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Are you finding it difficult to deal with certain members of your team? Are they refusing to work and being passive aggressive? Listen in as Clay Clark interviews the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 employees asks Lee the tough questions about managing passive aggressive people and others who refuse to do their job well.

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How to Create a Magical Experience

  1. How to create a happy work environment for both your employees and your customers by instilling a culture obsessed with the pursuit of excellence.

Get ready to enter the thrive time show. Yes, it is that we bring the book of walt disney world resorts I had an opportunity to ask my business conferences friend:how did he set expectations for new hires during their first day of work at walt, disney, world resorts? How do you deal with people that don’t share the vision of your company? Mind you? He managed 40,000 employees while serving 1 million customers all week as the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts with the man the myth, the legend lee cockrell right here on the drivetime show on your radio. I know a lot of times in your career, and then you probably had to bump heads with people. She probably had somebody that wasn’t willing to do their job before I had somebody over here in charge of this department that just wasn’t getting it together and you probably had to let some people go I’m in a reason to let somebody go if they’re not able to trade that culture you’re looking for something or if they’re, not part of the team. That’s what happens in professional sports guys got a lot of skill, but then comes to work then come to practice. He had fights with a coach. You see it all the time they need to move out, because they’re going to infect the whole place an ad, so yeah I’m way to wait. We deal with those issues, especially the higher you go. You got to be more of a team player and and less ambitious to a fault. How do you find the right people where, where do you find these people I know is 40000 of them? How did disney go about finding them where, where did jesus you’re, making a pie chart of all where all the employees came from? Where did the employees come from 45 or 50% come from other employees bringing great people in because they won’t bring people that aren’t good in their neighbor? They bring people who know will come to work on time and do a good job so have to work. Staffing comes from our own employees, then the other half, as we just got an unbelievable reputation, so we get way more applications and we need. So. We can hire one out of ten ten professionals working for me 10010. How do you recommend I go out and find top talent?

Well, if you’re going to, if you get, if you need the skill level cuz, you got to be certified, you got to have a license to cut hair, then you know you got to be at the right trade shows. You got to be at the right advanced, where these people hang out. We may have to be at the bar where they all go after work and get to know them. You got to meet people, and somebody told me disney wants a kid told me, you know it’s not fair. Here you got to know somebody to get ahead. I said you are correct, get to know. People is how real life works, but I told myself when he went to college, sit on the front row and every class show up for class and tell the professor is doing a good job. That’s how real life works. That’s how real life works so give you a higher grade. Would you agree and what you know that determines where you go when all things are equal, you and somebody else applying for a job, and you and I know each other well and I’ll pick you up, but yeah. We feel more comfortable. If people we know we seen their performance, we observe their performance, we know about. We vet check them out recruited from other employees. How did you incentivize that in any way we can actually get paid for that? Because I was at work? They got like $150, I think and we kept track of that and at the end of the year we having a big award for all the people who got enough to tide. At least 5 people really brought five people and they going to have to stick around for me, I think it was 6 months. At least till I from grand sticks around for 6 months and I’m pretty bucks, and then you get we found out. If people stay 6 months, they really stay. If they stay 90 days, they may still leave. So we had small business owners today struggle so mightily adopting attracting on a top. Tell they’re, probably not looking for it and they’re, probably just satisfied to have people who are mediocre and their business and it’s a lot of work to go out and get a new business conferences person. Somebody knows how to press the clothes they come to work late every day and I would sky, should I wait, so they just have low expectations and they have low standards and I’ve. Actually it eats away at them. Now they’re working 7 days a week cuz this person’s messing it up and it eventually bite you. If you don’t go for excellence back here and bite you down here, um I meant to remind dad brought up to me. He said if you or not, going to create an emergency. Now, where you let go of somebody who just can’t pull their weight, you will have emergencies down. The road will never end like you. Don’t have any emergency right now to let someone go, who just not able to that’s. Why I said people if you’re not working on the hard things every week, you’re not working on the right things. You got to have hard things. Every day. Not easy things, people cry and get upset, and do your business or your sister-in-law be careful of what family members you bring in it’s harder to get them out than it is to get a min will walk me through the step by step process that happens at disney from the time the person applies to the job all the way until the cat gets hired.

What does that look like today? If you want a flat disney, you go online. First, you have to go up there when you apply the law, for you an opportunity to take an online review of u232 question and you go through an answer, or are you ever late to work? Till 6:40 of them are duplicates too kind of cross check your answers to see, if you’re being honest with them, and if you get through that you get to go over the casting center and fill out an application they even today that changed the bed. They put you online to see. Let you watch you tubes about what the job is see. If you really want to clean that, if I guess what the guys doing actually and then you come over and fill out the application and they haven’t personal interview with you and you get hired, you get a date that you start and that first day you go to traditions, which is an all-day class with people from all kinds of jobs are in the room, a hundred people, you learned about mickey and walt and how he started the company and cinderella and have you know, seven dwarfs and get all the stuff. First day everybody translated in spanish whatever like, because we want people to understand why the company started how it started, what it means to america what it means to be young children and the big. Don’t, disappoint these kids stay and roll. It’s a bigger strip of their life for many of them. At four year old wanting to see cinderella, there’s nothing more important. Al’s muffler shop, al’s, muffler shop, we’ve been in business for 50 50 years. We make mufflers where in orlando we make mufflers. Would you incorporate a similar process and al’s muffler shop, showing her I would think about that when we all day but I would probably sit, and let me tell you about the how we started here. Let me tell you the things that are important here and we always come dressed properly. We don’t have grease all over everything when they walk in with we communicate with him all day long. If we don’t meet the time, we told him 3. We are going to call me at 2 and tell me another hour and if we go past 5 to deliver the car to them, and if we did you do-and this is not joe’s muffler. This is this is the most important muffler shop. Chili peppers know anybody to give him that kind of special price. If people feel like they’re in a special place and they matter and the boss really is they’re going to do a better job. Let me ask you this:do you believe in test-driving business conferences employees, before you make your final hiring decision and then I’m? Not so much I don’t think today and I mean I might if I was a small business owner I might give somebody a 6 month, contract you just try them out and I put them on contracts. I wouldn’t have any legal issues and I put them on a one month contract if it’s in the receptionist and then just not like disney. If I wouldn’t do that now we don’t do that, but I’m a small-business yeah I would I would consider I’m going to give you you want to try this out. I put you on a 3 month contract and, if you’re doing a great job I’m going to renew it and one more six months, and then after that, I’ll put you on permanent cuz you getting all those legal problems. If you try to get rid of my first 90 days or certain.

Of time so you’re saying, speak, proper english speak, proper, hang and be intentional about the by the way I heard this morning that everybody’s really upset, because you see her, the new song that was sung at they’ll enter that came out. It’s onion 7 languages, simultaneously:national anthem, america, national, anthem sung in 7 languages, beautiful, but twitter went, that’s people saying speak, english and I will go to put on my blog today. Most of people say, speak english, don’t speak english very well by myself. Even though that’s the only language they speak, don’t speak english very well and you say you’re all janitor. What does that mean to you always be your man? That’s my favorite one chapter 22 little jerk little tristan when I asked him what service meant to have my 10 year old, grandson, I said tristan. What service mean to you? If you want to be in my book, you buy how to get me. A good quote. My little boy looked up at me with not one second delay and said happy when you serve you’re, always to giving one and I tell people that who are the given ones or military to talk about giving military nurses, teachers, people don’t get paid a lot of money to give first responders firemen parents, parents are the big giving loans their time, effort everything to their kids and i. Tell people we’re all running around doing a lot. Are we really being the giving ones or the wii that taking ones in our society? Could we be better? Could you be a giver instead of a taker, be the giving one and my little granny’s wire? That would love to help people, not everybody that we could all be better to be the giving one I hear if they say they want horses, give them a motor car. While we learned at disney anna that was from henry ford braintree ford, he said:if I’d ask people what they want, they said they wanted faster horses, they don’t know what they want and we give people disney signs. I, don’t know it’s possible, like free transportation from the airport. We check your business conferences bags and tulsa and the next time you’ll same as in your room, and then, when you check on your check in at disney and you’ll, find him again when you get back to tulsa, you won’t have to mess with them.

They wanted that they didn’t know they wanted a meal plan where all the meals are included. 50% buy it. Now they didn’t know, people don’t know what they want. Some people, you might get a little there from steve jobs, taught us that people don’t know what they want. So people don’t know what people want I want. You don’t always know you just try to that’s where the ingenuity comes out. That’s where you got these for free, that’s where you get to steve jobs in the belmont area. That knows people want consistency and they weren’t cleanliness and i. If you make those the priorities and starbucks it’s not about the coffee, it’s about the environment, meeting people, their friends, nice chairs, beautiful me today at all 60s music on this one I thought I was going to have sam cooke. Don’t you know the dry? Cleaner, probably doesn’t know you don’t know what you would like to have for me. So, all of a sudden, if you went actually I told lexotica the other day, I said you know you guys did a great job with selling glasses, maybe she’ll be selling hearing aids to in the same place everything fixed army. Why? Why not? Why not? When we come back, we conquer all the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts is going to break down how to create a magical customer service business conferences experience how to create a happy work environment inspired by the pursuit of excellence for both your customers and your employees. You miss any of today segment or you missed any of them. Yesterday, all week we’re interviewing lee cockrell. You can find all the archives podcasts of these exclusive interviews, as well as bonus podcast. Only interviews today by going to thrive time, show.Com subscribe to the podcast and you’ll never miss a broadcast, and you can find leslie cockrell exclusive podcasts available for you right now at drivetime, show.Com, pretty space maple radio get ready to ever that thrive. Time show it’s all about you that we bring the door. Radio and I haven’t. Had the pleasure to meet the founder of hobby lobby to me, george foreman, heavyweight boxing champion, having spent a lot of time with the founder of skyy vodka. Having spent a lot of time with a lot of gurus david robinson, the nba hall of fame basketball player. I can just tell you that successful people operate it entirely different level than everybody else, and it’s it’s up to level that you and I had anybody can choose to operate on, but you have to be up cyst with the pursuit of excellence that you have to be obsessed, so you might see what how do I know if someone’s obsessed then you’ll know they aren’t obsessed it’s either.

Someone is upper chest and you it’s clear that they want to dominate that. They want to win that they want to create the best customer service experience possible or they don’t but trouble. You can tell when you meet somebody in an office environment whether they are there to win or just to get a paycheck immediately want. One thing to look at is:how fast are they walking around? How fast do they walk around the people that are engaged will win in one? If you are the business owner of there and you’re wondering, are you is this? You are you thinking about this in the shower? Are you thinking about it, for you go to bed when you wake up, is? Are you obsessed with this if you’re not you’re, not going to do well exactly, and so this is the thing I would encourage you as you’re, going to prepare your diaper para audience for this exclusive interview with lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of war disney world resorts. Do you research on the guy cuz what he managed 40,000 employees is that a theory did it to. He managed 1 million customers and their expectations every week. They got that three. He did it for over a decade before he started the bottom as a chef working in a restaurant move his way up without a college degree to become the number one manager in the world as it relates to tourism in a 10. It’s amazing so before, where do people get it wrong when it comes to creating a culture of excellence? From your experience? Well again, it starts with choosing the right people and having a good system of higher how you’re, hiring people and I know this, because I’ve managed 39960 less people badly,. So that’s a good point bully in your book, which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. You talk about. Creating match, and what exactly does that mean and I think you know our advertising? Our promotional marketing all through the years has been a magical place, walt disney, magic kingdom. What is magic? You know for i, guess today, coming to walt disney world, it really turns out to be a place. It’s just not like real life. They get there. It’s clean, everybody’s, nice and I mean how many places are like that. The world everybody clean-and it was nice and people do just about anything that you want for them. They will take care of the food is great, dacians, mickey, mouse and cinderella. Are there the real mickey mouse in cinderella I mean that’s pretty magical like our business conferences, it’s very magical for children and I think it’s so magical for the parents, because when they parents tell me all the time, I can’t wait to see the expression on my child face when we get there or when we told him they couldn’t sleep for 2 nights, I mean there’s a huge emotional piece of the magic kingdom, it’s a magical, express being different than anywhere else, not real life. It’s a place. You wish the whole world was like where everybody was nice to you and where everything was clean and everybody cared about each other.

So that’s kind of a way to think about. I not know about you is that you worked the hilton in the organization. You’ve worked with marriott organization. Are you doing a lot of different things? So, if I have a small business and I’m willing to create the magic at my hardware store or at my, tri-center, my business, how do you create the magic in a small bed? Was that mean there are a lot of bass so different than all the other people in the hardware store business I was telling some hardware store people wreck. Yesterday, a few weeks ago when I spoke to a whole group of them and I said you know, if I was in the hardware, store business and I owned hardware store I’d, make saturday a big day with food trucks in the parking lot and bring the kids down and show them how to do things and get my little tool and half have fun. Have some music out in the parking lot I make? My hardware store the place to go every saturday with your chores and then I would make sure that all the places spots that have the american flag going up in the morning and playing a little opening ceremony honoring our troops i, would have specials and I would sell things more than hardware. So the wise want to come in at 2, and you Know:i’d find a million ways to make it magical for not only the children but for the man who wants to get the chainsaws and tools and also for the wives, who have some section of the store where it says things:i could buy for their home and just create event, and then I would make sure all my people were trained and then we would take care of them like they couldn’t believe, and you would possibly any kind of small business at a doctor’s office. My wife went to the doctor yesterday after having a bad experience with her eye doctor the other day. She said it was incredible. She walked in and everybody was so nice and was clean. He came out the doctor and first he said they start talking about what they’re reading. What are you reading these days need to what he was reading and she just loves. She said:that’s my doctor now that’s my daughter now so people yesterday, but we all like starbucks everybody likes working with costco everybody likes me, there’s a few companies that we can all name off disney and business conferences and we say that’s a great company, quick trip gas stations, chick-fil-a and then there’s a lot of other companies that don’t create the magic. So in your mind, as a manager, if I’m a manager of a business or business. What are some of the things I should be doing every single day to make the magic happen to my business i. Think, first of all, you need to go through and look at every part of your business from the parking lot to the landscaping to repair and maintenance of your building.

To how great your training is, how clear your expectations are, for your employees make sure they’re doing what you train them to do. Every part of your business I think you know the saying when people have to understand no matter how good you are, you be better and if you don’t think you’ll be better every day, you’re going to get in trouble. What technology do you need to apply? So you stay in touch with your customers has an alert them to new specials. You got this week how you can communicate with him to come on down on saturday we’re going to have someone, so he rarely talk was going to be here signing books for you. If you would like him and he’ll give you a disney pin to finish so many opportunities that people just get in a rut and people start doing what they do and they do it the rest of their life, and they just think that’s the way it is, and it’s not the way it’s the way you want it today. That’s how I feel this is life is how you wanted to make not how to ask and you control it. We come back lee cockrell breaks down why disney does not allow their business conferences employees to have cell phones, tyranny. Think about that for a second, if you own, a business disney doesn’t allow their employees to have cell phones in the workplace. Think about that for a second southwest airlines doesn’t allow you to have a cell phone while you’re flying a plane. Do you know that most great companies don’t allow their employees have a cell phone during the workday to the question is:is your company great? What is it going to? Let him keep using a cell phone, but if it’s not, maybe you should listen up. It’s lee cochran the drive time show on your radio, apply what you learned increase, which part of an increase in in due time. You got money to 70° what you burn it in due time. You can


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