How to Define Your “Core Story” and How to Create an “About Us” Video

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All the research shows that consumers by from people and companies that they trust, like and believe in. However, in order to connect with your ideal and likely buyers you must write a narrative and core story that succinctly shares what you do with your potential customers. During this podcast, Business coach, Clay Clark breaks down how to go about crafting your core story.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives. But while people focus on the story itself, information comes along for the ride.” – Jonah Berger (Marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the recent New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On)

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking.” – Thomas Edison (The founder of GE and the inventor behind recorded audio, recorded video and the modern light bulb)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home. – Mark 6:4
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  4. Example – The world needs to know that you are a good person and more than just another company trying to make money. Customers prefer to buy from people that they both like and trust.
    1. Create Core Story / About Us Video
    2. What is your name and where are you from?
    3. How did you first get into your industry?
    4. What makes you different from all of the other companies in industry?
    5. What products do you offer and what problems do they solve?
    6. What makes your product different from other companies in your industry?
    7. Why are you passionate about your products and services?
    8. What is the no-brainer offer that you are making for first time clients?
    9. What do you want someone to do if they are on the website right now?
    1. Book a date to shoot the video.
    2. Script out the b-roll.
    3. Script out the length of the video (30 seconds for Youtube, 30 seconds for Facebook Ads, 2 minutes maximum for the website)
    4. Script out the location of the shoot.
    1. About Us Video –
    2. Give Back Video –


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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business coach question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com back to the conversation, I was clay clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year means that my company dj connection did really well and it’s some point. I got nominated by different business owners, the small business administration than they said well, you’ve been nominated, that’s awesome, and then they said we’d like to audit your financials to make sure that what we hear is true and I thought that’s cool, and then it turned out to not be cool, because that’s a lot of paperwork back and forth like to try to get a loan application at loan app approved, and then it keeps happening. Give me the small business administration is the organization that awards, probably 90%, of small business loans out there. If you get a small business loan, sba loan right is guaranteed by the small business ministration, which is a wing of the federal government and so I realized. Oh no I might be getting an award from the federal government, which means I’m going to be today, which means I’m going to have a lot of paperwork, and so yes, I have been audited by the irs. Yes, I did have to do a bunch of paperwork. Yes, I’m, I’m, I’m, very proud of the achievements. My wife and I were able to knock out. We worked very hard to do that, but I think a lot of people listen to the show here are running a business very successfully and you’re, not winning awards and I’ll. Tell you why? It’s because you are working hard, you’re busy working are not filling out paperwork all the time, you’re not running around trying to get trophies and awards you’re trying to grow your business. And so the problem is:is that the customers on the outside of your website on the outside of your store? They want to do business with someone that they can like and trust. They won’t do business with someone that they know and they can’t do business with someone they like and trust. They don’t know if they like and trust you, because you refuse to weave in your personalityinto the marketing so I’m going to just give you a bunch of examples and I want to get charles colaws take on this cuz this is big.

Okay, so jonah berger is the I want to put some the show notes there. Chaplain 2.1 murder is a wharton business school professor guy because he in case studies, are where you study successful companies and ask yourself:how did they do it? So he breaks down he deconstructs how people achieve success so he’s wharton business coach college, professor and a new york times, bestselling author. He says people don’t think in terms of information they think in terms of narratives, but while people who who this is so good people focus on the business coach story itself, information comes along for the ride. There was one great teacher, your the word, prophet i, don’t know where the word prophet some people say: prophet I would love it. I’ve been not trying to run a nonprofit, but I think I have no profit like a teacher. A profit was regarded as inspired teacher inspired teacher teaching. The will of god so I consider myself to be that. So you might not that’s okay, but it’s it’s own is inspired by god to do something so you’re a profit, profit profit, profit i, just i, do consider myself to be a profit know where the promise about being a prophet is a prophet can’t be from his own town. It can’t be from his own town of there’s. There’s all sorts of scripture on this specifically mark, 6:4 jesus said to them. He says a prophet is not without honor, except in his own town. Among his relatives in his own home I know you too well, so they can’t respect the game. So a lot of people don’t respect me that I know with who I don’t know. Respect me says it’s listening right now and you become a prophet to your own people. If it will work for, you have to know that you’re inspired, inspired teacher and, if you’re judeo-christian, i, hope you’re trying to honor god while you’re teaching your people, okay, but remember the people in from your own business, probably won’t respect you very much, which is the magic of sometimes bringing in outside speaker to say what you’ve been saying all the times.

They call that’s so true, but that’s a thought now. When you begin to teach people jesus, oh jesus, he was a phenomenal teacher and you know how he taught their chuck chuck. You know what jesus used to beat stories stories story, I didn’t use spreadsheets one cuz, I hadn’t been invented yet, but jesus music stories. People learn with story stories are like the trojan horse that can be used to transport. A message to the mask. True, so tom’s shoes has a story. By a pair. We give a pair that’s time to destroy how many tom’s shoes commercial. Have you seen probably zero? Why cuz? They don’t advertise that much, but they do buy a pair give a pair. That’s their advertising vehicle homie harley was last time you saw a bunch of harley commercial about it. I don’t know if I do see a lot of harley commercial. It’s good to hear him. Harley tattoos cuz! It’s a story! It’s a narrative about the american craftsmanship. Only if you have a large beard are heart, that’s what a harley is all about. So will you have to chipotle? Has a story? Hey we organically source of our chicken and it’s a it’s a story. So there’s at thomas edison goes on the right. He says there is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking.

There’s no expedient to avoid people hate to sir tom’s shoes that buy a pair give a pair of genius but thomas edison. When underwriting says genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, so you’ll get this idea right now or should paul graham who built dropbox airbnb in reddit. He says it’s hard to have success and almost impossible to have business coach success if you don’t think about your business in the shower. So what you got to do is think hard on coming up with that narrative for your business now chuck. Now that we know me to come with a story that the customers will actually like to know and hear about our business walk us through the specific questions we dat be answering on our story:video, okay. So what you going to want to do to create your story or you know about us. Video is the first question you want to answer is what is your name and where are you from and what is the name of your business? My name is chloe clark and I’m from tulsa oklahoma, and that’s exactly what to do. What you want to make sure you don’t just clay clerk, tulsa, oklahoma and you’re, not reading the scripture answer. The questions are video editors will help you edit to go to make a good morning and it. So you look good what’s that question. So let’s pretend right now like we’re working with somebody in real estate. Okay, so then you want to say you know:how did you first get into real estate? Well, you know actually I started out. My dad was in real estate in the end yadi yadi yada boom boom boom makes you different from all the other companies in your industry for sales are doing this and this and that, and that and I believe list specific things that we do supported by facts next. Next, what products do you offer and what problems do they sell or next week say what makes your product or service different from other companies in your industry and I would tell you the next. Do you want to answer the question? Why are you passionate about your product or in service and I would answer with passion, and he probably would take me 7 to 10 takes when I record a sales, video or a commercial I typically takes 7 to 10, takes minimum minimum unless you’re a hollywood movie producer.

It’s going to take you 10 takes cuz you’re a hollywood movie producer it take your 50 takes a couple more. So what is the no-brainer offer that you’re making for first-time clients are the website right now, where we would love to serve you and so go to yati I didn’t fill out. The form would love to get to know you schedule a free business coach consultation today. Exactly in the last thing you want to do is like clay just said, you know:what do you want somebody to do if they are on your website right now, watching this video chat about all right action set number one. You got to book a date when, when are you going to shoot this video actually get a date on the calendar shoot a video like at 3 p.M. I probably want to let you know, 6 a.M. To get my hair did work early mornings and you have 14 hours in by 5 p.M. Maybe you don’t schedule that shoot for 5:30 p.M. You might look a little run-down they will skip. The video needs to be 30 seconds long. If it’s a youtube commercial, it’s cheaper for you to run the ads 30 seconds to facebook commercial, it’s cheaper for you! If you run the ads 2 minutes maximum, if it’s a full length, video on your website, you know roughly I mean sometimes it’s two and a half 3. Don’t don’t freak out that what you want to do, did the average attention span and then this is where I want to leave to get to charles’s. Take on this here you want to skip that a specific location, sir charles. If you had a colaw, fitness. Com, you can see your story, video with you and your wife amber. What store was that shot at new member? That was at the joplin that location, joplin, missouri and you have kind of a cool story every time and that you guys sign up a new member. You guys set aside a certain portion of the money and you donate to what we we we we donate a portion of our profits to water for life mozambique. They are an institution. That’s got a system that set up that they can actually help people at with get water in africa and I can see actual video footage of people wearing a colaw fitness shirt while installing the wells in mozambique. Your gym is cuz, they love the heart of the culture. I think what you want to do is set up systems and stuff that actually do truly show who you are and that’s who we are. We want to be newfoundland to pick things locally and globally and help others do this tablet to put the colaw fitness story video on the show, notes or listeners can see that, because that’s an example of a job. Well done, that’s you guys, sharing your story in your narrative of why you’re in business and what you’re all about you have to have a core story, and that my friend is how you make a core story video


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