Creating a Proactive Day and Calendar with NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson

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NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson explains the importance of designing your days and creating a proactive mindset so that you don’t live a reactive existence.

Get ready to enter that thrive time show 321 boom. It is so easy as an business coach entreprenuer to become reactive and to become busy. However, busyness and business are very different concepts. Easy business is spelled with a y, and business is spelled with an eye, but business. If you ever have a successful business. I’m in the business exist to serve. You deserve I deserve you and you’re in the causes and the things that you believe in the business exist to serve you and your family, but busyness just means that you don’t really know your. Why or that the activities of your day don’t serve your, why? Why are you doing this and so suck? There’s that there’s a member of our mentorship team member of our thrive time show training community in one of our investors, one of our partners of our friends, who is perhaps one of the best people I’ve ever met I’ve ever befriended when it comes to setting their priorities, and that is the nba hall of fame pasco call player. David robinson he’s had more success off the court that he actually had on the court. I mean he won. Two nba titles to olympic gold medals, but yet he’s had more success, arguably off the court basketball. Then he had on the court and that’s because david is so good at setting his priorities know when his values and putting the first things first, so I need to do my interview with david robinson after your prayer time. Do you look at your things that need to get done or the things that people think you need to get done and somewhat say:okay, well, I’m, going to call this person back it at 9 and then go to that meeting at noon and go work out here at 4. Or do you do you actually put stuff in your planner like that? So I have an assistant and a beautiful wife that do a great job at helping me stay organized. So when I wake up in the morning, I look at my calendar. My day has generally been planned out as a business coach. So so you know usually, when I get to that day, it’s too late to kind of put a bunch of other things on there, but it’s so you know that to me is:it is wonderful to give me a good structure and I know exactly what’s coming that day and then I’m able to kind of play by ear and in order the things that I think needs to get done if you’re sitting down talking to a business owner right now, who just for whatever reason doesn’t it has never use a day? Planner is never used it to do list and it’s just very reactive, dirk they’re not executing their marketing plan, they’re, not spending time with the kids or just sort of reacting, we’ve all been guilty of being there at one point or another, just say to the reactor.

What would you say right now? What we kind of advice? Would you give to that person? I would just say if you’re spending, your time reacting to issues all day, you’re not being particularly efficient at all I’m you’re missing out on a lot of of the benefits of being an owner or being a father or being a husband or you’re missing out on the joyful parts of that you know, once you have those things under control somewhat, then you can actually enjoy being the owner had you can enjoy being the husband and they enjoy being the father. So you know sometimes we end up kind of chasing her tail and we’re running in circles all day long, and we get really nothing nothing done and we’re not able to enjoy ourselves but i. Think if you’re, if you want to take the time to plan a little bit here, you’ll be able to enjoy a ton. More happened to very small degree button 2007 when I was named entrepreneur of the year for oklahoma. A lot of people reached out to me with a lot of opportunities and I noticed it some it. First. You were you’re flattered with business coach opportunities, so I found myself saying yes, yes, yes and then over time, I’ve kind of learned that if it doesn’t have a big upside that relates to my vision for my family and for my fight my face my business i, just don’t even really entertain it right. You probably spend more your time, saying no I mean in order to avoid reacting. You probably say no now more than that was probably more know that anything else, okay yeah. If if there is, if there is any doubt i, usually have to say no and and that’s your right, there’s lots of great opportunities out. There is always a lot of great people. I mean i. Do a lot of ministry and they’re. All the ministry’s are great, but I don’t have time for all of them. I can’t go. Do everything and I can’t go, do so and so’s you know by mitzvah. I can’t go do so when someone reenlistment there’s this, you know I wish I had time to do all that stuff. I can’t. So my initial response is generally no I mean i, just especially at this stage in my life being a bad at being a husband, you know it’s i, just don’t have time to do all of that stuff. So you have to learn how to say no, and you have to learn when to say yes, that some of the stuff you’re saying here it might seem to you or just other people, as as common centers and watching this they might say we we are a culture of the reactant or a culture that at thanksgiving we’re sitting there just responding to facebook the entire time kids sitting on the couch not talking to each other cuz you’re facebooking. You have people that are just reacting through their life and it’s important that we take a proactive stand here and I appreciate you, being a guy has been proactive about your views or towards education, proactive about what you’re, making the impact of making the community and again I just want to tell you thank you for taking the time to teach us a little bit about being proactive. It’s my pleasure as a business coach.


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