Democrat Mayor of Nevada City (Reinette Senum) Unmasks the Truth About the Unconstitutional COVID-19 Mandates

Show Notes

The Democrat mayor of Nevada City Reinette Senum joins us today to share about the importance of sharing the TRUTH about the Unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing the former Mayor of Nevada City, California who has decided to boldly take a stand and to be brave against California’s tyrannical government, Governor Gavin Newsom? 
  2. Reinette Senum, I want to ask you to share your thoughts about Governor Gavin Newsom’s response to COVID-19?
  3. Reinette Senum What are your thoughts about Governor Gavin Newsom’s mask mandates?
  4. Reinette Senum, Stanford’s Doctor Scott Atlas, Medical Doctor recently said during a White House press conference, “THE DEADLINESS OF THE CORONAVIRUS IS LESS THAN THAT OF THE SEASONAL FLU FOR CHILDREN.” Can you share your thoughts on the deadliness of COVID-19?
  5. We interviewed Dr. Richard Bartlett who was a medical advisor to Governor Rick Perry of Texas for 7 consecutive years and he stated that for $237 a person can use a nebulizer and the FDA approved pulmicort / budesonide to successfully treat COVID-19 patients? What are your thoughts on this?
    2. Brownstein study –
  6. Reinette, hydroxychloroquine has been an FDA approved drug for decades, why are some doctors not being allowed to recommend it for the treatment of COVID-19 patients?
  7. The MIT, Duke, and Medical University of South Carolina graduate Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, states that the COVID-19 tests being done are producing false positive test results over half of the time…how is this possible?
  8. I would love for you to share about what you are calling “lost years of life?”
  9. Please share about the increase in suicides, drug and alcohol use since the shutdowns began?
  10. Reinette Senum Dr James Meehan, MD has stated that wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time is actually not healthy for the wearer of the mask…I would love to get your take on this?
  11. Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota has said that he received an email from the Minnesota Department of Health coaching him how to fill out death certificates related to COVID-19 and that he has never previously been coached on how to fill out death certificates. How is COVID-19 being treated differently than other viruses by health officials?
    1. Listen – 
  12. What are your thoughts on The “Vaccine King” Bill Gates and his obsession with vaccines? 
  13. You’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?


  1. Doctor, according to the Center for Disease Control in the year 2017-2018 80,000 people died from the common flu, however in 2020 there seems to be some confusion about how many people have died from COVID-19…why is there so much confusion about how many people have died from COVID-19?
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