think it was just I was just mad at them yeah that was a consequence of your action, but then I would spend a lot of time, hugging them and talking to them about. You know this is why you can’t do that. It’s not a good thing for you in the long term. I can’t have you doing that, and so what what ends up happening is, after a short. Of time you never spank them again, because they understand the discipline. They understand the business coach structure, the consequences when I do things wrong, but I get such great reinforcement when I do things right that there’s not really a reason for me to step out of bounds anymore so that it happens in a family it and you can make it so that it happens in an organization. The same way


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