How to Create Effective Inbound Scripts

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When your business phone rings do your people know what to say? Clay Clark breaks down the proven process for writing effective inbound phone scripts.

  1. Rapport (Script out 5 questions)
  2. Needs (Script out 5 questions)
  3. Benefits (Script out 3 benefits)
  4. Close (Script out 5 closing questions)
  5. Isolate and Overcome Objections (Script out 5 questions)
  6. FAQ Script (Script out 5 questions)
  7. ACTION ITEM – Type Up the Script (using Epic Photography Template Script)


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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the thrive time show 3 2 1 business coaching nation. We are going to be teaching you a super skill that will help you to pay the bills. You have a business where your phone rings and bound ever people are calling you you’re not always calling them where you’re getting leads that are coming into your phone, while you’re getting constant customer service calls into your office as if he does you, you definitely want to take notes. Cuz chuck were talking about what we are going to breaking down, how to create an inbound script to know how to make an inbound screen. Man, man, man, man, man, man, that’s going to be awesome, and so is your purse talk like place talking right now, if you do not I say this because I had an employee back in the day with dj connection who bake brownies in an in the brownies put in marijuana in certain states, you can do that mac and when you do that you’re going to be around people that smoke a lot of pot around these people, I’ve been earlier in my life. That’s that’s the gas station. So this is how they would talk the phone ring and some would call and the people who smoke pot say this is what they experienced experienced a they call it. A lessening of anxiety. I would call this it’s a lessening of standards or ambition, so you basically become cool with anything yeah man mixed with slight paranoia, because you’re worried that you are going to be arrested and you’re, not really sharp. At that point, and you also start to see connections between things where there are no connections, and so you begin to that’s why a lot of people smoke a lot of pot when I write a lot of music? Is there seeing connections and there’s a lot of artist that did that too? But I’m telling you it’s a it’s a will. You have people who answer your phone and my case dj connection I discovered that a lot of the guys I would hire we’re just high as a kite, sometimes and when you’re paying people $89 an hour.

You understand you’re not dealing with the cream of the crop, because everybody needs an entry-level job, but over time. If you do a good job, I mean just by attrition I kept getting a promoted at target i, just by showing up every day, they’re like wow, based upon the fact that you were here everyday, but this is how the phone calls would go with before I had the script the phone would ring thanks for calling dj connection yeah, it did sound like busy high. Is he coughing? Does he have a lawyer, next issue? What’s going on sleeping i, pull them aside at the g i? Need you to answer the phone with more enthusiasm, eat some gusto and he would say, dj connection yeah. Why did you just giggle? This is awesome. Cuz, like they didn’t say anything and I was like knowing it and I was waiting for it to sound professional dj connection, services for entertainment and everything and i. Don’t ask me if it’s good cuz you’re currently on the business coaching phone, so you end up realizing one, no matter what skip to build. You need to have good working. The good workers you member. That reminds me of you. Remember that snl skit, where chris farley interviews, paul mccartney. Yes, no script, no words! If you guys have not seen the chris farley documentary, it’s absolutely hysterical, the one of the things that chris farley had a major drug problem and an alcohol problem, and he also the fear of crowds. We are so in order to get ready for his performances. He would usually get high and or drunk simultaneously performance. Michaels says to him the producers, his hey you skip rehearsals, were interviewing paul mccartney on the show, perhaps the biggest musician of all time. I need to know that you have it, you got it. I got it. I got it.

We goes up on the show and he doesn’t read his. Never rehearsed he’s, never read the notes. If you watch him on saturday night live, the chris farley interview with paul mccartney, it is him literally drunk or high as a kite for interviewing paul. Mccartney know it’s a good one. So you are you. How are you I could just so weird, but that’s going to have a script. They got to have a script. So what you do is you have to write out your script or five questions for building repore. Your five questions for establishing the needs. Your 503 benefits that you deliver benefit is a solution to a problem, supported by a fact that you want us at your closing question, which is where you go for the clothes will put this all in the show notes. What we’re going to do is, let’s put an business coaching example on the show notes of a of a sample script that we make available if they email it from the show. If. You email info at thrivetime show.Com, but don’t put the extra email just type it out. So just right, if you email info and then spell out 80 at you know so that we don’t get spam email. If you email info at thrive time should I come will send you the scripts. You can see your recorded call, so you can see that too. What happens is this is an example of the call then, once you build the scriptures that would help papers on epic photography, my name is clay clark. How can I make your day great and those are the literal words that I’m saying the customer. Almost every time would say:hey I was just calling to see how much you charge and then the script says:that’s cray.

What day are you looking at and then they would tell you when he’s awesome and then what venue are you looking at and no matter what venue they say? You’d say what let me check real quick to make sure we have that open. That’s because there are certain days were booked in certain days were wide open, told me to check and you come back and you put on hold you come back and say:hey guess what great news we have at least two availability is open on your day, and you said your wedding is at bessica pisces right and it said yeah or your weddings at embassy, suites right right and no matter what venue it was. They would turn the manager and ask if he wants a cool thing about that place and it’s over the waterfalls around. So then I hear that place is awesome. The waterfalls, they are great ryan alone. All you guys have been there an instant report and then you say, needs to charge the same price. What’s the main you’re looking for out of a business coaching or photographer, and they tell you this is this is magic. Then you’d say why me ask you this I want to make sure we we make sure you’re qualified for all the right specials. How did you hear about us and I could literally teach somebody who would never sold insurance before mortgages before real estate before photography before dentistry before orthodontics, before haircuts before carpet cleaning before any industry fitness before I could teach you how to do sales within usually 2 hours, so I can hire you right now in 2 hours on the phone.

Can you practice the script until you can’t get it wrong? You don’t practice until you get it right. You practice until you can’t get drunk, then that you make a list of all of the faq the elephant. The room people are always wanting to know, you know:can they get into their haircut in the problem? Is we have only three locations to serve people in tulsa and I have no interest in opening up a fourth, and so the real is it that we’re booked out most of the time for non-members, and so we have to get used to doing with that. Certain people want to cancel and they want to know if they get a refund for the membership. Cuz they didn’t show up for the haircut problem is, is that we still are paying someone to be there at that time. So, no just like a jab, we don’t need no script. We had to build and that’s how we have to be at the moment, epic, you script and then you just roll play. Ray charles. Where do you see a lot of entrepreneurs, charles koolay with business coaching client colaw fitness? You have three multimillion-dollar gym. Where you see a lot of entrepreneurs gets stuck as it relates to writing a script. Well, they just don’t take action. I! Think the big thing is, you start, you have to take action have to start doing it and then you’ll start seeing either it’s working or is not working, and then you slowly make adjustments and i. Think the big thing is, everyone wants to hit it perfect right off the bat, and so they just don’t take action so start and take action immediately and you’ll start getting feedback. And then you can, you know you’re fine, it phone calls in your coach can show you how to do this, but you have to record your calls that way:you’re giving them specific, concise feedback about what they can do better, as opposed to vague principles taught in the way. That does not make sense, and that is how you write an inbound call script


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