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Are you struggling to find quality employees? During today’s show, Clay Clark teaches the 4 E’s that make great teams, how to find high-quality talent, the power of mentorship and why he is so proud of his current team of employees.

The 4 Steps To Building Your A-Team:

  1. Step 1 – You must do a group interview every single week
  2. Step 2 – Have people shadow you after they make it through the group interview.
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.
  3. Step 3 – Management in mentorship – Hold a weekly staff meeting.
  4. Step 4 – Create a career path for everybody.  

The 4 E’s of Leadership:

  1. Energy – Individuals with energy love to “go, go, go.” These people possess boundless energy and get up every day ready to attack the job at hand. High energy people move at 95 miles-per-hour in a 55 mile-per-hour world.
  2. Energizers – Know how to spark others to perform. They outline a vision and get people to carry it out. Energizers know how to get people excited about a cause or a crusade. They are selfless in giving others the credit when things go right, but quick to accept responsibility when things go awry.
  3. Edge – Those with edge are competitive types. They know how to make the really difficult decisions, such as hiring, firing and promoting, never allowing the degree of difficulty to stand in their way.
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  1. Execute – The key to the entire model. Without measurable results, the other “E’s” are of little use. Executors recognize that activity and productivity are not the same and are capable of converting energy and edge into action and results.

How to inspire your people:

  1. Sights
    1. Values
    2. Mission statement
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You do not spell words. Words put a spell” – Clay Clark
      2. Link to Google photos of the Thrivetime Show Office
  2. Sounds
    1. Overhead music that matches your business.
  3. Smells
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Audio Transcription

Oh yes. Thrive nation. Today we are going to be bragging on the thrive team. Many of you who’ve just discovered the thrive time show on itunes. Hello and welcome. The difference between myself and a lot of other podcasters is that I actually wrote our own and partner with real companies that you can come visit a real businesses. You can see they’re tangible. Um, and so on today’s show we have Luke Owens, a guy that I partner with with his gym, the hub gym, and a beautiful downtown broken arrow. And Luke, I want to get your take on this as far as we’re, as we’re talking about the a team and the four e’s. You and I reconnected about two years ago. Uh, you attended one of our thrive time show workshops. And when you came into the workshop, can you describe the kind of people that work for the thrive time show and the, the kind of personalities that you met the people. Apart from myself, I mean everybody outside of me because I’m probably the least intelligent and least kind member of the team, but can you explain what it was like at the conference and the people you interacted with? Actually work as full time employees for myself?

Yeah. So, uh, immediately it’s just high energy. Uh, you definitely get that feel and they’re just genuine people, you know, that they say that you, uh, you’re known by the people you hang around with and I’ll have to say that, uh, and I said this to you and z before I left the, uh, the conference, I said, I don’t know what it takes, but I have to start doing life with people. Uh, and so yeah, I mean it had that much of an impact to me. I just knew that, uh, that if I wanted to have life and, and, and, and, uh, be affected and you know, by you guys, I just had to do life with you. However, however that was gonna happen.

So here are the four ways, the four steps you have to take to build an all star team to build an 18. These are the four steps you have to take. Okay. Step one, and we’ll put this on the show notes. You must do a group interview every single week. Every single week. You have to interview all of the candidates at one time and do it at the same time every single week. We do it every Wednesday at five. I don’t care if you’re applying to be a coder, a graphic designer, a photographer. We’re going to interview you Wednesday at five. And Luke, how has the group interview changed the way that you now can run your business? The hub, Jim and broken arrow?

Well, I can tell you this. I don’t remember the last time I sold a membership. Right? Nice. Before what would happen, you know, with the, with the employees, they would decide not to show up. And then who’s back behind the desk.

So you’ve got to do the group interview

every week or every week. Step two, if you find a candidate you like have them shadow, you, just have them shadow you. Don’t. They don’t have to be with. You don’t have to commit to hiring them. Just have them spend two to three hours in your office, have them shadow you, have them come to work so you can see whether they are in fact a good fit. All right, step three, when you have good people, you must embrace the idea. You must. Step three, you must commit that management is mentorship. You absolutely must mentor your people every single week, every single week we do at the thrive time show and at the elephant in the room and all the businesses make your life epic. We have a group in an all staff meeting, a team meeting where we mentor up the employees. We teach them how life works. We teach them time management.

We teach them every week. It’s ongoing training. We’re teaching them photography skills, videography skills, coding skills. We hire character and we train skill. Chuck, why is that so important for people to feel happy with, happy about their jobs, to have a culture of ongoing mentorship? It’s not a hard concept when you pour yourself into people, those people will pour themselves into your business and so when you show them that you do care and you want them to have a life. Clay, there was a, about a year ago maybe or maybe six months ago, we took, I don’t remember how many weeks, but um, the art of getting things done. You wrote a book, the art of getting things done and we went week after week over every single move in that because there’s a lot of young people that work with us and they don’t know these life skills. They don’t know to how to optimize their life, like you said, time management and all that stuff. And so it’s powerful whenever you’re teaching them how to do entrepreneurial skills, business skills, but also literally teaching them how to live their life and the best way.

So step one, you must do an interview every single week, a group interview. What to make sure you put that we must do it group interview every single week. Do not do individual interviews, Luke. You used to do individual interviews and what happens to your business when you take 10 hours out of your week to interview 10 individual candidates? Will you wasted a lot of time because uh, you know, a person will, will say they’re going to show up, they don’t show up and there’s an hour you will not get back at our group interview. I’m not kidding. If there was 10 people to RSVP and said, I will be at the interview. I don’t put it on the post, by the way. Oh, by the way, this is a group interview. I don’t say that they’re scheduling an actual interview time for Wednesday at five. If 10 people say they’re going to be there, chuck, how many actually show up? One, maybe two. Right? And of the two that show up, how many of them could actually hold a job on the planet earth? Usually not

the two. So you have to do it every week because you’re going to need, you know, out of a month you might get 10 people that show up and you might find one out of those 10.

This Justin, according to ink magazine, I’ll put this on the show notes. Eighty one percent of employees now lie on their resumes. Don’t read those resumes. 80 one percent of it is bogus. So step one, do a group interview step to have the people that you want shadow you. Step three, understand that management is mentorship. You must hold a weekly staff meeting and you must constantly be coaching your people. Step four, you must create a career path for everybody. Everybody, everybody, everybody. Everybody wants to rule the world. Yes. That nobody wants to come to work and go,

oh, okay. So I got to work at a small gym in broken Arrow, a small haircut place in broken arrow. Oh, what are your goals? To be a small business and be part of the community. Awesome. Oh, exchange my entire life for a paycheck and just stay there and drift around. One thing I also like to do, if I have time off on the weekends is I typically will swim out to the middle of a lake and then I’ll just sit there and I’ll just swim as far as I can go and swim and swim and swim flat, no energy at all, and then once I run out of energy and I’m halfway in the middle of the lake, I often try to swim back to shore before I drowned. Those are things that I do because that’s just me being me.

No, people want to have a good life, right? They want to go on a lake on a speed boat. They requires gas. Oh, lean to fill it. It’s expensive. They want to make good paychecks. They want to upward mobility. My friend, they want to move up. They don’t want to move down. They want to move up. They want to get ahead, they want to grow, they want to expand. They want to see the possibilities and so we decided to do on today’s show to provide a personification of the 18 is I wanted to interview the actual members of our team, so I had a member of my team. Chuck, were you in on the interviews? Did you. Were you part of this? I recorded a bunch of them, yeah. Okay. So you interviewed the employees and actually work in our office and you asked them, hey, what’s it like to work at the thrive time, show offices, what, what’s it like?

And we asked him a bunch of questions. I think you ask them why you wouldn’t want to work here. Somebody. Somebody wouldn’t want to work here. Why you? What, what, what do you like about the job? What’s the difficult part of the job? Just say all out interview. Ask them their perspective so that they could share with us. Our employees can share with you what it’s like to work in our culture, but again, step one, you must do a group interview every week. Step two, you have to have people shadow you after they make it to the group. Interview step three, you must commit to ongoing mentorship. And step four, you must create a career path for everybody. And so now that any further ado back to our employee interview number one with Darland Tucker, the lead designer at the thrive time show.

My name is Dee Tucker. I’m the lead designer and junior developer here at thrive time. My experience working at thrive time has been great. Just the constant immersion into the entrepreneurial atmosphere alone is just, I mean, words can’t describe what that means to me. And, uh, also just constantly just spending your time around people with a vision and something that’s driving them besides just coming to work. I mean that you just can’t put a price tag on that. Working at thrive is different from any other job I’ve had, mainly because at heart I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve got, you know, things I’m doing on the side. And thrive is not only okay with you doing things on the side that is exactly what they’re here to help you do. They’re here to help you figure out how to do it without wasting your time, your money, your resources, tiring yourself out, getting unbalanced and life and family and that’s exactly what they’re here to do is to, to help you figure out how to do that in the most efficient and profitable way.

So I mean, that’s, there’s no other comparison. I’ve never heard of another place like this much less work than another place like this. The atmosphere is electric. I mean, the first time I stepped in the door, I was like, yeah, I got to be here. I got to be here. Because I mean, it just, it’s just something that’s tangible. It’s something that you feel and I’m sure that was intentional. They intentionally create that atmosphere and intentionally hire people that add to that atmosphere. Then it’s definitely an experience. Just being here. The most challenging part of working at thrive is just the expectation to be better every day, every month, every week. You just expected not only to just come in and work, but to be better, to improve the, um, they expect to see growth in you. And that is something that you’re held accountable for and you know, it’s, it’s just, it’s not normal.

It’s not the norm and it’s not comfortable. The biggest thing I’ve learned working here so far, honestly, is that you don’t have to give up everything to get what it is that you’re trying to trying to get in life. There is, there is a balance. I spent so much time working for entrepreneurs and working for small businesses, even being close to the business owners that I’m working for. And three out of four of them have been divorced and have gone through serious home breaking situations just trying to make their businesses work. And uh, that’s just the experience I’ve seen. But here I just, you know, that’s the biggest thing you’ve learned is that if you do things the right way, you can have balance and you can, you can achieve your dream, the culture and the decor of the office. When you come in, you see that everything is geared toward just putting you in the mind frame of what you need to do to succeed.

And you know, the culture is, goes right along with that. What I mean when something happens, great happens. We celebrate every victory, you know, from setting appointments to make sales to, you know, we just, everybody’s constantly motivating one another and uh, it’s just, uh, it’s just a great place to be. I think some people would hate to work at thrive. And I actually, I think I know that certain people have hated working here because of the growth that they expect, that you just can’t be expected to come in and just do what you want. Do your one thing over in your corner and be left alone. You know, you, you, that’s just not gonna happen. That’s not going to happen. You’re expected to grow. You’re expected to learn. They’re expected to expand yourself and take advantage of the information and resources that are here, that are around you.

The atmosphere is very lively than people who just aren’t willing to grow. Just don’t thrive in an atmosphere like this. My favorite aspect of working here is just the entrepreneurial energy. When I got here, I was in a dark place, very dark place. All my vision was gone. I had no clue what I was here for. Just being here has changed my life and I don’t, I can’t even explain that in a two minute video of just being here has just changed, changed my outlook, opened up my vision again. I’m dreaming again. Um, my marriage is healthier than it’s been in a long time. I stopped a long way to go, but man, I mean this, this is just being here has changed, changed my life. Clay is hilarious. I mean, he, he, he’s intense I guess would be the. If I had to use one word to describe clay’s personality would be intense and he’s intense and everything he does, he’s intense when he’s funny. He’s intense when he’s serious and it’s just like he just does everything he does at 100 miles an hour. My highlights is just being able to do. I love being challenged. I love a challenge and just being able to grow in the areas that you feel like you’ve been held back in before because people marginalize you. And then they say you can only do certain things, but just being able to just stretch out and just, you know, be challenged. And that’s to me, that’s awesome.

Shop the kind of people that want to be challenged or the kind of people that we want to hire. Yes. That’s the kind of people you want to hire. You don’t want to hire people that just want to mail it in laziness. And I’ll tell you about. I’ll tell you how about how you build an 18. Here we go. This is how you do it. This is the alphabet, this is how you do it. This is how you build an 18 is all about the vowels. Okay? If you want to build an a team, you got to be looking for the four e’s. Now Jack Welch, the CEO who grew ge by 4,000 percent slot, he says, you got to look for the four e’s when hiring people one, you gotta. Look for energy. Individuals that love to go, go, go these people boundless energy and get up every day, ready to attack the job at hand. High Energy People move at 95 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour world and so now we’re going to do another interview with an employee who works at the thrive time, show offices with Mr Clay stairs by the name of Claire and Claire shares her experience and what it’s like to work and in high energy environment where everybody loves to go, go, go.

My name is Claire Younger and my role here in the thrive spaces. I worked for clay stairs and I’m currently in training to be a business coach. I would describe my experience working at the thrive time show as really fun and the most unique culture I have ever been a part of and there is never any wasted time or wasted space, which honestly just keeps your creative juices in your brain if you will, flown out all times and it keeps you on your a game. For me, working at the thrive time show how it’s different from other jobs that I have had is high accountability, which I personally appreciate because it makes me feel like we’re actually getting things done and not just wandering around and it’s also a very fun culture. Like the music overhead is always Super Fun and I personally love hip hop and R and B cell.

It’s really my jam. The atmosphere at the thrive time show how I would like to use the word eclectic because there are a lot of accouterments as clay Clark legs to use a word around and it’s very artistic. Kind of feels like a speakeasy with like the different colored lights, but the atmosphere would be. It’s just very lively. Everyone’s very alive. I’m in the call center. There’s a lot of yelling and cheering and celebrating, which is always really fun. After you’d been making so many calls and then you get the victory. The most challenging thing working at thrive is if you ever have to Yon, not yawning because you know you maybe fully paying attention and fully engaged, but all of a sudden it just hits you because you’re not getting enough oxygen flow into your body. So naturally your body wants to yon and then you’re like, I can’t Yon.

This is awkward. The biggest thing I have learned working at the thrive time show is that I am capable of much more than I ever thought I was because you’re pushed to your limits in a great appropriate way every day with like I’ve made 300 phone calls in one day. I never thought I could do that. And I do quite regularly. So, um, yeah, I think I’ve just learned that I’m capable and can do far more things than I would naturally think I could. How would describe the culture and decor of the office is it’s very unique. So you have pictures. There’s actually a wall that is covered with clay and Vanessa’s life and from how they went from starting clay having three jobs and Vanessa doing real estate and then it tells their whole story with pictures and awards that they won, which is really cool.

And then there’s inspirational quotes everywhere so it’s impossible not to be inspired and then there’s always hip hop music playing or some type of RMB which personal fave. And there’s also a really cool lighting, so there’s not the fluorescent weirdness going on where you feel sterile, but it’s more inviting and Kinda like a speakeasy and it’s just very fun. And like I said, by vicious, I think some people, hey, orient thrive because it pushes you to be uncomfortable because if you ever want to grow, you have to be uncomfortable. So if you don’t like being held accountable or you don’t like doing things that stretch you, you are not going to like working at thrive. But it’s just an environment that breeds growth and exponential growth very quickly. So if you’re not on team, I want to grow fast. You wouldn’t like it. But if you want to reach your full potential and reach what you think you are capable of, and beyond that, this is the place for you.

From my perspective, one of my favorite things about working at thrive is how much I get accomplished in one day. Everyday I walk away feeling very satisfied because I’m like, wow, I really just did all of that and I did everything on my list and fully got it accomplished. So I feel very satisfied at the end of every day. So if I were to describe working at thrive to one of my friends, I would probably say it is like working in an office that you would find in either New York or San Francisco because it’s very fast paced. It’s also very creative on the inside. So it’s not this boring, lame office where you walk in and there’s cubicles everywhere. No, no. Everyone has their own working space, but we’re like next to each other. But you’re still doing like your own thing and even though you don’t have time in the day to really talk and mingle with people, you don’t really mind it because you’re so focused on getting what you need to get done done.

But at the same time it’s like this culture of like unity, we’re all together because if you are working in the call center, you’re all getting rejected multiple times a day. But then once someone gets the sale, we all get to celebrate together, which is really fun. How I would describe clay’s personality, someone who is not around him every day. He’s like a genius who is really great with people skills because most geniuses, they’re not really great with the people skills, but he’s thinking a million miles an hour all the time and always coming up with solutions that you’re like, wow, you made it so simple. Um, and he’s also really funny, like, so funny and some people might say he’s a very polarizing, but for me I would say that he’s just really funny and really blunt, which I personally appreciate. So I’m always like what you said is true.

Why aren’t people offended? I don’t understand. So for me some of the highlights working at thrive time show is number one. The people, they’re just great. They’re all so upbeat, happy people and so kind and then also just having the privilege to be in on the coaches meetings because I’m in training, but now being able to be in them. I mean you just get to learn so much information all the time and then at one point my group, but at the leadership initiative we’ve got to go on a limo ride for a photo shoot and then we also had to have got to have a tour of Tulsa, which was really, really fun and buffer me. It’s just really the people like quality humans who are striving to be great and always better and those are the types of people I like to be around, so I like it.

All right. The next day you’re looking for is to be an energizer. You’re looking for people who are energizers, people that know how to spark others to perform. They outline a vision and they get people to carry it out. Energizers know how to get people excited about a cause or a crusade. They are selfless and giving others the credit when things go right, but quick to accept responsibility. When things go awry, chip, you’ve got to find people that can pump up everybody else. I call these the arnolds. You got the pump, the pump, you got to take it, the book enhances and you’ve got to take the fish oil and what else? Look at all these lazy things. You have fitness expert or some other things. We shouldn’t be taking it up. I need to pump it up. The creative. What else did is the bcs and the steroids, the steroids and Desi pompey. Then you pop in, you pop this Justin, kind of a shocking kind of shocking

Arnold Schwarzenegger later admitted

taking steroids. This just into this just in

so stallone admitted to doing steroids. This just in a lot of big people are on steroids.

Okay, but you’ve got to look for energized people that can energize your business. It’d be almost like your in house on steroids. That’s right. It’s prescribed by a doctor. They’re not steroids, whatever. Home Business Dr. Anyway, you’re looking people that can energize the others around them. Nobody wants to work in the doldrums of corporate America where you’re hanging around the water cooler and a in a, in a, in a freaking like a cubicle. We were talking to this boring guy who’s a middle manager and you’re talking about hr compliance and this ridiculous politically correct culture. Nobody wants to do that now if you want, if you want to do that, that’s fine, but I have worked for those kinds of places. I have been in those offices in. Let me tell you one thing that sucks when you see the big sign that says, team, oh, that sucks because you know you’re in that corporate culture with like, Yay team. We’re trying to build a team and tease dance for a just teams because the tease for the team and then an ease for everyone and the Aes for amazing.

By the way, I need you to write up a memorandum of noncompliance, right? Hr,

we have to know. Everybody hates that. Everybody. Everybody hates. When you have a corporate culture like that, people want to work in a place where you can be an individual. Yeah, so how do you attract these people? Chuck, put it on the show notes here. You got to make sure the site’s, Oh yeah, of your business are in tune with your values, the sites. You’ve got to put your values and your mission statements and your goals, and your notable quotables on the wall. It’s called the the decor, the ambiance, the Patina, the potato, the accoutrements. Overtime copper begins to oxidize and it begins to turn that kind of green color, Aka the Patina that’s we’re talking about bringing some history. Get the pictures on the walls, my friend that it’s. It’s a thing where you don’t spell words, words cast a spell on your people, so put the words on the walls, put the words on the walls. You don’t spell words. Words cast a spell on the people. My friend. She’d got to get the decor that makes the people want more. You gotta inspire. Surround people with inspirational images, but to just edison bulbs instead of the freaking ultraviolet bulbs. Chubb Edison Bulbs instead of the freaking ultra violet bulbs. Edison,

it’s that yellow that makes it mellow. Seriously though, dude, that isn’t well. They look great and it’s, it’s the intentional little things like that that make it different than like clay said, the, the vanilla, the gray wall, cubicled spaces, and you should see people when they come in for a group interview or anytime a client comes into our place. Second photo sites are overwhelming. They like, where am I? What’s that? What is this place?

Either way, we’ll put a link to it in the show notes. If you just google thrive 15 and the word Jinx, j e n k s thrive 15 and the word jinx. I promise you, I promise you, you are absolutely going to love the decor. You’re going to see images. You’re going to be able to walk through our space with the Google technology. You can see images. There’s a three d walkthrough where we have a 20,000 square foot office often over the, off of the left coast of the Arkansas River and beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uh, the music, the sights, the sounds, the music got had, the sounds, the sights and the sounds, the sights and the sounds. You got to have the music. It’s got to be UPTEMPO. Be Intentional about your playlist. You don’t want to walk into an office, into a cubicle world with ultraviolet lights and overhead here.

This song from a distance, the ocean meets the sea and the something or other because it feels too sappy. I liked that song from a distance. The world books blue and green and the snow capped mountains. Why so true? From a distance, Dio Shan meets the Stream and the ego takes to fly from a distance. There is harmony. Please stop and it echoes through. Listen, I’m not going to stop singing this to you until you change your overhead music. We’ve all worked at a business had we not where the overhead music is just awful. Can you think of a job or a place where the overhead music, it’s just painful, bro. What would, what would it be? When I was about 15 years old, I worked at the mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Wilson’s leather, and about September 15th it turned into Christmas music and it was just.

Echo is through, so then it’s the voice of hope. It’s the voice of peace. It’s the boys up at remade from a distance. There is freaking harmony. Please make it stop. No, you gotta change it. Overhead music. You got to do it this way. Your customers feel like Jake. Just how you feel now from a distance, we all have enough and no one is going, no guns, no Bob’s. Nope. Just to understand your music does create a certain weird on beyonce. Don’t bring that weird energy, man. Don’t do it. Have you been to a nice restaurant like in the Ra or a nice restaurant? What is a nice restaurant? Have intentional music. Don’t let the recording of me singing from a distance ever be played over your office. Speakers. Don’t let it happen to you. The decor. You’ve got to have the sites, right? The sounds now, the the sense and the smells.

Be Intentional about the smells have to be intentional. Otherwise. The default is, I’ll tell you what, I went in NATO math room over there and I was terrific. Now y’all have pigs here. Seriously, it was that intentional about the smells you have. What the smell, man. What’s the smell? Seriously, you have to make sure the sights, the sounds, the smells, because you know what happens if you don’t know your office is going to smell like that weird tuna that tammy cooked for lunch or oh, bobby’s a dog poo on bobby’s boot when he walked through there. Now, after you have people have the four e’s, eat. Number one is the energy, right? Hire people that have the energy. People have the ability to energize other people. That’s easy number to energize others. Now you want to look for people that have the edge. Now, the edge, those with the edge of the competitive types, they know how to make the really difficult decisions such as hiring, firing in, promoting, never allowing the degree of difficulty to stand in their way.

Now, what does a person with edge sound like? Well, we have a lot of people with edge in our office. It’s the kind of person that doesn’t say, I don’t want to throw someone under the bus. Our team understands that we collectively are the bus and if you don’t want to bring the energy, you’re going to get thrown under the bus. If you miss a deadline in my office, people will say, this person here, they’ll. They’ll use their name. They’ll say, I’m just making up an example, but in my office they would say, Doug missed the deadline. Dog dropped the ball. Carl didn’t lock the door. Sam didn’t do the thing. It’s or they’ll say, Sam, did the job. Stay shut. Did the job. Joe. Joe Did the job. That’s the difference. The edges of the culture where people say, well, you don’t have a culture with people with edge.

People say, why don’t want to throw anybody under the bus, but it’s what everybody knows they’re stealing going on, but no one talks about it. It’s terrible. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, Seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace and we’ll put this on the show so I’m not in the show notes. The show notes, show notes. We’ll put this on the noise now, we’ll put it on the show notes. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, Seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace and you know how I typically find out now chuck, how people are stealing from our offices. People telling or team people say all the time and we have cameras. We have cameras up, but people on my own team come and tell me before I find out. It’s awesome. It is awesome. You talked about an a team. We have an all star team.

Why? Because we’ve been recruiting for the four e’s for 12 years. You’ve got to commit to these steps. You’ve got to do it because once you have a great team, it’s fun to come to work. It is awesome when you come to work and every single person there is awesome. And so now without any further ado, we’re going to play an interview with a lady by the name of Jordan. She is a graphic designer and uh, everybody in the office likes working with her because she is good people and she also brings the edge to the workplace.

My name is Jordan, I am on the graphic design team at 3:15 and I’m also a business coach. My experience working at the thrive time show has been different than anything else I’ve ever done in life. Uh, it’s, it’s been a time of serious growth. I’ve seen myself develop as a person, develop as a graphic designer, develop as a leader. Um, and then like I said, in, in life outside of work, um, I’ve become more organized, more diligent and more disciplined. The atmosphere at the thrive time show office is kind of like g rated wolf of Wall Street and the intern. That’s what I tell people when I’m talking about it. It’s kind of like the mix between those two movies. Um, it’s dynamic, it’s alive, energetic, you know, there’s people dancing, people singing really off tune, people yelling, ringing bells and gongs, and uh, it’s, it’s never quiet.

The biggest thing that I have learned since starting to work at the thrive time show is not to say the words, I can’t, uh, those responses are not tolerated by the management here, uh, by my peers and coworkers. You’re always pushed to find an answer, find a creative way to solve that problem. Uh, the culture and the decor of the office feels kinda like a man cave. I think that’s very intentional on Claire’s part of an kind of let them have free reign in the office, uh, but the decor is specifically put on the walls to motivate, to cause you to be thinking about what you’re doing while you’re doing it, and to just keep your mind going constantly throughout the day so it feels a little bit chaotic, but that’s intentional. You’re supposed to be moving around thinking about things and addressing the issues in front of you.

The reason that some people love thrive and others hate it is because it’s intentionally polarizing. Um, there are going to demand things out of you that most people aren’t and you can’t just sit there and watch other people succeed. You’re going to have to be fighting for your spot, fighting to be better, fighting to learn new skills. Um, and some people can’t handle that. Some people don’t want that. Some people just want to get a paycheck, a clock in, clock out, and that’s not the way that we do things here. Clay is extremely intense. He is someone you never know what he’s going to say. So you always have to be ready to respond. You always have to be trying to anticipate what he is going to say. And I would say I never get that right. Um, but he requires you to be paying attention.

He’s always thinking he’s always making a plan. Um, and he’s also always observing. So he’s a very intuitive person. He, he reads people really well and that allows him to be a very effective leader, very effective boss. Um, and him and Vanessa are also extremely generous, generous with what they know, generous with that, with what they have. They want every person who walks in their door as an employee to leave better. Um, my highlights of working at the thrive time show when I look back over the past year working here are the ways that I have broken down walls that I had for myself. Things that I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to do and I’ve proved those things wrong and it’s taken some pushing from leaderships. I’m encouragement and a lot of teaching, but I think that’s been huge. That’s been huge for me as a person and as an employee. You might find an employee

that brings the energy to work. Oh yes. An employee who can energize others. Oh yes, yes. You might find an employee who has great edge, but if they can’t execute, the whole thing doesn’t matter. You’ve got to have people that can actually get the job done right. Execute is the key to the entire model without measurable results. The four e’s are of little or no use executor’s. Recognize that activity and productivity are not the same and are capable of converting energy and edge into action and results. You’ve got to find people that can execute at the workplace. Now, chip, we have a great team of people that can execute at our workplace. Do we not? I agree wholeheartedly. We actually have a wonderful lady by the name of Manna who works at one of my companies named elephant in the room, the men’s grooming lounge in this lady gets it done, so we decided to interview her to ask her what it’s like to work at the thrive time show and the Clay Clark companies. I’m telling you, she didn’t have an entirely different experience. When you have a team that can bring the edge, the energy, the energize, and the execute. When you have a team with the four e’s, when you have an a team and all star team life is. So when you have a team with the four e’s, you can really make the cheese. Yes. I don’t get it.

My name is Marshall and I’m one of the managers for elephant in the room. I would describe my experience. I’m very, it’s very different from any other job. It’s way more relaxed and fun. It’s. Yeah, it’s great. The atmosphere is very relaxed. It’s, um, I feel like they trust you to, you know, do your job and it’s, it’s. Yeah. I love it. I would say that the biggest thing that I’ve learned is that consistency is key. The culture and the decor is a, I would say it’s a very welcoming environment and it’s a, you learn a lot from the decor. Honestly. I think that people would hate it if they can’t be consistent and you love it if you are consistent. So, so I would say my favorite aspect is just the environment in general and I love everything about it. I think I would describe it as it’s obviously very consistent and just the environment is great, but I would recommend it to anybody I would describe clay by saying that he says boom a lot, um, that he, he says what’s on his mind and I think that that’s why we all respect him.

I just, I enjoy coming to work when I’m here and so I think that’s like a huge thing because not everybody does enjoy their job. And so I look forward to it.


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The next one being October. If you go to thrive time and you click on the conferences button, you can see the dates for our next conference. Luke, just so that all the listeners out there can feel your pain and can also experience your gain. How terrible is it when you owned the hub gym and you could not stand anybody who worked there and the people that work there just would not do their jobs whether aggressively or passively, aggressively. They just wouldn’t do their job even when they knew what to do. They refuse to do it. The backtalking, the backstabbing, the, the stealing customers, the fighting with each other. The shown up late. The oversleeping, the not cleaning the bathrooms. How terrible was it at ground zero before you learned this system?

Um, I mean it was, it was really, really bad. I mean, it made me hate, you know, what I realized is that this business is my dream, right? Right. And my dream at that point was a nightmare. So, uh, yeah, it was horrible.

Your dream. I really do believe chat, but at your dream does turn into a nightmare when you have bad people. Yeah, it’s terrible. But when you have good people it is absolutely powerful. And so I would encourage everybody out there, if you are just finding yourself stuck and your team’s unable to keep up with, uh, the, the demands of your growing business, implement this proven system. And by the way, share this podcast with at least one person today, just us. And if you could just, you could just, right now we’re number two on the itunes charts and it’s a desire of my team’s heart as the leader. I’m excited to. We want to hit number one on the itunes charts and the only way we can do that as if you share this podcast with at least one person. Uh, I, I just want people to know it is possible to have good people. It is possible to love your team and that’s what you’re going to find at the thrive time show. So here we go with any further. I do. Oh yeah. Great.


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