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Do you manage a call center or a team of customer service representatives? Learning to write effective outbound scripts is critical to your success. Listen as Clay Clark breaks down the steps you to take to write a powerful outbound phone script during this business podcasts segment.

  2. You need an outbound script if you have to make repetitive outbound phone calls
  3. Create for Calling Dream 100 List
    1. Part 1 – Rapport (Script out 5 questions)
    2. Part 2 – Needs (Script out 5 questions)
    3. Part 3 – Benefits (Script out 3 benefits)
    4. Part 4 – Close (Script out 5 closing questions)
    5. Part 5 – Isolate and Overcome Objections (Script out 5 questions)
    6. Part 6 – FAQ Script (Script out 5 questions)
  4. Mass text messaging tool
  5. Mass Voicemail tool
  6. Call recording tool
    1. #1 pick – Clarity Voice –
    2. #2 pick – 8×8
    Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell
  8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “To become an effective cold calling system you must develop a repeatable script and you must record your calls. When you or your team is calling they must talk SUPER SLOW. The pros go slow and con-artists talk fast. You must record your calls and make sure that you do not ever sound like a cold caller, but your team must read a repeatable script. Then once you nail this repeatable script you can create a life-changing and fast growing empire.” – Clay Clark
  9. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Clay’s last day working at the Call Center
  10. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Oral Roberts University Call Center –
  11. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You certainly were the on-site leader that we needed for this calling campaign.  By watching you work with these students and seeing the result, I became reassured that hiring you to do exactly what you did was the right thing to do.  Your team brought in over $120K in gifts and pledges, which may be an all-time ORU phonathon record! But I’ll have more for you later. Again, thanks for everything….and don’t drink too much Red Bull!” Jesse D. Pisors, B.A. (1996) M.A. (2005) | Director of Alumni & Ministerial Relations and Annual Fund |
  12. ACTION ITEM – Type Up the Script (using Epic Photography Template Script)


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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the thrive time, show 3, 2, 1. This is the business podcasts download eric chuck business coach. What are we talking about today? Hey yo, hey yo, hey work today we’re going to get in in this segment 2, creating an outbound sales script, script, okay, so I guess the question that would listeners would have you might have is why do I need to know this? What kind of scenario in the game of business would I create an outbound script? Examples that the average human mind can handle this, and if anybody’s listening to this-and you say, i-have no idea what you’re talking about it’s, not because you are a poor learner. It’s cuz, I’m, a poor teacher, so let’s just meet in the middle I’ll. Do my best to do your best. So here we go. If you have a business, we have to make a repetitive call:outbound, you would want to make a script. If you have a scenario, we have to make a repetitive call outbound. So, on the show today we have charles cole up with a cola fitness in his genius in just a moment, but he has a membership model. So if I’m, a member of colaw fitness in let’s say I’m in joplin, missouri or topeka kansas or a bartlesville and I’m, a member and i, have your absolute cheapest package possible. How much am I going to spend a month roughly for up for a membership there colaw fitness mistral’s to be $5 a month and therefore you cannot charge me, but I want to keep showing up to work out. Just somebody call me at colaw fitness or how do you handle it? When someone has a cancellation cuz, it has to happen to be a thousand remember. So people get new credit cards all the time they moved and report fraud. Your card expired.

How did you make this call often or how you handle it? We have some systems we put in the place and I I don’t handle that so don’t know all details, but I do know that we send out the email that we basically emails text messages and we have calls that are going out at all throughout the month. Text for the calls of the emails not be one example that, yes, everything is scripted. Another example would be if you have an outbound sales machine. So if you have an outbound team of sales professionals and I’ll give you good example would be I’m over at the auto auction for dr. Z each relationship they have with the used car dealers is unique, but yet the same time they need to get on the phone and call people are, or they do drive-by in the world of pharmaceutical sales to actually call a drive-by visit a call. But the point is you’re calling on somebody repetitively a pharmaceutical sales. This is so so,. Can they call it calling on a business when they actually just show up when i, don’t epic photography, business podcasts and more and we were going out to all the wedding vendors in tulsa trying to convince them to refer us? That’s a call anytime you’re trying to eva ways to build a lego, dj connection.Com, and we would call all of the bride’s that attended. The wedding shows. That would be a time where you need to make an outbound call. What’s really cool is once you do build a call script and you truly do nail it. You can scale it and so chuck we would go to a bridal show near be about 500. Girls would be registered on that list yeah and then step one. We would send out an email to everybody ride before monday began. My tire tube headers haven’t woken up yet by before 9 we’ve emailed every single bride on the ground from the show the previous weekend that happened, trade show, maybe your business at ends. A trade show. You have some kind of company where you attend. The boat show some kind of lawn and garden expo you get the list and step one is you just e-mail everybody right away then, step to us? We would send a text to everybody. I’m talking about you text the entire list, before your competition’s, even woken up to move its the move so mad or something at end of the show, and you open up your email, I got a message. Then you look at your phone. You got a message, then we send you a group voicemail. Now we send the text through a tool called twilio, ready willie of your clients right now to help you i, need your business coaching clients currently using twilio. Not at this moment we’re not using it. I will tell you this back. Dr. Jay schroeder has a lot of right now in mid-level companies, but months ago, you’re working with a lot of businesses that he had a huge numbers of existing customers, is the tool twilio the tool to mass text. Everybody ii tools, sly broadcast sly sly broadcast that’s a tool that allows you to send a voicemail to every single person on your list and it shows up as a missed call so cool that is so. Here’s the voicemail I would leave back in the day with dj connection with the dj connection, because I’m registered at the bridal show-and it looks like that till you might a qualified for some mud discount. So I give us phone number 918-481-2010 again:481-2010 you smell terrific ticket and I would do it. It sounds like it’s one. Voicemail doesn’t sound like this. This is how you shouldn’t. Do the voicemail I’m calling on behalf of dj connect or nosy people like more like a ron radio voice? Did the ones automated voice mails, it don’t work.

No more like you’ve been called by dj connection, because you could be the next. Why do we want to sound like hunting trip of retail, 481? What’s that number for a while, he didn’t make it sound like that. Don’t use one person’s name, though correct hello, anna, i, didn’t see. You leave a text message for everybody and by the way chuck when you get text messages from people real people from people. You know your entire dale’s arsenal, alright, your menu, okay, so one what you do is you. You sent him a text for criollo. You said in the voicemail from sly broadcast and then when you’re going to call this is the move. Folks, this is the movie you want to go to call script in at our workshop. Will teach you how to write a business podcasts script? So can you walk the listeners through the process that we teach at the workshop ship? Yes, I will have actually have will have this on the show nose today as well, but it’s the epic photography call script right and we print that thing out and everybody in the attendance gets a copy of it and we get up at the top, and we usually pick somebody out the crowd to come up and role-play. To read to me the part of the employee, to show that the script actually work. Somebody that’s never sold photography before I can get up and read the script and go right through as a role-playing scenario with someone I want to make sure you put this on the weekend. We talked about the twilio tool right in twilio, dover mass texting. We talked about the slybroadcast tool for mass voice, mail voice, mail, and you have to record your call. Oh yes, that you would want to use to record your calls. I would recommend again. This is what I use for elephant in the room. It’s called clarity voice, clarity voice, that’s the company that we use, and it shows you on a graph. How many calls your people are making per day on a bar graph, but it also allows every single call to be recorded in real time. You can barge into the phone call so check out this scenario.

That means I could physically take the phone with me to my hotel in california, while I’m on a trip and I just plug my phone into my usb drive and I can start making calls from any computer in the world. Furthermore, I could barge into your calls how many, where the world’s, if i, see that shop is on the phone with you on line. 7 I could literally hit line seven and all the sudden I’m listening to your real-time call and I can actually begin talking if I want. While you are working, this deal buddy so clearly voice is the the system. I would recommend. Ice. Close second is 8×8.Com, it’s called 8 by 8, and it is a very nice call. Recording system of people say they have this technology. What is it caused? This is what I’m going to blow my own mind here, because when I used to build dj go dj connection shop, do you want to guess how much money I spent on the initial phone recording system for grand now dude 40 grant? Oh my god $80,000, to set it up because you had to buy all the phone right and all the systems actual hardware it was a deal back in 99 turns out a call center with expensive to do now. You can do these things for pennies on the dollar in your business podcasts coach can help you set it up. It’s amazing, but if you don’t record the calls your cold will be terrible, then check it out. Once you do record the call she had to block out time in your schedule to listen to the calls in front of the colors to do so. Let me break down how you do that you’re, going to actually put you want two screens. First of all, people have two screens at your workstation. You got to get two screens, that’s there’s just no. If you don’t have 2 screens, you would want to read the book called the last lecture by automating, the pouch that he had terminal cancer, and he explains to you that when you have two screens at carnegie mellon, they found you can be almost double the efficient. It’s amazing, so he said, is a life tip. If you’ll get your time back, have two screens back to you until you put the call script up on one screen, I would suggest printing it out and having it in everybody’s hands go come on, so you want to have the script up on one screen and playing the call on the other, and that way you can literally be reading the words and checking out what the team members actually saying at the same time.

So you can know what that’s not on the sales call script. What’s going on, there I went to one of my businesses on saturday and this is called darth vader’s visiting. This is what it feels like now:darth vader, if you remember the second notice, I was the third star. I don’t need goes to visit the death star. He wants to see the progress of the nester. How we doing are, we are we caught up? Are we hitting the deadlines and his second-in-command anymore bit, and he says well good you’ll be happy to tell him when he’s here in person and remember the emperor isn’t as forgiving as I am not darth vader’s. The guy has been known to put people to choke hold for not hitting deadlines is effective manager on the business podcasts. So what I like to do is I like to show the business unannounced and I like to say:hey I’m, just here are going to see everyone and guess what there’s a door at the front door where the company and the lettering had been ripped off by vandals downtown and it hadn’t been replaced and I went to another store in this bathroom out of order and I said we can bathrooms in order for them to order.

Let’s get in order like the same day, exactly okay, but is it again I’m not criticizing? Are people I’m criticizing myself, because if I had been better at teaching that then they would have? Let me know when our weekly meeting with a fixed it faster, so I have to ask myself sale. How can I get better at communicating urgency of fixing things, but the big principle is:if you don’t inspect something you can’t expect it to happen so check. If I’m going to try to write a script, walk me through what are the steps I have to do the steps you have to do? First of all, you’ve got a script out that we got four sections right. Report needs benefits and close the first four sections and I have a script out, 5 questions to build rapport, so you script out five questions to build rapport. If you don’t do that, the people who work for you certainly aren’t going to have the social skills that you have, and so you want to understand-and you want to get this in your mind. The average person according to forbes does not stick at a job for more than about a year now. So, if you’re going to take a year to teach somebody all the nuance of your industry, your that’s, not smart, tv script out the five rapport-building questions, then you script out. The 5 needs based questions. Then you script out the three benefits that the benefits are, how you solve the business podcasts problem, supported by a fact in your coach, will help you do. The trick is going to help you do this key thing is supported by a factor stat right and we have actual template real deal scripts-that we can give you right now.

The listener, just reach out to your business code, still help. You know the 4th is we have to get the script out, they closing questions and I’m, not talking about vague principal. These are the specific literal words to say right. You want to go with the officer that options right. Yes, you want to script out the step by step, questions to close, so you literally right on the piece of paper, all the things you want, your people to say, step by step verbatim verbatim. This is not improvisation classes. You wanted script out all the objections that you get cuz. You get so many objections, but really you get the same three of jackson’s, no matter what industries are in people’s i, don’t have time, i, don’t have a need and I don’t have the money to move forward today. I don’t have the money to make the do it and I don’t see. That is how you build a successful sales call script and if you feel stuck at any point reach out to your business podcasts coach, they can help. You can provide you with recorded business podcasts call samples and recorded scripts actual examples downloadable. They have all the tools right there for you they’re there to help you, but we can’t help you if we don’t know you’re stuck so you know us the [email protected]


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