How to Create an Effective Mailer

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Are you contemplating sending out a mass mailer to your ideal and likely buyers? Are you struggling to design the perfect mailer? Clay Clark teaches you the details for creating an effective mailer.

Best Practice Mailers 101 –

  1. Call Valpak
    1. Cal Tulsa location – Ann Hanford (918) 747-0990. Email | [email protected]
  2. Call  
  3. Bulk Mail or Valpak Checklist:
    1. Demographics
    2. Income
    3. Frequency
    4. Break even point
      1. How many deals need to close from the mailer to cover the cost?

The Perfect Mailer

  1. Call to action
  2. Phone Number
  3. Website address
  4. Social proof
    1. “As seen on”
    2. “Highest reviewed”
    3. “Partnered with”
  5. Logo
  6. Expiration date of the special
  7. Promo code
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coaching workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com lifetime show on your podcast download business coach. What are we talking about? What are we talking about I’m at a loss of words on a podcast on how to create an effective mahler, mahler mahler mahler? So not like a man? Oh no i! Don’t like sleeping a lot of people, males and females. Listen to show! You would ask yourself. Does anybody even use a mailer today right? So this is what I meant miller’s work good, because no one’s doing them anymore. It’s like mailers work, really well cuz everyone’s, not doing it and see so it’s cheaper! Now, cuz you’re always going to give you a good rate. Some to let you down the secret. You see on autopia, dominates, oh hear the moves. Okay step, number one! You want to reach out to valpak valpak. She want to call valpak today, let’s put the number on the show notes for and with valpak of the tulsa location, to my bulk mail., okay, so you want to call valpak and you want to call my bulk mail., valpak is a company that is run as a franchise franchisees.

What’s a blue envelope, they mailed to you and in in a blue envelope. There’s just tons of coupons like papa john’s is always in their dry. Cleaners are always in there. It’s a good movie, and then you have my bulk mail. Now, there’s two different series, both of which were well tell pack, is saying hey. This could be a really cheap for you, because we’re going to put your coupons in an envelope with other coupons. So therefore, it’s cheaper, cuz you’re not having to pay for the postage us all by yourself by yourself, it’s more expensive than it is going by yourself, you’re being at yourself you’re, taking pictures yourself. It’s a selfie, your mailing, it yourself cuz! You yourself want to do a mail and more expensive, so you want to start my make it a call to business coaching friend at valpak make a call to my bulk mail. Your coach can help you with this. Then after you do that on the phone call with the valpak, with my bulk mail you’re, going to go through the same exact checklist to make a check list of all the things I need to go through email or checklist. You want to make sure that you nail down the demographics of who your mailing it to demo. Graphics you mean graphics of demolition sites. No I mean graphics like it’s the graphics of like this is who lives here so elephant the room. We would only male people with an average household income of over a hundred thousand for verbal, combined between husband and wife haircut. That’s just on average. Do you want to go to the demographics, the income to go to the frequency?

How often are you going to mail this next move job? You want to go over your break even point like how many deals do you need to get from the mailers to break even this is where so many people get their advertisement wizard you get it all. Screwed up. Your advertisement should just pay for itself homes. You shouldn’t be able to make a profit on your advertisement, because what you want to do you want to break, even because if you wear our customer they’re going to tell someone else, so that’s how that works. So you want to break even on the mailers. So for a guy like colaw fitness elephant, the room, if you’re dropping 3 grand a month on may orders and the average member, how much does the average member pay per month over there colaw fitness right now? Yes, it might not be a move for you or am I i, don’t know where elephant in the room I know that number so I don’t get emotional. I just mail and mail and mail and mail and I don’t stop mailing and mailing, and mailing and people say i, don’t care I’m going to mail and mail mail, mail, mail, I can’t right now, that’s a good place to be turning down more haircuts per week than our business coaching competitors do a week. So we got to do less mailers and more recruiting to stylist the perfect mailer hits. Radio shows it’s kind of hard to explain that to you, but we will put as a downloadable chep the perfect miller and I would like if we could put a link to a perfect mailer examples that way the tribe nation can find if you’ll just reach out to your coach I’ll make sure your coach pulls it up in the meeting.

So that way, they can show it to you and break it down with your coach can show you a perfect, mailer and I’d like to show you the mailers, for either oxyfresh or elephant in the room and there’s no magic. It just the same thing over and over and over, and you have to have a prominent call to action on there. I have a prominent business coaching call action on there. You got to have a prominent called action. I guess it’s so good that people can’t say no to it. So it’s like the first haircuts. Only a dollar you deserve to experience it for the first time, everyone deserves experience, the elephant, the room haircut for the first time, experience at one time dollar for the first time. Try it out today for the phone number to put the website. Do you want to add business coaching social proof to it? The social proof is an as seen on or the haircut company of choice for this celebrity or some kind of proof that you’re the real deal right and then you’d want to add a kenmore social groups.

You could say with over we’re the highest reviewed business in tulsa for the highest haircut review it over the highest reviewed haircut business in tulsa, and you can put was over 1,400 five star rating means. We can’t be wrong, but they can’t be wrong or something like that. So it’s kind of fun is tulsa. Only has like five thousand people in tulsa proper, so I might be a little crappy weather to be like I’m, closer to 2000 reviews. I might say something like you know. Over 3% of tulsa has given us a 5-star review, or something or going through this with you, so you won’t leave them for the whole. As you’ll see it got to put your logo on there and, if you’re ever going to do a mailer with an offer you want to put when it expires. But you know the expiration date of the special is good to expire like in 2 weeks. There’s some kind of call action, sense of urgency. Yes and then you put a promo code, so you say mention promo code elephant to and get 2 free add-ons or papa john’s and get two free breadsticks or mention promo code oxy and get one extra bonus room clean. You can track what’s working nights at rocco’s walking, you have to know what’s working, otherwise you might spend money on mail that won’t work, because you measure what you treasure, what she was fragile. So that’s how it works. So that’s, that’s! That’s! That’s true! Then. What you do is you just commit to mailing anyone make sure miller breaks. Even that’s. It was cool thing about me. Lord says you don’t have to motivate the mailer just it sticks. Here’s the deal, I just tell people when your marketing, your business, you want to be like a postage stamp, sticky and licked by a human tongue. Know you stick to it until you get there. Oh I see what you’re doing to it until you get that telemarketing works, you stick to it until you get there. We have a mailing company you’re, paying like valpak they’re, happy to charge that credit card every month and they’re business coacing happy to mail someone when they won’t stop mailing. It works until now that we’ve gone over the moves related how to do a mailer where, where where our clients may be going to get stuck or where do you think, there’s some questions and maybe I have not done a decent enough of a job or or I would dive deep enough into answering the call I would say with the most the business coaching clients that I work with, and even my experience in the past running a concrete company even know about the whole prince will didn’t know any of these things that you know I would have obviously thought of a company name, and maybe your phone number in whatever. But all of these items are exactly what we talked about and want to kind of explain. It makes sense and it works you and hear something. It’s really crazy. I love, hearing crazy stuff, there’s a guy we work with, has a carpet cleaning company. Yes, complete carpet, yes and complete carpet is in oklahoma.

I am not allowed to work with any carpet cleaning businesses outside oklahoma right because oxyfresh is all over, the world around, the world around, the world around, the number one rated carpet cleaning company in the world around the world around, so we really dominate I mean if you think about oxi fresh, and just how awesome it is I mean you think about the profundity of of my humbleness combined with the excellence. This business is true. We have over 200 in 3,000 visitors to our website from seo about that is crazy. Just from that I do we book more carpets in a day than most companies book in the year? What school you look on google for the search results for carpet cleaning quote number to stanley, steamers steamers on 126th and 812 reviews with 120 6812 reviews to the average score of 4.6. So what does that mean? It means, like me, know what works so it’s complete carpet we’ve been able to tell him what works and he came into our office chop and do you know what he brought for our team to remember? If you brought us breakfast also like bakery items, yellow road, hillside fruit, tray any wrote on a piece of wood engraved, he said we’re up 280 / sooner date, 208 8%, our sales rep to turn 8% mormon i, believe form so check it out. If you’re listening right now, I’ve probably worked in your industry before party crack, the code home skillet i, already know how to do it. All you got to do is just have the confidence in the swag needed to pick up the phone and to schedule a business coaching consultation, and it’s cost you nothing for a consultation will do a free consultation to help. You increase your compensation, but it does not work unless you make that communication job am I missing. Something now I just want to tack on to that and say that this this assessment that we do with business owners, even if you decide not to move forward like almost everyone, I’ve ever done-has been an eye-opening experience for the business owner that you’re looking at the business from a different point of view that nobody, when you’re out there running a business, your kind of all by yourself most the time. Nobody really cares. Everybody thinks you have a lot of time and a lot of money and you probably don’t-and so you sit down with somebody who objectively reviews these your business with you in 13 different areas. We put a number rating to it and it’s it’s a really awesome experience just all around so so bad is how it works.

We would love to help you design a mailer, but me up. Charles cola in the box he’s built a very successful a brand called colaw fitness. They have three locations. One in joplin, I have one in topeka they’ve got one in bartlesville, oklahoma, thousands of members, a great company checking out colaw fitness. Com charles. What questions would you have about executing an effective mailer as a business owner? I? Think the big thing would be is having a really good no-brainer on it and getting it in front of that target so I mean i, would I’ve always focused on you have to get something that you can for sure get them so I coupon! That’s on it! That’s like a little like I like a dotted line. This come and do this or buy 1, get 2 free or something it’s like crazy. Stupid dude I gave an unbelievable no-brainer to a restaurant. Back in the day in this restaurant blue. Here’s the deal. We want our new business coaching right, so it was come in and get a free entree. You know before a certain time, so just free on android, app free, so people would come and get the free entree how’s that work. They said where’s it going to do if you purchase a beverage of any kind and and whatever they need a free entree like the beverage and whatever they got kind of busy paid for itself, but he gets like an entree and not a beverage. Typically, am it’s very rare, you know and they got a lot of people in the door and that works really really well to have free entree before certain times. That’s never slow and no one wants to go to a restaurant.

That’s new and slow! No one’s been there and I need to get that line around the door. So you’re, saying i, shouldn’t go move forward with my idea of a restaurant called new and slow new and slow is not the way to go, but we went to this mail or email her for a month because it created that enough energy right there then, the next month we said, come on in try to food. If you leave us a objective, google review, we will give you free, appetizers and whatever so now. The line is still moving, but now there’s that good energy they’re that good energy and now we have a male or that we never stop doing. This is very fair. It’s a buy one get one free on this day before this time the door baby got the people coming in to the beat of gold and look you got to get people into wow them and then they will refer you now, thrive nation again do not be a stranger. If you ever have a question, you can always email us to info at thrive time. Show.Com have a question. Just ask your business, coach or email us at info at thrive time show.Com. My name is clay clark I am a business coach and i. Have one asked for you. This is the one asked I would encourage you to find the drive time show on itunes or stitcher, preferably itunes, preferably for you probably easier to do probably find the drive time to show on itunes and leave us in objective business coaching reviews of subscribe to podcast and leave us an objective review and here’s the deal were making right now, I’m going to give you a free conference tickets to our april.

What date is april, 14th, friday and saturday drivetime show in person workshop it’s going to be awesome. A lot of the clients come every time. A lot of former client so I’ll give all over the world last time, I feel from guam fuel from new york city people from florida people from texas people from colorado people from michigan up in that place everywhere. I have time show in the world headquarters. Have you not seen the workshop yet just google search, drivetime, show reviews you can find some objective reviews and find video reviews. If you go to drivetime, show me cooking the conference’s button. You can see it at a 3d walkthrough to or we give you it’s all there, but if it does go to thrive time show on itunes subscriber the podcast leave us an objective review and as soon as your contact information to info at thrive time should I come, we will send you two free conference. What is this coach running further new to 100


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