Developing Your Core Story 101

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Tom’s Shoes, Apple, Warby Parker, Zappos, Starbucks and most massive companies have an iconic figure or a core story at the heart of their business, but why? Learn why having a core story or narrative at the heart of every business is absolutely a must.

Developing Your Core Story 101 –

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives. But while people focus on the story itself, information comes along for the ride.” – Jonah Berger (The best-selling author of Contagious and a business professor at Wharton Business College)
    1. – Buy a Pair / Give a Pair
    2. Warby Parker – Buy a Pair / Give a Pair
    3. – Try It At a Very Low Price –
    4. Starbucks – Howard Schultz (Obsessed with customer service)
    5. Apple – Steve Jobs (Focused on relentlessly high quality standards)
    6. Zappos – Tony Hsieh (Inspired to create the best place for people to work and for people to shop online)
    7. – Jeff Bezos (Maniacally focused on driving down costs and on making the online shopping experience better for all shoppers)
    8. Example – The world needs to know that you are a good person and more than just another company trying to make money. Customers prefer to buy from people that they both like and trust.
    1. Create Core Story / About Us Video
      1. What is your name and where are you from?
      2. How did you first get involved in the industry?
      3. What makes you different from all of the other companies in your niche?
      4. What products do you offer and what problems do they solve?
      5. What makes your product different from other companies in your industry?
      6. Why are you passionate about your products and services?
      7. What is one of your biggest idiosyncrasies that allows your business to be successful and unique?
      8. Describe a cause or organization that your company sustainably gives to and why?
      9. What is the no-brainer offer that you are making for first time clients?
      10. What do you want someone to do if they are on the website right now?
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Led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time show.Com. Alright, let me get back to the conversation. It’s the prime time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I have the pleasure today, a big man in the studio with marshall morris, the the business coach and the co-author of the amazon best-selling book called start here and if you’re listening right now-and you want to download the book start here for free marshall, where can I get a copy of the start here book? They can get it on thrive time, show.Com, thrive time show.Com, you just go over there, you for all your information will send it to you for free, because everybody needs the knowledge. Everybody needs to be able to apply all of the principles that were downloaded that go. You know what I should probably have a tangible copy of that and then it’s a books out there you go cuz, it’s so good that you want to buy it. Developing your core story, a lot of business owners and I would say a lot I mean like all of them that I’ve ever worked with all of them. Yes, all of them fire you in spring, i, don’t know, but the point is every business owner I’ve ever worked with, has a little bit little push-back right here. They always will say why do I need to tell my story? It’s not even about me. They don’t want to make it about us video. They don’t to make a video about them on their website because they say you know it’s not about me. I don’t want to have an about me, video on my website, in the southern kind of your two camps. One camp camp number one is hey:let’s go ahead and passively aggressively reschedule over and over and over, and never actually do what you got to put off. The other group kind of is more aggressive, aggressive. They just say:listen, i, just it’s not that I don’t want to do it. I don’t feel like I need to do it, but I’m going to give you a lot of ample examples of of why you need to do this I’m going to give you a notable quotable from burger the business professor at wharton business college, in a ton of examples and i. Don’t have marshall explain to you how you go about developing a core story.

So why would I quote jonah berger? Don’t you hold all formal education in contempt? No work business college actually has case studies that they used to teach, so they actually will teach proven business coach system, not siri. So jonah berger, the best-selling author book contagious any business professor at wharton business college of rights. This is what he says now you want to maybe take some notes on this or you can go to the thrive time. Show podcast button click on the button that this particular podcast called developing your core story. 101 and you can see the show, notes there, but jonah berger rights, people don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives, but while people focus on the story itself, information comes along for the ride I’m at marshall’s. Take on that. So what does that mean? We took one step forward on it. Sure buddy goes with. What does that statement mean to you? So the thing is:is you’ve got to create a story because it’s kind of like a trojan horse. You got to create this narrative, this vehicle, that people enjoy storage people like hearing stories like reading stories. Until when you create a story around your product or service, the the the product and service will come along for the ride. The benefits of using your product and service will come along and so in his book and page is one of the examples of how not to do it. Is. There was a shock and awe at one of the olympics in in one of the diving programs where they dive off the high dive. You know they’re they’re up like a crazy hi. It’s like i, don’t know 10, not say the word meters. If you do say meters, will you please translate it for all? The americans is approximately 11 yards. You are a you’re such a well-educated guy. Don’t you talk it over the heads of me? Okay, my multiple heads, and so there was a apparently some streaker at the olympics and he had some casino written all over his check. This was a crazy marketing stunts and at the end of the day, nobody knew what the company was, because that wasn’t important to the store he right there. Like did you see the streaker and they’re like no I tried not to see the streaker, but the whole point is that you have to create a narrative. You got to create a story that carries your product and service law of motion in my mind, to like the specifications in the technical details of your product or service, so I like martial law, saying that that trojan horse is sneaky and all that details of the product or service. So this is I want to make sure we’re not we’re not moving on where we skip a step here. Okay I mean this sincerely I think that marshall as a business coach, this is one of the things that you do well now is sharing stories with your client examples where they first started out. You didn’t do well at it, because you’re so logical, so you’re a guy who’s bucking. What is normal for most people? You just will study how to get to the top of google, and you don’t need a bunch of stories to motivate you or help.

You remember your. You do very well informal school. Let me would you agree with that? I actually did exceptionally well. So this is a thing: where are examples of toms shoes? What’s the narrative of toms shoes? What what is it? What is there store? Is it you buy one, and then you give them one. That’s why it’s called tom’s shoes for tomorrow shoes buy a pair today they give it away tomorrow, warby parker, it’s buy a pair, give a pair of glasses, harry’s razors. It’s basically we have german-engineered blades is, though, is do we need to tell people that their german-engineered couldn’t we just say, they’re well-engineered. Of course we have to say german engineers, your head, and they have the it’s. It’s all part of the branding I’m, just telling you this is what gets stuck in your business coach head. Starbucks is obsessed with creating the third place, not home, it’s not the office. It’s the third place, it’s the decor. That makes you want more baby. It’s the decor that builds the report that is howard schultz pouring his heart into every cup of coffee. It is starbucks apple if you destroy the narrative of the narrative of apple. This is probably my favorite horror story because he starts it out of his garage. Is his court story of this is the growth of the company, but then they maintain that throughout they believe in thinking differently. That was the entire campaign. We believe in thinking differently. That’s why you should buy from us. It just so happens that we have beautifully designed products and they’re easy to use, but that’s why we can tell the scooters and I must be high quality standards boxes made. So well. You don’t want to throw away the box that your ipad payment, even though you no longer even have that ipad keeping that box. This is this is apple 101. At the same time, it’s incredibly simplistic as simple the color example. Examples is all about incredibly high standards for customer service.

They want to create the best place for people to work and for people to shop online and tony. Hsieh is so obsessed with creating the best customer service experience possible this guy. Actually, his employees live with him. He actually offices in the call center with everybody else. One of the employees was on the phone for 10 hours and 43 minutes with a customer which might sound absurd to our listeners right now. But his whole thing is, he said, listen I would. Rather you have a sincere relationship with every single customer that have a bunch of calls quickly. So they’re obsessed with jeff bezos amazon, he’s obsessed with driving down the cost of everything and making online shopping super easy to do so in your world. The world needs to know that you are a good person. Your ideal unlikely buyers need to know that you’re, a good person and I need to know that you’re more than just a company trying to make a buck. You see customers prefer to buy from people that they both like and trust. So what you have to do is you have to script out your core story? We come back shop, we’re going to go to the specific questions that we would ask you to help. You write out your core store in in in preferably we actually turn this into a video that was live forever on your website, its core stories and how to make them right here in the drive time show on radio attend the world’s best business workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at thrivetime show.Com. Graduation we’ve been breaking down specifically why every single small business owner needs to develop a course tori marshall I’m, going to fire off marshall morris business, coach and co-author of the best selling amazon best-selling book start here, I’m going to read off these businesses, you can tell me the core story.

As from your perspective, why does brands gets stuck in people’s head harley harley? It’s the big engine motorcycles, it’s a brand. It’s a colt people, love wearing all the rings southwest airlines southwest airlines, outstanding customer service, making customers happy outstandingly low prices and funny transparency in the owner that the founder of southwest airlines, herb kelleher infused business with his personality, he called it spiritual infusion, okc’s I can go to this is I want to confuse the business with my dna tom’s shoes blake mycoskie buy a pair. Give a parrot was his concept. If you buy a pair of shoes, he’ll give another pair of shoes away to somebody. That’s third world country, warby parker, buy a pair of glasses bill, give a pair of glasses away for free. They wanted to wage war on a company called luxottica, because the one of the founders of warby parker lost his $700 pair of glasses and thought to himself. Why are good glasses, $700, crazy, I thought I should start a company to beat the big guys really need to realize what that meant. So you looked it up and realize man, luxottica is a passive company. Let’s give her a whirl, alright harry’s again german engineered engineered precision blades that are much less money than the business coach competitors to starbucks howard schultz pouring his heart into every cup, trying to create in certain places it’s not work. It is a third-place apple, steve, jobs, being obsessed with high quality standard, so good. In fact, why have you not throwing away your ipad box, zappos, tony, hsieh, great customer service, relentlessly great customer service and such such a focus on great customer service that he actually moved into the office and works in the call center from time to time to make sure that everybody understands the opti bbd? What great customer service looks like amazon, jeff, bezos obsessed with driving cost down and making online shopping at the online shopping experience better and more affordable for everybody, my friend, no matter what business you have.

The world needs to know that you are a good person and more than just another company trying to make money, customers prefer to buy from people that they both like and trust. So chapped lips break down the questions that we would ask if we were going to sit down and film the core story about us. Video for one of our thrive time show business coach clients in case the first question that you would be answering as that business owner developing a business coach core story would be simply. What is your name where you from and why marshall do? We want to ask that question, because once we take it out the question the videographer or whomever is taking up the question you got to have the full context of who you are and what your business is. So you can say my name is marshall morris and my company is the thrive time show.Com. So this is another example of a question. You would ask a question or two:how did you first get involved in the industry? This is the history people buy into why you are doing something? Okay, so you got to educate them on. How did you even get started? Building the business in the first place-and this is the kind of stuff that can frustrate somebody who, just as well the reason why I opened the smoke shop, you just make money, shoveling smoke, cuz people need smoke and if you do that, you’re going to be a sarcastic solus brand seem like a money. Grubber I like you’re, just trying to get everybody’s money and it doesn’t you’re, not providing money.

Okay chat! What’s the next question, what makes you different from all the other companies in your niche? Why is that? Because? That’s how I’m different more than that we provide this benefit number one. This benefit number 2 in this benefit number 3, supported by facts, and you have to educate them because they’re doing the due diligence on all of the other companies, and so you might as well just explain the difference in the cool part. About like this question is, if you don’t know the answer to this, you better figure it out like quick, okay, you got to know why and how you’re different than the other companies. The next question is:what products do you offer and what problems do they sell? So you got to actually provide the solutions you got to explain. Why is it that you’re providing these products and services and how are they a solution to a problem that the customer has different from the other business coach companies in your industry? Exactly like we said before, you got to explain the difference, because people are going to be looking at these other companies, so you might, as do the due diligence for them, explain. Why are you passionate about your way for you to just get over-the-top, excited and passionate about your product, because when they see that you care they will share the story, because I will tell you this that I only reason I started the drive time show. Business coach program is no pause. No passion I’ve been doing this for ever I’ve been doing this for ever so I first buy.

My first reason was I literally was self-employed and didn’t know what to do. I had to learn from mistakes. I grew up with a lot of money started from mistakes. No one helped me out of nowhere to go so I would react. Asian reach out to mentors like dr. Zoellner I reach out to mentor that clifton taulbert I discovered that because they were successful entrepreneurs, they did not have the time available or didn’t choose to have the time available to sit there and answer the questions of every aspiring entrepreneur because they’re busy. That’s why it took us out there busy designing their own lives. They created time freedom for themselves and they’re not going to just make themselves available to the thousands of people in tulsa or all around the world that have questions and I thought. You know what I’ll do is I will interrupt their busy lives and I’ll. Ask him questions and they were happy to answer them, but they had limits on it. Boundaries as I wanted to provide a way you can have access to get all the answers to your business questions in an affordable way and the back end support to help you actually get it done so I started out. Consulting and I did consulting I charge people $3,000 a month for thousand a month 5000 month. Two people are happy to pay cuz me and I’d had success and I knew what I was doing and they would get results, and it was just a good relationship, then, over time, I realized, there’s, like hundreds of people that are reaching out to me personally for business coach and I can’t help them outside of my own time got to find a way to make the scalable, and so that’s what we did. We built thrive to help aspiring entrepreneurs or existing entrepreneurs who want ongoing mentorship. They want to grow their business and I need a back into team to help them execute it sits. It does not helpful to learn these systems not be able to execute the systems chip. What’s the next next question, we have. What is the no-brainer offer that you were making for first-time clients? You got to answer this question. I was actually talking about this particular question earlier today. The people that are looking for your product or service in the first place they’re going to fill out a form that they are going to call okay, but the no brainers for the people that are on the fence that are just thinking about it and that’s what a no-brainer is a great deal where my brain must disengage in order to take advantage of the final question is:what do you want someone to do if they’re on the website? Right now, so it said:there’s a podcast right now:marshall all the clients out there who are need of a business coach, workshop or business consulting and or business coaching.

And what do you want the listeners to do right now? Okay, so they’re? Listening right now you got to go on to thrive time show.Com, and we make the start here book available for free the e-book available. We will send it to you just fill out a form and also sign up for a free evaluation for a coaching program. If you are thinking about hey I need somebody to help me execute these systems and hold me accountable. So what kind of person would not be a good fit for a business coach program if you are looking at maybe getting rich, quick or looking for the shortcut or looking at to maybe reduce the amount of time that it takes to start and grow a business from maybe a couple years down to two days? This, probably not a good fan issues that you’re dealing with that might not be the best fit. What kind of person is a good fit a diligent door that is willing to execute upon proven systems in best buy? If you will brag on chuck a client, you can think of right. Now it’s been having some big wins:big wins:okay, I’ve got john tom knight former intern extraordinaire. They booked their first full paying deal this week. They just shot it a few days ago. It went great they’re getting referrals, they been using that no-brainer offer. Marshall was just talking about and now they’ve got returning clients who are paying full price for their services and his goal is to become a comedian, and writer in his business is exist just as a vehicle to help him get where he wants to go exactly and hope you feel stuck in any capacity. You feel stuck at your current growth rate or you feel, like you, don’t know what to do to get to that next level of time for them and or financial freedom. We would invite you to go to thrive time, show., com and schedule your one-on-one consultation today, that’s right what time should I come? We have four ways we can help you. We have a one-on-one business coaching. We have the in-person workshops, we have hundreds of podcasts available for free to listen to at drivetime, and we have a video library of thousands of videos that you can watch from world-class mentors teaching you specifically what to do to make your business grow and it’s only $2 for the first month and $19 every month thereafter, my name is Clay clark out of business coach studio


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