How to Create No Brainer Advertisements 101 | Creating Ads That Generate Qualified Leads

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What is a no-brainer offer? On this man cave edition of the business coach Thrivetime Show Dr Z and Clay will tell you what a no-brainer is and why it is so important to have one.

  1. You must have an advertisement that is so compelling that people cannot say no to it because people decide to buy and not buy for the following 5 reasons:
    1. Note – Nothing hurts your brand more than going out of business.
      1. Reason #1 – They trust the organization, the product or the service.
      2. Reason #2 – Everybody else is buying the product or service.
      3. Reason #3 – Celebrities are endorsing the product or service.
      4. Reason #4 – To eliminate their fear of loss buyers buy now when they believe a limited time special is going to expire soon.
      5. Reason #5 – To deal itself is so good, it doesn’t make sense to not at least give it a try.
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Attend the world’s best business coach taught workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to info at thrivetime show.Com, alright, tribe nation. We are coming back at you with an answer to a question. We get asked all the time. Why do I have to create a no-brainer at that supposed to be so good that it causes the human brain to disconnecting to say, okay, I’ll go and fill out. The form of the deal is so good, but in the world of sales, you’re innocent until proven guilty, so buyers in today’s marketplace typically buy for five reasons. There might be some other moves. There other reasons a bible there’s five by big ones, five, five core ones they buy because they trust the organization recent want to trust it they buy because they everybody else is buying either they hear the oh, my gosh everyone’s going to the aviary work going I should go to everyone’s wearing nike I should wear nike. You know the third is celebrities. They go gas, george foreman’s and doors. In that thing, man I got to speak as a business coach, it would eliminate fear. They say:gosh, listen this special at bed bath & beyond. If we don’t buy these 14 towels right now we’re going to lose $300 of savings when if we don’t go to target right now, so you can’t save $50.

If we don’t buy now we could be saving money if we don’t buy by tonight. The midnight sale expires. My move is super target by the way, I don’t even see the bottoms like a regular target I mean i. Just I mean it’s a supervisor on my part of the west tulsa jenks hill development, people that are getting sterile, regular target. So we want to try to be average or a little bit below average. That was weird. You know, I mean terrible. I have a super. Target doesn’t make sense not to at least to give it price of the one by one. They trust the organization product or service people are going to buy from your trust, to be a lot of entrepreneur, say i, don’t want to go out there and ask people for reviews, because that would require rejection. It would require rejection, and the thing about it is is that you got understand you’re missing out the right now, i, don’t care what industries are in i, don’t care I mean i, do care and I go get them, but the thing about it is:is people are looking at reviews mean 80, plus percent 8%. The thing about it is people. People are looking and if you are not proactive about getting the right kind of huge, what are unhappy with you, the trolls they will leave a review for like.

Are you kidding me like a business coach competitor and there’s no rush, no pressure hold of accuracy to add it. Just hate it i, don’t know. It. I, hadn’t heard county hot billing at yahoo.Com.. Everybody else is buying. This is why you can never stop advertising. Everybody else is buying junk jersey for your business, dr. Robert, zoellner and associates. You been running ads for how many years on the radio 6 years old-oh, oh, oh, oh o’reilly’s, auto, parts, big, never stop advertising the people by because everybody else is buying her something something comforting about knowing that the company you’re buying from never stops advertising don’t want to fight the poverty mindset of somebody I’m at turn, my ads up for it turn off roaming turn off for weeks. Talk to you about that. My time on advocate kind of a pulse mentality and advertising for what I do is is i. Take instead of spreading money out equally all four weeks. Yes, I’ll double up and I’ll do two of the four weeks really heavy and I will dominate and fresh, like arnold schwarzenegger stepping on the grapevine today during my heavy week. They won’t hear me during my off week, of course, I’m not on stomach during the week and go wow wow. You are nice guy. That’s actually my little tricks that I choose my business like george foreman the parade and get in front of it be able to find a parade in front of people. Think it’s your parade, but people will do that until you have it on your personality, for example, who’s been on here for five six seven, eight years, building rapport building I mean he’s in there or in their living room everyday turn off your electricity for a couple weeks. Nail gun test it out, because you have to understand that if your business is not healthy for business, isn’t growing. If you’re not doing the advertising your business needs, everything is going to be a fail, but I know michael levine, one of the thrive business coach mentors has said that all the fastest 500 growing companies in the world spend 11% of your gross budget on advertising shoot. Yet I know that the small business owners don’t spend money on advertising and I know. Michael levine is the pr consulting for nike and pizza hut and nancy kerrigan, and the clintons in the bushes I know that he says the fastest 500 growing companies. The world spend 11% of advertising, but I don’t want to turn off my cable i. Don’t want to sacrifice i, don’t want to have one car i, don’t want to delay gratification starbucks the doctor never delayed his gratification. No, no! No! He didn’t. He was born with a silver spoon. He grew up in poverty in any of meat. It was handed spoon, see talk about delaying gratification. If you delay your gratification, if you do that another word:you don’t got the big house, you don’t go out and get the car.

You don’t go out and get all that mean how many bills you have look at all the way out. All your bills in your dad’s, how many williams, how many bills you have? How many of those things do you have I mean you have to have I really like directv. The super package with the I can watch the, descent 2 nfl I want to like watching it. 20 australian league football, cleveland, browns fan and I meant to say it wasn’t folks, I promise you this delay your gratification now and it’ll pay off in a hundred fold a thousand fold down the business coach road and if you delayed gratification nap and do the steps that we tell you to do one of these days you can buy directv i, don’t know, that’s just mean that we may still have like brown do advertising it doesn’t work out someday you own. The cleveland browns loser is your they’re moving to going places. I can tell you where does it effective, color of the color wheel? And if you are mascot like, if you are management, ambiguous formulas, just it’s kind of fun? Do you want to live in a fear of loss? So what you can have a limited-time special I gave you by now you could save this money, but it tip top k-9. You guys guarantee the results today. Brian with the founder of tip top k-9 on the show today, tip top k-9 is a dog training. Business is done very, very well I’ll talk to you about this. Don’t do any money back guarantee. Is that if you’re not happy after the first two or three lessons, then you can add you call the office get a full refund or if you just don’t even like the trainer that comes out, you can still get a refund. Now, if you want jerry seinfeld, there’s a famous episode where kramer tell jason I’m going to I’m going to go hot tub and he says kramer you’ve never built anything. What what you mean I’m going to go hot tub, john I’ll bet you they make some sort of pat and then, when he doesn’t get it done jerry’s like time to pay up their kramer and he does. But that’s the point you owe me because he caught so I bought a business coach business. I just want to do a guarantee z, but they don’t want to pay out when they. So if you’re not willing to do a guarantee, what does it say about your business? You don’t even believe in it. I got the silence is like mental violence. It doesn’t make sense to not at least give it a try and therein lies the no-brainer. So it tip top k-9. What is your no-brainer? Do you make to all the listeners out there in tulsa and beyond? There are no brainer is a $1 for your first lesson. So you have a dog. Is misbehaving, be hella crazy, urinating everywhere eating the things you care about your saying, hey for $1, we can come out meet with you, guys, sit down talk about what’s going on, and then we actually work with your dog for 10, 15, 20 minutes and then go from there or back if it doesn’t work out a dog that they brought to you.

That, after said lessons you just could you just said: don’t bring your dog back? We like, if it’s a really hard dog or say it’s in bread or something is not right. You know what happens if a dog from arkansas I don’t know and I’ll run up on you, big chandelier, arkansas, little rock to hot springs, so we’re so excited you can figure out how to hit the play button. What we’re doing is, where is show that doesn’t look for patterns? No, we don’t look. What I learned through exactly I want to say that I appreciate you as a business coach for learning the english language and I took it just now. Learning english language I want you to know that the phrase we was is intact. We was you and you don’t need to say by god I beat her statement to end. We was going down. We was going out by god, if you don’t need to say by god to in the statement where you at freddy’s blood, out of state and cleveland to the city of cleveland, to where were listening to this show, and you are in cleveland, and you have the level delirium needed to believe that your franchise is not terrible every year, then you have bigger issues than we can possibly tackle all right. So we come back on our next podcast about search engine 101 and fighting how search engines work and dealing with the profundity in the reality of death, taxes and google 321


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