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What are retargeting ads? How do you create them? Why do you need them? Clay Clark is getting into the details of retargeting ads on this segment of the Thrivetime Show.

  1. FUN FACT – AdRoll was originally started in 2007 with the goal of helping business owners to market effectively only even against established brands.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Retargeting advertisements are those advertisements that are on the internet to that seem to follow you around from website to website simply because you visited a company’s website once. Adroll is the company that we use because they are one of the few online retargeting advertising providers that does not require you a sign a contract and that connects you to the Google Ad Exchange Network, the Yahoo Ad Exchange Network, the Facebook Ad Exchange Network, etc.” – Clay Clark
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “(You want to be top of mind when your ideal and likely buyers are ready to buy) Only 3% of any market is in the “buying mode” now.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are looking for an optometrist or glasses and contacts in Tulsa and my name doesn’t come up in your mind then I’m not advertising enough. Advertisement is all about being top of mind when buyers are ready to buy and getting that golden look (the chance to earn the business by wowing the buyer).” – Doctor Zoellner
  5. FUN FACT – In April of 2007, Google bought the DoubleClick company that most people had never heard of for $3.1 billion because of the massive network of ad exchangers that they had developed. At the time DoubleClick displayed ads on The Wall Street Journal, America Online, MySpace, etc. –
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Ad digital advertising technology that is available today is nothing short of incredible. Super Bowl advertisers and small business owners alike can now show your advertisements to your potential ideal and likely buyers on nearly every other website your potential customers visit simply because they visited a potential buyer visited your website one-time.” – Clay Clark
  7. FUN FACT – People must see your ads 4.7 x to convert (See – See the Retargeting Playbook –
    1. Write 2 Offers / No-Brainer Advertisements
    2. Design 2 Mockups
    3. Create Landing Pages to Correspond with the Advertisements
    4. Embed the Tracking Pixel (Code) Onto the Website
    5. Diligently Track on Weekly Basis Which Advertisements Are Working the Best
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coaching workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com, all right back to the conversation. It is the drive time show on your podcast download. My name is chloe clark on the former us sba entrepreneur of the year and were talking about launching and creating effective. We targeting ads jump. Can you explain to us eric, chapa business coach? What a retargeting ad is for probably three quarters of our listeners. Don’t know what it is:cuz you’re, not some is commonly talked about. So a lot of people probably do know what it is. They just don’t know like the terms or what they seem them into this out. I want to argue with everybody know:they’re all over the place is the reason why people have seen him in so what they are is for me. It’s like I’ll, be on. You know espn or something and there’s going to be some advertisements for, like some shotgun shells at cabela’s.,, but I was looking at two days earlier or I’ll, be on some other website and there’s like women’s shoes or a purse cuz. My wife is well my phone’s shopping for some. What it does is it tracks that the fact that you’ve been to a certain site and then, when you surf around the web and go to other web sites, these ads follow you around. So it seems as though this brand that you were looking into is just cute and they’re everywhere and and they’re really good. Actually just asking you it’s kind of weird okay, so retargeting to make sure that we’re we’re getting this.

The retargeting ads are the ads they’re going to follow you around the internet, no matter what business coaching website you go to right now, i, don’t know if you guys are aware of his foot on february 10th, just for you wear them february 10th of 2007. You want to take a gander or what happened on february 10th of 2007 I mean there’s a lot of things that could have happened, but what happened on february 10th 2000 that primarily manages retargeting ads for many many big corporations throughout the country allowed somebody to become the new president. I got married that year, you did 2007 really have a better wife. Never the phone number perfect wife will imitate what happened. Is president obama president obama decided to declare that he was going to run for office. You know until that time obama was really not favored to win, because he was a you know. He was a sinner. He was never that wasn’t like a guy. That was a front-runner so to speak right now. What happened was he was the man who was known. He was known if you look back in history. President obama was the first president to really understand digital marketing and really aggressive, and he was also a phenomenal phenomenal, a speaker just great. But let me walk you through how to add role of was created in what it does and roll allows business owners. Just like you to effectively market established brands, that’s why it was created. It’s a retargeting advertisement. Are those advertisements it on the internet that seem to follow you around from website to website. They said. There’s this seem to fall. You ran from website to website simply because you visited a company’s website once and admirals.

The company that we use here at the drive time show because they’re one of the few online retargeting advertising providers. That does not require you to sign a contract that connect you to the google ad exchange network, the yahoo exchange network facebook at exchange, network etc. So basically as an example, if you want to see this working I’m going to pull up on the screen shop, so you can see it I’m going to go to harrys.Com, it’s razor, company, harry s.Com, you guys like the masters right and i, would encourage all the listeners, harrys.Com and they’re going to go to cnn.Com. If you want to get some liberal news, you want to make sure we’re getting kinda left of center. I want to talk about not quite socialism but left-of-center. They were going to fox creek white libertarians, but were thinking about it and thinking about getting some guns & ammo. Damn there we go. We already see by the second business coaching website that we went to harry’s back at you, I’ll see harrys.Com ads on fox news,, that’s a powerful tool because you work so hard to get somebody to go to your website what you want to do if you want to get them to buy from your website, so you want to be top-of-mind when your ideal unlikely buyers are ready to buy in. According to the book called the ultimate sales machine shop, only 3% of any market is in the buying mood now the buying mode. Can you explain what that means? Why only 3% of people ready to buy now so there’s three out of a hundred that are there literally ready to go there ready to buy? They just don’t know you exist so just by putting in that effort and getting in front of them they’re ready to go that we don’t plan on selling, but the gentleman who rent who rents from us recently said I had a couple months. I might want to get out of this lease or I might want to buy the house. I, don’t know I’m trying to secure financing, excetera excetera tomato does not least the space, then about 3 months I’ll be willing to sell it, he’s not willing to lease the house again I’m going to sell it, and if you can’t, if you just want to buy it at school, but he does want to buy I’ll just keep leasing it to him.

So the thing is that I might need a realtor in 3 months or I might not, but the realtor that consistently markets to me will become top of mike I’m, dr. Robert zoellner arco host of the show. He says this is notable quotable from doctors eat if you’re going. If you are optometrist, you are looking for an optometrist or glasses and contacts in tulsa and my name doesn’t come up in your mind. Then I’m, not advertising enough advertisements all about being top of mine when buyers are ready to buy and getting that golden look. And so years ago a company in 2007 google bought the company called double click again:google. Double click for 3.1 billion dollars. This is coming at people and never heard of they bought it for 3.1 billion dollars. Just so that you could launch your ads on the wall street journal america online in my space again, because when you do a draw, you want your ads one time and then any site. That’s part of the business coaching adroll family of networks. Your advertisement get shown on that website. So think about this. You know 8 a.M. Advertising technology company. That said, I am thinking about advertising during the super bowl I want to advertise during the superbowl.

Will this digital advertising technology makes it possible for the advertisers on the superbowl to run a one-time, add and direct everybody to say to see the rest of the commercial go to godaddy.Com? To see the rest of this commercial go to go daddy one time and when you go to godaddy.Com, then the ads begin to follow you around for the rest of the year and so that super bowl ad was an out now very effective without retargeting ads and wouldn’t even make sense to advertise on the super bowl trophy more trip. There’s a book called the retard playbook what you can buy on amazon and that book states that the average person must see your advertisement 4.7 times in order to convert to hear the action items you want to work with your business coach on, you went to write two offers and no brainer advertisement truly effective offers. Second, you wanted design to add seismic mock-ups 3. You want to create landing pages that correspond with each of the ads. Then 4. If you want to business coaching embed what is call a tracks in a tracking pixel, a tracking pixel or a piece of code on to your website and then v moves, you want to diligently track on a weekly basis which advertisements are working the best and which ones are not working the best, and that my friends is how retargeting advertisements absolutely change the game for you and your small business


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