How to Create a Repeatable Wow Checklist for Your Team to Follow

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Once you have figured out how to personally wow you customers you are only 50% of the way there because now you have to teach you entire team how to do it and you must build systems to hold them accountable to consistently wowing your customers. In this segment Clay Clark will teach you why you need to create a WOW checklist if you want to systemically grow your business beyond your personal effort.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If your idea is a little better or a little faster, that doesn’t mean anything. The only competitive differentiators that matter are ten-times greater differences. If your idea doesn’t offer that, you should be really paranoid that it’s not a good one. Otherwise, it won’t drive adoption, by customers most especially, or investors or employees.” – Reid Hoffman (Founder of Linkedin, the part of the original team that founded PayPal with Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, etc.)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Must wow every client systemically and you cannot do this without a checklist.” – Clay Clark
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably.” – Atul Gawande
  4. FUN FACT – “In 2008, the World Health Organization agreed to work with Gawande’s thesis, bringing the checklist concept to eight hospitals around the world. During the next six months, deaths fell by 47 percent and post surgical complications dropped by 36 percent.” –
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun. But I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away not only from saving lives but from making money. It somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist, an embarrassment. It runs counter to deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us—those we aspire to be—handle situations of high stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring. They improvise. They do not have protocols and checklists. Maybe our idea of heroism needs updating.” – Atul Gawande
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We miss stuff. We are inconsistent and unreliable because of the complexity of care,” he says. So Gawande imported his basic idea from other fields that deal in complex systems. “I got a chance to visit Boeing and see how they make things work, and over and over again they fall back on checklists,” Gawande says. “The pilot’s checklist is a crucial component, not just for how you handle takeoff and landing in normal circumstances, but even how you handle a crisis emergency when you only have a couple of minutes to make a critical decision.” This isn’t the route medicine has traveled when dealing with complex, demanding situations.” –
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We brought a two-minute checklist into operating rooms in eight hospitals,” Gawande says. “I worked with a team of folks that included Boeing to show us how they do it, and we just made sure that the checklist had some basic things: Make sure that blood is available, antibiotics are there.” How did it work? “We get better results,” he says. “Massively better results. “We caught basic mistakes and some of that stupid stuff,” Gawande reports.
  8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Render more service than you are paid for and eventually you will be paid more for less services rendered.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich)
  9. AMPLE EXAMPLE – See Net Promoter Case Study –
  10. Must Gather a Review Per New Client
    1. We pay for your moving van
    2. GIFT BAG once they move in:
      1. Free pizza on your moving day – $50 value
      2. Free carpet cleaning during your first month – $300 value
      3. Handwritten note of appreciation – Priceless
      4. Free family photo session once they move in – $1,000 value
    3. Send a Video Thank You with Every Order Like Warby Parker –
  12. Create a WOW Checklist for Each Customer You Provide a Product or a Service To
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Attend the world’s best business coach ing workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com, alright till i. Get back to the conversation is the drive time show on your podcast download. Now we’ve talked on previous podcast about the importance of making a wow experience for each and every client, but I see all the time. Marshall is i, see clients that they personally can wow their customers through their own personality through their own demeanor through their own aura, but they don’t have a system in place that allows their team to all people who want to do is now they’ve created a well moment for your client. You want to create a wow checklist so that you’re wearing your customers at your your customers, systematically whether you are personally working with a customer or not so walk me through how to make a checklist to wow legion. Every customer because of physicians went to nine years of medical school. They probably don’t need check license because pilot to vlog hundreds of hours, the flying j, probably don’t need checklist that either right image of a lot of school. They don’t hold me accountable i. Do it right every single time in 2008 he teamed up with the world health organization and they agreed to work together to bring checklists to eight hospitals around the world and during the six months that they insisted on the use of checklists deaths, fell by 47% deaths. What fc reduce the amount of deaths by 47%. Post-surgical complications dropped by 36%. He went on to report in his book called the checklist manifesto that the volume and complexity of what we know has now exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly safely and reliably.

So marshall I mean it’s almost impossible, even for surgeons, to execute succinctly correctly and business coach accurately. Without a checklist. Will here’s the deal if you are god’s gift to wowing? Okay, whether it’s your contractor, whether it is that you provide a service or maybe you’re, even selling a product in your product, is the best product in the world at whatever it is that it does around the world around the world. Have, a checklist for that wow. You are always going to be the one that is the slave to your business. You were going work for your business. Your business is not going to work for you. Another example:reid hoffman. This is the guy who founded linkedin. What part of the original team the paypal mafia as it’s called, who helped start paypal that would be elon, musk, peter, teal and the group. He says if your idea is a little better or a little faster, that doesn’t mean anything but competitive differentiators. That matter are ten times great. If your idea doesn’t offer that, then you shouldn’t order, then you should it says:if your idea doesn’t offer that 10 times greater experience, you should be really paranoid, that’s not a good one. Otherwise it won’t drive, adopt people trying it out I’m going to go off. My customers, most especially or investors, are employed.

He said marshall, oh my gosh, so I talk to business owners all day about this. They go. I asked him. What is your value differentiation? What is it that you do differently in order to create a product or service that people want? They go well I’m, just a little bit better at customer service. I admit my quality is just a little bit better. I am just a little bit communications a little bit better times better, not just one unit better but 10 times better than your complex better than it is not a value differentiator. It is not a wow. You should not be doing. Business I should have happened because we don’t like checklist. They can be painstaking. Cuz you listening. I have a live turkey in the studio. That’s the sound like business coach checklist. They can be painstaking, they’re, not much fun, but i. Don’t think. The issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper more visceral going on when people walk away, not only from saving lives. This is a guy who is a professor at the harvard medical school. He says when people are walking away from never leave sitting lies before making money. It feels somehow beneath us to use a checklist embarrassment. It runs counter to the deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us those we aspire to be handle situations of high-stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring. They improvise. They don’t stick to checklist and protocols. Maybe our idea of heroism needs. Updating he goes on, he was manifested, will set you free. He says we brought a two-minute checklist in the operating room and ate hospital I work as a team of folks that included boeing boeing airlines boeing need to be like the day, the airplanes boeing to show us how they do it and we just made sure the checklist had some basic things make sure the blood is available. Antibiotics are there how’d it work, we got better results. Do you understand they decrease the amount of deaths in the hospital by 47%, just using a checklist. So now it’s talk about wow and customers. Imma give you an example:martian I want you to help me implement i, remember:i, had the epiphany to wow my customers at dj connection, when I read a book called think and grow rich, it was rekindle that idea was retailed when I work. When I read the book called raving fan switch, so many people read so I did after the wedding, I wrote down on a piece of paper as if I want to do is I want to send the bride a a cd of all of the songs he played in her wedding, which turned out to be illegal, but it was.

It was a thing and I wanted to give him an outback gift certificate and I wanted to send them. A handwritten note and I told the team after the wedding I want you to write the write. A handwritten note provide a cd of all the songs. I’ve already have a guy working that night he’ll just give it to you, put an envelope right to be nice with that have a cover print it on the cd. With your name on it, you send that out. You write you send that you signed up for the thank you card and you send out the outback gift card. Did you put the envelope boom marshall? What do you think the issue was with implementing that with a t, disc, jockeys? Well, first of if you’re going to send a thank you note in your leaving it up to the djs. Do you remember this happening? You leave it up to them as to what to say. In that note, it is going to be just like your phone answering script. I’m not I am not exaggerating the dj’s. When we looked at it, we as business coach professionals,  looked at the at the note yeah they put on some I’m, not kidding I’m. Just going to give you some of course, i. Remember this I remember the bride. I got a complaint. You said that was awesome. You would look so hot on the wedding, but you look hotter on the night before when you were at that rehearsal, I mean you are hot I mean you are he’s so lucky he you are just hot. He goes on on a hot cheese, and that was his thank you card. That’s the customer was pretty signing with his number. This is the concept that this is what everybody needs to understand. You must manage the strategy. I’ll come on out and delegate the execution, manage the strategy and delegate the executions to hire somebody to make your gratitude. I remember you said you can either write a or you can write, be okay. This is templa day or this is template, b and dude. Then we ask him to mail. It couldn’t write on the envelope. The most people couldn’t write. Letters, I bet you 50% of the disc jockeys could not address an envelope, but they’re like where do I put.

This is college graduates. It was a good job to you good job or are you in a lot or you graduates, I’m, not kidding? It could not write legibly what hand do I hold the pen just crazy, so napoleon hill rights render more service. Then you are paid for and eventually you’ll be paid more for less services rendered, so you want to wow them. I get it I’m going to walk you through some ample examples that are very hard to execute. Until you get it, what you get it I must gather a review from every client. Can we can? We are moving want to do you want to gather if you very much so, let’s do a google search right now, except for carpet cleaning quotes cuz I want to see how many views I have today for oxi fresh I want you to know. I want to I want to know how many reviews do I have checked earlier. I work out just talked to john. Today, he’s headed off on it on a trip to celebrate his wife was his wife’s business coach birthday. I just don’t know how many reviews does my main man jump, the barn at half today, 120 6812 and we are top in the world for the phrase carpet cleaning quotes today, so I want to do them and pull up on the big screen here. So you guys can all see it said you got. A spyfu.Com is a free tool that you can check out that allows you to see the original web traffic to the website gets per day per week per month.

Whatever right now, we are getting 203000 website. Visitors to the website, for the first time, that’s a couple as result of those reviews, the technician has to say:were you happy with the service and they say I think so? Is it hey? Will let me walk you, throw 2 walkthrough, what do I walk through the house with you, so you can look at the clean, the carpet we cleaned and see if your happy and if you are i, just like to hear your feedback, so you walk through, they do the inspection and the customer. Typically a woman will say:yeah like this. Is nice I appreciate you cleaning my house? Why would you like me to take x number of dollars off the bill and then write a google review or a facebook review like it? I can do that, for you just give me that, let me know ejected review, that’s how you do it, but there’s got to be a penalty if somebody doesn’t get. The review for another example would be a real estate agent. I worked with. We did a free business coach pizza on the moving day. So it’s somebody bought a house. We did a free pizza. We deliver when the people are moving. You moving your house and you’re trying to get everything that you have you get a free pizza delivered. What was the hard part about executing that marshall? You got to make sure that they do tips for remembering what was it we’re going to close a house every day every other day, a week when the house closes you’re not going to get paid your commission until you order the pizza school cuz. If you forget to deliver the pizza I’ll forget to pay your lips. Problem. Solved. We talked about that again. What about sending a thank-you video to every customer? It’s an incredible. Welcome video! That’s over delivering on your / delivery! I have one of my clients every time he goes out and does a bit.

He brings fresh cookies. Okay, come on now they’re like you’re here to quote me and you brought cookies. Okay, we’ll take your guy brings free cookies as poor, free, fresh baked cookies as part of the courting process. He doesn’t bring an ambiguous van filled with candy or just like melted ice cream. Tipsy right, that’s good! I can write that down imma get brown pan off for candida street. Just come in the van here and I’ll. Give you your pillow with some kind of my mobile office right on the show notes, for you can see the thank you, videos that the billion-dollar company warby parker actually sends out to when you actually buy a pair glasses from warby parker they’ve been known to send, send thank you. Video you’ve got to create a while check. Was the marshall on the show notes? Do we not have an example of how to make a checklist? Do you got to have a wild checklist? You got to have a downloadable. You got to have these things to hold your team accountable to doing it every time are we talking about next? My man I’m pretty excited about next, where to get into buying life insurance, why that’s important room down or not? What are the life insurance for a lot? That’s why we’re going to list out all of the items on the periodic business coach table slowly stay tuned. Is the drive time to show on your radio jump like a horse with blinders. Me. The see the show me the help you score footsie


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