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If you are having a hard time fitting your life goals into your schedule then listen to this Thrivetime Show podcast as Clay Clark teaches you why you MUST control your calendar or be destined to have other people control it for you.

  1. Step 5 – Put GPS on ALL vehicles
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  2. Step 6 – Design your F6 schedule – list out your goals in the following areas of your life.
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Fitness
    4. Finances
    5. Friendship
    6. Fun
  3. Tradeoffs you MUST make if you want to achieve time freedom
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch (American retired business executive, author, and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company’s value rose 4,000%)
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business conferences coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com in tulsa oklahoma and the hundreds of thousands of you around this great plan of the download hour podcast each month. Welcome back to the drive time, show on your radio and answer the question specifically that a man by the name of kenan & knoxville tennessee has he’s built a business conferences he’s created financial freedom, and that was a custom home builder with a great reputation. He wants to create time for you and so we’re walking, kitten or walking. You serve through the specific steps that you need to take it to prune path that works to help contractors create time, freedom install gps on all the vehicles. You got to put the gps a global positioning system unit on all of the work trucks. I would like for you to look up the statistics as dr. Sibley and eyes. We sort of hold court talking about this.

Okay. So, according to the us chamber of commerce and cbs news 75% cannon 75% of employees steal from the workplace the business for a long time. Does that number shock? You know it doesn’t pretty pretty fast response when we first put in cameras, one of my old businesses i, remember watching my assistant taking home entire reams of paper like we got a box shipped in from office depot it in the box and there’s like each packet of paper. Maybe a 250 sheets in a packet and sweet, a box of paper and I think it had maybe 10 packets in there or 15, where it is, and it’s an even number cuz they have them. They stack them, and so it’s a box of paper we have delivered. We got the paper delivered. She literally my left. She put them in a business conferences car after watching that happen. This is that shocking. Do doctors tell me that kind of stuff happens? It just happens. It’s just human nature. It’s just they’re, not happy where they’re at it. So it’s going to happen and it’s going to be even worse in your industry, my man, because there’s lots of your buying stuff all the time you need the usable products you got nails boards, you got all the stuff that people can easily steal without you noticing it, especially if they’re running to the supply houses for you, okay and then, as far as the gps on the vehicles.

Let me tell you we didn’t do this with the concrete business that I run with my parents for 30 years and the last time that I fired somebody over stealing a truck stealing quote-unquote sealing a truck. You couldn’t come to a major concrete, pour we were doing I had to work on a saturday to go. Do his job then I caught him at a gas station filling up his boat behind my truck on the square I was coming home from work on that saturday, so he’s going fishing with our flatbed and his boat by my favorite gps story, as we had a gps back in the day when I businesses and one of our employees was a volunteer youth pastor and he was a praise and worship ministry guy and he always had business conferences numbers that just didn’t line up, but he always wanted to make sure that he told you that he was a volunteer present mind of a devil one day, I discovered the gps sheridan sheridan meets with i-44. Where is that business conferences place over there that sells lamps decorative lamps and across the street to the strip club yeah hold? Surely not so we getting the car over there checking out a review and I don’t have a good time he’s witness and play she gets out of the car I see what’s going on, we didn’t talk again, so you just have to make sure you put the gps on the vehicle. This is how it works. You think is nothing works, the sure people do so.

We as a company decided to use onyx imaging, so it should write this down. Office supplies printer supplies. You have things that you have to if your office in a weekly basis, that requires you to leave the office and to go to office depot to get paper. Pin scissors things like this. Do you need toner? Yes, are you going to office depot? Probably, do you want to stop going to office depot? Now, I love it. So it sounds good, but if you want it eliminate that that out of your schedule, I would highly recommend you to a company called onyx imaging at sonic’s imaging, their phone number is 918-627-6611. 918-627-6611 we’ve set up a budget with them, they deliver the office. Supplies to us and I know that it’s going to work business conferences budget early because we hold our pima countable that we were firing through lots of paper. I would know that somebody is doing it. It was a 3-4 months ago, I found somebody that literally printed all of the paper on one day, all of it yeah like boxes of paper and i, found out who they were and I dealt with it so I’m just going to mr. Cannon, you don’t have cameras installed, you’re, not going to be able to even hold your team accountable to a basic office supply budget. Now move number 5 set number 5. You got to design an f6 schedule this, for me, kitten has always been my achilles heel. It’s the hardest thing for me to doat business conferences, but the most important thing to do. It’s been the hardest thing for me to do, but the most important thing to do:f6b twins schedule into your actual calendar, your entire life, not just work-and this is been the thing that I struggled with for a long long time and thankfully dr.

Zoellner, my partner and my wife-were patient and persistent with me, and so now, I scheduled time in there for my face. That’s ff1 I scheduled time for my family. We do a date night. Every week my face my family time with my kids fitness I schedule, time to work out. K fitness schedule, time to work at fitness. My finances I scheduled specific time. Look at my finances, friendships, I schedule, specific time to spend time with those that I care about those people that are in my mastermind my group, my business relationships, my friendships and I scheduled time for fun in this all happens as a result of being intentional about designing the life that I want to live as opposed to just reacting to the business conferences life. I. Don’t want to live drifting drift drifting! If you don’t, if you’re, not intentional, with all of these areas and your schedule, you will drift through life and you’ll notice. Hey it’s been five more years and I still haven’t received those goals. Did you got to do it vibrate a thriving chiropractic practice and I’m sure there’s been times where you’re more in balance and one area than others, but why is it so important for his work at 80 or 90 hours a week to say you know what I’ve got a schedule specific time in there that maybe go to the lake or work out or spend time with my spouse or what?

Why do you? Why do you have to put in that calendar or you just burn up? That’s what happens you got to have balance in your life and with what you just said like that is the key to help we get so out of balance in certain areas, especially this fitness and fun. People don’t do that. They were too busy. They say too busy. Working and I will tell you this. The employees, if you allow them to not be accountable, they’re going to work you into your grave, yet hold of a cattle. Otherwise, do you always have to rush to the job to complete the business conferences job? You always have to do it yourself. If you want to get it done right, you got to do it. Your self is the false. It’s it’s. It’s a false belief that most entrepreneurs systems with the guard rails for your team to operate within, and you can’t be the parachute of the safety net every time. Otherwise you will never have any time. That being said, if you found yourself physically burnt out your business conferences back, hurts you your body, is:you haven’t, take to taken care of it for a long time and when I get back in alignment, I would highly recommend that you reach out to her good friend here on the show dr. John sibley. Comets, dr. John, sibley sibley. Com, this phone number 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 to schedule your first consultation, drink today, show I will give you a free copy of my business conferences book. Thrive just tell him that play clark and eric chuck said dr. John sibley. Com want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave an objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true.

Alright, trap nation welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio, where, specifically today, answering the question of how can I grow an already successful, home, remodeling and construction business in a way that creates time, freedom and financial freedom. For me, it’s her walking you through the proven path, I’m mr cannon! This one is for you specifically, but I want to make sure that all the listeners get this in order to start a business you’re going to have to do a lot of business conferences sacrificing, and so you did that so great job on them check it to create financial freedom, which, from all indications, you’ve done that that requires sacrifice, and so again big shout out to you great job. That’s awesome not to create time freedom and financial freedom. That is going to require a different kind of trade-offs. A different kind of what I’m going to do is I’m, going to say some things that are good weekend real, quick and I’ll, hopefully they’re polarizing, hoping they work because we just talked about the previous steps need to text now. We know we need it. We need to design our new schedule.

We talked about scheduling time for the weekly group interview, weekly staff, meeting weekly accounting, the weekly follow-up. With your team. We talked about step to installing video cameras everywhere we type of sim 3 installing call recording. We talked about installing the step for installing a gps system. We’ve also talked about step 5, which is it to design your f6 schedule to put time in your calendar for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your fun. But what happens is if you’re going to have ef6 life? There’s a secret f chop chop chop, there’s a secret after it’s off, but the focus focus off. Here’s the deal. Yes, I want to make sure you’re getting this, because once you’ve made your business conferences schedule, you see people aren’t going to like the new schedule, because everyone’s, not you to aristotle, said the only way to avoid criticism was to say nothing. Do nothing be nothing. So. Here’s we going to do you’ve made the schedule, so you and your wife or family. You guys have time freedom. So this is where it gets real. You are going to have the schedule designed and you’re going to have a client. It just happened to me on friday cuz friday is the day that I don’t work right, I’m off on friday, because I used to work 7 days a week, baby and I don’t work on fridays anymore and I usually finish.

My work at 2, cuz I do show prep for radio show when I go to research and I buy meat, I change, my wife around and I and ii have a schedule. I like a client text messages. This isn’t a current client. Isn’t he wants me to send a text message? I keep my phone off so i! Don’t I don’t get these things and there’s a text message buffet coming in all my god, hey I want to reach you guys:hey I called you if I called you thursday, no one’s called me back. They’re just coming in and I know this, because somebody on her team pulled me aside and said:hey this person’s been texting, they said they’ve sent in like you know. If 10 text messages phone calls and if you haven’t called him back and I said:okay, that’s cool I’m, going to call him back! No, because nobody makes my business conferences to do list except for me right and I care. Not I would like, if any of my focus to things that aren’t on my to do list just like dr. John sibley. Here they treat patients. What days are you open their dr. Sibley monday through friday through friday? So you have a lot of times available. What time you open up start seeing patients at 8:30, your chiropractic center, start seeing people 8:30 in the morning. And what time are you done at 6 you’ll? Have some people will schedule appointment, correct and they will miss the appointment.

Forget correct, but they want to get in that night after your club. I’m sure this is what happened to you and then they claim they schedule another time and I miss that pretty soon you realize this is a person that just cannot understand the space time continuum and how it works to be somewhere at the appointed time correct, and they did they just really want to meet you there at 7 at night. How do you tactfully tell somebody know cuz I think this is where the rubber meets the road. How do you tell somebody know when you’ve been very reasonable and you’re going to try to accommodate them? But it’s now time to say know how do you say no to things will after they wear you out after a period of time of missing your appointments? We just don’t call them back. That’s what you do it’s, why I’m telling you this is going to happen for you can and you’re going to have somebody on your business conferences team. That’s going to have major push-back about i, don’t want my calls recorded I want to put video cameron and play I want to put gps on my car. It do that i! Don’t want you to have a weekly staff meeting every week.

I don’t want to have a weekly staff, training i, don’t think we should do group interviews, it doesn’t matter what they think, because the if you, if you tried to get every single person on board you couldn’t you can’t even get people to agree on political views or give me example in my office if I had to speculate my office staff political that they did vote I know that less than half of americans vote in tulsa is example. They always talk about 50% of voters showed up to vote. No, they didn’t was in the 30% to 2% of the registered voters, showed up to vote and I have helped people win political elections, and so I know how this works. So he liked also only like three out of 10 people even vote that actually vote. I guarantee you in my business conferences office we have probably a 70% of them, probably voted for obama or clinton I’d, say 70%. Why cuz it’s a younger office in the thing is once they make about $50,000 a year. That’s when they’ll become republicans always happens.

Once I pay a little more taxes, what the hit 70 they almost definitely become. Almost libertarian there was become the once if you’re under 30, and you make over a hundred grand a year, you almost become extreme far-right liberty korean dramas wanting your state to say to a secede from the union. You start buying guns and ammo yourself, you’re hoarding guns and gold. I mean this. What happens because of that idealism? It’s hard for them to grasp how much money they’re losing on your business conferences check and they start to change their political views. But if I ran into the office today and I said, hey guys we’re going to have a guest speaker tomorrow to be either one of these two business conferences people we could bring in president obama’s former president obama wildly present, while wildly popular president, the people’s president.

We can bring him in or we could bring in truck tastic donald trump, but I need you guys to decide. I need you guys to all agree on which speaker were going to bring in before tomorrow’s meeting that go over. If I did i, don’t talk politics, my office religion, but at least after you said guys, we can bring it either. Speaker present, obama or president trump, and you got to the only thing is doing the stipulation is you have to all agree on which president is how’d that go over it wouldn’t have to become absolute anarchy right, I know what turn into arguments, and it would just be a crazy thing and I watch this happen on a stupid level. 4 weeks ago, with the playlist there’s two employees I said hey. If you have a playlist request, you can submit it to me and probably one tenth of the songs will get approved because it has to be upbeat and positive r&b. They said why does the business conferences atmosphere got some of the most on the playlist that was requested chepulis on black hole, sun, black, hole sun? Won’t you come and take the pain away, but I’m going to have the customer black hole sun is a song written by a group of people that were known to be suicidal.

When he says well sit right on the list. There was a song by nirvana. What is this song? It was oh gosh, i, don’t know who you are, as you were there to be a super negative song. I know these songs. Cuz I was once a teen, but now not in the place of business. Canon I didn’t feel bad for saying no because of the secret f right and I’ve got notable quotable I want to share with you can in sperm a guy named jack welch to the legendary ceo of general electric grid, accompanied by 4000 %. He talks about how you have to control your own business conferences destiny or someone else will and that’s what happens. You’ll, let your team members control your destiny and then you, as you well know, you’ll end up working 80, 90 hours a week doing the stuff that they should be doing and is example on the show.

We can’t have multiple roofers buying the sponsorship of our clients that want to advertise with this guy 1962. It’s a family-run business. That means they’ve been doing things for almost 60 years. They’ve been pretty successful north of 50 years and they’re. A great roofing company called messick roofing it. So we had other roofers reach out and say:hi I’d like to buy ads I can’t do that. I can’t shamelessly pitch multiple roofers I got to get behind one guy. That’s why without reservation, I recommend if you live in the tulsa area and you have a business conferencesDesigning the Schedule and LIfe You Want commercial with a residential roof problem, call messick roofing. Today, roofing.Com s m e s s, I c k. Com roofing.Com phone number is 918-747-7141 again 918-747-7141. These guys are a show sponsor and I without reservation, recommend messick roofing


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