How to Design Your Day (With NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player, David Robinson)

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How do super successful people organize and prioritize their days? NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player and 2-Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner David Robinson explains his system for organizing each day and ultimately making each day count with business coach Clay Clark.

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Get ready to enter that thrive time business coach show 321 boom all right right. They should welcome back to the thrive time podcast. My name is clay clark and today during the podcast, we’re breaking down the daily morning, habits and routines of a top-level performer, none other than nba hall of famer basketball, player and successful entrepreneur, my dear friend and partner david robinson, and for david or david robinson 14 years and the nba as a hall of fame basketball player. He won two national basketball association championships, two two nba championships:he won two gold medals in the olympics and he was in the nba mvp had success in the game of basketball and every possible way you could be, but yet off the court he’s had much more success than yet on the cart and i. Think a lot of it comes down to the kind of person david robinson is and how rigorous he is about being disciplined about designing each day, making everyday count it. So, during this interview, I had an opportunity to ask david robinson:how does he love you david? How do you design each day? What is your morning routine? Look like when do you get up? What do you do when you get up? How do you design your business coach day and ultimately ordained your destiny? So now that you further ado my interview with david robinson, no jack wilks, the ceo for ceo ge, he says control your own destiny or somebody else will so the idea of taking control of our day is is sort of an idea. It’s new to a lot of people. I know it’s new to me. Do you? What do you do during the first hour of your day to kind of take control of your day? What are you do everyday? That sort of like your routine when you wake up a prayer for me, I mean that that gets my mind in the right place and gives me a right perspective. You know going into your day either is always a thousand things that are drawing your attention. Is everyone wants you to call them all kinds of things need to happen on this pressures of things not going right. This thing’s, you know that are pending, there’s, always a thousand things it’s up for me.

Prayer kind of gives me a sense of the I want to say the lack of importance of those things, but the proper perspective on those things and that failure isn’t really failure and-and you know it’s all in god’s-hands pray. It helps me to put those things in the right order and if I don’t fail in a particular am i. If I don’t succeed in a particular area, then I understand hey. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to learn how to grow. I’m. Only asking this cuz I know that you, for you preached a few business coach sermons and I know that you’re a man of god. This is something when you say you pray you devote to prayer that, but that’s one thing I have learned in the morning. Maybe you know it might be 15 minutes they might be 30 minutes and it and if, if I’m particularly stress that might be an hour okay, but that time to me is is is really refreshing. It’s just time where I can kind of you don’t get rid of my own anxiety and kind of listen to god’s voice, and then you know it for me. You know prayer settles me down. It gives me the big picture that everything that’s happening here. Just take it one step at a time all things work together for good for those who love god, you know it’s all going to work out gives me time to really trust in god and i. Think it’s the same. If you have a relationship with your wife, you get to know your wife’s voice. You get to hear and understand, even if she’s trying to fool you pick up the phone and you’re talking to you like i, said:that’s you in there baby. You know it’s the same way with god i. Think, the more time you spend reading your bible and praying you start to hear his voice and you kind of know. You know when it’s god speaking to you and it’s like okay, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it! Okay, lori! Thank you!

So you just it’s it’s it’s! It’s kind of a relationship thing! You you get to feel, do you use it to do list and add a timer until i, absolutely yeah. Let me know everybody’s got a cell phone now, so you but I have different to-do list on my cell phone that I use everyday I’m, terrible if I don’t write things down, is there a certain app that you like to use? The weather is a couple of different apps that I use there’s a kind of a relatively obscure app name, tasks which creative name but I’ve been using it on my new little phone that I got, but you know the other. One was a reminder that I used to use on that my other phone, so yeah, there’s a zillion apps I mean it’s the you know. Yet. If you find something that helps you but write things down, I mean always. If there’s all these things happening all the time you got to keep tabs on him somewhere in your mind’s, not really built to hold everything in as it business consultant. I work with a lot of plastic surgeons in all different people that have very fancy business coaching titles and big companies, and then people that small businesses and when i, find her a huge separation. It’s almost like the people without daytimers and a to-do lists are stuck here and the people that have these very successful companies have daytimers and planners in to-do list, and it’s it’s almost impossible at a certain point, to have any sort of success, because there’s so many things that you need to do that you’ll forget stuff. If so, that’s a fundamental are not built to. You know, categorize and prioritize all of our things that need to get done that day that week, that month are goals for the week the month. So is it you know just unless you’re brilliant and you can memorize everything it’s better to just write it down, and you can always refer back to it keeps you on point on target


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