How to David Robinson Know It Was Time to Retire (with NBA Great, David Robinson)

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National Basketball Association Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson talks to business coach Clay Clark on how he knew it was time to retire from the NBA and become a full-time Dad.

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Get ready to enter that thrive time show with business coach Clay Clark. boom all right driving. She woke up back to the thrivetime business coach broadcast with right time podcast, where we break down the specific business coach moves that you could use to build a successful business and during today’s podcast I asked my friend my partner, david robinson, how he knew that it was time to retire from his hall of fame basketball career more years, maybe 3 more years he was playing at a very high level, better than most basketball players ever aspire to achieve. But yet david robinson decided to retire from the game he loved and to become a full-time dad. How did they have it always the right time and what they do with his free time after retiring from his career on the hardwoods as an nba basketball, player and legend? My conversation with david robinson when you keep it came time for you to retire so I’m, going to throw a couple scenarios. I just want to see how you made the decision making process. You would hurt your back a few times. You had no I had a little partially slipped disc there. In my lower back so it was causing a little bit of discomfort, but you know, but that I’d say that wasn’t probably the number one thing I had you know the issues, but that wasn’t the number one thing I think it was just time for me to stop cuz you were. You were really good. You just want to championship what made you decide not to come back and eat and nothing against brett favre and i. Every time he came back, I got more excited every time that he waited like every hour and soap opera.

For me, I was just waiting when he come back again if you’re watching, if you want to come back on for season i, should totally once you made it well, you know:i took my family’s desires in into place. My wife would have been fine with me going back and playing again, but also my faith in place and I really felt like it was time for me to go home and be dad that my my kids were at the age where they were moving into high school and and I felt like they needed me there and it was it worth the the trade-off of not being there for them doing their high school years. I didn’t think so, and my body was at a point where you know it was. It was about that time, so I could have squeezed out a couple more years yeah, but but the trade-off I didn’t think was really worth it for me. Okay, now, when you play on the spurs, when you got to the team, what was the record the year before you get here before I came in, we were 21 and 61 and then the next year we were 56 and 26. So you really reversed your record. I mean you made a big business coach type impact in my community. There was. There was a lot of other factors that came together. We brought in some new players and yeah, so there was a lot of factors, but yes, we did turn it around in one year for the record. He will not take credit for anything, and so there was a lot of fun season tickets that were sold when you started there from around 8500. Something like that. I don’t know were there at that point:i, don’t know seventeen thousand, maybe 18th i, don’t know it wasn’t sure you were responsible, one of those tickets. So the thing is it that you, but at the same time, like you probably had an offer, we became a free agent I’m speculating that there was a team that called your agent and said david would you come to play here?

There were teams that are interested yes, but i put the put the kibosh on that real quick is that you know I really I knew what I wanted to do, like you do on a business coach and and part of it was a decision for me just knowing that god wanted me to move on to the next stage of my life. That was important. So it’s it’s always good to kind of know. The bigger picture of what you want to do in your life in basketball was a great part of that life, and it was it accomplish its purpose, but there were other things that were calling me forward seems like they have all the information seems to me. That’s very important for you and making decisions that aligns with your big vision for your life. Absolutely in the bible refers to it as his lack of vision. People perish. You need to understand what you want to accomplish and where you want to go and in basketball was not to be all in the end. All of my life. It was a wonderful wonderful part of it, but but I also understood that phase two would be raising these kids getting them off to college loving my wife getting to know her again after being gone for so long and then phase 3 would be starting. My business life


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