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If you need help systemically wowing your customers than tune in to this podcast as Clay Clark gives you the action steps you need to take to WOW your clients every time.

Create an Experience That WOWS

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If the employees come first, then they’re happy. A motivated employee treats the customer well. The customer is happy so they keep coming back, which pleases the shareholders. It’s not one of the enduring green mysteries of all time, it is just the way it works.” – Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines)

4:35 PM I get on the plane and realize that body heat, no air movement, no alcohol trays and no escape was going to be my current reality. I begin sweating, I notice that my I can feel sweat drip down my lower back and then down my neck.

4:43 PM – As the announcements are made with a 100% commitment to apathy, I realize that nobody is listening and that in the event of the occurrence of an actual emergency nobody would know what to do and that guy who is sitting in the emergency exit row for us would definitely not be able to help us exit the plane anymore than I would be able to fill in for Tom Brady in the event that he gets injured.

4:45 PM – Someone nearby is explaining super-detailed anatomical features of their body with somebody who is not me…this temporarily distracts me from the reality that I am suffering from claustrophobia, the fear of flying, and the overall anxiety of traveling.

  1. ACTION STEP – Write do who are your ideal and likely buyers actually are?

4:50 PM – The announcement is made that our flight will be delayed, and I know already prophetically knew this would happen because every flight that I am on is always delayed because of some kind of spiritual curse that has been cast upon me from a travel demon.

5:20 PM – We are in the air and I realize I can’t move, for a brief moment I want to scream, but then I realize this type of behavior will cause me to end up in a prison, so I resist my primal urge to scream.

5:30 PM – I find myself praying for just a little air movement, and realizing the harsh reality that there is not a cool side of the pillow to turn to.

5:40 PM – My feet are sweating, and I find myself wondering how is it possible that we have the technology needed to keep a 71.35 metric ton 737 Boeing Jet in the air, but we don’t have the ability to cool the cabin…this is one of the 403 reasons that I would never want to travel to space.

5:45 PM – My fear of heights, my fear of claustrophobia, and motion sickness begins to kick in simultaneously…I want to scream.

5:48 PM – I wave at my daughters to say hello so that they know that I love them and a lady with Bob Saget’s nose wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt thinks I am hitting on her and that I am waving at her. She has headphones on and the situation is uncorrectable.

6:20 PM – We land, and we are notified by the overhead airport announcement people that our flight to Evansville, Indiana has been delayed. This announcement is made over and over until my wife and I do that math and realize that is now actually impossible to catch a flight to Evansville today. As the angry mob of passengers around us takes to social media to complain and begins to call everybody and to let them know that they are stuck in Dallas, my incredible wife calls that 1800 number and finds a flight that we can catch to Louisville, Kentucky.

6:30 PM – Vanessa and I and the 5 kids, make our way to our new gate and as we set up camp to prepare for the 2 hour delay the obligatory screaming baby is located.

6:40 PM – I mentally try to travel to my happy place as the adults around us frantically begin plotting and scheming for outlets to plug in their electronic devices.

7:00 PM – My traveling anxiety begins to escalate and it is temporarily spiked as a I notice a man wearing one of those medical masks and it prompts me to wonder where he is afraid of everyone else or whether we should be afraid of him and disease that he could be spreading. Either way, his mask freaks me out.

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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary business coach thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right, thrive nation were talking today about the importance of not running your business like an airport or a government-subsidized industry that can afford to lose money. When you run a business should understand the customers going to vote with their dollars, and so I am in a unique situation with my companies. In that we have more people that reach out to us all the time then we could possibly keep up with. So we have more people on a friday or saturday that want to get their haircut at elephant in the room we can keep up with, and so I have crafted experience with my brother-in-law with my teammates. That is a very, very nice experience for the businessespeople like attending the workshops. They like a going to elephant in the room they like the atmosphere, and that is because I have sat down and thought about the census, search up and somewhere to attend our workshop talk to me about the sites. They would see the visuals that they would see. There’s, there’s positive affirmations and quotations all over the wall. There’s uplighting everywhere, there’s cool decorations. We’ve got like literally your story from your infancy and entrepreneurship, when you’re, 19 or, however old in your dorm room all the way up until recently, it’s just a really awesome place for business owners to come, and we designed it like that on purpose know what the soundsoh wow overhead music, always we always have something going on, is not going to be weird silences. We’re going to make sure that during the conference you can hear us, we have speakers everywhere. The sounds have been taken care of every song. Another smells smells pinion everywhere until paul hood, so graciously brings in mexican food.

Talk to me about why we’ve taken the time to role play with our team to make sure that attendees to the conference are greeted quickly and with positivity. It’s the right here. You can’t just leave it up to chance. Things happen. People drift, people, get, off, script quote on quote, so you have to actually roleplay that I have to discuss it. I know that we probably discussed it 5 times in a row. The few days leading up to the conference. I need you to be at the front door here. I need you to be in the midway point green people, helping people find their seats getting coffee, whatever the people need were there to serve now. What about just all of the visuals in general chat? What kind of visuals can I expect to see if they’ve never been to the business coach thrive time? Show world headquarters one? We got the box that rocks so we got the box that rock was pretty cool. It’s a little radio studio that you’ve been inside and it’s surrounded in glass. We’ve got the bar area to place used to be a bar pool hall dance. How I used to be a bunch of different things, so we kept the bar. It’s a really cool place. People congregate and get coffee. It’s it’s just set up with every need that a conference parinda attending is going to need, be. We have name tags form. We have a boom book, so they know they can follow along. It just looks awesome. It’s everything prepared. So we thought about these things and soap that they were talking about today is don’t want your business like an airport or a government-subsidized industry that can afford to lose money, and so on that thread, not only have we thought about them, but we’ve improved every single time. Every time we review we’ve measured and we’ve gone back and done your quote-unquote game film.

We make sure that we don’t hate cuz. This is been a little better I heard about this. Maybe we should know get a live band. Cuz I’ll be awesome. Stuff, like that. Have you heard about team lanyard? Have your team lanyardyeah I was working on the 7th of john talk to you about it yet hell. Basically, when you guys attend the workshop. You’ll start to have coaches that are assigned just to your team. Like a little grouping. Workshop it’ll be like one coach, one business coach assigned to every 15 guess questions concerns you go to that person they’re there to help you and answer all your questions as you go, and it just always trying to improve the experience. This is where the show comes from I’m flying out to owensboro kentucky, to help out at church there and I started making a note notes of all the things that now the airlines, but that the airport itself does wrong. So it to i, leave the thrive ops. Isn’t else, I drive to tulsa international airport at 2:30, I get to the airport I get to the airport, the transport authority. These guys are fables the transportation security administration, the tsa employees are sarcastic at best I get on the airplane. They decide to turn off. The air conditioning to the plane is absolutely hotand. Nasty I’m, sweating, I feel sweat dripping down my lower back then my neck and as the announcements are made with apathy, I begin to realize that the person making the announcement doesn’t care at all about their job and then I begin to think about. There’s a guy cuz, there’s, no music overhead right, there’s, no music! There’s a guy within earshot to keep talking in great detail about his body. His anatomy and certain dysfunctions that are happening belly button lint to the people around them know he’s talking about like crazy, like rashes and body problems he has and he’s taking his crotch and I can hear what he’s saying, because there’s no overhead music, there’s no beverages, there’s nothing to distract me.

It’s just absolute silence on the plane for a half-hour. How did chuck get on that? Planei am I’m. Absolutely just not. You know nothing to distract you if it’s hot awful, there’s, no overhead music, terrible, there’s no beverages in at 4:50. They made that our flight will be delayed and I already know. This is going to happen because I feel like it’s almost like a spiritual curse has been cast of honey by the travel team and every time I travel, something weird happens, we’re in the air and I realize I can’t move and I want to scream, but this type of behavior would end up putting me in prison, but it is super hot. On the plane, they’re not serving alcoholic beverages, there’s no cool side of the pillow kept. You can’t just flip over the pillow now and cool off is not there. My feet are sweaty, but my feet are sweating and I keep wondering how is it possible? They can keep a 71 metric ton playing the wii up. There is absolutely zero will or ability to cool off the plane. I got a fear of heights of fear of claustrophobia motion, sickness and there’s no updatesno one answered his own music there’s just nothing just terrible, and that’s why I thought about dude herb keller with southwest airlines every time I fly with southwest airlines experience is totally different, and this is what herb keller has said numerous times. He was a notable quotable from the founder of southwest airlines. In these guys get it right. They’ve turned up. He said the custody of the employees come first, then they’re happy so that the employees come first then they’re, happy and I’m motivated employee treats the customer. Will the customers happy so they keep coming back, which pleases the shareholders? It’s not one of the enduring mysteries of all time. It’s just the way it works, and some of you listen to the show. All the time might say yeah, but I thought you said to be an intent to their employees if they not whether or not willing to hold up to your certain standards right. So herb, keller. Only hires, high energy, positive people, herbert for the founder of southwest airlines, goes on to say, I tell my employees that were in the service business and its incidental, that we fly airplanes for somebody out there who has a business that has been offering chronically terrible customer service. Can you explain what herb keller means when he says I tell my employees that were in the service business and it’s incidental, that we fly airplanes, absolutely hood cph.Com. We talk to people about that. What’s their client, because marketing is top of mine, marketing isn’t just putting ads on the radio or whatever it’s what people are saying about you and southwest airlines know their attitude is as they’re lucky they that the company is lucky to have us where their guests to fly. All the other airlines feel like we’re lucky that they’re actually allowing us on their plane and it’s kind of like a right versus a privilege, type situation, and so it had cps.Com. We talk to me, but how are your people being greeted and all these things that you’ve listed here clay that that that i, frankly I’ve learned from you so I would just encourage you this during the break I want you to write down on a sheet of paper who your ideal and likely buyers are. Who are your ideal? Unlikely buyers in your goal should be to wow those people attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at thrivetimeshow.Com.

alright, Thrivenation. Looking back to the drive time show on your radio recently just returned from a trip to owensboro kentucky. Where we’re helping a great church out. There call river, city church to implement workflows and systems. They have a great church. A great pastor who really does love the lord and all they need is-is help kind of building more systems. So, as more and more new guests enter the church, they can wow them systemically and shut. When I got to church on this past, sunday dude, you would be-is awesome. You watch them. I was nice, I was i, actually drove in owensboro kentucky I was driving to the church, which is located in a former service merchandise across from a walmart or a nice building and I’m driving by shoney’s shoney’s of restaurant. They have out there in kentucky, I’m driving by and right as I get close to the stop light hear. It happens. The first, a member of river city churches wade, and we have the sign flippers yeah, he’s waving at me, saying church, welcome to church, and then you turn to the right and there’s people, just smile and wave even signed way to get so you know where to go. So welcome is a new gas. This way I parked my car when I parked my car. Somebody comes up to say:hey, are you new here and I said I’ve been here once before, and they only show you where to go and then I walk into the church and there are people greet in yet the coffee was awesome. The overhead music was great, the kids service. My kids literally said that and my business coach kids said it when my wife was present, so she can vouch for me. They said:can we go to church here every sunday, because it was such a good experience, something that’s really cool is I’ve met. We met them, they’re awesome, people., but I’ve, never been to their church, but I’m like intimately i, know they’re workflow, because right it’s on her wall, huge at our office and I’ve, seen are shown at the client when I’m teaching them how to create a workflow every even from like the parking area, what all systems they need in place and who they need their all the way through the service and music worship in all the way to the accounting like i, know their entire workflow.

So it’s kind of weird. So as I was it’s an interesting thing, but as I was going through a really and possibly terrible travel experience, I had a great time at that church. I decided to catalog all of the bad things that happened during my trip, so that way, I could make a trade moment for the drivers. So when I first got to the airport thing number one it was weird is all of the members of the tsa okay. These are the guys who are the airport screeners. There was 5 people that I interacted with the transportation security administration, three of which were either mean or incompetent, so three of fire at 60%, then, once I got to the actual airplane, they decided to turn off the air conditioning in to make us wait and when you taxi you move away from the gate paul, and you know that your pastors are we stuck on the plane for an hour or half-hour and they can’t leave. Would it not make sense top of the microphone and say we apologize for the delay here? Won’t turn on the air-conditioning. It will make the beverage cart come and get you guess where we got stuck, and this is what happened to hop on the bike and they say mary beverage or yada, yada or $35 for alcoholic beverage. However, for today’s flight, the only be $2 a piece and they were like, dating. They were nice, but he’s hilarious. He goes outside the window. I want you to understand that I could actually walk faster than we’re currently driving, and so it currently it’ll take us anything. Hollywood take a 217 hours to make it to tulsa oklahoma. It store in 17 hours if you’re thinking about walking. What are you just joking with you? I am not exaggerating. We’re on the plane hottest could possibly be no overhead music. No beverages, nothing’s going well I decided to wave at my daughter at 5:48, internal I would 5:48 in a lady who’s wearing a notre, dame sweatshirt and she has bob saget snows. You know from full house. She thinks that I’m hitting on her. So she gives me that the stink eye and I’m like,, okay, everybody and i, realize she thinks I’m waving her, so that was kind of weird and so that right there was as if to do the airlines or just kind of weird occurrence. So when we land we land in dallas, we get to dallas and they informed us that they didn’t warm us that they don’t tell us until after the flight time as missed, she have to go to a certain gate in the certain time. That’s when your plane takes off right. So it says you should be boarding the plane at like 6:20 right I said you should be boarding business coach easier for your flight until your plane to take off at 6:15 at 6:20. They hop on the microphone and tell us that our plane is delayed after it was supposed to have left.

The announcement is made over and over to my wife and I realized it mathematically, it’s not possible for us to ever get to evansville that day. So the angry mob of passengers goes to the front desk to get help or relief for feedback. They have. One person stabbed to work and I’m, not exaggerating or like over a hundred and eighty passengers on a standard, 737 flight, and there is one person, so my wife and I took to the 1-800 number. We call and we decided to get on a louisville kentucky flight, so we’re not going to go to evansville. Now I have to go to louisville, which means you won’t get to louisville kentucky until midnight, but at least we could drive to evansville get there by 2 a.M. As opposed to missing our speaking engagement in our workshop with church. So my wife and I and the kids we make our way to the newgate we set up camp and wait for the 2-hour delay and I spot the obligatory screaming baby. What you have to have one of those in every gates of the baby I’m mentally trying to prepare myself to you, know just kind of get ready to write and everyone all the adults are kind of scheming to for a place to plug in their electronic devices, because they’ve all been delayed. It’s not mines, I did against the escalate and it temporary kimberly spikes as I discover, one of those guys wearing a medical mask was wearing a medical mask, but they don’t ever play music in the airport. There’s no overhead music. Do you realize this? If you go to like in the raw to a restaurant today to a nice restaurant they’re going to be playing nice overhead music to create an ambiance conducive to relaxation? If you put these guys, keep it absolutely quiet and I don’t know it’s have you seen that everything’s lined didn’t I’ll talk to not create tension with absolute silence at the airport, and you have no idea when your flights going to leave or not leave, there’s no one else was no communication. Does it not absolutely freak you out it absolutely? Does it mean you know it’s it’s a symptom or I guess, result of them, just not caring when you, when you know that you’re going to have a job business coach tomorrow or business tomorrow, no matter how you treat that person that they don’t see us as clients or as guests or whatever nuisances hurry up and get it done and go home. They don’t have that. It’s not it’s, but you know what type every time the government gets involved with anything they screwed up. You look at our school pattern. This country was built on free enterprise in the profit incentive in when you have providence and if you have to please and without that profit incentive, they don’t care.

Howard schultz of starbucks has starbucks coffee the number one provider of coffee in the world. We are here to educate and enhance the best customer experience. Therefore they have great overhead music. They have great to court. They have great customer service. Therefore, the airport does not because it is a government entirely own or subsidized entity. That’s why these airlines are freaking disasters, chapel and with a small business. That’s because we help business owners all the time audit their own business learn how to mystery shop themselves. How long of a business that’s doing? Well, since the land of negativity they’ve got their customer while their service is impeccable there fast they they do that if your printer is broken to bring you a loaner switch to them. Where are supplies, we got the paper, they did printer that got already like we just switched to onyx on paper and all printer supplies. The point is you know that the owners that are out there hustling everyday. They have that that customer experience in their head, but they never took the timer or new, to take the time and put that into a document at system and now we’re folks not a lot of training up that next round of sales. People know how to do it exactly now. They do and they’re finding huge success with it. So if you have a business right now, that’s under a million dollars a year of revenue or a million to 2, and you want to scale what’s working, we can help you build a systemic think about the business coach client phone doctors, there’s 11 locations. Now what elephant the room? There’s three locations throughout tip, top k-9 as multiple locations, so what you want to do? If you want to credit customer service experience focused on creating a high net promoter, what does it mean to have a high net promoter? Score means when the customer is wowed, they will typically go and tell other people are the problems with the airlines. You can’t fire them because there’s no other alternatives promise it’s a bad wow. They’re still tell everybody go anywhere else right when we come back, we’re going to walk you to the specific steps needed to create a high net promoter score. If you want to create a customer experience that wow’s state to arrive time show on your radio


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