Designing Your Days, Being Intentional, and My Son DJs His First Wedding

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Are you living intentionally or are you aimlessly drifting and allowing yourself to be distracted by the media, the people and the world around you? Clay Clark shares how to design days that you will love while also grooming his son to become a great DJ / entertainer.


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Are you living a life that you love?

Finding yourself just watching every day pass by as you respond to an endless barrage of emails. I just love Monday mornings over 176 emails every single Monday and love that. Are you wasting your time serving on committees that you don’t even care about? The 2019 board of the silver Springs community would now like to welcome as chairman HOA pool party committee, Mr. Clay clock. Start with the reading of the minutes of last week’s reading and then we will do the pledge of allegiance and then we will have some small cheese cubes and then we will do speed networking. Sounds exciting. Is your calendar overflowing with obligations and attending events that you don’t even want to go to? Oh, well look, look here. Look, look, looks. I’m cordially invited to attend the honorable wedding of, uh, of Amanda and they don’t Mokey at the DFW next Tuesday night. Well, do I even know who they are? Am I even related to them? And maybe they, maybe they sent it to the wrong address. Well, it looks like they’re serving chicken and Bob, what’s, what, are you living a reactive overall existence or are you designing each and every day

any more mid size? Call me back 10 minutes ago. I can’t find my pants. Call me back.

If you have decided that this is going to be your year to thrive and to become intentional about who you spend your time with and where you invest each and every moment of your life, then this show is the show for you.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show, but this show does too, man. Eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 moat time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time, Sean

welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download today. I’m recording the show from the river. Walk the path as I’m the path that leads you from our, our office to the golf facility located directly next to our, uh, thrive time show world headquarters at the official time is a, what is it right now? It is seven 20 in the morning on Saturday and I am looking out over the river, which looks beautiful in the morning today and it is actually filled with water. The Arkansas river is filled with water and today we’re talking about do you truly believe that success is a choice? We’re asking the question, do you truly believe success is a choice? Well, congratulations my friend. You are still alive. You’re not dead. Blood is pumping through your veins and you are breathing, but are you truly living?

Are you thriving? Are you celebrating each and every day and the very limited time you have on the planet? Are you or are you just merely surviving? Are you treading water trying not to drowned or are you living with purpose and passion or are you going through life just putting in your time until you die? Do you wake up every day with with the fiery passion and excitement about what the day holds or do you wake up everyday feeling overwhelmed by bills and endless sea of obligations and to do list you couldn’t care less about, you know, Steve jobs, cofounder of Apple. Once wrote, if you live each day as if it were your last someday, you’ll most certainly be right. Is your enthusiasm for what you do growing stronger day after day or is is your spirit being dampened more as you log in to their 40 hours and do a soul sucking job that you hate?

If you are the captain of a big cruise ship, would you say that you’re getting closer to your destination or further away drifting at sea or you’re valued relationships growing stronger as you invest more and more quality time into quality people who you share goals and values with or are they becoming, are there, are your relationships becoming more and more toxic as you hang around people and invest time in people who don’t share your goals and values? Maybe it’s family. Are you physically feeling supercharged, like you’re getting closer and closer to optimal health or do you find yourself struggling to find the motivation to work out after a busy day doing things you don’t care about? Are you living in your inbox? Are you spending your entire day every day just responding to emails? Is that all you’re doing? Is responding to emails. You wake up every day, just hundreds of emails coming in.

Is that, is that, is that what your life has become is responding to emails and burning fires from reactive employees that call in sick every day? People that just cannot figure out how to show up consistently. I’ve been there if that, if that’s where you are. Trust me, I have. I have been there. Are you working in a business that you love? Have you built a business that you love? Are you working in a business that you love or do you hate it? Do you resent it? Do you wish that you could just own the business and not just own a or do you find yourself owning a business and owning your schedule or are you a slave to your business? Is the business a slave to you or are you a slave to your business? Are you living in a self-employment hell? Do you feel like your employees are holding you hostage?

Do you feel like each day is getting you one step closer to the achievement of your goals or are you drifting further and further away? Are your goals getting dangerously close to becoming completely out of view. Napoleon Hill, the bestselling self-help author of think and grow rich once wrote, cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul. The blueprints of your ultimate achievements. For a moment allow your mind to drift with me to to kinda go to a place like a lighter mind to drain with me to kind of drift out of our current reality. Let’s, let’s dream just for a second. If you were truly thriving, what would that day look like? If today was going to be a great day, what would today look like? Forget your current situation for a second and let your mind dream up your own personal utopia for a second.

In fact, to make this easier, I’ll dream with you all. I’ll share with you what my day looks like today and then maybe this would help you think about what you want your day to be like today. So this morning I set my alarm. Yep. I set my alarm for three in the morning. What? Why? I love three in the morning. It’s dark. Nobody else’s up yet. It’s quiet. I can think of a time. Did you go to bed? Oh, I went to bed. Oh, I went to bed. I did go to bed. I went to bed. Check this out. I went to bed at nine o’clock you went to bed at nine o’clock yeah, I go to bed at 9:00 PM and I wake up at three Oh I love that. So I get to sleep. I could, you know, six hours. So I wake up through because what do you do when you wake up at three what are you doing?

Oh, I immediately drive to work, so I got to work. I get to work. I’m at work at an office located at the Riverwalk, one one zero zero 1,101 one zero zero river walk terrace. You should Google it. Look it up there. It isn’t in jinx Oklahoma. So I get up and I do. I met a time I’ve, I’m designing my day and so I wrote down the things I need to get done today. He might say, well, what kind of things do you need to get done today? Well, I don’t have my calendar in front of me because I took time. I went, I left the office, but I’m going to tell you what’s in the calendar. I just don’t have the actual calendar in front of me. Uh, five o’clock I called mr Randy at [inaudible]. He is an unbelievably great guy. He is a, uh, if a guy owns a remodeling, kind of an outdoor staycation business there and a great business.

And if you’re out there looking to, to, you know, turn your backyard into a staycation, you want to check out his business and uh, it’s, it’s PMH OKC is his company. P. N. H. O. Casey. This guy has been a business coaching client for awhile, I think four months now. And uh, we’ve helped him totally revolutionize the way he hires people. He now is hiring great people. He’s not being held hostage by his employees and he’s rising up the Google ranks. He’s getting more business than he’s ever gotten before. He’s on the verge of check this out, growing by 40% in just four months. Bam. That is exciting for me. So then the next, call it six, I talked to Dr. Timothy Johnson who is a great guys at ophthalmologist and he’s decided to team up with um, somebody he met at a business conferences by the name of Justin Wren and Justin Wren has a cause called fight for the forgotten now fight for the forgotten is a organization where they actually, um, donate where they actually drill fresh.

They drill Wells for the pygmy people. So these people who are living in like the jungles, they’re drilling Wells to provide them fresh drinking water. It’s called fight for fight for the forgotten as the cause and Justin as an MMA prize fighter and he has decided to donate a portion of his, uh, fees or his earnings when he fights to help support these people. It’s a really cool story. After I heard about Justin rent for the first time while watching the Joe Rogan podcast, so I did the unthinkable. What? Yeah, I’ve heard the Joe Rogan podcast and so I did the unthinkable. What did you do? I woke up at three in the morning and I thought about my day and I said, day, what do I want to do today? What do I want to do collectively? What, what? What do I need to do today?

And I wrote down, I need to invite Justin Wren to be on the podcast. See, I was intentional and I did. I invited him onto the podcast. He said yes. He came and he ended up coming to the business conferences to speak. He there met a, another great guy by the name of Timothy who Timothy Johnson, the ophthalmologist based in Tuscaloosa. Those two connected and Timothy Johnson decided to help him drill Wells. It cost $4,200 to drill a well a life giving well, people are dying over there. Um, due to not having fresh drinking water. And Timothy Johnson felt moved and compelled and he donated to drill some Wells for the pygmy people. The pygmy people. These are people with like stunted growth in a modern world because they don’t have access to fresh drinking water. It looks like they’re drinking out of like a pond. It’s crazy how dirty their water is before these Wells.

So I worked with Timothy Johnson at six o’clock in the morning helping him to grow his business. He sent me a text yesterday, by the way, that said, Hey, I just raised 2000 extra dollars for the pygmy people. He sent me that text. That’s so cool. That’s so cool that I have a client that I’m helping him to grow his business. I’m helping a client grow his business and then he’s donating some of his profits to help provide fresh drinking water for people all the way around the world and a third world country. So again, at five o’clock I met mr Randy. Then at the P M H OKC. That’s his company. Then a big shout out to Randy. Then it’s six I met with Timothy Johnson, the ophthalmologist based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama helped him with his business and then he is donating some of the profits to help out Justin Wren and then it’s seven, which is just a few moments ago, I got on the phone call with our good friends at Papa gallows.

It’s Dave, Tricia, and Nick. Great people. Dave, Trisha, Nick, great people, diligent people. They’ve been running that restaurant for 20 plus years. Papa gallows, it’s pizza, Rhea, Google search. Those guys, if you live in Florida, go see them. Patronize their business, buy something from them. Buy something from Papa gallows, great people, and they have had tremendous growth there. They’re no longer reactive. They’re not being held hostage by their employees. They’ve grown, they’ve grown their business. I believe that they’re up over 30% this year. Guys, listen, success is possible and this is what I do. I help people grow in is awesome. Five o’clock I met with Randy, six o’clock I met with Timothy Johnson, ophthalmologist seven o’clock met with Dave and Tricia. Now at eight and just a few minutes here and 23 minutes I’ll be meeting with a new client. He’s a architect and I might like him and I might not, and if I don’t like him, I’m not going to work with him.

What? Yeah, see I’m not a slave to my clients and they’re not as slave to me. I’m really, really good at what I do. Ah, some have said, I am the best small business coach that there is. Um, I would say I’m very, very good. And the uh, if you were to rank, you know, like the rappers, the best rappers of all time, I think you put M and M up there as number one or two. Jay Z is one or two. You know, you put two pocket in there, you put in the tourist VIG in the top three or four. Uh, and then there’s kind of a debatable list of other great people. Um, you know, and there’s always people jockeying for that position. In the world of business coaching, uh, bill Campbell was the best business coach of all time. That was the guy who kind of the father of, of the industry in my opinion.

He coached Steve jobs, the cofounder of Apple. He coached, uh, Susan, one of the heads of their Facebook. He coached the heads of YouTube. He coached Jeff Bezos with Amazon. Uh, he coached Larry and Sergei with Google. Eric Schmidt with Google. I mean, look up the guy, look, look him up. Bill Campbell. He’s one of the best coaches of all time. He is the best coach of all time. He is the goat, the greatest of all time business coach. He’s great. And then the second best coach in my opinion is Chet Holmes and shat Holmes. He wrote the book called the ultimate sales machine. Chet Holmes read cover, great book by that book. Chet Holmes, the ultimate sales machine. So you’ve got bill Campbell, you’ve got chat. And then I think based upon the success of my clients, it’d be me, but maybe a disagree and that’s okay. But I’m meeting with an architect who in our, in our city, in our town, our community, he is known as the top architect for what he does.

He does home construction and a lot of uh, big commercial projects. He’s known as one of the best. And so the whole world is chasing after him. They want his business and we’re going to help him gain the time, freedom and financial freedom that he’s been seeking. He’s got the financial freedom now. We’re just trying to get that time freedom back, the time to enjoy life because life is such a short thing. Is it not? I mean, I think time is our most important asset, right? Cause you can always make more time. No, you can’t. You guys make more money, right? You guys can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Less time. It’s now seven 40 in the morning. My next meeting is it eight. And I’m meeting with an architect now after I meet with the architect.

Check this out. This is Saturday morning. You work on Saturdays. I love what I do. Work as worship. To me. It’s, it’s awesome. You’re a terrible person. What about family? No, no, no, no, no, no. Before, before, uh, the Bernie Sanders fans attack me about what is your life balance? Get out of here with life balance. I’m talking about trade ups. What are you willing to trade off? Trade off? I’m willing to trade certain things for certain things. So I’m going to go home and then I’m gonna go with my son. Uh, I’m gonna go with my son Aubrey today and he’s gonna DJ a wedding. His first wedding. He’s got a DJ wedding today. He’s a 12 year old kid DJ. And his first wedding yesterday we were practicing announcements. We’re driving over to Atwoods to buy various things. I did buy a big a trash can, a big metal trash can to finish out the man-cave, some more accouterments from hobby lobby, had to buy colored pencils and such.

And we were role playing. And I’m going gonna let you hear those announcements in a minute. We’ve been role playing practicing announcements cause he DJ’s his first wedding reception today. DJ Aubrey 3000. By the way, if you look him up online, DJ Aubrey 3000, he’s 12 and he wants to become a great DJ. And so I’m gonna drive him over to the botanical gardens to DJ for Alexis and Jason Beasley’s wedding reception, wedding number one. So I’m doing that at three. Well clay, if it’s nine when you’re done with your client, what are you gonna do between nine and three? Well, I’m gonna go back over to the man cave studios with Jonathan Kelly and Devin on a Saturday. Yes, on a Saturday. What? Yeah, you see, and the book Exodus and in the book Genesis, it instructs us that we are to work six days and rest on the seventh.

Is Bernie Sanders in Genesis or Exodus as he in that book? I don’t know. And I’d never met a a, so we should look that up. I, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve interviewed billionaires and millionaires. I’ve never met a billionaire and, or a millionaire who works five days a week. I’ve never seen it, never seen it. So I’m not attempting to be the first one who works 40 hours a week to become super successful. So on a Saturday we’re going over to the studio, we’re going to set up, set it up, test it last time, make sure the studio is working, working well. I have all the accoutrements that I purchased yesterday from Atwoods and hobby lobby with my son, and we’re going to go over there and we’re going to finish that. We’re gonna test Mike, check it, boom. Then then, Oh, then after the studio is tested at noon, my wife and I are gonna go into a vehicle together, driving over there in a her suburban that has, I don’t know, 150,000 miles on it.

What? You drive a suburban with 150,000 miles on it. Why aren’t you driving like Alexis or Mercedes or why could I, could I could buy a car that I don’t need to impress people that I don’t know or I could get what I need to get from a to B. It’s a nice suburban. It has a few dents because we have a few kids. We have five kids. You have one dent per kid. Um, we’ve had, you know, it’s a little fender benders and it’s a, it’s a, it’s a reliable vehicle, but don’t you deserve clay? Don’t you deserve Alexis? Why don’t you buy a BMW SUV? I could and I’ve met a lot of people that have them and if you have one, I’m excited for you. But I’ve met a lot. I’ve met a lot of people, probably not you, but a lot of people that are driving big cars who have small amounts of time freedom.

They have all these obligations. They have to work all these hours just to make the payment on the car that they’re driving the car. They can barely afford to impress people. They don’t know. That will not be me. No. I’ll drive my suburban with my wife over to the land. What land? The land locked. Do I tell us about the land? I’m in the process of trying to build a camp campus where we can infinitely expand the business conferences. I want to keep the conference small and intimate, but I want to build to do more of them without the restrictions of a, I don’t know, various neighbors in a commercial setting. I want to be surrounded by trees. I want it to be camp Clark and chicken palace where you can come and after a conference, after you have a great time at a conference where maybe it’s like a Friday.

The carpets is wrapped up some fall Friday. It’s, it’s a weather. It feels crisp. You can go out there with people you’ve just met, but all of you are business owners. Everybody who comes to our business conferencess, they are business owners. They are bonafide. They are vetted. Occasionally we have some startup people come, but we vet those people to make sure that they’re not psychologically impaired because the kind of person that wants to work 40 hours a week while starting a business as psychologically impaired, they’ve got a person unwilling to work six days a week and he wants six days a week. Success is psychologically impaired. It says in the Bible, Proverbs ten four God blesses the of the diligent and punishes the slacker, and if somebody has a slackard but they want to be blessed, they cannot come to our conference. So you will be surround. When you come to our business conferences, you’re going to be surrounded by Charles Cola and Amber colada.

Guys on Cola fitness, Google, those guys, great clients of mine. They’ve been in business for over 20 years. I’ve helped them grow that business dramatically. Colo fitness, I teach in the systems, but they have diligently apply those systems. You’re going to be, I mean, we’re talking about a multimillion dollar company. Here they are. They are growing dramatically. Checking them out off fitness. You’re going to seat it. Sit it seated. Seated, seated. You’ll be seated next to Shaw homes, Shaw Check them out. Shaw Aaron, aunties, the largest home builder in Oklahoma. You’re going to be surrounded by the folks at Shaw homes. You’re going to be there. The person next to you is going to own one of the largest gyms in Missouri. The person next, she’s going to own one of the largest gyms in Missouri. The person next to you is gonna own the largest, the largest home building company in Oklahoma.

Things could be worse. You can pick their brain, you can talk to them, and now with the new campus, we’re going to go out and have some smores together. We’re gonna, you know the person with the most sales. We might just have a hot air balloon where you can signify the fact that you’re lifting off and taken off getting a hot air balloon and should disappear. We’re going to have a condo out there. It’s going to be awesome. It’s gonna be great. That’s what we’re working on, so I have to put in the work on the sixth day with my wife and the thing about work that’s great is that in the Hebrew language and the Hebrew language, the Bible was written in Hebrew, the old Testament, the old Testament was written in the language of Hebrew. The word work means worship. What? Yeah. The word work and worship are the same word.

That’s what it means in the Hebrew language, work and worship. The word vocation means calling. I feel called to do this when I, when you are doing work and diligently putting your hand to the plow, you will have this feeling called satisfaction that you get as a result of putting in the work. What? Yes. You get this feeling called satisfaction after you put in the work and if you don’t put in the work, you’re not going to get the feeling of satisfaction. Why? Because you didn’t deserve it. The world teaches us to strive for vacation, which means to retreat from the kind of people that come to our business conferences are people that are looking for their vocation, their calling, the people who are wanting to work as unto the Lord to put their hand on the plow and to achieve super levels of success so they can create a schedule that allows them to do whatever they want to do.

Guys like Timothy Johnson went to give back to help folks like Justin Wren, guys like Shaw homes who want to grow their business so they can give away tremendous money to help causes that they care about an unbelievable company. Folks like Cola fitness. You understand that my schedule is filled only with interacting with super successful people or we had a startup the other day, great guy start up guy. He’s wanting to start a landscaping service that’s gonna. Uh, he wants to, he has visions of being self employed and growing his business and that’s cool. And he currently works at a convenience store and I can relate to that. I used to work at Applebee’s target and direct TV all at the same time. I get it. I get it and I’m, and he wants, he needs a little hand up. Not a handout. No, no, no, not a handout.

We’re not going to just give him free stuff, which is why we have a scholarship program for folks who are knocking on the door of the website going, I would love coaching. I just can’t afford the full freight, the full price. And you know why we only work with 160 clients one on one. Do you know why we only work with 160 clients one on one? Because that’s the way I want to do it because that’s the way I want to do it. Because I want to know you. If you’re a client, I want to shake your hand. I want to know. I want you to know that you matter to me and I want to know that I matter to you. I want to have a win win relationship. I want to have a relation shift, a shift from a transactional relationship. Oh, I pay you to update my website and I pay you to do, uh, you know, graphic design and I pay you to do it.

The print piece, but I don’t like you or care about you. I’m not into that. If I’m looking for a transaction, I’m going to go on Amazon, hit click, they ship me my crap. I don’t know the people who work there, they don’t know me, but I want to have a relation shift. I want to work with her. If are coaching clients, there’s a lot of crazy stuff you guys are dealing with. You’ve got crazy employees who won’t show up on time. You got family that’s working for you, who’s dysfunctional. You’ve got this functional family and you need to fire your own freaking brother. I talked to a guy yesterday about that. I’ve got a fire, his own brother. You’ve got your cousin embezzling money from you. There are things that is a self employed person that you, you very few people can empathize with what it’s like to wake up every day at three in the morning.

But I can, I designed my day. So after we go look at the property and meet with the architects about building the new buildings and such, I’m then going to guess what I’m going to do. I’m going to go take my son to DJ show what? Yes. Play. Are you saying that you actually liked your day? Yes. I love my day. Why? Cause I designed my day. It would be weird if I designed my day and then didn’t like my day. So I’ll, I will end by asking you this question. Who is designing your day? Who are you allowing people to design your day by clogging your day, filling your day with emails? I want to design a life where I wake up in the morning and I sit in a chair and I respond to emails all day. Is that what you’re doing? Are you allowing your day to be designed by people who email you?

Are you, are you allowing your day to be designed by obligations? I serve on the board of this and the board of that board of the who gives a crap committee. Oh, I, I’ve done that. I have done. I have found myself serving on the HOA board. I have found myself serving on chamber things and bridal association things, but never again. I will never, ever, ever fill my day with obligations and stupid conversations and emails that make my head explode. I will not do it again. No, no, no, no. I will never go back to that and I would encourage you not to do that to I would. I would encourage you to look at your schedule today. Let’s start with today and then let’s look at your week. Look at your schedule today. Do you like what’s on your schedule? I like what’s on my schedule.

Seven 52 I’m here with you walking back to the building here, walking back to the building and you go back and meet my client at eight o’clock who’s an architect who seeks to gain financial freedom to gain time freedom. He has the financial freedom he’s trying to get gain that time, freedom back. But let’s look at your day. Let’s, are you happy with what’s in your schedule today? If not, maybe you can’t change everything today, but you can change 10% of it. Let’s design a schedule. Do you even have a schedule? Do you actually have a schedule for every day? I do, which is why I love my day. I love today it’s a Saturday. It’s a great day to work day. So Saturday now Sunday, that’s my Sabbath day. So there weren’t any work conducted on Sunday. I’ll be hanging out with family and enjoying time with them and going to Atwoods guitar center.

Probably can’t go to hobby lobby that’s closed. Can’t go to Chick-Filet, but we can definitely can get into some guitar center. We can get into some Atwoods and my daughter just turned 15 and so we’re going to have a little blasty blast family party with her and for her. But what I’m doing right now is I’m walking back to my office at seven 53 getting ready for my eight o’clock appointment. And I’m asking you, what are you doing today? What’s in your calendar? Because if you to to paraphrase John Maxwell, John Maxwell said that you can predict somebody’s success by what’s in their calendar. You can predict somebody’s level of success by looking into their calendar. You know, you show if you show some, if you showed John Maxwell your calendar, he could predict your future success or lack thereof. Just by looking into your calendar. I’ll be Cockerel the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts once said, what gets scheduled gets done, what gets scheduled gets done, and I scheduled this podcast here with you, which is why it’s getting done. And now at seven 54 I’m going to be walking inside the office to meet our architect client for our first face to face meeting. We had our initial consultation over the phone and I will welcome him into the thrive community and we’re going to help this guy grow his business. All right, so Devin, last night, my

son DJ Jason Beasley’s wedding reception. Oh man. Thus I went to bed at the latest I’ve ever been to bed in years. You see as a wedding DJ, I always got back from my shows after, you know, midnight or 1:00 AM 2:00 AM and Jason will he, he’s a wild man. Jason Beasley and his wife Alexis, they wanted to party. Whoa. So they were there until about 10. Wow. I know. And so then I took down the gear and we went, Andrew and his wife man and helped us and I got home last night around midnight and then this morning we had to get together to a record and an edit and very, you know, do what we have to do right at, at five. Right. And not only do I look bad, but I, but I feel bad, but I’m here with the listeners because I said that I would be here and we are recording now from the, the studio, which we are intentionally designing and updating.

It’s very intentional that the demand caves studio that was demolished by the flood. And this is the first show we’ve recorded back in the new studio. And can you please explain what kind of decor you’re seeing go up all around you? We got books everywhere and um, all sorts of accoutrements. We got elephants and we have dragons. We have just everything that you wouldn’t expect to see here. What kind of people are on the walls? We, we have successful people. We have some Seth Goden, some Richard Branson. Yep. Um, [inaudible] Hammad Ali, Muhammad Ali, bill Belichick. Oh yeah. Steve jobs is right behind you. Oh, I can’t see him with the letterZ everywhere. We have the books on the wall, the books on the shelf of the people we’ve interviewed. Right. Ah, just hundreds of people we’ve interviewed with a little green sticker on the books to represent the people we’ve interviewed.

We’ve got Edison bulbs in here to celebrate the life and times of Thomas Edison keeps us warm. But it’s intentional, right? It’s intentional. And I just feel like a lot of people are not intentional with their decor. They’re not intentional with their schedule and they’re not intentional. And in order for my son to DJ last night, you know what I had to do to get him ready to, to, to DJ. What’d you have to do? We had to role play those announcements over and over in the car. Oh man. To get him to a level of satisfaction. Therefore the people at the wedding, Oh we’ll have a good time. We had to, we had to make sure that his, his level of preparation met his level of uh, of excitement to be a DJ. Right. He had a passion to DJ. We had to make sure that you have, he has a passion to practice and the kid is as spent literally thousands of hours deejaying, practicing deejaying upstairs every Sunday night when we have family over he practices.

But we had to practice those announcements and you know why we had to practice the announcing of mr and Mrs. Jason Beasley. Cause you don’t want to screw it up, right. You, you have to introduce the couple for the first time or maybe it’s the second time at that point, but you have to introduce them at the wedding reception. And as a DJ you don’t want to drop the ball. No. And so I have audio sneaky audio of me role playing with my son, getting him ready to a intentionally getting him ready to become a wedding DJ at the young age of 12 this audio was recorded while I was driving my Hummer 38 miles per hour and route to Atwood’s

to by nothing in particular, but to buy it now

ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. And it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the do mr and Mrs. Jason Beasley.

Do you want to end with a crescendo? I got the, the, the peak. Do you want a crescendo up? Do you want to move up? Do you want to, do you want to end with up with a high note? The high point, right? Okay. So here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand once again, ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Is my push you introduced to you

the new mr and Mrs. Jason Beasley?

Better but let me try one time. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Eat the Mike. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. It is now my pleasure to introduce to you [inaudible] mr and mrs Jay said, don’t


Oh woo. Yeah,

this is Jason business. I said Beasley is finished it easily. B is a T. finish it here. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand once again. Ladies. Gentlemen, please stand. It is now my pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time they say that. No, no. You don’t need to say that. You want to add things? We don’t need to because they just said it to the first time at the ceremony. [inaudible] clever.

Don’t get all fancy Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Ladies and gentlemen. Once again, please stand and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the new mr and mrs Jason basally.

That’s good. That’s better. That’s better. But you got to just Jason [inaudible].

I said Beasley. Bring some sizzle, man. Do it again.

Please stand once again. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the new mr and mrs Jason basally.

That was better, but you, you, you trailed off at the end. You will. You had, you suffered from weakness, you when you had it. It was a great that. Anyway, B’s then do it again. More sizzle ladies.

Gentlemen, please stand once again. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Is my pleasure to introduce to you. They knew mr and miss is Jason basally.

That’s better. But just bring it like this.

Ah, I’m

not going to do to Dewey’s screaming. Listen, you have to bring the sizzle one time. Go for it. If you don’t go for one time. We do this all night. Role playing, role playing role,

ladies and gentlemen. Place. Then once again, ladies and gentlemen, police. Then it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the new mr. and this is Jason basally.

That’s good. Oh, that’s awesome. That was good. And they got to do it too. You know. Great. Great. People do things till they can’t get it. What? Right week people do it till they get it right. You gotta do it til you can’t get it right. You do it so you can’t get it. You gotta do, you can’t get it. What

wrong, wrong. Correct. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand once again. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the new mr and mrs Jason basally.

Oh, that was good. That’s two in a row. If you had three in a row, you might actually be good. Now the problem is people want you to be great or they want that they don’t want to pay. You mean probably true. You want to pay for it? I got a B minus burrito. Yeah. Well, well, well cause it’s me. All of a sudden I’m not affected. My standard hurts me.

Brewed is a burrito today. Get off the burrito example. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand once again. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the new mr and Mrs. Jason Beasley.

Oh, that’s hot. That’s hot. It makes me scream. I was inside. It was so good. Voice cracking noise. Voice crack. Yeah, that would be terrible. It’s better than worrying about, you know, showing crack during the plumber or something. You worry about showing the crack. Okay. Okay. Hey, wait. It’s like the drug [inaudible] crack. You know, you think about, I don’t want you thinking about what you need to think about right there. How was school today? So Devin, he’s he

deejayed last night. He had a great time. And the moral of the story, Andy, the action, the action steps that can be extrapolated from today’s show are, are as follows, one, be intentional about the life that you live. Um, Devin cause you’re a very intentional person. Now can you explain to the listeners what time you get to work everyday? Um, I get to work typically between five and five 30. And you’ve had your eye on the prize for a long time of wanting to become a country club member. Right. Why? Uh, two different reasons. One of them, it’s something that my family can get into as a family. Um, so all of us can play golf together, um, for as long as we can. But you’ve been intentional about you, you’ve been working that, that prize. Uh, when did you have that goal for the first time?

Um, I would say probably about three years ago.

Three years ago. You had that goal, you’ve stayed intentional about getting the raises or the improving your skills needed to make extra money or working with me to get to that goal. You now block out time to actually go golf, right? But if you aren’t intentional about scheduling time to golf or scheduling the time in your schedule to wake up, what would happen? By default,

I would not be able to do that. I wouldn’t have the time to and I would drift.

But you now have a to do list every day you wake up every day, you make it to do list, right? Every day you have a calendar where you schedule what matters. Can you explain maybe a few things that you do differently now on a daily basis since working with me that maybe other people wouldn’t do by default? I’m trying to make this very actionable. Whether it’s you’re intentional. If you’re listening right now and you want to teach your son how to become a good DJ before the age of 13 you can do it, but requires time. If you want to become a country club, a Javy like Devin, you can do it. If you want to record a radio podcast to show from your home, you can do it, but you have to be intentional. Can you explain Devin, maybe some of the things you’ve learned to do that have allowed you to become a more intentional person over the last few years as you’ve worked with me?

Definitely. Um, I would say one of the biggest game changers for me has been, uh, the to do list and the calendar come on now. So, um, having, having a intentional to do lists that I, that I get up and I’m able to plan every morning, um, exactly what I need to get done for that day. And some days there’s more on on my plate that I have to get done than, than others. But then able then taking that to do list that those action items that I have to get done for the day and then actually blocking the timeout to get them done in the calendar. That has been a game changer for me.

Lee Cockerell, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts who actually managed over 40,000 employees at the same time and 1 million customers per week he has written. He said, what gets scheduled

gets done.

What gets scheduled gets done. So I would ask you now throughout their listening today, are you getting up every day? Are you, are you getting this is the rhythm of entrepreneurship. This is the rhythm of being intentional. Are you waking up every day and planning out your day? Are you blocking out that half hour to hour to an hour every morning? Are you blocking out that meta time, that planning time, that prayer time, that thought time? Are you blocking out that one hour a day each morning to block out your schedule, to plan out your day? Are you doing that too? Are you actually printing out your to do list for the day and three, are you actually printing out your calendar? If you don’t do it, I’m just telling you, you’re going to get overwhelmed by push notifications. You’re going to forget something and you’re going to drift. My name is clay Clark. That is Devin, the super coder slash new member of the Gulf club of Oklahoma. One the newest yuppies to enter the Tulsa community. Now have any further ed to, we’d like to add each and every show with a boom from the new studio. Here we go. Three, two, one.

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