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Do you know who your actual ideal and likely buyers are? If not then this podcast is for you. Clay Clark is breaking down what an ideal and likely buyer is on the Thrivetime Show.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “About 3 percent of potential buyers at any given time are buying now. 7 percent of the population is open to the idea of buying. The remaining 90 percent fall into one of three equal categories. The top third are “not thinking about it.” The next third are “think they’re not interested.” The final third are “definitely not interested.” – Chet Holmes (The best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As crazy as it seems, most business owners never concretely think about whom they serve and what this target market really wants. The average owner is so busy marketing, selling, producing and fulfilling that they never step back and think through precisely whom they serve, much less the deep aspirations, fears, hopes, dreams and frustrations of their target market. This makes about as much sense as the salesperson who spends all day going door-to-door selling pool care products, in an apartment complex!” – Scale by Jeff Hoffman the former CEO of and David Finkel business consultant

  1. Age
    1. Do not market to people in their 90’s if you are selling mortgages.
  2. Gender
    1. Lululemon pants – Do not market to men if you are selling womens activewear
  3. Emotional Needs
    1. You would not want to work with the Thrivetime Show business coach program if you have emotional needs
  4. Tangible Needs
    1. Hire the Thrivetime Show business coach program if you need a backend team to create the marketing and sales systems with you.
  5. Income Level
    1. On average the Thrivetime Show business coach program costs $8.25/hour
    2. 40 hours/week at 4.33 weeks per month =  $1,419.00 and with taxes that is about $2,000.00
  6. Goals
    1. What are the goals of your ideal and likely buyer
  7. Passions
    1. What are the passions of your ideal and likely buyer
  8. Hobbies
    1. What are the hobbies of your ideal and likely buyer
  9. Interests
    1. What are the interests of your ideal and likely buyer
  10. Fears
    1. What are the fears of your ideal and likely buyer
  11. Hopes
    1. What are the hopes of your ideal and likely buyer
  12. Dreams
    1. What are the dreams of your ideal and likely buyer
  13. Frustrations
    1. What are the frustrations of your ideal and likely buyer
  14. Aspirations
    1. What are the aspirations of your ideal and likely buyer
  15. Industry
    1. What is the industry of your ideal and likely buyer
  16. Educational Level
    1. What is the education level of your ideal and likely buyer
  17. Music Interests
    1. What are the music interests of your ideal and likely buyer
  18. Price Point
    1. What is the price point of your ideal and likely buyer
  19. Where (Zip Code)
    1. What is the zip code of your ideal and likely buyer


Who is an ideal and likely buyer for Thrivetime Show business coach program

  1. Under the age of 60
  2. Male of female
  3. Not in need of therapists but do need accountability
  4. Need help with backend business team
  5. Have at least $8.25/hr for a full time employee
  6. If you have goals to grow your business
  7. If you are in tune with the passion of your ideal and likely buyers
  8. If your business is not just a hobby
  9. If your interest is growing a business
  10. If you know your fears
  11. If you hope to have financial freedom
  12. If you dream of having time freedom
  13. If you’re frustrated with the status quo
  14. If you have a real business solving a real problem
  15. Whatever music you like
  16. If you can afford $1,600 per month
  17. If you are in a timezone that allows us to contact you 6:00am-6:00pm central time for a weekly meeting.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time. Show.Com. Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download know specifically today. This is just the podcast. Only edition of the thrive time show we’ve been asked over and over by drivers out there great people just like you. They say how do I determine my ideal and likely buyers. I mean how do I know if somebody is the right fit for me or not, and up this this this. This idea can get a pretty pretty deep and so I don’t want it to be, very complicated, but I want to make sure it’s very specific, pretty hard edge in pretty direct switch. You have to realize that the majority of the people on the planet are not your ideal and likely, but the majority of the people on the planet are not your ideal, unlikely buyer soccer facility and you one of our clients, trains, kids, on how to play soccer. I am not your ideal likely buyer I dislike soccer i! Don’t like soccer i, as a business coach, don’t appreciate soccer I am bored by soccer i! Don’t understand why soccer is a sporty personally attacking me and I played baseball as a young. Kid I do not like baseball i. Do not understand baseball i, don’t want to understand baseball but kept you played soccer at the college level turns out. It is the world’s most popular sport right, but if you’re going to market soccer, one of your clients, coaches baseball true and if you’re going to market baseball or soccer or basketball or football or anything, you have to know who your ideal unlikely buyers are I want to jump in. Cuz I see this a lot with clients that we work with and just small business owners in general. The the mindset. The typical first mindset is i, got a cast this huge massive net over everybody, every single person out, because my service is awesome, it really is making. Probably it probably is, but you don’t need me to more targeted approach because you’re just spreading resources super thin at that level. So I’m going to read a notable quotable from here to you from chet holmes, the best selling author of the ultimate, sales machine, who once wrote he says about 3% of potential buyers at any given time are buying. Now 7% of the population is open to the idea of buying the remaining 90% fall into one of these three categories, the top third or not. Thinking about it. The next third think that they’re not interested. The final third are definitely not interested chet holmes, the best-selling author of the ultimate, sales, machine right.

They just don’t realize yet that they’re good about to buy. So what kind of people are absolutely not going to be and never are going to be a good fit for total lending. Concepts never hunt on the spot. I don’t know about, will have bad habits when it comes to how they buy things and how they pay for things. I’ll give example of someone who would not be a good idea unless they buy it. For you me i, don’t want to buy another house i, don’t like buying houses, I own, multiple rent houses, not because it’s like something I’m really excited about, but typically, if I live in a place and I’ll buy it cheap as part of my process for buying property always buy something cheap and then I’ll just hold it. You know, but like i, don’t want to get a mortgage I don’t want to buy other houses, I don’t want to buy their properties and so no amount of marketing to me. Is. This my opportunity now to get you the rates are going up, but I want to share this I want to share this with the listeners out there, because there’s somebody out there who you’re going to spend all your trying all your time, trying to convince somebody like myself to use your service when, in reality, there’s people out there right now that already need your service. There’s somebody out there already right now that definitely already needs a business coach mortgage. Yes, so steve, what kind of person already needs a mortgage already needs a mortgage they already need. A mortgage is somebody who doesn’t own a home. Maybe there a renter, maybe they have a family, may be there around 20 years old and older, but yeah yeah, home i. Just saying:there’s somebody out there who wants to live in a tiny home or wants to stay with their mom and dad that’s fine, but they’re not going to be your ideal unlikely, but from the best-selling book called scale by jeff hoffman, the former ceo priceline I’ll. Read it to you, and he says it’s crazy as it seems most business owners never concretely think about whom they serve, and what this target market more target market really want. Is it as crazy, as it seems most business owners, never really completely think about whom they serve and what vista target market really wants? The average owner is so busy marketing selling and producing in fulfilling that they never step back and think through precisely whom they serve. You west deep aspirations, fears, hopes, dreams and frustrations of their target market. This makes about as much sense as a sales person to spend all day going door-to-door selling pool care products in an apartment complex through the 16 areas. You need to think about as you’re doing your advertisement. Edu 350 16 aspects. That’s many more, but they’re 16, very, very popular aspects that you want to think about. 16 demographic 16 nuances to determine who your ideal and likely buyer is so fun is a steve.

Why do you want to think about the age of your ideal unlikely by? Why don’t you just want to run a hat to people who are in there’s? There’s there’s a nursing home right, but there’s also hospice. My dad on porch was in hospice, which means you’re terminally ill. You would probably in your old to have facebook profile. Why would you not want to focus marketing so inexpensive? You should do mailers to terminally ill people in hospice steve. Why would you not want to do that made on the basis of age? So it’s not the right, so they’re, probably not going to buy a house for the gender gender as an example. Lululemon pants, please list all these on the show notes or so for age as an example. If you are selling mortgages, you don’t want to market to people that are in their 90s. This is an idea:okay, now, gender. If you’re selling, lululemon pants, you don’t want to mark it two dudes and is a business coach general. Why steve kerr eczema, total lending concept? Would you not want to market your lululemon pants, two dudes well, I was being facetious when I said I had someone right now, because I don’t know that they will. They might make him for dudes, but it seems more, like my fifteen-year-old daughter wants some lululemon’s I had some audio chapter is noah mike this room before he came into before we’re recording today. This is what eric chop was saying is I hope that I’m at a loss for words, are you wanting earlier? He said that as well I’m, just saying, though, sincerely antagonist passive aggressive comments to eric chapa side job seriously, lululemon pants. Why do the people who own a lululemon store? Why would you not want to market to dudes well you’re, not going to sell anything okay by the only guys that are coming in there are buying presents for their spouse or girlfriend or whatever the case may be, for the most part, i, don’t know myself. I haven’t shopped at lululemon, but that being said, most most guys aren’t going to be reacting to that marketing. You’re, not looking for that buy one get one or just going to go in there and buy their get out.

We have 60 more to fire through. If you are looking for an emotional and we have 16 categories. 40 remaining, you are correct if we are going through the emotional needs chop. Our business coaching program is not for people that have emotional needs to feel her door to hang out with a buddy. Yes, we do encourage you. Yes, we’re not in tagging mystic to you as a client, but if you want to grow your business that we help you do. If you need a therapist, there are therapist’s right, that’s what they do and what we do is we hold business owners accountable because there’s nobody else holding them accountable, they don’t have a boss. So if you are looking for someone to meet your emotional needs, you would not want the thrive time show to be your coaching system or make sure getting your listen to the show today and yeah you’re, a human. You need somebody to support, you I get it, but if you’re number one need is a therapist, you would not want to work with the thrive time show business coaching program because that’s not what we do. There are therapists occurring, that’s what they do well. I know you wouldn’t do this on the air on a podcast sure, like you, wouldn’t be encouraging me to to stop seeking that emotional help at harvey things right, you’re, not telling me like subcont, just like steve I’m, not your therapist I work with you for a couple years right to a couple years, and you know that I’m passionate about helping you grow. Our meetings are spent talking about emotional business coach needs and not going to do it, because that’s what they’re pissed it will help. You grow your freakin pisses out tangible needs. If you’re somebody who needs search engine optimization, you need graphic design. You need photography, you need video ography. You need someone to manage your online advertisements.

You need somebody to help you make up for forma. You need somebody to help. You clarify your course story. Need somebody help. You make sales scripts and someone else help me make it work floating somebody to help you improve your meetings. These are things we do now in come by jumping with a shout out to a client’s, improving working with a guy named lenny it so companies arrival, 3d arrival, 3d super smart guy and he’s a diligent do her, but he didn’t necessarily know the best way to lead a meeting and hold him accountable, and so we’ve got him hooked up with the accountability. Loop he’s doing a weekly meetings he’s doing trainings in over the last few weeks. He’s talking to me over the phone with you. The new person he’s just full of confidence and inspiration, and it’s awesome to see it because now he’s laying in like 7 2 deals 7 to 10 deals per week, 60, but we’re not I’m just trying to make sure you’re getting this. If the reason womack’s banana you’re signing your kid up for youth, football is because they need a psychotherapist. That’s not the right move, but your kids do learn certain business coach skills as a result of playing football. Now, the next as income level, our program, the drive time, show business coach program costs $8.25 per hour is what it costs. So, let’s make sure you put that on the show notes on average, are average client pays about 15 to $1,600 per month? Another are businesses that have a moral, a detailed performa and more needs more small things. They need in 2025 hundreds that that next average okay, your other people, have multi brands or multiple sites are multiple locations.

They might be three to five thousand paul hood is an example as multiple locations, that’s a bigger client, steve currington has more locations if we’re doing more work, but our program will end costing you know. Chip on a trip was in the show, not till you take $8.25 an hour. Alright, if you paid someone 8:25 an hour times, 40 hours a week, * 4.3 weeks a month, that’s $1,419, 1004 to $19, that’s assuming you’re, not paying the taxes. If you are paying taxes for your employees, which is required by law, then you would actually be spending about $2,000 a month. So our program is designed for people that have about $2,000 a month or less ish to grow their business. If you don’t have to make sure we get this, because when my wife and I built dj connection.Com, we did not have 2000 extra dollars. A month said it will set aside available just to do whatever so we decided to do. Is we decided to get another job until we actually got a job? What kind of chat working at target and applebee’s not wait for the target? We both worked at target. At the same time you see applebee’s in the oral roberts university and I were to directv. We had multiple jobs and that’s how we generate the extra money needed to afford the $2,000 a month, yellow page ad. Mr. Trump, you know it’s kind of cool clay. Is that I I kind of you, your life through aubrey’s eyes, a lot because my parents were on for neighbors and they grinded like that for the my entire childhood grinded ground, whatever the word would be like grounded i, remember my mom worked at the bank teller and at least you worked at my grandfather’s restaurant for a while, as she was doing, all the books for my dad’s business when it was winter time and they couldn’t pour concrete. My dad’s out clear and snow with his front end loader or chopping wood or just whatever the heck you got to do to not close the doors right. You have to do whatever it takes to be successful. If you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t you could be an employee at school? I. Think some people want to know like when you’re at target was your official position like the public announcement business coach guy over like when I did work at target I did not mannequins I will say when I worked at target I just began to be to develop the mine said I have today when I first started, I didn’t have the mindset to one of things I like to do when I worked at target I first started was. If my boss ever left the department I would typically there’s a button. You can hit two doing. Are they calling all call page, but you could make an announcement and if you hit the right series of buttons, you can make an announcement and no one would know who made the announcement from what station was made. So I’ll rub. You typically do instead of thinking about ways to do a better job or to allow the customer or to get better at my job.

I would typically think about crazy announcements that I can make that would freak out either my boss or customers in a way that no one could catch me doing or both that’s the one. My boss would leave my area I’d hop on the all call page and hit the button four-door be outside to make sure your car is safe. Where are baboons loose in the parking lot of people would run out there and be like oh, my gosh. My car has been hit hard with a 16-digit code. Major fraud alert hear someone’s card has been used. Unauthorized purchases, please report to electronics, department and people would like. Oh my gosh, that’s my card or another one I would say this is fun for through 18 frontier 1927 we have a a gas leak of some kind of poisonous gaseous material is leaking. Please report to the front to avoid contamination just like run out no way. Weird and I thought it was awesome and that’s why I worked at target that jackass I could have been promoted on believable now passions you have to have the passions of your ideal unlikely buyers who never ate. You have to do the hobbies of your ideal, unlikely buyers, number 9. You have the interests of your ideal, 90 buyers. If you don’t sit down right now. This is not a metaphorical allegory. You have to write these things down right down. One of the passion to dry, doing like to buy for the hobbies of your idea would like to buy her where the interest of your ideal unlikely buyers. What are the fears of your ind ideal? Nightly buyers will put the song on the business coach show, notes:11 german the hopes of your ideal michael byers number 12 in the dreams of your ideal, unlikely buyers, number 13. You have to determine the frustration, ideal, unlikely buyers, you have to move, never 14 right down the aspirations of your idea would likely buyers. 15. You have the industry of your idea and likely buyers and 16 homie you’ve got to write down the educational level of your ideal, unlikely buyers and if you’re wanting to just go on a rant, you got to determine the music interests. You determine the price point of your ideal. A might be buyers.. This is a thought because of you go to utica and I will say downtown in tulsa. Midtown tulsa discover all of the stores there coach, starbucks william-sonoma. They charge a premium service because the people that shop there would not want to shop there. If the people that were shopping at a discount store showed up right, they priced themselves to be exclusive.

That’s kind of one of those things where do we put where on the list? Where are your eyes feeling likely buyers graphically? Where are these toys to my problem? I can’t find them. You know that said this utica square area you’re talking about in tulsa. It would not be a good idea to send discount advertising of mailers with big huge discounted price decreases to these clientele because they don’t care about that they’re shopping for the prestige. They they want that barrier to entry for other clientele, because the price is too high. If you do not take the time to sit down in, to find your ideal unlikely by you’re going to end up having clients, you don’t want to work with. No, that’s usually when will sneak in I’d like to tell you what it looks like when I fire a client. Today it happened and we had a a member of the of the former tribe nation, who said:hey i, hear that you guys are awesome about getting clients to the top of google. I said this is true. Steve is a friend as if it’s a former friend it’s a guy. You know any sister I hear that you guys can get people top of google cool, hey i, hear you guys manage the ads. That’s true I hear you guys can make calls for people. I heard you guys can make scripts I need you guys to help a company grow. But if you are listening right now and you want to grow your business and you do not want to a record your calls, if you don’t want to record your calls, then it’s impossible for us to provide you feedback and how you can improve your business coach calls, because if you don’t record your calls, we can’t know what you’re doing either good or bad on your call. So you got to record your calls. If you want to improve your calls, if you want to sell more, you have to actually make call if the car deletes wait, a minute break. These. Are these are rules you do need to show up to your meetings. Cuz. We have a once-a-week meeting for with our clients. If you remember the thrive nation your client of ours, we have to meet each week at the same time every week and, what’s crazy is if you don’t meet each other, and we can’t help you, because if you’re not there, we can help you either on the phone or in person. You have to show up at your meeting. You can’t just pay $8.25 an hour and have us actually somehow through osmosis, pull the information out of your crap. That’s like having an employee that you said I have to call your leads. The leads come in hold up:hey, marshall, morris and steve curry to put together a book on this plug there. If you can find it on amazon that my mom read it, she said it was awesome.

You get this okay, what you have to actually call your lead to the lights come in! Look at you have to. We have a weekly meeting. You have to show up to the meeting and 3 if you’re wanting us to improve your quality for calls, you have to record the civil side moves or bonus moves that this person could have done. If you’re going to write, if you’re going to get higher and google I can’t get reviews for you from your ideal unlikely buyers. I can’t do it. I can’t do it for you. I can’t show up on time, for you I can’t record the calls for we can show you what to do what you got to do that right. So today the client shows up to the meeting a nice guy. She know i, just I just feel like I’m, not getting the progress that I’m looking for and I said what is this, like? Probably the 16th or 18th week in a row when I said torture calls, because if you don’t record your calls, I can’t help you for the more you have to call your leave. Probably a bigger concern. Is you actually have to call the lead? Then you don’t call your lead and record the calls when you can actually sell more you’ve got record to call you got a call to call, and the guy says why the whole reason I wanted to hire. You guys are so I can achieve time. Freedom and I said you can keep time freedom. If you can’t delegate your calls-and you can still get your calls, if you don’t actually record your calls and you can’t hire people if you’re not going to interview people every week until these are all things you have to do, it would be like hiring a personal trainer and not actually working out and then saying you’re not getting the results you want. It would be like putting a dinner as dinner reservation and not actually showing up but complaining about the food quality. It would be like buying a movie ticket and saying you didn’t like the movie, but not showing up to the movie. It would be like hiring a prostitute and then not actually engaging in relations and business coach complaining about the service I was there was why I was going to make all the braces kyrene orthodontist orthodontist, and not putting the braces on your teeth right, trying to give you polarizing ideas, because they’re all be like going to church sti i, not happy the pastor’s service, but not actually sitting in the church. It would be like complain at the quality of the beer, but not having taking a sip of the beer that you went to, but you never actually showed up like complaining about the gas that the gas station has, but you didn’t put it in your car would be like playing at the quality of your relationship and said that you’ve never actually met the person.

It would be like saying that your kids, you know, don’t really like the youth group, but you never sent your kids to the youth group is what kind of not a big fan of the lamborghini, even though I’ve never driven the point is we now know what the tribe nation, who are ideal unlikely buyer is and I’m going to I’m going to find it for you right now. So that way you would know whether we’re good fit or not. Okay. So here we are here for you, chapel going to go through all 16 days and please feel free to try to keep up and write the narrative. Okay, if you’re somebody under the age of 60, you would like the thrive timeship program, because it will require work unless you’re a very energetic person over the age of 60 you’re, going to like you, wouldn’t like the part of your, if your over the age of 60, probably like it as your energetic to female or male you’re, going to like the program. If you are somebody focused on growth, three, if there’s somebody who’s not in need of a therapist, but you are in need of accountability and a little bit of mentorship. We can help you need a membership for accountability. We can help. You see the therapist, because you’re having psychological problems with your husband, your kids i, can help you the next tangible needs. If you need somebody to help, you optimize your website build the print pieces, the graphic design do the things needed to grow your business you’re, going to love the program you can’t afford to have all these people full-time going to let the program if you have at least $8.25 per hour, available to hire a full-time team to help you. You would like our program. If you have goals, if you have goals all of your goals to grow your business coach, you would like our program. If you don’t have goals to grow your business and you wouldn’t like her program, you’re not going to like it. If you just want a business, buddy passions, if you actually are in tune with the passions of your ideal unlikely buyers than you would like our program hobbies. If your business is just a hobby and you don’t actually want to make it grow, you would not like our program interest if you’re interested in growing your business. You would like our program beers, if you’re afraid of going into bankruptcy is a result of your business, not working you probably like our programs, you hope to have time, freedom dreams. If you dream of having time freedom and financial freedom, you would love our program. Frustration if you are frustrated with the status quo and just being a joe schmo.

If you actually move beyond, just surviving free, you want to begin surviving that you would love our program industry. If you have a business, that’s a real business offers a real product or a real service that solves a real problem for your ideal unlikely buyers. Then you would like our service musical interest, whatever music you’re into you, would like her program, because we help you build a successful company and it helps if you like, music, you want else if you like, r&b r&b you’d, like okay, no price point. If you’re somebody who understands you a price point, you want to charge your ideal unlikely buyers. You would like a program if you can afford up to $1,500 a month. We have a scholarship program where for close to $1,000 a month, if you have only an extra $1,000 a month, we can help. You grow your business in a zip code. If you are in a time zone that allows us to have a phone call with you during the hours of 6 a.M. To 6 p.M. Monday through thursday, we can work with you if you were based in a time zone that does not work with that, then you probably wouldn’t like us, but that chump and I just think. There’s somebody out there that needs to get that would happen, is you’re out there building at church, and you are trying to convince avid supporters of the jihad movement to like you’re not going to do it you’re somebody who is definitely in favor of the sanctity of marriage and you’re, trying to convince an active prostitute to endorse your last sermon about virginity. It’s not going to work you’re somebody who’s hosting a you’re speaking at the democratic national convention and you’re, trying to convince them that to have a low-tax, very pro, individual, very limited government mindset is the way to go. It’s not going to go over at the dnc if you’re trying to give a avery pro-government very much had a government needs to take care of you from the from the cradle to the grave ii go over well at the republican convention. You just have to know who your ideal unlikely buyers are, am I missing. Something know and like I said at the beginning of the podcast. Here, it’s as your small business in your growing. You have to pay attention to those resources and, if you’re, throwing that huge net out there just trying to gather anybody and everybody, that’s not the business coach move, you’re going to end up wasting time and wasting money, so thrive nation, we’d love to help you and the people you know, but we can’t help them. We can’t put the can’t help you unless we interact with you somebody before ways that we can help you today, whenever one you could go to thrive time, show.Com and book your ticket for our next in-person workshop. If you say to yourself self I cannot afford the airfare and the cost to attend a workshop. All you have to do is subscribe to the drive time show on itunes itunes leave us an objective review.

Anderson is proof that you did it to info at drivetime. Should not, I’ll give you two free tickets, valued at $500, 50 per ticket and two copies of the boombox $530 and free stuff to do? We also have 101 business coaching and if you have an extra $8.25 per hour in your pocket-and you want to grow your business, your existing company startup, then you can reach out to us at drivetime. Show.Com will schedule a one-on-one consultation. Free chapel have a video library with thousands and thousands of video training from world-class mentor. So good, it’s only $8. For the first month you got to learn from mistakes, kind of a no brainer and the final thing we could do any of the podcast you can subscribe and it’s unlimited podcast, all for free. All you got to do is have a smartphone or some kind of digital device. You can subscribe to the drive time show for free in the show, in the fridge go to watch32, hey one, last, thing, before, you go. At our workshops, I keep running into thousands of people that have told me man, i, wish I would have known that this podcast existed 2 years ago want one divorce ago. One failed business ago. Everything is just clicking and whatever they tell me that I’m I’m so excited that that that’s the reality but also i, feel like I’m. We missed the boat, maybe not marketing the business coach product of fast enough for effectively enough, and so, if you have been blessed or encourage, we learned something today from this podcast I would humbly ask you a favor. If you could share this. Podcast was just one friend it might just be in the world to them, but it definitely would mean the world to me and some people said how do I share it. When you go to thrive time, show.Com there’s a little when you go to the podcast button, there’s a share button that you can click and you can share it on facebook or twitter or email it to a friend or texted to somebody. But we greatly appreciate you thrive nation and hopefully we can meet in person at one of our upcoming thrivetime, show workshops and since technically, we’ve already ended the show I’m just going to end the show with a minor boom, so 3 2 1


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