How to Deal with the Fear Associated with Investing 100% (with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson)

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NBA Hall of Fame basketball player David Robinson talks with business coach Clay Clark how to deal with the fear associated with investing in both yourself and your business.

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Get ready to enter that business coach thrive time show 321 boom, alright probation drink. Today’s podcast I have the pleasure of sitting down with nba hall of fame basketball player, david robinson, and we discuss why the majority of professional athletes go bankrupt after retiring from their respective sports and how he invested a massive amount of his net worth into an on prophet school, and how did he push through? The obviously did the worries in the stress and anxiety that I feel like would have come with putting up a huge percentage of your net worth investing a massive percentage of your business coach earned income into a non-profit school. He wasn’t investing in the for-profit school for a for-profit business, david robinson, the nba hall of fame basketball player, who played for the san antonio spurs, who won two nba championships in two gold medals, took a substantial amount of his net worth and reinvested it right back into the community, specifically into the kids into the underserved underprivileged, kids and san antonio, texas and I were talking about on a broader level. How is an entrepreneur how to deal with the fear associated with being all in with with 100% investing in your business and your idea david robinson there was an article that was written in gq magazine by one of the guys name, noah davis, and it said it was in 2012, april, 2nd it’s somewhere between 60 to 80% of all of the athletes in the nba and nfl go bankrupt within 5 years retirement in a car, remote company I’m, going to start my own race team or I’m, going to open up my own t-shirt line or a virus I pray that you would spend all of me. Cuz it carburetor. In theory. It cost you money every day to be open. So did you ever worry that you would spend all of your money that you work so hard to earn and that you would just you didn’t be another one of those statistics. You were never go through your mind, like man I’m putting a lot of money here into this and in a bottom line, I’m going to do what it needs.

Will you put yourself at risk like this? Not only do you have to get no support the project, but you’re also at risk of people suing you or you, making some mistakes or whatever so there’s always a risk. Yes, but that’s what we do. We we put our faith behind our belief right, so you know faith being the substance of what you hope, for that was what I had I had faith. It was a substance of what I was hoping for and at that that’s, what drove me on napoleon hill defines intelligence as the ability to find the answers that you need without a biscuit to get what you want without violating the rights of others and so I think about you, I think of somebody who’s very business coach intelligent and meaning that you ran into constant, probably concerns issues road blocks every day, while building the built-in wall building in school. But how did you find the answers to your questions, but always your process like I’m, just giving example. Do you remember when it became hard to buy all of the land? Oh absolutely, when, once we started acquiring land we needed to build our campus, a few of those properties became particularly difficult to acquire, because people found that their broken down house was now all the sudden valuable to someone, and they were challenges. There’s no question, but the key to all of this, because you know I always just always trusted that that god was going to put us in a position where we can be successful until when I sit down and I spent a lot of my time, just praying and just saying:okay lord, you have to bring this together. I have some business coach resources. I know, I can do something, but the big things you have to do and at the end of the day, really that’s our strength. That is our mess up strength.

We I can talk to my wife till I’m blue in the face, but she that doesn’t mean she’s going to do anything. I just asked her to do. It just seems like when I pray. She comes around in a beautiful way. That is it something I can’t control and it’s hard to explain to people, but but that’s where my strength is everything that I’ve been able to accomplish, whether it’s on the basketball court or whether it’s in my family or whether it’s in this city has come from that trust that faith. So that would be like number one suggestion:if you really want to accomplish something great something bigger than what your hands could do. Trust god just believe that he’s going to help you accomplish your goal, but also the diligence comes into play. Do what you can do. You know put yourself in a position where you can be successful. That means you have to work work. If you as a business coach, if you have to be the one that raises the money you go raise the money. If you have to be the one that you know, spends the night and you know, does what needs to be done? Cut the yard cut the yard I mean. But but you know, my faith is a big part of of of me being able to accomplish anything as a business coach. Do you believe that god walks with you? Oh absolutely I’ve tried to mess things up many times. I believe that absolutely there’s no question that he is watching. My back I could see what you don’t. Even when I was dating. My wife I tried to set up many times, but here we are 22 years later and somehow she still loves me at least respect star wars. There was. There was one of my childhood, the inspiration look. Sometimes he gets into the end of space and he would talk to appear.. Obi-wan kenobi seems like that’s what you do. I’m working my vcr I’d be stupid to just sit there and push buttons. I, don’t know how to work. That’s bad thing. I have to go to the venue in figure it out, and so my life is the same way. I, don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, how I love my wife, i, don’t know. I know, i, certainly know how to take care of number one. I don’t want to take care of her, so the bible just gives me good daily instruction on everything on wisdom. You know:what’s the what what should I do with money? How should I do should I put myself in deck or should I eat over this basic things? That are that just put me in a position where I can be successful.


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